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Some things just cant be helped

By Sf_Pappy

Replies: 378 / 26 days ago

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Meek little prey is always being sought out by big bad preditors. That's why you must always be careful. It has been like this for centuries.


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She nodded and messed with her hair
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 2d ago
"But still, we can" Rt said.
''B-but the devil killed him..'' She showed him the stab wound on her abdomen
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 2d ago
Raitoningu was shocked, but not mad. "Oh god, well, we can revive him"
''N-netsu i-is d...ead because o-of me....
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 2d ago
"Just tell me"
''I-its nothing...'' she felt like he'd be mad at her for what happened
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 2d ago
"What seems to be the matter?"
''Hi...'' Kenzie said quietly
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 2d ago
"Hello" Rt (short for Raitoningu) said.
She looked over at him
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 2d ago
Raitoningu walked over to Kenzie.
She rubbed her eyes
Kenzie / Sf_Pappy / 2d ago
Raitoningu, Netsu's brother who was a great angel noticed Kenzie crying