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A Sign to the South [Open.]

By Nullification

Replies: 0 / 15 days ago

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After the Great Wars, magic was outlawed and those who used magic forced into hiding or to give up their magic. The authorities made devices that could drain the very magic from the different races and although it was still starkly evident that some were Fey, Elven, Dwarvish or other magical varieties, the magic was gone.

All that remained for some were travelling circuses run by mandated officials. This gave people the chance to see the dangerous magic users up close and for the most part, it was a good life for those who didn’t want to hide nor give up their magic entirely and become regular. The roving bands often made their ways through many kingdoms and towns, stopping for a few days at a time to perform. Magic of all sorts, flight, Elemental magic, breathing under water, animal kinship, transmutation, telekinesis, anything and everything that would make the crowd gaze in complete wonder and bring a hefty price.

There was only one way to freedom, pay your way out or run away and those who ran had very little chance of making it to the next morning. Magic users were considered dangerous, hostile entities with no control over their prowess. If there was a problem in the local village then the witch hunt would begin and the magical would be blamed and chased from town.

However, as the ringmaster cracks his whip one last time and living conditions continue to deteriorate, there are murmurs of escape and a Haven in the south, on an island with white sand beaches and clear blue water where Magic wielders can live peacefully and answer to no one.

Anyone caught speaking about such a place suffers punishment, many of the magic wielders were born in this circus and will die in the travelling band. The ringmaster rules are strict and without mercy.
Never escape.
Never run.
He will pair up beings to provide magical offspring he can use in his shows.
Never, ever mention The Island.

Looking for this to be a one on one, of course I'm open to plotting and scheming on things. This can be modern set, I'm not fussy and I can work with any setting.
Just drop a message if you're interested.