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What is a Life Worth? {Isekai 4 Lostax}

By AslansFavorite
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[center [pic]] He's a warhero killer of thousands and she's the girl that's supposed to kill him, but what happens when she suddenly gains the soul of a 18yo Japanese girl who just so happens to know the story and has a massive crush on the warhero? Chaos that's what... Let's have some fun ;-P [center [h1 M̲a̲i̲n̲ ̲C̲h̲a̲r̲a̲c̲t̲e̲r̲s̲]] [center [b [h3 Warhero]] [center [pic]] [center [b Name:] Rue Montagne] [center [b Age:] 18yo in a 22yo's body{4 years Isekai'd}] [center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~] [center [b [h3 Maiden]] [center [pic]] [center [b Name:] Julianna Honcrosis] [center [b Age:] 18yo in 20yo's body{Resent Isekai}] [center [h1 S̲i̲d̲e̲ ̲C̲h̲a̲r̲a̲c̲t̲e̲r̲s̲ {Common NPC's}]] [center [pic]] [center [b Name:] Hiccup] [center [b Age:] 18] [center [b Info:] Orphan Femboy Servant of Julianna who longs for his mistress's warmth. Picked up After "The Event".] [center [b Color Code:] #7bcdcc] [center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~] [center [pic]] [center [b Name:] Nocturne Kai] [center [b Age:] 23] [center [b Info:] Sadistic man who wants to take everything he can away from Rue Montagne starting with Julianna. Will probably be introduced at a ball.] [center [b Color Code:] #070070] [center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~] [center [pic]] [center [b Name:] Emperor Yazus von Krobia] [center [b Age:] 29] [center [b Info:] Twisted Emperor with plans on taking over the world. May have power over both Rue and Julianna. [center [b Color Code:] #FF0000] [center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~] [center [pic]] [center [b Name:] Hanna] [center [b Age:] 16] [center [b Info:] A Montegne maid who has taken the role of looking after Julianna. Has an unspoken crush on her master] [center [b Color Code:] None] [center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
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[pic] The day started out like any other Mom yelled at me to get up and get ready for school, I showered, changed, ate breakfast, then grabbed my backpack and favorite novel and went on my way. School was boring and at lunch I stayed in the classroom as usual my nose stuck in my book it was the last book in my favorite light series "Rue the Day" about a brave, courageous man that would become a war hero after a war with demons he had everything a girl could want, good looks, a stoic attitude, and a longing for life, but he was never afraid to make mistakes and the only thing wrong with the series was it's ending. [i Rue stared up into the deep purple eyes of his bride-to-be as she straddled his bare chest he knew what she was about to do and he knew he deserved it so Rue simply closed his eyes and dropped his defenses as Julianna summoned a blade and drove it into his heart and he breathed out a simple sigh of relief as he felt his life slip away clearing him of all his sins.] [#9a00f2 "AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! NOOOOO!!! RUE!! I hate that stupid author baka, baka, baka! He had a whole life ahead of him why why why did you have to kill him WAHHHH!!!"] I cried causing a scene around me and my friend Sasha came over picking up my book which I had launched across the room. [#f471ff "Rue the Day again Miku? Why do you read it so much if it's going to cause you this much pain every time?"] she asked and I took my book back from her wiping the tears from my eyes. [#9a00f2 "I can't help it Sasha Rue is perfect and I love him so much if only that stupid Emporor didn't push him to marry that bitch Julianna there would be more books and I wouldn't have to resort to fanfiction to imagine his children! If it were me I would have treated him like the king he is and had all his babies!"] I sobbed and Sasha just sighed as she used a tissue to clean my face rolling her eyes at my obsession over a fictional character. The rest of the day went smooth school was still boring but then on my way home everything changed because as I waited to cross the street I noticed a child about to get hit by a truck and I screamed and jumped to save her, and the next thing I knew I opened my eyes as Julianna Honcrosis the daughter of the late duke Honcrosis and only survivor of the Horcrosis family after the Demon War and the girl who was destined to kill Rue Montagne. [#9a00f2 "WHAAAAAATTTTTTT!?!"] [pic] Julianna stared open mouthed at the mirror as she stood in the hallway of the Montagne manor dressed only in her nightwear she stared at herself in horror. [#9a00f2 "No, no, no! How can this be! I'm dreaming yeah that's it this is just a bad dream."] the girl whimpered touching her face tears starting to flow from her eyes after she pinched herself and she collapsed onto her knees in shock. [#9a00f2 "No, no, no, this can't be happening why [b her] of all people. No, no, no, no, no, no."] "My Lady are you alright?" a maid who had heard the girl scream asked as she ran up and Julianna looked over at her and sobbed harder. It took a few minutes for Julianna to calm down enough for the maid to speak again. "Pardon my rudeness my lady, but were you perhaps on your way to see His Highness?" she asked and Julianna's blood ran cold as she turned her attention to the window, it was snowing. [i On the night of the first snow Rue called for Julianna tonight everything would either begin or everything would end and he would take whatever fate choose, though a part of him knew this would be the end.] [#9a00f2 "NOOOOO!!"] Julianna cried again starling the maid who looked panicked she had never seen Lady Julianna this distraught. Once the girl finally calmed again the maid helped her to her feet and helped walk her towards Lord Montegne's room figuring, as Julianna was headed there anyway, that he would know why Her Ladyship was so upset. Julianna didn't realize where the maid was taking her until the door opened revealing Rue Montagne his white hair gleaming from the light of the fireplace and his pale blue eyes staring into her very soul and Julianna's breath caught as she stared into his magnificent face her own growing a faint pink. [#9a00f2 "He's just as beautiful as I imagined."] Julianna sighed as she was lead into the room and sat at a table earning her a strange look from the maid who only knew Julianna to be almost angry all the time when it came to her Master.
Lostax     2y ago

Rue was tired. He'd seen the 'war' through its bloody course. He'd fought the demons, but that wasn't were it stopped. The emperor had used the war as a means to root out much of the growing discontent in the empire. And Rue had been one of the tools. Constantly put in positions where he had to choose between a rock and a hard place. Fight for the empire and be labelled as a hero while purging threats from both within and without the empire, or shirk your 'duty' and be tried for treason. Rue didn't have a problem fighting, or killing. Perhaps he was too eager at the start. He'd initially believed that what he was doing was for the best. He'd seen the front lines. The demons took no prisoners. They burned villages. Killed children. The works. But as time went on, Rue had seen that the empire was no different. It wasn't so black and white, and strangely because of that... Rue chose to see it that way. It was easier. Safer. Rue hardened his heart and sought to see the world in his version of black and white. Protect those close to you with everything you have, and If it's hostile, kill it. With that mindest Rue's strength grew. So long as he and his were protected it didn't matter how many corpses he had to create. And as the war went on, the people close to him slowly stopped being people he cared about, and more objects he would protect without fail. Except he did fail. His success cost many others their lives. Both directly and indirectly. In the end, after winning the war and bringing a peace drenched in blood to the land, the Emperor sought to use him once more as a pawn. With so much blood staining his soul Rue didn't feel the right to complain. An arranged marriage with an unruly noble lineage. Or what was left of it. The Imperial court and all that was above his head. But he trusted the Emperor to some extent. Rue was a tool and a weapon, but one he kept in good company and health. He'd even protected the princess of the Empire on more than one occasion, and if not for her own arranged marriage Rue wouldn't have minded ending up with the princess. But even so, he couldn't be unhappy about what was most definitely a consolation prize. Julianna... [+teal [i For how shitty my Isekai life has gone, she's definitely way above what I deserve...]] The engagement wasn't particularly... sunshine and rainbows. But he expected that. Eventually they'd all settle, so he'd been told. A shitty cold night. Perfect time he supposed. The cold always makes it easier. He'd worked out what to say. How to say it. And now he had the when. Had a roaring fire going. So, he called for her that evening. If she still hated the idea of the engagement after tonight, he'd break it off one way or another. Didn't account for her flipping the script on him though. The maid led her in and sat her down. [+teal [i Just as beautiful as she imagined? The... hell? Maybe I've been reading her wrong but it seemed like she couldn't stand me. Seems like her maid is confused too...]] Rue stood near the fireplace as she entered, watching her as she sat down with a side gaze. After a moment of silence and he was sure the maid had gone, he let out a cough. [+teal Juliana... would you mind taking a seat over here... I'd like to discuss our engagement.] After a moment she stood and made her way to the couch in front. She seemed to comply without a word... After she had, he strode over and sat gingerly beside her. [+teal So.. I know you have your reservations about it... As I understand it would be a benefit to the empire, our marriage. And so if it would please you... I offer you my everything, if you'll have it. My heart. [i [b What's left of it.]] My soul. [b [i Stained as it is]]] Rue waited for her response. If she still wouldn't have him now, then there was nothing to be done.
AslansFavorite     2y ago

[pic] Julianna watched the maid leave then moved to the couch when ordered, she knew this scene well Rue would offer himself to her, then they would move to the bed... and Rue would die and Julianna would get revenge for her life and family before taking her own life by jumping out the window into the pond that sat below Rue's room drowning to death on the cold wintern's night. Julianna shuddered at the thought of killing the man next to her. [i [#9a00f2 "Must I follow the script I just got here?"]] Miku thought watching Rue's lips move wanting so badly to kiss him as she had many times in her dreams. [i [#9a00f2 "No I don't, I mean even if I did what's to say Julianna's magic would even work I'm not Julianna and I just want Rue to be happy... wait this speech it's to allow us to break up right I can just say I don't want him and he'll break off the engagement! That's it!... but wait wh-what's going to happen to me if I do that? I Miku Kemeko am currently inside Julianna Honcrosis an orphan under Emperor Yazus's reign and though I never read it myself I remember Sasha saying something about a side novel explaining Julianna's reasons for doing what she did... shit why didn't I read that novel what were Julianna's reasons for killing Rue other than revenge... is the Emperor threatening her? If I reject Rue will I die anyway? because of Julianna's family?"]] Miku thought her head spinning and she looked over at Rue her breath catching as she realized he was waiting for an answer. [i [#9a00f2 "Goddess he's so beautiful... if I accept him but don't kill him can I just go back to Julianna's room buy myself some time I mean if I... if Julianna really was threatened something will happen right at the wedding or maybe a ball? The Emperor will definitely try to see what's taking me so long... but what if he kills me for taking so long can I really bluff my way out of this everyone knows Lady Julianna hates Lord Rue... can I have a happily ever after?"]] Miku thought before sighing and returning her gaze to Rue's lips if she was going to try then she would have to follow the story and kiss him then they'd go to the bed... Julianna placed a gentle hand on Rue's cheek and leaned in only for her to freeze halfway and her eyes grew wide. [i [#9a00f2 "WAIT KISS? THE BED? OH NONONONONONONO NO WAY! IF I DON'T KILL HIM DOES THAT MEAN RUE AND JULIANNA WOULD!? NO WAY!"]] Miku thought as she backed up and moved herself to the other side of the couch her face beet red finally realizing she was indeed in only a light piece of cloth that could easily be taken off. [#9a00f2 "Um... I... uh..."] Julianna shuddered as Miku's mind raced [#9a00f2 "Um... Marriage yes fine... um... yes... no opposing here... I... I should retire for the night."] Julianna squeaked as she fell backwards off the couch and started crawling towards the door the blush on her face seemed to radiate throughout her entire body as Miku tried to escape this situation, but she paused at the door and peeked back at Rue through her hair second guessing her need to escape. [i [#9a00f2 "This may be my only chance to be held by the Rue Montegne! I mean who knows when I'll wake up from this dream... No Miku tonight is the death night what if Julianna's spirit takes over and kills him anyway we can't take the chance just open the door and go back to Julianna's room... but come on he's sitting right there one kiss, one kiss is all it takes hell you've written a fanfiction titled just that about this very night! and ironically a pretty similar sinario.... No I can't and anyway if this... dream continues we'll be married come spring and he'll hold me then yeah? just open the door Miku Open the door and leave, you already accepted...buuuuuttt..."]] Miku thought standing frozen at the door arguing internally to herself.
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Rue Montagne
Rue was at a loss for words. Julianna had thus so far been rather cold to him in their past interactions. Though he'd not had a proper proposal for her beyond the initial marriage interview and she certainly wasn't like.. that. [+teal [i Did she have a front up this whole time?]] It wasn't a reaction he particularly expected. It was the first time he'd properly spoken to her about it, and he was prepared for more than... well, such a quick answer. Rue was.. cautious. As she fell from the couch, he quickly stood in an attempt to.. catch/assist her. This was accompanied with a somewhat loud *thump* as he'd managed to catch his foot on the leg of the small coffee table. That hurt. Nigh-impenetrable soul armor only works when it's maintained. He ignored it for the time, playing it off like he hadn't just stubbed his toe like an idiot. [+Teal A-are you sure? Are you alright?] She quickly scrambled to her feet and the door. She must have been. [+Teal. Uhm. Well.. thats. Good. Then I can expect you to join me for breakfast in the morning, yeah? Julianna? Julianna..?] [+purple [b "Oh! Umh. Yes!"]] With that she slammed the door behind her. A second or two later and Rue sat back down. [+teal Fu-huck that hurt... Haaah. Heh.] A light smile crept up on his face. Juliana huh. He rotated on the couch and leaned back in it, laying down. For once he had something to look forward to he supposed.

{{Please don't control Julianna now that we have changed 'the original' I will no longer be speaking for Rue so please don't speak for Julianna/Miku. the other NPC's are fine do as you will with them just leave Julianna to me. Thanks}} [pic] Julianna escaped the moment Rue dismissed her running out of the room and down the hall stopping momentarily before the stairs before running down them and out the front door and left into the garden already filled with budding winter plants. The night was cold and Julianna instantly wrapped her arms around her barely clothed body as she walked towards the garden's covered gazebo Miku's favorite place in the book and it was as breathtaking as the novel had made it out to be Miku walked inside and sat down on the bench shivering as she puffed out clouds of chilled breath. [#9a00f2 "I can't believe I'm actually here I'm actually in Julianna's body freezing to death heh... What am I going to do now? I've accepted the marriage and not killed him... but... what now? I mean should I really wait it out and see if Julianna's actually being threatened? I could run take a week and collect the wedding money then leave... but the winter ball is next week... I'd like to go with Rue... I'd like to live out this dream as long as I can with him... but can I? What happened to me? What happened to Julianna? What about Julianna's family? I mean it's not like I cared much for the murderer of Rue but this is still her life and she's lost everything and is being forced into marriage to a man the emperor is constantly monitoring... I've read his killings 1000 times I know his pain I've lived his life over and over again... can I really make him happy as Julianna? [i Sigh]"] Miku muttered under her breath as she sat freezing it really was cold for this being only the first snow of the season. Miku let out a long sigh before standing back up and heading back into the house and up to Julianna's room remembering the directions from the map of Rue's home that came in the preorder of the last book, but she was amazed stepping into it as Julianna's room was the one place in the home that the book never saw because it was the only place she could be alone. The room was huge like twice the size of Miku's family's apartment back home the bed was a large Alaskan King Miku had only ever heard about on tv trimmed with white gold and a beautiful silk bedspread, the room also had a walk in closet filled with more clothes than Miku could wear in a lifetime with accessories and shoes to match, the room also had a mini library of sorts, a desk, and a sitting area for teatime. Miku let out a shocked laugh as she sprawled out on the bed before curling up on top and falling into an exhausted slumber sure she would wake tomorrow back in Japan with her mom, dad, and younger sister. "dy! My Lady! Oh for crying out loud My Lady are you seriously going to sleep forever? Breakfast is already prepared you need to awaken My Lady!" came the cries of Hanna Julianna's maid that had been appointed to her by Rue when Julianna had come to the manor 3 months ago. Julianna grunted and turned over feeling around for a blanket to drag over her head [#9a00f2 "Five more minutes Mom."] Julianna mumbled only for Hanna to grab her wrists and pull her to her feet. "My Lady I'm afraid I'm not your mother now please Lady Julianna you must get up I understand you don't like our Lord Montegne but it's still quiet rude to back out on a promise after you already made it." Hannah said and with that Julianna's eyes popped open and she pulled out of Hanna's grip and ran to the mirror touching her face. [#9a00f2 "...I'm still here... It wasn't a dream..."] Julianna mumbled only for Hanna to come up behind her her hands on her hips. "My lady I understand you had a rough night but please stop making things hard on me." Hanna grumbled before taking Julianna's wrist and dragging her into the bathroom connected to the bedroom and stripping the girl for a rather cold bath. "Had you gotten up on time it would have been warm." An hour later Julianna was bathed, dressed and standing in front of the door to the dining room taking a few deep breaths to try and calm her nerves, [i [#9a00f2 'Okay Miku you can do this just pretend you are now Julianna and Rue Monegne killed your family leaving you alone you're, probably, being watched by the Emperor to kill this man stoic face, stoic face you hate this man... okay.']] she thought to herself before nodding to the door guard who opened the door and announced her presence and Julianna walked in hands folded in front of her doing her best to avoid looking at Rue as she curtsied, [#9a00f2 "Lady Honcrosis gives her greetings to The Lord Montegne"] she said then sat at the chair across from the man still doing her best to avoid eye contact, though her cheeks turned a few shades of red as she remembered the night previous.
Lostax     2y ago

Silently he waited. He wondered if she was getting cold feet. Eventually though, she showed. A good sign he supposed. She introduced herself rather formally. Something Rue wasn't particularly fond of. [+Teal "You don't need to be so formal, Julianna. After all this is to be your home just as much as I am to be your husband... Ahem, Hannah if you would, tell Clarence to go ahead and start again."] He gestured to the maid with a sweep of his hand. Breakfast had yet to be brought out. In truth it was ready more than an hour ago. [+Teal "It will take them a moment to make something. It won't be as grand as it would have been. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you'll have to make do with a more common breakfast instead."] Rue had spoken with Clarence, his head chef previously after it was apparent Julianna was going to be late at the very least. [+Teal "Go ahead and have the servants eat. I'd rather it not go to waste."] He'd said with a slight frown. [+orange "You're sure Milord? I can make it again."] [+teal "No it's fine. Just wait until she's arrived, [i if] she does, and make something more plain. It won't take as long, and you know I don't really have the pallet for such exquisite meals anyways... it's a shame your talent is wasted on me Clarence."] The elderly man shook his head. [+orange "No, no Milord! It's an honor to serve a hero to the empire such as yourself! Somebody my age is rarely allowed a position such as this after retirement."] And so after a short wait, the servants would bring out a breakfast not unlike the commoners of the Empire would eat, though the ingredients were of much better quality. The new meal? A rather plain but tasty rice-porridge, a wyvern omelet seasoned with cinderclove, and a side dire-boar bacon. A hot Attanar tea and some good ol' OJ for drinks. Rue started on his food with very little delay.
AslansFavorite     2y ago

Julianna was surprised at the food but said nothing and ate quietly, [i [#9a00f2 'It is my fault for being late I suppose, glad this body is used to eating like a noble...']] Miku thought as she cut and ate her food as though she was an actual lady and not an imposter. The meal was quiet and Julianna wondered if she shouldn't try to make conversation, but part of her knew better, until she knew for sure what was expected of her it was best not to break character, so once she finished Julianna simply excused herself and headed back to her room asking Hanna to bring her some stationary and fresh ink. Once obtained Miku began writing down everything she could remember about Julianna in Japanese figuring nobody would recognize the language of her world as every book she glanced at had odd characters she herself couldn't recognize. [#9a00f2 "That's irritating... what the hell happened to all of Julianna's memories? Usually these kinds of stories blend the two minds I can speak perfectly fine but the language is strange...[i Sigh] whatever I'll figure it out."] Julianna muttered before placing her notes in what looked to be a romance novel then she went to her window and perched herself on the edge looking out into the snow covered world tears beginning to fall from her face as the true weight of what had happened to her finally set in [#9a00f2 "Mom...Dad... Sasha... I'll truly never see them again will I? I'm sorry that you have to bury me so young, and I hope you won't be too sad..."] Miku whispered before turning her head at the knock on the door. [#9a00f2 "You may enter."] Julianna announced wiping her eyes as Hanna entered the room carrying a large box. "My Lady your dress for the Wintern's Day ball has arrived, shall we try it on to make sure everything fits?" the maid asked with a big smile on her face and Julianna let out a soft smile. [#9a00f2 "Very well."] she said and Hanna did a bit of a happy dance and let out a squeal of excitement before ushering in several other maids and Julianna spent the next few hours being poked and pampered to make sure the beautiful silver and navy dress based off the night sky fit her just right as well as figuring out a nice hairstyle to match the outfit for the day. "Oh Lady Julianna you look so lovely I'm sure you will be the most beautiful Lady there now if only we had just as magnificent shoes the ones you have are nice but they just don't seem to match the dress.. hmm Shall we go out on the town tomorrow and see if we can find anything?" Hanna asked and Julianna forced a smile and nodded though in her head she was flabbergasted at how easily these people were open to spending money when Julianna had a complete closet already over-packed with dresses, shoes, and accessories. Another hour passed changing Julianna into a new dress for dinner before she was escorted by the butler back to the dining room, apparently dinner was the must have meal Julianna had with Rue so she didn't argue though she was already terribly exhausted from her fitting. This time Julianna was the first in and she took her seat quietly and waited for food and Rue while using most of her concentration not to fall asleep then and there.
Lostax     2y ago

The breakfast was quiet. Quiet enough that he wondered if last night was a fluke. She didn't seem keen on talking, and Rue wasn't sure how to start a conversation either. Frankly, he didn't know Julianna very well. What she liked or disliked. What she acted like when she wasn't acting as a noble. What she looked like without any make up. Those sort of things. Arranged marriage. In his own world, it only rarely happened. He knew it happened in the east a lot. Japan. China. India. Never happened in the states. Love, and all those little knowledges came first and foremost. [+Teal [i Is this what all arranged marriages are like? They spend years barely interacting with each other?]] Before he knew it breakfast was over and Julianna had retreated to her room as usual. [+Teal "Selene. Ready a hunting party, and a few carts. I'm feeling like steak tomorrow. Tell Clarence thanks for his hard work in advance."] The maid nodded and tittered off to do as instructed, whereas Rue headed to his armory. Rue's armory was one of the few guarded places in his manor. As he arrived, Thomas was at his post, sitting comfortably near the door to the armory. There was a younger guard as well standing on the other side. Originally it was a standing post, but Rue felt bad about that. Thomas was an older adventurer he'd met at the start of his journey. The guy even saved his life once back then, though it forced the guy into retirement. Just one of the many things Rue fucked up. He promised him he'd make it up to him some day. [+blue "Just give me a cushy job when you climb all the way to the top."] he said, and that's just what Rue'd done. [+Teal "Hey Thomas. You weren't nodding off on the job were you?"] [+Blue "I might have been. But Lugh here's more than enough. Right Lugh?"] [+LightBlue "I'm always awake sir!"] [+Teal "What, you don't sleep, Lugh?"] [+Lightblue "No Sir. I mean Milord. I mean Yes. I do sleep. At night."] [+Teal "So then you're not always awake."] [+Lightblue "Yes Sir! Milord!"] [+Blue "Take it easy on the new guy, your Lordlyness."] It wasn't even noon and Thomas had probably already had more than a few drinks. Rue clapped a hand on the young guard's shoulder. [+Teal "You got a tough job. Try to make sure he's awake most of the shift."] [+lightblue "Yes Milord!"] Placing his hand on the center of the door, Rue opened the arcane lock and stepped inside, as Thomas started ranting about his younger adventuring days. When I was your age I had to walk to the guild in the snow, up hill, both ways. That sort of thing. Rue shut the door behind him and was met with silence. The armory itself was quite secure. A proper repository for some of the magical items and things Rue'd obtained in his journey. When he wasn't fighting for the empire, Rue had grinded levels and gear in the dungeons. He took a moment to look over several of the magical weapons. Holding out his open hand, he closed his eyes and concentrated for a few seconds. As he did so, a sword appeared in it. One of the many things Rue could do, was to bond his soul with a magical weapon. He could make and break the bonds at will (barring a small cool down period between doing either) and he could have up to three active bonds at a time. Bonding with a weapon in such a way allowed him to summon and dismiss them in an instant, just as he could with any of his soul-weapons. Setting the sword down, he took a moment to decide what he wanted to replace it with. [+Teal "I suppose a glaive would be best."] A few moments later and Rue left the armory, his bond loadout having slightly changed. He was gone most of the the day, only coming in shortly before dinner that evening. After seeing to it that the spoils of the day were successfully hauled in, Rue changed out of his soiled hunting gear and put on a more noble-ly attire. As much as he didn't care for it, he'd begrudgingly gotten used to the formalities that came with his sudden nobility, or whatever he was classed as. Alone in his room Rue took a moment to himself. Straightening up his suit-jacket, he looked himself in the mirror. It had a dark green suit jacket, and the arms were white, wide and poofed out on his upper arms, where they tapered off and fit tight to his forearms. Had one of those stupid white frills down the center, just below his collar. He looked ridiculous. Well, Rue thought it was ridiculous. It was the epitome of high fashion to everyone else. [+Teal "Couldn't give rat's ass for politics... or ceremony. Doesn't matter what world I'm in. Medieval noble dudes dress like jackasses."] He let out a sigh. Shit wasn't comfortable. He missed jeans, and hoodies. Rue arrive in the dining hall just on time. Striding in and taking his seat at the head of the table. Julianna was already here. She looked- [+Teal [i Gorgeous as usual.]] Though the dress was still a bit much for his taste. Female nobles weren't as bad but their dresses were still gaudy compared to Earth standards. Still unsure how to address her he simply sat in silence. [+Teal [i Talk about the weather!]] [+Teal "It really was rather cold and snowy again today wasn't it? Made our hunt a little more difficult."]

Julianna Isekai
Julianna was nodding off when she jumped hearing the door open and she quickly got up and curtsied doing her best to stifle a yawn as she waited for Rue to sit down before retaking her own seat. Figuring it would be another quiet meal Julianna waited silently for the food to be served only to jump at the sound of Rue's voice and she looked up at the man confused. [#9a00f2 "Well yes I guess it would be like that, surprised you caught anything at all what with most animals around here going into hibernation."] Julianna said giving a small thank you and smile to the maid who placed her food in front of her. [i [#9a00f2 "Now that's what I'm talking about goodness look at all this food! So gooood."]] Julianna thought an expression of pure joy spreading across her face as she cut and took a bite of meat. [#9a00f2 "Oh yeah guess I should mention I'm heading into town tomorrow Hanna says I don't have shoes to go with my Wintern's Day ball gown and it's a pretty thing don't get me wrong but boy is it poofy I never did understand all the hulabaloo around being pretty I mean look at almost every other animal in the world males are the ones who have to put on a show not the other way around... Mmm... and don't get me wrong you've definitely got the whole pretty thing covered there my guy but seriously why do I gotta get all prim and proper when nobody is going to care about the orphaned royal who got sold off as basically a slave to 'keep order' bah."] Julianna rambled in between bites of food her sleepiness causing Miku to almost completely forget Julianna's stoic nature. [#9a00f2 "I wouldn't be surprised if we walk into that ball room only for you to get surrounded by 100 different girls wanting to have your babies leaving me to stand against a wall and brood. Meh maybe I'll just head out to a balcony there's always the balcony scene in these stories...."]
LostaxRue Montagne   2y ago

Rue Montagne
[+Teal "Yeah... Animals."] Rue had not been hunting animals, but that was neither here nor there. Julianna was certainly acting different. More expressive. She rambled about her dress and heading into town, to which Rue quietly listened. [+Teal [i Hulabaloo? People use that word here? Do the commoners?]] He wondered if she had been friends with a commoner at a young age... He'd have to ask her about it. [+Teal "A hundred- is a bit of an exaggeration."] He'd say with a bit of a chiding chuckle. He quickly drew a hand to his mouth, in an attempt to hide part of his expression, as he took a more serious look at her. [+Teal "Though... If nobody cares then wouldn't it be fine to wear something more... straight forward? Simpler? Less 'Poofy.' It would certainly draw less attention-" [i -From your natural beauty.]] Pragmatically, it would most definitely draw attention, wearing something apart from the norm. However, Rue couldn't help but want to see something more normal on a girl. Something a girl would wear to her high school prom. The Wintern's Day ball. It would be his third time there, and he was looking forward to seeing the princess again. Would they have another one of those contests? Of course they would, but what kind would they have this year?


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