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[ Under the Moonlight ]

By KyoyaPleasant
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Modern Fantasy, Horror, Romance
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[i There was a time when I loved the feeling of my heart racing but now it just signified heat, power and change... and not all worked together.]

The view from the fourth floor of his apartment wasn’t great but it was poetic. So many stories happened on this street. Some beautiful, some traumatic. It might have been located in the shitty part of town but for a man like him, it was a perfect distraction. But like all distractions, it had to come to an end.

A cloud of smoke filled the small room, obscuring his view of the window for only a moment. He pushed himself off the tattered arm chair and snuffed the cigarette into the tray beside him. It was Friday night. Time for his usual drunken party of one. There was going to be an obscure band at the bar he usually frequented which was the most interesting thing to happen this week. Maybe a new face to gauke at. Damn... it’s been so long since he had a new body. Unfortunatley, once you know everyone on this fucking block, you only see the same folks at the same bar.

Delgado grabbed his familiar leather jacket off the floor and slipped it on as he exited the apartment. He lit another cigarette as he took the metal steps down to the ground floor and out onto the lit sidewalks. The Wreck Bar wasn’t too far, a few blocks maybe. It only took him about twenty minutes to walk. Plenty of time to cool his body temperature.

The city was often busy around 9:00pm. The nightlife was one of the only things you can do around this end and many took advantage of that. There was a crowd forming ahead, making him slightly weary. When they brushed his shoulder, their smell filled his nostrils. Hot blood and pheromones. He could smell a lot about a person especially when tensions were high. It’s the kind of thing that brought the monster out to play.

[right [i It makes my mouth water.]]

Delgado shouldered a young man, stumbling slightly and trying to control his breath. It had been too long since he’d changed. He needed to get out of the crowds. He needed to get a drink. [#cc000b “Sorry,”] he breathed, looking back at the brunette. [#cc000b “Rough start, you know.”] He took a step back and took a drag of his cigarette, feeling the nicotine put him at ease.
SoulDreameravery   1y ago

There was something about the feeling of the cool air in the night contrasted with the heat rolling off the bodies in a packed crowd. It made Avery feel more awake, more alive. Maybe that’s why he preferred the night. Not to say he disliked the morning but the mornings always seemed dull. He felt trapped in the monotony of the day. Currently he worked as a barista at some local coffee shop. The kind filled with a sort of pretentious air and the no time to stop energy.

Night time was encased in mystery. The feeling of wondering what could be around the corner. It wasn't as orderly, especially the local night life. Avery was used to the crowds probably due to the fact that he sometimes worked as a bartender. After all his dreams didn't pay the bills. Not yet at least, but hopefully soon.

Music poured out of cracks in doorways, through windows as he walked down the packed street. The notes beckoning him inside. Music had always felt freeing. He could get lost in the sound of it. Perhaps that is why he didn't see the man in front of him.
[right [i Shit]]

[+darkorchid "Wonderful,"] Avery muttered to himself, [+darkorchid "This is why your friends say your absent minded."] A voice pulled him out of his self monologue, it was a voice that seemed to demand attention in a subtle way. A deeper voice that made Avery's eyes curiously look at the other male.

[+darkorchid "Uh, yeah no worries. It happens man. Plus I could have been paying better attention,"] he shrugged. His eyes flicked up to the glowing sign on his right. Not only could he make out the faint buzzing from the sign but there was sufficient jumbled noises coming from the bar patrons. [+darkorchid "You going in? I can buy you a drink as an apology for being a space cadet."] he asked curiously. It was hard to explain but there was something about the stranger that Avery found interesting.

The man smiled through the puff of smoke, always inclined for the word ‘free’. [#cc000b “Sounds fine to me.”] He gestured to the bar across the street, following after the stranger. He put the cigarette out as they approached. As expected, the joint was a tad crowded for the local band playing later in the evening. He took his seat in his favorite spot at the counter, patting the seat beside him for brunette.

Without a word, the bartender set a dark beer and a whiskey shot in front of him, smiling at the newcomer. [b “It’s not everyday we get a new face, what can I get ya?”] Darlene asked, whipping out a glass with a rag.

As the young man ordered, Delgado took a moment to sink in the others' appearance before downing the shot. [i Oh yeah, that feels better.] Once Darlene had served his newly acquired drinking buddy and the hunger finally at bay, he cleared his throat. [#cc000b “So, what’s your name- what’s your story?”] he asked, his body slouching against the counter.
SoulDreameravery   1y ago

The bar was filled to the brim with bodies. People were squeezed against each other as they tried to move past. Though it did seem their were couples taking the tight space as an advantage as they wrapped themselves around each other. Avery rolled his eyes at that. He managed the follow the stranger to the bar.

It appeared that this other person was a regular fixture here as the bartender put down the liquor in front of him before turning her attention to Avery. [+darkorchid “I’ll have a rum and coke.”] he answered the woman.

Avery rested one arm on the edge of the bar as his gaze went briefly to the stage. Judging from the crowds and the posters with today’s date across them it looked as if some new band was playing. He was excited about that. Live music always felt energizing.

He chuckled a little at the others question, [+darkorchid “Avery McKay.”] he extended his hand out to the other. He took a drink before setting his glass back down. [+darkorchid “As for my story, I moved her recently. Currently I work as a barista. Before that I was a bartender,”] he said his shoulder relaxing a bit as he drank some more. The music playing on the sound system picked up in beat.

[+darkorchid “What about you? Your name? Your story?”] he asked with a grin.

Delgado adjusted his posture to reach out and shake the newcomer’s hand. [i Avery? Hrm. Almost sounds like a type of bird.]

[right [i Birds are easy and so fun to catch.]]

He took a long swig of beer before answering, trying to keep his mind distracted. Answer. Listen. Repeat. [#cc000b “Delgado Reyes. I’ve... lived in the area most of my life. I don’t really understand why you’d want to come to a dump like this but I’m glad you’re here nonetheless.”] He cleared his throat, watching the locals go into their usual lull before the band arrived. His sensitive hearing waning out as he let the alcohol warm him from the core.

[#cc000b “I run a shop just a few blocks from here. I fix cars, cycles, lawnmowers- you name it. There hasn’t been anything I couldn’t crack.”] Not that he was trying to gloat. [#cc000b “Sorry, Avery, right? It sounds like you like to mix drinks. Not a bad gig to be good at and plenty of hole-in-the-wall places to look into if you’re hunting for a job.”]

The man ordered another drink once he drained the bottle. He glanced at the brunette and smirked. [#cc000b “Don’t worry. I won’t run up your tab.”]
souldreameravery   1y ago

Avery put his drink to his lips. Reason for moving here? Well he could be cliche say it was for the change of scenery. He guessed it was kind of true. He liked to travel. Staying in one place for too long often made him antsy. Avery dreamed of adventure, of travel. So far the most traveling he did was moving to a new town for a bit. A relentless ex trying to get back together and not leaving you alone was also a reason to leave in Avery's mind. He decided to keep all these thoughts to himself though, it wasn't as if the other male had asked him to expound upon it.

[+darkorchid "I am not sure if it's that [i like to] as much as I am good at it and it pays the bills,"] Avery smirked good fashioned. A slight joking air to his tone. By appearances alone he was still surprised at Delgado's interest in talking to him. He looked more like the silent type. Though even when talking he still had an air of mystery about him. And Avery couldn't help but be caught in the net. [+darkorchid "Well at least I know where to go if my ride ever breaks down,"] he said as he slowly brought the glass back to his mouth.

He found himself clearing his throat after taking a large swig of his drink. He started to speak again, [+darkorchid "Then let me know if you see any particular job openings. I plan on being in town for awhile."] He looked at Delgado again after he ordered another drink. Avery found himself believing that this man could really run up his tab if he wanted to. [+darkorchid "Yeah maybe wait to do that until I actually have a new job,"] he joked a small grin lighting his face. It did feel good knowing someone in this new place already. At least there would be one familiar face.

The man chuckled. Avery seemed to be simply surviving without really a path or goal, similar to him. He may not [i like] what he did but at least it was a living... where he could talk and be around people. Being a mechanic, Delgado often spent hours alone with a piece of machinery which was for the best. Though he had to admit, he was enjoying a bit of interaction and he was sure the other was too...

[#cc000b “Sure, feel free to stop by, I’ll hook you up.”] That is if he didn’t fuck up the rest of the night. Delgado emptied another beer and passed his credit card to the bartender. Now he was certain he had to meet his quota for repairs this month or he’d miss another payment. He had to work on his advertising better.

There was a scuffle of noise as the band finally entered the bar, dragging in their gear and beginning the set up on the small, weathered stage. Delgado almost groaned as he studied the instruments brought in by dark and brooding characters. [i A punk band, maybe hard metal. That’s not good.]

[right [i Afraid of something?]]

The man cleared his throat, nodding to the group that entered. [#cc000b “You like this type of music?”] He almost hoped that Avery wouldn’t. A beat like that would likely trigger the hunger- [i the beast]. Delgado pushed the bottle to his lips again, trying to focus on the conversation.


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