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RP for MourningGlory 1x1 (closed)

By amyumino

Replies: 37 / 121 days ago

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John gave Amy a look at her words. "Yeah, I guess I would have figured that much out. But what does that have to even do with us and this town?" He asked as he still was thinking that the twins and their friend happened to be out of their minds. "Freak One and Freak Two, you and your friend can stop with all the jokes now. We get that we were assholes to you but this is NOT funny anymore"

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/029/557/639/smaller_square/miura-n315-a-erza-s001.jpg?1597930720]

The vampire slapped her own forehead and shook her head. It appeared to Rena that mortals were becoming more and more ignorant and wanted to stay in their safe little bubbles. [b "So what are the two of you thinking of doing? They obviously can't grasp the idea that this is real life and they are fucked."] Came softly muttered worda as she was now watching the forest herself.
MG / MourningGlory / 1d ago
"You do know polar night was happening before that movie came out and yea yea, I know", she says to John then to Serena as she watched the forest, her handvon her hidden gun
John show a look at Serena and her having called him a dodo as she had. He was about to snap off. But then Amy explained Polar Night and he blinked. "You mean like the movie Thirty Days of Night? Or something like that?" The man asked incredulously. None of the three in his mine were making sense and they needed a nice padded cell.

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/029/557/639/smaller_square/miura-n315-a-erza-s001.jpg?1597930720]

The vampire rolled her eyes at John's comparison. [b "Great. So we have a genius here. I bet he's the first to die."] And then she looked over to the twins and huffed at being told no to having her taste of blood. [b "Fine, but you two owe me."] After her spoken words, Serena let the woman go and looked around with a sigh.
MG / MourningGlory / 4d ago
"Polar night is when the sun sets and doesn't come back up for 3 months", she says as she looked at Serena "I dont think that's a good idea, cause then the blood will attract whatever is in there", she said as she pointed to the woods and cornfield, Charlie nodded in agreement, a cold chill running through the air as her and Charlie looked around some.
"Well they seemed on edge. But we figured it was because of outsiders coming back. You know what small towns are like." John muttered. Though he did jump when their friend had moved the way she did and also had Amelia the way she did. "Okay, what the hell is she? And what is Polar Night?" The man's voice was much shakier than he wanted it to be. But things were getting too weird and he felt like this was the Twilight Zone or something.

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/029/557/639/smaller_square/miura-n315-a-erza-s001.jpg?1597930720]

Serena rolled her eyes. It seemed the humans still weren't getting it. And her fangs did grace lightly over the woman's neck as she looked over at Amy and Charlie.[b "Can I have a taste of this one? And do the two of you want to explain this to the dodo?"] She asked. Things were starting to become a true bore.
MG / MourningGlory / 19d ago
They didn't jump or even seem to be phased by Serena then looked at John as Amy itched the back of her scarred up neck "can't you tell everybody who is from the town is on edge?",she asks as she motioned around.

"Yea, since its about to be polar night and everything",Charlie added as he drank his water then looked around some, looking back down again.
"So you think this is funny? Like I mean telling us that all this weird shit is happening and under our noses too?" John asked as he looked between the three. He still was not taking them seriously. Mostly Amy and Charlie as they had been the freaks since he could remember. "How do we know that you aren't just trying to get us back because of all the hell we put you through?"

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/029/557/639/smaller_square/miura-n315-a-erza-s001.jpg?1597930720]

Serena nodded to both Amy and Charlie as they had given her the okay. Usually she was more behaved. Or she at least tried to be. But the little human was getting on her nerves. In the next second, the vampire had the woman known as Amelia and her fangs were drawn and close to her neck, She wouldn't bite...well yet. She was only trying to give a scare.
MG / MourningGlory / 23d ago
"Of we were playing a piano, we'd wouldn't used something a little more...... different", she says as she glanced over at Serena.

Chsrlie also looked at Serena and gave a little nod to her question since he was getting bored and wanted to have a little action, whether it be good or not, yawning some
"Would be a hell of a lot better than being shocked and finding all this movie shit." John muttered. He still thought the twins were playing a joke on them and TRYING to get them back for all the hell they had been put through while at school.

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/029/557/639/smaller_square/miura-n315-a-erza-s001.jpg?1597930720]

The vampire looked to the twins with a raised brow as the human did not want to take their words seriously. Serena then gave a pout. [b "Oh please can I prove that 'we' do exist?"] She asked, getting annoyed
MG / MourningGlory / 23d ago
"Do you really want people knowing the fucked up things that go on in this town, it'll just bring in news crews and tourists galore",she says as she rolled her eyes, drinking from her water bottle as she motioned to something to Charlie, who looked at mumbled something quietly.
All of their words sounded like shit from the horror movies or campfire stories. "Say all of that is true, then why do they keep it hidden? Shouldn't the people know that they are fucked?" The words came out before the man really had a chance to filter them. Plus he thought they were full of it.

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/029/557/639/smaller_square/miura-n315-a-erza-s001.jpg?1597930720]

Serena looked to the twins with a raised brow. [b "Are they really this stupid?"] She muttered quietly.
MG / MourningGlory / 29d ago
"Lets just say that whatever happens in this town, good or bad is always covered up by the police and is never talked about again",she says as she seen the lights flicker but her and Charlie seemed unbothered with it and seemed like they were used to it at this point in their life.

"Like when they found that boy in pieces, they said it was a bear attack and left it at that",Charlie continued as he looked around again
John could see that the pair seemed uneasy, but again left that up to how he knew them to be. And the man made a motion with his hand as Amy trailed off with her story. "Well keep going. What exactly is up with this place that makes it so dark? Besides all those lost classmates of ours?" He wasn't in the mood for this and just wanted the two freaks to explain.

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/029/557/639/smaller_square/miura-n315-a-erza-s001.jpg?1597930720]

[b 'You two know this is going to end badly if you tell them. Showing them is always much more fun.'] Serena thought as her brown gaze locked on the twins as from the way they glanced around having obviously sensed her.

Being bored as she was, the vampire decided to have a little fun and have the lights flicker and when they were back on she was beside Charlie and Amy, their little "friends" staring wide-eyed.
MG / MourningGlory / 35d ago
"This town has its own little dark history",she began as she looked sprouts, feeling as if they were being watched as she drank the drink she came with, Charlie itxhing the back of his neck as he felt like something was off and was going to happen.

Charlie looked at his surroundings as he felt something similar to what Amy was feeling, noticing somebody in the corner of the gym and itched his head some, waiting for Amy to continue talking.