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{Demon Slayer Search Thread}

By EtherealEquinox

Replies: 0 / 19 days ago

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[center I seem to have found myself with the anime Demon Slayer! I don't have a solid plan in mind, admittedly. However, I would love to write something that's akin to the show! But I do have a few requirements listed below.]

[center ° Patience. I am not always able to post since I have work and school.]

[center ° Be 18+. I just feel uncomfortable about writing with minors.]

[center ° Have a 1,500 character count minimum. I feel this is a good start for great detail! :)]

[center ° Be honest. If you're not vibing with the role play, or just lose interest just let me know.]

[center Drop me a line and let's write! ♡]


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