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What would you do if you found yourself on an aline plant with nothing but your escape pot and your savor suit. A plant made up of 90% water. Would you descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril? OR would you stay in your pod until helped arrived? Can you make it one more day or will you fall victim to this hostile world?

A Pretty basic set up, it the world of subnautica but you and one other person make it out of the Aurora on you life pod. Explore the world together and overall have a fun time message me if intrsted.
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MendedGray Grim   1y ago

Grey would rub his head as he slowly awakened from his slumber. His head hurt and he could feel a bit of blood running down his face as his head rolled. He felt like he gotten hit by a truck his whole body hurt. "Uuu what happened?" He asked his burled vision slowly coming back to him as noticed a person across from him and flames slowly getting close to them. "SHIT." he would then snap to awareness as he tried to stand up as he tried to deal with the fire. Only to be held down by the chair he was strapped into.

Smashing the release button he stood up grabbed the fire extinguisher and quickly extinguished the flames before letting out a sigh of relief at having saved his crewmate. "You okay did the flames get you." He asked them not being able to tell who it was with their helmet on. He then noticed their seat straps wouldn't move trapped them in their seat. "Hold on ill get you out." He then lifted on the bars so they could squeeze out from underneath freeing them. He then backed up and looked around the pod and looked confused where was he? Last he could remember he was on the ship and then... He couldn't quite remember as he rubbed the bump on his forehead. That was the most likely answer sighing he pulled off his helmet and shook the seat from his hair. "Hey I know this will sound stupid but where are we? I can't seem to remember." He asked the other person and giving a silly smile.
Sklee     1y ago

She blinked. What happened? Right, right, right! They’d crashed! But where? Come on, she knew this, she’d been studying the planet. “ Planet 4546B, also known as.......... I don’t think it has a name. We crashed, remember? My name was Evie. What’s yours”?
MendedGray Grim   1y ago

He would look confused for a few seconds before nodding. That right the ship had crashed. One minute he was working on some equipment then the next everything was on fire. He had rushed to the life pods. He had almost closed and locked it but someone at the last second called out to him and joined him. All pods had room for two with enough supply to last at least a month.

"That right sorry." He said feeling the dreed settle in as he looked up at the hatch. He knew plant 4546B was an ocean world but that was about it. Well best to check what was outside. Climb up the later he would open to hatch to see some strange-looking bird sitting on the hull that flew away as soon as put a hand on the deck. "You should come look at this." He called down after seeing the Arora state it was bad.
Sklee     1y ago

She climbed up to the top with him. Of course, she immediately noticed the Aurora. It blocked out half of the skyline. But as she looked up, she noticed a small flock of the same bird-like creatures. This planet really was a source of brand new life. And she just had to learn more. She dove back into the ship, looking for the fabricator.


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