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Wings of Fire RP with Nub-the-Tub

By ArialWasTaken

Replies: 97 / 45 days ago

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Sandstorm finally landed, collapsing on the ground. He was really tired, and just wanted to go to sleep at this point.
Ok give me the post thing now)
( exactly.
When they give up and decide to see if he is at her parents home?)
(About a day or two.
To when tho?)
She went to scilence too and sighed.
"What a time-saver," he sighed, going back to silence for as long as the day permitted.
"No clue. If he is really missing, my parents will look for him too"
Silence from him for a few moments. "This is gonna take days, isn't it.." he groaned to himself.
"The sea kingdom, my parents stay on land"
"Where is 'home,' exactly?" he asked Deep, slowly coming closer to the river to try and rest his wings.
"I don't even know if he's out here, he could be in a prison, for all i know, or at home."