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Fatal Attraction (Closed to MourningGlory)

By Burning_Heart

Archive this RP

It was just supposed to be a normal party. One that Elizabeth Williams didn't want to attend, especially with her family's intent to find her a suitor and finally be rid of their "problem child." She was the girl who didn't play by society's rules. The one who stuck to the wall instead of finding herself on the dance floor.

It was just supposed to be a normal party. One that _____ would host and be done with, especially with the concern that someone would discover their secret. But they had to stay relevant in society, at least for a little while. When the time came, they would simply disappear to live somewhere else. They were the one who lived forever. The one who fed off the living.

It was just supposed to be a normal party. Then their eyes met from across the room. A small conversation led to a dance, which led to a night spent on the balcony. An attraction just as deadly as it was exciting. One night turned into one week, and so forth. But every relationship has problems, especially when concerning eternity.

Elizabeth swore she'd never marry for gain. ______ swore they'd never grow attached, especially to a mortal. Between society's judgment, enemies who would love to see them dead, and a secret that could break her, a romance as dark as this one shouldn't be allowed to exist. Can the two find a way to bend the rules? Or is their love destined for disaster?

What I'm Looking For:

This is the outline for this idea. It's a humanxvampire idea I've had in mind for a while now. I'm looking for a semi-literate to literate partner who is willing to flesh out details with me. The story is something I want to write together. This is why the description is so brief.

Outside of what's been described, play the character as you like. They're your character after all.

Real pictures are preferred, for that's what I have for Elizabeth.

This is a Victorian-style RP, so it takes place somewhere during the 1800s.

Communication. I myself am not that great at being on every day or replying every day. I understand life comes first, but at least keep in contact and agree to let the other know when we'll be replying or taking a break/hiatus, anything like that. I'm a very patient and understanding person, I promise.

Good grammar. I'm not great with this all the time. I constantly make mistakes, but I really don't want to try and decipher a reply.

This is a mature roleplay, so please be 18+. There will be mature themes, though ES rules still apply. If needed, things can be skipped or taken off-site.

Most importantly, have fun. This is just a small idea I had that I wanted to write and I want my partner to do the same.

PM me with the subject of "Fatal Attraction" so that I know you read the entire thing. If I don't see that, I will simply assume you didn't read through and I will ignore you. I don't mean that in a rude way, but it's a pet peeve to go through and explain things or try and talk something over that is already presented above. However, if you do have questions that are not answered by anything, you can ask!

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Burning_HeartElizabeth   1y ago

[center [b [i "Will you hold still?"]]]

[center Elizabeth Williams grunted as the maid pulled the strings of her corset tighter. It was frustrating how tight the stupid things had to be. [b "If you'd quit pulling so hard, I would,"] she said through gritted teeth. She loved the older woman dearly, but she could be such a pain, especially when it came to Lizzy getting dressed.]

[center Marie let out a sigh as she finally tied the strings together, allowing the young brunette to finally stand up straight. The white dress looked absolutely gorgeous on her, the sleeves ending in ruffles at her elbows. The neckline hung just low enough to show the top of her breasts, but not enough to get the lass in trouble. Bright blue eyes stared into the mirror before her, taking in the brown strands that cascaded over her shoulders.]

[center The woman smiled, laugh lines prominent on her face as she did so. [b [i "Lovely as always, Lady Elizabeth."]]]

[center The brunette turned and smiled at the older woman. [b "You do not have to address me as such, Marie."]]

[center She bowed her head slightly, silver strands coming loose from the bun on top of her head. [b [i "But I do since that is the title you bear."]]]

[center Lizzy did her best not to seem annoyed. She knew the woman meant well, so she couldn't be upset with her for addressing her as everyone else did. [b "Tell me, Marie,"] she started, making her way over to the vanity, where she took a seat so the older woman could begin working on her hair. [b "do you really think I should go to this ball? Perhaps you could tell my parents I have fallen ill. I'm almost certain they will believe you."]]

[center Marie shook her head as she pulled some hair from each side of her head, braiding the pieces and pinning them together at the back of her head. [b [i "I wish I could, Lady Elizabeth, but you know how important it is to your parents that you attend."]]]

[center [i So that they can push me onto someone else?] She bit her tongue, refraining from saying the thought out loud. She loved her parents dearly, and deep down she knew they loved her just as much, but compared to her sisters, she was a pain. As the oldest, her parents had tried to raise her to be proper. To be "marriage material." Unfortunately for them, Elizabeth just wasn't that type of person. Instead, her sister Emily, born after her, had been the first to marry, both an exciting and disappointing thing to her parents.]

[center She let out a small sigh as the maid finished putting her hair up, standing once more. Her sisters Emma and Elsie weren't having to attend. They were the lucky ones. They were able to opt-out of this. Meanwhile, their eldest sister was stuck into going to a place filled with boring gossip and even more boring dances.]

[center Unable to think of another excuse, especially without the help of Marie, Elizabeth gave into the idea, quickly making her way downstairs to meet her parents. Duchess William's face lit up at the sight of her daughter. [b [i "As beautiful as ever, darling."]] She made her way over to the brunette, cupping her face in her hands. [b [i "Please behave tonight? This party is just as important as the rest,"]] she said with a tight smile.]

[center Elizabeth nodded. [b "Yes, mother,"] she said softly. Before she knew it, they were in their carriage and off on the road. Lizzy sat across from her parents, staring out the window. She felt like a bird in a cage, doomed to live a life of confinement. It was a sad thought.]

[center It wasn't long before they arrived at the large mansion. Her eyes widened a little at the lanterns that lit up the walkway as they approached. Escorted out of the carriage by a butler, Elizabeth stared up at the beautiful building. She couldn't remember ever seeing it and she had to wonder who it was that owned it. Surely it had to be someone pretty important. Perhaps they were more important than her own parents.]

[center She followed behind her mother and father, keeping her chin held high as they entered through the large wooden doors. They were quickly led to the ballroom, which was already packed with other guests. Elizabeth recognized a few right away, and before her parents could stop her, she slipped away, immediately making her way to the table with the refreshments. Maybe with enough to drink she'd be able to stand the rest of the night.]
MourningGloryFatal   1y ago
Lady of the Night

How long ago had it been since he had been to these parts? Since he had played this role? One Frederick Ashton Price could not even remember with as much time as had passed. Though if the immortal or as the more common name seemed to have become, the vampire had an inkling that it could have very well been back when he had been human. Nearly three centuries ago. Not that he could say that to anyone. He was supposed to come out of the shadows and to make himself relevant again in the eye of society. He was supposed to open the mansion up to the people of the town again as it had been rumored that the place had been bought and back in working shape. And the best way to do that? A party that the vampire did not even wish to be having. The ONLY reason he was doing this was he had gotten word from his ruling class that it was time he made an effort. And so, here he was. Frederick Ashton Price was playing the good little boy and throwing a party like he had been ordered.

The sun had set and the carriages had made their way through the iron gates and had begun up the long path that led up to the mansion. The lanterns had been lit by the staff right after sundown and the gardens had been being decorated all week and JUST finished that morning for the special night. The ballroom floors polished, the long tables set along the walls filled with food and drink, and an orchestra playing for the guests as they entered. Still though, the vampire male had not dressed and was not ready to meet and mingle among the mortals and make himself known as the host of the extravagant mansion and party that was coming to life.

[b "Lord Price, are you ready to be introducing yourself to your guests? You cannot keep them waiting all night, sir."] Came Annalise's soft words from the doorway as bright blue eyes were upon the window and watching carriage after carriage stop and people making their way out of them and inside.

[#ff0000 "Ah, but do I have the choice my dear, Anna? Our lords have wished that I make myself known and get into the eye of society once more. According to them I have been here too long and kept myself a mystery. Word and rumors have been spreading about the mysterious 'young' lord who has come to own this manor, though no such lord has been seen nor met personally by many."] Came the soft reply in a silky smooth voice that had been used over the years to lure his victims when he could not fight his thirst and a meal had been in order. Annalise had actually been meant to be one of his meals, but he had not had the heart to kill her fully and so had turned her and she had become his companion over the years. Sometimes she was more. Ways of the vampire.

[b "So shall I let the guests know that you will be making your presence known soon, then Frederick?"] The blonde with the chocolate brown eyes asked as she kept her gaze upon him.

The man took her in and flashed to her side, brushing her hair back behind her ear. Any others who were so formal with the him, Frederick would have been cruel or even punished them, but not with her. [#ff0000 "Yes, my dear."] And with that, he sent her on her way before he went to dress for the party. An all black attire from his shirt to his breeches and shoes. The only forms of colour that the man decided upon were the silver buttons that were sewn to his shirt and the red tie.

When finally dressed and he was as composed as he was able to get himself to be, Frederick Ashton Price made his way down the stairs and into the crowd of those who were swarming the floor eating and drinking. The vampire introduced himself to a few of the men and young ladies around and even shared a few pleasantries. Fake, it was all fake and playing a part he knew all too well but had no choice in.

But then, a young woman by one of the tables who from her demeanor seemed almost as reluctant to be at the party as he himself was caught his attention. He had not meant to keep his gaze upon her, but he had and that was when their eyes met. Only then, did he excuse himself from the conversation he had been having and make his way over to the same refreshment table where she was getting her drink from. [#ff0000 "Good evening, milady "] Came his soft words.
Burning_HeartElizabeth   1y ago

[center Elizabeth carefully sipped on the drink in her hand, glancing around the room. Her parents hadn't bothered to follow her, something she was extremely grateful for, but she knew they were probably a little embarrassed. While they had been introducing themselves to old friends and acquaintances, she had been very actively avoiding such a task. She had yet to see anybody that she was fond of, much less a friend to her, so she felt best being a wallflower, watching the rest of the party-goers enjoy their night. A couple of gentlemen had approached her, introducing themselves and one even asking for a dance, but she'd politely declined, much to their dismay.]

[center She sighed as she took another sip, wondering just how long they would be there. She was already growing impatient with the situation. It was amazing that her parents still bothered to take her with them to these events. She should've tried harder to convince Marie to help her feign and illness. At least then she'd be at home, either relaxing in bed or playing her favorite music on their piano.]

[center When she looked up from the glass in her hand, she froze, her eyes meeting those of a man she didn't recognize. She had no idea how long he had been staring at her, but she found it hard to take her own eyes off of him, even when he began making his way towards her. She willed her legs to move, to set the glass down, and try to find something else she could occupy herself with, but that was impossible, especially when he finally reached her.]

[center Taking a deep breath, she forced another smile, giving him a small curtsy. [b "Good evening to you, my lord,"] she said, keeping her eyes on his. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but something was different about this man. Clearing her throat, she finally tore her gaze away, realizing how awkward she was probably being. [b "To what do I owe the honor?"] she asked, glancing at the floor. She wasn't sure why, but his gaze was intimidating. It was enough to make her skin crawl, though, strange as it was, not in a bad way.]
MourningGloryFatal   1y ago
Lady of the Night

This young lady was very much different from the others who bounced and flounced out on the dance floor. More shy? Or was it she was more down-to-earth and seemed to have a mind of her own? Frederick wasn't exactly sure but was able to tell that perhaps she would not be as tiring as the others.

[#ff0000 "I would say that the honor is mine. Frederick Price, milady.."] The man said quietly, introducing himself. His words and voice were just as soft and silky as they had been with Anna before the party. Something he used as a lure, but in this case, the vampire male didn't want to frighten the young woman or to make her feel more awkward than she appeared to already be feeling.

For just a moment, blue eyes were taken away from the young woman before him and again scanned the dance floor and the hall. The people seemed content enough and as if they would not miss him if he were to "vanish" for a little while. [#ff0000 "You seem to not be fond of the party. Tell me, would you perhaps rather a walk in the garden?"] Frederick found himself asking as he brought his gaze to once more rest upon the young woman as he awaited her response. Though he did hope that it would be one in his favour as he too was already tiring of the party and all the people.
Burning_HeartElizabeth   1y ago

[center [i Fredrick...] Elizabeth tossed the name around in her mind, trying to figure out if she recognized it at all, but she couldn't put him or his name anywhere. She hadn't even heard her parents mention him or his family name. She had to wonder if that was intentional. She wouldn't be surprised. Had they told her that there was a handsome young stranger attending the party, she would've found a good excuse for sure.]

[center Instead, here she was, glancing up at him as he spoke. [b "Elizabeth Williams,"] she said with a slight smile. At least he was being respectful about her space. He wasn't so in her face that the previous gentlemen had been, nor had he tried to kiss her hand or anything. While that would've seemed rude to most, she was unbothered by it. She actually preferred it.]

[center [b "I hate to say it, but I'm really not. My parents forced me to come along and I am."] She didn't want it to sound so rude but it was the truth. She had no problem letting people know she wasn't enjoying herself. Maybe she would finally stop getting invited. [b "A walk in the garden sounds perfect,"] she said, finally finishing her drink and setting the glass to the side.]

[center Normally she would've said no, but whatever was so different about him drew her to him. She wouldn't say she was attracted to him because then she'd have her parents thinking that coming to a party finally worked, but she was definitely a little curious.]
MourningGloryFatal   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The vampire was very aware that not many among the people knew him by name. There were few that he worked with and that was all. But even then, the man had bid them keep it to themselves as he didn't want many around. Though he had thrown this ball and had to attend for a time, Frederick much preferred his time alone. Or he preferred the time with Anna as she was the companion he had chosen to turn. Her aside, there were not many he was comfortable with.

[#ff0000 "Ah, I see. Parents are like that sadly. I remember my own constantly forcing me to balls and parties. I never quite enjoyed them. Though I must confess I did at the very least enjoy people watching and seeing what I may learn from it."] Came soft words as he could not help but at least let her know that much. She had been forward enough to let him know she was not fond on the party, the least he could do was let her know that he felt the same. [#ff0000 "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Elizabeth."] The man said and did not bother to try and kiss her hand. Something he would have done with others to play the part but with her he could not seem bothered to do so.

A small smile and a nod was given as the young woman had taken him up on his offer for the walk. [#ff0000 "Tell me, do you have a favourite plant or flower? Or is it the warmth with the breeze and the starlight you prefer?"] It was just easier for him to know more and he was drawn to this young woman in a way he had not been drawn to others. Odd but he could not seem to shake it even if he wanted to.

And again, the male gave an incline of his head to tell her to come with him. He knew that Anna could manage the party well enough without him.
Burning_HeartElizabeth   1y ago

[center Elizabeth couldn't help but smile a little. It was a bit of a relief to know that someone else shared her pain or at least someone who wasn't against sharing with her that they at least understood where she was coming from. If she'd ever met anyone else who didn't enjoy these parties, she had never known. They all hid it so well. A part of her wished she could do that, but she had never been one to hide her feelings, and she wasn't about to start now. [b "I can understand the part about watching those around you. It [i can] be pretty interesting seeing how they interact or behave."]]

[center She hadn't said anything about it, but she did notice when he didn't take her hand. She already liked the gentlemen leagues better than any others she had met. He obviously knew how to respect boundaries. It was a bit refreshing. [b "The pleasure is mine,"] she said with a smile.]

[center She began following him, glancing around to make sure her parents weren't paying any attention to her. She knew her mother would lose her mind if she saw her actually talking to someone. [b "It's definitely the breeze and starlight. I don't know what it is about the night sky that is so calming."] She glanced at him. [b "How about yourself?"] she asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. She wasn't sure why, but she wanted to get to know him just a bit.]
MourningGloryFatal   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Not that he understood it, but there happened to be something different about this one young lady. He was able to drop at least a little of the act and to be a little more himself around her. One thing that he never did was admit just how much he had a dislike of these parties and that he happened to tell her. Perhaps, it was that she didn't pretend to like it and that in and of itself was an invite to be honest. [#ff0000 "Yes, people watching and observing is one of my favourite past times. You may learn many a thing about a person's character through watching their actions."] Came soft and musing words in response to Elizabeth's own words. It was his way to let her know he had heard and very much agreed with her sentiments.

For perhaps the briefest of moments, the vampire male thought he had errored when he had not taken the young woman's hand to kiss the back of it as so many others around the room had done or attempted to do. But as she said nothing of it, Frederick understood that it was something she again was not very fond on. Again, something that set her apart from the other seemingly mindless girls who giggled and blushed when their hands were taken and kissed. Quite silly in the vampire's eyes. However, he could not say it. [#ff0000 "How about the pleasure is both of ours?"]

[#ff0000 "If you are looking for your mother and father, they are quite tied up at the moment."] The man muttered as he had noted her glancing around from the corner of his eye. And he made the faintest of motions as it seemed Anna had found them and was talking to them. Why, Frederick had no idea but he was thankful of her distraction. [#ff0000 "The same actually. The night is a second home to me. So many things to see and to hear that you may not during the daylight hours."] It was something he could say, he was sure that would just explain his love of night and not give anything away.

[#ff0000 "You said that you are not fond upon parties..but you did not exactly say what you might have a liking for. Aside from the night and it seeming calm."] The last words had a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips and his words were laced with a soft amusement as they were spoken.
Burning_HeartElizabeth   1y ago

[center Elizabeth couldn't help but smile. [b "Right? People don't realize how much they give away by their actions and it's rather amusing."] She had lost count of the number of times she'd caught on to someone's tell that they were lying or even annoyed with a conversation. It was even more interesting to see how long someone could keep up the facade in such situations. It wasn't easy, that was for sure. She had a hard time doing so herself.]

[center Not this time, however. For reasons unknown to her, she found it fairly easy to relax around the gentlemen. Maybe it really was because he seemed so different from those around them. It was a hard thing to explain. Her red lips once again formed a smile at his words. [b "Sounds perfect,"] she said in response.]

[center She felt slightly embarrassed that he'd caught her looking so much, especially since he knew exactly what she had been looking for. She couldn't see them, but that didn't mean he couldn't. It was the only thing she could think of that made sense as to why he would know that. She nodded. [b "Even better,"] she said with a slight laugh. They wouldn't be able to bother her then.]

[center She was glad to hear that he liked the nighttime just as much as she did. On quiet nights, she liked to sneak out to her garden and listen to the animals that were running around or even sit by her open window and gaze at the stars. There was something hauntingly beautiful about it all. [b "Not many people feel that way. It's always nice to find the one interesting soul that does,"] she said, glancing up at him.]

[center She could tell as he spoke that he was a little amused by her. She couldn't say she was surprised. She was an enigma, even to herself at times. She shrugged a little bit. [b "I really like to read, oddly enough. I often find myself in our library during late nights when I can't quite relax."] She had a specific spot that she would sit down at and most of the time would end up falling asleep if left alone long enough. She'd woke many a morning to Marie shaking her. [b "How about you?"] she asked, looking up at him.]
MourningGloryFatal   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The young lady at his side had no idea what sort of things one could give away if not careful and if they were watched closely enough. Though she did grasp that it could be very amusing to what they let slip.[#ff0000 "Very fair and a truly well made assessment. The small things are what need to be watched and listened to in order to tell what one is about to give away. A lie for example...the pitch in voice it the slightest higher and there is a bit of a quiver if one is not practiced. Or they merely lack eye contact and will look at everyone or thing but who they lied to."] The vampire's words were soft as he spoke them, but to an extent he was giving her a lesson of her own. Though he did not see or sense any of that with Elizabeth. She seemed oddly at ease with him and he with her. A first in many years.

The man was thoughtful as the two of them continued through the ball room and he had mentioned her parents and that they were quite caught up themselves. [#ff0000 "Back to people watching. It was the constant glances around and your mention of what your mother and father were like. So it was not at all hard to tell that was what you wished to know."] Frederick really should have been more careful, but him letting down the guard and even telling her as much as he did was a way to say that he was relaxed and at ease with the young lady.

[#ff0000 "Many prefer the daylight hours. The people and the crowded streets and shops. The 'life of day'. Some fear the dark and what they do not know. They prefer to think of it as...a mystery all its own. So I am quite happy to see that there is another like minded enough. Another that can see the beauty of the night even enough to have a love for it. That is exceedingly rare."] The words were soft and filled with wonder as he happened to speak them. They were ironically poetic as well, which Frederick only noted once they had slipped past his lips and he was unable to take them back.

Silence again and he listened to the young lady as she spoke. She did quite amuse him and he could not help that fact. So very different than all he had met before. And in her way without knowing it, Elizabeth drew him in. [#ff0000 "Myself...The night is as if my day. I love the night. But I love strolls out here, reading, paintings, and playing instruments. I seem to have acquired a love for the arts."] The words were honest. Or as honest as the vampire male could allow. What he didn't say was he "hunted and fed" at night. That would have told her what he was and then he would have had to kill her.
Burning_HeartElizabeth   1y ago

[center Elizabeth couldn't help but let an amused smile play on her lips. It was obvious that he liked to people watch quite often. Not that she could blame him. As she had said, it was rather interesting. He was absolutely right about the way people's voices would change or how their eyes would quickly dart from one direction to the other when trying to come up with a good lie. She'd dealt with many people who were able to give themselves away, and it was always satisfying to call them out on it. The moment of panic in their eyes was almost enough to make her laugh every time. [b "Us humans are such strange creatures, are we not?"] she said with a slight chuckle.]

[center She felt a little silly when he mentioned how he'd been watching her. [b "Of course. I should've guessed that,"] she said with a smile. Obviously, he would've caught onto her own little tells. Just because she was good at catching what other people were doing didn't mean she could hide her own actions. If she paid attention to when she was actually doing something, perhaps she could become better at it.]

[center Elizabeth couldn't help but watch him for a moment, completely in awe of the way he spoke about the night. It [i was] nice to find someone else who shared the same feelings towards the darkness. While the day could be beautiful, there was something so haunting in the way the moonlight hit certain objects, such as statues and making them seem to move, or when it reflected off of the water.]

[center [b "I can't blame you for loving the arts. There are so many beautiful things one can create with just a canvas and an open mind."] She often found herself stopping in the hallways of their home to admire the artwork that hung all over the walls. [b "The most I can do is play the piano, but that's only because I had to learn from a young age. Apparently, it's attractive to have a skill as peaceful as that one."] Yet another thing her parents had pushed onto her, though she didn't mind that as much. She loved playing when she could.]
MourningGloryFatal   1y ago
Lady of the Night

For just a moment, the vampire male had been taken off his guard by the young woman's words of humans being such strange creatures. Truly she had no idea just what those words meant to him. Frederick was no longer human and had not been for a very long time. [#ff0000 "Yes, it would appear that is indeed the case. And we never quite grasp it either."] The words were thoughtful as he spoke them, a little more guarded. But that could not be helped as he was doing as much as he was able to be open with the young woman while keeping his secret of what he was.

[#ff0000 "It is not a bad thing. Just as we had been speaking of. We each have our own tell-tale signs which give us away. Some are just more apparent than are others. It takes a great deal to recognize the signs in others, but an even greater deal as to discover and watch our own acts."] Again, a lesson for Elizabeth so that she may learn. The vampire male was quite speaking from experience though he very much hoped his companion of the evening was not catching on.

His way of speaking of the night was so natural to him. Being a vampire, it was what he had come to know and as he had said it was his day. When one became bound as he and the others were, they began to see and to know what the "normal" person would not. Maybe that was why he spoke of his love for the night in such a manner. And though he no longer remembered his mortal life, the immortal did at the very least remember he did always have a love of the night and all he had expressed to Elizabeth.

[#ff0000 "It is quite amazing what one may create with a canvas, paint, and an open and creative mind. Sometimes they may make you long for a place you have never been.. But I also meant the arts as in books and music as well."] He said with a light chuckle and turned just enought to face the young woman when she mentioned that she could play the piano. And he did give a thoughtful look. [#ff0000 "It is quite an attractive talent. I have always appreciated one who could play. Perhaps you may like to show me? We do have a piano here in one of the rooms."]
Burning_HeartElizabeth   1y ago

[center The young woman shook her head. [b "No, I suppose we never do."] She was surprised they were still holding the conversation as well as they were. By now, she should've grown bored, opting for some kind of excuse to get away from him. Had he been anyone else, that's probably what would've happened. Yet she still found herself intrigued by him. What was it that was setting him apart so much from the others?]

[center She glanced up at him then, taking his words into account. What he was saying definitely made sense. She was obviously still learning to pay attention to her own tells, even if she hadn't quite caught on to what they were. It was a learning process. At least she was far more aware than most. [b "Then I'll have to pay more attention,"] she said with a smile.]

[center [b "Oh, absolutely,"] she said once he spoke of books and music. [b "Sometimes all one needs is to curl up by a nice fire or a window with the rain pounding against it and just read. It's a wonderful escape from the world around us."] It was certainly one of her preferred methods of escape. Kept her from thinking too much about her parents and what [i they] wanted.]

[center Smiling up at him, she nodded. [b "If you would like to hear it then I would be honored to play for you."] Her cheeks flushed a slight pink. She hadn't played for anyone but herself in a long time. She just hoped she didn't embarrass herself in the process.]
MourningGloryFatal   1y ago
Lady of the Night

It was more than a mystery to him how the young lady at his side still kept his attention in the way that she did. Being a vampyre and as old as he was, Frederick was almost sure that he had seen enough of people and their ways to just brush them off. But there was something so very unique and even intriguing about Elizabeth that set her apart from the other young ladies at the party. Something that kept his attention and dare he even admit made him want to know more. A strange draw if one would that even he was not very aware of.

He offered her the faintest of smiles as she appeared to take in his words. As she seemed to understand the gentle lesson and help he had been indirectly offering to her. [#ff0000 "I will admit my dear that you are far better at it than most that I have met. Yet there is always room for improvement."] Came the man's thoughful reply to her own words.

Silence had fallen on his end as she agreed with him about books and her way of escape. And from the words, the vampyre realised she was like him and enjoyed an escape when it was given. Maybe that was the draw? That in their ways the pair of them seemed to have a like mind? Musings he only allowed his mind to stay on for a moment as she went on to answer him and even accept his offer of playing the piano.

[#ff0000 "I would very much enjoy hearing you play. It does not often get used...or rather I have not played in quite some time. Perhaps I shall play for you as well."] Frederick offered as an arm was yet again offered so that he may lead her back inside and to the piano room.
Lovely_PoisonElizabeth   195d ago

[center The more they spoke, the more Elizabeth could feel herself being drawn in by him. It was such a strange feeling. Noone had ever held her attention quite like this man here. What was it that made him such a fascinating being? What was it about him that made her want to keep talking to him?]

[center A pause.]

[center Had her parent's constant nagging and dragging her out finally worked?]

[center A smile tugged at her lips. [i "My dear."] Why did that make her grin like an idiot? It wasn't anything new. Most people used the words. was the way he said it. [i That] was what got her. [b "Always,"] she said in agreement. No harm in trying to improve oneself.]

[center On the topic of the piano, she could only nod, hoping she didn't come off as too eager. [b "Well, I would hope you would. It only seems fair, does it not?"] she teased, reaching out to take his arm. Her parents would lose their minds if they could see her now, smiling and actually spending time with a possible "suitor."]

[center Well, to them he was a suitor. To her, he was just a very interesting man that she had the chance of meeting.]
MourningGloryFatal   177d ago
Lady of the Night

The young woman at his side was more pensive and thoughtful than most the vampire had met. It kept him guessing and very much intrigued. She was not being baited or even drawn in (at least not intentionally) the way that he would with those who would become his prey. Everything that he said and everything that he did when it came to Elizabeth was genuine and what was left of his humanity, which in his own mind was rather ironic as he had not been "human" for centuries.

It was only the soft voice and words of Elizabeth to draw the vampire back and out of his head. And a faint smile graced thin lips as he realised she was more than eager to hear him play as well. A fair trade as she mentioned.

[#ff0000 "Yes, I suppose it would be a fair trade. No need to be cruel and have you share your talents and not return the favour, my dear. So I will indeed induldge you. But only after."] Came soft words as she had taken the arm he had offered to her and began to lead her back inside.

Frederick was not at all ashamed to be seen with the young woman. In fact, the vampire had half a mind to lead her back through the ballroom and in a sense lay a claim, telling others that he had an eye on her. But the sensible part of his mind, the part that respected the young lady kept him from doing any such thing. Instead, the vampirr male chose to lead Elizabeth down a hallway through the back and to the study where both his personal libraray and grand piano occupied. And when they entered the room, Frederick went to candles and lit them to light the room and turned back to the young lady, sweeping a hand towards the piano.

[#ff0000 "The floor, or rather the piano is all yours."] And with that, the male made his way to the couch and took a seat, letting bright blue eyes fall upon his lovely companion. The show as he had stated was hers and he was waiting for her to make her move. Though if he were to be honest, the vampire male was almost eager to hear her play.
Lovely_PoisonElizabeth   173d ago

[center A smile tugged at the edge of her lips. She almost laughed. It was a nice feeling, wanting to laugh so easily. She honestly wasn't sure what it was about him that was dragging it out of her and that scared her just a little. She'd never had it so easy with someone. If Fredrick kept it up...well, there was a good chance her parents would push for it, and she wasn't sure how she felt about that.]

[center It didn't help the strange feeling spreading throughout her body when he turned around and led her through a back way instead of the ballroom. Most men wouldn't have done that. They'd have led her through that room, an arm around her, and boasted about how they'd "finally caught the Williams' daughter." She'd have been embarrassed and ready to start a fight if something like that had happened.]

[center It felt nice to not have to face all of those people, especially with him right beside her. It had nothing to do with him. It just had to do with her own issues. Rumors would fly and people would react and whisper to the site of two people that they knew nothing about.]

[center Upon entering the room, she paused to watch him, raising a brow at the lit candles. She would've played int he dark if she had to. She knew the keys of  a piano like the back of her hand. Somehow the lighting felt a little too dim...though that wasn't his fault.]

[center Making her way over to the piano, she ran her hands across the key cover, a small smile gracing her lips. She could easily remember as a kid, taking "too many" hours out of the day just to play the same song over and over again. She'd heard from her mother that it would drive the maids crazy, but Elizabeth hadn't cared. She'd loved the sound it made.]

[center Pulling the cover up, she sat down at on the seat, making sure her dress didn't tug as she sat on it. [b "Thank you,"] she said, glancing at Fredrick. She wasn't used to an audience, that was for sure, but she would make it work. With a deep breath, she closed her eyes, placed her hands on the keys, and began to play.]

[center It was muscle memory at that point, as she slid back into her childhood. It was like the room around her had faded away as she fell into the same musical pattern that she used to years ago. It had been quite some time since she'd been allowed to play. It felt good.]

[center Once she was done with the piece, she took a deep breath and opened her eyes, looking up at Fredrick. A faint blush painted her cheeks. [b "My apologies if I got carried away. It's bee a while,"] she said with a nervous laugh. She then stood, brushed her hands off on her skirt, and smiled at him. [b "Your turn."]]
MourningGloryFatal   144d ago
Lady of the Night

The male had not been at all ashamed of being with the young woman as he was. He just knew how the others spoke of her. Knew how they spoke of him. And for the pair to show up in the ballroom and for all to see would be quite the sight. Gossip of how they both seemed to snatch the other up would spread. And to top that off, the male knew from what the young woman said that her parents would be right there to try and force their will upon the pair. So with that being the case and at the forefront of his mind, the vampire had decided a back hall would be their best chance to avoid possible encounters they may not wish to have.

His eyes were able to adjust to the dim room with no problem. The darkness was in a sense his home after all. The dim light of the candles had been merely a courtesy for Elizabeth. Or so Frederick would have hoped. The male didn't know how well she knew the keys of a piano. Nor did he know how often she once played. 

The male took a seat upon the couch just as she took a seat upon the antique piano's bench. As soon as the young woman began to play, he was enchanted at the ease and grace with which she played. She had not lied when she had said she had played and loved it. He could see it in her motions and the smile upon soft pink lips as she played. But more than those two tell-tales, the man could hear it with how well she played and how she did not miss a note.

When she had done, Frederick stood slowly and was clapping for her softly. [#ff0000 "You do play quite beautifully my dear. Much more gracefully than I."] Came his soft words as she was wiping her hands on the skirt of her dress and saying that it was his turn.

A faint nod was given as the man made his way to the bench and took a seat. [#ff0000 "I did make you a deal. And so I do suppose it is my turn."] And with that, just as Elizabeth had, Frederick began to play by memory and the song he had chosen was something from centuries ago that he was sure had not made it to sheet and had been lost to time. He didn't know why he had chosen the song he had but he trusted her and wanted to.
Lovely_PoisonElizabeth   140d ago

[center The blush on Elizabeth’s face only deepened when he started clapping for her. [b “Your words are too kind.”] She hadn’t felt that she’d really done all that way, having felt a bit rusty in her playing. Then again, she had always been her worst critic. If she wasn’t perfect at it almost right away, or didn’t learn it in a timely manner, she would be too hard on herself for no other reason than she had to get it right. It had to be perfect or it wasn’t good enough.]

[center It was always quite sad that she was so harsh. Her parents never had been. They’d been very supportive, encouraging, and helpful when she would get frustrated or upset because she was having a hard time doing something. The piano itself had taken a while and she’d almost given up a time or two. She was just that kind of person. Hearing from Fredrick, however, that he thought it was beautiful made her happy. If he thought it was good then she could live with it.]

[center [b “I’m glad to see you’re a man of your word,”] she said in a teasing tone before she moved away to go sit where he was previously sat. The song he played was unfamiliar to her, one that she couldn’t remember ever hearing before, which was in a way exciting. It was beautiful. She knew it would be ingrained in her memory forever, even if the two of them never spoke or played together again.]

[center When he was done, she gave him a clap of her own, standing once again. [b “You, good sir, lied to me. You played far better than I did and with a much prettier song than I,”] she said with a smile. [b “Perhaps one day you could teach me that one? It was quite lovely and I would love to learn it, with your permission, of course.”] She had to wonder if it was an original piece or something passed down through his family.]
MourningGloryFatal   105d ago
Lady of the Night

Red was a beautiful colour on the young lady and that was a truth that Frederick was becoming quite familiar with. She seemed pleased that he had been "kind" in his words. The truth was, the vampire male would have told her had he thought she had not done well. He was by no means harsh, but he could be a critic to say the least. [#ff0000 "If I did not believe you to play well or as I had said, beautifully I would not have said so. So my dear, I am not being kind. I am merely being honest."] The words spoken by the vampire male were soft as he made his way to the piano and she had gently teased him of being a man of his word.

All the while that he played, Frederick was very aware of the way the young woman watched. He was also aware of the awe as it radiated from her. But he was also aware of her own insecurities and how she was her own worst critic. All of that was in the air around her, or rather, the emotions radiated so strongly. Perhaps it came with age that he was able to feel her emotions as he did, or it had become intensified when he had become a vampire. The turth was, Frederick had always been keen to the emotions of those around him, almost uncannily so in a time where it could have gotten him killed.

[#ff0000 "Two very different songs and styles. Both lovely in their right. And both may be changed or played to the pianist's liking. That is what music is....learning and then developing your own style. Though, I would assume that is true of all arts."] His words were soft as he stood and once more moved from behind the piano and had his gaze locked upon Elizabeth. 

A faint smile graced his lips. [#ff0000 "The song which I chose, a song that is centuries old. It is not one many know anymore..and it would be an honour for you to learn it."] In his way, Frederick was telling her that he had learned it a very long time ago. He was even trying to hint at there being more beyond what she knew. Of course the male did figure that she would not fully understand, but he felt free enough to at least be a little more true to who he was around her.

Once more, he moved back behind the paino and took a seat upon the bench before he turned his gaze to Elizabeth. [#ff0000 "Perhaps you would like to come and sit? Perhaps I can teach the song to you tonight as the night is still young?"] His words were soft, though there was an underyling plea in them. He wasn't ready for their time together to end yet AND he found he rather enjoyed the company of the young woman.
Lovely_PoisonElizabeth   105d ago

[center [i My dear…] Elizabeth wasn’t sure why it was, but those words made her heart skip a beat. She wasn’t unfamiliar with them. Many men had called her dear if only to be kind, but the way he said it… it just seemed different. Reaching up, she pushed some loose strands of hair behind her ear and glanced away, the blush refusing to fade from her cheeks now. [b “I appreciate your honesty. I would not want anything less from anyone,”] she said with a smile. Honesty was a big deal to the young woman, despite the fact that she had wanted to lie to her parents to get out of coming to the party. It was good, though, that she didn’t regret coming. Frederick was great company, especially compared to what she was used to.]

[center Unlike with others, she wasn’t itching to get away from him.]

[center His words about their choice of songs caught her off guard just a little. She couldn’t help but think that he should’ve been a poet if he wasn’t already. The way that he strung words together was beautiful all on its own. She wouldn’t say that out loud, of course, lest she embarrassed herself. [b “Truer words have never been spoken,”] she said with a smile. As he stood, she found her eyes glued to him. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but there was a pull there that was throwing her off guard.]

[center Her heart felt just a little lighter at the fact that he was willing to teach the song to her. [b “Centuries, huh? How wonderful that you were allowed to learn something so much older than us.”] She hoped that when she grew old if she ever lost her memory as her grandmother had before she passed, she would at least remember this moment and the song itself. It would be such an awful memory to lose.]

[center With a nod, she slowly stood, hesitating for just a moment before she made her way back to the piano. [b “I would be honored to learn it tonight,”] she said, offering him another smile. [b “I hope you can forgive me if it is rough at first.”] She prayed she learned it quickly. She wanted to do it some justice before their night ended.]
MourningGloryFatal   48d ago
Lady of the Night

So very different than most the young ladies he had met in this time and in this place. Unlike most, Elizabeth appeared to have a good intellect and a good head upon her shoulders. The young woman was also rather easy on the eyes. At first, Frederick had dreaded this party and the whole event as a whole. The male had contemplated leaving Anna up to her devices as he hid away. Though after meeting the young woman who had become his companion for the evening, the vampire male was thankful he had not stuck with his original plans.

A faint smile graced his lips and even a chuckle slipped from him when Elizabeth made mention of the song. Mention that had come merely from his own words. [#ff0000 "Indeed, I am very lucky to have learned such a song that is older than we. But that only means that I have been given the honor to teach it to another."] His second set of words were softer and did hold an underlying sense of warmth to them. A warmth that the vampire male did not bestow upon many.

It was when the young woman had made her way to the piano bench and took the seat did Frederick take a seat once more as well. Again, a faint smile graced his lips at her words of her learning starting out rough. The male gave a nod and was thoughtful of his next words before they were spoken.

[#ff0000 "My dear, all things start out a bit rough and even horrid in the beginning. Tell me, do baby birds learn to fly the first time they step out of their nests? Do foals and colts learn to run with their first steps? And is it not true that as babies we must first learn to crawl before we walk?"] The male asked her. All his words were telling her that he did not expect perfection or even good in the first hours. And he was also telling her it was a chance of learning and like all things would take time. At the end of their time together, Frederick did plan to write the song out for her...the score so that she may be able to practice it on her own.

He was thoughtful as they went through the song again and again. And he could tell that the young woman was getting more confident in her playing. But the vampire male also supposed she was anxious as it was still not up to par with how he himself had played. [#ff0000 "I'll let you in on a secret... I too struggled with this piece when I was learning it. It took me years to even begin to play as I do now."] Frederick did hope that telling Elizabeth that would help her to understand all good things did indeed take time.


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