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Ok im here)
Catlover33     1y ago

((Alright! I decided to use Vaan for this. He is seventeen years old.))

(My characters age depends so for this he's fitted for this so for him he is 18)
Catlover33     1y ago

((That could work however Vaan can also be eighteen.))

(Yeah it would be weird if i romanced a 161 year old dragon with a 17 year old person, so in this dragons ages are the same as humans so its not complicated)
Catlover33     1y ago

((It would be really weird if that were to happen however do you want them both to be unable to physically age? Of course, that would be revealed later on.))

(yeah why not its going to be akward anyway bc this is my first gay dragon x human or humanoid or whatever Vaan is)
Catlover33     1y ago

((Yep! Anyway, I can’t wait to get started))

(You gonna post first)
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

Vaan would have been napping underneath a tree. It was another day for him where he lived. The beings that inhabited a certain village have long since feared dragons. It didn’t help that rumors about dragons carrying off maidens didn’t help whatsoever. There were even rumors about dragons carrying off young males as well. Of course, Vaan couldn’t care less as he slept without a single care in the world. Nothing was going to ruin his peaceful nap and nothing could possibly wake him up. He wanted to sleep and he was going to sleep for however long he felt like sleeping. He wasn’t human contrary to his appearance. It didn’t bother him, however. He also didn’t care if anyone noticed him since there was no way in hell that anyone could ever wake him up. He was the hardest person in the entire village to wake up once he was asleep.

Ixen flew to his hiding cave, to eat, for he hasn't ate in a few days
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

Vaan woke up and just laid underneath the tree. He saw no reason in having to move from his favorite napping spot.

Ixen eats the food he had and crawled into the darkness where he couldn't be seen.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

Vaan got up off of the ground and walked away from the tree. He had stood up before he walked away.

He drifted into a deep dream
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

Vaan decided to go back under the tree and fell asleep.

He didn't know what was happening. he was falling and falling past images
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

Vaan would have slept peacefully without anyone who could possibly wake him up.

He had rushes of adrenaline as he jumped awake (lol sleepy time also how do i convert to an imgur file so i can use it as a character pick to make people scared of me?)
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

((Just add in .png to the end of it or just put the URL as it is into Imgur))

Vaan was still asleep asleep. He didn’t want to move.

K ill try) He sighed "Good. just a nightmare."
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

Vaan had decided to curl up. He was sleeping peacefully so far.

He was calmer and decided to go for a fly
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

Vaan muttered something in his sleep however that was about all that he did.

He flew over where you are and it woke you up
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

Vaan was not happy about being woken up. He muttered something before he got up off of the ground.

His black scales didn't blend him in at all. You almost instantly saw him
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Who are you?” Vaan said. He had noticed the dragon.

He couldn't hear him.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“I’ll ask again. Who the hell are you.” Vaan said. He had grabbed a sword which he had stuck in the ground before he had fallen asleep. He pulled the sword out of the ground.

He turned "?"
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Who the hell are you!” Vaan said.

"Well for one, i find it kinda stupid to yell at someone who can literally kill you with a forceful tail swipe. two, im Ixen "
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“My name is Vaan. Tell me, what are you doing near this village, Ixen. The locals are scared of dragons.” Vaan said. He had lowered his guard.

"Just flying around? i mean is it ok for a dragon to have a nightmare and go for a fly?"
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“It’s fine but the village locals might try and harm you if they saw you.” Vaan said.

"Oh. okay thanks for letting me know"
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“It’s not a problem. I live here after all.” Vaan said.

"Heh" he smiled.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“What’s with the smirk.” Vaan said.

"Nothing. normally someone would have tried to kill me"
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“I guess that all of the villagers are currently asleep.” Vaan said.

Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“I was sleeping as well. Hopefully this all isn’t just a dream.” Vaan said.

Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Anyway, the villagers will be mad if I stay out here. I am an outcast after all.” Vaan said.

"okay, im going to fly back to my cave now"
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“See you later I guess.” Vaan said.

"Yeah. ill probably be over here later so if you wanna say hi ok."
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Alright.” Vaan said.


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