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the new world (a marvel/DC RP)~[open]


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in this so-called "new world," there are fifteen known collision fragments from that fateful night that these two universes collided, they called the two individual universes DC and Marvel, but now they don't call it anything

sixteen years ago these universes were very glorious and unique, but since that fateful day everything changed, superheroes and supervillains have changed dramatically, their powers have increased in almost every way, and mindsets have become twisted...

because of this the justice league and the avengers decided to create a school for those with 'abilities' it was sort of like Professor Xavier's school for the gifted, except for the fact that they even excepted normal people, this school teaches you in all subjects, trains your reflexes, and teaches you how to harness your abilities

is it time for the new generation to take the stage?


Date born:
Powers: (if any)
Parent(s): (this is mainly for if you have a super-hero or supervillain parent)
Weapons: (optional, you could also put find out int RP)

Accepted characters:

puppet master: FROSTBITE4395
Name: Qrow Reaper
Age: 16
Date born: 12/07/2005 at 1:00 am also known as the most unstable point of the collision
Personality: nice, calm, quiet, funny, dark, loyal
Powers: unknown
Parent(s): unknown
Weapons: Randomizes throughout the RP, normally has a scythe, katana, dual revolvers, or a butterfly knife on him
Alias: FROSTBITE, or Grim Reaper
Bio: to be revieled in RP
Other: he is one of the three human fragments, he can go past his bodies limits, he is insane, he is a wanted criminal but in all truth, he is an anti-hero meaning he doesn't hurt civilians unless it is necessary, etc

Name: Peter Maximoff; (Actually know as, QuickSilver)
Age: He is a clone of peter but made in 2005, so about 16
Date born: No actual date but I'd say; March 12 at 2:00
Personality: Peter is a spermatic punk who involves himself in old gaming and other such. He takes time in running; he did so by doing track and holding 8 world records, with nowadays he is a more chill uncle type. He strives on making sure others are happy and enjoy their time with him.
Powers: Super speed and the ability to slow time down.
Parent(s): he is a clone of quicksilver who was the result of an affair between Ms. Maximoff and the mutant Erik Lehnsherr.
Weapons: Combatant - Quicksilver can infuse his super-speed with physical combat, enabling him to fight at incredible speed. His attacks may cause more damage than normal due to gaining kinetic energy
He can also use a butterfly knife along with daggers
Alias: QuickSilver
Bio: In Peter participated in a track and field competition and broke 8 world records. An investigation is conducted on him in which he is revealed to be a mutant. This sparked a controversy of mutant participation in athletics. Later, athletic officials adopted a genetic testing policy in partnership with Trask Industries in which no athletes carrying the mutant X-Gene can compete in professional sporting events.

Peter was given an acceptance letter into the new school by the original X-Men Quicksilver, and his DNA was affected so much during the night of the collision that he was turned into a fragment

Whiplash - Due to his incredible speed, if Quicksilver carries someone, the effects of high-speed friction caused by air resistance could injure anyone he carries. To protect his passengers, Quicksilver has to hold the back of their heads, namely their necks. During the Pentagon extraction, he holds Erik's neck to avoid causing him whiplash injury. He did the same thing with Mystique when he took her to Magneto's location while in Cairo.

Sufficient Force - Despite the increased durability that Quicksilver's speed physiology grants him, sufficient force is enough to injure him.

Complete Molecule Control - Quicksilver is unable to accelerate the molecules of someone or something who has full control over their own molecules. This was evident when he tried to penetrate Magneto's magnetic field but was unable to due so, as Magneto, who's powers were vastly enhanced by Apocalypse, having full control over the molecules within the magnetic field.
Human Vulnerabilities: Despite his powers, Quicksilver is still capable of being hurt or killed as easily as any human, wheter through weapons or another combatant.

Other Power(s): Superhuman Agility - Quicksilver was able to jump up high into the air without any build-up or change in speed and balance. He could easily run around his basement in a blink of an eye despite the number of stolen objects and the three X-men members coming in later. During the evacuation of the mansion, Quicksilver is capable of performing a back flip whilst carrying two students under his arms.
Superhuman Strength: Quicksilver is able to use his speed to increase his strength in such a way that his blows have incredible power, to the point that he was even able to gain the upper hand on and beat up Apocalypse easily and could knock full grown men out with a simple tap from his finger. He is also capable of carrying multiple students from the X-Mansion at a time with little effort.
Molecular Acceleration - Quicksilver is able to accelerate molecules (be it his or another's) to disrupt the inter-molecular bonds around him. This can lead to many effects such as molecular combustion upon physical contact with the target. He was able use this ability to shatter the glass above Magneto's prison cell by placing his hands on it, vibrating the glass at a high speed until it shattered.
Superhuman Metabolism: Quicksilver's speed requires him to eat large amounts of food to maintain his energy. While saving students from the X-Mansion, he quickly devoured almost a whole pizza.
Enhanced Durability - Quicksilver's body is enhanced to survive the impact of his speed. His joints are a strong as spring steel, his bones are several times harder than calcium and his soft tissue, skin, and muscle are proportionally enhanced to match. In fact, kinetic energy, inertia, friction, pressure, and vectors have absolutely no effect on him.

Fragment ability:

Supersonic boom: He can run ungodly fast and cause a sound wave strong enough to knock people over and blow people's eardrums


Supersonic boom: He can use this once in a while cause this causes fatigue and tiredness for many hours
(not all fragments only have one fragment ability)

Name: Nataliah Vozz (Female in the sketch)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 16
Date born: 1/23
Personality: A 16-year-old teenager who unfortunately was born blind. She is kind and giving, but can also be very cowardly and a bit shy.
Powers: Spirit medium: (Commune with and be possessed by spirits and otherworldly entities.)
Weapons: Yo yo (Just a yo yo. nothing special about it)
Alias: "Cheapshot"
Bio: Nataliah had distinguished herself at an early age as the poor blind daughter of a rich christian family, who simply did not wish to be babied by her mother or father. Then later on in her life she would begin to commune with her reflection in the mirror, at first the family thought this was just her way of pep talking to herself. It was a consistent thing that would happen, and raised their concerns when she told them she was actually talking to a friend. So the family took their daughter to a church to talk to the priest, when something supernatural happened. Their daughter began to shake violently, and fell to the floor passing out in front of the church. When she woke in the hospital, the priest would tell her of this incident as her parents were grieving outside the room. This is when she began to learn of her abilities, and take note of them to enhance them. One of her greatest influences was the summoning of a being she called "Cystan," who called himself a wraith. She would encounter it several times by accident, surviving this encounter unscathed. Through the strange relationship with this being, she learned of its mortal life, giving her a perspective on her own life. Together as the anti-hero, Cheapshot.

Other: Cystan is not too different from Venom if you think about it. In fact they have some similarities. Some of those similarities are how they grant power to their host, heal minor wounds, and the same diet. Cystan however is limited. He can posses Nataliah for no longer than 4 hours.. when he passes his limit, it will cause Nataliah physical pain, resulting in bodily changes.. and burns to her skin. She bears a single scar from a burn, as burns are the first stage of this process. And her bodily change was paler skin, due to being squeezed a bit too hard while Cystan took his demonic shape over her body after 4 and a half hours.

Name: Cystan
(lazily drawn Shadowy male figure)
Race: Demonic entity
Age: Unidentified
Date born: Unidentified
Personality: Chaotic, sadistic, violent, but can always be soft and loving given he finds interest in you or others though this is rare.. unless you are Natalia.. but that kind of love has no boundaries and is flawed by his behavior.
Powers: Shadow manipulation: (Manipulate existing shadow; grow, shrink and move. Cannot create or remove shadow.) Shadow touch: (Turns objects into shadow by touching them.)

Name: Jane (Eleven) Hopper
Age: 14
Date born: ??/??/2006
Personality: Shy-ish, Loyal, Strong
Powers: Telekinesis, Telepathy
Parent(s): Jim Hopper (Adoptive father) Joyce Byers (Legal Guardian) Terry Ives (Biological mother)
Weapons: The mind
Alias: El, Eleven, Eleanor, Weirdo, Jane
Bio: Her powers, telekinesis, and telepathy, are basically Mind control. Telekinesis, meaning she can move objects, animals, and people with her mind. Telepathy, meaning she can see you not physically, but mentally in her mind, basically through the void. she will only use her powers on you if you are threatening to hurt her or her friends. she can use them either by hand, where basically she can't move her hand more, so she has more control over the person or object she is managing to control or from her mind, for example, imagine a hand coming out from your chest, kinda like a third eye. imagine the hand grabbing the object you're trying to control, that's kinda how it works. also, when she uses her powers, she will sometimes get nosebleeds, but the more she uses them, the less her nose will bleed. sometimes if she uses them really hard, she can use self levitation.
Other: she was kidnapped and raised in a lab for her Telekinetic and Telepathic abilities. She also has a serial like number on her wrist, ¨011¨.

Name: Naomi
Age: 16 or 17
Date born: Dec 31 to Jan 1, 2003 (born sometime around midnight)
Personality: mysterious, keeps to herself and quiet, says next to nothing, and likes to stay mute
Powers: can transform her body and scythe into various fears, can see a person's fear(s), and/or make them hallucinate their fear(s)
Parent(s): (unknown)
Weapons: compactable scythe
Alias: Phobia
Bio: (to be revealed in rp)
Other: may be found whispering to herself once in a while as she has split spirit/soul due to the pendant around her neck which changes color to indicate which piece of her spirit/soul is in control of her.
. ..when it has the colors of a small galaxy she is herself...
. ...Red...:Wrath:
. ...Silver...:Lust:
. ...Gold...:Greed:
. ...Blue...:Envy:
. ...White...:Sloth:
. ...Violet...:Gluttony:
. ...Black...:Pride:


*Please follow site rules
*no godmoding (no insta-killing, etc...)
*powers should make some amount of sense
(more may be added)


fragments are the things either leftover from both individual worlds or things that were created during the collision, I will only allow 2 other player/living fragments, other than that, the object fragments will be found by random characters threw out the RP, and as I said there are fifteen, so there are twelve object fragments

a human fragment can hold and use the abilities of the object fragments but they cannot be chosen as the fragment's owner

we will start after five or more people join

other than all of that have fun ^^


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Kirami walked in, not in a rush as she didnt care if anything was done to her anymore as nothing worse could be done to her than what she'd experienced during her time jumping from house to house. She went and took a back desk in the opposite corner from him as she pulled out a sketch book and started to draw calmly- never running out of ideas as she would sketch the worst fears of other people as vividly as she saw them in her own mind though she kept the pages hidden along with her ability, trying to keep to herself as much as possible as she drew out his fear.
He stretched, getting ready for papers thrown, hate comments, and violet speech towards him. He took a deep breath before opening the door, walking into the large room slowly. He looked around at the few students and the professor. He quickly darted up the stair to a chair at the top on the very corner, he sat down. He took off his bag, slowly setting it next to him. He sighed as he pulled out a notebook and a large textbook with an odd-shaped stripe through the cover, it had a lock on it as he opened it. He shoved the key in his pocket.
daniell / 4d ago
Naomi followed as she weaved through the crowd nimbly and with ease, not touching anyone as she still showed no emotion and stayed quiet but was secretly glad someone was happy despite being around her as she continued to look around and make notes of her surroundings. Counting doors, entrances, exists, noting fears, number of people, etc. Stopping in front of homeroom as she peeked in a bit to see who their professor would be. Still keeping her face hidden as she look up at the room number to make sure it's the right one and reach a bit for her notebook trying not to seem rude as she take it from his hand and put it away again.
Naomi shrugged, not really sure as the schedule kind of confused her but she wouldn't admit or show that. She thought a moment and decided there was little harm in telling someone her classes so she pulled a small notebook from a large, deep pocket on her cloak as she kept her face hidden and opened it to a page where she'd written them down, rather than talk she just showed him the page, deciding it shouldn't be any sign that she might trust him as she still hasn't known or found anyone she could really trust yet in her life. No friends or family and wanted in several states for crimes committed while her body was being controlled by the other fragments of her soul, more often than not it was wrath, greed and gluttony working together which is why she's here now and even then she doesn't expect she'll stay long if they get out of hand again. Still, she continued to keep her emotions in check as she gave nothing away while she held up the small notebook.
Peter kept up with her, whipping his head. "Who is your homeroom?" He said seeing if they had the same homeroom. Peter, being unpopular wasn't known, or noticed. His personality seemed as tho he was popular, but it was the polar opposite. He had no friends, no one to talk to normal, no one to hang out with. The only thing that kept him company was the years of running by himself has given him. Despite running fast, people called him a cheater, and no one wanted him on their team, cause he would get them disqualified. So he took this chance, to try to make a friend. He stretched slightly, getting tired all of a sudden. He yawned.
daniell / 4d ago
Naomi studied him for a moment before accepting the handshake so as not to be rude. "Naomi." she said simply, as someone of few words but still sounding like the girl she is despite her hair hidden in the hood of her cloak, flat chest, and baggy clothes under the large black cloak showing her seemingly as anything but.
Not used to being noticed, she looked ahead again as she continued to walk at a steady pace, making sure her scythe remained compacted and secure in her belt as she walked, still giving no hint of emotion away as she let him walk with her.
Peter took this opportunity to meet someone new, so, being him; he zoomed over and walked next to you. "Hey! I've seen you around the school, what's your name?" He gave off a respectful manner and a calm action. He smiled softly, he looked like a Jock more than the actual jocks. He was sweating slightly as he fixed his hair. He was wearing some shorts and an old band t-shirt. "Oh, I'm Peter by the way" He stuck his hand out for a handshake. Giving off an odd sense of cheerfulness, a shining smile gleaming on his face.
daniell / 4d ago
Naomi looked around the school casually, walking at a calm pace, listening and observing everything. Constantly on edge as she hid her face in her cloak and continued to mind her own business silently stroking the pendant around her neck and careful not to lose herself in her thoughts as she kept herself aware of her surroundings, not caring about the people scared of the dark, bugs, heights, or other common fears. *too common* she thought as she gave away no emotion.
the pendant turned half-red as she grumbled to herself "do we have to come to a school right now? Just escaped another foster hell and your first idea is to come to school??"
she sighs as the pendant returns to its normal state and mumbles back "yes" not bothering to argue with the part of her soul that loves to fight as she stop touching the pendant, leaving it hidden under her clothes as she keeps walking
He saw them leave before starting to walk to a track not too far from yall, he then started to run. Seeing everything pass by him at supersonic speed as he ran onto the track. Setting a large bag down; he grabbed some clothing for a breezier time so he quickly changed at fast speeds so no one could see him. He soon stretched, yawning as he started to run at the speed of cars; (150+mph) He fixed his hair feeling the breeze go through his hair as he soon reaches half the speed of sound; (171.5 m / s) He kept up a pace as dust was thrown up from the track. He then reached half the speed of light, his max speed; (149,896,229m/s) He stopped abruptly. Leaning over and panting, he whipped his head sitting down. The track has a small line of smoke coming off it, most of the grass was blown back and the dust was kicked into the air slowly falling.
daniell / 4d ago
"Ah thank you." she said as she followed behind this person she could not see. Cystan was grumbling in Natalia's ear the entire time. "What is your name if i might ask?" She was very quiet, calm, observant and interested in everything she could learn about. Cystan would grow selfish, and then angry with those around her again. and to get Qrow to let go of her he would actually SHOVE him.. making it seem like Nataliah had done this to him instead. Nataliah was able to feel cystan shove him though, and would go to apologize to Qrow with panic in her tone. "A-Ah- Im so sorry I uh tripped-" she would pray that he bought this.
Nataliah / WhiteLotus / 4d ago
Qrow took Nataliahs hand and started to help guide her, he was nicer than he looked, even though a lot of the time he was pretty quiet, he didn't really mind being looked at like he was the antagonist of every movie, but it was still a bit annoying that no-one even gave him a chance, "I'll help," Qrow said with a smile, he then started to walk in the direction of the group, "I've never really helped anybody like this," he thought, "so peter, and eleven, well peter looks a lot like Quicksilver, but I'm pretty sure that there is a explanation," he though
Nataliah was having trouble keeping up with the group. and would occasionally trip. This was because she was blind and could not see where she was going, relying on cystan who was a terrible guide of a demon to guide her across the school grounds. "Can someone help guide me by holding my hand or something, give me a stick anything please... i dont want to follow the sound of footsteps as they are misleading at times and frustrating when they are everywhere..." she said as she would try to follow.
Nataliah / WhiteLotus / 4d ago
Qrow Just kept walking during the tour, once they finally reached the dorm rooms he would look at the names labeled on them, each had two people, but they would have to fill out a form and apply for the dorm that they wanted, this would be very helpful to Qrow seeing as to get here he had to take a train, which to do that back and forth every day would cost him hundreds
Qrow noticed a room labeled twelve seven, which coincidentally was his birth date, "well, I guess I found my dorm," he thought as he opened the door, every dorm was empty except for two beds two closets on each side of the room, a fridge, a TV in the back on the middle of the wall, and a poster of the school in the back of the door, "simple, I like it," he thought as he went to catch up with the group
he then heard the silver-haired kid ask if their powers were only for 'rescue stuff' after hearing this Qrow would decide to barge in on the conversation, "no," he said, "we can use them whenever we want, but it is restricted while in the building," he said while looking down at the whole group, the only one that came close to his height was the silver-haired kid, "sorry, my names Qrow," he said
Nataliah would hold the number and nod. "I dont drink coffee.. but thank you for the offer. and i will be sure to have the number in my contacts after school." By the time she finished talking, she would look around and cystan would reappear, guiding her across the school. He would grumble to natalia that he did not like any of her new "Friends."
"I dont care if you like them or not cystan.. and they are not my friends... they are acquaintances. Friendships take time. Trust. and effort. Like you and me. except I look at you as a jerk who follows me around everywhere"
Nataliah / WhiteLotus / 4d ago