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Tormented Romance

By Character

Replies: 629 / 10 days ago

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Sarah is bullied every day but slowly falls in love with the one who bullies her most.
Sarah woke up.
Sarah / Character / 42m 39s
Cody stayed up
Sf_Pappy / 44m 1s
She moved around slightly
Sarah / Character / 1h ago
He slowly fell asleep
Sf_Pappy / 1h ago
She ended up falling asleep.
Character / 1h ago
He stayed quiet
Sf_Pappy / 1h ago
She cuddled up to him
Character / 2h ago
''I am too''
Sf_Pappy / 3h ago
"I'm happy we're back to hanging out together"
Sarah / Character / 3h ago
Cody yawned a bit
Sf_Pappy / 3h ago
She held him close.
Sarah / Character / 3h ago
So did Cody
Sf_Pappy / 3h ago
She smiled.
Sarah / Character / 4h ago
Cody sat down next to her again
Sf_Pappy / 4h ago
"Okay" Sarah said.
Sarah / Character / 4h ago