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In the Republic of Terragua, being an assassin is not only legal but quite profitable if you play your cards right. It’s as simple as accepting a Blood-Ink, taking out the target, and getting paid. As long as you follow the rules and pay your taxes on time, there shouldn't be any problem at all.


occupation: (are you an employer, are you an assessing, maybe even a waitress or waiter, meh whatever)


Name: Qrow Reaper
Age: 17
occupation: assassin
personality: nice, calm, quiet, funny, dark, loyal
bio: to be revield
other: Qrow has a tattoo of a dragon on his right arm, he knows a max of 5 languages, he is insane, he can somewhat go past the limits of his body, and he can use many forms of martial arts/weapons including one he made

Name: Ifris Fritz
Age: 21
occupation: (are you an employer, are you an assessing, maybe even a waitress or waiter, meh whatever): Actress And “rumored” murderer
Personality: Pseudo-expression of a happy/bright personality, actually pretty dark, manic, and a master puppeteer
Bio: Ifris Fritz is known as “Terragua’s rising doll” with great reason! Known for challenging aesthetics of what is acceptable or not in the republic, it has given her quite a bit of notoriety. Many individuals say she is a ‘bright, charming predecessor of the Fritz household’. So why do her eyes look so... sad? When no one is around.
Other: Check her character profile (;
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FROSTBITE4395     1y ago

[center [pic...]

"hey, kids," a man said as a walked into the back room of a repair shop, "a new client came in for Qrow, he was pretty pushy about you doing, or my best assassin, anyway, here you go, the file for your 'victim'" the man said walking back out
"wait, what," Qrow thought as he read the file, "wow this person seems to be a rich one," he thought as he stood up and grabbed a katana off of the weapon wrack, "still it'll be quick," he thought as he walked out of the shop while putting up his hood

(sorry if it's sloppy, and sorry it took so long)
Himedere-|Ifris|   1y ago

[h3 [center Reconnaissance]]
[center [youtube]]

This wasn’t good, not good at all.
[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 Too skinny.
Too fat.
Their hair looked frayed at the ends...maybe if I were to trim them..?]]] Shiny onyx hues took in one person after another, never once lingering for too long, yet never for a short enough time for guessing what qualities she missed. This girl’s name was Ifris Fritz, formerly known as “Terragua’s rising doll”. No one would have ever expected an actress, a noble who challenged aesthetics and what was considered ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, to have rumors of being connected to the underground. In fact, there were whispers of men and women alike going missing after having some form of a connection with the small girl.

Girl? Or is it more so “woman”? Having recently turned twenty-one, she looked to be no older than 17. Permanently frozen in time.
A blessing?
A curse?

Who knew, but what Ifris DID know at the current time is this girl’s skin who she was taking in at the given time didn’t have a single blemish on it. It made full, plump pink lips curve up into a smile. Ifris was looking for those with an exquisite quality such as her. A base, one may say.

Consistent clicks from the girl’s boots halted, Ifris now pulling a slip of paper out of long kimono sleeves.

[tangerine [size24 [center [i [#C8A2C8 No more than eighty-]]]]]

Such fancy writing, as is to be expected from a noble such as her. What caused a sudden pause in her writing, however, was feeling a set of eyes lingering. It was normal to have eyes on her figure, Ifris was aware, however... this time it felt...? The girl’s onyx orbs slid in the direction of where this potential figure had been peeping at her, taking in the scenery of a sleazy alleyway.

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “How distasteful.”

[tangerine [size24 [center -eight kilograms.]]]]]]

Pocketing the slip of paper along with a lick of her lips, the raven haired woman continued her slow little walk into a more populated area than she already exposed herself to, mindful glances being made from time to time where she felt the general direction of where those damn eyes were located.

[b [size10 You're okay! I loved it ;u; <3 I hope you enjoy mine, too!]]
FROSTBITE4395     1y ago

[center [pic...]

Qrow ran as fast as he could into a populated area in order to lose a bodyguard that was chasing him, even though it had been almost an hour since he killed his target, "this guy just won't give up," he thought as he accidentally bumped into the girl known as 'Terragua’s rising doll' "sorry, didn't mean to bump into you," he said with a childish smile
"Hey kid," the bodyguard yelled as a couple more appeared in the crowd
"Why won't you just leave me alone," he thought, looking back at the girl, "could you please help me, just for a tad bit, after that you can forget all about me," he asked
Himedere-|Ifris|   1y ago

[center [h3 Help? Help... you??]]

Those damn eyes still haven’t left her alone. And it was starting to irritate the female. She had gone to three stores, three! And yet she could still feel herself being watched. The amount of bags she held in her hands were doubled, three on each side. Light pink nails began digging into the palms of her skin a bit, which she had quickly stopped. Imagine miss Fritz, piercing her own skin due in agitation because of someone ordering a potential spy? Or trafficker, for that matter, on her. She’d be dammed to ever be--

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “O-oh!”]]] The words had jumped out of her mouth, surprise written all over that single word when someone... had the audacity to run into her? She wasn’t sure what was more surprising, this person? Or the stinging sensation on her backside when she had fallen on her ass due to being ran into at full throttle. She heard the words ‘Sorry, didn’t mean to...’, but she was still slowly collecting the situation at hand.

Ifris’s brows furrowed, a look which is far more unfavorable as opposed to the once pleasant, serene features she previously had when the male continued talking. Fingers looping around the thin edges of her bags while standing up once more. Help? He needed help??

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 [b “And why would I ]... help... you?”]]] There was clear venom in her tone, but it had been as quick to dissipate the more her eyes hovered over this man. He... He was....

[center [i [size16 [#C8A2C8 Everything I was looking for.]]]]

Such pretty blue eyes and matching white hair. And for a second in time, Ifris forgot about the other set which had been following her the entire morning. That’s something Ifris will get looked into at a later time. Nibbling on her bottom lip slightly, the girl soon perked up.

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “Uh, apologies. I’m... having a.. Bad day.”]]] It was an excuse. Honestly, she would have wringed his neck if he wasn’t as attractive as he was. Being quick to blow over her excuse before it got processed too much, she continued on. [i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “What may I help you with?”]]] It couldn’t be those guards, could it?

Ifris made a grab for the male’s hand, pulling him back into one of the many shops which surrounded the two. They were in the middle of Terragua for crying out loud.

[center [youtube]]

[right [b “Oh! Miss Fritz! Did you forget to get cotton for your plushes again??”]]

[center [i “Ooooo, who’s that, Miss Iffy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you bring HIM around.”]]

Ignoring them, Ifris walked deeper and deeper into the building. Multiple twines, cloths, and different forms of overall fabric being found around the store. It’s there Ifris decided to let go of this stranger’s hand, now giving a slightly less than gentle push (payback for making her fall on her ass, maybe?) towards completed clothing racks.

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “You only have a set amount of time. Grab a different set of clothes, get changed, and get out through the back door. It will no doubt lead to an alleyway.”]]] The way she instructed him and the way she carried herself, it’s almost like... this wasn’t her first time doing this?

There was still time to potentially talk to the girl, as there hasn’t been any yelling from those guards. In fact, cute, gentle-paced music could be heard throughout the entirety of the store. And Ifris’s large onyx eyes were staring up at Qrow’s with expectancy.
FROSTBITE4395     1y ago

[center [pic...]

Qrow quickly changed his clothes and put his hair in a bun, "why did you help me," he asked the gorgeous girl, although he had no idea who she was, that didn't stop him from asking, but what was surprising was the fact that he dressed up as a bodyguard almost as if he planned on helping her as well, "my names Qrow," he said with a smile, "what's yours," he asked as he waited for her to lead the way out of the shop, he was amazed by her beauty, and she seemed to be well known. so who was she?

(oh boy, i hope this was good in your eyes,)
Himedere-|Ifris|   1y ago

[h3 [center Questions, Questions]]

Ifris has been out, somewhere close by the changing room and filing at her nails. Maybe she should ditch the man in there? Ah, but that wouldn’t look too good on her part, especially due to how it’s on camera that SHE was the one who brought him in.

Maybe she should set these clothes on a tab? Nodding her head at her own thoughts, the female set a hand to her ear, a little yawn coming out as she spoke.

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “Call Stella.”]]]

They were two simple words, and by the time Qrow came out, Ifris had been giggling.

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “Yeah, mhm... of course I’ll see you tomorrow... you’re so sweet, you don’t need to bring anything... oh, he’s back. Okay... bye.”]]]

Taking her hand away, that mini call has ended, and Ifris folded her arms against her chest at his question, and she almost
looked... a little annoyed?

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “Didn’t you ask for help?”]]] She shot back, the look of irritation leaving when her glossy, onyx orbs took in the attire he was wearing. It made Ifris pause, and she had to take out her chapstick to stop herself from licking her lips once again at the outfit he had on.

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “... That outfit is very becoming of you.”]]] The short girl stated, maybe if SHE were the one who had set his hair up, he would look far better. But to say Qrow DIDN’T look good in this outfit? Would be a lie.

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “It’s.... Ifris.”]]] She said after a pause, it was almost like she was considering on when her or not offering her true name to him, which she ended up doing, anyways. Ifris soon shuddered slightly, as if letting the thought of the law being what jumpstarted her into gear. And, honestly? That’s exactly what it was when she started to take brisk steps.

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “Come on, we don’t have much time.”]]] Ifris was half walking, half running even deeper into the store. [i [size10 [#C8A2C8 “Just what did you do to get these guys pissed off with you, anyways??”]]] Did he steal or something? Whatever it was, it pissed those guys off enough to give pursuit.

[center [i <You’re more than okay! I’m on my phone anyways owo;; so, sorry if it’s a little choppy. KRKFNFN>
FROSTBITE4395     1y ago

[center [pic...]

"w-w-well..." he said blushing "I may or may not have killed their employer," he answered in a nervous tone, as he was pulled by her, "wh-what is she doing," he thought feeling his heart beat faster than normal, "y-yes I g-g-guess I did ask you to help me, but that's not what I was asking, I was asking WHY did you help me," he said "I mean you had every right not to and yet... you did," he said nervously blushing suddenly he noticed the men following them, "crap," he mumbled as he grabbed his 1867 revolver, it cost him a fortune, he was surprised that it was a real one although he actually customized the looks a tad, "hopefully you're ready to hear some gun-shots young lady," he said as he seemed to become confident, but still so innocent, he smiled at Ifris and then turned back to the two men

(sorry it took so long
Himedere-|Stella|   1y ago

[center [h3 Confrontation]]

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 "... I'm sorry, you [b what]?"]]] She asked, almost begging as if she had heard wrong. Ifris stopped in her steps altogether, looking back at the boy and being greeted by what looked like ... genuine honesty.

This is was bad. Real bad.

Unlike this dude -- Qrow, Ifris did NOT have such rights, and to be ... assisting someone such as him?? That spelt trouble for miss Fritz. Big, big trouble, in fact. She couldn't stop herself from digging her nails more into the male's pretty, porcelain skin -- god, she may end up skinning this man alive at the end of the night afterall (she won't!).

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 "You were being chased! I thought you may have done something small, not fucking!!..."]]] She had to take a deep breath in when she realized she was starting to yell. Which made a couple heads turn in their direction in curiosity. [i [size10 [#C8A2C8 ".. You know."]]] She concluded, taking her nails out of his skin. There were going to be subtle nail indents where her fingers have once been, for sure.

Seeing Qrow's eyes drift to look behind them made her do the exact same, and it made a chill travel down Ifris's back at seeing men in uniforms of their own having looked around, calling out and asking for general locations of 'seeing a certain man'.

When he asked her if she was ready to hear some gunshots, it made the girl almost want to hiss at him if he were crazy. Imagine Ifris, a noble woman, canoodling with -- with an assassin!? It made her blood run cold as she stared at the revolver, something which would cause scarring on a person's body -- if they lived, anyways.

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 "Ar-are you crazy!? You could kill some--"]]]

[b "There he i-- Halt!"]
[i "In the name of Terragua, you and your cohort are placed under arrest! Drop your weapon."] And honestly? Ifris tuned the men out after being labeled as a 'cohort' an 'associate'

[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 ".... On second thought, maybe you could... do something about this."]]] Oh, how quick it was for her tune to be switched up, even more so when one of the men began to take aim -- at Qrow or her? She wasn't sure -- it didn't stop Ifris from moving behind the assassin, however. Her body pressing a little closer to him due to the threat.

It's a good thing Ifris decided to wear perfume today, a soft, flowery scent which could be picked up due to how close she had gotten to Qrow.
FROSTBITE4395     1y ago

[center [pic...]

when Qrow heard the other assassin say those words he started to bite his lip, this angered him that a fellow assassin didn't know the laws that were inflicted, "I'm sorry, do you not remember the law," he asked, "as long as we are assassins and have an appropriate employer, we are allowed to kill, and since your employer was killed, you have failed your duties as bodyguards," he said in a straight face sounding more serious then he had in a very long time "now I suggest you leave us to be before I find a reason to share with the government, and also if you shoot and or kill me you will be sent to the supreme court, so I suggest you don't try," he said

when the men put their guns down Qrow grabbed Ifris and walked away fast, knowing how dumb most bodyguard assassins are that should leave them puzzled for a bit, "c'mon, even though you may not like me right now, I'm going to get you out of there safely," he said walking out of the building with her still angry from those men, "I'm sort of glad I bumped into you," he said with a smile, happiness gleaming from his face, "I don't know why, but when I'm with this girl I feel so much happier," he thought while putting his gun back in its holster

(I'm sorry if it didn't have enough info on emotion)


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