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The World(No Dio)

By Corona_Chan

Replies: 66 / 44 days ago

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Still nothing from Arial, as he got a noscope and started to t-bag, like in those classic Halo games.
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 2d ago
[pic https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ES9RRnSXsAE3aOU.jpg]Skylar switched to the shotgun and grinned. His fingers moved faster than before as he hit Arial with a dropped to prone shotgun shot.
Arial kept going with the sniper, and to Skylar, it looked like he used spinbot for a moment as he got another headshot.
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 8d ago
Skylar switched to a pistol class and one tapped him right in the head.
Respawning, he switched to a sniper class, and noscoped him on a melee rush.
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 22d ago
Skylar's expression stayed the same, he switched to his throwing knife class and jumped off of window in nuketown. He spun and tossed the knife before the knife would land and hit Arial right in the head.
He kept his face the same, suddenly trickshotting Skylar on the next life.
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 22d ago
Skylar smiled and threw a c4 at arial before exploding it right before it landed.
He was still learning the controls, but soon, he started playing. The first kill he got was a headshot from that one oneshot sniper.
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 37d ago
Skylar's eyes glowed and he began to play. The map they were on was nuketown. He would run to Arials spawn and hit him with a headshot with a pistol.
He nodded, holding the controller enthusiastically.
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 37d ago
Skylar sat back down in his gaming chair and started the game. "Are you ready?'
"Oh, sorry," he apologized, helping Skylar up from off the floor.
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 37d ago
Skylar jumped back and fell hitting his head right on his chair out of surprise. "AGH! WARN ME WHEN YOU ARE COMING BACK ONLINE!"