Forbidden (FxF 1x1 Closed)

By Burning_Heart

"If this is so wrong, why does it feel so right?"

_____ was raised to believe that being gay was a sin that couldn't be forgiven. In the small town of Cardwell, anything that isn't "normal" is wrong. And so, ever since she was thirteen, _____ decided to push her feelings away and keep them hidden.

"Because it is right. You've just been brainwashed to think otherwise, but let's face it: you want this as much as I do."

When Rayne Chandler moves to town, _____ finds her world completely turned upside down. Rayne breaks every rule that _____ had hammered into her, and it's not long before she finds herself fascinated by the new girl. Unfortunately, rules have consequences. Is _____ prepared to deal with them? Or will she leave Rayne in the dirt? You won't know unless you join Forbidden.

Okay, kind of cheesy, I know, but this is based on a story I want to write and I really want to see it play out differently.

What I'm looking for:

A semi-literate to a literate female character. Of course, I prefer quality over quantity, but I'd still like to have something to work with.

Real pictures or illustrated are both welcome. I have pictures prepared for either decision.

Be willing to move the story along. Discuss things with me, make the character your own. I've only given the basics for her. At the end of the day, she's yours, and if you have something you'd like to do with her or add to the story, just tell me and we'll make it work!

Communicate with me. If you're going to be out or you've lost interest, just let me know. It's okay, I promise.

This is a mature romance RP. ES rules do apply, but be prepared for cursing or mature themes.

Speaking of mature...I'd really like for my partner to be 18+. I myself am in my twenties so I would feel more comfortable with someone who's an adult.

Most of all: Have fun. This is meant to be a fun, romantic, dramatic story. Have a good time with it!

Now that I'm done being difficult, if you're still here and you're interested, PM me with the subject as Forbidden so I'll know you read the entire thing and we'll go from there. Can't wait to hear from you!
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Burning_HeartRayne (Real)   1y ago

[center Rayne Chandler sat outside her house on the concrete steps, finishing the last of her cigarette before she needed to head out for her first day of school. She sneered at the thought, running her free hand through the short strands of hair. Out of all the places in the world and they had to pick the most cookie-cutter town. All the houses were the same, the people she'd seen at the grocery store the day prior had dressed the same, with their mom vans and too-perfect hair. It had made her uncomfortable, especially when she'd been down the pet aisle and some woman had whispered something to her kid, pulling him closer. She'd raised a brow at that reaction, wondering what the problem had been.]

[center It wasn't until another woman approached her, popping some gum before looking her up and down. [b [i "I'm sorry ma'am, but I have to ask where you got that horrid outfit."]] Rayne had looked down at herself, frowning at the ripped jeans, black boots, band t-shirt, and leather jacket.]

[center [b "I'm sorry?"] She'd said, looking up at the woman. She hadn't thought anything was wrong with it.]

[center [b [i "It's just...there's no color to it. And your hair. Who cuts their hair that short?"]]]

[center Of course, offended, Rayne had rolled her eyes and dismissed the woman's words, but it had become very clear then what kind of town they had moved to. That woman had hated her clothes. Imagine what she'd think when she found out what she liked to do behind closed doors.]

[center Taking one last drag, she put the cigarette out and stood, making her way inside long enough to throw the butt in the trash and grab her bookbag. Today, she sported a pair of black jeans, the same boots, a plain back tank top, and the same leather jacket. When she'd registered with the school, they hadn't given her a strict uniform requirement so she figured the outfit was appropriate enough.]

[center Taking her keys from the pocket, she started up the red pickup, painstakingly making her way to her new high school. Once she was parked, she made her way inside, snagging her schedule before taking herself on a tour of the building before class started.]
CherryBooxxalyѕѕa   1y ago

[google-font] [font "Handlee" It was another day in her awful life. Things that she was feeling that she could never explain. It was forbidden to think or even feel the way she was. Her parents made it very clear that she had to marry a man. Everything that has been drilled into her head. Alyssa shook her head, as glossy blue eyes stared back at her. It was a school day and she needed to get ready.]

[font "Handlee" Alyssa sighed as she went into her bathroom and started to curl her hair. She had so much on her mind, but when she goes downstairs, she had to act like she didn't. She was so unhappy in her life. But Alyssa was known for being the happiest girl in this town. Alyssa continued to curl her hair and then put a white dress on. She put a jacket on as well and put some flats on as well. Alyssa made it very clear that was an innocent person. She knew nothing about relationships or anything. She did her school work and that was it. She had to act like she didn't care about anything else.]

[font "Handlee" Alyssa grabbed her things and went downstairs and grabbed her drink and an orange. Alyssa saw her parents and how they said good morning to her. She looked at them, and smiled slightly.] [font "Handlee" [b "Morning."]] [font "Handlee" She didn't want to stay and have a chit chat with them. She grabbed her keys and headed out.]

[font "Handlee" Alyssa got to school and slowly started to walk to school. She heard a bunch of students whispering. She didn't understand what people were whispering about. She looked around, and saw someone that she hasn't seen before. Must be a new student. Having new students in this school was never good. Everyone was always so judgmental. Alyssa rolled her eyes and walked inside the school.]

[font "Handlee" Alyssa saw some of her friends and them trying to talk about the new person. The only difference is that Alyssa wasn't into that gossip stuff. She rolled her eyes and just walked away. Voicing her opinion was always not worth it. Alyssa saw the new girl walking, and saw her walk into the same class that Alyssa was walking into. She could see why everyone was talking. Alyssa thought she would at least introduce herself. She remember being the new student.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Hey there! My name is Alyssa. I haven't seen you around before. Are you new here? I remember being new. Anyways, don't let other people comments get under your skin. They are just dumb."]] [font "Handlee" Alyssa smiled at her and then she took a seat at her desk, and then waited for the final bell to ring.]
Burning_HeartRayne (Real)   1y ago

[center When the first bell rang, Rayne let out a sigh. She [i really] didn't want to do this. Deciding to suck it up, she made her way to her first class, quickly picking an empty seat. She didn't plan on introducing herself, and if she needed to, she'd pretend she was deaf so that she didn't have to. She scoffed at the idea. She only knew a little bit of ASL. She'd never be able to get away with it, but the thought was entertaining while it lasted.]

[center She rested her chin in her hand as she watched the rest of the students file in, her eyes falling on the girl in white. She raised a brow when she approached her. She couldn't help but smirk as the girl, Alyssa if she'd heard right, spoke. [b "Rayne,"] she said, her voice low. [b "Trust me, their comments don't bother me in the slightest."] She looked her up and down, definitely not hiding the fact that she was checking her out. She was cute. If only it wasn't a facade.]

[center Or maybe it wasn't. Maybe the girl was just that nice. If she was, Rayne would enjoy being friends with her. She would've just loved to see a girl like that squirm. She watched her as she sat in her seat, being sure to write her number down a piece of paper before handing it to her. [b "Here. In case you ever need it,"] she said with a wink. She was always one to make the first move, and she didn't care if anyone saw her do it. She planned on turning this whole town upside down.]
CherryBooxxalyѕѕa   1y ago

[google-font] [font "Handlee" Alyssa didn't honestly think the female was going to say anything to her. Usually no one responds, and just ignores the fact that Alyssa was trying to talk to them. Alyssa instantly looked over with a shocked look at her face when she heard the female talking. Alyssa just blinked. She saw that she was talking quietly. Probably so no one else would hear her name. Then next thing she knew is that she had this girl's number. Alyssa knew one thing. This girl was checking her out. She knew when she was being checked out. Which means, is it possible that this female was into females? Alyssa gulped. That made her heart race so fast. She don't remember the last time she had thoughts like this. It was forbidden. But she didn't really expect anyone to understand.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Thanks,"]] [font "Handlee" Alyssa smiled at her. The rest of the class period, Alyssa couldn't focus. Alyssa's mind was wandering all over the place. Alyssa bit on her lip slightly. This female has already made Alyssa's heart beating real fast. Alyssa eyes glanced down at the number. She needed to put this number in her phone, as soon as possible, before her parents found out she got a girl's number today.]

[font "Handlee" Alyssa heard the bell ring, and then she jumped, coming back to reality. Alyssa felt her cheeks get hot, and then she grabbed her things, and put it in her bag. She held onto the piece of paper that had this female's number on it. Alyssa kept looking at it. Does she even text it? Alyssa bit on her lip slightly. She doesn't even know what to think. What she does know that no male gets her heart jumping like this. She gulped as she put Rayne's phone number in her phone. And put the piece of paper in her locker. No one can find the paper if it's in her locker. She gulped, as she went outside to take a breath. It was her free period, so she didn't have class right now. This was her one time to think without someone bugging her.]
Burning_HeartRayne (Real)   1y ago

[center Rayne couldn't help but smirk to herself as the class went on. She knew right away that she'd gotten a reaction to that, which was satisfying. She wasn't even really sure that the girl would ever message her, but the fact that she hadn't thrown the piece of paper away was a good sign. [b "No problem,"] she said with a smile, finally turning her attention away from her.]

[center She raised a brow as Alyssa jumped, wondering what it was she had been thinking about to cause that kind of response. Grabbing her bag, she stood and made her way out, smirking to herself once again. She'd easily found a fun target, and if the girl was as innocent as she seemed, she'd have a blast with her.]

[center She made her way to her next class, thinking about the partners she'd had in the past. None had been as fun to pick on as this girl would be. Hell, the last one she'd dated had been as boring as the textbooks she was forced to read. The only reason she'd ever been with her was that she had been cute. Shallow? Yeah, but Rayne tended to be that way at times. If she liked what she saw, she usually went after it. It didn't matter what they were like. That was probably why she got bored so easily.]

[center As the period dragged on, she pulled her phone out, deciding to scroll through Facebook instead. Anything was better than Math. It also didn't help that she was secretly hoping Alyssa would send her something. Maybe she'd start slow and actually try to get to know her.]

[center She almost laughed out loud at the thought. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen]
CherryBooxxalyѕѕa   1y ago

[google-font] [font "Handlee" Alyssa sat down at a bench as she felt the sun touch against her skin. She let out a sigh of relief. She always loved the feel of the sun hitting against her skin. Sunshine was her favorite thing. Alyssa smiled slightly, and then she looked back down at her phone. She was debating on if she should text this girl or not. Was this even right? She has always been taught that this wasn't okay. But nothing was happening. Just her getting to know someone. She bit her lip and then took out her phone and started to send a message.]

[font "Handlee" [b Hey. This is Alyssa. Just thought I text you so you had my number.]]

[font "Handlee" Alyssa was not sure if she wanted to send it, but she just pressed the sent button and then she put her phone down. She didn't want to overthink anything about it. Because she couldn't understand what this could possibly mean anyways. She has always been taught differently. Alyssa sighed, as she pulled out some homework and started to do it. That was the one thing she could do get things off of her mind.]
Burning_HeartRayne (Real)   1y ago

[center Rayne had to do her best to hide the smirk that was threatening to creep across her face when the notification popped up at the top of the screen. She tapped it, glancing up for just a moment to see if the teacher was paying attention, before replying.]

[center [b [i Well I'll be damned. Didn't think you'd have the guts to message me. Props to you, Princess. Props.]]]

[center After hitting send, she saved the contact, putting a devil emoji beside Alyssa's name. She genuinely was surprised the girl had actually done it. She was just assuming that Alyssa was like every other "pick me" girl and judgemental bitch the town had to offer, but maybe she'd been wrong. It was going to make getting to know her even more interesting.]

[center Slipping the phone into her pocket, she decided to actually try and focus on getting some of her work done. She didn't really care all that much, since she tended to believe that a trade school was far more useful than any shot at getting a college degree, but she'd been informed quite a few times that she wouldn't have that choice here. If she really wanted to make something of herself, she'd have to leave once she finished her senior year. Her parents for sure weren't going to leave any time soon.]

[center Hearing the bell, she closed the textbook she'd had laying on her desk, slipping it into her bag before hurriedly leaving the classroom. Instead of going to the cafeteria for lunch, however, she made her way outside, not wanting to deal with the noise from the other students. She'd much rather listen to the sound of birds or the wind rustling through the trees.]
CherryBooxxalyѕѕa   1y ago

[google-font] [font "Handlee" Alyssa was tapping her finger on the bench, because she was freaking thinking that maybe it was a bad idea to message her. She just wanted to show the girl that she was trying to be friendly. She remembered what it was like when she first moved her. She hated it so much. But her mom made it very well known that she needed to fit in or it was going to be her fault that they have to move again.]

[font "Handlee" Alyssa sighed, and then she looked down at her phone, because she heard it buzzing. She read the message, and then rolled her eyes at the word princess. She was far from that. But that was a whatever situation. She couldn't let that get to her. Alyssa set her phone back down, and just inhaled deeply.]

[font "Handlee" Alyssa heard the bell ring for lunch. That was the one thing that Alyssa enjoyed. She had an open period, and then right after it was lunch time. Alyssa didn't even move until she saw people were staring at someone again. Alyssa knew it had to be Rayne. Alyssa sighed. She hated how everyone was in this school. She sighed lightly, and then watched as Rayne was walking outside for lunch as well. Alyssa eyes were glued on her. She just wasn't understanding the feeling she was having right now. What was it? It was like she couldn't take her eyes off of her.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Hey stranger!"]] [font "Handlee She called out. Alyssa couldn't even believe she did that. She watched as everyone was staring at her. Someone had to be nice, and if it was going to be her, then it's going to be her. She smiled at her, wondering if she would actually come over and talk to her.]
Burning_HeartRayne (Real)   1y ago

[center Sitting down at one of the outside tables, she'd just pulled out the lunch she'd pack from her bag when a voice caught her attention. She looked up, a little surprised to see that it was Miss Princess herself. [i Well, well,] she thought, grabbing the lunch kit and book bag before standing and making her way over to the girl.]

[center Once again, she looked her up and down, still caught off guard by how pretty she really was. She seemed like such a small, sweet little thing. Rayne suppressed a smile before she sat down. [b "You are just full of surprises, aren't you?"] she asked, pulling a chocolate chip cookie from the bag first. Pulling it from the bag, she broke it in half, offering her the bigger piece.]

[center [b "So, what's a princess like you doing in a boring place like this?"] she asked before biting into her half. [b "You stick out just enough to make a person wonder."] She wasn't trying to make the girl uncomfortable. Not yet, at least. She really wanted to know what made this girl talk to her. What kept her from making snide comments and whispering about her to the others around them?]
CherryBooxxalyѕѕa   1y ago

[google-font] [font "Handlee" Alyssa was actually surprised that she came over and sat down with her. Alyssa looked her up and down. She didn't know what was going on, but she needed to figure out what was feeling right now. Was this even okay to think like this? Alyssa gulped and then smiled when she sat down next to her.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Its my escape from my cruel life at home."]]

[font "Handlee" Alyssa eyes kind of got wide when she said that. She couldn't even believe she said that outloud. Alyssa was sure that she would have to explain that later. It was weird though. She felt like she could ditch the rest of the day and continue to talk to this female. She didn't understand it, and she wanted to understand it.]

[font "Handlee" [b "I guess I am full of surprises,"]] [font "Handlee" she smirked, and then giggled somewhat. She looked at the other half of the cookie, and took it, and bit into it. She loved cookies. It was like her weakness. She looked at her, and then smiled.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Well, I'm not like all these other judgmental people that go to school here. I accept everyone for who they are. You'll see eventually."]]
Burning_HeartRayne (Real)   1y ago

[center Rayne tensed for a moment at the girls' words, unsure of what to say. She wanted to pry, to just ask a bunch of inappropriate questions, but she wasn't even sure Alyssa would want to talk about it. She clenched a hand into a fist under the table. Just how cruel was she talking, though? She'd just met her, so perhaps she shouldn't even care, but she hated any type of abuse. Especially after having dealt with it herself when she was a bit younger. Of course, hers had been a boyfriend and not family, but abuse was abuse in her mind.]

[center She watched carefully as Alyssa took the cookie, paying close attention to the way her lips moved. Even after, she continued to notice the way they moved when she spoke, especially on certain words. Yeah, she was definitely going to get this girl wrapped around her finger.]

[center If it didn't happen the other way first.]

[center She smirked a little. That wasn't going to happen. She didn't let that kind of thing happen to her. She was the type of person who refused to be smitten with anyone. [b "So you are,"] she said, leaning forward and resting her chin in her hand. [b "So, then, tell me about yourself, Alyssa. What makes a girl like you tick?"] she asked, meeting her gaze.]
CherryBooxxalyѕѕa   1y ago

[size12 Alyssa looked at the female for a second, and kind of thought for a second. Tick? That was something that Alyssa didn't hear on the daily. She thought for a second. She didn't want to sound dumb if she asked what that word meant. Sigh. Maybe it was another way for this female to get to know Alyssa. But would Alyssa even dare talk about herself. Alyssa bit on her lip lightly, as she felt the warm sun rays hit her body. This was the exact reason why she loved being outside. Alyssa smiled slightly and then looked back at the female.]

[size12 [b "Why would you want to know anything about boring old me?"]] [size12 She needed something distracting, because Alyssa has been dying to talk about everything that her parents have put her through. Especially her mother. But Alyssa wasn't a person to be like that. She never really had a best friend either. She always stayed to herself. Alyssa gulped lightly, as you could tell that she was starting to get super nervous. Not because the female was next to her. But just because Alyssa has never had the urge to tell anyone anything before. And she wasn't for sure why she wanted to now.

[size12 Alyssa looked at her again, and then sighed.] [size12 [b "Sorry. Usually people don't want to know about me. But what about you though? What's your story?"]] [size12 Maybe Alyssa can change where they talk about her instead of Alyssa. Because once Alyssa starts talking, she knows darn well that she won't stop talking at all.]
Burning_HeartRayne (Real)   1y ago

[center Rayne shrugged before taking a sip of her drink. Really, why [i did] she want to know? For all she knew, the girl was putting up some kind of front to try and trick her. Oddly enough, it wouldn't be the first time it had happened. She wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the last, either.]

[center [b "Let me put this way: you've talked to me like a human being. If you're badmouthing me at all, you're smart enough to do it behind my back, and yet dumb enough to still talk to me face to face. Why not join in with the others who want to make assumptions about me? Are you really the sweet little thing you look like you could be? Or are you a cold, calculating bitch who plans on trying to ruin me?"] She sat back a little before she smiled. [b "Don't take any of that personally. It's why I want to know about you. I want to see who you really are. It'd be nice to have a real friend, you know?"] She realized very quickly how intense she'd probably come off as.]

[center She was also getting the feeling that the girl really didn't want to talk about herself with the way she had turned the question around on her. [b "Let's see,"] Rayne said, thinking. [b "We move around a lot. I don't think I've ever finished more than two years in a town. Mom works most of the time, so I never see her, and my dad's not in the picture, the low life. I have a thing for the unusual if you couldn't tell. Left a girlfriend behind, but I guess it wasn't mean to be if long distance wouldn't work."] She looked at her. [b "What about your love life? Any special someone?"]]

[center Not that the answer mattered, since Rayne already intended to make the girl here's if she could manage it. This town needed a little more spice.]
CherryBooxxalyѕѕa   1y ago

[google-font] [font "Handlee" Alyssa gulped when she first heard what Rayne had to say. Alyssa it was just that easy to talk about herself. But it's not. But Alyssa was kind of the same way of how Rayne was explaining it. How did Alyssa know that she could trust her? But it's still the fact of what she has been taught. And if her parents even found out that she opened up to someone about what her family put her through, she knew that hell was going to break loose. And she knew that her dad would get ahold of her again, and last time.... It almost killed her.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Its the same for me, though. I just wish it was just that easy to talk about myself. But there are consequences if I even dare to talk about who I really am."]] [font "Handlee" Alyssa was getting super frustrated. Not with the new girl, just herself. Because all she ever wanted was to tell someone what was actually going on in her life. But Alyssa knew better. The fact that she said what she said to Rayne could be punishment enough. Because she knew damn well that Rayne is going to want to know more. But is Alyssa going to continue to go through this hell, or is she actually going to let someone try and help her?]

[font "Handlee" Alyssa just stared at Rayne. She loved listening to her talk. She could do this all day, honestly. Alyssa then realized that she asked if she had a lover. Alyssa blushed at the thought of someone being her lover. She didn't really knew what it was like to have a lover. Alyssa then looked back at her, and locked eyes with the girl.] [font "Handlee" [b "Nope. Not with anyone nor have I ever been in a relationship."]] [font "Handlee" Alyssa wasn't sure if that was something that should be announced to the world, but words just come falling out of her mouth when she is around Rayne. She didn't understand why, either.]

[font "Handlee" One thing Alyssa knew though, is she loved the idea of being around Rayne. Something about this female draws Alyssa in. Even if it was wrong. Or in her parents eyes, it was wrong. To Alyssa. This... This felt right. This also felt so good, and they were only talking. Alyssa chewed on her lip lightly, as she realized she still had her eyes locked on with Rayne. She looked away quickly, as she quickly started to play with her hair. A nervous habit that she has.]
Burning_HeartRayne (Real)   1y ago

[center Rayne frowned at Alyssa's words. She was sure now that she was right in assuming the girl was being abused by a family member. It made her blood boil. She didn't know a single thing about this girl, but she'd been in that position before, even if it hadn't been for very long, and she knew exactly how the abuse could make one feel. She could still very vividly remember feeling like she was nothing but dirty beneath her piece of shit ex's feet.]

[center [b "Well, look...I can't say that I would be able to help you. Not by much at the moment, anyway, but..."] she let her words trail off for a moment. Was she really about to offer this girl a place at her home? Not that her mother would care. She'd brought home plenty of friends before. So long as the house was kept tidy and they weren't doing anything illegal, that she knew of, she really didn't give a damn. [b "if you need a place to stay, my door is open. Your parents don't know me, so I'm sure it would take some time before anyone figured out where you were. Plus, I'm pretty good at lying and keeping secrets."]]

[center While the offer was on the table, she knew she was going to have to let the girl take her time to think about it. She raised a brow at her response to her question about being in a relationship. [b "Really? Not even a small one?"] She was genuinely surprised. The girl was absolutely gorgeous, and the way this small knit town was? She'd have expected her to already be engaged. It wouldn't be the first time Rayne had seen something like that.]

[center Even after Alyssa had broken eye contact with her, Rayne continued to stare. Her initial goal had been to get the girl to like her enough so she could put another notch in her bedpost. Now she just wanted to take her and hide her somewhere safe. It wasn't a feeling she was used to and one that made her feel a bit uncomfortable.]

[center Finally standing, she grabbed what was left of her lunch, throwing it away in a nearby trash can before holding a hand out to Alyssa. [b "How about I take you to your next class?"] she asked, looking down at her. She definitely didn't give a shit who was watching. Someone needed to be there for the girl, and if it had to be her, so be it.]
CherryBooxxalyѕѕa   1y ago

Alyssa frozed when she realized that Rayne was offering her home to her. Alyssa thought hard about it. She needed to think really hard about it. Because she could get away from her parents. That's all she ever wanted. She wanted someone to personally save her. It has been her dream forever now. But she barely talked to anyone as it. And no one doesn't know where her parents sent her for a whole year. A whole year that Alyssa missed. Luckily, there little plan didn't work. At all.

Alyssa was now realizing there plan wasn't working at all. The reason she knew it wasn't working is because how she felt towards this female. Every time Rayne is close to her Alyssa realized that her heart was beating hard against her chest. If we could hear something like that, everyone would hear it. Alyssa was stuck in her thoughts right now. She wanted to tell everything to Rayne. Why? She wasn't even for sure at all. She knew nothing about this girl. But yet, she felt like she has know this girl forever now.

Alyssa heard the bell, and she heard Rayne's words. As she started to walk away, she instantly grabbed her hand. [b "No, I don't want to go!"] Alyssa then realized what she just did. She dropped her hand instantly, and knew instantly her face was turning red. She bit on her lip slightly, and then looked down. [b "Sorry.. I didn't mean to do that.. I mean.. I did.."] Alyssa bit on her lip lightly. She sat back down. She has never enjoyed her time with someone as much as does with her.

Alyssa shook her head answering Rayne's question about the relationship. [b "No. I was the freak in this town, because of what my parents did."] It was like Alyssa couldn't be quiet. She gulped lightly. She didn't want it to get back to her parents. Nor did she want anyone to know that in reality she was homosexual. Alyssa sighed as she looked down. The last thing she wanted was to be judged by Rayne.

[b "And on your offer.. I'd like to take you up on it.. If you are still wanting to lend a hand."]
Burning_HeartRayne (Real)   1y ago

[center Rayne's eyes widened as she stared at Alyssa, surprised by her sudden outburst. Her stomach knotted a little as the blonde looked away. It looked like she wanted to cry, which was enough to tug at her heartstrings. She mentally cursed. How bad had her family hurt her that she was so jumpy and apologetic? It definitely made her blood boil.]

[center She sighed before sitting right next to her, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her into a hug. Granted, she didn't know exactly what to do. She wasn't the lovey-dovey type. She was the screw them and leave type. For the most part, that is. Yet here this girl was, bringing out a side of her that she didn't know existed.]

[center [b "Yes, I want to lend a hand. Shit, we don't even have to go back to class, okay? We can skip the rest of the day and we can go to my house. I'll even take you to the dollar store and snag a toothbrush or whatever you need to stay for a while. My mother certainly won't give a damn. I have a big bed, but I can sleep on the couch so that you have it all to yourself."]]

[center She pulled away before grabbing Alyssa's chin in her hand, forcing her to look at her. [b "I'm not going to let anyone hurt you again, okay? I know we don't really know each other, but you seem sweet enough and no one deserves to hurt like that."]]

[center Rayne didn't know what she was getting herself into. Deep down, a part of her didn't care.]
SSerendipty-alyѕѕa   364d ago

Alyssa was honestly surprised when she was willing to skip class with her. Especially since it was her first day. The thought of Alyssa missing any class made her super nervous, but she realized that she vaguely told Rayne what was actually going on. Alyssa still wanted to sit down and explain everything that her parents put her through.. Alyssa knew that her parent's weren't going to care if she came home or not. They already think awful things about her. And even when she goes home, she gets asked a hundred questions, and Alyssa gets tired of being drilled all the time.

Alyssa felt like this was god's way of saving her. Bringing someone into her life that could help her. Alyssa didn't think anyone would ever help her. But she has been wrong before. Alyssa sat back at the bench and just kind of processed everything that Rayne said to her. But there was one thing that Alyssa was stuck on that she said. Rayne was talking about the size of her bed and was talking about sleeping elsewhere and that Alyssa could have the bed to herself. Alyssa thought this over, but it seemed like she didn't think much about it before her words were blurted out. [b "You don't have to sleep elsewhere."]

Alyssa nodded her head slightly. She looked around and realized no one was around anymore. Everyone was in class except for her and Rayne. Alyssa was now stuck on the last thing she said. This female literally just wanted to protect her. She could tell just by the way the two girls were talking. [b "O-Okay... Well, can we get out of here then... I don't want my parents to find me."] With that being said, she took her phone out and shut it off. The last time her phone will show her at would be at the school. Because she knew that her parents had some type of GPS tracking thing on her phone. Can't track her if her phone was off.
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[center This girl was gull of surprises. The fact that she didn't mind sharing a bed with her was a bit of an eye raiser. Was she into girls, or was she just that comfortable with the idea? If it was the former, then Rayne was definitely okay with that. However, she wouldn't take advantage of the situation. Not unless Alyssa stated so. She was a quick mover, but not without consent.]

[center [b "Same bed? I can work with that. Don't worry, though. I'll keep my distance. No cuddling unless asked."] She smiled at her, only intending to tease her.]

[center Standing, she held her hand put to Alyssa. [b "Great. Let's blow this popsicle stand, okay? If you'd like, we can either go straight back to my house and order pizza, or we can go hit the town and cause some trouble."] She had a slight mischievous grin on her face. She could think of so many things she could do to make someone uncomfortable around them.]

[center At the same time, however, she didn't want to make Alyssa uncomfortable. The poor girl was already like a mouse. [b "Either way, Princess, the choice is yours. I'm merely at your service."]]
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Alyssa looked at her and smiled slightly. She could see that the female was trying to get her to smile. And it was working. Especially about the bed part and cuddling. Alyssa felt her cheeks get real hot. Real quick. Alyssa knew just from that comment that her parents method definitely didn't work. Alyssa bit on her lip lightly. What happened if she did agree to go be mischievous with her?

Alyssa looked at the girl in the eyes, [b "I wouldn't mind the cuddling..."] Alyssa couldn't even believe she said that out loud. She meant to say that in her head, but obviously she has no filter when it comes to being around Rayne. Alyssa took her hand, and just love the feeling of her hand in Rayne's. It was so soft. She felt like she could be so safe with her.

[b "Lets go cause some trouble."] She looked at her, not even daring to let go of her hand. And at this point, Alyssa didn't understand all of this right now. But what she did know. She didn't want to let her hand go.
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[center Rayne was surprised at how blunt the girl could be. She had genuinely thought she was this timid little mouse. Turned out, there was more to her than what was on the surface. [b "Well, just a heads up, I like to cuddle. A lot."] She smirked as she watched her. She was just wanting to get a reaction out her at this point, even if her words weren't a lie.]

[center She glanced down at their hands before shifting so she could lace her fingers with Alyssa's. [b "Perfect,"] she said, pulling the girl away from the school.]

[center This is what felt normal to her. Skipping classes, smoking when she shouldn't, crushing on girls she barely knew. She wasn't the goody-two-shoes type by any means, and she was prepared to bring this girl down the same path.]

[center [b "So,"] she said when they got far enough away, especially knowing they weren't going to get caught now, [b "Where are some fun places we can visit?"] She asked, looking at her. [b "I'm still fairly new, so I have no idea what could possibly be interesting in this town."] Maybe a skating rink, or even a beach. [b "Oooh, maybe one night, we can rent a beach or lake house. Just the two of us."] She grinned at her. She liked seeing the girl get flustered.]
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[left [pic]] Alyssa loved the feeling of her fingers laced with the other females. She may of loved it but her cheeks show how much she really did enjoy it. Alyssa chewed on her lip and she listened to the other female speak. Alyssa was thinking of things that they could do together. In reality, she didn't really know because her parents would always keep her locked up. Alyssa feel like Rayne is going to lose her shit once she Alyssa tells her. That's if she even tells her.

[b "Oh! I love the beach! And oddly enough, we could do that. I have the money. It's how my parents get me to keep my mouth shut about their abuse."]

Alyssa kind of froze. She was even surprised that she even said anything like that. Alyssa didn't understand why she was just blurting all these things out. Maybe one day she will understand. maybe she just felt super comfortable around her.

Alyssa grabbed her hand and pulled her to the beach house. [b "lets go!"]
Burning_HeartRayne (Real)   307d ago

[center Rayne froze, just as the girl beside her did. She'd had a feeling that she'd been right, but hadn't been expecting Alyssa to confirm it. It made her want to keep the girl even further away from the adults in her life. At least her mother, despite not really being around, didn't seem to give a damn what she did. She could never imagine the woman ever raising a hand to her for anything.]

[center She opened her mouth to say something but didn't get a chance with the blonde pulling her along. Despite the fact that she'd let the words slip, it didn't seem like she wanted to talk about it. In a way, Rayne couldn't blame her. When she'd been in that position, she'd been worried about telling anyone, for fear of what her ex would've done to her at the time. She was grateful that she'd been strong enough to get away from it all, but she had a feeling this girl wasn't like that.]

[center Squeezing her hand, she let out a soft sigh. [b "You and me, then, okay? No parents to worry about, no prying eyes. Just the two of us trying to have a good night, okay?"] She smiled at her, wanting to do her best to show her that the two of them could have fun together without having to worry about anyone else.]


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