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By CherryBooxx

Replies: 1 / 13 days ago

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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" Hello there!]

[font "Handlee" Currently looking for a few more fast-paced roleplays. I don't exactly have any ideas at the moment, but I definitely am okay with brainstorming! I'm pretty much open to anything. The only thing I won't want to do is yaoi or incest. I'm just not comfortable with that. If you have any ideas you want to try don't be afraid to comment below or PM me.]

[font "Handlee" A few things I'd like to add:]
[font "Handlee" -Please be able to post 1000 characters or more. There will be a character limit.]
[font "Handlee" -I prefer real pictures.]
[font "Handlee" -I will only roleplay with people that are 18 or older.]
[font "Handlee" -I roleplay mature topis. Blood, drugs, sex, etc.]
[font "Handlee" -TS any sex scene.]
I'm interested! I would love to start an rp with you! I am more of a romancey, bubbly and a HUGE softie. I also am a LOVER for soft burns! While I am new here to this website, I am not new to roleplaying and would love to try out a roleplay with you!
AlmondJoy / 13d ago