Fatal Attraction (Closed to CherryBooxx)

By Burning_Heart

It was just supposed to be a normal party. One that Elizabeth Williams didn't want to attend, especially with her family's intent to find her a husband and finally be rid of their "problem child." She was the girl who didn't play by society's rules. The one who stuck to the wall instead of finding herself on the dance floor.

It was just supposed to be a normal party. One that _____ would host and be done with, especially with the concern that someone would discover his secret. But he had to stay relevant in society, at least for a little while. When the time came, he would simply disappear to live somewhere else. He was the man who lived forever. The one who fed off the living.

It was just supposed to be a normal party. Then their eyes met from across the room. A small conversation led to a dance, which led to a night spent on the balcony. An attraction just as deadly as it was exciting. One night turned into one week, and so forth. But every relationship has problems, especially when concerning eternity.

Elizabeth swore she'd never marry for gain. ______ swore he'd never grow attached, especially to a mortal. Between society's judgment, enemies who would love to see him dead, and a secret that could break her, a romance as dark as this one shouldn't be allowed to exist. Can the two find a way to bend the rules? Or is their love destined for disaster?

What I'm Looking For:

This is the outline for this idea. It's a humanxvampire idea I've had in mind for a while now. I'm looking for a semi-literate to literate partner who is willing to flesh out details with me. The story is something I want to write together. This is why the description is so brief.

Outside of what's been described, play the character as you like. They're your character after all.

Real pictures are preferred, for that's what I have for Elizabeth.

This is a Victorian-style RP, so it takes place somewhere during the 1800s.

Communication. I myself am not that great at being on every day or replying every day. I understand life comes first, but at least keep in contact and agree to let the other know when we'll be replying or taking a break/hiatus, anything like that. I'm a very patient and understanding person, I promise.

Good grammar. I'm not great with this all the time. I constantly make mistakes, but I really don't want to try and decipher a reply.

This is a mature roleplay, so please be 18+. There will be mature themes, though ES rules still apply. If needed, things can be skipped or taken off site.

Most importantly, have fun. This is just a small idea I had that I wanted to write and I want my partner to do the same.

PM me with the subject of "Dangerous" so that I know you read the entire thing. If I don't see that, I will simply assume you didn't read through and I will ignore you. I don't mean that in a rude way, but it's a pet peeve to go through and explain things or try and talk something over that is already presented above. However, if you do have questions that are not answered by anything, you can ask!

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Burning_HeartElizabeth   1y ago

[center [b [i "Will you hold still?"]]]

[center Elizabeth Williams grunted as the maid pulled the strings of her corset tighter. It was frustrating how tight the stupid things had to be. [b "If you'd quit pulling so hard, I would,"] she said through gritted teeth. She loved the older woman dearly, but she could be such a pain, especially when it came to Lizzy getting dressed.]

[center Marie let out a sigh as she finally tied the strings together, allowing the young brunette to finally stand up straight. The white dress looked absolutely gorgeous on her, the sleeves ending in ruffles at her elbows. The neckline hung just low enough to show the top of her breasts, but not enough to get the lass in trouble. Bright blue eyes stared into the mirror before her, taking in the brown strands that cascaded over her shoulders.]

[center The woman smiled, laugh lines prominent on her face as she did so. [b [i "Lovely as always, Lady Elizabeth."]]]

[center The brunette turned and smiled at the older woman. [b "You do not have to address me as such, Marie."]]

[center She bowed her head slightly, silver strands coming loose from the bun on top of her head. [b [i "But I do since that is the title you bear."]]]

[center Lizzy did her best not to seem annoyed. She knew the woman meant well, so she couldn't be upset with her for addressing her as everyone else did. [b "Tell me, Marie,"] she started, making her way over to the vanity, where she took a seat so the older woman could begin working on her hair. [b "do you really think I should go to this ball? Perhaps you could tell my parents I have fallen ill. I'm almost certain they will believe you."]]

[center Marie shook her head as she pulled some hair from each side of her head, braiding the pieces and pinning them together at the back of her head. [b [i "I wish I could, Lady Elizabeth, but you know how important it is to your parents that you attend."]]]

[center [i So that they can push me onto someone else?] She bit her tongue, refraining from saying the thought out loud. She loved her parents dearly, and deep down she knew they loved her just as much, but compared to her sisters, she was a pain. As the oldest, her parents had tried to raise her to be proper. To be "marriage material." Unfortunately for them, Elizabeth just wasn't that type of person. Instead, her sister Emily, born after her, had been the first to marry, both an exciting and disappointing thing to her parents.]

[center She let out a small sigh as the maid finished putting her hair up, standing once more. Her sisters Emma and Elsie weren't having to attend. They were the lucky ones. They were able to opt-out of this. Meanwhile, their eldest sister was stuck into going to a place filled with boring gossip and even more boring dances.]

[center Unable to think of another excuse, especially without the help of Marie, Elizabeth gave into the idea, quickly making her way downstairs to meet her parents. Duchess William's face lit up at the sight of her daughter. [b [i "As beautiful as ever, darling."]] She made her way over to the brunette, cupping her face in her hands. [b [i "Please behave tonight? This party is just as important as the rest,"]] she said with a tight smile.]

[center Elizabeth nodded. [b "Yes, mother,"] she said softly. Before she knew it, they were in their carriage and off on the road. Lizzy sat across from her parents, staring out the window. She felt like a bird in a cage, doomed to live a life of confinement. It was a sad thought.]

[center It wasn't long before they arrived at the large mansion. Her eyes widened a little at the lanterns that lit up the walkway as they approached. Escorted out of the carriage by a butler, Elizabeth stared up at the beautiful building. She couldn't remember ever seeing it and she had to wonder who it was that owned it. Surely it had to be someone pretty important. Perhaps they were more important than her own parents.]

[center She followed behind her mother and father, keeping her chin held high as they entered through the large wooden doors. They were quickly led to the ballroom, which was already packed with other guests. Elizabeth recognized a few right away, and before her parents could stop her, she slipped away, immediately making her way to the table with the refreshments. Maybe with enough to drink she'd be able to stand the rest of the night.]
CherryBooxxarмanι   1y ago

It was another night where his parents set up a party to help find him a queen. The male didn't want the help. He was more than able to take of the mansion himself. He doesn't need help. His parents always do these things. This was the third party this week. He rolled his eyes when he knew he needed to be getting ready. But he didn't want to get up. But he knew he needed to because he had responsibilities to attend too. The male sighed as he stared out the door. His friend was there already. Armani didn't have many friends, but what did he expect? He was kind of an asshole.

[b "This is pointless,"] he was explaining to his friend. [b "There isn't anyone out there for me. And who says I want a queen standing by my side?"] Armani was a stubborn one for sure. "There is always someone out there. Even to love your stubborn ass." Armani laughed loudly, and then shook his head. [b "I probably should get ready or I'll get dragged out of here."] Armani nodded his head at his friend as he left the room. He looked at himself in the mirror, and then when and put his clothes on. Nice pair of slacks. Nice black shoes. And a nice button up shirt with his long cardigan. Then he heard a knock at the door.]

[b "Yeah yeah, I'm coming."] That was all he had to say as he heard the footsteps walk away. He rolled his eyes, smoothed out his clothes, and then went down to the big dinner hall. He looked around and saw how many people were there, and it barely just started. There was a lot of people. He looked around, and didn't really see anyone that fancy his fancy. He went and sit down at the chairs that were set out. He was here. That should make his parents happy enough. He was still polite to people if they came up and talk to him.]

Armani looked over at the drink section and saw a female. A female that he has never seen here before. But he wasn't even going to try and put his hand out there. He knew he needed to blend in. There were so many bodies in here. So many bodies that he could drain in a heartbeat. Armani never understood how this became his life, but it did. Armani stood up and decided that he would go talk to this female. He needed to do something and not think about how his mouth was watering, because he could hear the blood flowing through everyone's body. If he didn't do something, everyone would find out the type of monster he is.

Armani walked over and smiled. [b "Having a good evening, miss?"]
Burning_HeartElizabeth   1y ago

[center Elizabeth carefully sipped on the drink in her hand, glancing around the room. Her parents hadn't bothered to follow her, something she was extremely grateful for, but she knew they were probably a little embarrassed. While they had been introducing themselves to old friends and acquaintances, she had been very actively avoiding such a task. She had yet to see anybody that she was fond of, much less a friend to her, so she felt best being a wallflower, watching the rest of the party-goers enjoy their night. A couple of gentlemen had approached her, introducing themselves and one even asking for a dance, but she'd politely declined, much to their dismay.]

[center She sighed as she took another sip, wondering just how long they would be there. She was already growing impatient with the situation. It was amazing that her parents still bothered to take her with them to these events. She should've tried harder to convince Marie to help her feign an illness. At least then she'd be at home, either relaxing in bed or playing her favorite music on their piano.]

[center When she looked up from the glass in her hand, she froze, noticing another man heading in her direction. Something about him seemed...off. She willed her legs to move, to set the glass down, and try to find something else she could occupy herself with, but that was impossible, especially when he finally reached her.]

[center Taking a deep breath, she forced another smile, giving him a small curtsy. [b "It has been decent enough,"] she said, her eyes meeting his. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but something was different about this man. Clearing her throat, she finally tore her gaze away, realizing how much she was probably staring. [b "To what do I owe the honor?"] she asked, glancing at the floor. She wasn't sure why, but his gaze was intimidating. It was enough to make her skin crawl, though, strange as it was, not in a bad way]
SSerendipty-arмanι   360d ago

This female had the same look that he had. A look of 'I don't want to be here.' Now that was something he could relate too. He only came up to her because he knew people were watching him. And she was the only that wasn't drooling over the site of him. Armani watched her carefully. Wondering why she was here in the first place. Possibly for the same reasons that his parents hold this gruesome thing.

[b "Just chatting is all. Got to make my parents happy you know."] Armani rolled his eyes slightly. He knew that this is not how he is supposed to act in front of her lady. And god forbid his parents saw him talking like that. He would be lectured until the next century. His parents would do everything in their power to make sure he had a queen by his side when it was time to take the throne as king. Armani, on the other hand, didn't even care if had a queen or not. He could rule this kingdom without another person by him. He has been doing it for so long, because his father was clueless. Armani was constantly helping him. But of course, it had to be their little secret, because his mother thought his dad was the brave king. Armani rolled his eyes at the thought.

[b "So what is a female like you doing at this thing? You do know that this whole thing is trying to find me a queen?"] Armani kind of didn't want one. He didn't even know what a relationship would be like right now. Nor has he ever imagined what it would be like.

Armani's parents were dancing on the dance floor when they looked over. They saw Armani talking to a female. And of course, they got super excited. So they came rushing over. Armani heard footsteps and saw his parents coming. [b "Oh god. I'm sorry for whatever they may say."]

Armani's parents greeted him and the female at the table. "So I see your talking to someone Armani." Armani groaned at his parents. [b "It's just a conversation mother and father. That's all."] Armani's parents look at him and then back at the female and smile real big. "If you say so," the parents said at the same time.

Armani rubbed his temple with his middle finger and index finger. [b "Just because I'm talking to someone doesn't mean I found my queen. You guys hold his stupid shit for you guys. If I'm going to find someone that I want to stand next to me on the throne, it's definitely not going to happen over night, ya know."] Armani looked back at the female, and was wondering what she may thinking. It was just awkward right now, and quite honestly, Armani was getting tired of this little game his parents kept going back and forth on. It was getting quite frustrating. This was his life. He wanted to live it without his parents pushing something on him.

But deep down, he knew that probably would never happen.
Burning_HeartElizabeth   357d ago

[center Elizabeth raised a brow at his words, taking a sip of her drink as she watched him. She was surprised that someone else would openly admit to being annoyed by the same thing she was. [b "I completely understand that feeling,"] she said, glancing around. If her parents could see her right now, they would lose their minds. It was the longest that she'd allowed anyone to actually talk to her without shooing them away.]

[center [b "That I was not aware of, though my reasoning for being here are quite similar. My parents are trying to pawn me off on somebody else."] She frowned. The words had come out quite harsh. [b "I mean, they're trying to find me a suitable husband. I have not made it easy for them."] Deep down, Elizabeth didn't want to get married because her parents told her to or because they approved. If she was going to get married, it was going to be to someone that she liked, even loved if possible, and could enjoy the same things she could and vise versa. She didn't want to live her life as a miserable wife whose husband was unfaithful and uncaring. It just wasn't going to happen.]

[center She tensed when she saw the two strangers approaching them, especially when Armani apologized. It wasn't long before she heard they were his parents. Her stomach immediately knotted up. This was [i not] good. If they found out who she or her parents were, that would be the end of any freedom the two of them had. She wanted desperately to just sneak away. Unfortunately, she knew she wouldn't be able to do that without getting caught. So she stayed, frozen to the spot.]

[center She was a bit surprised that he could be so blunt to his own parents in front of other people, but she admired it. While blunt herself at home, she couldn't imagine talking that way to them. [b "Perhaps I should step outside? I'd hate to be a bother,"] she said, glancing from his parents to him. She wasn't sure if he would allow her to leave alone or follow her. Either way, she would be out of the awkward situation and, if he so chose, he could be as well.]
BeautyFromPain-     312d ago

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/suVhia0.jpg]] Armani figured that this was super awkward for her. Especially after he heard her comment. Armani wasn't realizing that it was decoy to get out the situation. Armani was still sitting there and arguing with his parents. Armani sighed and then watched as they walked away. Armani knew they would be coming back for more.

Armani looked at the female. [b "I'm sorry for not answering. But this is how it goes every time."] Armani rolled his eyes and started to eat a little bit. At this point, he didn't care if he found his queen or not. Armani felt at this point it wasn't meant for him.

Armani looked back at the female, and was thought about her reasoning for being here. Armani took a big gulp and realized she was here for the same reason. Well similar to the same reason. Armani just didn't get it. Why did their parents want them to be with someone so bad?

Armani shook his head slightly and then began to speak. [b "I get that all too well. As you saw. Why can't they let us be?"]
Burning_HeartElizabeth   307d ago

[center It was a bit awkward just standing there and watching the three of them go back and forth, but she didn't want to just walk away without warning. Despite her normal attitude, she was enjoying talking to the young man. He shared the same sentiments she did, which was different than what she normally had to put up with.]

[center It was a nice little change.]

[center She couldn't help but let out a nervous laugh after, shaking her head. [b "No need to apologize. I completely understand,"] she said, smiling at him. At his question, she shrugged. She often found herself wondering the same thing, especially more now than ever. [b "I wish I understood. As it stands, I have no desire to marry anyone, especially when it's forced. If I were to marry, I would want it to be with someone I choose and care about."] She let out a sigh. [b "I think the only reason they're concerned about it is that I'm the oldest, so it's apparently my responsibility to marry up."]]

[center She paused before looking up at him. [b "I apologize. I didn't mean to ramble on."] [i Smooth...]]


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