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For Polkadotrocker

By BooBear96

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BooBear96Alexandria   354d ago

Alexandria Marie was a twenty one year old female driver from Arizona. She had grown up around cars. Her Dad was a dirt track racer. She was behind the wheel on dirt before she could legally drive. 

She began drag racing when she was only twelve and then dirt racing when she was fifteen. Fast forward six years and she was racing NASCAR. Living the complete dream. She was one of three female drivers in nascar this year. And she was bound to be the best. 

[b “I’m going to a rest run!”] she called as she ran out the door of her RV in Nashville. Her Father was piddling around on her stock car. She had a big race tomorrow and though she wasn’t nervous, she loved being behind her wheel. It was her comfort, her happy place. Tomorrow was special, the first race of the season.
polkadotrocker     354d ago

Kane stood holding his daughter as she held her little pink race car. He was getting a tour of the track as he would be singing tomorrow and enjoying the race. A representative walked them around and talked. He knew that his daughter, (Letting you name her) would enjoy seeing the pit where they changed the tires "fast fast" as she called it. 

He was 27 and had been in the music business for about five years. His daughter was three and besides music, she was the only thing that mattered to him because he was doing it solo. He didn't even have a nanny but there were some days he considered it. 

Pointing to a pink car, Kane looked up seeing who he thought was the driver. "This your car?" He asked looking to the brunette girl. The rep giving him a tour nodded encouraging her to talk to him.
BooBear96Alexandria   354d ago

Alexandria looked back quickly as she wasn’t expecting anyone on the track at this time. She did a double take as she wasn’t expecting that someone to be Kane Brown. [b “OH. Um. Yes, that is my car.”] she said brightly. [b “Well. One of the three. I like options. Sometimes I get bored with the pink one.”] she rambled. She grinned as she looked down and noticed that the little girl was mesmerized by the fact that there was a pink car. She bent down to her level.

[b “I’m Alex. What’s your name?”] she asked. 
[i “My name is Lexie Grace Brown!”] the little girl said. 

[b “Lexie.. Have you ever seen a race car up close? My race car is pink on the inside too… Wanna see it? If it’s ok with your daddy?”] she asked.

[b “Jesse,  think you can squeeze twenty minutes out for a break and let me do this part of the tour?”]
polkadotrocker     352d ago

Kane smiled watchine Lexie and her new racer friend Alex. "I think shes safe to check out your pink car, shes been carrying the mini version of it around for days excited about coming here. Had no idea we would run into you. Shes been saying she wants to race but I told her three isnt old enough." He said with a chuckle. 

Lexie was excited and Kane couldn't deny her this oppurtunity and honestly he was looking forward to seeing the pink car too. Kane had watched this girl race on tv and he knew she was good but this was the closest that he had ever gotten to an actual race and he would be singing. 

Jesse nodded, "Don't scare off the entertainment Alex, hard to come by and hes the best of the best." Kane looked to her, "Likewise, I've never seen anyone drive like you."
BooBear96Alexandria   349d ago

Alex looked atKaAlex grinned when Jesse told her not to scare off the entertainment.  [b "You get in a screaming match with a pit crew one time and then he thinks I'm going to scare everyone off."] she told them as she walked down the bleachers. 

[b "So you have the mini version of Luna?"] she asked. Luna was her pink car.   [b "How about you come out with me tomorrow during the walkout? You can ride on Luna. If your daddy says yes."] she told Lexie. She reminded her a lot of her younger self. Obsessed with cars.

Alex watched as Lexie ran all around the car looking at everything. Her eyes were so wide. She was taking everything in.

[b "What about you? Are you into racing as much as your daughter?"] she asked Kane.

[Thinking we should make Lexie about 6-8 years old.]
polkadotrocker     335d ago

He chuckled, "Not much could scare me are kinda my thing." He said with a smile and listened to her talking to Lexie. "What do you say princess? Want to go with her and ride out tomorrow?" The little girl's eyes lit up and she jumped up and down. "yes yes yes yes!" 

Kane nodded, "That settles it, she can go but I will be singing when that happens so we will have to do some coordinating on who can watch her and who can take pictures for me. Want to have these memories for her when shes older." He admitted. 

"Pretty into cars, got my custom truck and a hellcat at home, along with her princess powerwheel in the garage." He watched his daughter, "She loves your car, ever since she got the toy version shes told me she wants one just like it when shes older."


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