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By CherryBooxx

Replies: 15 / 53 days ago

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[b Tyler:] Anything you want to tell me.

[b Princess:] It is.

[b Molly:] W-well thanks
MourningGlory / 18d ago
[b Blythe:] Is it?

[b Everleigh:] What do you want to know?

[b Emmeline:] Definitely!
[b Princess:] But that's okay!

[b Tyler:] So why don't you tell me about you?

[b Molly:]-turns a bright red- It...it is?
MourningGlory / 18d ago
[b Blythe:] Honestly.. I’m not sure.

[b Emmeline:] Awe. It’s cute.

[b Everleigh:] Nice to meet you too!
[b Tyler:] Nice to meet you!

[b Princess:] Shy or just don't like people??

[b Molly:] -nods- I...yes
MourningGlory / 19d ago
[b Blythe:] Don’t talk much.

Emmeline: Super shy?

Everleigh: Ooh gotcha! We just finally decided to come out of the wood works. I’m Everleigh!
[b Princess:] Is there something wrong?

[b Molly:] That's...it's good. And I'm okay -kicks her foot

[b Tyler:] Kind of. Or more like on who is finally wanting to talk. She never remembers which for us. But I am Tyler by the way
MourningGlory / 19d ago
[b Everleigh:] It is!

Are you new?

[b Emmeline:] [i Smiles] I'm great, how are you?

Yeah! My sister was eager to talk.

[b Blythe:] I guess so.. [i Rubs the back of her neck]
[b Princess:] It's nice to see others around.

[b Molly:] H-how are you?

[b Tyler:] Good that you're good. I'm doing pretty good and just now deciding to talk too.
MourningGlory / 19d ago
[b Everleigh:] I'm doing good! How are you doing?

[i Waves]

[b Emmeline:] I'm great. Decided to talk. [i Laughs]

[i Waves] Hi there.

[b Blythe:] Hi.
[b Princess:] Hello there.

[b Molly:] -plays with her hair and ways-

[b Tyler:] How y'all doing today?
MourningGlory / 19d ago
[b Everleigh:] Oh look, people!

[b Emmeline:] Hello hello.

[b Blythe:] [i Looks around]
[b Princess:] -comes into the chat-

[b Molly:] -follows her sister, playing with her hair-

[b Tyler:] Good afternoon
MourningGlory / 19d ago
[b Everleigh:] [i Peeks in]

[b Emmeline:] Hello peeps.