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By Ravanya

Replies: 1 / 17 days ago

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(#000580 (b The land of Yuara has gone through many kinds of Emperors over the years. From kind ones to war mongering ones. Each coronation of the next Crowned Prince always brought worry to what the country would come to know in his reign. One thing all Emperors had in common was their love for their Consorts. It was always the same, he would hold a full harem, and then one would eventually be named his Empress above all the other women. No one was prepared for the latest Crown Prince. As a young boy, he had set free all of the women and young girls that had been detained and sent to the Emperor, his father, as a tribute of servents and concubines for protection from his wrath.))

(#000580 (b This earned the boy to become hated by his father, and soon all of the young women and girls that had been sent as a tribute for consorts were recaptured, and the Crowned Prince was forced to watch as each and every one of them were killed before him. Except for one... Kaila.))

(#000580 (b (i Kaila)))
(pic https://i.imgur.com/6eyKoeq.jpg?1)

(#000580 (b Thanks to her mother, she had gotten away before she could be recaptured. In fear of being found, she masqueraded as a boy and was taken in as a Horse Boy named Kai by an old Nobleman where she spent her years tending to the chores, caring for the animals in the stables, and learning how to defend herself. Upon turning sixteen, she had been called to the Lord's tea room and it was there that he revealed that he had known since she was a child, that she was a girl, despite how she would dress and act like a boy, binding her chest tightly to try and stay hidden. She explained her story to him, and he told her of the upcoming war against the Emperor that he was to fight in. This broke her heart as she feared he would not survive the war, but he claimed he would rather die than to live on in his tyranny. She vowed to fight with him, but the Lord threatened her, claiming that if she went to fight, he would expose her as a woman. She was to remain at the manor, caring for his staff and home in his stead.))

(#000580 (b (i Kai)))
(pic https://i.imgur.com/YDzvugK.jpg?1)

(#000580 (b Two years passed and the war raged on until one lucky move was given to the Old Lord, and he managed to kill the Emperor with an arrow, ending the war and the Tyranny. The Crowned Prince wanted to offer him a reward for his great deed. The Old Lord waved off any reward but knew that the Crowned Prince would become the newest target in a rush for the throne and power. Lords and Generals coming for his position and that he would need someone wise at his side to help him see through the lies. He offered his horse boy who had done him well for many years.))

(#000580 (b Now Kaila must maneuver her way through the palace and help the Crowned Prince become the new Emperor at his coronation upon his next birthday. As she and the Prince would grow closer and become great friends, it would soon become apparent that Kaila was not a man. Would the Crowned Prince understand? Would he take the act of deception as deceit for his power? Will he even remember the young girl he had helped to free so many years ago?))


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