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The Soldier and His Protector [An ATEEZ and ONEUS Fanfic] [Complete]

By AkiraInu

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Yunho wasn't sure why they had chose him to hold the contract over Gunmin's soul. Maybe it had to do with the fact that Gunmin had fought to prove that he was innocent. He wasn't even sure why he had accepted the offer, but here he was. As they both got used to the things that the contract brought, would it be any easier? Who knew at this point.


Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Yes, I decided to do main series Yunho. Spinoff Yunho is actually very different from his main series counter part, considering the way spinoff Yunho's past ended. You'll be able to see how he interacts with the others in his pack and even Seoho, who is now going by his old name Gunmin.

Also, I'd like to reiterate that I know Yunho and San are not brothers, let alone twins, but I needed to introduce ATEEZ to the series somehow and this seemed to work. I know I'll probably get a comment or two about that. Now hush and let me do my part.

Now onto the characters~!


Yunho: A pure blooded werewolf who is a werewolf hunter under Wontak's faction. He is also a part of Kris's pack, under Byungchan who leads his own side of the pack along with leading his subpack that belonged to Hongjoong. He was originally a child soldier, forced to fight on the front lines for his parents pack before he and his twin brother San were abandoned and were captured by vampires. After being rescued he vowed to repay his pack back as much as he could, even if it meant deteriorating his already fragile mind even further with werewolf hunting missions. As long as it kept them safe. His wolf form is a large white wolf with a nasty scar across his stomach, and two more across his upper and lower back shown in his wolf and human forms.

San: A vampire who is Yunho's twin brother. He had been a werewolf at some point, but lost his wolf when he had been turned into a vampire, a price to pay to stay alive as Yeosang had put it. Oddly enough, he doesn't miss that side of him, as he had been resentful towards his own kind for abandoning him and Yunho in the first place. He is a tracker, and mostly does the hunting for his coven when they're all together. He is under Yeosang's coven, and is considered Yeosang's right hand man, or beta as Mingi had once put it. He hunts animals instead of humans more for Yunho's sanity, as he is the only family member that Yunho has. He is a huge introvert, only really coming out of hiding when visiting his brother, or doing stuff with Yeosang and Mingi, and occasionally Seonghwa when the vampire was out of Austria visiting them.

Gunmin: A pure blood werewolf bound to Yunho via a contract that consisted of a nasty looking scar going across his chest. He had originally been against doing the scar contract, however since it was either this or die, he chose to live instead. The constant nightmares that he had gained from Yunho were disturbing to say the least, and he felt sympathy for his contract owner despite not being able to voice it. He had given up his ability to speak and just remains mute, relying on facial expressions and the occasional growl when something pissed him off. He had become somewhat of a protector for the older werewolf, much to everyone's amusement, and found that he didn't mind it one bit. His wolf form is a large light brown colored wolf with a white underside and a nasty looking scar going across his chest seen in his wolf and human forms.

MK: A turned werewolf who is a vampire hunter under Kangmin's faction. He is also a part of Kris's pack, under JR who led his side of the pack and his subpack that belonged to Hyojin. His past is pretty tame compared to Yunho's, but he tries not to let it get to him and work with the older werewolf as best as he could considering the circumstances. He honestly didn't expect for Yunho to agree to take him under his wing, and was happy that someone else cared enough to do so. He had never been on a team before, so this was a new experience for him. His wolf form is a large dark brown colored wolf with a grey underside and a scar across his left shoulder blade where he had been turned shown in his wolf and human forms.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to these guys for the poster :D
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AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 1]

Yunho regarded his new companion with a calculating look, before shaking his head and turning to Dongmyeong and Xion who were heading to a different terminal to catch their flight back home. "I'll see you two around, enjoy the vacation," he said. "Yeah, same to you," said Xion as he waved. Dongmyeong nodded and turned, walking off with Xion rushing to follow after him.

"Dongmyeong is too stiff," said San as he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. "He can't help it, you know that," said Yunho as he turned around, heading towards baggage claim to get the one suitcase they had. Gunmin and San followed after him, easily keeping pace with Yunho as he was eager to get out of there as soon as possible.

It was Hongjoong who met them down at baggage claim, his own flight having landed around the same time. "Did Jongho get back before you did or is he still in Asia with Wooyoung?" Asked Yunho as he walked over to Hongjoong. "They're still in Asia," said Hongjoong. "Kris needed me here for some reason, so Byungchan called me back," he said. "Probably another meeting between the subpack alphas or something," said Yunho. "Probably," hummed Hongjoong.

"It's nice to see you around again San," said Hongjoong, earning a sigh from San. "I know I'm an introvert, but I [i do] show up every now and again," San said with a scowl. "Besides, Yeosang said it was okay to be with Yunho for a bit," he said. "Right right," said Hongjoong as he chuckled, turning to the baggage claim area when the suitcases started coming down.

"Just one suitcase too?" Asked Yunho. "Yep," said Hongjoong as he kept an eye out for his suitcase. "Same," hummed Yunho as he went to grab his suitcase. Hongjoong soon spotted his suitcase and went to grab it. "Let's head home," said Hongjoong as he walked out with the others following after him.

[center ~]

Yunho entered his room, setting his bag down on the floor before going to unpack his suitcase. Gunmin was left to wonder around the room, looking at the stack of shot glasses on the dresser with slight awe. "Those are San's," said Yunho as he felt the contract reacting to whatever Gunmin was looking at, and figured it was the shot glasses. "It's to commemorate where we've been really," he said. "It didn't used to be this big either, the others started adding to the pile," he said, turning to the stack of shot glasses after grabbing a new one that had been a gift from Jun. He carefully added it to the stack before turning back to his suitcase and looking at the last thing in the suitcase.

Gunmin walked over and looked down at the suitcase and saw a new plushie. "The fox is a gift from Dongmyeong," said Yunho as he picked up the plushie and walked over to put the fox on the bed beside a wolf one. "The pile is getting bigger," he said, sighing as he turned to the pile and saw a few new plushies courtesy of the rest of the pack.

"We'll be sharing the bed, if you don't mind," said Yunho as he turned to Gunmin. Gunmin just shrugged, not really caring. "Good," said Yunho. Gunmin blinked in confusion. "Because I'd rather not have you sleep on the floor," said Yunho. Gunmin nodded.

[center ~]

"You seem better," said Byungchan as he got to talk to Yunho. "I'm doing a lot better actually," said Yunho as he shrugged. "My nightmares have ceased to exist, thanks to the contract," he said. "So why was Hongjoong called back?" He asked. "Hyojin wanted to have a discussion about the way their subpacks are going," said Byungchan. "He had concerns about how MK was handling missions, and so he asked for a second opinion," he said. "I see," said Yunho.

"Gunmin isn't causing you trouble is he?" Asked Byungchan. "No, not at the moment," said Yunho. "We're still trying to figure each other out at this point," he said. "I know he's trying to figure out what I'm thinking half the time, but without a voice to speak with he usually just depends on the contract to let me know what he's thinking," he said.

"At least you two aren't fighting anymore," said Byungchan. "I guess," hummed Yunho as he shrugged.

[center ~]

"Well," said San as he met Yunho and Gunmin outside on the back deck. "I know I've been around for a good bit considering the circumstances but now I'm needed," he said. "Of course you are," Yunho said with a sigh, earning a small chuckle from San. "Don't worry, I'll try and come back soon but Youngbin needs me to head over to him since the other three are busy," said San. "I'm sure someone will stop by soon," he said. "I'm sure," said Yunho.

"Stay safe alright?" Asked San. "You too," said Yunho. San nodded and sprinted off the back deck, soon disappearing into the forest to the left of the property. Yunho watched him go, sighing as he slumped against the railing. Gunmin wondered what was wrong, though he didn't try and ask. He knew it had something to do with San leaving, but he wasn't too sure of why.

"San's my brother, my twin," Yunho said absentmindedly. "You'd know why I feel this way if you had a twin brother or sister," he said, straightening when he heard the door open. "San leave?" Asked Seungwoo as he walked outside. "Yeah," said Yunho. "He'll be back before you know it," said Seungwoo as he walked over, nodding to Gunmin who bowed his head as he moved away from him.

"Am I needed for anything?" Asked Yunho as he turned to Seungwoo. "No, not at the moment," said Seungwoo. "Just came out to check on you is all," he added. "I see," hummed Yunho.

"Are you okay?" Seungwoo asked, turning to Gunmin. Gunmin blinked before nodding. "Good," said Seungwoo. "Kris may grant you a visit to see the twins for a bit," he said to Yunho. "Really?" Asked Yunho as he blinked. "Yeah," said Seungwoo. "You didn't hear it from me though," he added. "MK needs to spend time with you," he said. "At least, from what Hongjoong had managed to get out of Hyojin," he addded. "I don't mind that," said Yunho. "Being around other vampire hunters may help him too, they just pretty much keep him holed up at the pack house," he said.

[center ~]

MK showed up at the pack house a few days later, with Yunho and Gunmin meeting him out on the deck behind the house. "Hey MK," said Yunho. "Hey," said MK. "You look tired," said Yunho. "I... I haven't been sleeping," said MK. "How do you manage it?" He asked.

"I don't," said Yunho as he sighed. "But it's more due to having the support I have that I have managed this far," he said. "Do you think my pack is doing anything for me?" Asked MK. "Believe me," said Yunho. "They wouldn't have you spending time with the others in our pack if that wasn't the case," he said. MK nodded.

Gunmin shivered at the memories of the last nightmare. So much had happened to Yunho, and he felt bad. Pity was something Yunho hated though, so Gunmin tried not to bring it up.

"I know what you're thinking Gunmin," Yunho said suddenly, turning to Gunmin who was caught off guard at his statement. "Don't send me your pity," he said. "Your past may be tame compared to others but it's our pasts that shape who we are today," he said.

"How does your contract thing work again?" Asked MK. "He gained my nightmares as I took his voice," said Yunho. "It seems we have a basic understanding of what each of us are thinking about though, because I'm able to pick up on the few things he's thinking about, and vice versa," he said. "A side effect of the nightmares being transferred maybe?" Asked MK. "It's possible," said Yunho. Gunmin shrugged. It certainly was possible, but how much could Yunho really read from him? He was unsure.

[center ~]

A feeling of just coldness, it had to be wintertime. Howls heard through a bloody battlefield and Gunmin felt like a stranger as he looked around the clearing that served as a battlefield. A war had been held here, and all he could see was dead bodies lying about. Who was the enemy? Who was the ally?

An injured wolf crawled over to a still body, with Gunmin recognizing the scar across its back as being Yunho. Was the wolf on the ground San? Whines were heard and it honestly broke Gunmin's heart to hear such heartbroken cries from the animal. Yunho really didn't have anyone left at this point.

A rustle from the woods was heard and vampires soon filled the clearing. Yunho tried to defend his brother, snarling at the vampires that had surrounded the three of them. Gunmin wanted to fight too, to save them, but it was useless at this point. It was a dream afterall. Yunho managed to tear down two vampires before being knocked out, and Gunmin was forced from the dream.

[center ~]

Gunmin jolted awake, sitting up in surprise as he felt the contract burning as it always had when a nightmare had been basically forced onto him. He rubbed his chest through his shirt, looking to his left and finding Yunho beside him with his back turned to him, sleeping peacefully as far as Gunmin could tell from the sounds of his soft breathing. The fox plushie was in Yunho's arms while the wolf plushie lay between them and Gunmin was tempted to wake Yunho but decided against it.

Instead Gunmin got up, heading out of the room and downstairs into the kitchen to grab some water. "You're awake too?" Asked a voice from behind Gunmin, causing Gunmin to turn around and spot Wooseok standing in the entryway to the kitchen. "Come on," said Wooseok. "We'll go relax outside," he said, turning and going to grab his shoes. Gunmin followed after him, the both of them putting on their shoes and heading outside. Wooseok led the way to the lake behind the house, the both of them sitting on the bench that was a few feet from the water.
AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 2]

Yunho woke to an empty bed, turning over and seeing that Gunmin wasn't there. He sat up and grabbed his phone, looking at the time and seeing it was 8 am. He sighed and got up, fixing his bed and putting the two plushies back in their places before going into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

[center ~]

Yunho entered the kitchen after getting ready for the day, spotting Wooseok and Gunmin sitting in the kitchen, the both of them drinking coffee. "Ah, this is where you went," he said, going to grab his cup and went to get a cup of coffee. "Did you go outside again last night?" He asked, turning to Wooseok. "Yeah," said Wooseok as he shrugged. "I see," said Yunho as he nodded.

"Seungwoo's at Starbucks with Sejun again?" Asked Yunho. Wooseok nodded. "I said I'd join them when you woke up, since apparently Wontak wanted to speak to you," he said. "I heard," hummed Yunho. "I'll go get my keys then, and we can go," he said, going to do so.

[center ~]

"Where's Byungchan?" Asked Yunho as he drove his jeep into Toronto. Gunmin sat in the backseat on the driver's side with Wooseok sitting in the passenger seat. "He's visiting JR," said Wooseok. "Said something about having a meeting so he left with Seungsik and Subin," he said. "Hanse and Chan are somewhere, probably camping again or something," he said.

"Well, those two really needed to get out of the house," Yunho said with a shake of his head, earning a chuckle from Wooseok. "Chan is getting better at keeping his anger in check though," said Wooseok. "True," said Yunho. "Jun has been a really good influence to him," he said. "They are siblings after all," said Wooseok. "True," said Yunho.

When they got there Wontak was waiting outside with a cup of coffee in his hands, sipping it as Yunho pulled up to the curb, turning off the jeep once he was in park. Wooseok got out, nodding to Wontak before heading into the Starbucks. Yunho took the keys out of the ignition and got out, pushing the driver's seat forward and letting Gunmin out before closing the door and walking over to Wontak, pressing the lock button on his keys to make sure the jeep was locked.

"I see you got a new ride," said Wontak as he set his cup down on the outside windowsill. "Hongjoong got it for me after I returned from my last mission a month ago," said Yunho as he shrugged, putting his hands in his hoodie pockets.

"Where is your leader anyway?" Asked Wontak. "Back in Asia," said Yunho as he shrugged, heading into Starbucks with Gunmin and Wontak following after him, Wontak grabbing his cup of coffee before heading inside. Yunho waved to Yuto, Sejun and Yanan who were behind the counter and Gunmin went to place their orders. "The usual please Yuto!" Yunho called. "Got it," Yuto called back before taking the money from Gunmin. He processed the order and handed him back the change and Gunmin went to wait on their orders.

Yunho sat down on the couches by the windows with Wontak sitting across from him, setting down his cup of coffee on the table beside his chair.

"So what brings you back to Toronto?" Asked Yunho. "Just checking up on you," said Wontak as he shrugged, reaching into his pocket and tossing a shot glass at Yunho after taking it out. Yunho caught it, examining it with a raised eyebrow. "You really need to ask Jun next time because I already have one from China courtesy of him," he said, setting the shot glass down on the table between them.

"Of course he did," Wontak said with a scoff, earning a grin from Yunho as he chuckled. "You'll be getting another present in the mail soon," said Wontak, earning a groan from Yunho. "Another god damn plushie?" Yunho asked, scowling. "Of course," Wontak said, the corners of lips turning up in a teasing grin. "Enough will you? I need to rearrange my pile again thanks to the other ones," Yunho said, sighing as he leaned his head back to look up at the ceiling. He could hear the quiet snickers from the others in the shop, causing him to let out a deep sigh at them.

Gunmin tried to keep a straight face as he walked over, handing Yunho his coffee before sitting down next to him. "Thank god you guys know this isn't some weird thing for me," said Yunho as he accepted the coffee and moved his head to look forward as he took a sip. "Of course," said Wontak. "Everyone has their way of coping, yours just happens to be with plushies," he said. Yunho hummed in response as he put the cup down on the table, turning to Wontak.

"Now, what's your real reason for coming to see me?" Asked Yunho, his expression serious. The mood immediately turned tense as Wontak turned serious. "Well, you know what happened with Gunmin, or supposedly happened anyway," said Wontak. "As long as you keep him under your contract he's safe," he said. "Right," said Yunho.

"Well, he's not a registered hunter," said Wontak. "Did you expect him to?" Asked Yunho as he straightened up in his seat. "No, but if Yedam hasn't said anything yet I'm sure it's fine," said Wontak. "However, he can't interfere with your missions, if and when you get them," he said. "Unless he registers of course," he added.

"That's up to Gunmin at this point," said Yunho as he turned to Gunmin who shrugged. Gunmin didn't care either way, but being able to do something when something goes wrong would be nice he supposed. When Wontak looked at him with a questioning look, Gunmin nodded. Gunmin wanted to become a hunter.

"You want to become one?" Asked Wontak. Gunmin nodded again. "Alright, I'm sure you'll let Yedam know as soon as possible," said Wontak as he looked at Yunho. "I will," said Yunho as he nodded.

"He's supposed to stop by after the meeting," Seungwoo called from across the coffee shop. "Needed to talk to Wontak about something concerning faction matters or something," he said.

"It probably has to do with the new team I managed to get myself on," said Yunho. "With Dongmyeong and his brother? Probably," hummed Wontak. "I know you don't work with them unless you have missions in the same area but," he said, shrugging. "I'm sure he's curious as to why you of all people wanted to work with them," he said. "Considering that Dongmyeong hasn't taken on a team since becoming a vampire hunter anyway," he added.

"Isn't Dongmyeong technically in one already with Hwanhee and his brother?" Asked Yunho. "Yes, but Hwanhee is the leader of that team due to his experience," said Wontak. "This is the first time that he's taken on a team and is leader of it," he added.

"Speaking of, how's Changhyun been?" Asked Yunho. "He's... Surviving I suppose," Wontak said, sighing. "Xiao demanded a break, and I gave him one but Changhyun is not the type to just sit and do nothing for months at a time," he said. "Dongmyeong's seemingly put him in his place but it's up in the air at this point how things go," he said.

"And Hyeongjun?" Asked Yunho, wondering how the third oldest in the faction was doing after the big injury a few months back. "He's pretty much healed now, considering he took on a team," said Wontak. "Hyeongjun and Minhee are training them as we speak, though I'm not sure how things are gonna go from that point," he said.

[center ~]

"Wow, even Yixing showed up to the meeting," said Yunho when JR, Yedam, Yixing and Byungchan entered the coffee shop with their respective betas a few hours later. "It must've been really important," hummed Wontak as he got up, grabbing his empty cup and going to throw it away. "I need to go," he said. "I'll catch up with Yedam later, I stayed longer than I should've," he said before leaving the coffee shop.

Yedam walked over after getting his order with Kookheon and Yuvin, occupying the spot that Wontak had just vacated as he sat down with a sigh. "Long meeting?" Asked Yunho. "You wouldn't believe it," said Yedam as he took a sip of his coffee. "I assume Wontak let you know of the circumstances," he said. "Yeah," said Yunho. Kookheon and Yuvin went to sit at a nearby table, having a quiet conversation about who knows what.

"What'd he want?" Asked Yedam. "He said yes to becoming a hunter," said Yunho. "Good, I already got the papers," said Yedam. "Already?" Asked Yunho. "What'd you think the big meeting was about?" Asked Yedam. "Considering Gunmin was an outsider, we had to take all precautions," he said. "And, MK is getting assigned to you anyway, so congrats, you have your own team," he said.

"I have no choice with that one do I?" Asked Yunho. "No," said Yedam. "JR was getting concerned, as well as the rest of his side of the pack," he said. "A break will do him good," he said. "Wontak was supposed to give you a break anyway since we're still dealing with things considering your new companion," he said. "I get it," said Yunho.

Byungchan walked over after getting his coffee, nodding to Yedam before turning to Yunho. "Take the next flight to Virginia in a week, Kris granted you a visit to the twins with MK," he said. "Kangmin granted him a long break so," he added. "Will do," said Yunho as he nodded.

Gunmin let out a breath that caused Yunho to turn to him. He shook his head and Yunho got up. "Come on," said Yunho. "We spent the day here," he said. "We got some planning to do," he said, leaving the Starbucks. Gunmin got up, bowing to Yedam and Byungchan before following after Yunho.
AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 3]

A sigh left Yunho as he gripped the backpack strap that hung off his shoulder, feeling deja vu as he stood looking out the window at the plane that would take them to Virginia. Gunmin was standing beside him, silent as ever, and MK was on his other side looking out at the sky passed the plane.

"Are you alright?" Asked MK. "I'm fine," said Yunho. "Just a bit apprehensive is all," he said. "At least we're in business class?" Asked MK, earning a chuckle from Yunho. "Of course," said Yunho. "I hate economy," he said. "Doesn't everyone though?" Asked MK as he chuckled. Gunmin's amusement was felt through the contract and Yunho couldn't help the small laugh that escaped him. "It seems Gunmin agrees too," said Yunho as MK gave him a questioning look. "Ah," hummed MK.

[center ~]

Hwanhee had been the one to get them from the airport, bringing Xion along for the adventure. When Xion saw Gunmin he froze for a second before running over, almost knocking Yunho over as he tackled him. "Welcome back!" He said. "Oi," said Yunho as he steadied himself, laughing as he hugged Xion back. "It's good to be back," he said, letting go of Xion and stepping back. Hwanhee kept a straight face but his eyes showed amusement as he walked over.

"You've changed," said Hwanhee. "I guess I have huh?" Asked Yunho. "Last time we saw each other was just before I came back from the year long trip I think," he said. "Yeah," hummed Hwanhee. "Getting a contract really changes people it seems," said Yunho. "Yeosang used to not be as friendly as he is now," he said.

"Come on, you can ride in the truck bed," said Hwanhee as they walked out to the truck after getting everyone's suitcases. "MK will be staying in the guest room for the moment, but you're welcome to spend time with the others," he said. MK nodded.

"Sorry," said Yunho as he scratched the back of his head. "I have my place in the twins and Hwanwoong's room since Xion doesn't get much sleep," he said. "Gunmin will be with you though," he added. "Since everyone is still wary of him I assume," he added. "They are," said Xion. "It's why I tagged along," he said. "To make sure nothing went wrong," he said.

After getting settled in the truck bed Hwanhee drove home, Yunho, MK and Gunmin sitting in the truck bed while XIon sat in the back with the back window open to talk to them. It was a mostly silent drive but Yunho got to enjoy the drive back to the pack house. Gunmin got to observe a different side to Yunho that he hadn't seen before. Maybe it was good that they got to go on this small vacation.

[center ~]

Xiao and Dongmyeong were standing outside in the front yard waiting on their return, Xiao in his alpha stance and Dongmyeong tensing on instinct when Gunmin was the first to get out, hopping down and grabbing one of their three suitcases and setting it down while Yunho and MK passed them over before hopping down from the truck themselves after grabbing their backpacks.

"How long is this vacation of yours?" Asked Xiao as Yunho walked over with MK and Gunmin flanking him. "It depends on MK at this point," said Yunho. "Kris granted us a visit, but we weren't told how long we could stay," he said. Hwanhee and Xion walked over, wondering what Xiao would say to that.

Xiao sighed, relaxing out of his alpha stance, grinning at Yunho who raised an eyebrow. "Stay as long as you need," said Xiao. "However, that one needs to be under observation," he said, motioning to Gunmin who tensed at his words, looking at Yunho. "No worries," said Yunho, his expression turning serious as he gripped the handle on his suitcase. "He won't do anything, not when I can easily end him," he said.

"You don't mind staying in the guest room then?" Asked Xiao. "For a few days anyway," he added. Yunho sighed. "For the sake of keeping the peace, that's fine," he said. "As much as I am willing to head back and leave MK here, they're both my responsibility since I'm the team leader," he said. Xiao nodded.

[center ~]

Surprisingly the rest of the pack Gunmin used to be a part of was not as antagonistic towards him as he thought they would be. Tolerant maybe, but not outright hateful towards him. He knew it had to do with Yunho being there, and that was fine with him. He'd rather that then have the hateful stares he got after they'd found out that he was still alive.

Changhyun was friendly enough, even if a bit stir crazy due to being on pretty much house arrest when he wasn't on missions. MK was doing fine with them, as far as Gunmin had observed the way he interacted with the twins and Hwanhee. Yunho had surprised him, as even Yunho carried a cold atmosphere around him when at home. Now he seemed more carefree than before.

After a couple of days of observations and making sure that Gunmin [i wouldn't] try anything stupid, they finally let Yunho and MK switch rooms. It didn't matter to Gunmin though, as he was fine with the younger werewolf, but Yunho was his contract owner and he was able to pick up on the longing that Yunho had to be back in the room with Hwanwoong and the twins. It was the most familiar room to Yunho, and Gunmin felt bad for making him stay in the guest room with him due to prejudice to something he had apparently done. Even if he had proven himself to be innocent.

[center ~]

"Seonghwa!" Said Yunho when said vampire showed up during one of their late night sessions outside. "Wow, Hangyul finally let you out of the country?" Asked Xion as he snickered, earning a sigh from Seonghwa. "I had cabin fever, and I needed to check up on things in the states anyway," said Seonghwa.

"I'm surprised," said MK. "Because last I recall 'shifters don't [i ever] let their mates out of their sight," he said. "I managed to convince him," said Seonghwa as he scratched the back of his head. "I came over after hearing you three were out of Kris's territory for once," he said.

"A vacation is doing us good to be honest with you," said MK. "I needed it, and so did Yunho," he said. "I didn't need it as much as you did but," Yunho said, shrugging. "Same difference," said MK, earning a chuckle from Yunho.
AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 4]

Seonghwa was only there for a few hours, leaving due to needing to meet up with the rest of his coven somewhere north of Jaehwan's territory. There was an important meeting that he couldn't miss, and he was already running behind by visiting Yunho, MK and Gunmin. He promised to come back with a souvenir as soon as he was free.

"Seonghwa is very eccentric," said MK, echoing Gunmin's thoughts as Yunho went to sit down after watching Seonghwa disappear from sight. "He's the more extroverted vampire of the entire coven," agreed Yunho as he shrugged. "Mingi takes after Yeosang, and San is... San," he said.

"Is there a reason for the way San acts the way he is?" Asked MK. "Yes," said Yunho. "But I'm not going to explain it due to not being comfortable enough to do so," he said. Gunmin shivered, the nightmares reminding him of how it was for Yunho before he had joined Kris's pack. "I'm not gonna press on the matter," said MK. "I won't fully understand due to having a relatively tame past compared to everyone here but," he said, shrugging. "As Jinyoung once said, I try to be as understanding as I can, but I won't try and force answers out of you if you don't want it," he said.

"You're a turned werewolf right?" Asked Hwanwoong. "Yeah," said MK. "Do you know who turned you?" Asked Hwanwoong. "Jinyoung did," said MK. "Really?" Asked Yunho. MK nodded. "I was picked to join the pack," he said. "But I was still human at the time so he turned me, after asking of course," he said. "Interesting," said Yunho. "So in a way you're directly connected to Jinyoung," he said. "Yep," said MK.

"Do the others know?" Asked Hwanwoong. "They do," said MK as he nodded. "But I've told them straight up that it doesn't bother me," he said. "I'm pretty laid back to be honest, I don't try and flaunt the fact that I was turned by Jinyoung to everyone I know," he said.

Everyone looked up at the ceiling of the gazebo they were under as rain started hitting the roof. "Well, looks like we're stuck under here," said Yunho as he got comfortable, laying down in the loveseat, letting his feet hang off one end. "As long as it doesn't get windy anyway," he added. "Yeah," hummed Xion as he looked out to the forest in thought.

"So why didn't Dongmyeong come join us?" Asked MK. "He wanted to sleep," said Xion. "It also means I'm stuck wide awake until then," he said, sighing. "How long have you been awake for?" Asked Hwanwoong. "A few days at least," said Xion as he shrugged. "It's okay though, I've definitely been awake for longer," he said.

[center ~]

"I swear you guys," said Xiao as he walked outside with an umbrella, seeing everyone in various states of sleep, except for Xion who was reading something on his phone. "It's morning already?" Asked Xion as he turned to look at Xiao. "Come make breakfast," he said. "Okay," said Xion as he got up, putting his phone in his pocket before going to wake everyone up and head inside.

Hwanwoong was the first to get up after Xion, getting up and making sure the others were waking up before heading inside. Gunmin waited until Yunho and MK got up before heading inside with them, everyone going to get their cups of coffee.

"What did you want to do today?" Asked Yunho as he turned to MK. "I've always wanted to go to DC," said MK as he shrugged. "I've been there before don't get me wrong, but I think it'd be a cool trip for us," he said.

"You'll have to do it within an hour if you want a chance to get there to explore the whole day," said Xiao. "We're still about three hours from DC but," he said, shrugging.

"Do you want to go?" Asked Yunho as he turned to MK. "If you want," said MK. "I'm fine with going," said Yunho as he nodded. "What about you Gunmin?" He asked, turning to Gunmin. Gunmin nodded, agreeing to go.

"Can I go too?" Asked Xion as he turned to Gunhak who walked into the kitchen with Youngjo. "Where are you going?" Asked Gunhak. "Taking a day trip to DC," said Xion. "MK wants to go, and it seems like something fun to do," he said. "You know it's your decision to say yes or no," said Xiao as he sipped on coffee, checking on breakfast on the stove as Xion returned to the counter to see what else he could do to help.

"I guess it's okay," said Gunhak. "I can't keep you from having fun," he said. "Yay!" Said Xion. "Go wake up your brother, I'm sure Dongmyeong would love a day to explore," said Yunho. "Got it," said Xion before running out of the kitchen as more of the others started walking into the kitchen.

Dongmyeong soon joined them in the kitchen, yawning as he flopped down on one of the barstools by the kitchen island. "A trip would be nice," he said, rubbing his eyes to wake himself up some. "I don't know if I can last the whole day, but I'll try," he said. "Don't let it get you down," said Yunho. "We'll accommodate for you, don't worry," he said.

"Take the truck, it's not like you're going across the country," said Xiao. "I'll get the keys," said Dongmyeong as he got up, going to get the car keys for the truck. "Changhyun did you want to go?" Asked Xiao as Changhyun entered the kitchen last. "Where am I going?" Asked Changhyun as he blinked. "To Washington DC for a day trip," said Xiao. "Sure," said Changhyun. "Get breakfast before you get ready," said Xiao as Dongmyeong and Xion came back.

"I guess I'll go supervise and be the driver," said Hwanhee as he scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, might as well," Xiao said with a chuckle. "I am [i perfectly] able to drive now," Changhyun said with a scowl. "Don't think you know the way to DC though," said Hwanhee, earning a sigh from Changhyun. "I don't, but," Changhyun grumbled.

After breakfast Hwanhee and Changhyun went to get the truck ready while the others went to get ready for the day trip.

"Thanks for letting me come along," said Changhyun. "It was Xiao's idea,' said Hwanhee. "We couldn't leave you out of it when you're basically on house arrest while waiting on your next missions," he said. "Right," said Changhyun.

[center ~]

The drive to Washington DC was a surprisingly quiet one, with Hwanhee and Changhyun sitting in the front, Dongmyeong and Xion sitting in the back with the back window open and Yunho, MK and Gunmin sitting in the truck bed. Yunho was oddly quiet during the drive, looking up at the sky as he was lost in his own thoughts.

[center ~]

Their trip started at the memorials for the fallen soldiers, which left a solemn mood for everyone. Yunho especially, considering his position in the pack. Xion was feeling the same way as Yunho, as they were both soldiers in their own rights, and the others left them alone for a bit to pay their respects to the fallen soldiers.

After that they went to visit the Washington monument, looking at the reflecting pool and taking pictures. Yunho took most of the pictures of the group, saving them for the memories of the time. MK was having a great time, smiling and laughing. Changhyun was relaxed, joking around with the others. Dongmyeong and Hwanhee stayed back, letting the younger members of the group have their fun.

The next area everyone went to was the different museums, starting with the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. MK was the most intrigued by this one, as he was able to find interesting things about the past. Xion was with him, dragging Changhyun and Gunmin along as they went through the exhibits. Yunho stayed back with Hwanhee and Dongmyeong, letting them explore.

After visiting the other museums in the area Hwanhee drove everyone to the mall to get a late lunch, sitting down and eating after getting their food. The mood was somber for once, Yunho being in his thoughts while the others talked excitedly about the last museum and which place to go to next.

"Are you okay?" Asked Dongmyeong as everyone decided to do a bit of shopping after lunch while Yunho and Dongmyeong stayed back and let the others go ahead. "I'm fine," said Yunho. "It's just been a weird day for me I guess," he said.

"It's not Gunmin is it?" Asked Dongmyeong. "No," said Yunho as he shook his head. "He's been fine the whole time," he said. "It's just been a weird day for me," he said again, letting out a sigh as he turned to Dongmyeong. Dongmyeong observed Yunho with a slight head tilt before shaking his head. "Come on," he said. "The day's almost over," he said, turning and walking off with Yunho following after him.

[center ~]

After all the exploring was done and Dongmyeong was ready to fall asleep on his feet everyone got ready to head home. After getting souvenirs for everyone Hwanhee drove home.

[center ~]

"I enjoyed the day," said Yunho as he joined MK and Gunmin in the guest room after they got back to the pack house. "I did too," said MK as he nodded. Gunmin nodded in agreement. "We'll have to head home soon," said Yunho as he sighed. "Is that what you've been moping about?" Asked MK. "No, seeing Seonghwa again has reminded me how long it's been since I've last seen San is all," said Yunho.

"I'm sure he'll come for a visit soon," said MK. "Wasn't he just going to meet up with the others?" He asked. "He would've messaged me when he was done with the meeting," said Yunho. "I'm sure it's still taking a bit," said MK. "Give it a few more days," he said. "Yeah yeah," hummed Yunho.
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[center Chapter 5]

"Mingi," said Yunho as he stood a few feet from said person. "Yunho," said Mingi.

"Who brought you back?" Asked Yunho. "It was Yeosang," said Mingi. "But it's okay," he said. "At least you're still you," he said.

"Things have changed Mingi," said Yunho as he shook his head. "I'm aware," said Mingi.

"Can you... Can you keep an eye on San for me?" Asked Yunho as he looked away from Mingi. "Of course," said Mingi. "Whatever makes you happy alright?" He asked. "I guess the feelings are still there huh?" Asked Yunho. "Of course," said Mingi. "You never rejected me in the first place," he said.

"I'm sorry I can't return your feelings," said Yunho as he turned back to Mingi. "It's okay," said Mingi. "I understand," he said. "I better go now," he said before turning and sprinting off. Yunho sighed, his shoulders slumping before turning and walking back to the pack house.

Gunmin had been observing this dream in slight confusion, wondering why a nightmare didn't come through tonight. He watched Yunho walk away before being forced from the dream.

[center ~]

Gunmin sat up in surprise, feeling the scar on his chest burning like it usually did when a dream had been transferred to him. He turned and looked over to see Yunho still asleep beside him before getting up and headed out of the room, going downstairs and into the kitchen to get some water. They had just gotten back home yesterday and it was already back to spending his nights outside with whoever decided to join him at this hour.

Gunmin headed out after grabbing his shoes and putting them on, going to sit on the back deck for a bit instead of sitting by the water like he usually did when Wooseok joined him.

[center ~]

It would be just after sunrise when the back door opened, and out stepped Yunho who had woke to an empty bed. "Oh, you're out here," he said, spotting Gunmin leaning against the railing. Gunmin turned to Yunho and nodded.

"What dream did you take from me last night?" Asked Yunho. "Because I woke from a nightmare," he said, sighing as he stood beside Gunmin. Gunmin shrugged, turning to look back out at the lake behind their property. "I forget that you don't speak anymore," grumbled Yunho as he let out a soft sigh. "Whatever," he said. "I'm sure I'll find out which dream it was," he said.

[center ~]

It wasn't long before the others had come out to find them, Chan being the one sent to tell them to get breakfast before heading back inside. "Welcome back Chan," said Yunho as he walked inside. "How was the camping trip?" He asked. "Went fine," said Chan as he shrugged. "We only came back because Hanse had to do something," he said. "Ah," hummed Yunho.

"Any news from my brother?" Asked Chan. "Not that I'm aware of, his last message in the faction chat was that he was going silent because he had a mission outside of communication range in Europe," said Yunho. "I'm sure he's fine though, Eric is with him I think," he said. "Ah," hummed Chan.

"What's the plan today?" Asked Seungwoo as he was making breakfast. "I need to go pick up Yuto then JR asked me to spend some more time with MK," he said. "Chani asked if Yuto could spend the day with us," he said. "It explains why Sejun left early this morning," said Byungchan as he walked into the kitchen.

"Why is Chani asking you to take their human for the day?" Asked Byungchan. "Yuto needs a day off," said Yunho. "And everyone else is busy at the moment so they asked me," he said. "Is that okay?" He asked. "Yeah, no problem," said Byungchan. "Just keep an eye on the chats in case we need you," he said. Yunho nodded, going to get ready before coming back to get breakfast. Gunmin went to get ready for the day after Yunho, coming back to eat breakfast before leaving in the jeep with Yunho.

MK got into the backseat with Gunmin, and after waving to Jinyoung who was returning from a hunt Yunho backed out of the driveway and drove off, heading out to Chani's coven house to go pick up Yuto.

"So why were we saddled with the human for the day?" Asked MK. "Chani never gave me an answer," said Yunho. "I assume it's due to visiting vampires in Toronto or something," he said. "Or Yuto really needed a day off," he said. "Sejun probably would've said something but," he said, shrugging.

Once they reached Chani's place Yuto was standing outside with Chani who was looking even more tired than usual. "What's wrong with Chani?" Asked Yunho as Yuto got into the passenger side and closed the door. "I don't know," said Yuto. "A lot of things have been stressing the vampires out lately," he said. "Interesting," hummed Yunho as he waved to Chani before backing out of the driveway, heading back to Toronto.

[center ~]

"So," said Yunho as he stopped at a stop light. "I assume that Jaemin is out of the house too," he said. "Chani has him staying with Jungwoo and Jeno at the moment," said Yuto. "I'm apparently safe due to being marked but," he said, shrugging.

"Why not send you off to Berlin?" Asked MK. "Moonbin said no," said Yuto. "I'm needed here anyway, because of the information network," he said. "That Hoetaek and Kris run," said Yunho. "Yeah, pretty much," said Yuto.

"How is Hongseok doing?" Asked Yunho as the light turned green and he started driving again. "I dunno, Chani shipped him off to stay with Jinho and the others after Hoetaek nearly killed him when he found out what Hongseok had done," said Yuto. "Yeah, I'd be pissed too to be honest," said MK. "Jun didn't deserve what had been done to him," he said. "I don't think anyone does," said Yunho.

[center ~]

"So now what?" Asked Yuto as they ended their day at Starbucks. "Are you coming home with us?" Asked Yunho. "I don't know to be honest," said Yuto as he shrugged. "Hyojin's coming to get me," said MK. "I had fun today," he added. "That's good," said Yunho. "I had fun too, even though I was basically forced to join you today," said Yuto.

"You weren't forced onto us per say," said Yunho. "We just agreed to take you with us," he said. "So it's not like you were forced to be with us the entire day," he said. "We would've let you go home if you wanted," he said. "Ah, I didn't know that," said Yuto. "It's fine though, I did enjoy the day," he added. "I didn't want to ruin the mood and ask to go home," he said.

"You miss him don't you?" Asked Yunho. "I do," hummed Yuto. "Sometimes I wish Chani let me go to Berlin by myself, but I can see why he won't," he said. "It's more for peace of mind I guess," he said. "You're a marked human," said Yunho. "Anything could happen to you between now and arriving in Berlin," he said.

"You got room to take me home?" Asked Sejun as he walked over after clocking out. "You're done already?" Asked Yunho as he looked up at Sejun. "Yeah," said Sejun. "Hyojin's coming to get me, I'll see where he's at," said MK as he checked his phone.

"Hui's here, I think," said Sejun. "You can go home with him," he said to Yuto. "Otherwise Yanan and Hyojong can," he said. "I have no problem taking him home," Yanan called from the counter. "Chani didn't say anything about him staying with you guys so," he said. "Okay, that settles it," said Yunho as he nodded.

[center ~]

After making sure that Hyojin had come to get MK Yunho drove home with Gunmin and Sejun, the three of them being quiet throughout the drive.

"Who got you the jeep again?" Asked Sejun. "Hongjoong did," said Yunho. "I know, I won't be using it much when most of my missions are out of the country but," he said, shrugging. "I'm not going to turn down a present though," he added. "I see," hummed Sejun.

"At least I don't have to keep borrowing any of your cars when I need to get somewhere," said Yunho. "True," said Sejun. "Though I'm sure you don't mind letting the others use it when you're away on missions," he said. "I don't," said Yunho as he nodded.
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[center Chapter 6]

"Damn it, you know how much I didn't want this!" Yelled Seoho as he paced back and forth. "You [i know] it's either this or die," said Yunho as he leaned against the hood of the car he had borrowed for the day. "I know you better than that, but are you willing to give up your voice that easily?" He asked.

"That's the thing," said Seoho as he sighed, throwing up his hands in exasperation, turning to Yunho as his arms dropped to his sides. "I [i don't]," he said. "But at the same time, I don't want to die either," he said. "You're lucky as hell Wontak didn't kill you back then," said Yunho. "Yeah yeah," mumbled Seoho as he stopped pacing. "I'll do it then," he said.

Gunmin looked more confused than he ever had been, seeing this dream in particular. It was strange to see from a third person's perspective, and yet here he was, listening to himself complain. Had he really been that kind of person back then?

[center ~]

Gunmin sat up in alarm, clawing at his throat as he gasped, coughing before covering his mouth with his hands. The burning on his chest didn't help either as he tried to get his breathing under control. Yunho woke with a start, feeling the burning in the scar across his upper back.

"What the hell are you doing to me?" Asked Yunho as he grabbed Gunmin, hitting him across the back to help get his breathing under control. "Now, which dream did you take from me this time?" He asked once Gunmin got his breathing under control. Gunmin moved his hands away and found blood, blinking in confusion.

"Blood?" Asked Yunho as he got up. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up," he said, getting Gunmin to stand and walk into the connecting bathroom to wash up.

"I'll have Subin check you over in the morning okay?" Asked Yunho when Gunmin was done cleaning himself up. Gunmin nodded. "Technically you're still alive so if it's something big we need to figure out what's wrong," he said. "Let's go back to sleep," he said, heading back into their room. Gunmin was hesitant, but followed after him.

[center ~]

"You said he coughed up blood yesterday?" Asked Subin as he stood in front of Gunmin who was sitting on their bed. "It was right after another dream," said Yunho. "Because I woke up to the scar across my back burning," he said.

"Hm," hummed Subin as he bent down in front of Gunmin. "Tilt your head back," he said, and Gunmin did what he was told. Subin reached out and gently touched Gunmin's neck, feeling for anything out of place. "Odd," he said. "Nothing should be wrong, you seem healthy," he said, moving away and standing up. Gunmin blinked, moving his head down as he looked at Subin.

"Really," said Subin. "Nothing is wrong from what it looks like," he said. "If it happens again let me know okay? I'll do what I can to figure out what's wrong," he said. Gunmin nodded. Subin nodded and turned, walking out of the room to leave them alone.

"Did you take one of my dreams where you were speaking?" Yunho asked suddenly. Gunmin blinked before nodding. "I didn't think you'd be able to take those dreams," said Yunho as he blinked in confusion. Gunmin shrugged.

"I can't control what dreams get transferred," hummed Yunho. "How odd," he said.

[center ~]

A surprise visit from Mingi and Yeosang really caught Gunmin off guard. He had expected a different person, despite the dream he had been sent. Yunho glanced between Gunmin and Mingi before shaking his head. "Don't try and kill each other now," he said.

"I dunno Yunho, it'd be impossible for us to die I'd think," said Mingi. "Probably," said Yunho. "But try and get along," he said. "I'll be right back, I need to speak to Yeosang," he said before going to do so.

Gunmin could only observe Mingi, his head tilting to the side. "What?" Asked Mingi. Gunmin shook his head.

[center ~]

"Where's San?" Asked Yunho. "Somewhere," said Yeosang. "He went off with Seonghwa for a small vacation before Seonghwa had to return to Austria," he said. "Said something about meeting up with another coven Seonghwa knows before coming by," he said. "San willingly went?" Asked Yunho as he raised an eyebrow. "Yeah," said Yeosang as he shrugged.

"That's surprising," Yunho said with a scoff. "Considering who San is, yeah," hummed Yeosang.

"So what did you need?" Asked Yunho. "Information," said Yeosang. "On who?" Asked Yunho. "Someone who goes by the name Ace," said Yeosang. "Hm," hummed Yunho as he tried to remember who that was.

"Does the name ring a bell?" Asked Yeosang. "No," said Yunho as he shook his head. "I haven't had to meet someone with that name yet," he said. "I'm sure if you ask MK he'll know," he said. "Or have you tried Chani yet?" He asked. "Chani didn't recognize the name," said Yeosang. "But I'll ask MK when I see him next," he said.

"I'll be sure to let him know ahead of time," said Yunho. Yeosang nodded and turned before sprinting off to hunt.

Gunmin walked over with Mingi, the both of them looking calm considering the circumstances anyway. "Yeosang went to hunt," said Yunho as he turned to Mingi. "I figured he did," said Mingi as he studied Yunho with a small head tilt.

"What?" Asked Yunho. "Nothing," said Mingi. "It's good to see you again," he said. "Even for these few minutes," he said, moving closer. Yunho hummed in response, freezing when Mingi put a hand on his shoulder. Gunmin was hesitant, watching what Yunho was going to do as he forced himself to not let out a growl.

"Are you happy?" Asked Mingi. Yunho blinked. "What kind of question is that?" He asked. "Are you?" Asked Mingi. Yunho had to think about it, shrugging Mingi's hand off his shoulder.

"I guess I am?" Yunho asked after a minute of thinking of an answer. "I mean, I feel better than before," he said. "Gunmin's doing wonders," Mingi said with a small chuckle, earning a sigh from Yunho. "Get out of here before Yeosang comes looking for you," said Yunho. "Yes mom," Mingi said, rolling his eyes before sprinting off into the forest.

[center ~]

"San! Please! Stay alive for me please!" Sobbed Yunho as he collapsed onto his knees beside his brother. Mingi and Yeosang were a few feet behind him, talking quietly.

Gunmin blinked as he watched this dream play out. Another nightmare huh? He wasn't too surprised, as he figured that seeing Yeosang again would trigger memories like this.

"Yunho," Mingi said quietly, walking over and putting a hand on his shoulder. "We'll have to move you two okay?" He asked. "We can't stay here," he said. "B-But," whimpered Yunho as he wiped his face with his arm. "We'll get you two out," said Mingi. "Trust me," he said. Yunho nodded, getting to his feet and stumbling some. Mingi helped keep him steady before picking him up. "I got San," said Yeosang as he went to pick up San. "Go," said Mingi. "I'll be right behind you," he said. Yeosang nodded before sprinting off, with Mingi following behind him.

Gunmin tried to follow after them, but they were too fast. He was soon forced from the dream as it ended.

[center ~]

Gunmin sat up in alarm, gasping for breath as he felt like he was running a marathon. He felt the scar across his chest burning again as he tried to get his breathing under control. He turned to look beside him to find the bed empty for once. Where had Yunho go?
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[center Chapter 7]

Gunmin looked around the room, noticing that the wolf plushie was no longer between them and figured that Yunho had taken it outside with him or something. He got up, stumbling a bit as he nearly fell over from a sudden weakness in his knees. He steadied himself by leaning on the mattress before taking a few unsteady steps and walking out of the room once his sense of balance had come back to him. He followed the pull of the contract downstairs and outside, grabbing his shoes and putting them on before stepping outside, to find Yunho curled up on the bench by the water with San.

Yunho looked over when Gunmin walked over, moving closer to San to make room for Gunmin to sit down. Gunmin sat down with a sigh, sliding forward slightly as he leaned his head back against the back of the bench. "Sorry, I woke up from that nightmare too," mumbled Yunho as he leaned against San's shoulder, resting his head on San's shoulder for comfort. Gunmin shook his head in understanding.

"Are you alright?" Asked San as he looked down at Yunho. "I will be," said Yunho. "What nightmare was it?" Asked San. "The one where we were rescued," said Yunho. "You were unconscious at the time," he added. "But instead of you surviving the worst happened," he mumbled.

"Oi," said San. "I'm not gonna die anytime soon," he said. "I swear on it okay?" He asked, putting an arm around Yunho. "I know," hummed Yunho. "Just try and not to get yourself killed okay?" He asked. "Sure sure," said San.

[center ~]

By morning San was gone, and Yunho was sleeping curled up on the bench with his wolf plushie clutched in his arms and his head in Gunmin's lap. Gunmin was still awake when San left, and was able to wave goodbye to the vampire before falling asleep himself.

Yunho jolted awake, sitting up in surprise as he remembered that San had visited last night. He looked around, sighing when he didn't find San with them. He woke up Gunmin who woke with a start, turning his head to look at Yunho. "Did he say goodbye at least?" Asked Yunho. Gunmin nodded.

"Good," Yunho said, stretching out on the bench as he put the wolf plushie between them.

"Was someone looking for me?" Came a new voice, causing Yunho and Gunmin to turn to spot two new people standing a few feet away.

"Who are you?" Asked Yunho. "The name's Ace," said Ace as he shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets. "Word travels fast for us vampires it seems," he hummed. "Yeosang was looking for you," said Yunho. "But he left a few days ago," he said. "I can ask him to come back if you want," he said.

"I'll be at Chani's place," said Ace as he nodded. "Who is with you?" Asked Yunho. "Introduce yourself," said Ace as he turned to his companion. "My name is Ayno," said Ayno as he tilted his head to the side. Gunmin observed him with his head tilted to the side as Yunho nodded. "I'll contact him as soon as I can," he said. Ace nodded and sprinted into the woods, soon disappearing from view. Ayno was left to stand there for a second, sighing at Ace's antics before following after him.

"They remind me of Yeosang and Mingi," Yunho said with a chuckle, earning an amused look from Gunmin before they both got up, Yunho grabbing the wolf plushie, and headed inside to freshen up and get ready for the day.

[center ~]

It seemed to be a good week, as Hongjoong, Jongho and Wooyoung were finally home after their trip to Asia a few days after Ace had appeared. "San finally came over huh?" Asked Hongjoong after Yunho caught him up on everything that had happened.

"For a few hours actually," said Yunho as he scratched the back of his head. "It was nice to finally see him again though," he added. "Nice," said Hongjoong. "Gunmin isn't giving you trouble is he?" He asked. "No," said Yunho. "That's good," said Hongjoong.

"Anything interesting from the trip?" Asked Yunho. "I got you a Chinese dragon statue," said Hongjoong. "It should be up in your room, Wooyoung dropped it off before he went to take a shower," he said. "Cool," said Yunho. "I haven't gotten one of those yet," he said.

"You said a vampire named Ace stopped by?" Asked Byungchan as he walked over, interrupting their little reunion. "I mean," said Yunho as he turned to Byungchan. "I think he was one, he said something about word travelling fast to them," he said. "He had also pulled a Yeosang and ran off to hunt not long after with his companion," he said.

"Seungsik ran into them I think," said Byungchan. "They did say they were staying at Chani's place for a bit until Yeosang came over," said Yunho. "Ah," hummed Byungchan.

[center ~]

San was back, Gunmin had been sitting outside after waking up from another nightmare being transferred to him, when said vampire showed up.

"Sorry," said San as he went to sit down on the other side of the bench. "I needed to hunt so I couldn't stay long before," he said. Gunmin shook his head in understanding before looking back out at the water.

"I worry for him you know?" Asked San as he leaned back against the bench with a sigh. "Back then when it was just us things were different," he said. "Now I know he's in a better place but I hate to see what all these missions are doing to his head," he said. Gunmin could only sit in silence, nodding to San's words.

"Just keep an eye on my brother okay?" Asked San as he turned to Gunmin. Gunmin turned to San, his head tilting to the side in question. "You're helping him, somehow or another," said San. "Just keep an eye on him," he said. Gunmin nodded, bowing his head in acknowledgement before turning back to look out at the water. "Thank you," he heard San say before he heard the vampire leave.
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[center Chapter 8]

"If you said the name Wooyoung I would've known exactly who you were talking about," said Chani as he appeared at the coffee shop a few days later with Ace and Ayno while Yunho was sitting down enjoying a caramel macchiato with Gunmin enjoying a green tea Frappuccino. "Well, Yeosang wouldn't elaborate on who he was meeting so," Yunho said, shrugging.

Chani sighed before going to sit down with Hoetaek who was reading his ever present newspaper. Ace shook his head and sat across from Yunho and Ayno sat across from Gunmin. "Yeosang and Mingi will be here in a few minutes," said Yunho as he nodded to Ace. "No hurry," hummed Ace as he studied Yunho with a small tilt of his head before turning away and looking out at the traffic out the windows. Yunho looked through his phone to see what was going on with the chats and had to pause for a second when something Chani said finally sunk in.

"Your name is Wooyoung?" Asked Yunho as he looked at Ace. "Yep," said Ace as he shrugged. "Ace is what I'm more known as but Wooyoung is my human name, as your kind put it," he said. "I see," hummed Yunho.

Yeosang, Mingi and San entered the coffee shop a few minutes later, Mingi going to go get a drink while Yeosang and San walked over to Yunho's table. Yunho and Gunmin got up, letting Yeosang and San take their seats before going to sit with Chani and Hoetaek. Mingi wasn't sure where he was supposed to sit, so he decided to join Yunho, Gunmin, Chani and Hoetaek for the time being until they needed him.

[center ~]

"Whatever they're talking about it's serious," said Mingi as he looked at the front and back page of the newspaper Hoetaek was reading. "It's always serious when it concerns vampires," said Chani. "When it is never serious though," said Hoetaek as he peeked out from his newspaper to look at Mingi.

"Did Yeosang keep you out of the meetings?" Asked Hoetaek. "For the most part," said Mingi. "Said I didn't need to be a part of it, but I get involved when they need me to," he said.

"You're just there in case they need you for anything," said Yunho. "Believe me, I was the same way for a while before Wooyoung joined us," he said. "Being a soldier kind of puts you in that position," he said. "Now that Wooyoung is with us I don't get to do the same things you do, but I occasionally join in on meetings when it involves other hunters," he said.

A standoff seemed to happen as San got to his feet, glaring at Ayno. "Oi," said San as Yunho got up, ready to go defend his brother if needed. Gunmin had also gotten up, ready to defend Yunho in case this escalated to a physical fight. San waved down any hostility from Yunho who sat down, albeit reluctantly as he glared at Ayno. Gunmin was more reluctant but Yunho shaking his head made Gunmin sit down.

[center ~]

"Sorry," said San. "My brother is protective," he said. "That's quite the understatement San," said Ace as he crossed his arms over his chest. San sat down, shrugging as he looked at Ace. "I guess it's what you perceive it is," he said. "Believe me," said Yeosang. "San's normally very composed," he said.

"I don't trust many people," said San. "So watch it," he said. "I haven't had to kill our kind yet, so I guess that's a plus," he said. "Unlike your brother it seems," said Ace. "Yunho's doing it for a reason," said San. "You leave my brother out of this," he hissed. "Protective indeed," hummed Ayno.

[center ~]

San walked over to Yunho after their meeting, huffing out a sigh as he flopped down on the chair beside Yunho. "Everything alright?" Asked Yunho. "It's stupid," grumbled San. "Nothing's gonna happen though, but I have to go see Youngbin again, I'll be back in a few weeks," he said.

"Again?" Asked Yunho. "But you just got back," he said, blinking in surprise. "I'll be back as soon as I can," said San. "I'm sorry," he said. "It's okay," said Yunho as he sighed. "You got to be here for a bit anyway," he said.

Gunmin tapped his fingers on the table, listening to the two brothers talk. Something about this goodbye was bothering Yunho and it was affecting him in some way. He tried to convey comfort through the contract, and that caused Yunho to turn to Gunmin. "I-" said Yunho as he blinked. "Thanks," he said, sighing as he relaxed, slumping down in his seat slightly.

San patted his shoulder some before getting up. "I'll be back as soon as I can okay?" He asked. Yunho nodded.

[center ~]

MK came over a few days after the meeting and Yunho walked with him outside to sit on the back deck where Gunmin was sitting and reading a book. "JR asked you to come over?" Asked Yunho. "No, I came over myself," said MK. "Is that okay?" He asked. "Yeah, it's fine," said Yunho.

"I guess Ace finally showed up huh?" Asked MK. "How'd you know the guy anyway?" Asked Yunho. "Ayno's my best friend," said MK as he shrugged. "Well, was," he added. "We had a falling out when he found out I was becoming a vampire hunter," he said. "I see," hummed Yunho.

"We grew up together, before we were turned years apart," said MK. "He was turned before me, and I was introduced to our world," he said. "He wanted me to stay out of it though, but when Jinyoung found out he ended up having to turn me," he said.

"No human is supposed to know of our world, unless they get dragged into it like Taeseon and his team had," said Yunho. "Ayno pretty much broke a law when he told you," he said.

"He didn't have a choice," said MK as he shrugged. "He was leaving, and at the time I didn't even know he was with his coven that he is in now, and he let me know why," he said. "Still," hummed Yunho.

"It's the past, I'm here now and I can't really do much about it," said MK. "Did you and Ayno ever just talk it out?" Asked Yunho. "Not really," said MK. "I wanted to, when I contacted him but I ended up backing out at the last minute," he said. "Maybe a talk would do you some good," said Yunho. "Maybe," hummed MK.
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[center Chapter 9]

Keonhee pinned Seoho against the wall, growling as he did so. "You're hopeless you know that?" He snarled out. "This is our chance," he said. "I didn't want this, but it seems you do, so be it," he said, moving away.

"Do you know what they'll do to you once they find out?!" Asked Seoho as he slid down to the floor. "I [i will] not be a part of this mess alright?!" He said, looking at where Keonhee had tied up Dami. "Leave then," said Keonhee. "Leave and face the consequences of your actions," he said, walking over to the phone on the table to make a phone call.

Seoho got to his feet, grunting as he felt pain shoot through his ribs as he used the wall for support. "You're stupid to think this would work," he said, stumbling out of the room. He collapsed against the wall opposite the door as the screaming started, sliding to the floor in defeat. Why hadn't he done anything to stop it?

[center ~]

Yunho woke with a start, sitting up as he felt the dream end. "What the hell?" He asked, turning to look beside him to see Gunmin still asleep. "Where did [i that] dream come from?" He asked, rubbing his face with his hands before falling back onto the bed with a sigh. He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed his phone when he heard it ding, soon looking at the message from Wontak. Mission details. "Great," he groaned, dropping the phone onto his chest before sighing and throwing an arm across his face to try and sleep again. He would deal with the mission stuff in the morning.

[center ~]

MK was at the house later that morning, having also gotten mission details from Kangmin. "Looks like we're doing our first missions as a team together," said Yunho as he opened the door, seeing MK standing there.

"It seems so," said MK. "Where are you going?" He asked. "Vancouver," said Yunho. "Gunmin and I are," he added. "What about you?" He asked. "Same," said MK. "Did you already pack?" Asked Yunho as he let MK in. "Are we driving there?" Asked MK as he walked with Yunho into the kitchen. "We are," said Yunho. "It'll give me a chance to test the jeep anyway," he added.

"Will the jeep fit the three of us?" Asked MK. "It will," said Yunho. "As long as we switch seats every now and again to stretch our legs in the back seat," he said. "Did you want to drive first?" He asked. "Nah, I'll let you do it," said MK. Yunho nodded.

"Does your side of the pack know already?" Asked MK. "Yeah," said Yunho. "What about yours?" He asked. "They know," said MK as he nodded. "Alright, let's eat then I'll get my things," said Yunho. "Gunmin is already packed?" Asked MK. "We always have a duffle bag on hand in case we get missions," said Yunho. "So yes," he said.

"Where'd everyone go?" Asked MK. "They're all busy, but they know," said Yunho. "I'm going to pack up my rifle then we'll go," he said. "I didn't think you'd bring out the rifle for this hunt," said MK. "Well, remember Minseok?" Asked Yunho.

"....His turn finally came huh?" Asked MK. "I thought I'd let you know that he was my next mission," said Yunho as he sighed. "Well, at least it was you and not anyone else," said MK. "Do you have all your appropriate paperwork?" He asked. "In case we're stopped," he added. "Yeah, it's in the jeep," said Yunho.

[center ~]

Gunmin ended up driving first, after getting the address for the place they were staying in inputted into the gps attached to the center console. Yunho was in the back seat and MK was sitting in the passenger seat.

"We don't have communication rights in Vancouver do we?" Asked MK. "No," hummed Yunho as he updated his chats to let everyone know where he was going with Gunmin. MK had already done so, seeing that they were both in a bunch of the same chats.

"Who are you after?" Asked Yunho as he looked up from his phone. "Some vampire who's been causing trouble," said MK. "His name is Sungjae or something," he hummed. "Ace was having some trouble with him it seems, so that's why I was called along," he said. "I see," said Yunho.

[center ~]

"Why didn't you stop him huh?!" Shouted Gunhak as he slammed Seoho into the wall behind them. "We wouldn't be dealing with this damn headache if you had just [i stopped] him," he snarled, pulling Seoho back before slamming him into the wall behind him again.

"Y-You wouldn't understand," said Seoho as he found the strength to grab Gunhak by the arms and shove him backwards. It nearly caused him to fall over but he managed to steady himself as he glared at Gunhak. "You wouldn't!" He shouted as he went and pushed Gunhak away from him.

"Help me understand then," said Gunhak. "I know you didn't want to do anything to him," he said. "Everything I say will just be [i excuses] to you," spat Seoho. "We're trying to keep you from being punished," said Gunhak. "Did you even stop to think that that's what I wanted?" Asked Seoho.

[center ~]

Yunho woke with a start, falling off the back seat with a groan. "You alright back there?" Asked MK as he looked into the rearview mirror. "I'm fine," grunted Yunho as he pushed himself up, moving back to sit on the seat with a sigh. "Just dealing with more dream transfers," he said. "You're getting his dreams now?" Asked MK. "Apparently," hummed Yunho as he turned to look out the window.

"Wanna stop somewhere?" Asked MK. "Yeah, how are we on gas?" Asked Yunho. "I refilled it a bit ago but we can stop at the next exit," he said. "Why didn't you wake me?" Asked Yunho as he blinked in surprise. "Gunmin was driving," said MK. "Ah," hummed Yunho.

[center ~]

MK and Yunho switched seats, though MK did ask Gunmin if he wanted the back seat, and Yunho continued the drive to Vancouver. Something about the last dream had Yunho deep in thought as he drove, humming along to a tune as he kept an eye on the road. Gunmin was back to being awake, staring out the passenger side window while being in his own thoughts.

"You're feeling guilty," said Yunho as he changed lanes when the gps told him to get ready to turn into an exit. Gunmin turned to Yunho in surprise, his head tilting to the side.

"Your dreams," said Yunho. "Well, memories now," he added. "You feel guilty about what happened, and it's really not doing you much good," he said. Gunmin nodded, sighing as he looked out the passenger door window again. "I get it," said Yunho. "I feel guilty for not being able to help San when he needed me the most," he hummed.

"Though, for you it's different I suppose," said Yunho as he pulled into the exit he was going to, merging onto another interstate a few seconds later to continue the drive. Gunmin nodded again.

"How were you supposed to stop someone from doing something, when they were your mate?" Asked Yunho.
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[center Chapter 10]

"So where are we staying again?" Asked MK as he stretched in the passenger seat, noticing that they were back within Canadian borders. "Youngbin has an apartment we can stay in for the time being," said Yunho as he shrugged. "We'll be staying with a vampire?" Asked MK. "No, that isn't even his place," said Yunho. "Coincidentally this is near where Minseok was last seen," he said. "I see," hummed MK.

"Your vampire is a bit out of the way I think," said Yunho. "But we'll have to ask Youngbin where he is specifically," he said. "We're not too much farther now," said MK. "No, just an hour to go I think," said Yunho.

"So how are you going to take care of Minseok?" Asked MK. "Well," said Yunho as he looked into the rearview mirror at Gunmin who was looking out the window. "This is Gunmin's first mission," he said. "I'm only here for backup," he said. "The apartment we're staying in is in a building across from the one where Minseok is at," he said. "Apparently," he added. "Gunmin will have to make the kill himself," he said.

Gunmin looked at Yunho in surprise, blinking in question. "Get him up to the roof of the apartment building," said Yunho. "From there you'll be able to get him," he said. "I'm going to be across the street on the roof with my rifle," he said. "I won't let anything happen to you, but since you're practically indestructible we're testing this," he said. Gunmin nodded, looking back out the window.

"What's my role in it?" Asked MK. "You'll be the one to bring him up to the roof," said Yunho. "Gunmin will wait on you there," he said. "You want me to watch his death?" Asked MK. "No," said Yunho. "But if I just sent Gunmin he'd know what was up," he said.

[center ~]

Once they reached the apartment building they were staying in Yunho parked the Jeep nearby, getting out and letting Gunmin out before closing the door and going to grab his bags. MK was hesitant, though he eventually followed after Yunho and Gunmin as they got their things and headed inside.

"What floor are we going to?" Asked MK. "The 5th floor," said Yunho as he went up to the counter to ask for the right room key before heading to the elevators with Gunmin and MK following after him. "How many floors does this place have?" Asked MK. "20?" Asked Yunho. "There's elevators so," he said, shrugging. "How many does the other apartment building have?" Asked MK. "At least 15," said Yunho. "I looked at it through google maps, it looks like we'll be able to do something," he said.

[center ~]

The first night in the apartment wasn't too bad, at least to MK's standards. He was used to living in cheap motels during his travels so an apartment was like luxury to him. He wondered how this mission would go for him, as he and Minseok were on pretty good terms when Minseok had left. At least, he had thought so.

"Well, at least I'm not the one doing it," hummed MK as he sat with Yunho on the couch. "I guess," said Yunho as he watched something on tv. Gunmin was lying down in the loveseat playing a game on Yunho's phone half listening to the conversation.

"Would you do it though?" Asked MK. "Kill an ex packmate because of a mission?" Asked Yunho. MK nodded. "No," said Yunho. "I wouldn't be able to bring myself to do it," he said. "Even now," he said. "As I continue being a werewolf hunter it's what I told Yedam when I joined the organization," he said. "I refuse to kill anyone in the pack, regardless of whether left on their own or Kris kicked them out," he said.

"Is that why Gunmin is doing it?" Asked MK. "Partially," said Yunho. "It's also his first mission, officially anyway," he added. "The one rule I have is what's keeping me grounded anyway," he said. "I don't know how much I would change the moment I started killing people in the pack," he said. MK hummed in response.

[center ~]

Yunho stood before his home pack, blood splattered across his face and neck as he stared down his father. He had killed his own mother in cold blood, even if she was apparently innocent, but it didn't matter now. He was getting revenge on the pack that betrayed him. Wontak's wolf form walked over, his much larger size intimidating the pack before him.

Gunmin watched this play out, his hands in his pockets as he found himself amongst the ranks of the hunters in this raid. He wasn't physically there of course, but here he was watching as Yunho got his revenge.

"You didn't think I'd still be living huh?" Asked San as he walked into view, smirking at the surprised look on their father's face. Yunho bared his teeth in a smirk before leaping forward, the others in this raid soon following after his lead.

[center ~]

Gunmin woke with a start, falling off the loveseat he was sleeping in with a thump as he hit the ground. He looked annoyed as he pushed himself up, feeling the fading burning sensation as the dream finished transferring to him. He looked around the room, blinking in surprise at how dark it was. He sighed and got to his feet, wandering into the kitchen to get something to drink before returning to the loveseat to try and sleep again.

[center ~]

Seoho sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance, almost glaring at the way the others had treated Keonhee. He knew better than to step in though, since Keonhee refused to be treated like someone different. He was Gunhak's beta after all, and even [i he] had to keep up appearances.

"Seoho," said Youngjo, bringing Seoho out of his thoughts as he turned to said person. "This would stop if you tell them you know," he said softly, patting the younger on the shoulder. Seoho grumbled in response, shaking his head.

"What was that?" Asked Youngjo. "He won't let me step in," said Seoho as he sighed, wiping his face with his hands. "Gunhak needs to stop giving him a hard time, but Keonhee doesn't need me to say that apparently," he said.

"Keonhee needs to learn to control his temper," said Youngjo. "Maybe then Gunhak will stop giving him a hard time," he said. "I know," said Seoho as he sighed again.

[center ~]

Yunho sat up in surprise, wondering where the hell [i that] dream had come from. "Damn it Gunmin," he said, flopping back down onto the bed. At least it was better than a nightmare, but he didn't know which was better. Watching as someone watched his mate go further and further into insanity or his own nightmares. He went to check the time on his phone, his arm flailing on the nightstand beside the bed for a second before he realized that Gunmin still had his phone. He turned over onto his side, staring off into the darkness for a few minutes before sleep took him again.
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[center Chapter 11]

Gunmin stared down Minseok as he growled, baring his teeth as MK stood behind Minseok. "This is it huh?" Asked Minseok as he sighed. "Well, go on then," he said. Gunmin leaped forward, ready to deliver the final blow.

[center ~A few hours earlier~]

Yunho let out a deep breath as he stood on the roof of the apartment building, cleaning his rifle. It wasn't time for their mission yet, and here he was already cleaning it like old times. It [i had] been a while since he had used his rifle, but still. It was one of those things he tried to retire but always came back to using the rifle when it was really needed.

"[i No sign of him yet]," came MK's voice through the small earpiece that was in Yunho's ear. "It's fine, I'm just up here getting set up," said Yunho as he cleaned the scope before looking through it to make sure he could see clearly across the street to the neighboring roof. "Gunmin stay where you are, though if you want to be in the shade go ahead," he said, looking at Gunmin through the scope once he knew he had a clear shot. Gunmin waved in Yunho's general direction before going to sit in some shade, waiting for the confrontation.

"[i This is going to end badly I know it]," said MK. "It's Minseok, everything ends badly when concerning him," said Yunho. "No offense," he added. "[i None taken really, I'd be extra cautious too if I knew I was being hunted down]," said MK. "He was a soldier right?" Asked Yunho. "[i Yeah, so he'll put up a decent fight]," said MK. "Nothing my rifle can't handle if it gets out of hand," hummed Yunho.

"[i You think it will]?" Asked MK. "We're hunting our own kind, of course it will," said Yunho as he sat down, letting the barrel of the rifle rest on the edge of the building. "Not only that, Minseok knows how we work," he said.

[center ~]

"Minseok, are you sure?" Asked Hyojin as he sat down next to said person. "I'm completely sure," said Minseok as he nodded. "It's nothing against the pack or anything of that sort," he said. "I just feel like it's time for me to move on from this pack for a while," he said.

"Why are you making this decision now?" Asked Hyojin. "You've been working so well with the others," he said. "MK and Yunho have been great don't get me wrong," said Minseok. "But I feel like I'm lagging behind them sometimes, I need to leave, to get out of this," he said.

"Are you [I completely] sure?" Asked Hyojin. "Yes," said Minseok as he nodded. Hyojin let out a defeated sigh. "Alright, I'll let Jinyoung know of your decision," he said.

"Don't tell the others why I left okay?" Asked Minseok. "I'd rather not get them down any more than they already are," he said. "Just- just when my time comes, tell Yedam that I'd rather have Yunho do it," he said. "Sure," said Hyojin. "Good luck," he said. Minseok nodded, getting up and leaving.

[center ~]

"[i What I want to know is why]," said MK as he leaned against the wall of the building. "I honestly don't know," said Yunho as he was checking his phone for anything new happening. "Your guess is as good as mine," he said.

"[i Do you remember our first missions]?" Asked MK. Yunho laughs. "Of course," he said. "Luckily it was just a trial mission," he said. "We failed so badly that Taeyong and Doyoung had to redo the trial mission just to get you two to pass," he said.

MK chuckled, the chuckling soon turning into a sigh as he pushed away from the building when he saw who was walking up. "He's here, let's see how this goes," he said, putting his hands in his hoodie pockets as he turned to Minseok who froze at the sight of MK.

"What brings you to Vancouver?" Asked Minseok as he walked over, standing a few feet from MK. "Just missions," said MK as he shrugged. "You're not after me are you?" Asked Minseok as he raised an eyebrow. "Now why would I be? I'm still hunting vampires," said MK as he shrugged again, walking with Minseok into the apartment building.

Yunho checked to make sure his rifle was loaded, looking across the roof to make sure Gunmin was alert and ready. "Be ready for anything," he said into the earpiece. "This could go from bad to worse in a matter of seconds," he said. Gunmin nodded, getting up and hiding from view of the roof access door.

[center ~]

"So if you're not here for me, then who are you here for?" Asked Minseok. "Someone named Sungjae," said MK. "Do you know him?" He asked. "He's my roommate," hummed Minseok. "Killing two birds with one stone then," he said. "Who's with you on this one?" He asked. "I can't say," said MK. "I see," said Minseok.

"Wanna go up to the roof?" Asked Minseok. "Eh, why not?" Asked MK. They both headed up to the roof.

"[i Heads up, you got company]," said Yunho as he spotted someone walking into the building. MK hummed, turning around when he heard footsteps. "Minseok," said Sungjae. "Oh, you're back," said Minseok. "How was hunting?" He asked. "Eh," said Sungjae.

"Who's this?" Asked Sungjae. "This is MK, he was my old packmate," said Minseok. "Ah," hummed Sungjae. "Nice to meet you," said MK. "We're going up to the roof, wanna join us?" Asked Minseok. "Sure," said Sungjae as he walked with them.

[center ~]

"Who are you here for?" Asked a new voice, causing Yunho to turn his head to spy a new vampire standing a few feet behind him. "Minseok," said Yunho as he shrugged, looking back towards the building across the street. "Brave of you," said the new person.

"Who are you?" Asked Yunho. "Minhyuk," said Minhyuk. "I am Sungjae's coven leader," he said. "Sungjae's the one MK's after," hummed Yunho. "I know," said Minhyuk as he walked over, leaning against the edge as he watched the traffic below.

"Ace contacted me, and I knew exactly why as soon as I was told Sungjae was involved," he said. "Minseok is going to give your friend some trouble," he said. "I don't think so," said Yunho. "Why do you say that?" Asked Minhyuk. "He's like Jun," said Yunho. "We were told how to deal with people like him," he said.

"Ultimately it'll be you who kills him huh?" Asked Minhyuk. "Possibly," hummed Yunho as he got into position when he saw the door open, adjusting his grip on the rifle.

[center ~]

Minseok looked over at Gunmin who walked over, raising an eyebrow. "It's you isn't it?" He asked. Gunmin shrugged, putting his hands in his pants pockets. MK was quick to react as soon as Sungjae was distracted, quickly staking him and moving back as soon as Sungjae was nothing but ashes.

"Damn, you've gotten quicker with your reflexes," said Minseok as he turned to MK. "But are you as quick as me?" He asked, rushing forward to grab MK by the neck and slam him into the roof access door. "You'll pay for that," he snarled. "I'm not the one you should be worried about here," coughed MK as he struggled to move and breathe in Minseok's grip.

"Oh I know," said Minseok as he turned, moving out of the way and throwing MK at Gunmin who was charging at him after he changed to wolf form. MK managed to maneuver himself so that Gunmin could leap over him as he landed on his stomach. MK got to his feet as Gunmin slammed into MInseok who grabbed Gunmin by the jaws, pulling the wolf forward and over his shoulder before turning around to stare down the wolf before him. Gunmin landed roughly on his feet, quickly turning around and baring his teeth in a snarl. MK watched the interaction, unable to force his body to move.

Gunmin stared down Minseok as he growled, baring his teeth as MK stood behind Minseok. "This is it huh?" Asked Minseok as he sighed. "Well, go on then," he said. Gunmin leaped forward, ready to deliver the final blow. Before Gunmin could reach Minseok the side of Minseok's head exploded, a shot ringing out from across the street. Gunmin was forced to stop, landing just short of his target as Minseok hit the ground, dead.

[center ~]

Yunho closed his eyes as he let out a breath, resting the barrel of the rifle against the edge of the building. "Brutal," said Minhyuk as he moved away, walking back to the roof access door. "It was the only way," hummed Yunho as he slung the rifle across his shoulder using the strap he had attached to the rifle. "I'm sure," said Minhyuk before he left the area.

"It's done," said Yunho. "Get your pictures, we'll take care of the body later," he said into the headset. "[i I thought you didn't want to do this]?" Asked MK. "I had no choice," said Yunho. "Go get changed, and stuff, we'll give him a proper burial," he said before leaving the roof.

[center ~]

After getting changed and taking Minseok's now wolf form down to the jeep and putting it in the trunk Yunho drove out of the city and into the wilderness to give him a proper burial. MK was silent the whole drive, and Gunmin was in his thoughts, still shocked over the events.

Was this how things ended for everyone? Would [i he] go through the same fate? He knew he wouldn't, in a way, but he knew that Yunho would, eventually. He was conflicted about the idea of dying. And yet here he was going to a small funeral for someone he didn't know, but the two with him did.

When they arrived at the campsite they would be using MK and Yunho started gathering rocks for a huge fire pit. Gunmin was left to gather logs, sticks, anything that would burn really, and bring them over ot the fire pit.

"I still can't believe we're doing this," said MK as Yunho walked over with the wolf and setting it down into the pit before helping Gunmin pile the sticks on top of it. "Do we really go out like this? Eventually?" He asked. "Yeah," said Yunho. "I've seen good people die because of one mistake," he said. "This sucks," said MK. "I know," hummed Yunho as he doused the sticks in gasoline before throwing a lit match into the pile.
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[center Chapter 12]

"I can see why Hanse and Chan like camping so much," said Yunho as he looked up at the sky. "You think so?" Asked MK as he leaned against the front bumper of the jeep. "Mhm," hummed Yunho as he looked down at the fading fire. Gunmin was leaning against a nearby tree, staring off into space as he looked everywhere but the fire.

"Can we stay one night out here at least?" Asked Yunho as he turned to MK before turning to Gunmin. Gunmin turned to Yunho, nodding in consent. "I'm fine with staying," said MK as he nodded. "Thanks," said Yunho as he turned back to look at the fading fire, letting out a deep sigh before sitting down on the ground.

[center ~]

San appeared with Ace and Ayno sometime during the night, long after the fire burned out. Everyone was pretty much still in their usual spots, though Gunmin was sitting down now while MK was lying down on the hood of the jeep looking up at the stars after making sure that Yunho was okay with it.

"Yunho," said San. "Hey San," said Yunho as he looked back at his brother before turning to look up at the sky. "I-I," he said, choking on his words as he hugged his knees. San looked sympathetic as he bent down and brought Yunho into his arms in a comforting hug. "It's okay," he said, as Yunho started sobbing into his chest. MK sat up, looking concerned for Yunho as Gunmin got to his feet, wary of Ace and Ayno as he kept an eye on Yunho and San.

"You three were close friends huh?" Asked Ace as he turned to MK who shrugged in response. "We were in a way," said MK. "We were grouped together because we were the hunters but we took care of each other when we did have missions together," he said. Ace hummed in response.

"I think he was the youngest of the three of us," said MK. "Yunho was being the concerning oldest and I was just stuck in the middle," he said. "Everyone has a soft spot for their youngest," hummed Ayno as he nodded in agreement. "I know our coven would be pissed if something happened to our youngest," he said.

"Who made the kill?" Asked San once he got Yunho to calm down and fall asleep. "It was supposed to be Gunmin, but Yunho made the kill," said MK. "Yedam had asked for Yunho to make this kill," he said. "Even if it was Gunmin's mission," he said, hopping down from the hood of the jeep.

San picked up Yunho, bringing him over to the jeep and MK moved to open the passenger side door and opened it. San carefully put Yunho inside the jeep before moving away and letting MK shut the door. "Go home, we'll clean up this mess," said San. Gunmin walked over, looking at MK who shrugged.

"I can drive if you want," said MK. Gunmin nodded and got into the jeep after MK moved the driver's seat forward and sat in the back. MK got into the driver's seat and made sure Yunho's seatbelt was buckled before buckling his seatbelt and starting the jeep. He waved to Ace, Ayno and San before doing a 3 point turn in the campsite and driving off, starting the journey home.

[center ~]

"I think this friendship runs deeper than they imply," said Ace once they were alone. "Friends, thats all they were," said San as he turned to the fire pit to examine the ashes. "Minseok was the youngest in the entire pack I believe, so everyone was looking out for him," he said.

"Do you know the reason why he left?" Asked Ayno. "I have a theory, but I don't want to be wrong about it," said San. "Hm," hummed Ace. "In the end he was becoming uncontrollable," he said. "Those damn chips are going to be the end of times I know it," said Ayno. "We'll see how things go," said San. "The government can't control everyone," he hummed.

[center ~]

Yunho and San were visiting MK and Minseok, the latter looking worse for wear after his last mission. "How are things?" Asked Yunho as he stood beside Minseok's bed. "I'm fine," said Minseok as he looked up at Yunho. "Still got some fight in you it seems," said San. "Of course," Minseok said, laughing before coughing into his fist as he turned away to clear his throat.

Gunmin was observing this dream, his head tilting to the side as he watched it play out. He didn't know where this was going, but he'd watch along like he usually did.

MK shrugged from his bed. "We got out alive, that's what matters," he said. "Thanks for coming to our rescue by the way," he said to San. "I hate my kind just as much as I hate yours, no offense, so don't worry about it," said San as he scratched the back of his head.

"Hunters gotta stick together," said Yunho. "That's right, you were a hunter before everything happened," hummed Minseok. San shrugged like it was no big deal.

A wholesome dream, if there ever was one. Gunmin shook his head as the dream ended, and he was kicked out.

[center ~]

Gunmin woke with a start, falling off the backseat with a thump, moving to sit up before getting up and sitting back down on the backseat with a huff. "You okay back there?" Asked MK as he looked in the rearview mirror. Gunmin nodded, looking out the windshield to see where they were.

"We're back in the states, Yunho's still asleep so," MK said, shrugging. "I'm guessing you got another dream of his," he said. Gunmin nodded again, maneuvering to lean against the side window in the back to prop up his feet. "I'll stop at the next rest stop to stretch our legs and wake up Yunho," he said.

"...I'm already awake," said Yunho as he opened his eyes, stretching in the passenger seat as he yawned. "We can switch who's driving next though," he said. "Sure," said MK.

[center ~]

MK ended up switching with Yunho who needed to drive to get his mind clear of the past events. MK and Gunmin had switched seats and Gunmin kept Yunho company in the front while MK went to sleep in the back seat.

"It's going to continue being like this," said Yunho. "I guess this is what Minseok felt, when he left," he said. "I don't know, every conclusion I come up with come up empty," he said, sighing. Gunmin nodded along, half listening to the conversation as he looked out the passenger side window.

"Hyojin is not going to like what we're going to tell him," said Yunho as he changed lanes. "I guess by this point we shouldn't be surprised though," he said. "Even we have expiration dates," he said. "It's all a matter of time at this point," he hummed. Gunmin nodded in agreement, looking out the windshield at the traffic in front of them.
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[center Chapter 13]

Yunho looked at San, wondering what his brother was going to say to him. "I'm not one to tell you what to do, you know this," said San. "But you need to chill out with the missions," he said. "A break will do you good you know," he said.

"I'm not one to sit still, you know this," said Yunho. "But you need to at some point, do you even [i realize] how much these missions are destroying your mental health?" Snapped San, causing Yunho to flinch.

"I can't," said Yunho. "You can," said San as he put his hands on Yunho's shoulders, forcing Yunho to look at him. "You [i can]," he repeated. "I'm not asking you to [i quit], I'm asking you to take a [i break]," he said.

"Please, do it for me okay?" Asked San. Yunho nodded, shrugging San's hands off his shoulders. "I'm only looking out for you, you know this," said San as he turned away from Yunho. "Just [i please] put yourself before the pack for [i once]," he said. "And, I can take care of myself, okay?" He asked.

[center ~]

Gunmin watched Yunho as he paced back and forth in their shared room, looking increasingly agitated as he walked passed Gunmin. "They wouldn't understand," grumbled Yunho as he wiped his palms on his pants. "They [i wouldn't]," he said, pausing to look at Gunmin who just stared at him with a blank look.

"Only San can get any information out of me," said Yunho. "I can't just open my heart out to them, I [i want] to," he said, sighing as he went to flop down on the computer chair by his desk.

"I can't," said Yunho. "I can't talk to them," he said. Gunmin could only look on in silence, wishing he could say something to comfort Yunho. Or at least try and get him to agree to talk to the others.

[center ~]

"Damn it just leave me alone!" Snapped Yunho. "I'm [i fine], okay?!" He asked, daring Hongjoong to try and question his mental state. "Talking about this will help you know," said Hongjoong. "I'm not asking because I'm your pack leader," he added. "I'm asking because I [i care]," he said.

"The last people to care kicked San and I to the curb and vampires captured us," snapped Yunho. "Just leave me out of this crap okay?" He asked. "I don't want to talk about it," he said. Hongjoong sighed, shaking his head. "Okay, okay," he said.

[center ~]

Seungwoo knocked on the door, soon opening it and stepping into the room. "They sent you to talk to me?" Asked Yunho as he turned to Seungwoo. Seungwoo's normally stoic expression softened as he stood in front of Yunho. "I'm not here to talk," he said. "I'm here to give a shoulder to lean on if you need it okay?" He asked.

Yunho looked up at Seungwoo, looking skeptical. "We're both the same in a way," said Seungwoo. "I used to hide my emotions too," he said. "No one knows what we are thinking except ourselves," he said. "Sometimes, just having someone there for you is enough," he said. "I guess," hummed Yunho as he sighed.

"Gunmin's here too you know," said Seungwoo. "I know," said Yunho as he looked at Gunmin who had turned to listen to their conversation. "I rant to him sometimes," said Yunho. "Mostly when we're alone though," he added. "Hm," hummed Seungwoo.

[center ~]

Jongho was the one to approach Yunho after Hongjoong, and it honestly pissed him off even more. He tried to not snap at the youngest however, because he had more self control than that. Even someone as hardened as himself cared for the youngest in his own way.

"I only care," said Jongho as he sat beside Yunho who was sitting on the back deck looking up at the stars. "I know you do," hummed Yunho as he turned his head to look at Jongho. "I'm fine, I promise," he added.

"Yunho," said Jongho, trying to choose his next words carefully. "I'm here, okay?" He asked. "If you need to fight it out or whatever," he added. "Hongjoong won't like that," Yunho said with a scoff. "I can handle myself," Jongho said with a huff. The corners of Yunho's lips went up in a smile.

"I don't doubt it," said Yunho. "But even [i I] don't want to face his wrath when concerning you," he said. "Hongjoong can get over it," Jongho said, shaking his head. "If anything he'll be fine with it considering how well I can bounce back from spars," he said. Yunho hummed in response.

[center ~]

The talk with Seungwoo seemed to help, though Yunho still kept himself closed off from everyone, except Gunmin it seemed. He wasn't sure what to do considering Gunmin was with him almost 24/7.

"I know I can be overbearing sometimes," said Yunho as he sat beside Gunmin on the bench a few feet from the lake behind the pack house. "But if you need a break from me I understand," he said. Gunmin turned his head to look at Yunho who just stared out at the water in thought.

"I've thought about this for a while now," said Yunho. "Maybe I do need help," he said. "This is something my mind can only take for so long," he said. "I'll go then," he said, getting up. Gunmin stopped Yunho from leaving by grabbing his arm, causing Yunho to turn to him, his head tilting to the side in question.

"You want me to stay?" Asked Yunho. Gunmin nodded. "Okay," said Yunho as he sat down again. Gunmin looked relieved, turning to look at the water again, letting his arm drop to the side and letting his hand rest in the space between them. Yunho relaxed in his seat, looking out at the water again.

[center ~]

"How do you handle all that anger?" Asked Wooyoung as he sat beside Yunho on the couch as he watched a movie. "I just- I don't know," hummed Yunho. "Sparring was always a route to take when I needed to get rid of my pent up anger," he said.

"I'm not a soldier like you though," said Wooyoung. "That's true," said Yunho. "But sometimes a good spar will take your mind off of things," he said. "Or you can just join Hanse and Chan when they go on their camping trips," he said. "I [i could] do that could I?" Hummed Wooyoung.

[center ~]

In the end it didn't matter to them where things went next. Yunho was ready to accept his fate when it came, and Gunmin would be right there with him until the end. They both put pack before everyone else, and things would work out eventually.
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[center Chapter 14]

Something had changed in the dynamic between Gunmin and Yunho. It was subtle, but not enough for people to start noticing. An understanding sparked between them after that night by the lake and things had gotten better for them.

Yunho was not as cold as his image made him out to be. Gunmin was mute but he was loud in his own way. Missions were done in sync now, and Yunho used his rifle more as backup and letting Gunmin take the kills. MK had joined them on quite a few, taking out vampires and making a name for himself on Yunho's team.

There was a looming threat coming that would throw their team into chaos though. Gumin's trial was coming up, and no one, not even Byungchan's or JR's sides of the pack, wanted to separate the trio even if Gunmin was found guilty.

[center ~]

Yunho kept his rifle trained on the target as Gunmin chased them towards him. It was stupid for all their targets to think Gunmin was an easy kill, considering he couldn't be injured in anyway. MK was right behind them with another wolf, fighting and going into an all out brawl. MK was learning quickly how to deal with the enemies, after learning just how crazy Yunho's spars were with the rest of his side of the pack.

Gunmin quickly leaped forward, tackling his target to the ground and quickly closing his jaws around his target's neck. The wolf gave up quickly, submitting in defeat and causing Yunho to chuckle under his breath before quickly setting his sights on MK and his target.

"Damn, Chan gave up quickly," came Seungwoo's voice as he walked over to stand beside Yunho who was sitting on a bench on the back deck watching the spar. "Of course, let's see how Hanse can handle MK's brawler type fighting style," said Yunho. "It was a good idea for Kris to get you an airsoft rifle for the spars," said Seungwoo as he watched MK and Hanse continue to battle it out, neither party wanting to admit defeat.

"It simulates a real hunt, and MK knows better than to expect just [i vampire] kills," said Yunho. "True," said Seungwoo. "You three [i have] come a long way though," he said.

"They're still at it?" Asked Byungchan as he walked over with his hands in his pants pockets. "Chan isn't, but Hanse refuses to back down," said Seungwoo. "Wooyoung asked to join in the spars too, do you mind?" Asked Yunho as he turned to Byungchan. Byungchan shrugged. "That's up to Hongjoong at that point," he said. "If Hongjoong says it's okay then sure, he can join in," he said. "I'll let him know once he comes back into communication range," said Yunho.

Hanse seemed to overpower MK, and Gunmin started to move to get MK out from Hanse's grasp but a quick shot from Yunho and his airsoft rifle ended the spar quickly. Chan got to his feet, wondering if Hanse had taken it too far. "He didn't," called Seungwoo. "The fight was clearly in his favor anyway," he said. Hanse puffed his chest out in pride before stalking off to change and put some clothes on. Chan, MK and Gunmin eventually went to do the same, soon coming back into view in human form once they were dressed.

"You alright MK?" Asked Yunho. "Fine," said MK as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Thanks for the spar," he said, hearing a car pull up. "Oh, Wyatt is here," he said. "Looks like Hyojin is back in Detroit then," he said. "Come around again for another spar soon alright?" Asked Yunho. "Sure," said MK before he left.

[center ~]

"We have a date for his trial," said Seungwoo as he sat beside Yunho who was hanging out at Yuto's Starbucks alone for once. "I figured," hummed Yunho as he looked at Seungwoo. "Where am I taking him?" He asked. "They'll contact you where to go," said Seungwoo. "They fear I may run?" Asked Yunho. "They think Gunmin will," said Seungwoo, earning a scoff from Yunho.

"Is that why you told me to come here alone?" Asked Yunho. Seungwoo nodded. "It'll be two weeks from now," he said. "Be ready," he said. "I have no choice but to be at this point," Yunho said, sighing.

"No one wants you two to separate," said Seungwoo. "However, we all [i knew] this would happen," he said. "Of course," said Yunho. "I don't think I'm ready to let him go yet," he said. Seungwoo's expression softened as he reached over and patted Yunho on the shoulder.

"If I were you, I'd fight for him too," said Seungwoo as the corners of his lips turned up in a comforting smile. "I have no other choice but to try at this point huh?" Asked Yunho as he sighed. "You can do this," said Seungwoo as he sat back in his chair. "I know," said Yunho. "I know I can," he added.

[center ~]

"Your trial is two weeks from now," said Yunho as he sat down beside Gunmin who was once again sitting on the bench by the lake. Gunmin stiffened at that, huffing as he remembered [i what] he was on trial for. "We'll fight it, if they find you guilty," said Yunho. "Your dreams told me [i everything]," he said. Gunmin nodded.

"I have no reason to lie to them anyway," said Yunho. "I'm sure you wish you had your voice to speak when the trial comes but," he said, sighing. "I'll be the voice okay?" He asked. Gunmin nodded again.

"I hope this works out," said Yunho. Gunmin nodded in agreement, relaxing in his seat with a sigh. Yunho turned to Gunmin, before grabbing his hand and holding it in his. Gunmin turned to Yunho, raising an eyebrow in question. "We're in this, together okay?" Asked Yunho. Gunmin smiled, a genuine one that reached his eyes before he nodded.

They sat like that for the rest of the night, enjoying each others company as they prepared themselves for the upcoming trial.
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[center Chapter 15]

Yunho was practicing his aim with his airsoft rifle, shooting at moving targets in a range that was set up in the forest to the left of the property. Gunmin was his moving target, moving in and out of view thanks to the trees in the forest. Yunho's job was to keep Gunmin from getting as close to the house as possible. Gunmin's job was to keep out of the way of the airsoft pellets, because if he got shot then he failed his part of the mission.

Yunho was predicting where Gunmin was going next when his phone pinged, causing Yunho to stop looking through the rifle scope to look at his phone. "Pause!" He called out to Gunmin who was about to dart forward for the back deck.

A location was sent to his phone, and Yunho looked at Gunmin, sighing as he put his gun down. "Your trial is here," he said to Gunmin who walked over after changing and getting dressed. Gunmin tried to keep the worry from showing on his face, but Yunho had learned to read through the masks Gunmin put up weeks ago during their missions in the states.

"We'll be alright I'm sure," said Yunho. "Just trust me, and behave okay?" He asked. Gunmin nodded. "Let me put the rifle up and we'll head on over," said Yunho as he made sure to empty his clip into the container of pellets before taking the container and the rifle back inside and up to his room.

Gunmin waited for Yunho by the jeep and got in the passenger seat and closing the door when Yunho walked over after grabbing his keys, phone and wallet. "Are you ready?" Asked Yunho as he sat in the driver's seat and closed the door. "Because once we go, there's no turning back," he said. Gunmin nodded, his decision made as he turned to Yunho.

Yunho turned to Gunmin, looking for any sign of him backing out before nodding and starting the jeep. He put the address into the gps on the console before backing out of the driveway and heading towards their destination.

[center ~]

They ended up in a little hole in the wall coffee shop in Toronto, and Yunho had to make sure that this was the right place before putting the jeep in park and turning it off before leaning back in his seat with a sigh. "This is it then," he said, turning to Gunmin who nodded, looking into the coffee shop to try and see anything.

"Let's go then," said Yunho as he got out, closing the door behind him. He waited until Gunmin was out of the jeep before locking the doors and walking over to the entrance of the coffee shop. Gunmin was hesitant as he walked over to stand beside Yunho. "We can do it, okay?" Asked Yunho as he turned to Gunmin. "We can do it," he repeated. Gunmin nodded and Yunho pushed the door open, listening as a bell sounded above them before walking in. Gunmin walked in after him, taking in his surroundings.

"Ah, you're here," said the person at the counter as Yunho walked over. "The name's Ziu, I'm the youngest in Ace's coven," said Ziu. "You know who we are then," said Yunho. "Of course, let me get you two some coffee," said Ziu. "Go sit down where ever, I'll get someone to bring it over," he said. Yunho nodded and walked over to sit down beside the windows. Gunmin went to sit beside him, keeping his expression blank while seeking comfort in Yunho's presence.

[center ~]

Ace walked into the coffee shop with Mashiho, Eunwoo and Rocky. "Welcome back, hello Mashiho, Eunwoo, Rocky," said Ziu. "Hey," said Ace. "Get coffee for our guests," he said. "Will do," said Ziu as he went to work on the coffee.

"They let you out of the country for once?" Asked Yunho as Eunwoo and Rocky joined him and Gunmin at their table. "Please," Eunwoo said with a scoff. "Not like you're faring any better dog," he said. "I at least got to leave a few months ago to tour the states, again," said Yunho. The corners of Eunwoo's lips twitched upward before he turned serious, crossing his arms over his chest as Mashiho went to sit down between them.

"San couldn't make it huh?" Asked Mashiho. "Youngbin has him doing stuff again," said Yunho as he shrugged, taking a sip of his coffee. "I got to see him before I went home after my last mission in the states though," he hummed.

"Well," said Ace as he sat between Gunmin and Rocky. "Let's get this trial going shall we?" He asked. Baron, who had delivered Yunho and Gunmin's coffees, soon came over with Eunwoo and Rocky's coffees, setting them down in front of them before walking away. "We can't delay the inevitable huh?" Asked Yunho as he sighed.

"Before we decide the verdict, is there anything you want to add?" Asked Mashiho as he turned to Yunho. "I've gotten snippets of his dreams," said Yunho as he leaned forward, letting his forearms rest on the table as he gripped his coffee cup in his hands. "I can say with confidence, that he had done nothing wrong," he said.

"The contract you have him under, it renders him mute?" Asked Mashiho. "Yes," said Yunho. "But he gets my nightmares, and I somehow end up with a few of his dreams," he said. "So the dreams is a two way thing," said Ace. "In a way it is," said Yunho.

Gunmin fought down a shiver, remembering the dreams of Yunho's earlier hunts. He could swear by his contract that they were worse than the nightmares he still occasionally got.

Eunwoo turned to Gunmin, studying him with an eyebrow raised. "So he can't speak at all," he said. "I said I would be his voice," said Yunho, a growl in his tone. "I didn't say you couldn't," said Eunwoo as he turned to Yunho.

"As far as we're aware, Gunmin was there with Keonhee to drag Dami off to the hospital," said Eunwoo. "But he had no choice," said Yunho. "Would you go against your own mate's orders if he told you to do something?" He asked.

"That's what happened huh?" Asked Rocky as he finally decided to speak. "Would you try and fight it?" Asked Yunho as he turned to Rocky. "If Dami told you to kill everyone," he added. "Part of you will fight it, as your loyalty to the pack always comes first, but the bigger part of you will listen to her," he said.

"When you put it like [i that]," said Rocky. "I guess it would make sense," hummed Eunwoo. "As mated 'shifters we always put our mates before everything else," he said. "Pack comes second in our case," he said. "Because of what happened I assume," said Mashiho. "Correct," said Rocky. "We don't want that to happen [i again]," he said.

"Do you swear that you didn't do anything?" Asked Eunwoo as he turned to Gunmin. Gunmin nodded in confirmation. "If we find you guilty of all charges, Yunho will have to die to make you die," said Mashiho. "Are you [i sure] you are innocent?" He asked. Gunmin nodded again.
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[center Chapter 16]

"So what's the verdict?" Asked Yunho as he looked between everyone. "Innocent," said Mashiho as he leaned back in his chair. "The reason isn't because of that actually," said Eunwoo. "Dami said you had nothing to do with what happened," he said. "We asked her and she could only remember one person in the room," he said.

"She would've been here but she's at Yuto's place for a bit until we're done here," said Rocky. "Vampires still scare her huh?" Asked Yunho. "Pretty much," said Eunwoo. "She'll be fine since Jaemin's back," he said.

"So you just wanted an opinion from me?" Asked Yunho. "You've been stuck with him for months now," said Eunwoo. "We knew he was innocent, but we wanted to hear it from someone who had nothing to do with the situation," he said.

"Why go through with the trial then?" Asked Yunho. "Moonbin wanted to," said Eunwoo. "I mean when Moonbin found out he was still alive he wanted to, despite the evidence that pointed to his innocence," he said.

"You fought for it," said Mashiho. "So I guess that's all we can do," he said. "Well, that's it then," said Yunho as he got to his feet. "If there's nothing more to this trial I should get going," he said.

"Stop by the Starbucks later, we got things to discuss," said Mashiho. "Concerning?" Asked Yunho. "Yours and MK's jobs," said Mashiho. "MK will be there," he added. "Alright," said Yunho as he bowed before leaving. Gunmin quickly stood up, bowing before following after Yunho.

[center ~]

"...Ah, Sungyeol?" Asked Yunho as he ran into said vampire on the way out. "Is this where you go for information?" He asked. "When even Chani's network doesn't have it I usually come here yeah," said Sungyeol. "Huh, Chani wonders where you disappear off to if you're not at Yuto's Starbucks," said Yunho.

"You'd be surprised, at how much more extensive Ace's network is compared to Chani's," said Sungyeol as he shrugged before entering the coffee shop.

Gunmin turned to Yunho, questions visible in his eyes. "I don't know," said Yunho as he turned to Gunmin. "But I told you it'd work out didn't I?" He asked, the corners of his lips twitching upwards in a smile. Gunmin nodded, and they headed back to the jeep.

"Well, let's go to Starbucks," said Yunho before he started the jeep, pulling out of his parking spot and heading towards Yuto's Starbucks.

[center ~]

MK was waiting on them inside Starbucks when Yunho showed up with Gunmin. Yunho went to get their orders before sitting down across from MK who looked exhausted. Gunmin went to wait on their drinks, his hands in his pockets as he stared off into space.

"What's wrong?" Asked Yunho. "Nightmares again," hummed MK. "How did you handle it before?" He asked. "Same way I always do," said Yunho. "I don't let them get to me," he said. "Does it work?" Asked MK. "Surprisingly well," said Yunho. "Gunmin is a strong barrier against the nightmares though," he said. MK hummed in response.

"Don't bother with the contract though, if you're thinking about it," said Yunho. "Gunmin's case was special, I get it," said MK. "It's good though, that he wasn't found guilty," he said. "I'd hate to see the both of you dead because of something he didn't do," he said.

Gunmin walked over with their drinks, setting Yunho's down on the table before sitting down and taking a sip of his own drink. "Thanks," said Yunho as he reached over and took his drink into his hands, taking a sip.

[center ~]

"I have a mission for the three of you," said Mashiho as he sat between the three of them, pulling up a chair as he did so. "What's up?" Asked MK as he looked at Mashiho. "I need a blood den taken care of," said Mashiho. "But there's a catch," said Yunho as he raised an eyebrow.

"I normally don't ask to move marked humans for anyone but this one seems important," said Mashiho as he crossed his arms over his chest. "How important?" Asked MK. "Important enough to catch the attention of one of the most powerful vampires in Europe right now," said Mashiho.

"Enough for them to come out of hiding huh?" Asked MK as he looked between Yunho and Gunmin who were contemplating the mission details. "Where are we moving her to?" Asked Yunho. "How do you know she's a female?" Asked Mashiho. "Most blood dens consist of females," said Yunho. "That's what San told me anyway," he added. Mashiho hummed in response.

"Besides," said Yunho as he shifted in his seat. "If we're dealing with a marked human she must be more than just a marked human to them at this point," he said.

"Where are we taking her?" Asked MK. "Back to Chani's place," said Mashiho. "From there you'll see the ones picking her up," he said. "This could get dangerous for you, so you have the choice to back out now," he said.

"When have we not backed out of a mission?" Asked Yunho. "We'll take it," he said. Mashiho nodded.

"When do we need to get her?" Asked MK. "As soon as you're ready, the vampires coming to get her are moving her to Kevin's territory," said Mashiho. "Kevin gave his consent?" Asked Yunho. "No, but she needs to be hidden, and [i no one] goes to Norway, Sweden, or Finland unless they want a death wish," said Mashiho.

"We'll get ready," said Yunho. "Send us a location and we'll have her out of there within the next week or so," he said.

"Who are we handing her off to again?" Asked MK. "Sungyeol's younger brother, Daeyeol and a covenmate of his named Bomin," said Mashiho. "Is that why Sungyeol showed up after we left?" Asked Yunho. Mashiho nodded.

"They're good people, believe me," said Mashiho. "I don't doubt you," said Yunho. "We'll have to do some planning and scouting before taking out the blood den," said MK. "I'll see if San will come help," said Yunho. MK nodded.
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King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 17]

MK [i knew] better than to expect missions to go perfectly. He just [i knew] that something would go wrong with this one. Gunmin was protecting the human like he was told, but MK knew that he wanted to go after Yunho who had gone berserk after... That. He bared his teeth in annoyance and turned to Gunmin, motioning with his paw to get the human to get up.

Gunmin wanted to abandon the mission, but he had no choice but to nudge the human to get her to stand before leaving with her and MK to change and take the human back to Chani's coven house.

[center ~A few hours earlier~]

After a week of planning and having San scout the area out they were ready. Gunmin was apprehensive, as this was his first blood den, and MK just kept a stoic expression on his face, knowing that something like this would normally take longer to plan but they were running out of time.

"According to Bomin, the vampire should be moving in soon for her," said MK as he laid out a map of the building interior San had drawn from memory. "They have her here," he said, pointing to a room. "We have to protect her at all costs," he said.

"We'll make it," said Yunho as he traced the path to the room. "We have to right? Just get her and get out," said MK. Gunmin nodded, looking down at the map. "Gunmin, you have to protect her no matter what okay?" Asked Yunho. "If she is who they say, we can't risk either of us dying," he said. "Get to her, then protect her with everything you got," he said. "We'll take care of everything to get you there," he said. Gunmin nodded.

[center ~]

"You're moving a human for someone?" Asked San as he sat on the bench by the water next to Yunho who was by himself for once. "I am," hummed Yunho as he nodded. "For who?" Asked San. "Daeyeol," said Yunho. "Why?" He asked.

San blinked. "Why him?" He asked. "I don't know," said Yunho. "We were never told why really, just to get her out of the blood den before someone comes after her," he said. "Well," said San. "I'll help you out but," he said, sighing.

"When the time comes I won't be able to do much to help you," said San. "I know," said Yunho. "I don't want you to get more involved than you have to," he said.

"I'm surprised they decided to move her," said San as he looked up at the stars. "It surprised me too, when you were asked to move a human," he said. "But what's so special about her?" Asked Yunho. "You'll see, when you meet up with her I'm sure," said San as he got up. "I'm going hunting, don't wait up for me," he said. Yunho nodded, and San sprinted off, heading off to hunt.

[center ~]

"Why the [i hell] are you here?" Asked San as he confronted Daeyeol. Bomin was close by, watching the confrontation but he knew to step in if San tried anything. "You know moving her will be the worst idea you've [i ever] come up with," he said.

"We have no choice," said Daeyeol. "We would if you'd just get [i rid] of her already," hissed San. "Don't get involved then," said Daeyeol. "This involves my [i brother]," growled San as he glared at Daeyeol. "Of course I'm going to get involved," he spat.

"This is your blood den isn't it?" Asked Bomin as he looked at San. "It's Seonghwa's actually," said San. "But I keep an eye on it," he added. "He wouldn't mind this one getting taken out then," said Bomin. "No, not when [i she's] there," said San.

[center ~]

"I have a bad feeling about this place," said Yunho as he looked at the building in front of them. Gunmin and MK stood on either side of him, studying the outside of the building.

"Where's San?" Asked MK. "I don't know," said Yunho. "He wished us luck though," he said. "He expects us to do it ourselves?" Asked MK. "We can do this," said Yunho. "We've taken out vampires before, we can do this," he said. "Right," hummed MK.

"We've made a name for ourselves as a team, let's live up to that reputation yeah?" Asked Yunho. MK and Gunmin nodded, before the three of them rushed into the building.

[center ~]

Taking out the vampires to get to the target was easy enough, they knew the longer they spent taking care of the vampires the more that would show up though. MK knew from experience, and Yunho knew from asking other vampire hunters that blood dens were [i never] as easy as it seemed.

San had been there to help after all, staking what vampires Yunho couldn't get to, basically covering each others backs while MK and Gunmin worked as team to get to the human.

"She better be some princess or something if she's [i this] important to whoever is trying to get to her," muttered Yunho as he and San stood back to back, being surrounded by vampires. "Believe me, she's not," said San. "But a mission is a mission at this point huh?" He asked, and the two brothers leaped forward to get to their targets. MK and Gunmin changed, going in their wolf forms now to try and get to the human faster while being able to take out the vampires more easily.

"Who's blood den is this anyway?" Asked Yunho as he looked back at San as they got back to back again. "...It's mine," said San. "What?" Asked Yunho. "It's my blood den," said San. "You gotta be kidding me," snarled Yunho as he turned around, forcing San to turn around to look at Yunho.

"This is [i your] blood den?" Snarled Yunho as he shoved San into the wall. "Why the hell are you keeping [i this] human huh?" He snarled. "We all have to die at some point," said San as he shoved Yunho away, kicking him in the stomach in the process to send him flying into the wall on the opposite side of the room. Yunho hit the wall hard, sliding the ground with a grunt.

"Your mission isn't done until you kill all of us right? Well come at me then," said San as he rolled his shoulders some, grabbing his pocket knife out of his back pocket and brandishing it, gripping it in one hand as he threw a stake with his other hand at Yunho.

Yunho grunted as he got to his feet, grabbing the stake from the ground next to him before turning to face San. "First let's get rid of the witnesses," said Yunho. "Whatever you want," said San as they continued fighting side by side killing all the vampires in the building.

[center ~]

MK [i knew] better than to expect missions to go perfectly. He just [i knew] that something would go wrong with this one. Gunmin was protecting the human like he was told, but MK knew that he wanted to go after Yunho who had gone berserk after... That. He bared his teeth in annoyance and turned to Gunmin, motioning with his paw to get the human to get up.

Gunmin wanted to abandon the mission, but he had no choice but to nudge the human to get her to stand before leaving with her and MK to change and take the human back to Chani's coven house.

"We'll have to come back for him," said MK as he made sure the human was uninjured before getting her to sit down in the passenger seat. Gunmin wanted to stay behind, but MK shook his head. "This is a battle between the two brothers, we'll return for the survivor," said MK. Gunmin shook his head.

"Get in, Yunho's not stupid enough to get himself killed," said MK. "Brother or not, he cares for you more than you think," he said, letting Gunmin get into the back seat before moving the driver's seat back forward and getting into the jeep. After making sure everyone was fine MK started the jeep and drove off.

[center ~]

San had taken on his full vampire side for this, as he attacked a now transformed Yunho. "It's my time to die you know," he said as he shoved the wolf away from him, moving to swipe the knife across Yunho's face across his left eye as Yunho bit him in the arm.

Yunho let go of San's arm as San stabbed Yunho in the eye with a hidden knife, snarling as he launched himself at San again. San let Yunho tackle him, grabbing the knife and yanking it out of Yunho's eye socket as he landed on his back.

Yunho returned to human form, his left eye now useless as he hovered above San. "Why?" He rasped out. "I'm already dying Yunho," said San. "So I'd rather you kill me than anyone else," he said. "It's the promise we made remember?" He asked.

"But you can't die, now that you've found your mate," said San as he sighed. "I'm just going to leave you handicap," he said. Yunho transformed again, snarling into San's face. "Just do it then," said San as he coughed. "Kill me," he said. Yunho reached down and bit into San's neck, biting down hard enough to break his neck before yanking backwards, ripping out his throat and watching as San turned into ashes, the last thing Yunho seeing was a peaceful smile on his face.

Yunho moved back, whining as he moved the ashes around looking for San's precious item. He grabbed it, a necklace with a fake wolf's tooth hanging on it, and slowly made his way out of the building. He had wondered why there was a blood den in the middle of the forest, and now he knew.

He trudged forward, the string of the necklace hanging loosely in his jaws as he made it as far as the tree line before collapsing, weak from blood loss. He had just enough strength to lift his head, lifting his snout to the sky and howling a goodbye for San before passing out on the forest floor.
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King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 18]

"Just take her," said MK as he pushed the human towards Chani who took a generous step back. "God damn it," said Chani as he sighed. "So it's [i this] human," he said. "Fine," he said. "Daeyeol will be here soon," he said. "We need to go back for Yunho," said MK. "I have a transformed Gunmin in the backseat and judging from that Yunho is dying, or close to dead," he said. "Go," said Chani. "We have it here," he said. "If he dies, it's on this damn human," growled MK as he got back into the jeep. He quickly sped off, back to the blood den they had left Yunho at.

[center ~]

Voices, who was that. Mingi? Or Yeosang. Yunho was fading, his body failing him as he opened his one functioning eye to look up at the worried face of Mingi. "[i Stay with me]!" Yelled Mingi, his voice muffled as Yunho passed out again.

[center ~]

MK and Gunmin reached the location of the blood den, hopping out of the jeep as soon as MK put the jeep in park and Gunmin bolted straight for the forest, with MK following after him. Mingi was there with Yeosang, with Mingi doing everything he could to try and save Yunho in time for his healing to kick in. "Stay with me damn it!" Shouted Mingi as he did everything he could to stop the bleeding.

"Is there anything I can do?" Asked MK as he leaned down beside MIngi. "Keep him stable," said Mingi as he put an ear to Yunho's chest to check for a heartbeat. "We just have to keep him stable enough to get his healing to kick in," he said.

Yeosang was off to the side, examining the building that the blood den was in. "I wondered why this place was familiar," he mumbled. Gunmin went to stand beside Yeosang, feeling useless as they really couldn't do anything to help Yunho at the moment.

"Ah, forget it," said Yeosang as he turned around to watch the combined efforts of Mingi and MK as they tried to keep Yunho alive. Gunmin whimpered softly, looking back at Yunho. "He'll make it," said Yeosang. "You're still here, so he'll make it," he said, patting Gunmin on the head.

[center ~]

Yunho stood before San, the both of them just having a standoff, neither wanting to make the first move.

"Go back to them Yunho," said San, putting his hands in his pants pockets. "They need you more than you need me," he said. "Especially Gunmin," he added.

"Am I dead?" Asked Yunho. "Not quite," said San. "Your contract with Gunmin is keeping you alive it seems," he hummed.

"Why, why did you do it?" Asked Yunho. "I was already dying," said San as he shrugged his shoulders. "We knew this day would come anyway," he said. "It was just a matter of time," he said. Yunho hummed in response.

"Go back to them," San said again. "They need you now more than anything," he said. "You're their leader, and Mingi needs you," he said. "[i Gunmin] needs you," he added. "I'll be okay, okay?" He asked. "Just go," he said.

"I'll be back," said Yunho as he turned around, starting to walk off. "Hopefully not anytime soon," said San as he watched Yunho go. "The next time I see you, you better be old and wrinkled alright?!" He called after Yunho.

Yunho turned his head, nodding and waving back to San before breaking off into a sprint, letting instinct lead him back to his body.

[center ~]

Yunho woke with a gasp, sitting up abruptly as he coughed up blood. "Oi," said Mingi as he gently pushed Yunho back down after getting him to turn his head to cough so he wouldn't choke on his own blood.

"Where am I?" Rasped Yunho as he tried to get his breathing under control. "You're back at the pack house," said MIngi. "Your healing finally managed to kick in, so we moved you," he said. "Your eye is okay, Subin managed to make sure it was healing correctly before bandaging it up," he said. "I thought San destroyed that eye," said Yunho as he moved his hand to gently touch the bandaged side of his face.

"...He did," said Mingi. "You can't see out of it I don't think, but at least you won't have an empty eye socket?" He asked. Yunho let out a bitter laugh as he fell back against the bed. "Leave it to you to find the good things in a bad situation," he said. Mingi cracked a smile, shaking his head in amusement before getting up. "I'm going to let the others know you're awake," he said.

"Wait, where's Gunmin?" Asked Yunho. "He'll be up to see you soon," said Mingi. "He's downstairs with the others at the moment," he said before leaving the room.

[center ~]

"Idiot," said MK as he and Gunmin were the first to enter the room. "You left us all worried," he said. "I'm sorry," said Yunho as he sighed. "At least I can work on training with my blind spot?" He asked. "Already looking for ways to compensate for the blind spot huh?" Asked MK, looking serious though the relief was evident in his voice. Gunmin shook his head in amusement.

"We'll have to at this point right?" Asked Yunho. "I'm not giving up hunting for something as simple as a blind spot," he said, scoffing. "We'll help you along the way, right Gunmin?" Asked MK. Gunmin nodded.

"It's good to see you alive," said MK. "We nearly lost you there," he added. "I know, and I'm sorry," said Yunho as he nodded. "Wontak gave you a break to recover, and stuff," he said. "We'll come back stronger than ever, just watch," said Yunho. "We will, we will," said MK as he nodded.

"What happened to the human?" Asked Yunho. "We handed her off to Chani like we were told, I don't know what happened after that because we sped back to come get you but," he said, shrugging. "Chani said they came to get her though, so we'll deal with it when we're needed again," he said. Yunho nodded.

[center ~]

The others came over to check on Yunho throughout the day, with Subin being the last person as he was checking under his bandages to make sure things were okay. "I guess I joined the gang of scarred pack members huh?" Asked Yunho as he joked about his situation. Subin chuckled lightly, carefully rewrapping the bandages over his eye. "On the face yeah, but everywhere else? I don't think anyone beats Hanse or Chan in that department," he said. Yunho hummed in agreement.

"Also, Jongho, Hongjoong and Wooyoung are on their way back," said Subin. "They want to help you, and want to plan a funeral for San," he said. "They do?" Asked Yunho. "He was your brother," said Subin. "Even Kris said this was okay," he said. "I... Thank you," said Yunho. Subin nodded, patting Yunho on the shoulder before getting up. "I'll let you get some rest, let me know if your eye starts hurting," he said. Yunho nodded.

[center ~]

"How are you feeling, really?" Asked Hongjoong as he stood next to Yunho as he stood at the shore of the lake behind the pack house. "I could be better to be honest," said Yunho as he turned to look at Hongjoong who was standing to his left. "It's going to be hard to adjust to being blind in one eye, but at least the bandages are off," he said.

"Who's going to train with you to work with the handicap?" Asked Hongjoong. "Seungwoo," said Yunho. "I asked him to, since he wouldn't go easy on me," he said. "You never liked the idea of people going easy on you," hummed Hongjoong. "Definitely not," hummed Yunho as he turned to look back at the water.
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King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Epilogue]

Yunho stood at the spot they had marked as San's grave, refusing to move from his spot. He was the last one there, as everyone had backed away to let him have his space. Yunho was keeping his hands in his hoodie pockets as he studied the cross on the grave marker.

"We'll make it," said Yunho as he nodded. "I'll make you proud of me, okay?" He asked, a soft smile on his face as he nodded to himself.

"Yunho," called Seungwoo. "Are you ready?" He asked. "In a second!" Yunho called back, turning his body to look at Seungwoo before turning back and looking at San's grave marker.

"I know, I'm crazy for asking Seungwoo to teach me to work with my blind spot but I think we'll work it out," said Yunho. "I'll get going now, wish me luck," he said, turning and walking back to where Seungwoo was waiting.

[center ~]

Yunho was currently fighting blindfolded, as Seungwoo figured that the best way to cover the blind spot was to fight like he was blind in both eyes. Hanse and Chan were currently going at him on both sides, ready to leap forward as they rushed forward. Yunho let out a deep breath, concentrating on his sense of hearing before moving quickly as the two wolves converged on him. Yunho spun around, grabbing Hanse and yanking him forward, over his shoulder and straight into Chan who was about to tag him.

The sounds of footsteps alerted Yunho to another enemy as MK leaped forward, going straight for him. Yunho quickly bent backwards, letting MK fly over him and straight into Gunmin who was about to go at him from behind. The four wolves got to their feet, growling at Yunho who was only slightly out of breath as he panted, letting the adrenaline keep him from completely falling to his knees from exhaustion.

"That's enough," said Seungwoo as he was watching the spar from the back deck. "Break time," he called. Yunho removed the blindfold, opening his eyes as he looked up at Seungwoo.

"You're getting better," said Seungwoo as he nodded. "I knew this would be a way to go," he said. "It's perfect," said Yunho as he wiped his forehead, sitting down with a relieved sigh. Gunmin walked over after changing and putting on his clothes with a bottle of water, handing it to Yunho who took it and drank from it quickly, downing it in seconds.

"We'll have to get everyone in on it," said MK as he walked over after changing and putting on his clothes. "Only 4 wolves isn't going to simulate a real battle," he added. "Believe me, I want to have everyone," said Seungwoo. "But it won't help," he added. "Yunho would know, as he grew up as a child soldier like I did," he said.

"Having as little as possible would work better, considering," hummed Yunho. "As we're going with the scenario that everyone is fighting with other wolves and you're by yourself," he said.

"We'll have to ask Chani and his coven to help too," said Seungwoo. "Them and the dogs," he added. "Vampire speed is going to be a bit harder to pick up on," said Yunho. "But I never asked you to go easy on me," he said with a chuckle, getting up.

"You'll have backup for this one," said Seungwoo. "But don't think that because you have back up I'll ask them to go easy," he added. "I don't expect any less," said Yunho as he nodded.

[center ~]

Yunho listened to the sounds of fighting around him, MK and Gunmin dealing with their enemies as the wolf 'shifters that had consisted of Hoetaek, Yanan and Hyojong took them on. Myungsoo, Sungyeol and Sungjong were currently somewhere, and it was Yunho's job to pick up on their movements while in human form.

There. Movement to his left. Yunho moved as quick as his body would allow him as Sungyeol slammed into him, causing Yunho to grunt in pain as he tried to stand his ground. Sparring in human form was worse than sparring in wolf form, but Seungwoo was a tough teacher.

"Get him!" Shouted Sungyeol. Damn, a rouse? Yunho was quick, but not quick enough as Myungsoo came from his right and slammed into him. "How will you get out of this now huh?" Asked Sungjong as he stood behind him, a knife to his neck.

"I don't need to," Yunho said with a smirk as MK and Gunmin came for his rescue, leaping towards Yunho. Yunho managed to wrench his way out of both Sungyeol and Myungsoo's grasps before ducking as the two wolves forced Sungjong to back up a few feet as they landed behind Yunho.

"Alright, you can stop now," shouted Chani as he pushed away from the railing he had been leaning against. Yunho removed his blindfold, feeling like he had been run over by a truck as he let himself drop to the ground. "Sorry," said Sungyeol as he walked over with a bottle of water for him. "No problem," said Yunho as he downed the bottle in seconds.

"Maybe he shouldn't've asked us to train you," said Chani as he walked over with another water bottle and handed it to Yunho. "No, I'm fine really," said Yunho, taking the bottle and downing half of it before putting it down. "Just frustrated is all," he said. "I have to train my body and my senses to react to vampires now, it'll take a bit," he said.

"How'd it go?" Asked Seungwoo as he walked into view on the deck. "Failed," said Chani as he shook his head. "His reactions are slow, but it's due to him being in human form," he said. Seungwoo nodded. "That's normal," he said. "No one can match a vampire's speed unless you're contract bound to one or what have you," he said. "You did well though," he added. "Thank you," said Yunho as he downed the rest of his water.

[center ~]

Yunho was getting better at his reactions, at least, to the point where he was dodging Sungyeol and Myungsoo most of the time now. Sungjong was a different matter entirely, but he held out long enough for Gunmin and MK to come to his rescue so there was progress. Chani gave pointers, even demonstrating the best ways to counter a vampire attack when he was alone.

Now Yunho fought without his blindfold, getting even better at the spars as he was able to compensate for his blind left side by focusing on his hearing more than his sight.

Yunho panted as he stood before Chani who was now joining in on the spars. "You give up yet?" Asked Chani. "Hell no," spat Yunho as he jumped out of the way of Sungyeol and Myungsoo, flipping over Sungjong as said vampire rushed forward and landing roughly on his feet before falling to his knees. Chani rushed forward, before being tackled by MK and Gunmin and stopping him in his tracks.

"I did it," said Yunho as he tried to get his breathing under control. "I did it," he repeated. "Nice job," said Chani as he backed away, Sungyeol, Myungsoo and Sungjong moving to where Chani was standing. MK and Gunmin growl, going to stand in front of Yunho, protecting him as Hoetaek, Yanan and Hyojong came at them from behind.

"The final test huh?" Asked Yunho as he got to his feet, turning around to face the wolf 'shifters. "Let's go," said Yunho, and the three of them rushed forward towards their targets. Chani rushed forward, causing everyone else to, and the sounds of bodies crashing into each other was loud in the forest around Chani's coven house.

Yunho flpped over the three wolves as they crashed into each other, landing on his feet before rushing forward to help MK and Gunmin. Working together as a team was always their strong point, even now, as they battled Chani and his coven. Now MK and Gunmin worked to cover Yunho's blind spot while Yunho worked to at least last until the battle was declared done.

"Oi," came a voice, causing the fighting to stop immediately. Yunho was trying to catch his breath, panting hard as he fell to his knees. "Damn," he said. "There wasn't going to be a winner there anyway," said Ace as he walked over with Ayno.

"You held out longer than we gave you credit for," said Chani as he held out a hand for Yunho to grab. Yunho grabbed it, and let Chani pull him to his feet.

"Fighting in human form too? You got guts kid," said Ace. "Yeah yeah," said Yunho as he waved it off.

"What brings you two here?" Asked Chani. "Was in the area," said Ace. "Heard about what happened to San, everyone sends their condolences," he said. "Thanks," said Yunho as he turned to Ace after catching his breath.

Ayno whistles. "Damn, nice scar you got there," he said. "Can you even see out of that eye?" He asked. "No," said Yunho as he shrugged. "I've been training for months to work with the blind spot in human form," he said. "It's easy to incorporate the training in wolf form, but I needed to do a lot of the training in human form," he said. "Makes sense," said Ayno.

"What did you need?" Asked Yunho. "Mashiho and Yedam have some missions for you," said Ace. "Really?" Asked Yunho. "Where are we going?" He asked. "Europe," said Ace. "We're not going after that human are we?" Asked Yunho. "No no, just some missions to ease you back into doing them," said Ace.

"Right, I've been cleared for doing missions again," hummed Yunho. "Well MK, Gunmin," he said, turning to said people. "Ready for a round of missions in Europe?" He asked. MK and Gunmin nod, quickly going to change and put on their clothes. "Good luck, stay safe," said Chani. "Will do," said Yunho as he nodded.

[center ~]

Yunho stared at the grave marker for the last time until he got back from Europe. "I'm going away on missions," he said. "I don't know when I'll be back but I'll try and bring a souvenir for you," he said. "I'll be back soon, okay?" He asked, before turning and walking back to where MK and Gunmin were waiting, ready to go.


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