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CherryBooxxвraylynn   1y ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" It was another beautiful Sunday morning. The dark haired female stretched looked over and saw her fiance peacefully sleeping. She didn't want to wake him at all. She smiled at him as she realized that she was staring at him. It was a habit of hers every morning. She shook her head, and smiled real big as she got out of bed. She was going to make him breakfast, and then she was going go to the library and do some work stuff. She needed the computer to do her work. She walked softly down the stairs, and made him breakfast and coffee. By the time he would get up, she would be gone.]

[font "Handlee" She already had her clothes set out for the day. She didn't work casual clothes since she didn't technically have to go to the office. She got dressed real quick, ate a little bit, and then left him a note stating where she was and that she would be back later tonight. She grabbed her keys and bag, and she headed to the library. She knew she would be here all day, so she wanted to get started on her work right away.]

[font "Handlee" Hours later, BrayLynn got done with everything she needed to get done with. BrayLynn sat there for a minute and sighed as she felt completed in her life. Everything was perfect. But at the same time BrayLynn felt very uneasy as well. She wasn't entirely sure why. But she felt like she was going to find out. She looked down at her phone and saw that neither her fiance or best friend have texted her. Even though she has sent them messages already. BrayLynn shook her head. There was no reason for her to be stressing about it. It was probably nothing. She gathered her things, and she was going to text her fiance, but she decided not too. Not sure why but she just had this gut feeling.]

[font "Handlee" The entire time on her way back to the house she was constantly just chewing on her bottom lip. She pulled up and saw just her fiance car. She still didn't understand why he hasn't responded to her. She shook the thoughts from her head, and walked into the house. She quietly closed the door, not hearing anything. Maybe he went out with some friends. At this point she wasn't sure. She took her shoes off, and set everything on the couch. She wanted to go relax in bed. She was tired. She walked up the stairs, and she could hear heavy breathing. BrayLynn didn't know exactly what she was hearing. She opened the door to her bedroom, and her eyes were glued on what she was seeing. She let her hands fall back down to her side. Her best friend and her fiance were in bed together. Neither of them knew she was there for a good 20 minutes. BrayLynn just continued to watch everything that was unfolding in front of her eyes.]

[font "Hadlee" [b "Damn... You guys are so busy fucking each other, you don't even see me standing here."]] [font "Handlee" Her voice was very calm. But very shaky at the same time. Both of there eyes shot up at BrayLynn, as they quickly jump out of the bed, getting dressed quickly. BrayLynn could feel the tears stinging her eyes, as she could feel herself getting angrier and angrier. But BrayLynn wasn't an angry person at all. She didn't know how to bed mad. She looked at her best friend.] [font "Handlee" [b "Get the fuck out of my house, NOW! And you."]] [font "Handlee" She looked directly at her fiance. She pulled the ring off her finger as her fiance was begging for her not to do that and saying that it meant nothing. She threw the ring at him.] [font "Handlee" [b "Get your shit, and get the fuck out of my house. Now."]]

[font "Handlee" BrayLynn was very calm for the next few hours, as her ex-fiance was gathering all of his things. She got multiple text messages from her best friend. She didn't even dare look at them. This morning was everything was great to her life was crumbling right before her eyes. After her ex-fiance gave her the key back and left, BrayLynn took a walk. She needed to clear her mind. Or try to clear her mind. This was very difficult for her right now. Why her? She didn't understand why the world was so cruel to her.]

[font "Handlee" She stopped and sat on a bench, and took in a deep breath. Then she felt the tears just running down her face. She didn't know what to do or even say. She couldn't understand anything at all right now. There was one thing she wished for though.]

[font "Handlee" The one way to get rid of this pain. She wanted to die.]
Burning_HeartNoah   1y ago

[center Noah Johnson let out a sigh as he sat back in his chair, adjusting his glasses as they slid down his nose. He'd just finished closing out another wish request and he felt absolutely exhausted. This one was from a young girl who wanted her parents to stop fighting over money. She had claimed that hospital finances had become too much for them to bear and that she'd felt guilty because it was her fault. It had been a request that had hurt to read. She hadn't blamed the illness, nor had she asked for a way to fix it. She'd only asked that her family stay whole and find a way to push through.]

[center He'd accepted it without hesitation, taking care of whatever bills were piling up and setting up a discreet way that would guarantee any future bills wouldn't be a problem. He'd then sent a card to the girl, the words "Wish Granted" written on the front.]

[center The Dream Team, the cliche name they were founded under, only consisted of a few members, but they were always busy with something new. Sometimes, they got a wish that couldn't be fulfilled, so they'd send a card with the words "Wish Denied", along with a letter explaining why that particular wish was out of their reach.]

[center He'd just finished yawning before a paper landed on his desk. He looked up at Terri, frowning. [b "Another one already?"]]

[center The older woman nodded before pointing to the subject matter. [b [i "Not every day we get one like this."]]]

[center Taking the paper, he read through the few sentences printed on it, his eyes widening slightly. [b "Damn...that's rough."] He glanced up at her, noticing the specks of grey through her black strands, though he didn't say anything. [b "We obviously have to deny it, right?"]]

[center She shrugged and leaned against the edge of the desk. [b [i "One would think, but the boss has made it your decision."]] She sighed. [b [i "My opinion? Deny it."]]]

[center He bit the inside of his cheek. [b "And what if she tries to fulfill her own wish?"]]

[center [b [i "Then it isn't our problem?"]]]

[center He narrowed his eyes before he stood, folding the piece of paper and slipping it into his pocket. [b "That's harsh,"] he said, turning away from her.]

[center [b [i "Where are you going?"]]]

[center He glanced over his shoulder at her. [b "To help this girl find a reason to live,"] he said before walking away.]
CherryBooxxвraylynn   1y ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" Bray realized she was getting looks for just sitting on a bench and crying her eyes out. She didn't expect anyone to understand what was going on. She wanted her wish to come true. But how? She could never have the guts to do it on purpose. Back in the day, Bray's biggest issue was alcohol. She would use alcohol for everything. To cope. To have fun. To blackout. You name it, she used it for that reason. Bray doesn't remember the last time that she actually drank. Bray gulped as she wrapped her arms around herself. It was cold out here, and it was only getting worse with all the crying she was doing.]

[font "Handlee" Bray decided to get up and started to walk. She was going to walk until she couldn't walk anymore. Bray didn't want a destination. Then it would be less likely for her to try and find the bar. She gulped lightly, as tears ran down her cheek faster and faster. Sadly, there was a bar just a few blocks away. She knew she was going to go there. Nothing would stop her. She had no reason to live anymore. She had no children. No friends. No lover. She had nothing left. Except her job. But they would replace her anyways.]

[font "Handlee" Bray looked around as she walked into the bar. She saw eyes land on her, as she hasn't been in this bar for a very long time. She gulped, as she went up to the counter and sat there. The bartender looked at her. "ID please, ma'am." Bray sighed, and knew that was going to happen. She pulled her ID out of her wallet, and handed it to him. He handed it back, and then slightly tilted his head at her. "You look like you've had a rough night. What can I get you?" That was a very dangerous question to ask. Because Bray was going to want something that can make her forget. That can get her super drunk and not remember a thing. Maybe even kill her. That was the goal afterall, right?]

[font "Handlee" [b "Give me the strongest drink you have."]] [font "Handlee" The bartender looked at her, and nodded his head and started to make her the drink. He pushed it over and she took a sip. As she could taste only the alcohol and not the juice that he mixed in. She took a drink, and felt it burn as it went down her throat. She sighed in relief, not even realizing that the bartender was trying to have a conversation with her. She definitely wasn't in the talking mood, that was for sure.]

[font "Handlee" 6 drinks later, and she could feel herself getting super drunk. She was such a light weight now, since it's been years since she has drank. She gulped lightly, as she could still feel all the pain in her chest. She just kept going. Drinking anything and everything she could. The bartender was surprised she could drink that much or even afford it. Bray was all slouched on the bar when some male walked in. She looked over, and then rolled her eyes at the thought of a male. She laid there on the bar she could feel herself going in and out of consciousness. She heard the bartender scream. "Someone call an ambulance!" That was the only thing she remembered...]
Burning_HeartNoah   1y ago

[center Noah practically sped to the poor girls' home, having barely shut the door to his car before making his way up to her front door. Straightening out his suit, he knocked, waiting for a reply. When he didn't receive one, he felt his heart sink. Surely she hadn't done it herself, right? He was dreading that was the case but knocked again anyway. No response again. He glanced around before trying her doorknob, surprised to find it unlocked.]

[center Hoping none of the neighbors would call the cops on him, he made his way inside, hesitating before calling out for her. [b "Miss Braylynn? Are you home?"] No response again. Preparing himself for whatever he might find, he quickly searched her home, relieved when he didn't find her there. In the doorway to her room, he stopped, staring at the disheveled bed. He couldn't begin to imagine the pain that poor woman was going through. Not only was it screwed up that her fiance was cheating on her, but it also made it worse that it was with her best friend. [b "Asshole,"] he mumbled to the empty room before leaving the house.]

[center With her not home, he was at least able to think that she was still alive somewhere. He thought for a moment. [i Where would you go to forget all of your problems?] Then it hit him. The bar.]

[center Getting into his car, he looked up bars in the area, zeroing in on the closest one. It was worth a shot, at least. Putting on the GPS, he drove as fast as he could to the location without breaking the law. He was surprised at how packed the place was when he pulled up. Slipping out, he made his way inside, knowing damn well he was going to stand out.]

[center He walked in just in time to see the girl at the bar, knowing right away that it had to be her. He'd barely taken a step towards her when the bartender called out for an ambulance. He quickly rushed to her side, pulling his phone out and dialing 911. He was frustrated, not with her, but that he hadn't gotten there sooner. [i Damn it,] he thought.]

[center It wasn't too long before the paramedics arrived and got her into the ambulance. Noah told the one that he was a close friend of hers and would appreciate it if he could follow them. The woman nodded before getting in with her, shutting the doors.]

[center Noah quickly got into his car, following right behind them as they sped to the nearest hospital. He made his way inside the emergency exit, quick on the paramedics' heels as they wheeled her in. It wasn't long before she was in a room and they had gotten her settled in. He sat in the chair that resided against the wall, leaning his head back against it before sighing. She'd almost succeeded, which broke his heart. She prayed he could help her.]
CherryBooxxвraylynn   1y ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" Bray couldn't remember anything. She had good dreams. Well, she thought was dreams. She remembered seeing her ex's face, and her actually getting mad. She remembered so much. She also remembered a white light. Bray knew that she went too far when she saw the light. But what could she do now? She made that conscious choice before she even got a sip of alcohol in her system. Bray eyes kept moving around, until she realized something felt different with her body. She didn't understand what was happening right now. Then it clicked. She wasn't going to be dying today. Thank goodness.]

[font "Handlee" The next thing Bray knew is that she shot up in the bed screaming, looking around. She saw a bunch of doctors and some random person in the room with her. She gasped lightly and was trying to catch her breath. She had no idea what was going on. She did know that she was still drunk. Extremely drunk. She sat back as she saw that a doctor had paddles in his hand. She looked a bit sad.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Did I... Did I die...?"]] [font "Handlee" Bray looked around as no one was saying anything. Bray still had no idea who this male was that was in the room. But she would question it later. Then finally someone answered her. "Yes, ma'am. You almost died." Bray blinked, and had to let that sink in. She leaned back and shook her head. She couldn't believe she was so close to dying. She looked at the doctor.] [font "Handlee" [b "Why the hell did you save me?! I wanted to die!"]] [font "Handlee" She was screaming at the doctor as everyone looked at her with wide eyes. She stared at all of them, as she threw herself back against the bed. She watched as everyone left the room. They were going to keep her for a day to make sure that all her body parts are functioning correctly. Bray sighed, and then she looked over once more, and then looked at the male in her room. She has never seen him in her entire life.]

[font "Handlee" She felt her cheeks get super red as she realized what she said in front of a complete stranger. She kind of rubbed her arm slightly, as she looked down.] [font "Handlee" [b "Sorry... I've been through a lot the last few hours...]] [font "Handlee" Bray felt so ashamed of herself. She bit on her lip slightly, and then inhaled deeply. She figured he was going to ask her what was wrong, and she wasn't sure if she was ready to discuss what she saw tonight. She gulped lightly, and then made eye contact with the male again...]

[font "Handlee" [b "Not trying to be rude, but who are you?"]]
Burning_HeartNoah   1y ago

[center Noah sat patiently, waiting for her to wake up. He had no idea how he was going to approach this when she woke up. He had been in such a rush he hadn't even thought of a plan. His boss would kill him for this for sure. Especially after the way he'd rushed out. He couldn't have helped it, though. He hadn't been about to stand by and debate on the topic at hand. In the end, he didn't regret the decision to come find her.]

[center When she finally came to, he sat forward, allowing the doctors to answer her question. He jumped a little at her sudden outburst, a lump forming in his throat. He felt absolutely terrible for her. The world was a cruel place, and she just so happened to be in the middle of the cruel game it liked to play.]

[center He shook his head before clearing his throat, knowing full well that she was going to have questions. [b "No need to be sorry, Miss Braylynn."] He stood and offered her his hand. [b "My name is Noah Johnson and I'm with the Dream Team."] He cringed a little. He hated that name so much. [b "I've been assigned to you for your wish."] He let out a sigh before running a hand through his hair. [b "I know about what happened and I would like to apologize that you're having to go through that, but I can promise you that it won't hurt forever."]]

[center He mentally scolded himself. He was [i not] good at this whole comforting thing.]
CherryBooxxвraylynn   1y ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" Bray's eyes never left the guy. Noah. She liked that name. She then tilted her head at him. She has never heard of that name before. She didn't even know that existed. Bray was staring at him blankly. He knew what she went through? How was the even possible? She gulped lightly. She didn't want to think about what happened though. That was for sure.]

[font "Handlee" [b "How can you even know what I wish for? I'm beyond confused. If you knew what happened, then tell me what happened. How come I've never heard of this place before?"]]

[font "Handlee" Bray pursed her lips slightly. She wasn't trying to be rude or anything. But she had so many questions. Was there multiple people that could hear her wish? How many people knew that she wanted to die? She gulped slightly, as she held herself again, thinking about what she has been through in the last few hours. Bray sighed slightly, as she looked down, and then back up at him. She took his hand. His hand was definitely soft, that was for sure. She looked at him, and then moved her hand quiet quickly.]

[font "Handlee" [b "How do you know it's going to be okay? Are you like my savior or something?"]] [font "Handlee" She just looked at him and then sighed intently. She wanted to believe it, but she didn't know if she could believe it.]
Burning_HeartNoah   1y ago

[center Noah gave her a sheepish grin, hesitant to answer. This was the part he always dreaded. He had never been very good at explaining things, that was for sure. He searched his brain for the right words. [b "Well...how do I explain it... We're almost like the Make a Wish Foundation, but we don't just handle the wishes of a child. We range from children to the elderly, and it's not specified to any illness. We have our ways, but I wouldn't be able to really tell you about them. My boss just gives me a job and I decide if it's something that can be achieved or not. If it can be, we'll do our best to make it happen. If it can't be, we'll deny the wish and explain why we can't do it."] He glanced at her, hoping she was at least a bit understand about what she was saying.]

[center He let out a low whistle. [b "I know that you were cheated on by your fiance with your best friend. As I said, I can't really explain how it all works, since I'm just a caseworker, but that's what was on the paper one of my coworkers handed me."]]

[center He rubbed the back of his neck at her question. [b "I'm trying to be,"] he said, glancing at her, his cheeks slightly red. [b "It's not working well so far, is it?"] He sighed. [b "I know it's a lot to take in, but I promise, I'm only here to help. This is definitely a wish I didn't want to see come across my desk and I didn't want to deny it without at least trying to get you to take it back. I couldn't just stand by and let someone hurt so much and not do anything."] He sat back down in the chair. He definitely wasn't good at this.]
CherryBooxxвraylynn   1y ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" Bray was watching him as she could see that he was having a hard time explain everything. She bit on her lip slightly, and then leaned against the pillow. She felt bad that she was trying to get him to explain something. She barely understood what was going on. But it was his job. She got that. She had a job herself. She was getting ready to speak until a doctor came in and was checking her vitals. "How are you feeling ma'am?" Bray looked up at the nurse, and then exhaled deeply. She was very rude to the staff earlier, and she didn't like that at all.]

[font "Handlee" [b "I mean... As good as I'm going to feel for almost dying... Look.. I'm sorry for how I acted earlier. I had a rough night."]] [font "Handlee" Bray had no problem admitting when she was wrong. And in this situation, she was wrong. They were only trying to help her. Like Noah. He just wanted to help her. But Bray was reluctant on letting some male help her. She was engaged for so long, and he slept with her best friend. "It's okay ma'am! We get it. You seem like a really good girl. Whatever is happening, you will get through it." Bray smiled sheepishly at her. Bray had no idea if it was going to be okay or not. Everyone is saying it's going to be. But she wanted the pain to go away now. But she knew that it didn't work like that. She bit on her lip, and then watched as the nurse rubbed her arm and checked her IV and then left the room. They must not be too worried, as they didn't say much. She was honestly surprised they weren't going to try and admit her. She admitted to a bunch of staff that she wanted to die. Bray looked back at Noah. She wanted to know how he was going to make it okay.]

[font "Handlee" [b "I know that I'm not supposed to ask anymore questions, because it's just part of your job. But like you were just explaining... You either deny the wish or accept it. I feel like it's not part of your job to be here in this room with me. You said you are trying to be my savior. How are you going to do that?"]]

[font "Handlee" Bray did have a lot of questions. But the one thing she didn't understand is why he was in this room with her. He could've just denied it, and explain why and be done with it. But no. He was in the same room as her. She wanted to know why.]
Burning_HeartNoah   1y ago

[center Noah sat back quietly when the nurse came in, allowing her to do her job without interruption. It was nice to hear Braylynn apologize as well. He was hoping that was a good step in the right direction when it came to the situation.]

[center When the nurse left, he looked back at Braylynn, running a hand through his hair before shaking his head. [b "Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like to. I just can't promise I'll be able to answer them all to your satisfaction."] It was really such a strange job. He couldn't even remember how he'd really gotten involved. If anything, he at least had his mother to blame for it, though he still couldn't quite recall the events leading up to it.]

[center [b "Well, I haven't really denied or accepted it yet, though I'd say by my actions that it's closer to deny."] He looked up at her, fixing the glasses on his face. [b "The only reason I didn't deny it outright was that I was worried you would turn around and try to do it yourself."] He motioned to the bed. [b "And it seems I was correct in my assumptions. Not that I'm scolding you or anything,"] he quickly added. He then let out a sigh. [b "I want to help you move past this to the best of my ability until you're sure you don't want to end your life. It's not my job to be here, you're right, but I'd still like to extend a helping hand. It's the least I can do."]]

[center He let out a nervous laugh before leaning forward, resting his arms on his knees. [b "I know I'm a stranger, but I promise Miss, I'm only here to help you."]]
CherryBooxxвraylynn   1y ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" It was an especially long night for Bray. She had a lot to think about. She had Noah go home, because she had some stuff to think about. But she did ask him to come back in the morning when they release her. Bray laid there against the bed, until she saw someone walked into her room. She looked up and saw who it was. Her face went white really quick, and then she got mad real quick. It was her ex. Out of all people she wanted to see. How did he even know that she was in the hospital? She crossed her arms, watching him, as he went and sat in a chair, feeling sorry for himself. She raised a brow.]

[font "Handlee" [b "You sure have some nerve showing up. What the hell do you want? Hopefully not to plead for me to take you back. Cause that ain't going to happen."]] [font "Handlee" Bray was very salty towards her. The last thing she would ever be is hostile. "No, I didn't come to ask for you back. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Some of my friends were at the bar when you tried to kill yourself." Bray blinked, and then looked at him. Why did he care though? He slept with her best friend! He literally ruined her life. Bray was staring at him, and then gave him a confused look.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Okay, but why do you care? You slept with my best friend! You both ruined my life."]]

[font "Handlee" Bray watched him, as he slowly nodded. "I know I did. I won't ever forgive myself for this." Bray rolled her eyes, and looked away. She wanted to somehow bring Noah's name up. But she knew he would think that she moved on. Bray crossed her arms, and watched as he walked out of the room. She bit on her lip, as she watched his back disappear, and then she felt the tears falling down her cheeks. A nurse came in, and frowned. "I'm sorry, he said that he was your fiance." Bray smiled weakly at the nurse, and explained her whole situation to the nurse, and nodded her head. With that being said, the nurse said good night to Bray, and left the room after making sure she was okay.]

[font "Handlee" Morning time came, and she was glad. Because for some reason she was anxious to see Noah. She agreed to have coffee with him, and sit down and give him a chance to help her. Which meant that she was would have to tell him about her ex showing up. Unless he already knew. She shook the idea from her mind, as she waited for Noah. Because she thought it would be best if Noah drove. Because of her almost killing herself last night.]
Burning_HeartNoah   1y ago

[center Noah wouldn't admit it out loud, but he was hesitant to leave Braylynn by herself. Not because he didn't necessarily trust her, but because he wanted to be able to really prove that he was there to help her. Instead of trying to argue, however, he had simply nodded and told her to have a goodnight and that he'd see her in the morning.]

[center When he got to the place he was staying, he sat down at the desk and began writing some ideas down on a notepad, trying to brainstorm all the things he could do for her. It wasn't easy, especially because he really didn't know about her to know what she'd enjoy. A trip out to the beach, some time at an ice rink, even though he couldn't skate to save his life, maybe even a day of letting her shop and buying whatever she wanted.]

[center He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Coffee was already planned. Perhaps he would just expand on that and go from there. Tearing out the page of the notebook, he set it on the bedside table and made his way to the bathroom, stripping down and washing up as fast as he could. It was getting late, and if he wanted to be up in time to see Braylynn, he was going to have to find a way to relax and get some sleep.]

[center When morning came, Noah was cursing up a storm, stumbling as he slid his shoes on and snagging the piece of paper and keys. He hadn't meant to oversleep, even if it was only by thirty minutes, but he didn't want her thinking he was a liar or that he was giving up on her, especially when that wasn't the case.]

[center Slipping into his car, Noah came close to speeding the entire way to the hospital, doing his best to keep his thoughts rational. He probably shouldn't even care this much, but he'd told Terri he was going to help her, and damn it if he wasn't bound and determined to do that.]

[center Once parked, he'd barely locked the doors before he rushed inside, checking in before steadily making his way to her room. A wave of relief washed over him as he saw her in her hospital bed, looking a bit more full of color than she had the night before. He smiled at her and made his way to the chair. [b "I hope that you slept alright?"] he said as he sat down.]
CherryBooxxвraylynn   1y ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Handlee] [font "Handlee" Braylynn sat in the bed, nervously waiting for Noah to get here. She wanted nothing more to get out of this damn hospital. Before her ex fiance decides to show up again. She knew that it would look super bad if Noah was here with her, and he came back. Bray pursed her lips lightly, as she ran her fingers through her hair, and closed her eyes. She needed to calm down, because emotions were going to wash over her again, and she needed to keep her emotions under control.]

[font "Handlee" Bray's eyes have been closed this entire time, until she heard a familiar voice. Bray's eyes opened and saw that it was Noah, sitting in the chair. If he was going to help her, like he wanted too. Bray knew that she needed to tell him about what happened last night. But she couldn't do it here. She was sick and tired of crying in front of all these people. But it was weird. She felt like she was safe in Noah's care. She didn't quite understanding the feeling. Maybe later on, she could ask what that could possibly mean.]

[font "Handlee" [b "Well hello stranger,"]] [font "Handlee" she chuckled at him, and then stared at him. She then realized there was an awkward silence between the two, because she needed to answer him.] [font "Handlee" [b "Well.. I didn't sleep much honestly. I had a surprise visitor last night..."]]

[font "Handlee" She looked way, telling herself that she needs to keep her composure. She blinked away the tears, and then she looked back at him.] [font "Handlee" [b "But.. No offense, I'd love to explain it to you. But not here. I want out of this hospital, and go get that coffee me and you keep talking about."]]
Burning_HeartNoah   1y ago

[center Noah was quiet for a moment, wanting to pry and ask what had happened. However, he wasn't about to push her to tell her anything, especially when she made it very clear that she was comfortable talking about it in the hospital. He supposed that was fair. Most people didn't like hospitals, and if the sound of this visitor was any indication of anything, she didn't feel safe there.]

[center When he saw the tears in her eyes, it took all he had not to reach over and wipe them away. He was almost certain that would be considered inappropriate. Instead, he stood, clearing his throat some before nodding. [b "I'll go get the doctor. Hopefully, we can convince them that you're not a danger to yourself and get you out of here without issue."] He smiled at her before leaving the room, taking longer than he liked to find the doctor that had been assigned to Braylynn.]

[center Once he did, he explained to the man that he was a close friend to the young woman and that he'd be more than willing to let her stay with him so that she wasn't alone. He was relieved that they hadn't already decided to put her in the mental ward for her attempted suicide.]

[center It felt like forever before he was finally able to get back to Braylynn, smiling at her once more as he sat down. [b "The doctor just wants to do one last check-up and then I can get you out of here. Does that work for you?"] He'd talk to her about actually being left alone once they could sit down for that cup of coffee, but until then, he'd stay quiet and help out wherever he could.]
CherryBooxxвraylynn   364d ago

Bray wanted nothing more than to get out of there. She hated being in the hospital. She sighed and then looked at him. [b "That's fine."] She watched as the doctors came into the room and was checking her over. Bray watched. Secretly, she still kind of wanted to die. But she couldn't tell them, because then they would admit her to the psych ward. But she had this feeling. A feeling that she couldn't explain at all. Bray bit on her lip lightly, and then the doctors looked at them and then back at Noah. "She's good to go."

Bray let out a breath of air. There was something about Noah that she couldn't help and feel some type of bond with him. She couldn't explain it. But she promised herself that she wouldn't have any type of relationship with someone. Even if they were good for her. She sighed, and shook her head. It would cause her nothing but trouble. She bit on her lip lightly and then she took in a deep breath. She looked at Noah. [b "Well. Should we get out of here?"]

Bray had never been so eager to get out of a place. But that meant her and Noah would be alone together. She bit on her lip lightly, and then she smiled as she slowly got out of bed. She didn't want to rush it too fast. Because if she did then she probably would not feel the greatest afterwards. She looked over at Noah, waiting for him to lead the way.
Burning_HeartNoah   361d ago

[center Noah tried not to show how relieved he was when the doctor said she could leave. He didn't want her to know how much he was dreading a fight with the staff or how much he wanted to be able to take her out. He wanted to show the young woman that there was something in life she could live for. He wouldn't leave until he'd done his job, even if he didn't have a job to go back to once he was done with this assignment.]

[center Looking at her, he nodded before holding his arm out to her for her to take. He wasn't entirely sure what the day would consist of. Perhaps he would take her to an amusement park after getting her that coffee. Was it a bit childish sounding? Yeah, maybe, but he was bound and determined to show her a good time.]

[center Leaving the hospital with her, he led her to the car, unlocking it and holding the passenger door open for her. [b "Before we get your coffee, do you need to stop anywhere? Get some new clothes or anything? Whatever you need, I'll handle it for you."] He smiled at her. [b "Just think of me as your personal bank, okay? Or, if needed, your bodyguard."] That last part was only slightly a joke. While he would do whatever he could to make her feel safe from anyone who tried to bother her, he wasn't exactly the fighting type. If anything ever came to blows, he would definitely be the loser.]
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Braylynn was watching his every movement. She knew she couldn't know much about his job and what he does. But she wanted to know so much more. Bray has never gotten help from anyone before. So she wanted to know if there was a real reason why he was going through all this trouble to make sure that she would actually be okay.

Once they walked outside she took in a deep breath. She felt like she was never going to leave that freaking hospital. She ripped the bracelets off, and then kind of looked over at Noah. She already agreed that she would ride with him. Bray knew that he wanted to make sure that she was going to be okay. She understood that. It was nice to talk to someone that seems to care what happens to her. But then again, it could be all just part of the job. Bray didn't want to look much into it. Because she told herself she would never gain feelings for anyone nor will she ever be in a relationship.

Bray probably should change her clothes since she has been wearing the same clothes for the past few days. [b "Oh, umm, we probably should go to my house. So I can change into more comfortable clothes."] She smiled at him, and then got into his car. Or was hoping that this was his car. They were standing by it afterall.

Bray blinked her eyes at his last statement. A personal bank? She didn't want any of his money. Possibly his support. Then she giggled very lightly when he said body guard. A part of her wouldn't mind him being her body guard, but then again. She felt like if she was around him more that she would gain feelings. And at this point, that was the last thing she wanted right now.
Burning_HeartNoah   358d ago

[center Noah smiled a little as she let out a small laugh. It wasn't much, but it was nice to see even a hint of something that wasn't despair. It gave him hope that he might be able to turn things around for her. [b "To your house, it is, m'lady,"] he said with a short bow, before shutting the door and going around to the driver's side.]

[center Once they were on the road, he kept trying to think of something he could say to break the silence, but nothing was really coming to mind. [b "So,"] he finally said, deciding he would address the idea of the amusement park. [b "it's a bit of a drive, but I know there's a pretty large amusement part nearby. How would you feel about going there for the day? You can have a day to relax and just let loose. No strings or anything. Just a chance for you to have a good day."] He glanced at her. [b "After the coffee, of course,"] he said with a grin.]

[center If she was against the idea of the park, he would think of something else. The problem was: it was hard to think of things they could do without it seeming like a date. He had no intention of getting close to her in a romantic sense. He knew that she was vulnerable and jumping into a relationship was probably the last thing on her mind.]

[center No matter what happened from here, he just hoped he could achieve the job he set out to do.]
SSerendipty-вraylynn   357d ago

Bray could feel the awkward silence between the two. And she didn't like it at all. Plus, she still needed to tell him about what happened last night. But Bray wasn't for sure if she ready to talk about that yet or not. Bray bit on her lip lightly, as she stared out the window.

Then she heard him break the silence. Made her heart race a little bit, but she was kind of glad he did. Because she definitely didn't want it to be this awkward the entire time they are doing things. The whole point was to get her mind off of things. Not let her mind continue to wander different things.

Bray smiled thinking about what he said. She knew she would loved too. But was it a date? She wasn't really ready to go back out in the dating world. Not after last night experience. But she had to think that it was his job. To help her. Bray shook the other thought from her mind, and then she smiled at him. [b "Yes, that's sounds amazing!"]

Bray smiled and then nodded her head. [b "Yes after coffee. Because I can't survive without coffee."] Bray cracked herself up. She is just make this not so awkward. Plus she deserved nothing more than to relax. Once they pulled up to her house, she looked at him. [b "I'll be back."] With that she opened the door and went inside. Bray was praying that she could walk into her house without crying. But she wasn't entirely sure.

Bray bit her lip as her eyes scanned the area. She walked off to the bedroom real fast. She changed into a tank top and some jeans shorts. She looked around the room, and just felt tears streaming down her face. Bray knew this was going to be a lot harder than she expected. She walked back outside. [b "Okay.. We can go."]
Burning_HeartNoah   353d ago

[center Noah was glad to hear that she liked the idea of going to the amusement park. Whatever she wanted to ride, eat, or even if there was a plushie she wanted, he would make sure she got it. At the end of the day, though, he knew there was a small possibility that he would fail at his job. That he might have to put that her wish bad been fulfilled. Before, he'd never dreaded stamping that onto his files. He was always excited when he could make someone wish come true. This was the first time he was actually terrified of the thought.]

[center He chuckled at her words about coffee, feeling the same way she did. He normally wasn't so chipper in the morning when he didn't get his first cup. Today had just been the exception so far. [b "Take your time,"] he said when they arrived at her house. He didn't want her to feel rushed or awkward because of him. He knew he'd feel like shit if he made her feel bad.]

[center Leaning back in his seat, he sighed and buried his face in his hands. He didn't know what he was going to do. Just as he was thinking about it, his phone began ringing, causing him to jump. Pulling it out, he frowned at the caller ID. [b "Terri? What's up?"]]

[center [b [i "Just checking on you. Haven't heard anything since you left. How's the case going?"]]]

[center [b "It's a bit early to tell, but I'm hopeful."]]

[center [b [i "Good, good. I'll let the boss know. Keep me updated, okay?"]]]

[center [b "Yeah, sure,"] he said before the line went dead. That was odd. She hadn't really cared the day prior. Had she had a change of heart? He smiled a little. It was nice to think about. Terri needed more positivity in life.]

[center Seeing Braylynn, he sat up, frowning as she got into the car. [b "Have you been crying?"] He reached out to touch her face, but quickly pulled his hand back when he realized what he was doing. [b "Are you alright?"] he asked instead, glancing away from her. [i Smooth, jackass...]]
BeautyFromPain-     307d ago

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/v2tHHnl.jpg]] She gulped lightly as she just sat there. She knew that he was going to ask if she was okay. She bit on her lip lightly. She should've just had him go in there and grab some stuff for her. So that way she didn't have to see that. She chewed on her lip more as she turned her head over to Noah. [b "Not really.."]

She sighed intently, and then looked away and then back down at her hands. She couldn't believe this was happening. Everything she was feeling. [b "All of his stuff was still in there..."]

She looked back over at him. She couldn't put her finger on something. The way her heart raced around him. The way he made her feel. Of course she wouldn't talk to him about that. But she did know is that he really did care on how she was handling all of this. After all, her fiance did cheat on her. So it was going to be a lot harder than she expected.
Burning_HeartNoah   305d ago

[center Noah was silent for a moment as he watched her. He should've known it would be hard on her going inside. It wasn't like one could just get over the betrayal of a loved one that easily. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he sighed. [b "I'm sorry, Braylynn. I should've offered to go get your things for you, instead."] It hadn't been fair to let her go. [b "Are you going to be alright? Did you still want to go get that coffee?"] If he was smart about it, he could still save the day and make sure it was a good one for her.]

[center A part of him wanted to punch the guy for how he had made her feel. Despite the fact that he barely knew her, it pained him to see her hurting the way she was. No one deserved to feel that like, especially over someone who obviously didn't care about the consequences of their actions. [b "We can still go do what we planned, but only if that's what you want. Today is about you, Braylynn, you have my word."] As he'd said before, he would do everything he could in his power to make sure she was happy. His job wouldn't be done until he did that.]
BeautyFromPain-     302d ago

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/v2tHHnl.jpg]] Bray was still pretty quiet while she listened to Noah's words. It did make her heart warm to know that he should've went in there, and he actually seemed concerned about her well-being. But there was still a part of this feeling thing she wasn't quite understanding. But Braylynn didn't want to bring it up. Because one she just got cheated on last night, and she barely knew this guy. All she knew is that he wanted to help her. And oddly enough, she was going to let him.

She wiped the tears from her cheeks, and then turned to him and try to give him a smile. [b "I definitely still want the coffee, I need it."] She listened to the other words he said. She nodded her head slowly. [b "I'll be okay, as long as I'm with you."] She muttered quietly. She wasn't for sure if he would hear her. But those words just kind of came slipping out of her mouth.

She kept her eyes on the road not evening wanting to make eye contact. Not after what she just said. She bit on her lip slightly and then inhaled deeply. [b "Yes, I still want to do everything we said we would do. I can't sit in my home and just cry all day."] Plus she still didn't like the idea of being completely alone. She still felt like that would be a very dangerous idea.
Burning_HeartNoah   296d ago

[center There was a silence that hung through the air for a few seconds after those words were said. For a moment, Noah wasn't even sure that he'd heard her correctly. She opened his mouth to ask her about it, but it was obvious by the way she was avoiding making eye contact that she didn't want to talk about it. It was, however, all the confirmation he needed to know that he had definitely heard her. Instead, he smiled, pulling away from the building and making his way towards the coffee shop.]

[center As he drove, he couldn't help but smirk a little. [b "Alright, Miss Braylynn. Be prepared for the best day of your life,"] he said, smiling at her when they hit a red light. His goal for the day was to make sure that she didn't cry anymore or think of the asshole that had been her fiance. If he could manage that, he'd consider the day a success.]

[center It wasn't long before the two finally reached the coffee shop he had been talking about, pulling into a spot and shutting the car off. [b "When we get inside, feel free to get whatever you want, alright?"] he said, slipping out of the drivers' side and making his way to her door to let her out.]
BeautyFromPain-     296d ago

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/v2tHHnl.jpg]] Braylynn was still avoiding eye contact, because she couldn't believe that she would say something like that. She gulped lightly, as her eyes stayed glued on the outside, examining all the plants and flowers. She couldn't wait to get her coffee. She wanted to do everything in her power to forget about last night. The attempted suicide and her cheating fiance. The only thing that was good about yesterday is that she met Noah.

Braylynn looked and saw they were approaching the coffee shop. She has never been to this coffee shop before. So she knew it was going to take a minute to read the menu and figure out what she would want. She smiled right of Noah. [b "Okay, sounds great!"] For some reason Braylynn was excited for this day. She wasn't sure what it was going to bring, but she was excited to see.

Braylynn walked into the coffee shop and smiled even bigger and then inhaled deeply. She loved the smell of a coffee shop. She walked up to the counter with Noah by her side. "Welcome! What can I get you?" Braylynn wasn't even for sure what she was going to order. She smiled. And she loved ice coffee. [b "Can I have an iced caramel coffee, please?"] The barista shook her head, and started to make her coffee. "And for you, sir?"
Burning_HeartNoah   278d ago

[center Inside the coffee shop, Noah stood quietly beside Braylynn, watching as she eyed the menu. He didn't mind if it would take her some time trying to figure out what she wanted. He was a patient man and, as he'd said, it was all about her today. He just hoped he could do her justice.]

[center Turning to the barista, he smiled, glancing at the menu him. [b "An iced white chocolate mocha, please. Smallest size."] And with that, their coffee was being made. Pulling his wallet from his back pocket, he paid the woman and waited patiently to the side until their coffee was done.]

[center Taking the two cups, he walked with her over to a table in the corner of the shop, sitting down with his back to the wall and placing her coffee in front of her. He wasn't entirely sure what to say, so he sipped on his drink, his mind wandering.]

[center [b "Anything you like to do in your free time?"] he finally managed to get out, glancing at her. It felt like a decent time to get to know her a little better.]


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