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Siren of the Manor (CLOSED for Kanedgy)

By Ravanya

You've spent your life growing up as a farmer, living your life in ignorance of the truth of your family. Your family was once great Nobles of the land of Oralia, but one of your ancestors had tricked his brother into giving him the lands, fortune, and titles of the family then banished his brother and pregnant wife from the lands. After a few generations, your family has all but forgotten of your side of the family, and the story of the family's fortune was never spoken about to the descendants of the first brother.

Now its your generation, and the stories of the Manor of Oralia have grown in horror and fear. There were rumors of murders and people going missing within the Manor's walls, but nothing was ever proven. No bodies were ever found, and no one had ever witnessed the murders and lived to tell of them. It was said that the Manor was now haunted by a spirit of one of the women that had been there. The Manor was known for causing people to go insane, or so the rumors pleaded, and the last owner of the Manor, your cousin, had died of a heart attack before he married and produced heirs to keep the line going.

In his untimely death, his will claimed to keep the Manor in the family, thinking it would go to his Uncle in the North, who had been killed in a poorly planned mugging. So the Manor has now come to you, the soul heir of the family. Its fortunes and riches and titles and lands all yours. But, so is its dark past. Will you be better than the previous Lords of Oralia? Or will the Siren of the Manor end your life as well?


If interested in the RP please PM me with the title of Lord.
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Illustrated pictures are preferred, no real or anime pictures so that it goes along with the picture I have chosen for the "Siren"
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[font "Times New Roman" Silvery eyes watched as people came and went from the Manor. Never seeing her, never hearing her. Or at least, not unless she became very emotional. Then people ran around in a panic. The staff of the manor cleaned up the remains of the funeral and the casket was carted out to the hearse wagon and would be taken to the back acres of the land to be buried with the rest of the family in the private cemetery. She knew this one would not be back either. She was the only one to still be around. She couldn't remember why, though. All she could remember was waking here in the manor, and knowing that she was not like the others anymore.

None could see or hear her, except at night when she would sing to comfort herself. That had caused some problems, causing some to become frightened or think themselves brave as they tried to find the intruder. She had become so upset that they could not see her, that one did for a fleeting moment, and he had run away screaming, pale and sickly looking as he raved about evil spirits haunting the manor. That was when she began to realize that she was no longer of the living. She could not remember her name, nor could she remember how she had died. But when she would look to the large and grand painting of Lord Brently in the main hall, the Grandson of the Lord that had tricked his brother into giving away the family heritage, she felt washes of both deep sorrow and pain, and fiery rage and wrath. Though as to why was lost to her.

When she was tired, she could do nothing more than sit around somewhere and watch time pass her by. Hours or days, it didn't matter, it was all gone in a blink. But when she was able to, she would wander the lands of Oralia and try to remember who she was and what had happened to her. Generations later and she still did not know the answer. Every generation was the same. They lived in the Manor, ignored her hauntings, and lived their lives. Then one day, they would see her and fall ill, or die of fear. No matter the cause, her fault or theirs, they died and the next generation started their rule of the lands as Lord or Lady. Except this time.

Lord Nathanial had been set to marry Lady Katerina, but the Lady had been caught in a scandal with her Page boy and was banished before the wedding, leaving the Lord without a wife, and without heirs. So when he finally met the Siren that haunted the nights of the Manor, he'd been drunk and careless. He was able to finally see her, and he screamed. What a horrible screeching cry he gave. Then he clutched his chest, gasped and howled in pain. But by the time the staff had found him, it was too late and she was once more unseen.

Now she watched as the Lord was carted out and the staff cleaned up. There were hushed discussions all over the Manor. There was whispered rumors of a local Farmer that would inherit the Manor instead of the Lord's Uncle. It left a feeling of unease in the Manor, as if the spirits of this place were not happy with this rumor, which was odd as she had not seen any others here but herself. Was it the Manor she felt? Or was she for once not alone? All she could do was sit and wait to see who came to claim the lands as home now.]
Kanedgy~Siren~   1y ago
Technoblade never dies

[google-font https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Courgette?query=courgette&preview.text_type=custom&sidebar.open=true&selection.family=Nothing+You+Could+Do]
[center [Nothing+You+Could+Do There was a farmer boy who lived among the outskirts of Oralia He grew up in a poverty-stricken household. The wood was old and rotting, the floors were rickety and wobbly, the air had a foul stench. The furnace was the only thing keeping them warm for the many winters this boy had in this house. Which left the air rather humid when the fire burnt out. The one thing keeping his family stable, was the farmland they owned. For all he knew his family had been living on it for generations. The soil was already beginning to lose it’s worth. The harvest became worse little by little.

This boy’s name was Gideon, a hebrew name meaning ‘A stump for a hand’. This was due to the fact that the doctor foresaw problems with the baby which was considered a curse. To the family’s luck, this did not happen.

Gideon had grown up on this farm his entire life, working tirelessly since he was able to carry a barrel of berries. Before that his tasks were feeding the very few animals they had. A pig, two chickens, and one cow. His mother died of illness when Gideon was 4, his sister was lost when he was 10, leaving him the only child. He lived with his late father until he turned 18, which was when he was lost also. Now Gideon is 20. He had struggled to keep the farm going by himself for two years. He could barely read or write. His parents saw work more important than education. During these long two years, any amount of free time he got was spent being tutored. Math, Literature, Penmanship, these were the things that he managed to get a simple grasp of. His tutor left him the books and let him do things on his own, due to yet another tragedy in the family.

An Uncle he didn’t even know he had died. An Invitation to his funeral and an official letter stating that he now owns the Manor of Oralia. A fabled mansion he had only heard about in gossip. His eyes widened in surprise as he slowly managed to read the letters. The first thing he did was travel to town to get a change of wardrobe. It would be impolite to show up in his dirty, ragged attire. After this, a haircut. Now that he had a fortune along with a new house, he could use his old money to pay for these and save up the money he now has.

He took a horse to the manor. This was a week after the funeral. One thing he was noted on was that people keep going crazy in the mansion. This didn’t really bother him for he thought it was just because of isolation. Gideon sighed as he got off his horse and unlocked the door. Behind it, was a huge room with nice carpets, chandeliers, tables, even down to the grain on the marble was nice and polished. He was greeted by a few housekeepers and a butler. This burst of new things surprised him. Excited at the least, he greeted each one cheerfully. Even though he preferred to do things on his own, they could be a help at times.

The front yard had a fountain and a lot of hedges, nicely trimmed. The house towered over the, at least, 20 acre property. Gideon had no idea what to do at this time, so he took the few things he brought with him and went to a room. This house even had beds, which for some odd reason surprised him. Laying down on the bed, wrapped in a blanket of warmth he slowly drifted to sleep...

[font "Times New Roman" The Siren didn't know how many nights passed as the Manor went on silently. Would the new owner come and claim the lands? Or would it slowly grow into disrepair and be left to crumble? She would often picture the Manor in cracked and rubbled ruins and wondered what all of it would look like with the years eroding it away. Would she still be here when the Manor walls were no more and the lands were over run in the lush greenery?

She wasn't sure how long she pondered through the lands of Oralia and wondered of its future, but one day she had been roaming the front yard when someone on horseback had come up to the gate. None of the staff had left for the market today, so she wondered whoever could be arriving. Was it the new Lord? The Farmer boy come to claim the family tides? She followed him around, careful not to spook his horse, as animals seemed to be sensitive to where she was. Something she didn't truly understand. His expressions were those of extreme excitement and joy. He even stared at the marbling of the Manor for longer than she thought one would have needed. But then she remembered the rumors of him being a Farm boy.

This new Lord was the part of the family that had been tricked away from the family fortune and estate so many, many generations ago. Perhaps it was for the best. Those that lived in the Manor never seemed to make it too long in life. She refused to believe that her scaring them was the only cause. Some of them lived to be old age and passed the Manor down to their first born. She had no control over if they held heirs or not, especially if they only held one child as their own. Maybe this Lord of the Manor would be different?

She followed him around, watching him explore and wander until he found the Master bedchamber and he lie down along the large bed that could easily fit five grown men in it. He seemed to settle into its blankets, and soon, he was asleep. She was unsure of how long he would sleep and so she took this moment to move in closely. He looked to be at least Twenty years in age, though he needed a decent meal. She could see where hunger had touched him. She could also see the signs that he was a hard worker, holding calluses on his hands. She reached a pale hand to brush along his bangs, sighing when she could not touch him.

This was nothing new to her. She would be nothing more than a soft chill in the air that was ignored as nothing more. The Manor became dark as night would take over the lands of Oralia. The Siren wandered the halls and balconies as she began her nightly ritual of singing her forgotten soul to the night. A haunting wordless melody that would give away her heartbroken loneliness and longing for answers. The same melodies that would be sung almost every night. Thus earning the Manor the terms haunted and cursed. When she would sing, she could hear the locks of the rooms that belonged to the staff members. Sometimes they locked them out of habit, though she wasn't sure how the locks helped as she was able to simply go through the walls and doors freely.
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Technoblade never dies

[google-font https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Courgette?query=courgette&preview.text_type=custom&sidebar.open=true&selection.family=Nothing+You+Could+Do]
[center [Nothing+You+Could+Do Gideon had the first dream he had in years. It felt so real that he thought it was fact. There was a beautiful woman standing on top of the stairs in the Manor. She wore an expensive silk dress, her light brown hair was down to her shoulders. Her voice was amazing. She seemed to be singing, but the words were inaudible.

Jolting back up, Gideon sighed. Could this be the reason the Manor was deemed haunted? Looking out the window, he saw that it was the crack of dawn. Naturally he woke up around this time to work so he was unable to go back to sleep. Walking around the long halls to the Manor he felt like he was on an adventure. The Manor was huge to him, and to any other commoner.

Going into the kitchen, he saw warm eggs, ham, french toast, pancakes, and sausage. He sat down and looked around. The Manor's staff seemed to have cooked it. His butler was sitting next to him, the other staff on the opposite side of the table. That day Gideon stuffed himself to the brim that morning. Which wasn’t that much for someone as skinny as him. The boy walked around the halls once again, but this time more sluggishly due to him having just ate. Making a right, he went into the library. It had at least one thousand books. The library by itself was the size of a small house.

The boy grabbed a book before sitting down. As he slowly began to read, he felt a sudden rush of cold by his bangs. Looking around, he didn’t notice anyone around. He walked to the window to see if it got opened, but it was closed tightly. Shrugging it off, he went back to reading. By now he had fully immersed himself in the book. It was named ‘The King’s Orchard’. After reading into the second chapter, it had been at least an hour. He put a pencil in the book to keep his place, sat the book down on the table, and left the room. Gideon had liked his new life. Having books, warm meals, and a bed was to him a lavish luxury. He went to the washhouse to clean himself up. His face was cleaner than normal, but he could do better. After cleaning himself off, he dried off and changed. Walking back to his horse, he guided it to where the butler told him to put it. A huge stable with three other horses. He put his horse next to them and began to feed it.

Sighing, he began to ride one of the other horses around the Manor. This life was nice, but lonely. Of course he was no stranger to being alone yet it still depressed him. After riding a few times around the property he found an orchard. trees lined with apples, bushes with spotted with drops of red and purple fruits. He preferred being outside than inside, outside was where he truly felt free. Picking an apple, he bit it and was rushed with a sweet/tart taste. These apples were very good, but he couldn't put his finger on what type they were. After hurting his head by thinking too much, he took a basket of apples with him back to the Manor.

[font "Times New Roman" The siren didn't know any sense of time unless she would not the sky or the clocks in the manor. When the sun began to rise, she found herself in the gardens in the back of the manor. Only when the smells of food wafted through the open windows did she start making her ethereal way back to the Manor to see who was stirring. By the time she came back to the Manor and found her way to the kitchen, the staff was cleaning up the leftovers from where they had breakfasted. That was when she noted that the new Master of the Manor was awake.

He looked content in his new fullness, and she tried to recall the taste of food or drink but all she could taste was the fine grit of dust on her tongue. She followed him until he found the library and picked up a book to read. She would hover over him to read the book with him, and then she hovered higher in the air as he jumped from his chair to look around before checking windows. Had he felt the chill of her presence? She glanced to her hands a moment before looking to him once more as he settled back down to read for about an hour or so. She was careful to not linger to closely, reading with him, before he marked his place and then left the library.

Most people in the manor didn't feel her presence so easily. Sometimes yes she could be a chill in the air, but even so, she was usually good about keeping just enough distance that they wouldn't always feel her around unless they irritated her and she wanted to chase them off. She watched him walk away from the library, but she wanted to read more of the book. With a little focusing she was able to move the book along the table, though it took several minutes. She had been trying to open it, but she felt tired this day, and so it merely moved along to the edge and then fell off the table and caused her to sigh.

What felt like mere moments, had actually been a good hour or so, and so she began to wander along the Manor once more as she was known to do. Unless something or someone gave her a sense of curiosity, that was how she was. Thoughtless, emotionless, and would wander aimlessly around the Manor and the property until something caught her attention. She was passing a window that outlooked the property within a corridor that only held one large room for gatherings, and was able to see the new Lord returning from the stables with a large basket of apples. She swallowed, wishing for a moment that she could remember what an apple tasted like, and then the thought surprised her. Drawing her out of her daydream to move away from the window to continue her wandering along the corridor's hall.
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[google-font https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Courgette?query=courgette&preview.text_type=custom&sidebar.open=true&selection.family=Nothing+You+Could+Do]
[center [Nothing+You+Could+Do Gideon had finally went inside with the apples, he had felt like someone was watching. Looking around, he saw no one other than the butler to greet him. Sighing he asked the butler, [b "Is this Manor truly haunted?"] The butler replied with an answer that in Gideon's opinion couldn't be any more blunt. They replied with, [i [b "We do not know sir."]] it was almost like the butler was trying to dodge the question. Yet Gideon did not realize that for he had not many people skills and was bad at picking up on rather simple hints in body language. The two walked in together and went into the kitchen. Picking up a knife, he began to peel the apples. The cooks tried to say that they were able to do it so he could do other things, but Gideon persisted in doing what he could. Almost like the Manor's staff was his new family that he was responsible for.

After about thirty minutes or so, he was finished and put them in a barrel of salt so they would keep...Which was what Gideon did with the game he hunted and despite his background as a farmer he didn't really know if that would work or not.
Sighing, he walked back to the library, noticing the book he was reading had moved to the floor. Picking it up, he looked around once again. He couldn't stop feeling that there was someone else here, someone who he could save from eternal emptiness. He thought of it as an omen. Beginning to read he once again became engulfed by the book. Using his hyperactive imagination to make the scenarios in the book come to life in his head.

Again he felt a chill but ignored it this time, to see if it would go away. Maybe it was a weather problem? It was almost winter so Gideon thought that this could be it. Deep down he didn't want the place to be haunted, yet it would be so interesting if it was. Rubbing his eyes, he took a break from reading. By now he was almost done with the book. It was hard to read when he constantly thought someone could be watching him, and the sudden chills helped not either.

He slightly folded a page so he would know where he was and closed the book. Wondering if anything would happen, like in books he had previously read from his parent's possession, he said; [b "I know you're there...show yourself demon!"] Gideon was now living his own little fantasy world. Twists and turns, ups and downs.

[font "Times New Roman" She watched and wandered behind this new Lord of the Manor to watch him curiously. At times she would become distracted with something else and wandered away, but she usually found herself back near him as if pulled closer in a way. She watched as he peeled apples, and when he wasn't looking, one of the kitchen members had taken some of the apples to surprise him with a pie at supper that night.

She hadn't heard him ask the butler if the place was haunted, so she didn't seem to think that perhaps she was bothering him. She watched him place apples to keep, though she wasn't sure why they were placed in salt. She had a thought of salt would dry out the moisture and they would become dehydrated. It wasn't bad, but not all apples tasted good that way. She watched as he left, and she moved to the barrel of salt and frowned. She didn't know why, but she wished the salt was fresh water instead, unknowing to her that when she turned from the barrel, it was full of apples and water, not salt.

Wandering the halls, she felt the draw towards the library once again. She found the new Lord sitting there, reading the book she'd knocked off the table. She would wander around the large library as he read, no longer too interested in wanting to read the book. HE made it through most of the book, occasionally she would pass him, unknowing that she was giving him cold chills. A paper here would rustle, a curtain at the window would sway slightly. Little things that most people would miss or brush off as wind.

She had lost herself at the window, watching time pass her once more before she felt his stirring and she turned away from the window to look to him. He closed the book and then stood and called out to the side of the room away from her that he knew she was there, and to show herself, calling her a demon. This caused her to blink in surprise. Was he trying to summon her into visage? Did he actually know she was there? Or was he simply losing his mind from his short time in the Manor?

[b "Seems another one shall be claimed by the madness.....for shame, I had such high hopes for this one....."] She murmured softly. She knew that her singing would be forlorn and sorrowful this night, as they were on nights where she longed for answers that would never come to her immortal soul.
Kanedgy~Siren~   1y ago
Technoblade never dies

[google-font https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Courgette?query=courgette&preview.text_type=custom&sidebar.open=true&selection.family=Nothing+You+Could+Do]
[center [Nothing+You+Could+Do Gideon almost immediately broke out into laughter after speaking to the wall. [b "Oh, how stupid of me. Nothing's off about here, just old.."] he said before walking back to the kitchen, opening the barrel of apples just to find that they were placed in water, not salt. He scratched his head in confusion, he could of sworn that they were in salt...Shrugging it off, he was guided to the table for lunch, dinner, or whatever you would call the second meal of the day. Gideon was a bit hungry and had clearly was less skinny since breakfast, his muscles becoming more healthy and noticeable. Using his calloused hands to pick up his fork to stab the pasta that was carefully made by the Manor's staff. He asked them, [b "I can't tell you how much I am appreciative for this, how may I repay you?"] the head chef shook their head and replied with [i [b It is our duty to serve you, Lord."]]

After filling himself up again he walked outside and ran to an open field. The grass was nicely trimmed and led to a lake with a small sailboat, being kept in place by a few large rocks. Keeping his steady pace, he wound up in front of the boat. He began to wonder why it wasn't in the water and by the dock that was to the right of the old boat.

Sighing, he walked into the small shack to the left of the boat and grabbed a handmade fishing pole out of it. Gideon began to examine the wood and smiled slightly at the work that was put into making it. Putting a worm on the hook, he cast the line. There seemed to be a few types of fish in the lake. Some not as much due to fish eating other's eggs. After about five minutes he finally caught something. He was very inexperienced with fishing so this filled him with joy. By the time he took out the hook and made sure the fish was not super injured, the butler brought a bucket of ice water for the fish. After thanking her, Gideon put the fish in the bucket and carried it back to the Manor. In the kitchen, the chef gave Gideon some insight on how to cut and clean the fish. He followed instructions step by step.

Once that was over with, Gideon walked back to the library and began to think. [i What were the chills I keep feeling?] [i Why do I get these chills?] [i Is this place truly haunted??] were all thoughts that ran through his head. Sighing, he ran his head through his hair, noticing how greasy it was. He decided to use the wash house once again. After that, he changed into some clothes that he brought with him to the wash house. Once he arrived back at the Manor, he looked much healthier and more handsome than he did before.

[font "Times New Roman" The siren wandered around the Manor as she was known to do, occasionally she would drift away from the new Lord, following whatever caught her attention, then would drift back to him. It had been no surprise to her that he had not seen nor heard her in the library. While he had eaten his lunch and then went fishing, she had wandered into the garden, it was a place she loved to frequent but she couldn't remember why she loved it there so much. The library was her second favorite, but it depended on the weathers and seasons. She once wandered in a storm to try and feel the rain, but she felt nothing. Not even the bite of the cold wind. Such had earned the lands another mournful and haunting lullaby that night that raged with the storms.

Once he was done with the fish in the kitchen he had managed to go back to the library as if trying to figure something out. When he had gone to the bath house, she wandered off from him again. Though it was early, her song soon filled the halls in her passings. Echoing the halls in her mournful sounds. She wished to be seen without fear. She wished to learn why she must wander these lands seeing others interact and being unable to do the same. If she had held a heart in her chest, she was sure it would be riddled in heartache. But, alas, she held no heart or bone or blood within her ethereal and fleshless figure. She only held the ivory gown in which she had awoken with, and her bare feet.

She hadn't manifested since the night the last Master of the Manor had seen her and passed away in his heart attack induced fear. She probably had the energy to be seen, but hadn't thought about it as it was normal for her to go by unnoticed. She wandered the halls as the Lord bathed, losing herself to her haunting song of heartbreak and longing.

[b [i "Angel in the dark...
Tell me what I cannot hear...
Touch this beating heart...
Angel in the dark...
Find me, I'm hiding...
Hold me, I'm crying...
Show me the way to the bright light...
Angel in the dark...
Show me what I cannot see...
Hold my beating heart...
Angel in the dark..."]]

It was her usual song to sing for the manor, but the tones would change. When she was angry they became an almost howling tone. When she was sad you could almost feel the Manor weeping with her breaking heart. If she was happy or even simply unemotional it was like a soft breeze through the halls. This time it held the haunting chills of her wish for answers and her deep and dark loneliness as she was forced to wander as what she could only deem as punishment for something she had done in her life, but she didn't remember what she could have done to make something so angry with her soul to imprison it here forever with naught but herself as true company.
Kanedgy~Siren~   1y ago
Technoblade never dies

Gideon's sighed as he walked to his room. For some reason he couldn't get the thought out of his head that he wasn't as alone as he thought he was. That there was someone who was much like him around. Someone who he could trust...As he was laying in his bed he slowly drifted to sleep for about a few hours. This was almost like repayment for his old life...that's his take on his new life. A huge manor, people to talk to, books, and a mystery. A house presumed haunted and numerous other Lords dying.

That day he dreamt about a girl in a white gown, walking around the manor. Yet she looked and felt very much real. Once he woke up he rushed to the library. For some reason he remembered reading about this in an unknown writer's journal. One who seemed to be working here in the past and had similar experiences as gideon's. Rustling through the rows of books he found the journal where he put it. He flipped through the pages and read about a girl who grew up here, who was anpart of the family who was betrayed. He read for what seemed like hours. It felt like a history book to him. Signing oncebhe reached the empty pages he walked back to his room. By now it was very early morning. Still dark outside so he thought it was around midnight. Once he fell asleep he had a different dream. Him and this girl he just read about were playing tag. But they were both toddlers. So to his mind it wasn't possible for that to have happened. Once he woke up he ate breakfast and walked to the garden. He picked a few flowers as he wondered if he was still sane. Obsessing over a woman he didn't even know existed. After making a few bouquets, he gave them to the manors staff. He felt like they needed to be appreciated and compensated somewhat. He didn't know that they were already being compensated.

After he was done thanking them he went to the orchard again. He sat under a tree and began to read the journal again. He never heard the girl singing as whoever wrote the journal did...this confused him but he paid little mind to it.


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