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EtherealEquinox[Valentin]   1y ago

[center Albert Rodenburg was not a stupid man. At least that was what he liked to think about himself. He figured that he had enough smarts to survive just about anything thanks to the prowess his father possessed and the fact he had to deal with seven elder siblings. He was the baby of the group. His mother certainly babied him the most since he was her last child, and she made it very obvious whenever other were around. It aggravated Albert to no end sometimes, but he appreciated the tender affections of his mother during the times where his siblings relentlessly teased and bullied him. And as much as his mother wished to protect and nurture him, Albert liked to break free and party hard fairly often. Not only was he the youngest, but he was also the wild child out of everyone. This was very much to his parents’ dismay. More often than Albert could count his eldest brother, Valentin, had to fetch him from whatever hellhole dungeon he happened upon on a given night. This left the older man quite disgruntled, but he always ended up complying with his mother’s pleading and father’s insistence.]

[center And tonight was no different. Albert had been up to no good that entire day and when nightfall finally came around he slipped away from his parents’ home and caught a last-minute train to the nearest big city he could get to in a reasonable time. He had been communicating with friends about a huge party being held in a basement goth club. This was something that the man simply could not pass up! So, when he arrived he was immediately pulled into the crowd that felt like it was vibrating from the loud industrial music thumping through the venue’s sound system. This type of chaotic environment was just Albert’s type of place. And when the alcohol began to flow so freely, he was content as he mingled about with others. Plus, it became even better as he talked to more women too. Some teased him with nothing more than their hands, some even indulged him with salacious make out sessions between drinks. And a select few hinted at wanting to take him home that night. Albert was not going to argue against any of that. But as the evening wore on, none of them seemed to actually follow through with it.]

[center The Austrian would have been a little disappointed by this until he came across the most intriguing blue haired woman near the bar. The aura she possessed was certainly alluring and Albert found himself just [i having] to talk to her. And despite being good and drunk already, he felt like she was just as interested in him as he was with her. It was a great time and she seemed to actually want to bring him home that night for real. Albert felt excited especially when they agreed to leave together. But after that the man could not remember for the life of him.]

[center ~~~]

[center But it didn’t matter anyway when his family received a phone call after frantically looking for Albert for three days. Being gone for so long without saying anything was unlike Albert. But the stress all bubbled over when they were notified by authorities that his body had been found in an abandoned building by some squatters. It had looked like a massive chunk of his neck had been missing with markings that looked like cuts all over his torso. It appeared that he had been brutally tortured and mutilated. But based on what the father of the family described, they all had their own suspicions about who or what did this to poor Albert. Instinctually, Heinrich suspected vampiric activity since he was a hunter by trade. Only Valentin followed his father in that respect for work. All of the other children had no interest in such macabre affairs. The animalistic aggression of the wounds that Albert had reminded the both of them of such a creature of the night.]

[center However, Valentin’s mother was extremely grief stricken by the news that her baby boy had been brutally murdered. And given Heinrich’s disabled status with a missing leg he was not able to go out and personally track down the perpetrator himself. Thus, he stayed with his wife to comfort her as much as he could along with the other children. The responsibility of hunting down the [i thing] was delegated to Valentin who accepted the task without hesitation. As sad as he felt, he was enraged by the fact that one of his own siblings wound up dead through no fault of his own. It was not fair! But Valentin mentally knew that he would make whoever he had to pay dearly with their life no matter the cost.]

[center ~~~]

[center The first steps he took was investigating the abandoned building that his brother’s body had been discovered in and talking with any squatters he happened upon while there. They were super suspicious of him, so they didn’t have much to say. It was more of a dead end. But Valentin could see why anyone who had the inclination to kill would bring an inebriated victim to the building. It was relatively deserted and anybody who could have possibly seen or heard anything were unlikely to rat them out. But then he circled back around to talk to Albert’s friends to check out the last few places he could have visited when he was alive. So, when the dungeon club was mentioned Valentin was intrigued. He knew that his brother was into some weird stuff, but he couldn’t fault a grown man for liking what he liked. While it was not his personal cup of tea, Valentin paid a visit to the establishment roughly three weeks after Albert was reportedly last seen there. It smelt like stale sweat, cigarettes, and spilled liquor. He had no idea what Albert would have ever been in a place like this, but this was too valuable a clue to immediately abandon. Valentin made himself comfortable at the bar though, observing all the attendees he could as they went about their drunken business in the dungeon…]
CherryBooxxceleѕтe   1y ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" This monster that she has turned into. She hated it, but at the same time she seemed to enjoy it as well. There was a reason that she would do anything to get her teeth sunken into some fresh skin.. The blue haired female looked at herself in the mirror. She knew that tonight was going to be an amazing night. She was hearing people talk about this party that was supposed to be happening. This is where she would find her next victim.]

[font "Handlee" Celeste was looking back at herself in the mirror, sighing, thinking about her life became this. Celeste had yet her father to thank. This was the life her father wanted for her, and this wasn't something she wanted. And the fact that she didn't want this life, he didn't give her a choice. Her mother was no longer in the picture, because her father ended up killing her. For the longest time, she wanted to get her revenge on her father. But unfortunately, he was the reason she is a vampire. Deep down, she still hated that man. But that man is the reason she knows everything today. How to be a vampire. Celeste used to hate the idea of human blood. But when you get forced into that lifestyle. It takes over. There has been multiple occasions where she wanted to change her ways, but no one would wants to help a vampire mistress. So, she continue to be the monster that she deep down was.]

[font "Handlee" Celeste shook the thoughts from her head. This wasn't the time for her to feel sorry for herself. She needed to get ready for tonight. Celeste went back out to the living room, and saw her last victim laying there. She only wanted a bite to eat, so she didn't kill him. Celeste went over, and she could just feel her hunger taking over her body, as she stared at the limp body. She licked her lips, and then took in a deep breath. She needed to get rid of this body before her father came home. She rolled her eyes, and woke the human up, gave him a banana, and told him to leave. She grabbed the plastic that she had where the human body was at so blood wouldn't stand her father's furniture. Usually Celeste didn't let a human leave. But she was feeling generous.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Good morning, father."]] [font "Handlee" Not saying much more to him, because it was obvious she hated him. She went back to her section of the house, and decided she needed to shower so she could get this blood off her body and out of her hair. She walked into the bathroom and turned the water on. She stripped herself down, and then she got into the shower. She groaned slightly when she felt the hot water hit against her body. She ran her fingers through her hair, as she watched the blood go down the drain. She had some other stuff to do before she went to the party tonight. She got out of the shower, got herself dressed, and then she left the house.]

[center - - -]

[font "Handlee" It was time to have a blast. Celeste walked into the bar and looked around, seeing who would be her next victim. Of course, no one at the moment really fancy her taste. She went and grabbed a drink, and then was just enjoying the sound of the music. Celeste was slowly moving to the sound of the music, as she dress flowed right behind her. She took a drink and then she heard the door open, and saw a male that definitely peaked her interest. But in order to catch her prey, she needed to wait for him to come up to her.]

[font "Handlee" It took the male a few hours to come up to her. When he finally came up to her, she smirked, and had a few drinks with him. Laughed and just had a good time with him. Never got his name, because she didn't care enough to get his name. Took him home. And that's when things took a drastic turn.]

[font "Handlee" Once Celeste took him home, she wasn't expecting to to sleep with him and call it good. Because she was going back and forth in her head. But when she got there, her father ended up torturing him, and ordered her to kill him. Celeste felt awful. The last words this male said to her, "It's okay. You have to do what you have to do. I get it." Those words will forever haunt her. That was when she found out what his name was. Albert. She clenched onto him as she sunk her teeth into his neck, and took every drop of blood out of his body.]

[font "Handlee" It has been a few weeks since that has happened, because Celeste can't stop thinking about it. She needed help slaying her father. But who was going to believe her that she didn't want to do this? She was a cold blood killer. Celeste sighed, and had to try. She went back to where it all started. The bar. Celeste walked in, as she sat at the counter. Her eyes scanning the area. She saw someone that looked like Albert. Celeste had to keep her composure. Which at this moment, it was super hard. She had to continue to be this monster... Until someone would listen and help her. She took a drink, and sat there, thinking about what she should do next. Maybe that male that looked like Albert. He could help her. But she knew this was going to be a process. A very long one.]
EtherealEquinox[Valentin]   1y ago

[center Valentin knew he probably stood out a bit like a sore thumb amongst the black clothing and leather clad people that were mingling around the club. He knew there were different sections dedicated to different themes like a kink dungeon and a tucked away speakeasy type of smoking section. There was certainly a lot to explore and survey, so Valentin simply tried his best to mentally prepare himself for a very long night. He did so with a beer in hand before the occasional person approached him. They were all friends of Albert’s who knew about his unexpected passing. The friends gave their sincerest of condolences before the group banned together to do a round of shots in remembrance of Albert. While Valentin knew that he had work to do, he still felt just as grief stricken. But it was with alcohol this time. The Austrian felt a range of emotions from guilt and depression to all out rage. That was his baby brother who was murdered! How else was Valentin supposed to feel? He was just happy to have something to dull his sorrows at least temporarily as the friends all dispersed while more time passed by.]

[center The man didn’t really pay attention to the music that played around the club, retreating a bit into his own headspace trying to figure out the whole situation. The feelings were still so raw and the loss fresh. While revenge would have been optimal, Valentin wished that he did not feel so engulfed by sadness. Whoever treated Albert like they did before killing him had to have been the most heartless being to exist, in Valentin’s honest opinion. But he had a job to do. The male had no time to mope about hopelessly like this. However, he did order another draft beer to fill up the mug he had been given to use. Watching people come and go from the bar was not all that exciting especially since nobody seemed suspicious enough to warrant further investigation. After some time, Valentin began to wonder if he was wasting his time coming here that night. Maybe just a few drinks were really all he needed. He thought about just investigating when it was not so busy with patrons packing the club.]

[center But then he saw a blue haired woman giving him a look, although Valentin couldn’t tell what she had meant with her staring. Initially, he ignored it. He was not looking for female attention anyway. But she looked troubled. At least that was what her eyes said whenever he caught her gaze with his own. He cracked, though. To at least get her to stop staring Valentin beckoned forth the bartender to request that the blue haired woman be given a shot of whisky on his tab. When he did receive the shot he stared at the bartender for a second before carefully nudging the shot glass over to the female with his fingertips. [b “You look like you’ve seen a ghost. I’m sure you can use this.”] he simply stated, glancing at the whisky before looking over at her again. The woman certainly looked interesting. However, everyone else in the club did too with their outlandish attire. Was this why the woman had been looking at him? Because he did not quite match up with everyone else? He did wear all black on purpose for this visit. Or maybe he was just getting paranoid being in the last place his baby brother was seen alive? Valentin had no idea. But being stared at definitely didn’t help either…]
CherryBooxxceleѕтe   1y ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" Multiple times, Celeste found herself staring at the person that looked like Albert. Celeste knew that she needed to stop. She needed to gather her thoughts. She hated the situation she was in. But then again, she was pressured into this decision. She just wanted to have some fun. But then the fun went way too far. Celeste sat there at the bar, just staring at the counter. She was interrupted by her thoughts when the bartender gave her a shot of whiskey. It was a bit early for her to be drinking. She eyed the bartender, and gave him a confused look.]

[font "Handlee" [b "I didn't ask for this..."]] [font "Handlee" The bartender nodded, and then motioned over to the guy that looked like Albert. "No, but he ordered it for you." Celeste looked over, and then tilted her head. Why would he want to buy her a drink? She was a killer. She just had an odd feeling about all of this right now. Celeste needed to be careful, because someone would definitely be after her after everything that ended up happening. Celeste had to be careful. Even though, she could handle her own. She still needed to be careful. She took the shot of whiskey, while staring at this guy.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Thank you for the shot. I definitely needed it. It's been a long night for sure."]] [font "Handlee" Celeste was about to be a dare devil here, but she was going to talk to this man. Not talk the way she did with Albert, she wanted to know who this guy was and why he was here. She has never seen him here before. Celeste put the shot glass back down, and then she walked over to him, and looked him up and down.] [font "Handlee" [b "Never seen you here before. What brings you into this hell hole?"]]
EtherealEquinox[Valentin]   1y ago

[center With both of his hands’ fingers laced with each other, Valentin held them up at his face in contemplation. His elbows rested firmly upon the bar as he examined those around him in the establishment. If it could even be called that. This definitely was outside of Valentin’s comfort zone, for sure. But the man did his best to withhold his composure. But the blue haired woman that he bought a shot for actually took it. Hell, even he would rarely turn down free alcohol. But then the woman spoke to him, expressing her gratitude. Valentin simply nodded with solidarity. It was a feeling he knew all too well. [b “I can only imagine.”] he mentioned as he watched her swiftly finished off the shot. Valentin didn’t even see her cringe in the slightest. Clearly a veteran.]

[center But when the woman actually approached him he arched up a brow, admittedly a little bit surprised. He even laughed a bit at he description of the place. And he couldn’t say that she was wrong. It was practically a sex dungeon from what he could tell. He would never understand why Albert ever liked places like these. Maybe he was just too old-school to understand the motives of his younger brother. He had always been more excitable and willing to try almost anything at least once in his lifetime. He was wild and a free spirit, which saddened Valentin to think about. A bright flame like Albert had been so brutally snuffed out for no reason and that reminded him of the rage he felt over such loss. It reminded him why he was even in this place to begin with.]

[center Signaling to the bartender for two beers, Valentin turned his attention towards Celeste. [b “I could honestly ask you the same thing because that’s what this place really is. A hell hole.”] he shook his head. When the bartender set down the beers, the Austrian man gestured towards one as an offer to Celeste. Taking the other, Valentin took a mighty long sip from the stein. [b “I’ve been in search of a new drinking hole and a few friends mentioned this place and I figured that I had nothing to lose in checking it out. But it looks more like a place for swingers instead of drinkers to me. And I’m not into that type of activity at all.”] he spoke while giving a shrug. It was partly true what he said, although it was not the entire truth of course. [b “I have already had a few women and even men try to proposition me, which I had to decline. I think I am probably too old-fashioned for my age, honestly. I cannot do one-night stands like my friends and others I know.”] Now that was the honest to God truth.]

[center [b “What are [i you] looking for? I hope it isn’t sex like the others because that will also be a no. More importantly, who are you?”] Valentin inquired. He did have to say that Celeste was alluring in her own special way. There certainly was an air of mystery about her. Typically, Valentin did not like mystery. But maybe it was the alcohol that helped change his mind a little bit…]
CherryBooxxceleѕтe   1y ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" Celeste was very intrigued by these male. Not the way she was intrigued by Albert. That night just kept replaying over and over in her head. She was ready to let it go, but she knew that he had a family. And she knew that someone was going to be after her soon. But this male that was in front of her. There was so much resemblance between Albert and this guy. Were they family? Celeste pursed her lips. She didn't want to blow her cover at all. She knew eventually she would have to go back to that hell hole of a home. Celeste couldn't run because she was guilty. And she wouldn't put it past her dad if he ratted her out. He would do anything to destroy Celeste life.]

[font "Handlee" Celeste cocked an eyebrow at him. She wasn't really wanting anything. She wanted to know who he was. And why he brought the drink for her. Even if his words that it looked like she needed it. Celeste had to be careful though, because she knew that the more alcohol she drank, the more that her lips would just blab off what happened that night. And honestly, she could tell the wrong person, and then shit would hit the fan.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Not really wanting anything. I want to know why you bought me the drink and who you are."]] [font "Handlee" Celeste was getting down to business. She was more intrigued why he had similar traits to Albert. She kept her eye contact with the male. She crossed her legs, and then she leaned back. Celeste had so many things that was going through her mind. Soon enough, someone is going to find out about her actions that her father forced her to do that night.]

[font "Handlee" [b "This isn't the best place to come to if you are looking for a new drinking place or even looking for friends. Half of the people in here are traitors."]] [font "Handlee" She wasn't lying though. She has seen so much stuff happen here. Have watched so many traitors come in and out. That why she was a loner. But then Albert came in, and it was a different story. He had a neat story, and he was just nice in general. But the thing is, Celeste was a complete different person when she had a lot of alcohol in her system. She gulped lightly, as Albert's face was in her mind. Him begging for his life.]

[font "Handlee" [b "I definitely don't want sex. I can find that elsewhere. Who I am? I can give you my name, but that's about it. Names Celeste."]] [font "Handlee" Celeste now felt like this male was just trying to get information. Celeste carefully watched his every move. She was looking him up and down, to see if she could determine who this person was. But sometimes, she wasn't very good at that. So, she would have to do this the long way. Celeste didn't have the patience for this, because after she leaves her, she needs to hide away. Even from her father, because at this point, she didn't feel like anyone was going to want to help her. Not after what she did. Once people find out that she is a vampire, it was game over for her.]
EtherealEquinox[Valentin]   1y ago

[center Valentin could feel a brow arch up on his face upon listening to the woman’s initial response. He honestly laughed a little bit. While he was not interested in the woman for pleasurable gains, he was intrigued by her in an investigative way. But he was old fashioned in his way of buying drinks for women while he was out and about if he wanted to talk to them. That was just how the Austrian operated. [b “Can a man not engage in the act of buying a woman a drink for the sake of being polite?”] he retorted, his laugh still rumbling in his chest. [b “If you really want to be formal then hello. My name is Valentin and I’m a local, shockingly enough even though I’ve never been here before.”] the man admitted. He wasn’t about to just give himself away as to why he was actually here. What point would it be for an investigation if you went about blabbing about your business?]

[center The blue-haired female’s next words were interesting, but also sparked some questions. [b “If you know this place is full of traitors then why purposely come here? I know the draft beer is okay, but you can’t say they’re [i that] attractive.”] Valentin spoke, obviously trying to figure out the person sitting beside him. To him, for her to know that many of the people in this hellhole were traitors meant she had to have known them in some capacity. Maybe she knew who had killed his brother? But he couldn’t ask that just yet. Valentin knew that they had to get past the niceties of introductory conversation. [b “Celeste? What are you? French?”] Valentin inquired. Obviously outside travelers in Austria weren’t uncommon, but he wasn’t expecting her to be French because Celeste didn’t sound like it when she spoke.]

[center Valentin really did not like this place. It really wasn’t his style, and he was growing to hate the rowdiness of the crowd. His brother’s killer had to have been someone familiar with the area But, he didn’t want to leave Celeste without further questioning her. However, this meant potentially revealing his genuine intentions. If she knew the killer she could tip them off to his investigation since the police clearly were incompetent in Albert’s case. It was growing colder by the day and Valentin hated seeing the grief that it brought upon his family. It was a conflict in the man that grew the more time he spent drinking at the bar. Thankfully, he could hold his liquor like a champion. But his true purpose was clawing at the back of his mind like a rabid animal! And he couldn’t shake the feeling of aggravation that it gave him. But Valentin knew he would have to take risks and gambles to get anywhere in finding his brother’s killer.]

[center [b “Since you’re so knowledgeable about this place, Celeste. Perhaps you saw a younger man in here a few weeks ago? The body that’s been in the news lately has been really showing the incompetence of the police. Do you know anyone in here who might know more about him?”] he finally said after pensive silence. He wasn’t going to reveal that it was his brother, no that would be too much. But probing questions about what the general public knew about wasn’t all that out of the ordinary. Valentin knew he had heard people talk about it a lot when Albert’s body was initially discovered and reported on. So, wanting to know more about what others knew was perfectly normal in his eyes. He figured that the worst thing she could say was that she knew nothing, thus he’d be out a couple of euros. But she looked like a person that knew things you wouldn’t expect…]


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