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By Sin
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[center [pic]] [size20 [center [google-font] [Cormorant+Upright You'd think that the Salem witch trials that occurred between 1692 and 1693 would have ended. Countless of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft. More than two hundred people were accused. Thirty were found guilty, nineteen innocent souls whom were executed by hanging. And yet what nobody knew was that real ones lived on amongst them... [i "We were willing to sacrifice some so that we may live..."]]]] [size20 [center [google-font] [Cormorant+Upright Along came the beginning of the Nineteenth century and the last of his kind were still in hiding. They would never mix themselves with the likes of the world... They weren't safe. They'd never be safe. And thus they swore a sacred oath to keep themselves hidden in the shadows... But everything changes when one ordinary human ends up injured... [center [pic]]
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[i Everything had changed when people realized that we aren’t like them…] 1692 Salem, Massachusetts. The first to hang was Bridged Bishop. One of the colonists. Accused of practicing witchcraft. She was innocent. Then it was another… and another and another… They were all hung by the nearest tree, drowned or burned alive. It was a painful reminder that we didn’t belong amongst the others. We were the outcast, the dangerous. We were not welcomed, we were hated. We were born with the flesh of evil and the soul of the devil. We deserved only death with no mercy. At least that was what my mother had taught me. And for years we hid from the city, the towns of folks whom lived their daily lives without any thought that we existed. That we had not been extinguished. Instead, we had become more cautious and sneaky. Living amongst the shadows, in tiny small crawl spaces. Or amongst the trees, in nature. We became few in numbers over the course of years, but we were mighty. Yet my curiosity always seemed to get the best of me. I longed to live amongst the others, not having to hide within the darkside of the moon. To be able to befriend those around me instead of running away in fear to be caught and slaughtered. It was a beautiful dream, but it was only that--A dream. “Nicholas.” My mother called out, my eyes shifted up to meet her soft silver eyes that matched mine. “Nicholas, have you been practising? I see you reading that book, but I have yet to see you use any of it. Is something the matter?” “No, mother. I believe I just lost myself in thought, is all. It won’t happen again, I promise.” I smiled at the woman who in turn smiled back. I watched as she approached me, suddenly pressing her soft lips to my forehead. “I am truly lucky to have you.” She whispered before looking down at me. “I’m going to the town to gather some supplies. Please finish and practise the incantation. We will need it for tonight. The moon will be at its peak and we need to take advantage of it.” I nodded. “I will do so. However, do you not wish for me to go to the town instead of you this time? Last time you went you stated that you had a bit of a hard time carrying all the supplies back here… Maybe this time I could go for you instead? I promise to be back before sunset.” I could sense the sudden hesitation from her. The worry in her eyes and the unsure sigh gave me the clear answer that I wasn’t going to have the benefit of seeing the town’s folk upfront and personal. It wasn’t the first time that my mother had neglected my help or my freedom from the forest. But somehow I had hoped that she would at least give me a chance for once in my life to prove that I was already the age to explore and also responsible enough to keep myself from getting into trouble. “Very well.” Her answer surprised me. Yet I wasn’t about to ask why. Yet I could not contain my excitement. I quickly closed the book and stood up from the windowsill. “I will make a list of things for you to bring and I shall draw you a map so that you will not get lost. But please, please be careful.” I nodded without hesitation. “I promise.” ---- I had read in books, and seen pictures of the town. Yet nothing compared to have seen it with my own eyes in person. I couldn’t help but stare wide-eyed at the stone and brick buildings. They stood higher than me and seemed to be as tall as the trees I had seen. Maybe even a bit taller. My eyes loomed over the different faces. The way the men dressed up in full suits and hats with polished shoes. The women were elegant and beautiful with their colorful, long gowns that hugged their figure, complementing their natural grace and beauty. It was all so different, so strange… and I was loving every second of it. But I had to focus. I had to gather the materials on the list and get back before sunset. I followed the map that my mother had given to me, it was small but it was accurate. And I had quickly found the store that she had mentioned inside of it. My eyes lurked around the shelves full of different merchandise and items that I hadn’t really ever seen before. I only wondered about their uses and yet also wondered if they were really even that useful. I then directed my attention to the man who stood behind the counter. I cleared my throat and held out the list to him to which he quickly took. His eyes stared at the paper before looking at me from head to toe. He was examining me as if I was a thief. Possibly because I wasn’t entirely dressed like most of the men around, yet I didn’t look like a homeless person either. A heathen maybe, but not some scammer from the streets. “All this for you?” He asked in a low husky voice. “Yes.” I responded while nodding. The man smirked. “And how will you be paying?” And I was right, he did assume that I was a thief. I chuckled and pulled out the small sack of coins. I placed it upon the counter and smiled proudly. “If you need more, I have more.” The man’s smirk soon turned into a smile. “Well then, I shall be sure to gather the things quickly and be back with you. Feel free to look around for anything else.” “Thank you, I intend to do so.” I smiled politely before he left. I turned on my heel and looked around the shop. At least I was already fitting in, right?
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It was another beautiful night. It was the female's favorite time of day. Blythe was just simply looking at her window. This was usually the time that she takes a walk around the city. Blythe slightly smiled as she grabbed her leather jacket, and put it on, moving her hair out of the way. Blythe grabbed her house keys, closed the door behind her, and headed on her walk that was going to be on. Blythe smiled as she saw others enjoying the night as well. But something about tonight that just gave her the chills. She wasn't entirely sure what it was. Blythe looked behind her, and didn't see anyone behind her. Blythe was usually not the one to get spooked about things. Blythe just kind of shrugged it off, and just kept on walking. She shoved her hands in her pocket, as she was just thinking about everything in her life. Blythe knew she had a very dry personality and no one is wanting to really talk to her or be around her. She totally understood why though. Blythe knew that it wasn't okay to have these thoughts in her head. She needed to shake it off. Blythe got the cold chill again. It continued to go up and down her spine. She felt like something seriously was going to happen. But she couldn't exactly put her finger on what was going to happen. But then again the female that she was being paranoid. Blythe decided to stop for a second, until she realized that someone put a bag on over her head, and picked her up. She started to kick and scream. But the person that had ahold of her was very strong. She kept screaming and hoping that someone would hear her. Next thing she knew is that she was being thrown on the ground and the bag being ripped off. She then felt kicks and punches all over her body. Then next thing she knew someone sinked their teeth into her neck, biting and draining her of some of her blood. Then she watched as these mysterious people took off. She laid there, feeling the blood drain out of her neck onto the ground. [b "Help..."] She said weakly. She wasn't even loud enough for someone to hear her. And in that exact moment, Blythe was pretty sure she was going to die. This isn't not how she wanted things to go. Next thing she knew is that her eyes were starting to get droopy. She couldn't hold them open any longer...


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