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whatever ~ for Sandshower96


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Name: Qrow, Reaper
Age: 17
personality: nice, funny, quiet, smart, polite, loyal, dark
weapons: Qrow carries 2 katana's, a butterfly knife, and many many needles
Bio: to be revealed in the RP
Other: Yuki can somewhat overcome his bodies limits, he is also secretive

Name: Rei Anderson
Age: 17
personality: She stubborn but soft on the inside. She grew up as a tomboy but still feminine
weapons: Hunting knife and sniper rifle
Bio: Rei is on her own after her family was killed. Now she’s just trying to survive
Other: Rei gets really bad headaches


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Rei didn’t know what to say to Qrow’s confession. All she could manage was [b “Thanks you...”] her voice drifted off as she thought of her brother. It seemed like forever since that day even though it only been a week. It was already getting hard to remember what his voice sounded like. It was the same when she last saw her parents. Their voices are the first to fade from memory, then it’s their faces. Rei is terrified of the day she forgets the faces of her whole family.

Rei’s heart and mind was clouded with raw emotions, she didn’t realize when the hours flew by. The zombies haven’t dissipated yet, [b “Why aren’t they moving on... oh, I’m 17. I would have been graduating from high school this year if it wasn’t for those damn monsters.”] Rei clinched her fist so hard that her fingernails dig into her palms [b “They took everything from me!”] Rei wanted to scream and cry whenever she thought about all she suffered. Although the rest of her tears dried up after Justin died.
Rei / Sandshower96 / 91d ago
"huh, oh yeah, I saw your brother get murdered, then that night put a bullet in the murderers head," he said while closing his eyes, he was pretty angry, but happy at the same time because he had found another living human, of-course hearing these things must have sparked up a confused mind for her

after a couple of hours Qrow looked outside to see if the hoard of zombies had calmed down, "nope," he thought while turning towards Rei, "how old are you," he asked with a smile, "gotta find some way out," he thought while looking around

(he's happy, and focused)
Rei couldn’t believe she was so clumsy. Now she put both of them in danger. Rei was shocked when Qrow spoken of her brother, [i “He knows about Justin?”] she thought, wanting to know more but now wasn’t the time. The zombies were closing in on them, it was time to fight. [b “I know!”] she exclaimed as she drew her gun up, making head shots. In the old world she was opposed to guns but now she’s a sharpshooter. The universe was seriously twisted. Qrow reason for inviting her was the same reason she had for following him. Everyday the population is diminished, who knows how many people are actually left. Even though Rei didn’t care for Qrow’s indifferent carefree attitude, she knew that it was slim pickings out there. He had every opportunity to kill her by now, yet hasn’t tired. That’s a pro in her book, however you can’t be too careful. It’ll take more than Qrow not drawling a weapon on her to trust him fully.

Once the closest zombies were taken care of, they made a break for the tree line. The noise of gunfire will just bring more so the farther they get away the better. Rei followed Qrow inside an old cabin that looked like it hasn’t been lived in for years. They braced the door and quietly stood attentive. [b “We should give it a few hours. They’ll get distracted by something else.”] she spoke softly, trying to make the less noise as possible. She turned towards Qrow, [b “what you said earlier about my brother... you were there?”]
Rei / Sandshower96 / 99d ago
Qrow froze with an annoyed smile on his face, "Really," he said pulling his katana from its sleeve, "do you want us to die," he said gripping the katana in one hand, "I invited you because who knows when I'll find someone who is alive again, and because I saw your when that man put a bullet in your brothers head," he said in a very indifferent tone, "might want to use that gun of yours," he added

Qrow turned the girl around and started booking it into the forest, he was very irritated, that not once, but twice in the past fourteen hours has a giant zombie hoard formed, "why, why, why, why, just why does this happen," he said as he found an old boarded-up cabin, "we can hide in here," he said in a relieved tone, really he wasn't ready to die, he still had to make sure everyone he knew was alright, so far he had seen three of them

(was that good enough in the emotions??)
The air was quite crisp and fresh, the perks of no more pollution. Rei watched as Qrow woke from his slumber, [b “Morning...”] she mumbles softly not sure if the boy even heard her. She was surprised when he gave her the option to company him to the mountains. Now Rei had a choice, either to stay on her course or join him into the unknown. Rei was so used to being on her own. The thought of traveling with another person was scary. She didn’t want to get attached to anyone else. However, her heart was urged her to follow the boy. [I “Here goes nothing. I could always leave whenever I wanted to.”] she thought as she gathered her stuff and followed the boy off the roof.

Rei walked quietly through the small town to avoid the attention of the dead. They were almost to the forest when she decided the speak up. [b “Why did invite me to accompany you? You don’t even know me.”] she looked at him waiting for a response. Not watching her step, Rei accidentally drove her foot into a metal trash can creating a loud noise. [b “Shit!”] she exclaims as the zombies turned and walk towards them. [b “They’re coming!”]
Rei / Sandshower96 / 104d ago
Qrow woke up at dawn and looked at the zombies, "scattered again, good," he thought, "alright, I'm heading out, if you want to join go ahead," he said looking for a way to get down, he then jumped off of the building landing on a stair wrack with as little sound as possible

when he got on the ground he looked around to see if any of the zombies noticed, he then started walking to the forest knowing that it was probably the worst choice to make since most of the zombies he has encountered were from the forest, but he still went
Rei raised an eyebrow as Qrow pointed towards the mountains. She never really thought of exploring the rural areas past the clusters of towns. The idea that the mountains were safer than anywhere else was hard to believe. Even with the geology advantage that the mountains provided, nothing was ever guaranteed. Rei walk to the edge of the roof and looked down before glancing back at the rooftop they just leaped from. Zombies everywhere. There was probably at least a dozen on the rooftop alone, with some falling off every so often. Rei looked back at the boy [b “My name is Rei. I’m traveling by myself...”] her voice trailed off. She didn’t really want to talk about herself, especially her past. [b “Not really going anywhere in particular.”] With a sign, Rei sat down with her back against the roof’s wall. It was a waiting game now.

It was strange being so close with another human, a live one that is. Rei didn’t know what to talk about so she stayed quiet. Since there was nothing else to do, Rei figured it was a good time to clean her gun. As she was meticulously taking the gun apart and cleaning the barrel when she noticed Qrow take an object out of his backpack. In disbelieve, she watched Qrow mess around with a grenade. She wasn’t surprised that he had one but that he was playing with it as if it was a toy. [I “Boys”] she thought with an eye roll and a slight shrug. Once she was done cleaning her gun, Rei moved one to sharpen her knife. It was a daily task for her, almost like an impulse.

Rei didn’t feel like sleeping even though she knew it would help. Qrow on the other hand had no problem sleep, Rei was envious of that. [I “How can he be so carefree? He doesn’t even know who I am and yet he sleeps so deeply.”] she thought solemnly as she glanced at the boy. He kind of reminded her of Justin. Maybe it was the color of his hair or his immature carefree attuited.

Once finished sharpening her knife, Rei finally closed her eyes. Not to sleep though but to merely rest her tired eyes. It wasn’t long before the sun started to dawn behind her. That bright orange light danced across her face. [I “Even in this hell the sunrise is still beautiful.”] It pained her to know that the world went on rotating even when mankind was on the brink of extinction. Did their lives really not mean anything?
Rei / Sandshower96 / 105d ago
"hmmm, oh, I'm heading to the mountains, a friend of mine is at a camp there," he said pointing at some mountains, "and if he's not there I'll probably just camp for a bit, zombies aren't really up there," he added looking at the ground, "we attracted a lot of attention," he said putting his backpack on the ground and laying on it like a pillow, "who are you," he asked

Qrow took out a grenade from his backpack and started toying with it, waiting until the zombies scattered again, "I suggest you try to sleep it'll be a while before they go away," he said closing his eyes, after about three minutes he was out, not snoring, but he was in a pretty deep sleep, which is why he normally didn't sleep, at least not until he was somewhere he knew was safe
Rei looks down at the boy as he smiled and gave his name. [b “Qrow?”] she repeated back almost sounding like a question. When Qrow pulled out his knife, Rei flinch and started to take a step back. His initials were carved in the handle. There was so much she wanted to ask him but the sounds on zombie put everything on pause. [I “Crap. Here they come!”] she thought as her face harden. Just then she heard the word ‘run’, and her body moved on its own.

Rei reluctantly followed behind his boy that she doesn’t even know out of a basic need to survive. They made it to the rooftop and she needed a minute to catch her breath. She was already huffing and puffing from those four flights of stairs but zombies don’t need breaks so she needing to keep moving. Rei watched in awe as Qrow jump across rooftops. [I “I guess it’s time for some causal parkour. “] she thought sarcastically before saying a small prayer and taking that leap of faith. Clearing the rooftop wasn’t the hard part, it was the landing that was tricky. It was more like an awkward rolling kind of landing rather than a graceful one. [b “Ouch...”] Rei mumbled while brushing the dirt off her jeans. Looking over at boy with questionable eyes [b “So Qrow, where were you heading to?’]
Rei / Sandshower96 / 108d ago
Qrow kept his eyes closed but smiled, "Qrow," he answered, pulling out his knife that had the initials 'QR', he started toying with it as he noticed the sound of a gun, "put the gun down please," he said hearing the Zombies again, "how can they be here already," he thought, "We gotta go," he said as he grabbed his backpack along with the pistol, "run," he said going up the stairs

when he got to the roof he noticed the next building was close enough to jump on, he looked at her and smiled, as he ran and jumped to the next roof, "that was fun," he thought sitting down and waiting for the girl, he thought that it would be nice to have a little companion with him, especially because the next camp that he had heard of was about a days trip away from where they were
Rei watched the outside world from that dusty little window for what seemed like hours. It was a whole bunch of nothing. Every so often she would see a zombie walk by, unaware of her presence. It was still a little before dawn when something caught her eye. It looked like a person... an alive person! The male figure must have spotted her because he seemed to wave in her direction. [I “Shit!”] Rei thought as she hides out of sight gripping the gun tighter. [I “Did he see me? Shit, he did...”] Rei hurried to pack up her stuff and crouched in a blind spot. She didn’t know if that boy was a friend or foe. It was smart to be cautious in the world they lived in now. A person wouldn’t hesitate to kill you for a can of beans. That’s how she lost her brother, being too trusting. The memory was still very fresh, it’s probably a wound that will never heal. Yet it taught her a good lesson.

Rei flinched at the sound of a door opening. Was it human or monster? Sweat ran down her forehead as she anticipates a fight. To tell the truth, Rei had never killed another human before. She had to abandon people in the past, which is basically killing them. But never with her own hands has she taken a life. As footsteps approached, she snapped out of her train of thought and became alert. She peeks around the corner and saw the boy standing there. Luckily his back was turned towards her. Rei glanced down at the rifle to make sure the safety is off and slowly stood up, gun at the ready. The boy sat down as she approached him. Before she could even speak, he saw her. This spooked her a little and she raised her gun halfway. The strange boy simply waved at her and laid his head down. [I “Isn’t he being too nonchalant about this?”] she thought with her gun still at the ready. [b “who are you? What do you want?”] she asked forcefully. Was this guy dangerous?

((It’s okay))
Rei / Sandshower96 / 109d ago
Qrow walked down a street with few zombies, as he noticed a girl in the window of one of the buildings, he waved as he noticed a zombie hoard approaching him, he then ran inside the building up to her floor and pulled out a pistol from his backpack

he was too focused on wanting to be safe to realize that she was right behind him when the zombies groans got weaker he sight and sat down, he turned around and noticed the girl was there, he then waved and laid his head on his backpack

((sorry if this is short))
Always on the run, always tried. Not a single night has passed since the broadcast that Rei hasn’t been able to sleep peacefully. Whenever she closes her eyes, her family is there... It always starts the same.

Everyone is sitting around the table joking and laughing while her father makes pancakes. She watches as he pours the batter into the pan, his voice so distant [I “I’m making a big one for you. I know how much you love your carbs.”] his laugher was so painfully sweet. Rei wishes she could capture it and hold on to it forever. However, nothing gold ever stays. She knows what’s going to happen next, the sequence never changes no matter how bad she yearns for it. Against her willpower she turns back to her mother and brother. Justin is putting way too much syrup on his pancakes and mom is nagging him about the sugar. Rei is laughing when, in fact, she wants to cry because of what happens next. She looks back to her father but he’s no longer there. He’s at the door in his national guard inform, smiling and waving goodbye. [I “I’ll see you soon pumpkin. Look after your brother.”] Just like that he’s gone forever and the true nightmare begins. Rei turns back to see her brother’s head on the table, blood rushing from underneath him. Her face goes pale as yells for help. [I “Mom! Justin is hurt! We need to do som-”] her sentence cut short as mom grab onto her. She was a zombie. Her face was rotten, barely recognizable. Rei scream as her fresh is being torn from her face.

Rei woke up with watery eyes, that’s usually how her nights go. [I “Sorry dad... I wasn’t able to look after Justin.”] Judging by how much the shadows have moved she couldn’t have slept for more than three hours. There was no point in trying to go back to sleep, it would all end the same way. In the attempt to wake herself up, Rei slashed some water on her face. It often helps in the short-term but nothing is going to help to get rid of bags under her eyes. [I “Another day in paradise “] she mumbled while laying back down on a cement floor, only using a blanket for a cushion.

She was passing through a small backwater town and decided to squat there for a few days. Always running, always tired. Rei thought that all the time, she was sick of constantly running. Yet nowhere felt safe enough. In the past, she would find survivor groups to stay with but none would last more than a few weeks. They would be either overrun by a zombie or a narcissistic douchebag would go crazy, like that last guy Negan. Don’t get her start on that guy. All Rei knew is that she was safer on her own. She doubts that’s there is anyone left in the world she could call family. Yet a part of her remained hopeful. Who wouldn’t want company in this crazy world? Being alone makes you feel even crazier. Rei grab her gun and went to a small dusty window. Cautiously looking out to see anything of note. [I “Is there anyone out there?”]
Rei / Sandshower96 / 110d ago
Qrow was in a police car being taken somewhere when they heard the announcement on the radio, as a man who had just been called in started asking for back up as he started to scream and it went dark, Qrow had a semi horrified face but just thought anything could be better than where he was going... he was wrong... as the police officer was driving he had to turn to dodge what he thought was a human, but was actually a zombie

when months had past Qrow had already counted over a thousand Zombie kills, he joined a few groups and helped them, but at this time he was solo, killing from rooftops and up close, helping people and killing others, he saw a person shoot a young boy and shot that same person that night, it was originally really simple, all you had to do was go to a school or a church to find a few people, but now all you could do was hope and pray that you would find some company