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[center Charlotte Kaiser woke to the harsh sound of her alarm, groaning as she rolled over, hitting the snooze button and burying her face in the pillow. She [i really] didn't want to get up, especially because it was her first day at a new school. She let out another groan. [i How unfair,] she thought to herself. It was the middle of the year, damn it. It was going to be difficult for her to make many new friends.]

[center Sighing, she threw the blanket off of herself, promising she'd be back that night. She quickly threw on a light blue sweater, black skinny jeans, and a pair of black boots before running her fingers through the mess of black waves that was her hair. Looking at the time on her clock, she snagged her phone and her backpack and made her way downstairs, glancing into the kitchen. She was sure her mother had already taken her little brother to school and was on her way to her new job. Charlotte would've complained about not getting a ride, but the high school was much closer than the elementary school and she was sure her mother wasn't as worried about her walking as she was Kristopher.]

[center When she arrived at the large building, she made her way to the attendance office, snagging her schedule from the woman at the front desk. The redhead smiled at her, laugh lines prominent on her tan face. [b [i "Welcome to Willowcreek, Charlotte. We hope you enjoy the rest of your year here."]]]

[center With a quick thank you, Charlotte left the office, studying the schedule. [b "Biology...class 104,"] she mumbled to herself. She weaved her way through the hallways, doing her best to avoid a group of kids that had formed in the middle of the way before she finally found the classroom. She didn't see the teacher, nor did she see any other students just yet. The bell, however, rang just overhead, so she stood by the front of the class, waiting patiently for the normal introductions and to find where she'd be able to sit. The last thing she wanted to do was snag a seat that was already taken.]
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[google-font] [font "Handlee" The sun was peaking through the blinds as the male could hear his alarm going off in the background. Josiah groaned, and then stirred a little in his sleep. It was another horrid day of high school. The one thing he despised the most. The male flickered his eyes open and then looked and saw that there was another female laying next to him. It must of been another night of him getting wasted and screwing whatever gave him attention. He woke the female awake.] [font "Handlee" [b "You need to go."]] [font "Handlee" Josiah pushed the female slightly out of the bed, and watched as she grumbled and watched her walk out of the room. He sighed and thought finally she's gone.]

[font "Handlee" Josiah looked at the time and finally decided he needed to get out of bed and get ready for the day. He didn't know why but he felt like today was going to be so different. Josiah walked to his bathroom and stripped down. He reeked of sex. He needed to get the smell off of him before he went to school. He didn't want people to be asking him questions and trying to figure out who the female of the day was. Josiah turned the shower on, and just let his muscles relax and he just sighed. He knew that he had to get out of the shower because he had limited time.]

[font "Handlee" He wrapped the towel around his waist, and then went and grabbed a shirt and some pants. He grabbed all of the things he needed for school and headed out to his car. He drove parked, and all of his friends were waiting for him. Josiah high fived them all and was laughing with them as he saw the female he just had a one night stand with. She smiled at him and he just shrugged her off. As he continue to walk into the school. He listened to the halls were filled with laughter. He needed to get to class because he heard the warning bell. He sighed. First class. Biology.]

[font "Handlee" He made his way to the classroom, and saw as there was multiple people already in the class. Luckily, he had his own spot and no one dared to take his spot. He sat down and his eyes just kind of scanned the area. Then he heard the final bell ring. He adjusted in his seat and then he looked up and saw some female standing at the front of the classroom. Josiah eyes were glued on her. He had no idea who she was. But he already wanted to get his hands on her. She was a beautiful female. That was for sure.]

[center Charlotte bit her lip as she looked around the room, doing the best she could to avoid the attention she was receiving. She hated this part with a passion. While she was a very friendly person, she hated when the attention was on her. She'd always been the quiet kid. The one who stayed in the back, did her work, and stayed out of trouble.]

[center A shiver ran down her spine before she looked up, wondering what it was that had caused that reaction before she met the gaze of one of the students. Her breath caught in her throat for a moment, her stomach doing a flip. She had no idea why he was staring at her so intently, but it was causing her to blush.]

[center [b [i "I assume you're Miss Kaiser?"]]]

[center Tearing her gaze away, she turned to the teacher, smiling at the older woman. [b "Yes ma'am. A pleasure to meet you."] She said, taking the woman's outstretched hand.]

[center Mrs. Langston shook it before taking her seat at her desk, motioning to the class. [b [i "How about an introduction then?"]]]

[center [b "No problem,"] she said before adjusting the strap of her bag, turning her attention back to the other students. [b "My name is Charlotte kaiser and, family just moved back to the States after living in Germany for the past few years. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you,"] she said with a smile.]

[center She did her best, however, to avoid the boys' gaze, unsure how she was supposed to handle such an intense stare. After getting permission from the teacher, she made her way to the back to the only empty seat she'd seen. The worst part? It was right beside his. She mentally cursed but offered him a quick smile before sitting down and keeping her attention ahead. She could tell it was going to be a long first day.]
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[google-font] [font "Handlee" Everyone was trying to get his attention but his gaze was stuck on this girl. He could see that he was caught because she caught his gaze. It wasn't long before she looked away. Finally he looked away, as one of his buddies were talking to him. "Your next catch?" Josiah rolled his eyes at his buddy, and then went back to listening to what the teacher was saying, because this new female was introducing herself.]

[font "Handlee" [I Charlotte...]] [font "Handlee" He thought to himself, as he stroked the back of his head. Josiah could tell that she was innocent. And he wanted to be the one that wanted to ruin that innocence. He just had no idea how he was going to do it. He didn't care about the girls feelings. She was fresh meat, and he needed some fresh meat in his life. He smirked slightly, and then realized that she would be sitting next to him because that was the only desk that was empty.]

[font "Handlee" He smiled right back at her. He had to stop staring at her, or he was going to scare her right away. He leaned back in his seat, as she kept tapping his pencil against the desk. He wasn't listening to anything anymore that the teacher was saying. Then his eyes glanced up to the teacher when he heard something about partners for a project. Usually, the students would choose their own partners. Not this time. Josiah watched as the teacher was walking to his desk. "Since your so well with paying attention, your partner is going to be Miss Charlotte. Maybe she can change your attitude around." Josiah glared at the teacher then laughed loudly out loud.] [font "Handlee" [b "No one can change my attitude."]]

[font "Handlee" Josiah watched as the teacher walked away, and he rolled his eyes. But he also thought this would be perfect. This would be his way to get rid of her innocence. Josiah looked at her and then heard the bell ring. He grabbed his things, and was getting ready to walk out. But then he spun around and look at the new girl.] [font "Handlee" [b "Names Josiah. I guess we are partners. Here's my number and address. We can discuss it during lunch or after school."]] [font "Handlee" With that being said, he walked out with his friends. He would say he's going to his next class. But he wasn't. He was going to go get high with his friends. He was skipping the rest of the day. School was overrated, anyways.]

[center Though she tried, Charlotte couldn't ignore the fact that he was still staring at her. She bit her lip as she kept her attention on the teacher. She was tempted to ask him what his deal was, but she had a feeling she wouldn't like his answer. He definitely seemed like the type of guy she liked to avoid.]

[center Something that immediately became much harder as the teacher approached him and spoke. Charlotte immediately looked at him, her blue eyes widening slightly. Her heart sank. She did [i not] want this guy to be her first partner here, especially after hearing his response to the teachers' comment. [i Oh, great,] she thought to herself. [i I'm going to fail my first real assignment.]]

[center When the bell rang, she gathered her things and took a deep breath, watching him get up. [b "Suck it up, buttercup,"] she mumbled to herself before following after him. She opened her mouth to get his attention, but quickly shut it and stared up at him when he spun to face her. Taking the paper with his number and address, she went to say thank you but didn't have a chance before he left the room.]

[center For a moment, she stood there, completely dumbfounded. [i Lord, help me with this one,] she thought before finally shaking her head. Slipping the paper into her pocket, she made her way to her next class, trying her damndest to not think about him. It was much easier said than done.]

[center When lunch arrived, she pulled out her phone, typing in the number he'd given her. [b "I hope this is right,"] she said to herself before sending him a message.]

[center [b [i Hey, Josiah. This is Charlotte. I'm going to put this nicely: I really don't want to fail this assignment, so if you'd just be willing to work with me on this, I promise to never bother you again. I'll even do most of the work. After school at the library. How does that sound?]]]

[center She hit send before she took a sip of her bottled water. If the guy had any kind of consciousness, he'd just say yes. Unfortunately, from some of the stories she'd heard in her second-period class, she knew this was going to be a lot harder than she'd like.]
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[google-font] [font "Handlee" Josiah met his friends in there usual spot. They were smoking away as everyone was questioning him about this new girl. Josiah didn't even know himself. But he now had her as a partner. Josiah sighed. For being a bad boy, he did have some good grades. Shockingly, he did his school work most of the time. He was into football. He had to keep his grades good. Josiah leaned back against the wall, as he closed his eyes. He heard the bell and watched his friends disappear.]

[font "Handlee" Josiah didn't really care about class at this moment. Then he felt his phone buzz. He pulled it out and saw that Charlotte texted him. He smirked at the message. Josiah at a library? He didn't think so. She was going to have to do better. Josiah shook his head and started to respond.]

[font "Handlee" [b You got the right number. But it don't work like that. I gave you my address for a reason. My house or you will fail.]]

[font "Handlee" Josiah pressed send. He didn't give two fucks about anyone's feeling. Josiah stretched, and then yawned. He was bored already. He was ready for school to be over. So he could just go to his house. He needed to make sure he stayed on the campus until school was over.]

[center Charlotte was in the middle of enjoying the banana pudding she'd grabbed when her phone went off. Hopeful, she pulled it out and read the message. Her jaw nearly hit the floor as she read it. [i The nerve...] She didn't feel comfortable about going to some stranger's house, especially one that she hadn't even had a chance to actually speak to yet.]

[center She pursed her lips together as she thought about it. She had no doubt that he would actually make sure she failed. Whether she liked it or not, she was most likely going to have to take him up on the offer. With a groan, she replied back.]

[center [b [i So be it. But how about you meet me at the front of the school and we can go together? The least you could do is be a gentleman about it.]]]

[center She quickly hit send before standing and throwing the rest of her food away, her appetite suddenly gone. She was not, by any means, the brave type. She was surprised she'd even been assertive about it. Unfortunately, if they were going to work together, he was going to have to deal with her trying to compromise. She'd be damned if she just went with every little thing he decided.]
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[google-font] [font "Handlee" Josiah made his way to the front of the school. It was getting close to the end of the day anyways. Well the end of his day. Josiah chuckled and then read the message and just simply nodded his head.]

[font "Handlee" [b Sounds good.]]

[font "Handlee" Josiah was just hanging around at the front when his friends met up with him. Josiah was thinking about a lot of things. But this wasn't the time to get all into his feelings. Josiah was waiting for Charlotte to show up when one of his buddies pop around.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Hey bro! You hear about that party tonight? You going to be there?"]] [font "Handlee" Josiah cursed under his breath. He knew this morning there was going to be a party, because he got a text about it this morning.] [font "Handlee" [b "I'll be there. No worries."]]

[center Charlotte couldn't help but smirk a little to herself. She was glad he agreed to at least that much. Feeling satisfied, she slid the phone back into her pocket. She just hoped they could get a good bit done that night so that she wouldn't have to worry about him too much.]

[center The rest of the day seemed to go by without issue. She was a bit relieved that she hadn't run into him in between any of her other classes. She was completely okay with only sharing one class with him, that was for sure.]

[center When the final bell for the day rang, she took her time gathering her things, not at all excited about meeting up with Josiah. In fact, she was dreading what the evening would bring her. Taking out her phone, she texted her mother to let her know that she'd be out for the evening for a school project. She purposefully didn't tell her that her partner just so happened to be a guy, but that she would be home no later than eleven. Midnight at the latest.]

[center She wasn't at all worried about her mother throwing a fit. She'd stayed out late before while working on school stuff. This wouldn't be anything different.]

[center Making her way outside, she spotted Josiah with his friends. She hesitated for a moment and bit her lip. Meeting him was bad enough. Did he really have to have his friends around? Letting a sigh, she approached him, keeping her head held high. [b "Not going to lie, I'm surprised you actually waited,"] she said with a smile. She'd play it cool.]
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[google-font] [font "Handlee" Josiah felt like it was taking forever. But he heard the final bell for the school day, which means that she would be meeting with him soon. Josiah looked at his friends, and then looked over and saw her. He could already tell that she was going to be nervous. He watched as she bit on her lip. He looked back at his friends and just stared at them.] [font "Handlee" [b "Leave."]] [font "Handlee" He was looking at his friends, and then glared at him as Charlotte approached him.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Well, I thought about it, and thought you were uncomfortable with trying to find my house. So that's why I stayed."]] [font "Handlee" Josiah looked at her, and then stood up. He stretched, and then yawned. He started to walk towards his house. They needed to get there so he could talk to her about what their project should be.]

[center Charlotte felt a sense of relief as his friends left, definitely glad he'd sent them away. She hadn't wanted to deal with any unnecessary comments from them. She wouldn't have known how to deal with it, that was for sure. She switched the bag she carried from one shoulder to the other, tilting her head as she looked at him. [b "Smart man,"] she said.]

[center She followed close behind him as they made their way to his house, racking her brain for a way to break the silence. [b "So, why your house?"] she finally asked, moving to walk beside him. [b "Also, why did you agree to actually work with me? Was it the offer of me doing most of the work?"] It was usually a pretty tempting thing she could hold over someone's head to get them to at least cooperate. She was at least thankful that he was one of the ones it worked on.]

[center [i If] that was the reason at all.]
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[google-font] [font "Handlee" Josiah just kind of hummed to himself as the two walked to his house. Josiah can read her like a book. She was very innocent. Josiah remembered those days. Being innocent. Doing schoolwork. Being that goody person that everyone wanted him to be. There was a reason Josiah was the way he was though. He used to care about people's feelings. Care what people think. When he used to wear his heart on his sleeve.]

[font "Handlee" Josiah remembered it was like yesterday. Falling in love. He was head over heels for another female. But she did him dirty. He was getting ready to propose to her, and he found out that she was cheating on him. He didn't believe it, of course. Because why would someone with such a sweet soul do something like that? Josiah was very naïve when it came down to it. Until one day him and his ex got into a fight and she blurted out that she cheated on him. "You're just no fun! You don't ever go out. All you care about is doing good. Be bad for once and maybe it will get you farther!" Josiah felt the words stab him like he was being stabbed with a knife.]

[font "Handlee" Josiah shook his head. He needed to not think about that. He didn't want anyone to ever know that he actually was in love and someone broke him. That was his biggest secret, and he would be damned if he let anyone know that was what changed him. After that day, that is when he changed himself. Change himself into this bad guy that everyone knew him by. His mind was completely somewhere else, and then he heard Charlotte voice. She was full of questions. He rolled his eyes slightly, and then adjusted himself, and then looked at her.]

[font "Handlee" [b "You sure know how to ask a lot of questions... Don't you?"]]

[font "Handlee" Josiah sighed. She was new, and he was just being straight up rude. This is why he never let his ex get into his mind again. Because then he becomes a straight douchebag. Josiah looked back at her to answer her questions.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Do you really think you are going to catch me somewhere else besides my house? I don't think so. And I'm not that big of a scum that I'm going to have you do the whole project yourself."]]

[font "Handlee" Josiah glared at her for a question like that. He hated people that just assumed that he was that type of person. But then again, he just gave off that persona. He just wanted to get to his house so they can get this over with. He was already fed up with this.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Welcome to my house."]]

[center Charlotte was taken off guard by his sudden hostility. She certainly hadn't meant anything in a rude way. She let out a low whistle before looking down at the ground, unsure of what to say. She suddenly felt very small. It was [i not] fair that she'd been paired with him. Not if this was how he was outside of school.]

[center [b "It was just a question, you know. Figured you'd feel more comfortable somewhere quiet,"] she mumbled, trying to ignore the flip her stomach did. The more she thought about it, the less surprised she knew she should've been. He definitely seemed the type to get mean if he needed to. It made her want to go home and just forget about the project altogether. Screw her grade if it meant not getting snapped at.]

[center She looked up at the house before glancing at him. [b "It's nice,"] she said with a small smile. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable now. However, she decided to suck it up, taking a deep breath. [b "Let's get this over with, then, shall we?"] She was sure he wanted to be done with it just as much as she did now.]
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[google-font] [font "Handlee" Josiah sighed as he could feel the tension between the two. He knew this was going to be a very long afternoon. But he needed to remember what his plan of action was going to be. Josiah unlocked the door to his house, and waited for her to walk through the door. For a guy that was a bad boy, he sure had a clean house. He closed the door behind him.]

[font "Handlee" Josiah sat down on the couch, and just looked at and then took in a deep breath. They needed to figure it out what there project was going to be on.]

[font "Handlee" [b "So we need to figure out what our project is going to be about."]]

[font "Handlee" Josiah looked at her and saw that she was uncomfortable. Josiah then thought if things kept going this way, he was going to see if she would want to go to this party tonight. It might help her. But then again. She seemed very innocent. Has she ever been to a party, ever? Josiah just looked at her, wondering if she has. Trying to figure her out.]

[center Charlotte was hesitant before she stepped inside the home, taking everything in. While she wouldn't admit it out loud, she was pleasantly surprised by just how clean the place was. Usually, guys weren't so concerned about the upkeep of their living quarters. She knew her brother wasn't, though he was much younger, so it was a bit more forgivable.]

[center She continued to stand near the door as he sat down, unsure if she should follow suit or not. She wasn't exactly used to being alone with a guy, whether it was for a project or not. The only guy she'd ever been really alone with was a gay best friend back home, and they usually spent their time gossiping about what kind of guys they [i would] want to be alone with. Josiah had definitely not been her type.]

[center Taking a deep breath, she decided to suck it up and take a seat next to him, placing her hands in her lap. She could feel his eyes on her once he spoke, but she wasn't really sure what to say. [b "Uhm...Well, it [i is] biology, so..."] Her voice faded as she glanced at him, shifting a little uncomfortably. [b "H-how about something simple? Like cells?"] She mentally scolded herself for stuttering the way she had. It was absolutely ridiculous.]
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[size12 As time went on and just listening to her talk, he was just getting more and more irritated. The way she answered the question, he rolled his eyes. He knew darn well what class it was for. But Josiah really needed to learn patience here. And that was his problem, he was never patient. He had one goal when it came to this girl. But Josiah knew if he kept behaving like this, that it wasn't going to get them far. Josiah sat against the couch, and nodded his head lightly.]

[size12 [b "Yes, it is biology. Okay, do we want to write a paper, or make some type of model of what different cells do?"]]

[size12 Josiah felt weird, because he doesn't really remember the last time that he was really trying on a project before. Josiah just stared at her. He couldn't but notice her beauty. But then again, he thought most women were beautiful. But something about her was different. He couldn't put his finger on it. Josiah pursed his lips slightly, and then nodded his head.]

[size12 [i No Josiah! You can't have any type of feelings for this female. You can't go to know her. Nothing. Last time you did that, you got extremely hurt.]

[size12 Josiah was now thinking to himself. He thought all women were the same unfortunately. He sometimes wish that some weren't the same though. Josiah took in a deep breath and then sipped on the drink he had. He had a plan. And it involved her going to this party. With him. One way or another.]

[center Charlotte bit her cheek before shrugging a little. She usually didn't have a problem when it came to school projects, whether she had a partner or not, but for some reason, Josiah was making her nervous. It was hard to hide. [b "Let's just make a model,"] she finally said. [b "If we make it look good enough, we're bound to get a decent grade, then we can wash our hands of this. Sound good,"] she asked, glancing at him.]

[center She frowned a little as she watched him. He was obviously deep in thought and it made her wonder if he'd even heard a word she'd said. [b "Earth to Josiah. Please tell me you're listening to me?"] She waved her hand in front of him as she spoke, hoping she'd catch his attention just enough. [b "Not trying to be rude, but we can't make any progress if you're off in la-la land,"] she said softly.]

[center She was beginning to think she should try and get a different partner or do the project on her own, especially if he was going to space out the way he was. It would be impossible to work if this was what their time together would be like.]
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[size12 Josiah heard her last words, and once more. It just made him mad. But he knew that he needed to keep his temper under control. Josiah did glare at her though. He wasn't liking the little things she was saying.] [size12 [b "Yeah, let's get this over with so I can wash my hands of this."]]

[size12 Josiah was harsh with his words. And he hoped it stung a little. Josiah sighed, and then just nodded his head to the model idea. Josiah needed to relax more. This was never going to go anywhere. Josiah needed to be with friends. Josiah pursed his lips lightly, and then his eyes flickered back to hers.]

[size12 [b "Alright, look. We need a way to loosen up. Because your new at school, and god knows what you think of me. But there is a party tonight. Why don't we go to that? Maybe that can help us loosen up, and then we could work on the project afterwards. I just want to be there for a couple of hours."]]

[size12 Josiah looked at her. She didn't seem like the type to go to a party, but he needed something because this was getting unbearable. Josiah leaned against the couch again, and didn't remove his eyes from her. He needed to be nicer. Maybe it would be a different scenario if she knew more about him and why he was the way he is. He was praying to god she would be okay with the idea of going to this party.]

[center Charlotte tensed before taking a deep breath. She wouldn't allow him to get under her skin anymore. She wanted to be done with this just as much as he did, but at least she was trying to cooperate with him. It was beyond frustrating. She let out a sigh before relaxing again. The sooner they got this done, the better.]

[center At his words, her head snapped up, eyes slightly wide as she looked at him. How could he think about going to a party at a time like this? She balled her hands into fists in her lap, very much ready to say no. She wasn't the type to skip school work just so she could hang around and drink with a bunch of other drunk teenagers. She'd seen plenty of news stories and videos where accidents had happened. She was not willing to put herself in the position for anything to go wrong.]

[center She opened her mouth to reply, but quickly stopped herself. In the back of her mind, she could hear her old friends, telling her that she was too uptight and that she didn't know how to have fun. The words had stung more than she'd ever admitted and a part of her regretted not trying to go to at least one party before they'd made their big move.]

[center She finally groaned before rubbing the bridge of her nose. She couldn't believe she was doing this. [b "Alright, we'll go to this party, but [i only] if it really is for a couple of hours. I have no intention of staying out late or failing this project because you wanted to get drunk with some friends."] She hadn't meant for the words to come out the way they had, but maybe he would understand how much she really didn't want to do this. The only reason she was going was to at least try and get on his good side.]
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[google-font] [font "Handlee" Josiah smiled big when she agreed to go to this party. But she made it very clear that she only wanted to be there for a little bit, so that they can could get this project done. Josiah listened to the other things she had to say. It wasn't really that he wanted to get drunk with his friends. Josiah just knew that she needed some time to ease up. Both of them. Because they both were very uptight right now. Josiah was uptight for different reasons, but right now. That didn't really matter.]

[font "Handlee" Josiah would only make sure that they were there for a couple of hours, and then they could come back and get this project over with. Josiah nodded his head, and then stood up and then stretched.] [font "Handlee" [b "Alright, I'm going to go to the bathroom real quick and freshen up, and then we can go ahead and get out of here."]]

[font "Handlee" With that being said, Josiah went off to the bathroom, and freshen up real quick. He looked at himself in the mirror real quick, and then took in a deep breath. He honestly just wanted her to have fun. If she even knew what fun was. He splashed some cold water on his face, and then felt his phone vibrate. It was his friend asking if he was coming.]

[font "Handlee" [b Yes, I'm coming. I have a guest coming with me as well.]]

[font "Handlee" He quickly set the message, and then he walked back out to the living room and looked at her.] [font "Handlee" [b "Ready?"]] [font "Handlee" He held his hand out, so he could help her up. But he wasn't sure if she would actually take his hand or not.]

[center Charlotte still couldn't believe that she had agreed to go to this party. She knew damn well that she wasn't going to know anybody. Not to mention, she just wasn't a party girl. She wasn't into drinking or socializing like that. She was at least grateful that he agreed to only stay for so long. Hopefully, she'd be able to handle it long enough to get through.]

[center She nodded as he got up, watching him leave the room. She stretched her arms over her head before letting out a sigh. Their teacher had to know what he was doing when pairing the two of them together. There was no way she didn't. Did she think Charlotte would somehow rub off on the bad boy? She scoffed at the idea. She wasn't influential enough to change someone's entire personality.]

[center She turned her attention back to him when he entered the room, glancing at his hand as he held it out to her. At least he was gentleman enough to help her. That was a nice little touch. Taking it, she pulled herself up, another shiver running down her spine. His hands were surprisingly soft.]

[center A soft pink colored her cheeks before she pulled her hand away, putting them in her pocket instead. [b "Ready as I'll ever be,"] she said with a slight smile. She prayed this went well.]
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Josiah was pretty shocked that she agreed to go. He was sure that she was going to fight it. But she definitely didn't fight it at all. Josiah smiled big and realized that he got super excited. [b "Great! We only be there for a couple of hours. I promise."] Josiah smiled big at her and had them get into his car and then drove to the party.

Josiah got out of the car and opened the door for her. He needed a couple of drinks. [b "You can come with me. You could use a drink, if you'd like."] Josiah thought it would be good way for both of them to unwind.

Josiah grabbed a drink and sat down. He saw some of his friends. And he started to talk with them and laugh. Josiah looked and just watched her carefully. Josiah wanted to make sure nothing was going to happen to her. He sighed intently as he watched his friends to scurry off. Josiah was always drinking heavily, because the last time he was here at this kind of party it was with his ex fiance. Josiah bit on his lip lightly as he was thinking about stuff. Josiah took a deep breath. [b "So what do you think?"]

[center Charlotte was a bit surprised by how excited Josiah was at the idea of going to this party. Thinking more about it, she believed it was the first real emotion she'd seen out of him, outside of his usual annoyance. She let out a sigh once in the car, hoping he kept his word. She didn't feel comfortable at all going to another stranger's house, especially without her parents knowing. If they had any idea what she was doing, they would lose their minds.]

[center When they arrived, she slowly got out of the car, nodding to him. [b "A drink sounds good,"] she said softly, following closely behind him. She did her best not to meet anyone's eyes, especially when around his friends. She mostly stared at the ground as she stood beside him, a cup in her hand but still completely full. She didn't know what all was inside of it, nor did she think she was going to like it.]

[center Hearing him speak, she glanced up at him, shrugging. [b "I'm not sure. It's not really my scene, you know?"] She wasn't sure how she was supposed to loosen up when there were so many things that could go wrong. [b "What exactly are we supposed to do besides drink?"] She hated how dumb the question sounded, but she was completely clueless in this field, and if she was going to be there with him, she felt her should at least help her out a bit.]
SSerendipty-joѕιaн   1y ago

Josiah looked at her as she was talking. Josiah could understand that. Especially if she has never done this before. Maybe it was more for him to get his mind off of things He wasn't entirely sure. Josiah shook his head. [b "Yeah, sorry. Maybe it was just for me to get things off my mind. You don't have to stay if you don't want."] Josiah shrugged and looked away from her once more. Josiah was focused on more things to be her babysitter. He said he was going to be nicer. But that didn't mean he needed to watch after her at all times.

Josiah then heard her speak again. Josiah was thinking that maybe she wasn't a drinker at all. [b "Have you ever had an alcoholic drink before?"] Josiah raised a brow at her, as he realized that she hasn't even taken a drink. Josiah felt like there was a lot of things that she has never done before.

[b "Well yeah. You could sit here and have a conversation with me that doesn't deal with school."] He looked back at her, and was pretty sure that she wouldn't want to have a conversation with him. [b "Could be a good way to get my mind off of things."] Josiah had alcohol in his system. He wasn't drunk nor was he tipsy. But all it took was for him to take a drink of alcohol, and he literally had no filter at all.

[center Charlotte couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as his response. What kind of things would be that bad that he'd have to go to a party and drink the problems away? She was a bit curious, but she wasn't going to bother asking him about it. Something told her that he wasn't going to take the time out of his night to explain it to her. It wasn't her business anyway. Instead, she just nodded, turning her attention away to look around them. She was seriously debating just slipping away and walking home. It wasn't like he would notice or care.]

[center Hearing his question, she looked at him. Was it that obvious? [b "No, I'm really not. I've never taken the time to have any kind of alcoholic drink."] Though, the way he was drinking told her that he did this far more than he would probably be willing to admit. [b "I wouldn't even know what to talk about,"] she said after a moment. She could already tell they didn't have anything in common, which made small talk a little difficult for her.]

[center Leaning against the counter, she looked down at the drink, finally deciding to take a sip. As soon as the alcohol hit her tongue, she almost spat it out. [b "That is absolutely disgusting,"] she said, though after a moment, took another sip anyway. Maybe she needed to loosen up a little. Most teenagers lived for this kind of stuff. One night not hurt, so long as she was careful about it.]

[center [b "What do you do for fun, Josiah?"] she asked, looking up at him. She could probably guess, but if they were going to work together and try to get along, it would be nice to at least get to know him a bit.]
SSerendipty-joѕιaн   360d ago

Josiah wasn't too sure if she would actually have conversation with him or not. When she did start talking to him, he was actually super surprised. But he wouldn't of blamed her if he didn't want to talk to her.

[b "Fun? I don't remember the last time I had fun. I do this because I wouldn't have friends if I didn't."] He shrugged. Then realized what he said out loud. The reason he said that because it was true. After his last relationship, his friends turned him into someone that he didn't even recognize. Josiah sighed, and then looked back at her.

[b "I'm sorry. You don't want to hear my sob story."] Josiah chuckled at her reaction when she did take a drink of her alcohol. Josiah figured it might of been too strong for her. Josiah would of made her something that might of been a bit fruity. But then he realized that she kept drinking it. She either liked it or she was just doing it because she had nothing else to drink.

[b "I can always make you something that is fruity. Or I can get you something non-alcoholic."] He was trying to be nice, because in reality, Josiah needed an actual true friend. Not someone that wants him to be a partier. Josiah sighed, and then looked at her waiting for what she would actually say to him.

[center Charlotte raised a brow at his response. [b "Are you serious?"] She couldn't believe that for a second. All because he wouldn't have friends? That was the dumbest thing she had ever heard, though she wasn't about to tell him that. Actually, it wasn't dumb. It was sad. She couldn't imagine doing what people expected her to do just to fit in. If people didn't like her for who they were, they didn't deserve to be her friend. [b "Then maybe they're not really your friends,"] she said, shaking her head at his apology. [b "No, don't apologize. I'm glad you said something about it. Kind of changes my opinion about you a little."] It wasn't a complete lie. She still thought he was the player type, but was beginning to think he wasn't as closed off or as much of an asshole as he wanted her to believe.]

[center As soon as he offered to make her a different drink, she immediately set the cup down, relief pouring through her. [b "That would honestly be preferred,"] she said with a slight laugh. [b "Not to be rude, but I honestly have no idea how you can drink that crap. It tastes disgusting."] She didn't know what beverage was in the cup, but she made a note to steer clear of it in the future. If she ever did this again, that was.]
BeautyFromPain-     312d ago

[left [pic]] Josiah chuckled at the last thing she said. Alcohol wasn't for everyone. [b "I'll be right back."] He went inside and got some water and a pop. She could have both for all he cares.

Josiah stood there a moment and was trying to figure out what the hell he was doing. He was never like this. Maybe this female rubbed him a different way. Josiah licked his lips. One thing hasn't changed. He still wanted to get into bed with her because he thought she was really hot.

Josiah walked back out to where she was at. [b "here you go."] He handed the water and pop to her. He was assuming that is what she wanted.

[center Charlotte nodded, watching him walk away. She let out a sigh. What the hell was she doing here? This wasn't her. She wasn't the kind of girl that went out to parties and hung out with people she barely knew. She was the kind of girl who stayed at home watching late-night TV and reading cliche romance novels. Plus, being the new girl, she felt completely out of place. It was enough to make her debate asking Josiah if they could just go back to his place already.]

[center No, she couldn't do that. The two of them had made a deal and she wasn't about to try and back out of that. She would suck it up for the time being and do her best to enjoy herself.]

[center When he returned, smiling at him. She seemed a bit relieved that he'd actually came back instead of just ditching her. Taking the drinks from him, she set the water to the side and opened up the pop, taking a long sip from it before letting out another sigh. [b "Much better,"] she said, watching him. [b "Alright, Josiah. What do you do for fun at parties?"]]


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