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[center [pic]] [size17 [center [google-font] [Cormorant+Upright friend·ship /ˈfren(d)SHip/ noun the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends. "old ties of love and friendship" [center [pic]] Friends are always supposed to be there for you. Loyally staying by your side through the highs and lows in your life. They're there to give you a hand when you fall or ready to crack a dirty joke to make you smile. But what happens when your feelings towards your friends start to change? Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse... sometimes out of love. Noah, Ian, Leo, Leonel and Rose had always been close friends since childhood. Leonel always had a soft spot for Ian, but never really mentioned anything in fear of rejection and ruining their friendship. Noah, on the other hand, always had a crush on Madison. Meanwhile Rose had a thing for Noah. There was a bit of a problem, though. Noah had a girlfriend, Rose had a boyfriend, Ian wasn’t into having relationships, and Leonel was in a relationship with Madison since they were in middle school. Leonel and Madison had seemed like the perfect couple. Everyone had used them to pursue their ‘couple goals’. Madison was madly in love with Leonel and was willing to do anything to stay with him. Keep him happy. Yet behind the curtains and away from the public, Madison was miserable. Something inside of her told her that Leonel was losing interest in her. But the two still loved each other very much. But what Madison didn’t know was that Leonel was starting to see her more as a close friend than an actual love interest. But that didn’t stop him from staying with her since they had already grown so used to each other. Despite his close relationship with Noah, Leo was hiding a deep secret. Unknowingly to Noah or the others, he has grown feelings for Madison as well. The two had gotten drunk one night and ended up enveloped under the sheets. But knowing very well how he had felt for her and the relationship that she had with Leonel he had opted to keep his mouth shut and pursue other people. This led him to focusing on his career building and trying to distract himself with making the digits in his bank bigger. Something that Madison kept warning him against. The more he pursued his love for money, the more distant and acted like a dick towards his friends. Rose’s story was a bit more complicated. Getting mixed in with the wrong crowd had seemed to be her bad luck by default. Pursuing the likes of bad boys had seemed to be her kind of thing. The downfall? Her boyfriend was a drug dealer and abusive to her. Despite her hard efforts to hide the marks, scars and things that her boyfriend leaves behind, her friends had tried hard to convince her of his awful ways and to leave him. She was blinded by her infatuation for the man who is older than her. Leaving Noah to get himself into a lot of arguments with her and constantly worrying about her. Which didn’t help her with getting rid of her feelings towards Noah. Lakelyn had it all. She had been engaged to a rich man who gave her the world. She had the latest fashion designs, the latest cars and phones. She lived in a mansion and loved it all. But things began to change when she realized that the sugar from her fiancée began to come with a price. She had found out that he was secretly married to someone else and was sleeping around with other women behind her back. Unsure of what to do with her sudden heartbreak, she had decided to confront him about it. Which eventually led to him giving her two choices; accept his ways and continue their lives or leave him while leaving all that he gave her behind. She had one week to decide. Naturally, Lakelyn calls her best friend Madison for advice. Madison suggests for her to make her own decision on whatever she wants. So she does and decides to pack what little she really did own with her and left. Heartbroken and with nowhere to stay, she heads to the nearest motel and meets Sam. A small conversation leads to him offering her a free room for the night and them becoming friends. Sam then asks his younger brother, Noah, if he could lend him a hand to find Lakelyn somewhere to stay permanently. Noah, who was already fed up with Rose’s relationship issues, suggests that Sam let’s her stay with him until she finds her own place. Sam speaks strongly against it due to his recent divorce with the love of his life. But after a lot of hesitation and a lot of convincing points from Noah, Sam agrees and allows for Lakelyn to live at his small apartment. Exhausted and fed up, they all plan on going on a small road trip to forget about life for a little while. What will happen when the truth behind secrets begin to pour out? [center [pic]] [center [pic]] My Rules to joining are here: [ Rules] FYI: Everyone who joins has to play two characters. Hence one male and one female. And please be 18+ since this story will hit mature topics. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the skeleton and send me a PM. Thank you. [center [pic]] Skeleton: Picture Link: Name: Nickname: {If any} Age: 23+ Occupation: {If any} Personality: Short Bio: [center [pic]] Characters: Male One: Puppet Master: [ Sin] [center [pic]] Name: Noah Allen Evans Nickname: Noé. Age: 26 Occupation: Firefighter Personality: || Outspoken || Passionate || Loving || Asshole || Short Bio: Noah's always been the type of person to get along with most people. And yet he's also been very picky about his friendships. Though he is a very loyal and outspoken person, Noah still has insecurity issues that he doesn't speak about to anyone. He's very aware of his friends and their feelings and always tries to make the best out of bad times for everyone around him. He's cheerful but also not the type to be messed with. He takes often after his father who is shared with by his brother Sam. And since the two of them do not share the same mother, their parents have created a small rivalry between the two brothers. Hence the root of Noah's insecurities start with his father wanting him to be as successful older brother, Sam. Even though the two brothers have their differences, Noah and Sam still stick up for one another when needed be. Male Two: {Taken} Puppet Master: [ ButterflyRose] [center [pic]] Name: Caspian Leo Everson Nickname: Leo Age: 28 Occupation: Bartender/Tattoo Artist Personality: Flirt || Stubborn || Sexual || Caring Short Bio: Caspian's whole life has been revolved around himself, and trying to make something of himself. He's been in and out of many jobs, and nothing was really sticking for him. He's in college trying to figure out how to open up his own business, and to get his name out there. He's one of the best tattoo artists in the state at the moment, and he wants to do something based on that. If now he would love to focus on his art career again as well. That's when he realizes he's falling head over heels for Madison and he doesn't know how to really feel about it. He knows that Noah feels the same way, so he's taking a step back and letting Noah shoot his shot. Even though he wants to be the one that ends up with the woman. In the end though, a relationship might not even be his end goal. Male Three: {Taken} [center [pic]] Name: Samuel Will Evans Nickname: Sam, Will Age: 30 Occupation: Hotel / Motel District Manager Personality: || Strict || Stubborn || Soft || Short Bio: Growing up, Sam always held some sort of leadership position, some sort of power. Yet, with his courage and intellect, he knew very well never to abuse it, and to help people as he could. Perhaps even use it to help people as he could, and even if at times he might come off cold while handling important matters, do his best to help people to be kind. He never stayed in a place for too long, less because he was a drifter and more that he was simply on the move often, managing well over 20 motels and a few hotels and making sure they're kept in the best shape. It's why when he found the blonde girl down on her luck when he arrived late to one of the motels he managed, he wanted to help her the best way he could - even if it meant his loud mouthed brother was going to end up her roommate for the next while. Male Four: {Taken} Puppet Master: [ RecklessDreamer] [center [pic]] Name: Leonel Tobias Fox Nickname: Leon, Leo, Tobi, Fox Age: 27 Occupation: Overnight Security Personality: || Protective || Charming || Compassionate || Hesitant || Short Bio: Although in a relationship for years, Leonel has always had a soft spot for his friend Ian. Unable to grasp what exactly it meant, he opted to ignore said feelings since he was with Madison. She was someone he cherished more than anything... and even though his feelings were drifting in a different direction, he didn’t have the heart to be the person to hurt her. Female One: Puppet Master: [ Sin] [center [pic]] Name: Onyx Ianira Martínez Nickname: Ian. Age: 24 Occupation: Paramedic / Night Time Gogo Dancer Personality: || Quiet || Reserved || Loving || Intelligent || Short Bio: Ian has been known to be the quiet one of the group. The one who's observant of others and the one to give the best advise to her friends when needed. Yet she neglects to take up on her own advice. Instead, she had taken a turn for the wild lifestyle and has been slowly spiraling down into a void with no motivation to return. Sadly, Ian resorts to lying to her friends about her lifestyle to avoid their worry and opinions about her. Female Two: {Taken} Puppet Master: [ RecklessDreamer] [center [pic]] Name: Rostinka Molnar Nickname: Rose Age: 25 Occupation: Gogo dancer Personality: || Loyal || Passive|| Playful || Cheerful || Short Bio: Bad boys were not her thing per say, but she attracted the wrong crowd even when she thought otherwise. Lucas didn’t portray himself as a drug dealer, he was a simple man down on his luck trying to get back on his feet because he too attracted trouble. But they were alike, and even though she had grown feelings for her friend, Noah, he wasn’t someone she could ever be with. She’d only cause him trouble and besides, the girl he liked was much more suitable for a guy like him... that girl was what he deserved, not her. Female Three: {Taken} [center [pic]] Name: Madison Aderi Nickname: Madi, Adi Age: 27 Occupation: Lounge Singer // Art Teacher Personality: Outgoing // Private // Insecure // Kind Short Bio: Madison was always raised to be the brightest light in the room, not with her looks but sheer positivity. Of course, to be a bright light, that means there's some dark shadows surrounding her, even if she doesn't let others see. She often finds herself putting others ahead of her. And perhaps, it was why she clinged to the relationship she had with Leon - he always made her feel special, when it felt like he was the first person to see her, or so she thought. Even if she could feel some of the distance he'd been putting them through, she never wanted to lose him, or any of her other dear friends - but at what point will she reach before she ends up giving herself up in order to help them? Author's sidenote: She's more so a hire on call art teacher for primary school children, while she prioritizes her lounge singing job. After all, it works similar hours to Leon so it was a better timed job for her to be able to see her partner. However, still technically a job - she admittedly enjoys distracting herself with the chaotic mess that comes with children and paints. Female Four: {Taken} Puppet Master: [ ButterflyRose] [center [pic]] Name: Lakelyn Belle Cobain Nickname: Lynn or Belle Age: 25 Occupation: Coffee shop cashier Personality: Bubbly || Loving || Gentle || Hard Headed Short Bio: Lakelyn's been a daddy's girl for ages. Just one look towards her father, and he pretty much is eating out of the palm of her hand. She was happily engaged to a man she thought was her whole world, until she found out his dirty little secret. Since then she's somewhat closed off from everyone around her. She doesn't know how to react to being cheated on. She didn't want the other's knowing, but she confided in a couple of really close friends. She was now on a new journey of her life. She doesn't feel like she was meant to be happy, but in the end she know's that's not true. She's trying to make the best of her current situation, and deep down she feels like she's not meant to find the one person she's meant for. In a way she's also learning about herself, and what she deserves.
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It seemed like he had known them forever. He couldn’t remember how long it had been since he had met Ian, Tobi, Leo, Madi and Rose. Noah had met Tobi first at a dinner party his parents had thrown to welcome the Fox family to their neighborhood. He had found out that his parents and Tobi’s parents were childhood best friends. Hence, they had ended up becoming friends soon after that night. Next he had met Caspian in school during a school project. Noah had suddenly realized how much they had in common and had added him to his little group of friends. Keeping him by his side like another brother. Along came Rose, the foreign exchange student. After a mishap with some kids bullying her for her accent, Noah had intervened between them and stopped their mocking towards her. He had struck up a conversation with them and eventually became friends with her. After Rose he had met Madi. The beautiful new girl at the school who had become his neighbor. After a couple of encounters in art class, Noah had officially met Madi when Tobi had become friends with her. Tobi had met her first and befriended her. Noah, however, had grown feelings for her over time. Yet before he had been able to confess anything, Tobi had already claimed her in more ways than one. And out of his love and respect for Tobi, Noah had backed off. This still hadn't changed his feelings for her over the years... Noah had just kept his mind on other things. Not soon after he had met Ian, another quiet exchange student. A mix between seats had somehow caused them to strike up a conversation. Or well, he had mostly spoken to the quiet girl who listened attentive without any response. And after a couple of months simply speaking to her, he had finally gotten her to respond to him with more than just one or two words or even a nod. Ever since then she’d been more open towards him. That was why he could read the look on her face as his eyes locked on Ian’s reflection in the mirror. There was something wrong with her. Although he was not sure exactly what was going on with her in her head, he at least knew that the dazed look in her eye meant that there was something she was hiding. She had seemed to close off to everyone and had kept a pretty smile on her lips to avoid any conversation being brought to her attention about it. He knew she wasn’t the type to speak about her true feelings, nor was the other woman. His eyes locked with Rose who sat beside Ian in the back of the small bus. Rose too had her crowd of demons haunting her from within. Of course she wouldn’t mention anything aloud and opted to keep them under the table so that no one would say anything about it. She didn’t want anyone to worry about her either. Instead, she had her own subtle ways of saying things that were going on in her head. Yet not many people would catch on to it. Noah himself knew that he wasn’t perfect on catching up on it, but he could at least tell when she would smile out of happiness and when she would be pretending. He only wondered when she would come to realize that she could freely express herself and didn’t have to hide her thoughts from them… Then again she wasn’t the only one being drowned in her thoughts. There was also Tobi. Noah looked at Tobi who sat in the middle row seats. Tobi secretly stared at Ian when nobody else was looking. The slight hint of worry in his eyes made Noah aware that he had also taken notice in Ian’s unusual empty expression. Tobi’s girlfriend, who sat beside him, had seemed busy talking with Caspian who sat on the other side of her. Madison had seemed a bit distant, yet wore her radiant smile as always. Caspian had seemed his usual self; letting others talk and him having his smart remarks. Noah then looked at his older brother, Sam. And his new roommate, Lynn who sat beside him in the front row seats. The two didn’t seem to speak a lot, yet they had already seemed a bit accustomed to one another. He only wondered if Sam would eventually get over his recent divorce and find someone that would keep him from overworking himself to death. But at least he had found someone like Lynn to keep his mind preoccupied from returning back to the bitch that had divorced him. Noah didn’t know much about Lynn nor her background as of yet, but she seemed nice enough to be added into his little flock of friends… Especially since Lynn was Madi’s best friend. “Are we even there yet?” Noah heard his girlfriend, Stephanie, ask. Her eyes were too preoccupied on the screen of her phone to even notice when he looked over at her with a smile. “Actually, we are.” Noah replied as he pulled up by the small hotel. He shut off the bus and turned his body to look at the others in the back. “So this is our first stop for the night. I made a nice reservation thanks to our dear friend, and my big brother, Sammy!” Noah grinned. “Who knew having you as an older brother you’d be such a convenience. I’m loving your benefits.” He teased. His eyes then glanced at Caspian. “You and Tobi get the heavy work. Built boys like you two can handle it, right? Bring out the bags.” He suddenly heard Ian laugh softly. He directed his attention to her. “Have something to share with us, Ian?” “Nope. Not at all.” He heard her respond. Noah sighed and nodded before leaving the bus. This was going to be a long and possibly messy roadtrip. But Noah knew that it was for the best of them. They were all bottling up too much stress, and Noah had figured that a scenery changing trip would’ve been the best option for them to ease off on the tension. Maybe he was aiming too high like a fool trying to find gold where there was nothing left in. But he was hoping that maybe this would’ve given them all a chance at making their lives better or finding a new way to solve their problems. Whatever outcome it would be, Noah also hoped that it’d be a good ending for all of them... Inside the hotel, Noah had registered them in and was handed the key cards. He turned to his friends and smiled at them individually. He handed them each a card. “So Tobi and Madi, you two are obviously going to be staying together in one room. Lynn, Ian and Rose are going to be in one room. Leo. Sam and you are staying together in a room, obviously with separate beds.” He winked at them. “Lastly, Steph and I will be sharing a room and a bed. We have room service here, also have a beach outfront. I think some of the rooms have a jacuzzi. Hint, hint, wink wink for the lovely couples.” He laughed. “And I think we have the pool somewhere. Any questions?” [right [pic]] How had she gotten to this state of mind? The trees had started blending in with the skies. She could no longer discern the silhouette’s of the branches, nor the buildings that blurred behind them. Everything was becoming one big, colorful, holographic scenery. She was definitely high as fuck. And it was worth every penny she had paid Benny for it. The only downfall? She could barely move without feeling the world around her rush in a non ending rainbow colored spiral. It was still a good high in comparison to other things she had taken before. And this time she wasn’t alone, she had Rose beside her. Ian turned her head to look at her friend. But Rose’s attention was outside the window. There was something wrong with her, but Ian wouldn’t ask. The two had somehow made a silent vow between the two not to judge nor question too much about their situations. Instead, they had made a silent oath to remain by each other’s side and keep one another [i ‘safe’]. Ian could feel her fingers twitch, her hand slowly moving towards Rose’s hand. As soon as her fingers touched the silk skin from her hand, she held on tightly to it. Her silent way of asking her if she was alright. Once she had noticed Rose look at her, Ian greeted her with a small smile. “It will be fine, I promise.” Ian whispered softly. Though the feel of someone’s eyes caught her attention and Ian had looked towards Tobi’s direction. As their eyes finally locked, her eyes took notice of his small smile. A contagious smile that soon made her return the smile before her eyes had casted back out the window to stare at the cotton candy colored skies. This, whatever this was, she wanted to keep feeling this. She didn’t want to look down, she wanted to keep living her life now and feel like she was peakin' on top. Even then, Ian was quite aware that it was just all an illusion; an effect from the drugs she had taken earlier. Eventually she would have to come down from cloud nine and face reality. But until then, she was content with where she was now. Her ears perked up at Noah’s words towards Tobi and Casper’s built bodies. He was just being a lazy dick and was shoving all the work on them, like he sometimes would do. Not that Noah would’ve been able to handle any of the heavy work himself. Mainly because he was dragged around like a doll by his girlfriend, Steph. Not that he would admit it himself. He was too ‘into’ her to notice. And by into her, she meant--- Ian couldn’t help but laugh. “Nope. Not at all.” She told him as she tried her best to keep her laughter contained. She wasn’t about to start an argument with the idiot. Once inside, Ian had kept her hand locked with Rose. Her eyes stared in awe at the beautiful, simple yet tropical like structure of the hotel. She couldn’t remember the last time she had come to a hotel like this. Then again, she couldn’t remember if she had ever come to a hotel at all… She wasn’t fancy like that nor even had the funds to be able to stay at a place like this. Her eyes shifted to Noah who suddenly handed her a card. She blinked twice a bit confused. Her eyes glanced up to his lips that seemed to move, yet his voice had seemed to echo in and out of her head. She struggled to keep her attention to his words but understood that she was going to be staying with the new girl, Madi’s best friend and Sam’s new roommate, and Rose. “We’re all staying in the same room?” Her eyes shifted over to Lynn. “You don’t mind staying with us in the same room? I mean we can change it so that you can stay with Madi too. Like… We can maybe kidnap Madi from Tobi and have her with us? That way we can have a girly sleepover?” Ian grinned sheepishly. Her eyes then shifted over to the guys. "I mean if you guys don't mind." Her eyes then locked with Tobi. "Especially you, since you're the one that fucks her." ------------------------- So that everyone gets an idea of where everyone is sitting, I made a small drawing. XD Bus [pic] N- Noah S- Steph SE- Sam LB- Lynn CL- Caspian Leo M- Madi LT- Leonel Tobi I- Ian R- Rose
ButterflyRosewander   2y ago

[google-font][merriweather [size12 A small sigh seemed to pass through the male's lips as he looked out the window he was sitting by. The trip was well under way and listening to the banter and chatter of everyone seemed to calm his nerves a little bit. Ever since hi mother passed away a couple of months ago, he didn't feel the same. He had somewhat closed himself off from everyone, and when Lynn popped into his life he wanted nothing more than to keep her by his side. She had taken him under her wing, and he would forever be thankful for that.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 He looked over towards Lynn's best friend Madi and nudged her a little bit in the ribs. [#62C1F0 "Do you think this place will be worth it?"] he asked. He didn't mind it in the least, but at the same time he was kind of nervous about what was happening. Leonel was on the other side of Madi, and he leaned over a bit and smirked. [#62C1F0 "So when are we gonna hit the jack pot? Later tonight when the girl's are doing their thing?"] he asked. He was looking forward to the drugs later on.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 He then leaned back in his seat and put his hands into his lap. His fingers were itching to get a tattoo needle between them once more. He would have to wait on that for a little while though. The best he could do was a sketch pad which he had in his bag. He was nervous, but at the same time he wasn't. It's been a long time since he had done something like this. When he had first met Noah, had been back in school and since then they had been close, but not as close as him and Lynn.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 His eyes then found the blonde's and he smiled towards her, and she ended up returning his smile back. He could tell she was nervous, but at least she had him and Madi to lean on if she needed them. As everyone seemed to get drawn into their own little worlds all of a sudden, he looked back out the window and fell silent. Watching as the trees went by the windows, he wondered when they would arrive at the hotel. That's when he felt the bus come to a stop and Noah spoke up.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 [#62C1F0 "Yeah fuck you too. Just because I'm bigger than you, doesn't mean you get outta this either. You can help carry the girl's bags into the hotel"] he said and flipped him off. Noah knew he was kidding, and he broke out into a huge grin the moment the words left his lips. He looked towards the other's as they all started to file out of the bus. Caspian stood and streached his arms over his head. He leaned back and popped his back, and let out a small groan. That felt amazing.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 He then climbed down off the bus and went to the back and opened it up. He spotted his bag right away, and grabbed it. He then started pulling the other's out of the back end of the van as well and set them on the ground. [#62C1F0 "Yo, who's gonna help me out here? I can't do this all by myself"] he called out. He smirked a bit when he got a couple of eye rolls from the other's. He didn't mind taking more than one trip, but he wanted it all done at once.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 When he got the roommate's assigned to him, he shrugged a bit. [#62C1F0 "As long as ya'll don't keep me up till all hours of the night then we are all good. I mean all of us guys could room together, but I don't think the taken men would wanna be away from their women"] he said with a wink. He knew there were a couple of people he wanted to bed, but he would keep that to himself. Ian and Rose were both really silent, and he did have his eye on the both of them as well.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 He then made a mental not to himself to try and bed the women at least once on this trip. Doesn't matter if they were taken or not. It might be a bad goal to set for one's self, but he could care less. He gathered up some bags and headed inside.]] [center [pic]] [right [pic]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 Lakelyn knew she didn't fit in among everyone. The only reason why they went along with having her along, was because of Madi. The only female she was close too. She was close to Caspian, but Madi and her pretty much were like sister's. She wanted nothing more than to be sitting with her right now. She wrapped her arms around herself as she looked out the window. She chewed on her lower lip as her mind wandered back to a couple of weeks ago. She had found out that her now ex-fiancé had cheated on her.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 He had been married before, and he had been sleeping around with other women. Now she understood why he was always out late, and sometimes didn't even come home for days on end. When she had found that out, she had called Madi right away breaking down. The good thing about their relationship was Madi didn't need to be told that something was wrong. She just knew. She felt tears sting her eyes as she reached up and brushed them away in a hurry. She wasn't about to ruin this trip for anyone, let alone herself.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 She ended up sitting next to Noah's older brother and she had to admit he was nice to look at. He was a sweetheart too. Someone she could have seen herself being with a long time ago. Right now though, she just wanted to relax and enjoy her time away from home. That's when she thought about Faelyn and her heart seemed to break once more. She hurried and pulled her phone out and sent a message to her father. [#cc6699 [i How's Fae doing? I miss her so much already..]] She then hit send and waited for a reply.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 She looked up when Ian addressed her and she smiled a little towards the woman. [#cc6699 "I'm not going to make the couples leave one another. I'm fine with whomever I'm rooming with. It'll give me time to get to know all of you as well"] she said with a warm smile. She meant it too. She made a mental note to get to know the other's as well. She was just glad they had somewhat accepted her. Even if it was because she was attached to Madi's hip in a way. That's when she felt her phone buzz in her hand.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 [b [i Fae is doing amazing. She just got home from the park with Everley. She said she misses you and can't wait for you to come home. We all miss you. Enjoy your time and make sure to take a lot of pictures and send them when you can.]] A small sad smile passed over her lips just then as she typed a reply back. [#cc6699 [i We just got to the hotel, and should be getting our rooms now. I'll talk to you in a day or two.]] she sighed when she hit send.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 She slid her phone back into her pocket as she listened to Caspian talking about the help, and Noah saying that he and one other could do it alone. She rolled her eyes as she stood and scooped up her back pack. She waited until Sam let her by and she stepped off the bus. The cool air hit her skin and she let out a small sigh. It felt nice to finally be out of that stuffy bus. She watched as Caspian took in a load, and she made her way in behind him.]]
Mincie     2y ago

[font Abel A hum escaped Madison’s lips as she curled up in Leonel’s arms, with a smile that seemed to shine brightly rested on her lips. Though internally, her thoughts weren’t quite so blight. Truthfully, this stressed her out. She knew quite well that the reason for this last second road trip with everyone was because one of their own in this little friend group was hurting badly and needed an escape, even if it had been unwanted - Rose. It hurt Madison to know about it and feel like she could do so little about her situation, but she knew she wasn’t going to be the one who really could do much either. Her thoughts led her to glance towards the front towards Noah, before looking away, not wanting to look long. It was a bit obvious of Rose’s feelings towards him, and as much as Madison would’ve loved to get them together and both of them away from their terrible partners - those feelings weren’t hers to tell. While she wasn’t particularly close to Rose, both of them always had this unspeakable connection, likely due to their distinct radar of sorts, that alerted them to other people’s emotions. Perhaps a bit too insightful for their own good. Madison glanced up to her boyfriend, about to speak up but noticed him looking back behind them, and she quickly glanced back down, acting like nothing happened, just remaining in her cozy position that was quickly becoming no longer comfortable. She’s seen it before, several times, but she’d never remark on it. She never wanted him to get defensive about it, and perhaps some part within her never wanted to acknowledge it, with hopes that maybe she’d never had to. She held a sigh within her lips, keeping them in her perfectly fitted mask that’d avoid letting anybody think there was anything wrong about it. It’s better - no one needs to worry about her. Yet she couldn’t help but think about how the next day, they’d have been on their own vacation, the two of them being able to be in their own little world… And now, she’d be sharing him again, if not his time split with work and the time they’d spend with their friends, now all of it was going to be taken by their friends, and the girl who was keeping her own boyfriend’s eyes off of Madison and on her. But she didn’t despise her for it, it was emotions out of their control after all- she felt a little nudge on her side. She looked over, a bit thankful to be led her out of her own mind for a moment, at Caspian - practically her other best friend in their group. [b [i [blue "Do you think this place will be worth it?"]]] he asked her, and she could tell she wasn’t the only one to have second thoughts. But still, she only let out a brighter smile to ease his worries. [#00fbff “Yeah, I think so. We all needed a little break together, it’s been so long! Plus, I heard it has a perfect view of the ocean and a killer breakfast.”] Madison answered him, nudging him back with her foot lightly, more as a teasing maneuver. Though with his question towards Leonel, she only rolled her eyes at it and curled more into her boyfriend. [b “We haven’t even arrived Cas, give it a day.”] She chided lightly, but didn’t push it - she knew how he was for the most part. Her eyes went forward again, but this time to meet her best friend’s eyes, even if only in passing, and she gave her a softer, but rather more genuine smile to ease her worries, though it was likely missed on her behalf. Madison knew very well she had a lot of turbulence within her, and she wished she could’ve gotten Lynn to sit beside her, but Caspian took the spot up. At least it was Sam up there with her - he was understanding of her, even if he didn’t know anything, and wouldn’t try small talk or anything either, which is nice because she knew very well Lynn was worrying about Mae Mae for sure, and her asshole of an ex-fiance. She’d be unable to focus particularly well, and she knew she’d let her take the time she needed, but she’d always be there for her. Her eyes went to the front hearing Noah announce they were here, and Madison held another sigh inwardly, but looked up to Leon, giving him a smile. [#00fbff “Ready babe?”] She asked gently, and moved her hand to his, and gave it a squeeze, before climbing out of the bus after Caspian. She stretched, before looking to the back, before glancing back at Leon. [#00fbff “Will you get our bags? I’ll help bring them in.”] Madison said gently, and let his hand go, before glancing to the girls, and went to Lynn, giving her hand a gentle squeeze and a comforting smile, though not bothering with words - neither of them really needed words with each other a lot of the time, and that’s what she loved with Lynn. They were sisters. When Leon came back, Madi went back to his side, looping an arm with him and keeping her promises, handling some of her own bags [at least what he’d give her], before heading in with the rest of the group. She listened in, and only moved closer to her beloved. Of course she expected it but it still made her happy. Though hearing the remarks of the other girls, she laughed a bit. [#00fbff “Maybe, but let me spend at least one night with my boyfriend.”] She grinned cheekily to them, though she had to admit - a girl’s night is something the ladies all could use for sure, and who was she to reject one? ____ [right [pic]] A finger pushed up in the middle of the frames of his glasses, as it had begun sliding down his nose. Sam leaned back into his seat a bit, his eyes mostly on his phone, but he kept stealing a few glances at the girl beside him. Whenever he was near her, he couldn’t help but feel like he was entranced of some sort - like she had put an enchantment on him. There was something about her, from when he first saw her in one of the motels he manages, with a sleeping toddler in one hand and a bag in the other, desperately trying to get a room, that tugged on his heart, especially when she looked at him with those beautiful gray eyes. Though he knew very well he shouldn’t - and for that, he couldn’t. He couldn’t ask her any questions, he couldn’t ask her out for an outing to see how well she and her little sister were doing in their shared apartment - nothing. It didn’t feel like he should. Lynn was in a fragile state, and he’d make sure he didn’t apply too much pressure. His feelings were something he’d need to suck up and move on from. He did have to admit though… It was a really nice time that whenever he was with her, the presence of his ex-wife would fade away in his mind. He glanced up at Noah, who was driving in front of him. It was a bit of a headache to not only do his job but to have last second, get multiple rooms. It was lucky that it was a Sunday, when most people would be checking [i out], not checking in. Yet, the man understood why his little brother pulled this crazy last second stunt - one of his friends needed help and he did what he needed to do to help her. It was things like that, that made him proud of his brother - even with their rivalry of outdoing each other. Sam heard his brother’s snooty girlfriend speak up and he glanced at her before rolling his eyes. He never liked her, and while a few times voiced his [i displeasures] to his brother, it fell on deaf ears. So he never pushed it - but he’d probably keep an eye on her throughout the week. Though for now, he could let her slide. He noticed the hotel coming up, and straightened up, and slipped his phone into his pocket, while hearing some banter about how he got the hotel and who was carrying the bags, causing Sam to roll his eyes. [#48dc53 “I’ll help you, my bags are already handled after all. I was here last night, I just gotta grab them once we get the rest.”] He stretched while he spoke, heading towards the back where the built man had beat him there already, grabbing a lot of the bags, mostly all of the girl’s except Madison’s - he figured her boyfriend would handle theirs, and three suitcases were enough to juggle, though he does it often enough still when he pitches into the basic hotel work after all. He rolled his neck lightly before turning, and following the group in. He only nodded about his rooming arrangement. [#48dc53 “It makes the most sense. And don’t worry, I won’t be keeping you up - just keep the drinking and all of that out of the room preferably.”] What can he say? He doesn’t like drinks since he caught his wife drunk with another man.]

[left [pic]] [i You better be here when I come back.] His voice replayed in her head, a broken record skipping back every single time. Silence was all Rose wanted as she sat at the back of the bus. Her knees huddled to her chest and her head rested against the window. The blur of the trees and the change in scenery did nothing to help escape the man who haunted her. Lucas would look for her. He expected her home and tied to the bedpost by a rope, like a dog chained to a doghouse until its master arrived. And when he didn’t find her, he’d burn the city down to get her back. It was why she always stayed. Rose didn’t even want to go along with Ian and the rest of them, but she also didn’t have enough strength at the time to protest. Against her own free will, she was dragged… carried, actually, from the bedroom floor. She was lucky that Ian had been the one to release her from the bonds that confined her. Ian wasn’t like the others. Their silent pact went way back to elementary school. She was always there.... always cleaning and stitching up the pain Lucas caused... at least the physical ones. She never judged or questioned, not like their other friends who looked at her with sadness. And definitely not like Noah. She could feel his eyes burning through her, watching her silently. Rose shifted in her seat, turning her body towards the window. He always watched her, he watched everyone… just like she did only he was blinded because he had eyes for another. Much like the others, silently infatuated by another seated in the very bus Rose was on. And so, she paid no mind or at least attempted to ignore the way he affected her. Love was a dangerous feeling. One that could break another, crush their spirit into ashes, forever gone in the wind. But Rose’s had been crushed long ago. A gentle touch caught stole Rose’s attention from her mind. Her eyes drifted over to Ian who smiled at her. “It will be fine, I promise.” What did it even mean to be fine or ok? She was empty inside, hell they all were in some way, and yet they all kept a smile on their face. It was just something Rose couldn’t do, not when they found her the way she’d been. But tomorrow was another day to fake a smile. Pretend to be fine, ok, happy. And maybe one day, she’d finally fool herself as well. Noticing Ian’s attention drift away, she shifted her body and turned her attention back to the window. Her arms wrapped around herself as she huddled into the sweater Leon had pulled over her before she was seated into the back of the bus. He was a good friend. Stupid, but a good friend. She kept her mouth quiet as the bus came to a stop and the view of the hotel was clear. It was one of the perks that came with Noah’s older brother Sam. Unfortunately, baggage was also one of those things that came with Sam, but everyone had them… even her. Rose was one of the last to climb out of the bus. She didn’t bother to slip away. Ian’s hand gripped tight around hers, even as they got into the hotel. Would she even notice if Rose pulled from her? Yes. Ian would even high on the drugs she was on at the moment, not that anyone could tell. Without a look, Rose clutched onto the key given to her by Noah. All she wanted was to be alone, at least for a few hours… maybe the girls would be ok with that, though she wasn’t going to ask. Instead, she let her fingers slide out of Ian’s grip and headed to the room number etched in the bottom of the card. [right [pic]] Something was wrong with Leonel. Leonel shouldn’t have agreed to this trip. He knew it the moment he said sure, but saying no to Noah, especially when Rose needed it was out of the question. Still, he knew there’d be some issues… his original plan was a vacation for just himself and Madi. Alone with her, he’d be able to focus, get this back on track to the way they used to be. Back when his feelings made more sense, when they didn’t feel so dull… when he didn’t have to just agree all the time for her sake. She needed him and he was there, always. Whatever she wanted, he’d give her and maybe that was the problem. But now wasn’t the time to be thinking about all of that. No, he had his girl by his side and that’s all that should have mattered to him. Yet, his head cocked to the side, getting a view of the woman with dark hair. Her eyes on Rose who sat beside her that was until they drifted to him. And once they had, a small smile rose on his lips as he thought back to two nights before when he had gotten off of work and stumbled upon her. She was searching… and he was simply wasting time, giving himself space before he had to return to a place where all he seemed to do was pretend, but for what? It was Madi, she’d understand if he just had the heart to tell her, but how could you tell someone how you feel without being sure yourself? No, it was best to wait… for Leonel to ride it out until he was sure what his feelings were for Madi. Until then, he’d simply smile at the woman who made seemed to notice him for just a moment… something not even Madi could do. Leonel turned back, his eyes looking over to Caspian, their other friend. “If Noah brought some stuff definitely after.” Leonel wasn’t really interested in the drugs, but it got him away from the confined space and allowed him to breathe. Think for himself instead of for him and Madi. Once they got to the hotel, Leonel pulled out his bags, along with Madi’s. It did not surprise him that Rose had no bags, they did take her from that horrible situation she was in. He hulled the luggage with them. He followed after the rest of the group just as Madi came to his side. He wasn’t surprised about the rooms, he just… needed a bit of space. “You can spend all day with them if you’d like then we can have some time for just the two of us.” Leonel smiled as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to her head.
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Ɲoᴀʜ & Ɨᴀɴ
Noah had a bad feeling that this trip wasn't going to be as remarkable as he wanted it to be. But he also had to take into account that everyone had their own emotional luggage to carry. The most Noah could do was make due with what he could provide for his friends and hope that they could achieve their own happiness. Noah chuckled. "Alright guys. Since you all have your hotel room cards, I just wanna say that I hope we can all enjoy this trip the way I was hoping we could. That means tonight we get to eat together at a fancy restaurant. Maybe hit the indoor pool that is at the roof of this place, also a jacuzzi up there. We can have unlimited drinks. Maybe tomorrow morning we can hit the beach outside? Does it all sound good?" Noah smiled at them all. Soon looking at Ian who shrugged her shoulders. She and Rose were going to get the best of him. His eyes then looked over at Madi and Leo. They… they would be alright right? His eyes then shifted to Caspian. "You, Leo and me tonight, bros. Madi,Lakelynn and Rose can be the referees of who can drink the most." His eyes shifted to Ian. "Ian can join, if she doesn't out drink us all." He chuckled. His eyes then shifted to Sam. "If that's ok,brother dearest?" ----- [right [pic]] Ian had noticed when Steph had suddenly walked away from them on her phone. Key card in hand. It was funny how Noah had been too busy taking care of all of them to not even notice that his own girlfriend had left. It was clear to Ian that Noah didn't really care much about his girlfriend… he mostly pretended. But she only wondered if it was because he didn't love her… or if she had done something wrong. Maybe he was just that clueless? Ian pulled Rose over to Madi and Lakelynn. Her eyes locked on each one of them, giving them all a smile. "You hear that ladies? I'll be representing all three of you. Because Noah here thinks that girls can't out drink the boys. A friendly challenge that is not fit for women." She rolled her eyes and laughed. Her eyes shifted to Rose. "You could join me, be my partner." Ian looked to Madi and Lakelynn. "Unless you guys want to join in too. More girl power!" Her eyes shifted to the four men. "I think the only real challange would be against Caspian, since Leo and Noah are both lightweights and Sam doesn't drink."
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[google-font][merriweather [size12 Watching everyone interacting with one another made the male feel slightly better about this whole thing. Maybe it was time to let loose, and just let his guard down a little bit. As Noah spoke about some sort of game, he looked at the other's and broke out into a grin. [#62C1F0 "Dude, if it involves a lot of booze, then I'm down for sure"] he said with a small laugh. It would be interesting to see the other female's join in. He wondered if Ian would really join in or not. Then again, not all of them drank.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 It's been a while since he had done something like this. He couldn't wait. [#62C1F0 "You all will be surprised at how well I can drink all of you under the table. I think the person I myself have to watch out for is Ian"] he said with another laugh. He meant it in a good natured way. He didn't want the other's thinking he was just being a cocky bastard. Even though he could be sometimes. Right now wasn't that moment. He then realized that Noah's girl wasn't with with. She was on the phone, and he rolled his eyes.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 [#62C1F0 "Alright ya lazy shits, get your things and let's get this fucking trip started"] he said as he picked up his own bags. He had lugged them out of the van, but he wasn't about to play bell boy. He wasn't getting paid, and he was getting kind of hungry as well. He wanted to find something salty to eat. His eyes wandered around everyone, and he couldn't help but wonder how Lakelyn was holding up. She wasn't saying much, and the other's seemed to be taking her under their wing, which was a good thing.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 He made sure he had his key card in hand, and then headed inside. He made sure he had all of his things first, before he found his room. He slid the card into the slot and pushed the door open. The room was amazing. The view was also breath taking as well. He claimed one of the beds in the room, and threw his things onto it. He then fell backwards onto the bed, and let out a sigh. It was time to get this party started, and he couldn't wait much longer.]] [center [pic]] [right [pic]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 The blonde was getting more and more nervous about all of this. What if the other's didn't like having her around? What if she was making a huge mistake on her part? She chewed the inside of her cheek as she looked towards Noah as he spoke about some sort of drinking game, and how the three girls would watch over them and judge them. It sounded fun, but at the same time it didn't. She didn't like drinking much, not since she had Faelynn. Her pride and joy. Thinking about her seemed to dampen her mood once more.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 [#cc6699 "I think I'll pass on the whole drinking thing. It's not my thing after all, but you all enjoy yourselves"] she said lightly. She then heard Caspian talking about getting their things, and she walked over and found her bags. She then slid the straps onto her shoulders and carried them inside. She was the first one to the room and she opened the door and slipped inside. The room was breathtaking, and she seemed to relax a little bit. She moved over to one of the beds, and placed her bags onto it.]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 She unzipped one of the bags and found her black bikini, and pulled it out. She heard there was a pool on the roof, and she was going to take advantage of that one for sure. She hurried and changed into the bathing suit before the other's came into the room. She knew she needed to at least try and make friends, but she was getting into her own head about this whole thing. When she was changed, she grabbed a towel and wrapped her arms around it, holding it against her chest. Should she distance herself from everyone?]] [google-font][merriweather [size12 It was like she was having some sort of war inside of her head, but she wouldn't keep the other's waiting on her. She made sure she had her key card, and grabbed her Stephen King book and made her way to the roof. Might as well check everything out, and gather her thoughts before being around everyone again. It was a little too much for the woman to handle, so escaping into a different reality was the best thing for her right now. She just hoped the other's would understand. Or at least pretend to understand.]]


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