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Selfish {Temp Siblings}

By AslansFavorite

Replies: 14 / 13 days ago

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[center [pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/5a/6e/a4/5a6ea4632b6a0a74b8a73843ebe612df.jpg]]
6yo Catelyn gets sent home from school early due to having a bad day and by the time her big brother Ivor gets home she has all but completely shut down. Can Ivor get her back to her happy little self?

This is a temporary roleplay the thread will be deleted on: {[#FF0000 ERROR:] AslansFavorite has hit a writers block wall and has put the end date on hiatus please be advised.}


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Cat hummed lightly at the hair stroking and leaned over picking up a colored pencil from the box starting to draw a girl in the corner of the page. [#cf70ff "I didn't read it in a book I heard Mrs. Kinata say it to Mr. Lionsguard after he helped her hang a picture then she started lecturing him on how to say no, but I was running late for class so I didn't get to hear everything they said."] Cat said pausing in her drawing and slumped deeper into Ivor frowning. [#cf70ff "I think Mommy wants to send me away to a school the principal told her to, but if I go I won't ever get to come home cause it's a school for bad girls who's parents don't love them anymore..."] Cat sniffled before turning and burying her face in Ivor's chest clinging to him tightly. [#cf70ff "I don't mean to be bad Nii-kun I just can't help it I'm broken."] Cat said her voice muffled.
[pic https://i.imgur.com/9KU43yL.png]

[#6B8779 “Huh?”] Pausing in his sketch, Ivor blinked, not entirely sure what that meant or how he should respond. After a bit of mulling, he settled on an awkward, lighthearted chuckle as he semiconsciously started to brush through Catelyn’s hair with his hand. [#6B8779 “Aha, maybe. What book did you pick that line up from?”] He hoped he didn’t ruin the mood– instead of lightening it as he intended– with the little joke he dared.
Ivor / Vauquelin / 11d ago
Cat lay in the bed for several minutes listening to her brother draw while crying softly, she didn't get why he didn't just go. After she calmed a bit Cat sat up and looked down at the older boy sighing before she got up and shimmied her way under his arms so that she was sitting in his lap then she leaned back on his chest her breathing ragged and interlaced with hiccups. [#cf70ff "Nii-kun... your to nice for your own good."] she said blinking a bit rapidly to try not to fall asleep, the entire day had wiped her out but dinner was in an hour so she couldn't sleep yet, not unless she wanted another earful from Mom, about how useless she was.
[pic https://i.imgur.com/9KU43yL.png]

Ivor blinked, startled by Catelyn’s sudden actions. He stood up, appearing visibly worried, and watched her curl up in her bed. He opened his mouth slightly, wanting to say something but unsure what, so he pressed his lips together again. At the moment Ivor wanted to stay right by his sister’s side, but he supposed she might have just wanted some personal space, so in the end he placed the plate of cookies on Catelyn’s bedside table and sat back on the floor, leaning against the wall. For a while, the room was completely silent save for the sound of a pencil tip scratching on paper. Every now and then, Ivor glanced up at Catelyn’s huddled form in watchful concern.
Ivor / Vauquelin / 12d ago
Cat's eyes teared up at Ivor's answer and she stood up abruptly and crawled back up on her bed covering herself back up in her blanket, as that wasn't the answer she really wanted to hear, she needed to disappear to make everyone happy again so why did Ivor say that she didn't want him to care for her why did he have to be the only one that did it wasn't fair she was ruining his life.
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Z9e3vqd.png]

[#6B8779 “Hmm?”] Ivor looked up from his drawing; a field of flowers sheltering a pretty red cat. Catelyn’s question seemed to have struck him silent, and after a long moment, he flashed a tender smile as he reached forward, brushing her cheek with a thumb before having his hand settle gently but firmly on her shoulder. [#6B8779 “Well, Cat, as your nii-kun, I would search for you forever until I found you then.”] Ivor felt a slight, aching pang inside as he wanted to know why his sister might ask such a forlorn question.
Ivor / Vauquelin / 12d ago
Cat frowned at her brother's answer but closed the door gently and walked over to him sitting down across from him on the floor and grabbing a cookie nibbling at it while she watched him draw waiting for the moment their mother would come barging in the door to yell at her for bothering Ivor, he was the obvious favored child of the house probably cause he was a boy, but Cat did notice how much harder they pushed him to do well all the while belittling her for just existing... [#cf70ff "Nii-kun... what would you do if I just didn't come home one day?"] Cat asked her voice barely above a whisper.
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Z9e3vqd.png]
Ivor chuckled as he lightly ruffled Cat’s hair. [#6B8779 “Aha, don’t worry about that, I don’t have much homework today, and anyway I’d rather have fun with you.”] Smiling, he sat on the floor, placing the plate of cookies down in front of him, and waited for Cat to join him in sitting while he flipped open his sketchbook to start a quick doodle.
Ivor / Vauquelin / 12d ago
Cat jumped when she heard Ivor's voice outside her room and she wanted to stay in her bed and just ignore him, but got up at the offer of cookies and with her blanket wrapped around her shoulders she opens the door and steps back letting him in. [#cf70ff "What about your homework?"] she asked softly not wanting him to get into trouble because of her.
[pic https://i.imgur.com/9KU43yL.png]

Ivor scowled slightly hearing how harsh and impatient their mother spoke. After she gave him his snack and left him to his own devices, he grumbled to the air, [#6B8779 “Mom, you shouldn’t talk about Cat like that…”] He entered his room to retrieve his sketchbook and a pencil, and went to knock softly on Catelyn’s door. [#6B8779 “Hey, Cat, can I come in? I brought some cookies with me, and we can also draw or scribble something, how does that sound?”]
Vauquelin / 13d ago
Cat turned her head slightly when her big brother got into the car but she didn't return his smile, though she did lean slightly into his hand like a kitten so he could pet her hair, but when he asked his question she flinched and backed away from him pulling her knees up towards her body as much as she could trying to turn invisible. "Sorry Ivor she's being irritating again I've been trying to get her to say anything for several hours but she won't do anything but scream." Mom sighed and Cat flinched again, but otherwise didn't move. "...Ugh even the school is finally tired of her she's been suspended until Monday let's hope Aunt Julie is free to babysit tomorrow." Mom grumbled as she pulled out of the school parking lot and headed towards home. "Well on the bright side your father's coming home today maybe he can straighten her out." Mom said then turned up the radio indicating she was done talking.
Once back at home Cat once again fought any touch and screamed before running into the house and back to her room slamming doors as she went and Mom sighed again irritation clear within it. "Go start your homework please Ivor I'll bring you a snack." Mom said before heading to the kitchen leaving her elder son in the hall.
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Z9e3vqd.png]
With school finally over, Ivor skipped down the hall towards the parking lot, a bright grin on his face. The jovial edges of the smile faded a little, replaced by a hint of worry, as he reached the car and saw his younger sister’s state. In the car, Ivor sat close to Catelyn and reached a hesitant hand out, nonverbally asking her permission to stroke her hair. Ivor smiled as gently as he could, and whispered to his sister, [#6B8779 “Cat, can you tell big brother what happened?”]
Ivor / Vauquelin / 13d ago
Catelyn walked out of her school in a huff with Mom right on her tail, the young red head had just been suspended for 2 days because she was having a bad day and the school no longer wanted to deal with her refusing to interact with the other kids. Once in the car and strapped into her car seat Catelyn just stared out the window refusing to answer Mom's questions about why? Why couldn't she just be normal and play with the other kids like everyone else.
It only took about ten minutes to get home, but once they were there Mom helped Cat out of the car and knelt before her once again trying to get answers out of the girl, but she said nothing and fought out of Mom's grasp before grabbing the house keys and running inside slamming every door on her way to her room before chucking her backpack at a wall and crawling into her bed hiding under her blankets with tears falling from her eyes feeling useless, stupid, and like she should just stop existing in the world all-together.
Catelyn stayed in her bed for several hours, not bothering to even change out of her school uniform and it wasn't until Mom had to go pick up her big brother was she forced out of her room and back into the car all the while she screamed and cried not even bothering to say why. By the time they got to Ivor Nii-kun's school Catelyn had quieted down and was simply sitting in her car seat suckling her thumb her eyes red and puffy from all the crying and her breathing still very much ragged as her blank eyes stared out the window not taking in the world around them.