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A strange type of love

By Sf_Pappy

Replies: 286 / 17 days ago

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He slid off the couch, and exhaled slowly “let’s go”
Heather got up and jumped down from the couch
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 8d ago
“I know” he said, turning his neck like an owl to look at her “sure I’ll look around”
''I meant show you around the house..'' She told him
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 10d ago
“A round what? Tit?” He joked, looking around the room, at one point turning his head 180 degrees “I don’t see anything,”
Heather mouthed ''I'll try to distract him for you..'' Then she looked back at the wolf ''Do you want me to show you around?'' she asked softly
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 10d ago
He flared his hood, which he had written in wipable sharpie “so I can’t leave or he’ll see me, but I don’t want to see you two get dirty or anything so what the hell do I do”
Heather eyed the cobra she was trying to read what he was thinking.
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 10d ago
He chuckled “you’ve got a cute laugh” he said, grooming the hair between her ears, as the cobra watched, cocking his head
She gigled softly
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 10d ago
He curled around her, fluffing out his tail “you’re very warm for a fox”
She nodded a bit before she nuzzled him slightly
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 10d ago
“But of course, if you wanted to, you’re allowed to preen my fur”
''O-oh'' She looked down slightly embarassed
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 10d ago