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How Does A Moment Last Forever? ~For SmileBright~

By LeahLockheart
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Laura and Addison have been childhood friends since they were in diapers, one was never seen without the other. Peas in a pod, Bonnie and Clyde, and many other old cliches could be used to describe the two. And they were happy together, until society did a complete 180. Dividers, some were called. Individuals assigned to group people together, and there they would live for the rest of their lives..unless they chose to marry off. Laura and Addison were separated, and for years, Laura cried, terrified that she had lost her best friend..well, that's if that's what they were. Laura had developed feelings for her, and didn't know what to do. Just the sight of Addison made her face heat up. What happens when the two re-unite, and Laura asks Addison to run away with her to Neverland? Will she finally confess to her and live with the girl of her dreams? Or will Addison fade away, simply to become another memory? You'll never know, unless you join, How Does A Moment Last Forever.
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LeahLockheartValeria   1y ago

[i March 5th, 2018, Los Angeles.]

[font times Laura awoke from her bed, groaning from the headache she'd gotten the night before. She'd gone to a concert with the school, and the speakers hurt her ears, but hell did she love the music scene. She sat up, running a hand through her wavy and disheveled hair, looking over at the clock.] [i Shit..I slept that long?!] [font times she thought as she glanced at the ticking clock on the wall.]

[font times Laura was in her senior year at Briggswood High. As was her best friend, Addison. The two had been inseparable for as long as Laura could remember. The thing was though, Laura had come out to her best friend as bisexual in 8th grade, she remembered it vividly. She had been glad that Addison was so accepting, seeing as it took her parents almost two years to accept it. The summer after though, Addison had definitely had a glow up, and they started high school. Laura, as much as she tried to fight it, had eventually developed feelings for her best friend, and it hurt, assuming Addison was straight.]

[font times Laura was lost daydreaming for a moment before her alarm went off.] "[b Shit! We're supposed to hang out today!]" [font times she exclaimed, hurriedly getting out of bed and grabbing her phone to call Addison.]

"[b Hey! Addie! Uh, soo I slept in, again. I gotta get ready, but I promise I'll be quick! Give me about twenty minutes?"]

[font times After Addison confirmed, she quickly put her phone down and grabbed a towel, practically darting to the shower. Today was the day. Laura wanted to shoot her shot with Addison. Or would she have her heart broken? Or would it work?] [i Snap out of it, Laura. Now's not the time to be worrying.] [font times she shook her head with a sigh, finishing her shower as she hurriedly got dressed. She supposed a white turtleneck sweater with ripped jeans would have to do. She tossed on a leather jacket and beanie, sliding on her combat platform boots, of course not forgetting to cuff her jeans, adorning her ears with jewelry and wearing her favorite astrology necklace. She finished it off by spraying her favorite perfume, one she knew Addison loved, because she always complimented Laura on it. Not that she took it personally or anything!]

[font times She sighed, checking herself in the mirror one last time before adjusting her jacket and grabbing her wallet, phone and keys before getting in the car and heading over to Addison's. A million thoughts drifted through her head as she drove. How would today go? Laura had planned a full dat--no, day for them since it was their last day before senior exams, then highschool would finally, finally be over. That upset her a bit, knowing they may or may not separate for college. Either way, Laura would still support her sweet Addie, no matter what she decided to do.]

[font times Laura's stomach felt like it was doing backflips as she arrived at Addison's house, her hands shakily sending a text that she had arrived. She knew Addison's mother was homophobic, so if her mother ever found out, they'd both be screwed. To calm her nerves, she took a drag from her vape, tossing it in the console before smiling softly as the blonde walked to the car. Here goes.]

[b "Look at you, gorgeous!"] [font times she whistled with a chuckle,] [b "Never fail to impress, do you?"] [i Nice move, dumbass.] [font times she thought, mentally facepalming. She flirted jokingly, but played it off as a compliment, hoping that was obvious. God, that beautiful blonde hair. Laura just wished she could run her fingers through it, and kiss her head. But it was like a forbidden fruit, touching it would be a sin.]

[i The Calm before The Storm; March 5th, 2018, Los Angeles.]

Addison woke up early, the sound of hymns playing from the living room were never going to let her sleep past 7 am, no matter how much she wanted to. Her parents were devout Christians, and even if Addison didn’t want to follow the religion like her parents, she wasn’t really given the choice. She attended church with them, prayed with them, and followed the rules her parents set in place. Addison just tried to be the best daughter she could, so she could easily get into a college and get away from the craziness of her home. The only way she was able to get through it all was Laura, her best friend. Laura was the only one who knew how rock solid her parents were in their beliefs, and how Addison did not think the same way as them at all. Like when Laura came out to her, she was so happy for her to tell her, accepting her right away. She had felt feelings similar to Laura, but it wasn’t safe for her to act upon, so she kept it down, hoping eventually it would just go away; for her, maybe it was just a phase.

Leaving her room with a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, she yawned slightly, heading to the kitchen to put on the kettle to make some tea. She headed to the fridge, where she heard her mother’s voice behind her. [b “Addison, darling, are you just getting up? Kind of late, don’t you think?”] her mother chimed. Her mother, 7 am and had already showered, did her hair and makeup and fully dressed for the day. Addison gave a confused look, [i “No, it’s 7am and there is no school today. I’m hanging out with Laura today, and before you ask, yes my homework is done and I did my bible study sheets you left in my room. Still don’t know why I am still doing them.”] Addison spoke, mumbling the last part to hide it from her mom. Her mother smiled, heading back into the living room and continued to clean. The high pitched scream from the kettle was enough to wake Addison up a bit more, before pulling it off the head and filling her mug. She placed in her tea bag and a dash of vanilla before heading back into her room to get ready for the day, what else she was going to do anyway.

Addison showered quickly, wrapping a plush towel around herself and headed toward her clothes. The outfit she wanted to wear would never be approved by her mom, so she had to be sneaky about it. Addison had learned how to layer her clothes well enough by now, she never wore the clothes she left the house with. She got her clothes out, a pair of distressed black jeans and a grey v-neck tee, with a flannel overtop. She took out a dress, something her mom would be obsessed with, a floral, maxi dress. Totally not Addison’s style, but it would allow her to leave the house. As she finished layering all her clothes, hiding the flannel in her backpack to shove the dress in once they got five feet away from her home, she sat on her bed. She reached over her bed, to answer her phone that was ringing. She couldn’t help but laugh as her friend had obviously overslept again. Addison wanted to accompany her to the concert last night, but her mom refused after looking up the band that was playing.

[i “Alright, come soon though. My moms already playing hymns.”] Addison said, before hanging up the phone. Addison did her hair, pulling it up in a clip to hide it from her mom and did a light face of makeup. She basically hid in her room, away from her mom for as long as she could until she received the text from Laura. She grabbed her backpack, heading out the door. [i “Bye mom!] Addison called, as she pulled on a pair of combat boots secretly as she headed out the door. [b “Honey, you look beautiful! See you later, do what’s good! God loves you!”] her mother called out after her.

As Addison’s eyes met Laura’s, she immediately smiled. Laura jokingly flipped hair as she was getting compliments from Laura. [i “Oh, stop it. Wait till you see what I’m actually wearing. /This/ is to appease my mother.”] she laughed, sliding into the passenger seat. As Laura pulled away, Addison pulled the dress off of her body, and let her hair down from the clip, shaking her hair out. She took her flannel out, before shoving the dress and clip into her bag and zipping it up. She adjusted the shirt, as it hit just a bit shorter than the jeans that sat on her hips. Pulling her arms through the hole, she smiled, turning to her friend. [i “Much better.”] she smiled. [i “So, where are we going? You said you had this whole day planned out! I can’t wait!”] she smiled towards her, fixing some hair strands in her visor mirror. [i “Oh, and how was the concert? Probably awesome, I was stuck doing bible verse worksheets all night. Man, that shit really sucks.”] she spoke. Addison never swore at home, but around Laura, she felt comfortable to be herself and speak as any other senior in highschool would. She knew her best friend would never judge her; and they would be friends for life.

[font times Laura's face heated up slightly as Addison let her hair fall. God, she was as pretty as a picture. Laura could only pray (not that she was religious anyway) for beauty like hers, she honestly considered it a gift. She looked her up and down with a whistle.] [b "Damn, girl! That's even better! Iconic bisexual fashion right there, you gotta stop stealing from my closet."] [font times she chuckled, stopping at a red light as she grabbed a bag from the back, handing it to her.] [b "I got you some breakfast! I hope you like it."] [font times she smiled softly. She had bought Addison her favorite tea, and a classic banana muffin she loved whenever Laura cooked it, and ONLY when she made it.]

[font times She sighed softly as she continued driving. Her eyes widened a bit as she let out a nervous chuckle at the question.] [b "O-oh! I uh, its a surprise! The first destination, at least. Don't worry, I promise you'll love it."] [font times she smiled, holding Addison's hand gently and giving it a soft squeeze before returning to the wheel with a sigh, [b "The concert was fucking amazing, you have no idea! I woke up with a headache this morning from it. The bass was so loud and heavy, you could feel it in your chest! But it was so worth it. I mean, I might have had a drink or two, but I'll live. Here, want a hit?"] [font times she asked with a smirk, handing her the vape, knowing well her Christian family would never allow it, which is why she wanted to give Addison an escape.]

[b "Chill out, it's 0% nicotine, and it's blue raspberry flavored."] [font times she smiled softly, taking a drag and blowing it out the window before cleaning it off and tossing it to her as she turned the radio up a bit, playing Addison's favorite rock band, something her and Laura listened to when she wasn't around her parents. Laura had to admit, she had a lot going through her head, but she knew she had to calm down. Her finger nervously tap, tap tapped the wheel as she kept her eyes on the road ahead of her, although she glanced at Addison when she could, hoping she didn't get caught. She really hoped her feelings weren't some childish act.]

[font times Laura ran a hand through her wavy green hair, licking her lips as she smirked, biting her lip teasingly as she nodded along to the music, singing along. Laura had always been a singer, so she loved to jam out with Addison in the car, and look sexy as hell doing it! Not that she thought Addison thought so.] [i God, stop thinking things like that!] [font times she mentally scolded herself.]

When Laura mentioned the connotations of her outfit, she could feel her face heat up. In her own mind, she didn't care what anyone thought about her. But in their small town where most people knew her parents, she knew things could travel quickly. She kept her face turned away from Laura, [i "Yeah, you must be rubbing off on me or something."] she spoke, an awkward laugh following her words. But, her face completed shifted when she heard she got her breakfast. [i "Oh, really? You didn't have to do that!"] she smiled, taking the bag from her. Looking in the brown bag, she smiled. [i "Is this your famous banana muffins? And my favorite tea? Laura, you spoil me. Thank you."] she smiled, taking a sip of her tea.

As Laura squeezed her hand, assuring her she'd have fun, she gave her a small smile. [i "Well, I'm excited!"] she replied, starting to break off pieces of the muffin she was given. Addison leaned back in annoyance as she heard how awesome the concert was. She was so jealous of the other woman, how she was able to experience so much more than she was. Her parents and their religion kept her on a tight lease, and she felt so smothered by it. All the things she believed growing up had slowly changed, from LGBT+ people and being pro-choice. She just wanted people to love whoever they loved, but her parents followed only what they read in the Bible. She groaned, looking over to her. [i "I'm so jealous. Your life is so cool. Can we lie next concert and tell my parents it's a Christian rock group or something so I can get out of the damn house? Oh, can I sleep over tonight? I don't think I can handle being pulled into my moms bible book club for the 3rd week in a row."] she laughed, putting a chunk of muffin into her mouth. She smiled, doing a small dance in her seat, [i "I don't understand how these taste so good."] she smiled.

Addison avoided her question of the vape until she had it in front of her, and mentioned it was 0% nicotine. [i "Eh, what the heck"] she smiled, taking a drag from the vape. The vapor filled her mouth, the flavor hitting her tongue. She slowly blew out the smoke, darting her eyes to Laura. Once all the smoke had escaped her lips, she stuck a bit of her tongue out at Laura, before her lips erupted into a smile.

As Addison realized the music that was playing, she smiled. She began singing along with Laura, looking over at her. The girl was so beautiful, and just believed that she thought this because they were good friends. She always thought woman were beautiful, but everyone thought that way, right? Watching her sing, it seemed different from when she just thought she was beautiful. She looked sexy, and it made Addison bit down on her bottom lip. The realization made her face heat up, and she turned her face toward the window, hoping the coolness from the breeze would let her face cool down. What was going on with her? Addison was straight, she knew she was. She had dated guys before, and enjoyed dating them. This whole ordeal started to worry her. She had been trying so hard to be a good daughter for her parents, even if she was completely different away from them. If she found out she was anything but straight, she was scared what her parents would do.

[i "You literally are so effortlessly cool. Like you have cool hair, your outfits are rad, you get to do all these really awesome things. Man, I wish we could just live together or something."] Addison spoke, mostly just thinking out loud. Did she want Laura to know these things? Yeah, she didn't mind, but she was worried she would sounds weird or clingy for suggesting it. She ran a hand through her hair, wondering why she was nervous around her best friend today. [i "You planned a whole day for us, right? Any special reason why?"] she asked, biting her bottom lip without even realizing it.

[font times Laura chuckled softly at the girl's teasing of her Christian mother's shenanigans.] [b "Of course you can sleep over, Addie! I love having spend the nights with you, you know that. Maybe we could have a drink or two."] [font times she smiled softly, turning the music up and laughing as the bass was almost a representation of the concert last night. As they stopped at another red light, she glanced over at her and turned the radio down for a minute.]

[b "Ya know, I didn't have to, but I want to. I love you, Addison, you've been here for me through thick and thin, and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. I mean it. Thank you."] [font times she smiled, holding Addison's hand and drawing small circles with her thumb on Addie's hand before giggling quietly.] [b "Now, let's get fucking crazy, eh?"] [font times she half-shouted with a wide grin, almost smirk, turning up the radio again and singing along to the music with Addison. Laura genuinely enjoyed these small moments, ones she never forgot.]

[font times As the music died down, Laura raised a brow at her question, almost coking on her tea she'd been drinking. Her face heated up a bit, although she didn't know.] [b "O-oh, uh, no reason! Why do you ask? Can I not have a day with my best friend?"] [font times she let out a nervous laugh, turning to face the road again, and turning another song on, this time more of a seductive song, one she liked, and knew Addison liked from the one time they were goofing off in Laura's room, trying to see who could be more sexy, just for laughs...[i right?] [font times Laura chuckled, looking at Addison with a smirk, and a small wink.]

[b "Come on, Addie-bear!"] [font times she shook her shoulder with a fake whine,] [b "You love this song!! I beat you last time we lip synced to it!"] [font times Yes, this was partially intentional, but she also wanted Addison to have fun.]

[i "Thank goodness. And I think that's just what I need, thanks."] Addison smiled, leaning back against the seat. She heard as the music turned up, smiling and sang along with Laura. She assumed with how the bass felt like it was coursing through her body, this was what the concert must have felt like, and it was incredible. As Laura turned the music down, she looked over to her friend. With a smile, she nodded and allowed the girl to take her hand. [i "You know I love you too, Laura. Always."] she agreed. When she mentioned going crazy, she smirked, [i "Oh hell yeah."]. The two began singing, but it ended up more like screaming. With the music being so loud, but these were moments where you could truly see how close the two girls were with eachother. They had been best friends for years and it was plain to see.

As the song changed, Addison rolled her eyes. She remembered the two of them attempting to be 'sexy' in Laura's room to this song, and Addison clearly lost. Laura knew all the stuff to pull and she was gorgeous anyway, which helped her immensely. But Addison did love this song anyway, but her conservative upbringing caused her to feel guilty for being too provocative, which she was trying to open up more, at least around Laura. As Laura took her should, she smirked, looking over to her. [i "Yeah, yeah. You did beat me. But how am I supposed to win in a car?!"] Addison teased, thinking of at least some way she could show her she was improving. She lifted her arms, bringing them slowly down her body as she belted a couple of lines from the song, her eyes closed softly before looking over to Laura with a wink.

As Addison was done with her attempt, she looked out the window to see the people in the car looking over, terribly confused on what was happening in the car. Addison burst out laughing, looking over to Laura. [i "Okay, so according to their faces, either I looked ridiculous and not sexy, or they are just so overwhelmed with what I was able to accomplished in a car. Guess we'll have to try again at your house or something."] she said, continuing to laugh as the car drove away.

Addison looked around, turning to Laura. Laura was always her gateway to her 'dark' side as she seemed to call it, anything that her Christian parents hid from her. [i "If I ask you something, promise not to laugh?"] she asked, closing her window, nervous for other people to hear her. [i "I'm so confused on why people would sleep together in a car? It seems like it would be terribly uncomfortable and awkward...have you ever done it?"] she asked Laura, hoping the girl wouldn't tease her too much for her questions. She knew Laura was more experienced than she was, and knew she would try to explain as much as she could to her. Addison had only experienced her first kiss, and it was at a youth group camp when she was in 8th grade. As soon as people seemed to realize how nuts her parents were, they steered clear of every trying to date her, as dealing with her parents was something no boy wanted to deal with.

[font times Laura couldn't help but bust out laughing at her friend's statement. She never judged Addison, but her humor never failed.] [b "Honestly? I don't think you were bad. Fuck them anyway, you can be sexy if you wanna be."] [font times she giggled, running a hand through her hair with a sigh. She turned the radio down as Addison spoke, wondering what she'd say, only to raise a brow with a smirk at her question.]

[b "Ah, so someone's curious about the dirty, eh? Well, you've come to the right person."] [font times she gave a playful wink, wrapping an arm around Addison's shoulder.] [b "Well, my dear, I'm gonna be honest with you. I've never had sex with a guy in the car, but I have with a girl. Don't ask me, I don't know why, either. She was curious, so I helped. I mean, we had blankets in the back so it wasn't as uncomfortable as ya'd think. But, I still prefer a more intimate setting, like the bedroom."] [font times She wasn't going to lie to Addison, she wanted her to know these things to be prepared.]

[b "I will tell you though,"] [font times she rested her hand on the wheel,] [b "and this is brutal honesty: girls are better to do things with, because they know all the right spots, considering you have the same body."] [font times she giggled. She hoped she didn't weird Addison out, she just wanted to teach her. Laura wasn't a whore, no, but she'd had her fair share of stupid decisions and dares.]

[b "Seriously though,"] [font times she looked at her,] [b "Don't force yourself into anything. Save it. You deserve to have a special time, it's a really beautiful and good thing when you have it with the right person the right way. There's a difference, my love, between sex and making love."] [font times and Hell, did she mean it.]

Listening to what Laura had to say about her question, she really gave her a lot to think about. Addison was sure that she was just interested in men, but would doing something with girls help her discover what she liked and didn't liked. She couldn't ask Laura to help, considering they were so close. Would it be weird if the two of them--yes, it'd be weird. She sighed, leaning back in her chair. [i "Have you been with both? We'll that's dumb on my part. You just said girls are better, so clearly."] she asked, but then took her questions back. She decided, she should just ask her, but maybe in a round about way. [i "Are you saying I should do things with a girl, even if I'm not interested in girls?"] she asked.

Addison thought to herself, as she waited for Laura to give her answers. Yes, she thought woman were beautiful, but didn't every one? She assumed that any girl could look at another woman and see she was gorgeous, but was that her just assuming she was straight. She knew she'd be disowned, or sent to some 'Straight Camp' if she actually was LGBT+ and her parents found out. Her mom would probably just ignore it, but her dad would be on the phone to get her to a camp immediately. She'd never be able to leave home. She could deal with that later on in her life.

Addison really did appreciate Laura telling her all of this, and knew her friend would always try to help her. [i "I mean, I have no one banging down my door to be with me. So, I shouldn't have to worry about worry about having sex anytime soon."] Addison spoke, a small laugh escaping her lips. [i "Are you talking to anyone right now? You're so hot so I assume you always have a line for people to stand in to get to you."] she asked. She felt a pang of jealously when thinking of Laura dating someone, but assumed it was jealously for her time, and not for her as a girlfriend.

[font times A faint red dusted Laura's cheeks at the girl's question. [i Would it be weird if she offered--yes, it would.] [font times She didn't want to ruin the friendship they already had, and Laura, as much as she loved Addison, was scared that Addison would feel forced. [i Just great..] [font times she thought as they got stuck in traffic, and Laura put the car in park. In LA, traffic jams could take any amount of time. Hopefully this one would be short. She sighed looking down at her lap as she fiddled with her hands as she spoke,]

[b "Well, I'm not going to tell you what to do with your life, Addie, but if you're curious, or just want to be sure, then I say go for it. Just please,"] [font times Laura took her hand and looked her in the eyes with care,] [b "please make sure you do it with the right person. Make sure she treats you right, and makes you feel comfortable. I can't stress that enough."] [font times and Laura couldn't. She didn't want Addison to get hurt.]

[font times Laura had grown up with Addison, and she'd been there for her through all the heartbreaks, all the nights on the couch eating ice cream and talking about exes. Every time Addison was upset, Laura was by her side to comfort her. She couldn't help it. After high school started, her feelings for her best friend drove her insane. She tried to get over it, thinking that such a nice girl would never date Laura, of all people.]

[font times The mood quickly changed once again, though, as Addison made another silly comment, causing Laura to lean back in her chair with a chuckle, shaking her head as she rested her hand on the wheel.] [b "That, my love, might have just been the biggest lie you've ever told. But to seriously answer that question, no, actually."] [font ties she smiled softly, a bit excited that she asked.]
[b "I'm not seeing anyone, and sure there might be guys drooling over me, but I could care less..I'm just waiting on someone.."] she said the last part quietly.]

Addison thought about it for a moment. Did she really want to try her first sexual experience with a woman? What if she enjoyed it, what would happen then? She felt like the only person she could be this vulnerable with would be Laura, but them risking friendship for something so insignificant to Addison just wasn't worth it. She'd rather keep her best friend. She would just have to wing it when her first time finally did happen, and then call Laura afterwards and tell her all about it. Laura had been there for everyone of Addison's breakup, as she had been there for Laura as well. Laura had been her rock all through high school, and even when she started being approached by more guys, which Addison was not used to, Laura was always there to help her navigate her way. She wished finding some type of relationship was as easy as it was being friends with Laura.

[i "I will, I promise."] Addison smiled, squeezing the hand she was holding. Their conversations always ended up being something personal at this point in their life, and Addison was so appreciative of all of her love and support to her friend. If she could have it her way, she would just want to move out and live with Laura, but she knew her parents would be at the doorstep in a day and a half and take her home. They always mentioned how they didn't think Laura was a good influence and not someone they wanted their daughter around, but Addison swore up and down that 'Laura was a good Christian girl, like her' and so far, her parents had bought that lie. She couldn't let them get between her and her best friend.

When Addison said she was lieing, she shook her head, laughing softly. [i "No way. I've seen how half of our class stares at you, guys and girls."] Addison said, playing with her fingers softly. She tried to catch what she seemed to say under her breath, looking over to her, but was unable to hear here. But Addison did have something to mention to her friend, how one of the guys at her school had been messaging her, and a lot. Jake, and she had heard he was not the best guy to date, people saying he was mean, was known to be a bit abusive in most relationships. [i "Hey, Laura. What do you think of Jake? Jake Powers?"] she asked, keeping her eyes planted on her hands. [i "He's been messaging me a lot, trying to get me to go out with him."] she said, looking over at Laura now. [i "I don't really know much about him, do you?"] she asked, a curious smile on her lips.

[font times Laura was glad Addison knew to be responsible, she'd always taught her better, especially when it came to things like sex. Poor thing, Addison had only ever had her first kiss. Laura couldn't blame her, exactly. It was more her parents fault. The truth was, Laura didn't have a dad, and her mom was pretty chill for the most part. Mainly because Laura, since her dad left had always been independent.]

[font times Her eyes widened as she listened to Addison, looking at her as they stopped at a light again. Christ, how many were there?]

[font times [b "Addie..are you out of your damn MIND?!"] she asked, looking at her as she groaned, running a hand through her hair and leaning back in her chair as if she had a headache. She was a bit pissed, but she wouldn't come off as mean to Addison.]

[font times [i "Hell no, you're not going out with him, not as long as I'm fucking here. I refuse to let you get hurt, you hear me?"] she looked at her with tears in her eyes, not noticing herself. [i "You deserve so much damn better than that scumbag. Do you have any idea who he is?! He's an abusing piece of shit who cares about no one but himself. He's only doing it to get in your pants, Addie! And I'm not gonna stand by and watch while he makes you cry and one deserves to go through that, especially not you.."] Laura didn't mean to go off, but her heart spilled out at this point, tears streaming down her face slowly as she hid her face in her hands, letting out a soft curse.]

Addison had heard very little about who Jake Powers really was. He was constantly seen around school, surrounded by other guys and a letterman jacket always on. He was usually seen with a new girl every month or so, and would constantly get back with his ex girlfriend. But who he was as a person, Addison had no idea. She really didn't have many friends besides Laura, and the only things she heard about him were mumbles. Jake had texted her out of the blue one day, saying he had gotten her number from someone else. He had been texting her for the last week, asking her if she'd go out with him. She had been telling him she wasn't sure, as she didn't know him well enough. All she had wanted was Laura's opinion, but she got a lot more than that.

As Laura started speaking, she knew she was going to get a bit of a slap on the wrist. By the way Laura seemed to have a headache hearing from her, she knew Jake Powers was not someone to mess with. [i "I know, I kn-"] she started, but was cut off by Laura continuing.

The tears that fell down Laura's face felt like they were cutting into Addison's heart. Seeing her upset made her own heart hurt. But, she was confused. Why was she so passionate about what happened to her. Sure, they were best friends, but she never expected tears to come from just a question about a boy. [i "Laura, I-"] she tried to butt in, but then Laura continued. She listened to every word that left Laura's lips, and knew she would listen to every word. As Laura finished, she leaned over, lifting Laura's face to look up at her with her pointer finger. [i "Hey, hey, hey. Please don't cry."] Addison started softly, wiping under her eyes with the hand not holding up her head. She smiled, as the tears were cleared from her cheeks. [i "That's better."] she smiled, removing her hand from her head. [i "I won't date him. I promise. I didn't know who he was, I really didn't!"] Addison said, trying to make Laura feel better.

Addison bit her lip. She wasn't going ask this, but now she felt a strong urge too. [i "Laura."] she asked, getting her attention. [i "Why are you crying? We're okay."] she smiled, taking Laura's hand in hers.

[font times Laura realized that she had lost it. It wasn't until they were silent, and Laura heard her own sniffles that she realized, though. She cared for Addison, more than she'd ever know. All these years, her feelings had been bottled up and shoved away, but now they were rising to the surface, and she felt like she was drowning. She sniffled and looked up at Addison as her finger guided Laura's head up to meet her eyes. [i Those beautiful eyes..] Laura felt like she could get lost in them forever.]

[font times She chuckled softly as Addison wiped her tears, sighing softly as she fiddled with her hands. She didn't know what to say, or how to feel. Hell, she didn't know what Addie would even think.]

[font times As she heard her name called, a small stutter escaped her lips as Addison took Laura's hand in hers, looking into her eyes. "[b Wh-what?]" As Addison spoke, Laura felt her heart sink. Should she tell her? No, she couldn't. Well, she, she couldn't. She constantly had this internal conflict, and today she told herself was the day, but at this moment..she couldn't gather the courage. She felt like there was something stuck in her throat, she didn't know what to say.]

[font times She sighed softly, looking down. [b "Addie..I'm sorry..I can't tell you.."] she sniffled, a tear threatening to fall. [b "I'm scared..I might lose everything.."] she said softly, holding her hand still. She didn't want to let go.]

Addison held tightly onto her friend's hand. Something wasn’t right. She was experiencing something inside and for some reason, Addison didn’t know. Addison thought she knew everything about Laura; her life, her past before she knew her, and it felt like she even knew what she was thinking. But right now, she felt so in the dark. She wanted to be able to help her, assure her that nothing would ever come between them, and that no boyfriend would ruin their friendship. Addison had never had a friend like Laura, their bond was something more like sisters than just friends. Yet, there was something that always drew Addison to Laura, no matter how different they were, or believed they were.

When Laura stuttered, telling her she could tell her, Addison could feel a jab to her heart. Those words had never left Laura’s mouth, especially to Addison. The woman told her everything, and vise versa; what was so scary to withhold. Addison wanted to pry, she wanted to tell her to spit it out and tell her that nothing would ever be too much for her to handle, but she didn’t. She nodded, keeping her hand wrapped around Laura’s. [i “Okay, when you’re ready, you tell me. You know, nothing will keep me from being your best friend.”] Addison smiled, letting her body relax. She was nothing but tense right now, but she had to show her friend she was fine. If Addison was okay, Laura would be too.

[i “This traffic is insane, huh?”] Addison asked, keeping her hand tight on Laura’s. She knew her friend needed support, unsure of what for, but she would be there. Addie would always give Laura whatever she needed; a place to stay when her parents berated her for her sexuality in 8th grade, clothes when she needed something fancy enough for dinner with her grandparents, advice on boys (or girls), and, of course, shoes. The two would always be best friends, since the day they met. As the traffic finally started moving, Addison sighed a loud sigh of relief, comical enough hopefully for Laura to at least crack a smile.

[i “Oh, you’ll never guess what happened last night. So, I finished my homework and my mom brought in a walkman. Like those things you play CDs in. And tells me she felt so bad she had to say no to the ‘devils music concert’ that she brought me the walkman so I could listen to Christian soft rock as I worked on bible worksheets. Like THAT would make up for it. Like going out with you and listening to one of the best live bands could be made up for by Christian soft rock and bible study. I did talk her out of making me go to group bible study now, so my Saturdays are finally free.”] Addison laughed, trying to get the subject changed quickly. Laura was a thinker, and Addie wanted to get her out of her head as quickly as possible. Hoping a snarky remark would see that Laura was feeling better.

[font times Laura was quite the thinker, and this haunted her mind. As Addison spoke, she wasn't sure how to respond. If she told Addison, she was scared she'd lose her, despite what Addison had just said about her never not being her best friend. She loved her more than anything, or any man for that matter ever could. She ran a hand through her hair in distress before Addison took Laura's hand, causing Laura to pull out of her thinking train with doe-like eyes, a small red flushing her face as her heart skipped a beat.]

[font times As she listened to Addison, she couldn't help but laugh, hard. [b "What the hell?! PLEASE tell me you're kidding!"] she laughed, bent over her steering wheel, before leaning back and running a hand in her hair, sighing. [b "I'm sorry, babe, but your mother is truly something ELSE."] she chuckled, taking a drag from her vape and putting some more crimson lipstick on, licking her lips unintentionally.]

Addison always knew how to cheer her up.

[font times It hurt not to tell her how she really felt, but that would have to wait. She had always imagined these days in her head at night. Cuddling, kissing those soft, rose-colored lips, tell her how beautiful she was. However, that was all a dream as of now. And who the hell knows how her mother would react if she found out. Well, Laura would probably already have her out of the house at that point if her mother decided to disown her or something. After all, Addison always, ALWAYS gave Laura anything she needed, so she wanted to return the favor.]

[font times She smiled softly as they got to their first destination. Addison's favorite cafe. he looked at Addison with a smile. [b "Don't worry, I'm paying. And after we get our order I'm taking you somewhere to enjoy it."] she giggled. She grabbed her phone and purse, and walked around to open her door.]

[font times "Come on, Addie! Ladies first." she smiled softly, sending a playful wink.]

[i "Oh, don't I know it! I don't understand how I came from that woman half the time. I bet I am adopted or something, honestly. We don't agree on anything and if I eve try to fight back, I get pushed harder. It's just easier to accept something, ya know?"] Addison said. Her mother was someone she just didn't get along with. Her mother had drilled all these awful things into such a young girl, and Addison had changed all her views as soon as she could form her own opinions. Her mother told her the 'horrors' of homosexuality, and sex before marriage; all the things that would send her to hell. And at 5, it scared her. Any impression of those things were repressed anyway, until she was about 16. She had always wondered if what she felt was attraction to girls, or if she just thought they were amazing creatures. Everyone thought that, right? And she didn't believe that 'waiting till marriage' thing, she just never dated anyone where she felt it would happen. And Laura had suggested trying it out with a girl, which she knew would never happen.

When they pulled into her favorite café, she smiled. [i "You are such an angel, you know that."] Addy smiled. She got out of the car, stretching her arms up, the shirt lifting up to show her stomach a bit before she pulled it down. [i "You know you don't have to pay for me, but thank you.] she asked, her voice excited. They walked to the door, Addison laughing and giving her a bow jokingly as she entered first. [i “Laura, you’re a lady too! You’re basically my wife at this point.”] she teased. The tease was true, but Addy always wondered if it would just be easier to be with Laura, just not get married but live together. But she knew her mother would have her head about marriage and grandchildren.

Getting inside, Addison looked at the menu. She loved the food here, but wasn’t sure if she wanted to get her favorite, or something new and exciting. But, Addison knew she wasn’t exciting, so decided on getting her usual. [i “I’ll just get the sweet and spicy chicken sandwich, like always.”] she smiled toward Laura, watching as the woman ordered their food. They stood over to the side as they waited for their food to be ready, Addy leaning against a wall nearby. [i “So, where are you gonna take me? You have really made a day all for me, huh?"] she beamed, leaning her head back against the wall as well, blowing a piece of hair from her face.

[font times Laura chuckled, tucking the stray hair behind Addison's ear with a small smile on her face as she looked into her eyes. God, she was so beautiful. How could anyone ever look so perfect? She quickly snapped out of her trance as the girl asked a question. [b "Yeah, all for you! Besides, you deserve a break. You're too pretty to be stuck at home."] [font times she giggled, wrapping an arm around her as she pulled Addison close. Where she was getting this confidence from, she had no idea, though.]

[font times As Laura paid for their food, she walked hand in hand with Addison to the car, driving to their next destination. It was a flower garden area that overlooked the river, since she knew Addison absolutely adored flowers. She stopped the car as she looked at Addison, wanting to see her reaction. [b "I hope you like it."] [font times she smiled softly, opening the car door for her. [b "I looked everywhere." she chuckled.]

[font times Her heart couldn't help but skip a beat as she looked at the girl in front of her.]

[font times She thought about Addison's previous tease.]

[font times [i "You're basically my wife at this point."]

[font times She wondered what Addison meant..would she really want to marry Laura? She hoped so. It was all she could ever dream of. She wanted to wake up to that beautiful face every day. She wanted to stay up making the two of them meals. She wanted to hold her hand and gladly call Addison her lover. She'd been waiting for it for five long years..would it ever come? She didn't know. All she could do was hope...[i all she could do.]

Addison smiled when Laura complimented her, wrapping an arm around her as well. What was this feeling that Addison was feeling, it was like a tingling feeling through her whole body? The way that Laura had treated her all day, it just seemed like something a significant other would do for her, and not her best friend. But, Addison was seriously lacking in both departments, as she had very few relationships and Laura as her only best friend, so maybe she was just mistaken entirely.

As they drove to the next spot, Addison had been looking at her phone, being in charge of the music they played. Her mother had texted her, asking her if she would be going to church tomorrow with Laura. Her mother was under the impression that whenever Addison stayed at Laura's home, they would go to the church near Laura's home the next day. Addison let her mom believe this, otherwise she'd never be allowed over on the weekends. Addison was able to respond with her usual lie, her mother accepting that as truth. Addison had been a good daughter so far, the trust her mother had in her was too much sometimes.

Addison looked up at that the next location as she felt the car stop. Her mouth fell open slightly, a small gasp escaping her lips. "Oh, Laura." she spoke, a smile rising to her lips, "It's amazing!". Addison opened the car door, running closer to the field, the colorful flowers dotting the green grass the flowers sat in. Her smile beamed brightly, they were the only ones there, it was perfect.

Addie took Laura's hand, pulling her toward the field with their lunch. After searching for a moment, she found a perfect spot. Right next to the river, with flowers surrounding them on all sides. She took a seat, leaning against a tree they sat them under for a bit of shade. "Laura, I swear. You know how to spoil me more than anyone else." she smiled, reaching out for her food from the bag they brought with them.

"So, anything planned for our sleepover? Maybe we could think of some fun games we could play? I don't know, what do 'normal' girls our age do at sleepovers?" Addison smirked. Laura knew, Addison's only real friend was Laura. The only other people Addison had been allowed to spend time with were from church, and they were incredibly boring. All Addie wanted was to be like any other high schooler, able to go to concerts and parties, not be stuck at home and reading the bible.

[font times Laura smiled softly, giving a small giggle at Addie's excitement. She loved seeing her face light up like that, it was a world's difference. The way the wind blew her hair was as graceful as it could ever be. Laura wondered..would now be the right time to tell her? She didn't know. It seemed like the biggest deal in the world to her.]

[font times She giggled at Addie's claim of spoiling her. [b "Hey, you deserve it. Besides, you talk all the time about how much you love flowers. You don't think I didn't take notes of the small things?"] [font times she asked, taking Addison's hand in her own as she smiled softly, taking a sip of her drink and looking out towards the river, laying her head on Addison's shoulder.]

[font times This was perfect. There was nowhere else she'd rather be right now. Addison's innocence was killing the poor girl. Laura wanted so badly for her to realize.]

[font times She raised a brow as Addison asked about what they'd do at the sleepover..[i what WOULD they do?!] Laura didn't want to make things awkward..but they'd be sleeping in a bed, together for Christ's sake! She couldn't risk making things awkward! She calmed herself before looking back up at Addison, sighing.] [font times [b "Not sure..probably listen to music, have a few drinks? It'd be nice to unwind and relax. I was thinking maybe watching a movie together while we do, and just have a night to ourselves, ya know?"]

[font times She rubbed small circles on Addison's hand with her thumb.]

[font times God, this felt so right, yet she knew it was wrong. She wanted nothing but to have Addison in her arms, to kiss and hold all seemed as if it was out of reach. She took a bite of her sandwich and ran a hand through her hair, sighing softly before reaching over and turning on her phone, playing music softly.]

[font times [b "So, what do you wanna do at the sleepover? "] [font times she asked, looking at her. [b "I don't really know what you'd be interested in."] [font times she added, her face flushing a bit red, before cooling off quickly, wondering what was going through the blonde's head.]

As the two sat in the field, Laura's head rested on her shoulder, she couldn't help but relax. They were the only ones there, and she felt like she was finally herself. She wasn't the good Christian daughter her mom wanted, the bookworm her teachers wanted, but just Addie. She peered over at Laura, a smile coming to her lips. Laura was an absolute stunner, someone who Addison couldn't believe wasn't a model or something already. She had always been a beautiful girl, and Addison had always admired her. Addison did have to grow into herself, but Laura, to Addison's knowledge, had always been confident in herself. She didn't care what people thought about her, and Addison envied that about her. She wished she had the ability to be confident in herself, and was able to figure out who she was, instead of scared into a personality by her parents.

Addison had always latched on to Laura, and she never knew why she did. Of course, she enjoyed her company, but there was something about Laura that Addison didn't want to lose. Maybe it was the freeing feeling she had with her, maybe it was the excitement Laura brought to her life, maybe it was the way Laura made her feel. Addison shook that last feeling away, because even if it felt right, she knew deep down it was wrong. Or, at least she grew up knowing it was wrong. She knew that Laura was bisexual, and she was always convinced she was straight, but the feelings she was starting to feel for other woman were strange, and she wanted to pretend they weren't there. And now, because she was thinking about it, Laura's head on she shoulder began to make her face heat up.

As Laura spoke of what they would do, Addison smiled. [i "Like, drink alcohol?! Wow, I feel like I'm going to be just like a normal teenager, finally."] she smiled. She felt a bit childish, speaking how she was, but this was big for her. Her mom very rarely let her stay over other people's houses, but she had been pretty compliant the last couple of weeks, so her mom was actually alright with her sleeping at Laura's house.

The circles that were placed on her thumb by Laura made her smile. Looking up into her eyes, something inside her made her want to lean in and kiss her. What was she thinking? Was she crazy? Even if she did feel this way, it was probably just a phase and it would probably freak Laura out. So she kept herself planted where she was. When Laura asked what she wanted to do, she shrugged, looking up at the clear sky above them.

[i "Oh, I don't know. I just enjoy spending time with you. I think the drinks and a movie sounds fun. I'd love to watch a scary movie again, even thought last time I was curled up in your lap from how scared I was. I don't know what it is, but I enjoy getting scared by the movies. Maybe it's because my mom hates them, it makes me feel rebellious when I watch them. Like I'm a badass or something"] Addison laughed. It was true, she would do anything to feel separated from where she came from.

[i "Oh! I bought some clothes online, but I haven't tried them on! Maybe we can stop at my house really quick, so I can pack some clothes up for tonight. And I'll bring the clothes I bought. I'd love for you to help me style them, or at least tell them if they look good on me. I got stuff I've never tried, like low cut shirts and sheer things. Would you be interested in that?"] Addison asked, taking a bite of the sandwich. She moaned softly, [i "This is so good. Do you want to try?"] she leaned in close, holding the wrap out to the girl, a smile dancing on her lips.

Laura couldn't help but giggle at Addison's commentary. Her innocence made Laura want to laugh, honestly. She understood where she was coming from, though. She felt like, for the first time, she was seeing the real Addie. Not church Addie, not bible-study pushover Addie, just..Addison. From what Laura could observe so far, she was loving it. Addison seemed to be a shy, quiet and meek girl. Not that it was exactly her fault, but it only made Laura want to protect her more.

[i "Badass?"] she asked, looking up at her with a chuckle. She sighed, running a hand through her own hair. [i "Darling, you're acting like Rapunzel. It's time to try new things, step out of that tower, Princess."] she smirked, giving a soft wink. As Addison spoke of the clothing she had bought, Laura's face began to heat up. Sheer? Low-cut? God, she was about to be in for the ride of her life. She had never seen the girl in provocative or revealing clothing before, considering her mother would have been livid.

Of course she wasn't perverted, Laura had control. It'd be hard not to faint right there, though. If looks could kill, Addison's would have already killed Laura.

Addison's little moan may have been innocent, but Laura would have never expected to hear something like that from Addie, of all people. [i Not bad,] she thought. [i Not bad.]

Laura chuckled softly as Addison went to feed the girl, and took a small bite from the sandwich the girl had ordered. Laura leaned her head back and closed her eyes, letting out a small moan of satisfaction, like Addie just had. [i "I had no idea a sandwich could be so good!"] she exclaimed, chuckling softly before laying her head on Addison's shoulder again. [i "Anyway, about the clothes..yeah, I'd love to see--I m-mean help you try things on! I'll take you home tonight so you can grab clothes."] she explained, giving her hand a small squeeze. She innocently pecked Addison on the cheek, giving a small giggle.

Being called Princess wasn't something new to Addie, as church boys thought it was something a girl should aspire for, but she preferred hearing it come out of Laura's mouth way more.

When Addison offered her some of her wrap, the woman took a bite from, moaning the same way she did. [i "I told you! It's really good!"] she smiled, nestling herself against Laura as she leaned her head against her shoulder. [i "Well, I want to show off the clothes to you! It's stuff that I'd wear around you or once I start college. I don't know how to style any of it, so I'd love your opinion!"] she said, feeling the girl take her hand, giving it a small squeeze. She was about to turn toward Laura, before she felt a small peck hit her cheek. She could feel her face heat up. This wasn't weird, they had pecked eachother on the cheeks before, as a goodbye, but this felt different. Addie leaned against the tree, finishing her wrap mostly in silence. She just wanted to take in the sights and her food, as well as just the company of her best friend.

Once their food was done, the cleaned up and headed back to Addison's house to pack up some clothes for her to stay the night. Laura parked in front of the home, Addison pulling on the maxi dress she had on before, to hide her more comfortable clothes her mom disapproved of. [i "I'll just run in and grab stuff. Three minutes tops."] she smirked, giving her a wink before sliding out of the car into her home. She slipped in, steering clear of her mom and dad before running upstairs. She grabbed a bag, filling it with some PJ shorts and a tank top, some clothes for the next day as well as some clothes that her mother would approve of as well. She then slipped in her new clothes she had hid under the bed, sliding them under her other things. She hoped Laura would like her clothes, as she went to her for fashion advice all the time.

After getting all her things together, she was ready to quietly make her way out of the house when her mom stopped her in the hallway. [b "Well, Addison, just the girl I wanted to see. Wait...what's that on your cheek? Is that lipstick?"] she asked, Addison wiping her cheek, some lipstick had been left from the small peck Laura had given her at the park. [i "Oh uh, well..."] Addison started, before her mom interjected. [b "Addison Odette Jones, any daughter of ours will not flounce around like she was a homosexual or something! You are straight and will marry a religious man from our church, you know that. Stop spending all your time with Laura, and start dating a boy from church. They are all ready to make a move but you head out of the church before they even have a chance every Sunday. You are going to spend extra time after church this week, meet some of the boys. Do I make myself clear?"] her mother spoke sternly. [i "Y-yes ma'am."] she spoke, before sliding by her and out the door. A heavy sigh escaped her lips. That was the whole problem, Addison didn't feel any attraction to any of those boys. She had only felt a pull toward one person, and her name was Laura Masterson.

Addie pulled herself into the car, throwing the bag in the backseat, her face uncomfortable and upset. [i "My mom sucks."] she spoke softy, before leaning back in the seat. [i "She caught the lipstick on my cheek, and now she thinks I'm going to turn gay. So she making me meet church boys after church this week. UGH! All those boys suck, and are so boring."] she groaned, letting her head fall in her hands. She pulled her seatbelt on agitatedly, while leaning back and pulling on leg up onto the seat. [i "Sorry I'm not in a good mood anymore. I'm sure I'll be fine in a little bit."] she sighed, resting her head on her hand, letting her eyes rest out the window.

Laura saw Addison walking back to the car, clearly upset. As soon as she got into the car, Laura took Addison´s hand in hers, rubbing small circles soothingly into it. She groaned at her explanation. [i ¨You know what, Addie? Fuck her. I don´t care if she thought you were going to turn Jewish. She has no damn right to tell us who we are, or who we want to be. That is your damn business, and she can stay the hell out of it.¨] Laura rambled, trying not to get upset herself. She wanted to comfort Addison, she really did. [i ¨Addison, don´t be frightened. I just need you to trust me on this. Call it..a rebel of sorts if you´d like.¨] she said softly before grabbing Addison by the chin to look at her, and kissed her.

Laura couldn´t believe what she had just done, but she felt like it was only right. Her face heated up as she pulled away, running a hand through her hair. [i ¨I mean, she said she thought you were turning gay, so I figured I´d play along.¨] she chuckled. [i ¨Cheer up, babe. We´re about to have the time of your life.¨] she assured her, turning the music back up as she drove down the road, keeping her fingers intertwined with Addison´s.

[i I did it...I really did it..was that weird?]

She didn´t know, but she liked it.

Laura nodded along to the music, licking her lips unintentionally. Soon, they got to her house and she helped Addison out, grabbing her bags and opening the door for her. [i ¨Your Majesty,¨ she giggled, ¨Our evening awaits.¨]

Laura was so confident and totally accepted who she was, while Addison didn't even know who she was. She never was able to be herself, so finding herself wasn't something she ever did. She just accepted what he mom wanted her to be, and that was the end of it. But Laura knew who she was, and Addison envied her for being able to figure it out. She smiled as she tried to console her, before taking hold of her chin, pressing her lips to hers.

When the pulled away, Addison's lips felt like they were on fire. They burned, she had felt nothing like that before. She had kissed others before, men, but nothing like just then But, Addison knew she wasn't gay. She liked men, she knew she did. Her face burned as her lips tingled, but Laura seemed not to be bothered much by the kiss. [i "Okay, sure. Yeah..."] she stammered. She leaned back in her chair, letting the music fill her ears and let Laura's fingers intertwine with her own.

One thing was for certain, she enjoyed the kiss more than she could ever express.

As Laura pulled up to her house, Addison just kept replying the kiss in her head. She knew Laura was bisexual and liked both men and woman, so why would she kiss her? Did she like her? Did ADDISON like LAURA back? She sighed, she didn't know. All she knew, is she wanted to forget all of these feelings and just have a great night with her best friend.

Laura then opened the door for her, she smiled and bowed to her as well. [i "Can't wait."] Addison smiled, hoping down from the car and entered Laura's home. Laura lived in a very different environment than Addison, something she craved deeply. A [i home].

They headed up to her room, and Addison laid back on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. [i "I wish I could live here. I feel all my anxieties leave my body whenever I come over."] she smiled, propping herself up on elbows. [i "So, what's first babe?"] she asked, sitting up and sitting criss cross.

Laura couldn´t help but chuckle at the girl. as she plopped onto Laura´s soft bed. Babe? That was certainly new. Well, it wasn´t, seeing as it was a nickname, but the way Addison said just, felt different, ya know? Laura combed her fingers through Addison´s hair soothingly. [b ¨Well, no one said you couldn´t. Maybe one day you will. It could be just us.¨] Laura said sweetly. She mentally scolded herself, her feelings for the girl taking over her words. She wondered if the playful kiss meant anything to Addison. Had she ruined things? She didn´t know.

She layed her head on Addison´s shoulder as she sat up, intertwining their fingers. [b ¨Well, what do you want to do, love?¨] she asked gently. [b ¨I mean, I wouldn´t mind starting with the clothes, you have an awful lot in that bag.¨] she chuckled. Laura grabbed her bag from in front of them and pulled out an item. It was a rather sheer, lace top. Almost like a bralette, low cut as well. Her eyes widened as her face went a bit red. She looked at Addie with a small smirk.

[i ¨Holy. Shit.¨]

[b ¨Addie! You definitely took a risk. I have to say, I´m proud of you.¨] she laughed. [b ¨Try it on! I wanna see. It´s my favorite color, too.¨] she smiled softly, handing it to her. She couldn´t help but let her mind wander. What would Addison look like? Would she look like Laura had always dreamed? [i No, get that out of your head, Laura. Stop being dirty! It´s JUST clothes..or was it?]

Laura thought back to what Addison had said in the car on the way about her mother. The look on her face made Laura sick. Her mother certainly was a handful, but Laura hoped to drag her away from all of that one faithful day, and have a wife, a nice home, away from church and biblical studies and worksheets and christian rock on a Walkerman.

Addison smiled when she pulled out the first piece of clothing she brought. She definitely had things more tame than what she chose first, but she also had things a bit more risky. So, this, she guessed, was a good starting point. It was sheer and lace, and, because of the cut, she couldn't wear anything under it. It covered what it needed, but didn't leave much to the imagination. And it was cut a bit shorter than what Addison usually wore. She beamed toward the woman when she told her she was proud of her, and took the shirt. [i "Okay okay. Look away while I change."] Addison spoke. The two had changed in front of eachother before, but usually the both would turn away, and now that Addie was the only one changing, she felt a bit awkward. She turned her body away from her, taking off her shirt before unhooking and sliding off her bra as well.

Pulling on the shirt, she adjusted herself to be fully covered, well as much as she could. She turned toward Laura, [i "Okay! Do you like it?"] she asked, doing a small spin. [i "Oh, there are leggings that match!"] she rummaged through the bag, a pair of leggings with a lace insert all the way up the side. She hid herself in a corner, slid off her current pair of shorts and pulled on the leggings. The full outfit together really showed off her body, which is something Addison never did. She really wasn't allowed. Anything she wore out with her parents or to church would be feminine, but show nothing. Shapeless pieces of pink or purple fabric, things that were not Addison's style at all. She preferred things a little grungier, reds and blacks. Addison knew, if her parents were not who they were, she would have died her naturally blonde hair with some crazy colors by now. But, she could not. That was not "who she was" to her parents. A princess, they would call her. But, she was far from it inside.

Addison thought back to the kiss the two shared, and how her heart twinge a bit when she thought about it more. Laura was her best friend, but Addison was smart enough to know friends just didn't kiss their friends. Maybe it was to make a point, but Addison couldn't stop thinking about it. And how she wanted to do it again. No! She was not interested in women. She was a disappointment enough, she didn't need this as well. It would ruin her parents, and they would lock her up more than she already was.

Laura giggled and covered her eyes with her hands like a child. [i "Fiiinneee, I'll wait."] she replied, waiting patiently. She was about to uncover her eyes when Addie said that there were leggings to match, and she waited. Whenever Addison finally finished, Laura slowly removed her hands to look at the other, and her eyes widened. Laura practically drooled on herself at this point. She took a moment to take everything in. She could hardly believe it. The way the clothes hugged Addison in just the right spots, and cinched her waist so beautifully..[i how could she resist?] It was just so new and different and wild, yet so familiar at the same time. 

  If this was just the first one, who knows what would be pulled out later? She stood up and walked over to Addison, putting her hands gently on the other girl's waist. [i ", Addison."] She looked her up and down, looking back into her eyes with a small giggle. [i "You look FREAKING amazing!!"] she exclaimed, extremely happy. She was proud of Addie for stepping out of her comfort zone. It helped her explore the side of herself that her parents otherwise would have never allowed time for. This was so much better than staying home for whatever "bible study" Addison's mother had planned the week before. Time seemed to stop between Laura and Addison, but in reality, Laura was excited to see what the rest of the evening would bring, however, she was also nervous. [i Nervous as hell.] She wondered when the right time to admit her feelings would be, but she decided that she wouldn't worry about it right now, she had too much to do. And think about.

Addison smiled as she saw Laura’s expression, turning around so she could see the whole outfit.  Soon, Laura’s hands rested on her waist, and Addison could feel the butterflies in her stomach rise up.  The other woman’s touch burned, but in a good way.  She didn’t want her hands to leave her body, and she wanted to lean in and-.  Wait, what was she thinking? She didn’t like Laura that way, she didn’t like [i women] in that way.  She just couldn’t get that kiss out of her mind from before.  And the one thing she couldn’t get over, why she liked it so much.

Addison realized how long the two had just been looking at each other, and pulled herself away from Laura just slightly, [i “I’ll, uh, try on the next set.  It’s a dress, so it’s more comfortable for me.  But the cut is really what is different.”] Addison smiled, taking a hold of Laura’s hands. Even just holding the girl’s hands made the urges stronger.  

Addison let go of Laura’s hands, a nervous smile on her lips.  [i “Cover your eyes, I want it to be a surprise.”] she spoke, moving Laura’s hands to her own eyes.  She went through her bag, pulling out the black dress.  The short black dress was something so out of the norm of her usual attire.  Sure, she wore dresses all the time but never black and never something in this style. Usual high necklines and long sleeves, and usually much longer than this one.  She felt more herself than ever in something like this.  She was even more excited to show Laura, wanting to see her reaction to Addison in something like this.  To up the outfit, she added some thigh high sheer socks with a lace trim that hugged the top of her tights still visible even with the dress on.  

Addison moved her hair, letting her blonde waves cascade down her back, allowing Laura to be able to see the outfit in its entirety.  The longer she was around Laura, the thoughts she was having were growing stronger.  There was no way these thoughts were pretend…maybe she did like women.  And maybe…she only liked women.

[i “Okay, open your eyes.”] Addison spoke.  But in all reality, she needed to open her eyes to who was sitting right in front of her.

[ Dress]

Laura giggled softly. [i "A dress, huh? Well, as long as it's not that god-awful maxi church dress your mom made you wear, I'm fine with it."] she replied, chuckling as Addie moved Laura's hands to her eyes. As Addie changed, Laura thought about what all had occurred in the last few moments. She supposed neither of them really realized until afterwards just how long they'd been staring at each other. Was the feeling mutual? Did Addison finally like Laura back? She didn't know, and it bothered the hell out of her. She wondered what the rest of the night would hold, and how much more revealing Addison's clothes could get. Eventually, there wouldn't be much left to Laura's imagination, or at least that's what she assumed based on how things were going. [i Laura, stop it! Stop thinking dirty thoughts. She's excited, and she's showing you because she's proud of what she bought,] Laura thought to herself. 

    Laura soon heard the okay to open her eyes, and looked at Addison in the dress before her face flushed red, without even thinking. God, it hugged her in all the right places. Laura admired how the blonde curls cascaded so elegantly down the girl's back, bouncing with every move. She admired the way the thigh-highs were so sheer, and the dress flattered her so well. The style suited Addison. Laura covered her mouth in surprise, looking her up and down excitedly. She got close to Addison again and smiled, holding the girl's hands, which then rested on Addie's waist again. [i " look beautiful!"] she exclaimed. [i "I am so freaking proud of you for coming out of your shell..hell, I'm loving the new Addison. I feel like I'm getting to know you deeper now."] she giggled. Laura could have gone on and on about how beautiful the girl was, but it'd be days before she would ever shut up. 

   She gently placed a hand on Addison's thigh. [i "And these thigh-highs? You're kidding me!! They go so well with it."] she complimented, before removing her hands and running one through her hair. She tucked a few stray strands of hair behind Addison's ear.

Again, Addison was in the arms of Laura, and was loving every moment of it.  With the thinness of the fabric, it was almost like her fingers were against her skin. Laura had always been a very ‘hands on’ person, and it had never made Addison feel like this before.  But now, it was doing something to her.  What the something was was unknown to Addie, but she [i loved] it.  Laura’s house had always made her feel safe and free; so instead of shying away from her touch, she leaned into it.  She let herself enjoy it, what did she have to lose right now anyway.  

The blonde’s face started to heat up feeling the woman’s hands on her thigh.  She licked her lips lightly as she let the woman’s eyes connect with hers, as Laura pushed some pieces of her hair from her face.  She wanted to kiss her.  She had never admitted it to herself until right now, but she wanted to kiss Laura.  She didn’t know why she felt so drawn to do so, but she did.  Addison’s eyes lowered to look at Laura’s plump lips, the silence between the two as they looked at eachother was deafening.  [i “I-uh, thanks.”] she spoke, her eyes drifting back from her lips up to lock with Laura’s.  

[i Fuck.]

Addison pulled herself out of her daze, moving herself out of Laura’s hands, as much as she didn’t want to.  [i “I do have one more outfit.  And I feel like this one is very inspired by you, and it fits the style I am most drawn too.  This is the one most out of my comfort zone too, so close your eyes!”] Addison said, having Laura sit back on the bed and cover her eyes.  As Addie changed into her last outfit, she tried to silence the screaming voice in her head who told her to kiss Laura.  

The last outfit was a short crop top, revealing most of her stomach.  It was also a pair of fishnets that sat at her waist, and a pair of shorts that rested lower at her hips.  The fishnets really accentuated her waist compared to her hips.  She was the most exposed she had been, as whenever she wore shorts she usually wore opaque tights or leggings.  Once she had a moment to adjust her top and where the fishnets sat, she was ready to show Laura.  This was the most risque, in Addison’s mind, that Laura had seen her and she hoped she liked what she saw.  [i “Alright, for the last outfit, open!”] she spoke, a smile rested on her lips as she waited for her comments.

[ outfit]

Laura felt the tension heavy between them as she held Addison close. Their eyes wandered, faces inches apart. [i Would they kiss?] She didn't know. She sighed as Addison pulled away, smiling softly with a chuckle. [i "Alright, alright.."] she replied, waiting patiently on the bed. 

   When Addison was ready, Laura moved her hands from her eyes to look at Addison. [i Holy shit..] Laura's eyes wandered up and down Addison's body, admiring every dip, and where it hugged her in the right places. She lightly licked her lips. God, this was the most of Addison's body she had ever seen...[i but she loved it. Every inch of her.] It was like a forbidden fruit that she had so longed to touch and view, but now that the opportunity presented itself, Laura had no idea what to do. 

   [i "Oh. My. God! Addie..babe..this is..I don't know what to say. You look gorgeous..stunning."] she stuttered, wondering how she barely got through her sentence. She fixed Addison's hair, feeling her stomach do flips. [i "You've always been beautiful, though.."] she whispered with a smile. [b Crap, did I let that out?!] She realized. She sighed with a smile, wrapping her arms around Addison's neck. [i "I'm proud of you, proud."] she added, trying to calm down.

When Laura’s eyes opened, Addison couldn’t help but blush.  Her stomach hurt from the amount of butterflies that fluttered around inside.  She swallowed hard, a smile staying on her lips though. The stomach pain got even worse when Laura got up and began fixing her hair.  [i “Thank you.”] she smiled at the compliment, looking down at her feet.  But then she heard the comment Laura made about her being beautiful.  They usually called each other beautiful but this was different.  It was whispered, low, and not actually directed to Addison.  Was she even supposed to hear her?

Addie raised her eyes to Laura’s, pushing a piece of hair out of Laura’s hair.  She cleared her throat, [i “You are beautiful, too.”] she spoke as she took a step forward, their bodies just barely touching.  She couldn’t believe what she said, or what she was doing.  But she knew one thing, she wanted to kiss Laura.  She wanted to so badly, it was like a magnet was pulling her toward the dark haired woman.  Was she gay?  No, she still liked boys.  Was she bisexual, like Laura was?


Addison looked into Laura’s eyes, her fingertips brushing against the woman’s jaw line.  [i “C-can I try something?”] she asked softly, her eyes drifting from Laura’s eyes to her lips.  They were plump, full, and she wondered what they tasted like.  Without another word, she placed her hand on Laura’s cheek, before leaning in.  Her lips pressed against Laura’s, her eyes shut tight.  Her other hand moved to Laura’s waist, pulling her in to press against her body.  After the initial shock of the kiss, Addison relaxed into it. 
Addison lips moved against Laura’s slowly, she didn’t want to let her lips leave hers.  She pulled back slowly, her eyes widening as she looked into Laura’s eyes after the kiss.  [i “I-uh, I’m so sorry.  I-I, I’m sorry.”] she stuttered, stepping back and creating space between the two.  She just wondered what Laura would think of her.  She was trying to figure out what she was thinking herself. She began pacing, her hands now tangled in her own hair.  [i “I’m such an idiot.”] she spoke aloud to herself, sitting down on the bed and resting her hands in her hands.

Laura blushed a bit at the compliment from Addie, but it seemed different this time. Not just a compliment. Before she could answer the girl's question, she closed her eyes as she felt Addison's lips against her own. She could hardly believe what was happening, it didn't feel real. Was Addison seriously kissing her? [i She made the first move?!] Laura could hardly believe it. 
     It wasn't that Laura didn't like it, because she loved it. The girl's lips were soft and tasted almost like candy. She was in paradise. The one thing she had been horrified to do, Addison did it for her. "I-" she said, before being cut off by Addison's apology. She felt bad. 
       Without another word, Laura pulled Addie up off of the bed and held her close, kissing her lovingly. She didn't know what it was, but she wanted to kiss Addison. And she never wanted to stop doing it. Every second was bliss. Her hands caressed Addie's waist softly, loving how soft she was. Her small frame fit perfectly in her hands. She didn't quite understand how she convinced herself to kiss her again, but as long as Addie wasn't opposed. [i "God, you're so damn beautiful..."] she finally whispered against Addison's lips with a soft smile. [i "I love you, Addison Odette Jones...I have my whole life."] she added, her heart pounding. It felt like fireworks in her stomach.

As Addison sat on the bed, she held her head in her hands.  [i God…why did I do that?!] she thought to herself, taking a deep breath.  As she looked up to apologize again, Laura pulled her into her arms, kissing her again.  Addison loved every moment of what was happening.  Laura had been so enticing to Addison, but she always thought it was normal to think of your friends that way.  She had been holding back clear feelings she had for her best friend, and now it was all coming out in the open.  But she couldn’t believe that Laura felt the same way. 

Laura pulled back slightly, and Addison almost pouted as their lips disconnected.  The words Laura spoke sent shivers down her spine.  Laura [i loved] her?  She loved her too, but she always assumed it was in a friend-like way.  She could feel her heart speeding up, she felt like she was going to be sick it was going so fast.  She moved her head back to Laura’s lips, letting their lips move together once again.  She loved being in Laura’s arms, their lips pressed against each other.

Addison pulled back, her lips still close to Laura’s, letting their foreheads rest against one another.  [i “I-I love you, too.”] she smiled, her arms wrapping around other girls shoulders.  [i “Laura…I don’t know what to do…”] she spoke softly.  [i “I’ve been told my whole life that this is wrong, but it feels so right.  I know it’s not wrong, but what am I going to do?  What is my family going to think?”] she spoke, resting her head now on her shoulder, her arms tightening around her shoulders into a hug.

Laura kissed back with a giggle, loving Addison's excitement. She finally didn't have to worry about being awkward around her. As Addison pulled away and hugged her, she held the girl close, chuckling at her questions. [i "'s okay. Everything's going to be fine, love."] she assured her, letting the girl relax in Laura's embrace for a few minutes to calm her racing heart. [i "Besides..what she doesn't know won't kill her, right?"] she giggled, playing with Addison's hair. 
      She moved to the bed and cuddled Addie, running fingers through her hair. [i "Ya know, this doesn't change anything..if you have questions about anything, and I mean] [b anything], [i don't be afraid to ask me. I want to help you navigate this. I know it's all new and unfamiliar, but as long as you are happy, that's all that matters, my love."] she said, running a hand through her own hair. She still was trying to process the fact that Addie just kissed her in her own house. Only because Addie was more comfortable at Laura's house, but she still would have enjoyed it anywhere else. She felt a sense of relief, knowing she didn't have to hide anymore.


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