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The Darwin Estate

By Killmonger

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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/UHDg6K9.jpg]][center [i They call us many things.
'Monsters'. 'Imposters'. [b 'Mutants'].

It wasn't like this in the beginning, though- there was no science then, no registry and no threat of government intervention. There was only survival, and all the many dangers and triumphs that came with it.

As the years passed us by, we tried to adjust to the sharpening senses of Man, but were not quick enough to adapt. They'd found us, hiding in plain sight for millennia, all born, bred, and died by their rules.

Fear pervades this new age, and the tension is palpable. Our way of life has come to an end, and whether or not we choose to comply, the change has already come.]]

Up until the past thirty years, Metahuman kind existed only in the form of strange anomalies and folklore, simply mentioned in passing by conspiracy theorists or regarded as myths and legends. Unfortunately, in this age of technology, with people glued to their phones and quite a bit better informed and connected than before, strange news stories cropped up. Videos circulated, bombarded by arguments of authenticity. The media was set ablaze, and a paranoid government began tracking down the subjects of these stories.

One by one, they were dragged or lured out of hiding and brought in for extensive studies. I would love to tell you that everyone made it home for supper afterward, but to say as much would be a horrible lie. Most of those test subjects were never seen again, or in the best case, were enslaved and worked into an early grave.

It wasn't until one Mr. Barnabus Darwin revealed himself knowingly to an unloving public that the tides turned. Darwin, a retired politician of international renown, had blindsided the world with nothing more than a few words, and the number of mutants willing to go public in support of one another had all but tripled. Suddenly, Darwin was no longer retired, and instead became the unofficial spokesperson of those like him, championing their collective right to equality.

Humans, afraid of a potential uprising but unwilling to budge, began to round these people up en masse about six years ago. Their citizenship within their respective nations was reduced and restricted as per their mutant status, and afterward, they were assigned designated places of residence. These were often churches or other estate properties large enough to house a group of people in seclusion, for 'safety's sake'.

To date, these gated properties remain out of the public eye. While metahumans are allowed to go into towns and cities, many establishments refuse to serve them. Human personnel, typically in healthcare or public safety fields, are assigned to the estates as a safety precaution. To top all the in-house degradation off, as second-class citizens, they are subject to a great deal of specism and classist abuse at the hands of their human 'friends', family, and neighbors alike.

In light of Darwin's recent passing, this particular story will focus on the Darwin Estate, and those metahumans residing within it.There are whispers of an international mutant underground and even of entire rebel factions forming in the shadows- some of which have been trailing back to the estate.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/zrLQN3L.png]][center [h2 Rules]]
[center [b ES rules will always apply.]

[b Darker or more mature themes are welcome and expected], but understand that anything [i sexual] needs to be skipped over or taken elsewhere.

[b Scale your powers], be as creative with your drawbacks as you are with your abilities.

[b Literacy is not only expected, but required (3+ paragraphs).] I write because I love to read, and I love sensory detail. If that sounds tedious to you, then this probably ain't your scene.

[b Photos will be illustrated], but I'm very lax with art styles.
In that same vein, I [i will] be strict about mutated traits in said art. You'll have to sell me the concept if you submit anything that looks too far mutated to blend into human society, i.e., a full body of scales, wings, tails, etc. It isn't impossible, but mutations to that extent would be VERY rare and would need tailored backstories.
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/zrLQN3L.png]][center [h2 Laws]]
[b **Mutants have all been declassed, and as such, are to operate under rules that 'better suit their needs'.**]

1. Mutants cannot own their own property. A human or a human corporation may own land or a place of business and rent it to mutant tenants, but it is currently illegal to sell property to anyone of mutant status.

2. Curfew is 8 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends. Mutants caught outside after curfew may be subject to either fines or time in lock-up depending on the severity of the infraction.

3. Mutants must heed the codes of conduct present in establishments they frequent. If there is a section of the business separated from human patrons that is intended for metahuman patrons, they must obey these terms.

4. Mutants may not harm humans- especially not with their abilities. Interspecies altercations will be tried first for the use of powers, and secondarily for the cause of the incident.

5. Facilities housing mutants will have human supervision at all hours. Notable personnel will include trained human security guards and healthcare aides. Those operating off of shift changes or live-in carers are placed on a case-by-case basis.

6. Those Mutants known to hide their physical markings with cosmetics or other coverings are no longer permitted to do so. Mutants are not permitted to impersonate humans and must identify themselves properly if asked to do so.

7. Within the past 2 years, various government mandates to microchip mutants have been gaining traction. These chips have trackers as well as a small explosive component, should their bearers become [i unruly]. Tampering with these chips is like to treason and will not be tolerated.]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/zrLQN3L.png]][center [h2 Character Sheets]]
[b Name:]
[b Age:] 18+
[b Gender:] [i Pronouns, too, please.]
[b Occupation:] [i Optional, can put N/A. Mutants are permitted to work if they so choose.]
[b Distinguishing Features/Afflictions:] [i Significant tattoos/marks, mutated traits, illnesses, etc]
[b Personality:] [i Positive, negative, and neutral traits.]
[b Abilities:] [i Pick a 'parent' ability, and pick up to 3 sub-powers relative to that power. May have minor traits/passives to accompany these.]
[b Time in Estate:] [i A few words or sentences about how long you've been residing in the estate. Are you from another property? A foreigner? A rebel? You may also include a few details about your apprehension if applicable.]
[b Weaknesses:] [i *insert Achilles heel here*]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/zrLQN3L.png]]
[center [h2 Killmonger]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/lLdNxDM.jpg]][b Name:] Yara J. Darwin
[b Age:] 23
[b Gender:] Nonbinary Femme - She/They
[b Occupation:] Executrix of Darwin Estate
[b Distinguishing Features/Afflictions:] Blind from birth, vitiligo.
[b Personality:] Altruistic, intelligent, perceptive. Loyal, creative. Airy, kinda cryptic. Eclectic.
[b Abilities:]
[b Telepathy] - receive or transmit information mentally or through other non-sensory means within a 3 mile radius, the closer the better. This includes thoughts, emotions, and memories/imagery. She can hear the thoughts of those within range but also prefers not to force her way in, and generally tries to create actual links with people that trust her instead. She can shut out individuals she does not wish to hear, but cannot shut out large groups.
[b Psychic Torture] - the ability to induce pain and fear through a telepathic link, up to 3 concurrent targets at a time. Quick and painful.
[b Possession] - a single target possession requires absolute concentration. Prolonged instances stand to make her gravely ill, with about 10 minutes being the absolute max.
[b Blindsight] - With her vision forever compromised, Yara's other senses have risen to the challenge. She can get around on her own and even defend herself or spar as a result.
[b Interspecies Telepathy] - Her abilities are not limited to humans, and are instead just a bit less potent for animals.
[b Time in the Estate:] Barnabus Darwin was not only the initial owner of the estate, but also Yara's own father. She was born there, and is presently upset that she did not inherit the estate as she was meant to as the rightful heir. The Darwins have had ties to the mutant underground for decades.
[b Weaknesses:] Yara's blindness does still complicate day-to-day living. Some of her blindsight is aided by the fact that the estate layout has not changed- there are many things that are still 'invisible' to Yara given the right conditions. Too much noise or mental stimuli could overwhelm her, as well.
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/zrLQN3L.png]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/cb3Cv9C.jpg]][b Name:] Diego Devera
[b Age:] 19
[b Gender:] Male; He/Him
[b Occupation:] Rebel Mutant
[b Distinguishing Features/Afflictions:] Many tattoos and plenty of scars, red eyes.
[b Personality:] Paranoid (rightly so), ceaselessly loyal, argumentative, and highly intelligent. He's also plenty perceptive, and as he fears nothing and no one and will point things out on sight.
[b Abilities:]
[b Electrokinesis:] - the ability to generate and manipulate energies, electrical currents, and static electricity and command it with one's mind.
[b Technopathy:] - a bond between man and machine, allowing the practitioner to treat machinery like puppets to access/manipulate data in even high-security devices, labs, etc. This ability allows him to operate at a distance, though his electrokinetic abilities are noticeably weaker starting at about a quarter-mile away.
[b Time in Estate:] Diego has been at the estate for about eight years now, a former lab-escapee picked up off the streets of Chiapas, Mexico during one of Barnabus visits to the country amidst his humanitarian pursuits. Barnabus was the only parental figure he's ever had, and he attributes his death to human malice despite people telling him otherwise. Diego has been playing around in the dark as of late, and has made some very exciting, high-risk discoveries. Yara is currently housing him in secret.
[b Weaknesses:] Diego is wary of anyone who isn't overtly metahuman, and is extremely skittish around groups of humans- which isn't to say that he's one to cower, as he actually has a bit of a temper and hates them with a fiery passion. He's a peace-loving guy, but has a few triggers to watch out for; Humans talking about Barnabus, metahuman/mutant abuse, and snitches are among his top 3. Pure rubber also poses a major issue.
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/zrLQN3L.png]]
[center [h2 Osiris]]
[right [pic https://imgur.com/9NEufHW.jpg]][b Name:] Rylan Warren
[b Age:] 26
[b Gender:] Male; He/Him
[b Distinguishing Features/Afflictions:] Besides a few common scars from brawling, nothing to list.
[b Personality:] Daring, energetic and enthusiastic, fun-loving and funny, always on the lookout for a trick or a prank to pull. -All in good fun.
[b Abilities:]
[b Therianthropy]- aka shapeshifting into animals at whim, morphing either partially or completely their forms into the desired creature.
[b Animal Communication]- the power to communicate with a wide variety of animals both in and out of shapeshifting.
[b Unicellular Mimicry]- the ability to shift into single-celled organisms, adapting their traits and cellular regenerative properties only while in their forms.
[b Time in Estate:] Five years; Rylan has been a trouble-maker since he was young, bouncing from group home to juvenile detention centers then back into the foster system until he aged out. Last stint of trouble had him serving a few years in jail until he was 'placed' at the Darwin Estate, hoping that they could keep him held down.
[b Weaknesses:] Rylan can only morph into one animal at a time, even partially and is incapable of combining traits or attributes from different species. He cannot verbally communicate while in full animal form, lacking the proper physiology to do so. While he can shift from one complete animal to another, each transition drains more of his stamina and endurance, exhausting him from multiple transformations could lead him to unconsciousness.


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