Deadly Nightshade ~For LeahLockheart~

By Burning_Heart

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[font times Leah walked through the noisy, crowded halls, her head pointed towards the ground as she walked. As she glanced up, she saw a kid being shoved into a locker, so she quickly averted her gaze back down. She hadn't been like the other kids. Vaping, partying, dying their hair and getting piercings wherever they pleased. God forbid she did, her parents would have lost their minds. It's not her fault, though. Leah had just always grown up in a strict home.]

[font times Her parents rules seemed to drag on forever and ever. Get good grades, keep your room clean, no being out past curfew, no boys, no dyeing your hair, no piercings, no tattoos, no parties, don't drive without telling us where you're going, and it went on and on. So, that's how she grew up. The golden child, teacher's pet, whatever wonderful name the other students could come up with.]

[font times They'd also been in to America from England, in hopes of giving her a better life. Of course she opposed the decision, but it wasn't like she had a choice. Her accent often got her more nicknames, but she didn't care. Leah took a deep sigh as she approached the classroom, walking in and heading to her desk, placing her notebook on the desk and a pen, mindlessly sketching away as the time on the clock] [i tick, tick, ticked.] [font times It seemed to go on awfully slow as the students all chatted, waiting for class to begin.]

[font times The familiar giggles, snickering and talk filled the room, though to Leah it taunted her. She tried her best to avert her attention to her notebook, but sometimes she couldn't on some days. She just prayed today would be simple.]
Burning_HeartBrielle   1y ago

[center She was late. Go figure.]

[center Brielle groaned into her pillow before she forced herself to leave the comfort of her bed, promising the blanket that she'd be back that night. Making her way to the bathroom, she quickly brushed her teeth and brushed out her hair, pushing the strands back with her hand once she was done. Poking her head back into the room, she squinted at the clock before deciding to throw on some makeup. No harm in adding a few extra minutes to look good, right?]

[center So she stood in the bathroom, doing her best to apply her eyeliner without screwing it up. Most days she was lucky. Some days, not so much.]

[center Once she was done, she quickly threw on a shirt, jean jacket, some black pants, and matching boots, before grabbing her back and a pack of gum. She unwrapped a piece and popped it into her mouth before slipping the pack into her back pocket. Snagging her phone, she made her way from the room, not even bothering to check on her mother before leaving the house. With her luck, the woman would still be asleep when she got home.]

[center The walk to her new school was short, which kind of sucked, if she had to be honest. Perhaps she should've tacked on a few more minutes by getting some breakfast. She let out a soft sigh as she entered the building, making her way to the front office. It was the same thing she'd always been told before: "Being on time is important" and "You can't have a nose piercing or gauges" and blah blah blah. She only smiled and nodded, though made no effort to actually take them out. She doubted she'd be at the school long enough for them to care too much.]

[center Taking her schedule and tardy slip, she made her way to her first class, not even bothering to knock before pushing the door open. She quickly swept her gaze across the class before making her way over to the desk, handing the teacher the slip and introducing herself. [b "Brielle Summers. Sorry for being late on my first day. I'll try not to let it happen again."]]

[center She really did try her best to sound genuine, but it was beginning to get so tiring. She was quickly introduced to the rest of the class before she was handed an extra textbook and given her seat, next to a quiet brunette. She watched the girl for a moment before sitting down, leaning back in the chair. Already, she was thinking of when the best time to skip classes would be. She'd have to attend for the day to get an idea before she officially decided.]

[font times The brunette was still sketching when she heard a girl walk in, speaking to the teacher. Brielle, eh? Well, she supposed she'd have to see what the new girl was like. Leah kept her head down as the red-head made her way down the aisle, her combat boots hitting the floor rather intimidatingly.]

[font times Leah looked up to see the girl watching her. A red dusted the brunette's cheeks as she gave a small smile and wave, before going back to her notebook, her sweater sleeve lifting to reveal the flowered tattoo on her hand. The only one her parents knowingly let her get, at least.]

[font times After class started, she paid attention to the teacher and took what notes she could, being rather interactive, as her classmates groaned in boredom. Of course she was the teacher's pet, as per usual. She noticed the relaxed state of Brielle and sighed softly, frowning as she felt a piece of paper land next to her hand, crumpled up. She looked over to a smirking Brielle, and glared at her.]

[i "Really, mate?"] [font times she asked softly, a hint of annoyance in her tone.]
Burning_HeartBrielle   1y ago

[center Brielle had noticed the brunette wave to her. She'd also noticed the color that had stained the girls' cheeks when she'd caught her staring at her. What could she say? The girl was attractive, that much Brielle would admit. Not to mention, quiet, innocent-looking girls like that were fun to get to know. They were also a tong of fun to break. It caused her curiosity to spike just a little.]

[center Grabbing her notebook, she began scribbling on a piece of paper, making it look like she was taking notes. In reality, she was writing down her number, telling the girl she should program it into her phone and give her a ring if she was ever feeling lonely. Crumpling it up, she made sure the teacher wasn't looking before softly tossing it onto the girls' desk. She smirked at her as she looked up.]

[center [b "If throwing it at you offends you, don't read what's inside,"] she said in a teasing voice. Oh yeah, this girl would be a ton of fun.]

The brunette couldn't help but sigh as she listened to the red-head speak, wondering how on EARTH she chose her of all people to talk to. Did looking at her cause such an effect? She wasn't sure. She did finally give in though, and as soon as she knew it she was discreetly typing the girl's number into her phone.

[i Little did she know what she was getting herself into..]

She thought for a moment on what to name the red-head in her contacts, because God forbid her parents asked who the girl was. Leah smirked to herself as she finally typed in:

[b Red Riding Hood~].

Leah| [b So mate, why me of all people? You could just pay attention to class. I'm not all that interesting, to say the least.] -sent, 9:30am
Burning_HeartBrielle   1y ago

[center Brielle continued to smirk as she watched the girl, knowing full well that she'd give into the piece of paper. Girls like her couldn't resist the curiosity. At least in her experience, they couldn't. When she did finally open the note, she turned away, feeling victorious in her first attempt to get the teacher's pet's attention. It was a good way for her to get her foot into the water and get a feel for things before she'd fully immerse herself.]

[center Feeling her phone buzz, she had to bite back another grin that was threatening to creep across her face, less she give away the fact that she was scheming to the teacher. She wanted to at least try to not get in trouble on her very first day. Damn, that was a hard goal to reach.]

[center Glancing at the message, she waited before she was able to reply, making sure the teacher's back was turned before she went for it.]

[center [b You're cute and seem like a goody-two-shoes, not gonna lie. You and I would make an interesting pair if we became friends, don't you think?]]

[center Most likely she wouldn't agree with her. Brielle wouldn't be surprised. Good girls hardly ever looked her way, and when they did, it was usually to actively avoid her.]

The brunette was writing notes as the teacher spoke, only to have her face heat up as she felt her phone vibrate. Sadly for the poor girl, she had sat her phone in her lap, a bit too close for comfort. Leah quickly grabbed her phone to keep it from flustering her any longer than it had to, and couldn't help but chuckle at the message, giving a small eye roll. When the teacher's back was turned, Leah's thumbs hesitated as she thought about what to type, before finally replying.

[b Cute? I'm interested in women, yes, but I'd hold my horses if I were you, Princess. I've just met you, mate. Friends? Well, I don't see why not. And I'm NOT a GOODY-TWO SHOES! -_-]

She sighed softly, forgetting she set her phone down in her lap once again, going back to her notes.
Burning_HeartBrielle   1y ago

[center Feeling her phone buzz, Brielle couldn't help but smirk again, especially after reading the reply the brunette had sent her. She was surprised at how fast the girl got flustered. It was rather adorable, and fueled her to mess with her even more.]

[center [b Your blushing face and defensive response say otherwise, Princess, but keep telling yourself that. Maybe you'll convince me at some point.]]

[center Setting her phone to the side, she went back to pretending like she was paying attention. It was good to know that she already had the girl's attention. All she had to do was reel in her in and the two of them would have one hell of a time running the town.]

[center Well, maybe not [i that] extreme, but she was sure they'd have one hell of a good time.]
LeahLockheartLeah Lockheart   285d ago

The brunette sighed as her phone went off again, looking at the message and pouting softly. She set her phone down, deciding not to give into the redhead's playful choices, but damn it was hard to not pick it back up. She stared at it, trying hard to resist, but gave in anyway, soon grabbing it and replying.

[b Damn, well, then.Thanks for the nickname..I uh, I appreciate it? Hell, I don't know. Why are you so flirtatious?]

She bit her lip out of habit, sending the text before getting back to her notes, acting as if she was fine. She didn't know what the future would hold for these two, but she couldn't help but feel like something was weird, her stomach tingled.


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