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♡ Black Cat Delivery Service ♡

By -Solaris-

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Life up to this point has been good- or at least as good as it can be for the unlikely heroes of the Floating City of Efrele. After the other kingdoms fell, Efrele took precautions against against dark magic and the monsters that dark magic attracts, and have suspended their city in midair- making it only accessible by airship. So, how did the tragic heroes end up there, half-dead with severe amnesia- barely remembering their own names? The answer to that is really quite simple.

For years, the world was peaceful until the emergence of a dark mage and his legion of shadow beasts that wreaked havoc on the Allied Kingdoms. After the emergence of these shadow creatures, the celestial bodies given a corporeal form fought a losing battle against the dark mage. The heroes of Efrele are cursed- or blessed depending on how one wants to look at them- bonded to these celestials after they, themselves failed to complete their mission. Even though the heroes knew they were siphoning away their life force in exchange for power was something they gladly did if it meant that they would be able to save their home. The end result of this fusion was the end of the dark mage and his legion.

But at great cost.

The heroes were left unconscious, and nearly dead, themselves. Even with all of the great power that they possessed, they’d only scraped by with the skin of their teeth. The people of Efrele mourned their heroes in the time they were in a coma- fearing they may never awaken. But they finally did come to, and they were welcomed with the tales of their heroism and sacrifice that they barely remember. After recovering, the heroes decide to go their separate ways. Having saved the world, they felt like they deserved a long rest in hopes to recover their lost memories.

It’s been nearly two years since the Calamity happened. Efrele is now a bustling capital town with more business and trade than ever. The unlikely handful have slowly, over the course of time, picked up the pieces, and have lived relatively quiet lives. With their powers slowly emerging once again, they’re greeted one day by a playful kitten holding a piece of parchment in its mouth. It reads as follows:

[i My Dearest Hero,
First and foremost, I would like to thank you for saving the world as we know it. Efrele thanks you. There’s little we can do to repay you, and I know you’re in retirement, but my familiar Jiji and I have one last favor to ask of you. A small, simple job. If you would all come and meet me at the Black Cat Bakery and ask for Kijin, we can discuss the details of the job then. You’ll be provided free rooms at the inn, and a hefty sum of money upon completion of the job.
Blessed Be, Jiji and Kijin.]


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