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G-00HLSH     1y ago

[center [pic]][size12[center [i This world does not exist anymore. This world does not breathe anymore. This world is a memory and a foggy dream. ]][center [i Our ancestors do not speak of this wonderland of lights nor do they want to remember it due to the pure fact that it hurts to remember such freedom that we all took for granted. When life was at its peak, society thrived and prospered, living up their aspirations and rolling in their wealth. In a matter of time, what seemed like seconds, it collapsed under a major, multinational conglomerate cooperation called NEKR-0N.][center [I NEKR-0N had influence in the production and sale of cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, industrial machine production, consumer products, health foods, the transportation industry, and tourism. They were the epitome of capitol production. With it's large array of subsidiaries placed throughout the world, which was typical for large-scale corporations, it benefitted all... though this particular company was purposely built to cover up illegal activities beneath the surface. Soon after the opening of its pharmaceutical subsidiary, NEKR-0N began developing biological weaponry for militaries across the world as part of a worldwide conspiracy to accumulate directly prohibited deadly viruses for research.]][center [I Eventually, this cooperation lost control of it's own researches and inevitably lost control of a virus in which they called XX-025, aka Quater X. Their goal was to initially cure this disease and release it but when it reacted wrongly with one of their patients, it became a horror story come true for those who survived.]][center [i Years later, the world they knew it became this trashed wasteland of broken technology and withered life. Ivy overgrew and took over buildings, cars, bodies and bones. Permanet graves for those who fell ill or tripped over their own feet running from these... things.]][center [I Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about.]
[center [pic ][pic][center [I They're called 'x-mites', like termites. They crawl from the darkest crevices of the dilapidated buildings and resemble what looks like a bad infection and or bug. They fed off the flesh of anything that is or did live. Anything. I witness once eating a dead dog once, whole. One bite, like a snake.]]
[center [i Outside the large walls of the small town Reid grew up in, he could always hear their lapsed breathing and gurgling coos to one another just beyond the top of the wall's. He looked down the length of this enormous stone structure every morning and debated jumping. The society he was growing up in was growing hungry and tired. Aching to explore the rest of society, but it was nearly impossible. They would be mauled as soon as they stepped outside of the cities protection. Sure, it were up to them... but with these walls as far as anyone knew, was the last of humanity and their race.]][center [i Dead eyes looked beyond the creatures lurking beyond and eventually pulled away to gaze up the the sun, beginning to make its way above the horizon. The grasp on his weaponry tightened and he exhaled. A light mist of his breath emitting into the air and traveling with the light breeze. The sun became to illuminate the reality of the torn city, the barren wasteland. Every morning was the same, but every morning hit a little differently each time he saw his past life in the distance, slowly being taken over by pest.]][center [I "I have to fucking leave here..."]]
[center - - - - - - - ]
[center [size9 photo credit to [ 'Cyberpunk 2077']]] [center [size9 photo credit to [ Hugo Richard]][center [size9 Cooperation description inspired by Resident Evil's 'Umbrella Coorperation' from [ ]]]
Burning_HeartFaith   1y ago

[center [b "My mother used to tell me about the ocean, which was this [i huge] body of water, where all sorts of amazing creatures used to live. She used to say you could go swimming, but that you couldn't drink it, or else you'd get sick."]]

[center [i "You're lying. There's no way a ton of water would exist to be undrinkable!"]]

[center [b "Maybe you're right, but you did ask for a story, and if it's so unbelievable, then can it not be considered a story?"]]

[center Faith Lawson looked around at the small group of children that were huddled in a group around her feet, bugged eyed and staring at her. One of them leaned over to another and whispered something, but she couldn't hear what it was. She raised an eyebrow at the two of them. [b "Something you guys would like to share with the rest of us?"] The little girl quickly sat up straight and shook her head. Faith let out a small laugh before leaning back in her seat, continuing to tell them about all the creatures her mother had told her when she was their age.]

[center While she wasn't a teacher, she did volunteer at the small school, if only because her mother [i had] been a teacher, who had told stories to them when she'd attended. Her mother was now long gone, but she'd offered to carry on the tradition when she'd turned eighteen. Hanging around all the children the way she did, her friend Tiffany would constantly ask her when she'd choose a partner and have a few children of her own. Though not every man and woman had to do it, it was something that was expected of a good majority to ensure they continued to survive in the horrible world they now lived in.]

[center When the kids were finally allowed to leave, she stayed behind to make sure things were cleaned up, running a hand through her hair. She often wondered if this would be her job for the rest of her life. She didn't have anything specifically to do. She just did a lot of volunteer work around the small haven she called home.]

[center Pulling her hair up into a ponytail, she left the small building, making her way to the mess tent. [b "From one job to another,"] she mumbled to herself. As she walked, she stopped next to the wall, placing a hand on the rough stone. She could hear them outside, wandering around. The groans and howls. Sounds that kept her up at night when she tried to sleep. A chill ran down her spine before she continued walking. They were safe inside the walls. Even if it wasn't the most ideal place, they were safe. Anything was better than venturing beyond the stone structure. [i Right?] she thought to herself.]
G-00HLSHReid Logan   1y ago

[center [size12 [i [b "Oi, wall-boy!"]]] [center [size12 [i An itching, burning sensation began growing in the back of Reid's neck as he clamped his eyes shut, trying to erase the voice he'd heard and squinting so hard that when he opened them there were black spots polka-dotting his vision, and blocking out the young kid's face for just a moment. He clenched his jaw, and stared to this fool's very prominent black eye and swollen lip.]]][center [size12 [I [b "Why do you insist on pestering people..."]]]][size12 [I Reid grumbled, almost admiring the strength this kid had to prove something. Whatever that was. Scoffing at Reid's remark, Pik crossed his arms and stood confidently before Reid wearing the smuggest grin Reid had ever seen in his time living in the walls. [b "You should see the other guy!"] An annoying roar of laughter bellowed out from his puny body and already Reid had grown irritable and done with his presence. Reid rolled his eyes and turned away, strolling down the length of the wall and peering down the stone's path to the metal door that led to the freedom of this kid's life form. He didn't bother asking what Pik wanted, but usually it was to ask him for a favor, shoot his gun, figure out a girl's name, or inquire about the world beyond the wall.]]][center [size12 [i Pik knew nothing of what now existed out there. He didn't even know what the world was like besides thumbing through a few books and hearing a few tall-tales from the elders, or people Reid's age. He was born in these walls and has been trying to make a name for himself for years. Some days it seems like he idolized Reid, only because he would follow him around, and try to get Reid to fight him just to seem tough. Reid admired it. A little bit. ]]][center [size12 [i A few moments went by before Pik was trying to keep up to Reid's stride, looking up to him and hesitating to talk it seemed. [b "Reid... I wanna leave the walls."] Reid looked down to Pik with a sharp side-eye and chuckled, a small smile breaking his stone-cold face.
[b "That's the dumbest thing you've said all year. And it's only the first trimester."] Their days and years were measured by the weather, moon and stars since calenders weren't really made this far into the future. Their years used to be marked and since someone eventually stopped counting, and or met their demise, they can map their days with the positioning of our world vs. the vast space above them. Pik frowned and stopped walking, letting out a heave of breath and grunting.
[b "It's not funny! I fucking hate this place!"] He snapped. Reid turned around to admire the runt's fit of rage and then walked toward him. Getting as close as he could, he bent down and released a grip of his weaponry to snatch the collar of Pik's wrinkled, dirty shirt. [b "Do you think ANYONE fucking likes it here? You were BORN here. RAISED here. Inside the safety of these bloody walls, you cretin. Be grateful I haven't thrown you off this edge yet and that people here give a damn about your sorry ass."] As Reid released his collar, he kind of threw it as he let go, and Pik's shoulder jostled to one side. You could tell it wasn't the first time that Reid had spoken to Pik this way before. There was always something Pik demanded that Reid himself wish he could do or conjure just to get the kid to shut up. Pik dropped his gaze. As Reid turned away leaving a burning stare into the kid's face, he mumbled into the foggy morning sky. [b "It's a shame. Eventually, your generation will be the ones we rely on to keep the human extinction intact."]]]][center [size12 [i Pik was obviously disturbed by his tone, but stood there taking it and eventually pivoted away to hop off the wall on his little, janky DIY ladder that Reid occasionally used. A pair of hazel, gold eyes glimpsed over to watch this hopeless kid saunter off into the dark crevices of the small buildings, and soon enough Reid was entering his own escape, leaving the tops of the wall and coming to contact with the ground below through the metal door.]]][center [size12 [i A quick leap off the short steel ladder just outside the metal door disrupted the dust below and sounded a thud that scared a nearby feline.]]][center [size12 [i A few children ran through the small roads and laughed with one another as their playful puppies and bouncing balls reminded Reid of the lively environment on the ground level. His gun now sheathed and tucked against his leg clinked and clanked against the chains and hoops of his black multi-pocket ribbon pants. The jacket he wore protected the back and sides of his neck, keeping it warm but also a bit showy look to his pretentious, melancholic appearance. It illuminated the scars and piercing yellow eyes he scanned the world before him with. His hair was disheveled but mocked up to look decent for the public. His lone, dark figure traveled the path to where he resided, making note of the hunger that began brewing inside of his throat and stomach.]]][center [size12 [I [b "Eating never killed anyone.."]]][center [size12 [I Taking a slight left, past their small clothing shack, he began making his way to the mess tent, in hopes they had that slightly burnt, but flavorful chili that someone crafted, knowing how to make a man fall in love.]]]
Burning_HeartFaith   1y ago

[center Faith hurried into the mess tent, pushing the sleeves of her shirt up before making her way over to Tiffany, raising a brow at the girl's swollen stomach. [b "Should you be up and running around right now?"] she asked, taking her spit beside her friend. She looked at what food they had decided to prepare, some kind of chili that didn't look appetizing, and let out a small sigh. She had no idea what kind of meat they'd used to make it, nor did she want to know. At least it was a semi-decent meal for the end of a hard day.]

[center Tiffany shrugged before pulling her own hair into a ponytail. [b [i "Mark isn't too worried about it right now, so I'm not worried. Everything seems to be going okay so far."]] Faith nodded slowly at the girls' answer, not wanting to tell her how concerned she was for her health for the time being. Having children inside the walls was a tough thing to deal with. She could still remember how she'd reacted when Tiff had told her that she and her partner were expecting. She hadn't been overjoyed like her friend was.]

[center She grabbed some of the bowls the lined the shelves, glancing at the red-head. [b "Pick any names out yet? If not, I can always come up with a few."] She grunted a little as one of the older women bumped into her, barely giving an apology before she moved on. She looked at Tiffany, who just shrugged before answering.]

[center [b [i "Taylor if it's a girl, Keegan if it's a boy."]]]

[center Faith couldn't help but smile as she began pouring the food into the bowls. It was a good way for people to just grab a dish and go when they were already prepped. At least that way the line would move fairly quickly. [b "Cute, cute. Let me know when you get put on bed rest, okay? I need to be prepared to take over your work."] She grinned at the girl. [b "Not that I don't do that already."] That comment earned her an elbow to the side. She glared at Tiff before rubbing it. [b "That was unnecessary,"] she mumbled, looking up as a few workers began making their way in.]

[center She put on her best smile but was very quickly aware of the guards that had also begun filling up the place. While she'd never really had any trouble with them, she always felt uneasy when they were around.]
Goule-Reid Logan   1y ago

[center [i [size12 Every face that surrounded Reid made him wanna barf. The guards were dirty, horrible men that could only think about one thing, and it was his mini jail any time he came to eat. It felt like a prison with them around, and luckily for him, he knew all of them.]][center [i [size12 Every man inhaling the bowls of food laid out by the woman standing at the counter. Some men helped back there too, offering services for keeping shape and offering recipes of their own to entice creativity. It kind of worked. Reid had been trying to take this recipe from their palms for a while now, but usually, it doesn't taste as good when someone tries to remake it. He left it alone and sauntered through the tent. He ducked under the bars and cloth holding up the small tent. A tower looming through the crowd and coming to a halt when he saw Pik standing before him staring up.]][center [i [size12 [b "What's up, buddy"], Reid cooed. Before he knew it, he was surrounded by a group of men who stood just taller than Pik, and one who was Reid's height. A glaring eye peered around and dropped back down to Pik.]]][center [i [size12 [b "Are you serious dude?"] he rolled his eyes and threw up his hands. [b "You're a fucking cry-baby! You know that? You can't take a bit of criticism but can dish it all out any way you want!"] Reid stood there, turning slowly for all of his buddies to see. [b "You wanna do something?"] he lowered his arms, his eyes grew sharp and his voice darkened, [b "Then do something"]].[center [i [size12 None of the boys knew what to do but stare back at him and inch closer in hopes one of them would throw a punch, and soon enough Reid was laughing hysterically. [b "A bunch of fu--"] And there it was. His jaw was smashed off to one side and droplets of blood splattered all over the guy's back that was beside him. Reid chuckle, and lunged himself without hesitation towards the other who threw first fist. With every strike, he muttered a word. [b "All. I. Wanted. Was. Some. FUCKING. FOOD!] Soon enough the fight was broken up and the one on the ground was pulped into a blur of red and black.]][center [i [size12 Reid stood, the circle around them growing larger and his heaving chest rising and falling with every new face he looked at. [b "Fuck you, Pik."] His eyes landed on the runt and he pushed himself through, as some even made way for him.][center [i [size12 The woman stared to him as he strolled down the wooden table grabbing silverware, bread, and at last a bowl.]
Burning_HeartFaith   1y ago

[center Faith did her best to ignore the guards' presence as she began making sure everyone was getting a serving, while also making sure that Tiff wasn't pushing herself too hard. The girl probably wouldn't admit it, but she was stubborn to a fault.]

[center It wasn't long after they had begun serving dinner that the fight had broken up. Everything had seemed to stand still around the two men. Faith found herself unable to take her eyes off of them, wide as everything unfolded. She couldn't say she was completely horrified by the situation, but she was surprised. It wasn't often a fight broke out like that. Not that she knew of, at least. Once the one man stood, she had to look away, not really wanting to see the aftermath. She'd seen her fair share of violence, so she liked to think.]

[center She felt Tiff elbow her again, a lot softer this time, and she looked up in time to see the first guy approaching. While she had seen him around, she didn't know his name like she did some of the others.]

[center Pushing some loose strands of hair behind her ear, she went back to serving, trying to act as if nothing had happened, but when he got closer, she couldn't help but speak up. [b "Are you alright?"] She looked up at him, offering him a small smile. [b "Kind of unfair for them to come at you like that."] She had no idea why she was trying to make small talk. She hardly ever did unless it was someone she was really familiar with, but she felt bad about what had just happened, something that didn't make a lick of sense since she had nothing to do with it.]

[center But Faith was a caring person, something she often tried to keep on the down-low since she thought it could be a weakness. He certainly didn't have to talk to her if he didn't want to, but she figured it wouldn't hurt to at least ask.]


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