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The Demon's Bride

By -Chimera

Replies: 6 / 51 days ago

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[center [font "Century gothic" [size30 The Demon's Bride]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/oWiiWCW.gif]
Sakura Hanashiki was a young culinary student. She was only a few semesters from graduating. She was excited, her dream was to open her own restaurant. She had be working hard saving all that she could. Everything all changed when she bumped into him. Muse was a high class business man. Muse was heartless, and callous.

The young women dream seemed to come crashing down to a cold heartless reality. Sakura was force to married Muse. She didn't like any part of the ordeal but her family was rather excited for her.

So this is the rough story line I have so far. I think it will all come together as the story goes on.
* Anime or illustrated picture only please ^_^
Need a male
Some who can post over 1000 characters
* Note I am a bit slower at posting so I understand if it takes while, we all have our own lives to attend too.

I would prefer to keep this story MxF but I am willing to change to MxM or FxF


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[font "century gothic" [#0700cc Sakura quickly made he way back into the restaurant. She told her boss what happen he patted he on the shoulder. surely it would be alright. Accidents do happen she did apologize until he got a little hasty. The day seemed to go by slowly, until the evening got around. It was finally time for her to home home. She need to get to study. She had a rather difficult exam coming up in couple of days.

She sighed softly as she closed her eyes. She took off her apron. She grabbed her jacket and slipped it on. She then said goodbye to he boss and head out the door. She had a notebook and a few text book in her arms. She was hold them tightly, then she seen him.

She quickly tried to slip away but that didn't work her seen her. She sapphire colored eyes glared back at the tall man. [i "I am not going no where with you!"] she said with a snarl. [i I don't care who you think you are...or who you even are."] she said as she crossed her arms. Her sapphire colored eyes were filled with anger
-Bride / -Chimera / 14d ago
[+red ''Whatever shrew''] Itsuki said bitterly as the woman gave him the five dollars. He was not going to take this lightly. Itsuki was going to make this woman's life a living hell once he saw her again. Itsuki was very well known in the business corporation. [+red ''You will grow to know your place one day''] Itsuki said bitterly as he walked away quickly.
[center -]
Itsuki went out to a different place to get his coffee. He was livid about how that girl talked back to him. Itsuki first stopped by his home to change out of the soiled clothes that got coffee all over. [+purple ''What happened, Master Itsuki?''] he just shook his head. [+red ''Something just happened well I was out.''] he said coldly.
[Center -]
After some time of trying to trace Sakura, she was finally successful in finding where the girl had worked. [+red ''Ms. Sakura, you're coming home with me right now.] Itsuki said bitterly.
[font "century gothic" [#0700cc Sakura was in a state of shock she had dealt with rude people before this guy was even worse. [i "Look... I am really sorry... "] she said as she reached into her pocket and pulled out five dollar bill. [i "Here take this and get yourself a new coffee...... I am not a barista I am sue chef..."] she said in a soft but rather dry tone.

The pink haired girl's blue eyes seemed to be glittered with emotions. She was angry, just ready to get back to work. Back to the kitchen where she belonged. She sighed softly as she back way from the tall man. [i "Look I have to get back to work.... I am really sorry I split your coffee but I really need to go"] she said as she shoved the five dollar bill into the male's hand. She then head towards the door. The van was wright out side. It had the small restaurant's name and phone number on the side.

Sakura didn't bother to look back there was no need too. She just wanted to get out of there, back to work were she felt comfortable.
-Bride / -Chimera / 40d ago
Itsuki was getting things put together to meet with a girl. He was interested in love let alone marriage. But if this is one thing he has to do he will go through with it. Itsuki is a man of his words after all. His family made a deal with this girl's family when they were both pretty young.
[center -]
He was out around town this time to grab some coffee before he went back to his office. Itsuki looked around the little diner as he waited for his coffee. He took his coffee and headed out of the diner before he could even leave a clumsy waitress dumped his coffee all over him.
[center -]
Itsuki growled and gave her a stern look [+red ''Well don't just stand there. Get something to clean this up. Oh- well you're at it get me a new coffee''] he said bitterly as he stared the girl down. He crossed his arms as he tapped his foot impatiently. Itsuki wasn't a very nice man to start with he wasn't always like this though. Business hardened him and made him cold and callous. Many pepole don't get in his way for that reason.
[font "century gothic" [#0700cc Sakura Hanashiki is a sweet young girl chasing after her dreams to own her own restaurant. Today wasn't like any other day. Things were different, the whole morning just seemed off. The pink hair girl surely figure that things would get better by the afternoon. They always seemed to especially when her coworker got there. The two just seemed lighten the mood.

Sakura was in the kitchen working hard with her boss. They had a rather large lunch order to fill. It was hard for her to keep focus the pink hair female just seem to be lost in thought. Sakura closed her sapphire colored eyes them opened them again. She sighed softly as her eyes glance back to her cook book. She was making something new today. A new peppered beef stir-fry.

Sakura sighed softly as she worked on the dish. She enjoyed adding all sorts of spices. Once she had finished cooking the beef, noodles, and veggies. She pour the dish into four separate plastic containers. She then starting making egg drop soup. Before she knew her and her boss had finished the large order. The only thing left was to deliver it. Sakura really didn't like going on delivery but it seemed like she was going to be today.

Sakura packed up the 24 containers, she loaded them into the van then heading over farther into the city. She pulled up to the front of the building. She was lead to the cafeteria where she placed all the meals to where she was told. She smiled seeing everything in place including all the napkins and ever a few extra menus for when they wanted to order again. Sakura headed of the door.

She almost fell backwards, she then looked up to see a stern looking business man with coffee spelt all over him. [i "Oh my goodness I am so sorry"] she said as she quickly reached to her pocket for some extra napkins. [i Here"] she said as she held out the napkins.
-Bride / -Chimera / 50d ago