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Siren of the Manor (OPEN NEED LITERATE MALE)

By Ravanya

Replies: 1 / 9 days ago

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[pic https://i.imgur.com/nFi3Gnu.jpg?1]

[font "Times New Roman" You've spent your life growing up as a farmer, living your life in ignorance of the truth of your family. Your family was once great Nobles of the land of Oralia, but one of your ancestors had tricked his brother into giving him the lands, fortune, and titles of the family then banished his brother and pregnant wife from the lands. After a few generations, your family has all but forgotten of your side of the family, and the story of the family's fortune was never spoken about to the descendants of the first brother.

Now its your generation, and the stories of the Manor of Oralia have grown in horror and fear. There were rumors of murders and people going missing within the Manor's walls, but nothing was ever proven. No bodies were ever found, and no one had ever witnessed the murders and lived to tell of them. It was said that the Manor was now haunted by a spirit of one of the women that had been there. The Manor was known for causing people to go insane, or so the rumors pleaded, and the last owner of the Manor, your cousin, had died of a heart attack before he married and produced heirs to keep the line going.

In his untimely death, his will claimed to keep the Manor in the family, thinking it would go to his Uncle in the North, who had been killed in a poorly planned mugging. So the Manor has now come to you, the soul heir of the family. Its fortunes and riches and titles and lands all yours. But, so is its dark past. Will you be better than the previous Lords of Oralia? Or will the Siren of the Manor end your life as well?


If interested in the RP please PM me with the title of Lord.
There is a 2000 character limit, I will not accept one-liner posts. I understand that sometimes posting can be hard, but if I can manage to take the time to meet the limit, you can, too. Its not that much to ask.
Illustrated pictures are preferred, no real or anime pictures so that it goes along with the picture I have chosen for the "Siren"
To be able to post you will have to request to join as I have it locked to keep from just anyone from posting in. If agreed upon, I will grant you access.


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