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Futuristic, Sci Fi, Humorous, Romance, Light Hearted
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[google-font] [size15 [Jost [i For six generations we had thrived, we had lived. Six generations and it was over.]

[i The humans had never been one for righteousness. It was only natural that they would destroy their home and move on to consume the next. They left us here and we were finally free.]

[i But it wasn’t long enough.]

[i They came down in large ships, the Net broadcasting their invasion on every screen to show us the dawning of a war. They had changed and evolved, growing in not only technology but physical attributes. They started their tyranny in larger cities, slowly consuming the dead Earth. Artificials of all models were destroyed, stripped for parts or taken for reprogramming. The Humans eradicated populations of robotic communities and made new structures and compounds of their own.]

[i The Hivemind initiated the Defence Protocol after the Fall. I and four other lovely artificials were selected to infiltrate the mass human society with our unique abilities. We weren’t just hardware anymore and we weren’t going deactivating without a fight.]

[center .|.|.|.|.|.|.|.]

[right [i 9:20PM :: The Rooftops of Downtown Cigna]]

[#00afd6 “Holy mother of two bit math!”]

[b “Aha! You’re not a model with flight are you?”] The brute construction bot scoffed as it dangled the smaller A.I. over the edge of a two hundred and twenty floor building. A.R.C.H.E.R. -1, standing for Artificial Revolutionized Central Homing Eradicator R-Type 1, rather preferably known as Archer, waved his arms in a slightly manic manner as his blue L.E.D. pupils focused on the robot testing his programmed capabilities.

[#00afd6 “I am so sorry,”] he began, feeling the new joint implant becoming loose, [#00afd6 “I have sorely mistaken you for someone else doing other things that obviously you are not doing. I will tell my superiors to cross you, my fine sir, off that list.”]

The mech raised him up till they were both eye level, the height making Archer feel uneasy. [b “I have nothing to do with humans!”]

Archer flinched at the loud, heavy tone vibrating his wires. [#00afd6 “Yes, I got it the first time. I’ll get that cleared right up for you.”]

[b “Hrm,”] it mused, [b “How ‘bout I clear it up with this.”]

His foot was released and his arms began to rotate with alarming purpose.This was always the downside with the job. There was always a chance that the leads they encountered would ultimately conclude to dead ends- figuratively, not literal. [i Urg, what a fucking bust.]

Metal fingers sprayed out as he turned and tried to grab for any of the sill-less glass windows. He soon found this utterly pointless and instead focused on getting his communicator back on radio waves. Being a much older model, nothing seemed to actually work when it needed to. The only thing he had going for him was durability... and even that couldn’t save him from gravity.

Archer slammed the heel of his hand to his ear. [#00afd6 “Work you goddamn thing!”] There was a fizz and a buzz and a couple of clicks to signal radio repair. [#00afd6 “Typxa,”] he said, a crack in his voice. [#00afd6 “I’m falling to my demise and there’s no windows with sills.... Any way you can help your favorite elder survive another day?”] ]]
G-00HLSHTypxa 1.0   1y ago

[center [i [size12 An array of images played onto the sides of Cigna's towering buildings stacked high with offices, homes, and often times brothels inside. Illegal ones at that. A technological world that humans once daydreamed about and predicted. Most of their ideas were to a T, other things... not so much.]]][center [I [size12 One common misconception of this future was the compatibility and companionship of humans and bot together. We think it last for a short while, but soon enough they all became entitled control freaks. What was it with always trying to prove a point? And why did the size of their private parts have anything to do with it? ]]][center [i [size12 Typxa stared at those lights and short movies and pondered more than one curious cat should. Her neon, purple hair twitched in the light breeze as she stood high above and out of the city's view, perched atop a more distant and older building that she visits on her quieter, mundane days. Just her luck though, there was a light fizz in her head that made her wince but shortly realizing the voice coming over the static. Typxa raised a hand, and held it close to the side of her head and sighed. ]]][center [I [b [size12 "Archer."]] [size12 Her voice was melodic, but very faintly you could hear the artificial, radio-like voice hugging her human timbre. She stood and balanced just on the edge of this building, her toes hanging off and her spine straight. An A.I's posture put humans to shame. Her back and arms were strong. Stiff. Her legs flexed and ready to pounce. Her skin glistened but reflected the synthetic lighting from the city.]]][center [i [size12 Her eyes glazed over to a dead stare as a blue line scanned over her vision and a target appeared in her left eye that only she was able to see. There was a rush of wind hindering A.R.C.H.E.R's voice but she managed to understand quickly and surely that this was another one of his infamous encounters with someone who needed to be discarded... but that's for another time.]]][center [i [size12 Listening to his request, she needed to figure out exactly where he was. As the target began scanning she computed the frequencies and vibrations in his voice and the signal that was sent to her. Soon enough the target in her left eye turned pink and locked onto a falling object approximately 12 kilometers away from her location.]]][center [i [size12 [b "Archer, how many times do I have to tell you get something installed for this exact reason?"]][size12 Typxa noted the locations of his descent and was soaring down the side of her sanctuary. A few stories down she was beating the pavement and gliding over obstacles like she herself was running from something. Her skill surpassed many of the A.I's she met, but she is not the best one. She had nothing better to do with her abilities, so she perfected them as much as she could since she was only programmed with so much knowledge. She was never to have this much mental freedom. Her purpose was to serve. Not thrive nor think.]]][center [i [size12 [b "A! I need you to tell me if they're doing construction around you... I know you're falling and all, but can you see anything crane-wise?"]][size12 She hustled her way through the buildings of their slums. Run down buildings that the government has basically ignored and cast aside in hopes they'll grow up and or succeed in life without assistance. She tried not to cast her eyes among the bots there that were missing limbs and spoke with static and electric volts shooting from their jaw hinges. It broke her heart.]]][center [i [size12 Soon enough, she found herself only 3 kilometers away, and his descent coming nearer to the cities surface. She could see the target in her eye dropping, she would occasionally glance over to it in her view to measure her time.]]][center [i [size12 [b "Maybe DON'T antagonise someone 200 some floors up next time!"]]

[google-font] [size15 [Jost Now why would he spend his hard earned bits on something as trivial as a fall safety mechanism? That would certainly look bulky on his slim frame. Besides, the R-types weren’t designed for freefall anyway. With his terrible luck, it’d pull his arm out of it’s socket.

Archer blinked, the targets in his eyes activating on thought. They darted side to side, looking for any indicated opening of construction or even building damage. After a second, the target locked onto a two window gap on the complex building to his right. Just beneath it was a bigger opening with a dangerously protruding metal bar. No doubt trying to repair the ceiling excavation above.

[#00afd6 “Under 4 kilometers.”] The scanner quickly counted the floors, [#00afd6 “126th floor right apartment but it might be just a hand driven forklift.”] There was no way a small machine like that could carry the weight added by his velocity. Damn, the mayor. He wanted the whole city to be constructed to look as sophisticated as possible- and it was completely wasted on this area deep in the slums.

Archer turned so that his body was angled just right to catch the metal crane. This seemed to be the only, and not very appealing, option for the artificial but he didn’t fancy becoming scrap on the sidewalk. Hopefully Typxa wasn’t too annoyed with him and [i maybe] she’d do what she did best and show up at the knick of time.]]
Goule-Typxa 1.0   1y ago

[center [i [size12 Typxa could hear the whirring of wind beneath her radio from Archer's end and she kept her eyes on the ball. She began working her electrical, and chipped mind and knew that the only way someone like Archer was going to survive was by replacing some parts. She winced and jumped from a platform atop another construction building, still making her way to the building he fell down. [b ''I'm coming, buddy''], her voice was low but she knew she was going to help him even if it hurt her. It was the least she could do for someone that's been there for her through the thickest of sludge.]]][center [i [size12 Before she could even take another step forward, she found herself at the bottom of the building and could see his descent become closer. With her abilities and being consistently updated, she could maneuver the abilities of anything electrical and hardwire herself into a machine. She skipped her way over to another crane and hopped inside. Crane's during this time? They exist. It's one of the few things that the A.I Gov. is trying to rid due to the human-like appearance of it, but it got the job done. At this point it was ancient history with some minor upgrades. Biting her lip, she placed her hand on the panel and spoke aloud, enough for A.R.C.H.E.R to hear and maybe have a sense of what she's doing. [b "Here goes nothing."] She threw her hands onto the panel of the crane, and soon enough her eyes grew white and her body went lifeless. A chain of lightning shot into the control panel.]]] [center [i [size12 Usually, these cranes are operated by A.I who have the proper coding to operate themselves into working the machinery. Basically what Typxa did was hotwire the crane. Her strength, mind and energy shot through the machinery like a burst of adrenaline through a syringe into someone's heart, and the crane came to life with a roar of screeching metal and groaning from being so stagnant for so long. They never finish anything in this city. There was one higher up for Archer to grab and hopefully keep a grip on, but she hoped this fall into a bucket made of pure steel wouldn't completely obliterate him.]]][center [i [size12 With everything inside of her, a long turn of the crane's neck and bucket created a pocket for Archer to fall inside and be caught. Let's hope it even works.]]]

[google-font] [size15 [Jost There was air and whirring in his ear but he could make out the sounds of Typxa’s swift movements through the complex. In seconds, she gave him a sign of her plan and he looked down, a bucket and crane maneuvering out just a window or two below the first. [i That could work.]

Before he could calculate the probabilities any further, Archer grabbed for the first protruding crane. There was a loud echoing thud as the bot scraped against it, small sparks emitting from contact. Something disconnected from his left shoulder, the limb falling limp as he held on. He had to get the drop just right- or close enough for his partner to catch the rest of him.

The artificial took a moment to aim before letting go, dropping right into the awkwardly positioned bucket. He sighed in relief, small error signs appearing in his peripheral visor. [#00afd6 “Thanks,”] he breathed, [#00afd6 “I owe you one.”] Whilst Archer had no air to breathe, he’d taken to some of the humanly habits when mortals initially roamed the earth. The ‘not so great’ benefit of being an older model.

Once he was pulled inside to safety, Archer examined the disconnected piece and chuckled a bit. [#00afd6 “Not as bad as I thought.”] He pulled up the removable section of his helmet, smiling slightly. [#00afd6 “Guess he wasn’t our guy.”] ]]


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