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By Burning_Heart

Replies: 6 / 27 days ago

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[center Name: Yuki Reaper]
[center Age: 15]
[center Race: Faunus, pitch-black wolf]
[center Aura: it is a blackish purple, that had to be unlocked by force]
[center Semblance: at this time he has none]
[center Weapon: he has a sword that turns into a scythe because he loves doing close-range attacks]
[center Personality: nice, quiet, dark, polite, kind, and loyal]
[center Backstory: Yuki had a hard childhood his mom died when he was a baby and his dad died when he was five, since then he has been working harder than anyone to achieve his goals, the reason he chose a sword that turns into a scythe, is because he has always loved hand to hand combat, but his original choice was a plain sword, he then worked day and night gathering the supplies to build his own weapon]
[center Other: he is insane (but never shows it), he is very put together, he has heterochromia, and he has insomnia]

[center Name: Qrow Ash]
[center Age: 17]
[center Race: Faunus, pitch-black wolf]
[center Aura: it is a blackish-red]
[center Semblance: allows him to turn into a Pheonix]
[center Weapon: he has a normal sword that his great-great-grandfather made]
[center Personality: Cold, distant, quiet, book nerd, fight-a-holic]
[center Backstory: Qrow was raised by a single mother who was a formal huntress, when he was a young boy his grandfather taught him how to fight, and how to use his sword, he has no idea what happened to his father, and honestly doesn't care, he would do almost anything to achieve his dream.]

Other: he loves to fight, he does nothing but hand to hand combat when he is fighting, and he has insomnia

[center Name: Raven Ash]
[center Age: 17]
[center Race: Human]
[center Aura: Dark red]
[center Semblance: Short distance teleportation]
[center Weapon: Raven conjures a bow and arrows]
[center Personality: Cold, distant, quiet, booknerd]
[center Backstory: Raven was raised by a single mother, who was a former huntress. It's because of this reason she decides to become a huntress herself. She has no idea what happened to her father, and it's not something her mother openly talks about, so she usually doesn't ask. She's very dedicated to her goal and intends to do everything she can to reach it.]
[center Other: Raven doesn't like to admit it, but she has a major sweet tooth. She will sneak sweet wherever she can and snack in secrecy.]

[center Name: Evette Mauve]
[center Age: 16]
[center Race: Feline Faunus]
[center Aura: Light Blue]
[center Semblance: Can take damage and deal it as a heal for her teammates, but can't heal herself]
[center Weapon: Two knives connected by a chain. Can be used for up-close combat and ranged.]
[center Personality: Outgoing, friendly, adventurous, kind]
[center Backstory: Evette was born and raised on Menagerie by two loving parents who were wary when she stated her desire to become a huntress. Not only were they worried for her safety, but they were also concerned about how she would be treated anywhere else. Still, she was bound and determined to help others, so they eventually allowed her to set off.]
[center Other: Evette hides her ears under a pair of darkened, oversized goggles, more for her parents' relief than her own.]


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[center Raven raised a brow as she turned her attention to the two people her brother was talking about. She shrugged before glancing back at him. As she'd stated before, she wasn't necessarily interested in making friends, though she was glad they weren't the only ones who were keeping it cool inside the walls. [b "Well, they're not jumping all over other people, so I'm glad to see someone else has a sense of importance."]]

[center She turned her attention to the man as he spoke, crossing her arms over her chest. This was going to be an interesting day for sure, especially when it was time for them to make their way outside.]

[center ~~~~~~]

[pic https://imgur.com/emz2SJf.jpg] [center Evette saw the boy beside her smile at her. She returned it with her own smile before keeping her attention forward, not wanting to miss a word that the man before them said. She needed to focus if she was going to make it through the school year.]

[center When it was time, she followed the other students out to the forest, wondering what exactly the man had planned for them.]
[center [pic... https://i.pinimg.com/474x/e8/e1/8c/e8e18c6427da17d0e1db0419c223734c.jpg]
"yep," he said as two kids standing by the wall caught his eye, "what about them," he said, pointing, the only real reason he was interested was that they were the only people there that were calm

he continued to look around when the man started to talk, he looked as if he was in his late 30's, with brown hair and freckles, Qrow seemed un-interested, all he wanted to do was take the exam


[center [pic... https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a1/3f/06/a13f0649dd3c2c62b48d2214718c5a8c.jpg]

Yuki noticed the girl standing next to him, he didn't want to budge her, but he did give her a slight smile, and looked at the man when he was finished he told everyone to make their way to the forest with their weapons...

when Yuki got to the forest, he noticed the brown-haired man was already there, Yuki then waited for all the other students to get there
RWBY 2 / FROSTBITE4395 / 18d ago
[center Raven shrugged at his question, glancing around. [b "No telling. Some of them seem just a little too eager. Wouldn't you agree?"] It was possible he didn't. [b "Either way, I'm not here to be friends with anyone. I just want to work hard towards becoming a huntress. That doesn't leave time to get to know others."] It was a harsh thing to say, but far from how she felt. She didn't mind cooperating with others if she needed to, but she also wasn't about to have any distractions. She was there to learn.]

[center Making her way inside, she took in the large auditorium, noting just how much had obviously gone into building the place. [b "Impressive,"] she mumbled, quickly shutting up as the lights dimmed. She stayed focused on the man that spoke, shushing anyone who tried to speak nearby.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[pic https://imgur.com/emz2SJf.jpg]

[center Evette scrambled to get up, dusting herself off before she grabbed her bag and made her way towards the auditorium. She quickly attached herself to the wall, doing her best to keep a low profile. She looked up as the lights dimmed, her vision quickly adjusting as she turned her attention to the speaker. [i I can't believe this is finally happening,] she thought to herself.]
Qrow looked at the building with a straight face, "sure," he said walking up to the building, "what do you think the other students are like," he asked, looking around at the other students, with disinterest

the other students seemed to have weird weapons, while Qrow only had a sword, and he was okay with that, he just wanted to become a better hunter than his Grandfather ever was
[center [pic... https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a1/3f/06/a13f0649dd3c2c62b48d2214718c5a8c.jpg]]

Yuki looked at all the other Faunus that were at the school, one particular student caught his eye, a young feline, he smiled as he noticed someone bump into her, he then let out a sigh and kept going into the auditorium

Yuki watched as the lights dimmed and a man with brown hair steamed from the front, Yuki was very excited to finally be in the greatest hunter school known, but was also very nervous, but didn't show it, he then watched many other students gasp, as this man started to talk about everything that could and would happen, along with the rules, Yuki listened with a smile
RWBY 2 / FROSTBITE4395 / 21d ago
[center Raven stared up at the school before her, adjusting the strap of the bag that hung from her shoulder. She was finally closer to her dream of becoming a huntress, an exciting idea, though she didn't show it. She glanced at her sibling, raising a brow. [b "You ready to see what this place has in store?"] she asked, turning her attention back to the building.]

[center Other students walked by them, some far more eager and excitable than she was. She couldn't help but wonder if they thought it was going to be some easy ride. If they were smart, they would take their arrival much more seriously.]

[center Or perhaps she was being too stuck up about the idea. It wouldn't have been the first time she'd been told that, though it was mostly something her mother tended to point out more than anyone else.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[pic https://imgur.com/emz2SJf.jpg] [center Evette felt her heart sink as she approached the school ahead of her, making sure the goggles on top of her head were comfortable. She tugged at her skirt, hoping it wasn't too ruffled. She couldn't help but feel nervous. She'd wanted so badly to attend, much to her parent's distress, and now that she was here, she had butterflies in her stomach. Maybe it was because she couldn't actually believe she'd made it.]

[center Taking a deep breath, she'd only taken a few more steps when another student bumped into her, sending her to the ground. She landed with a grunt on her bag, feeling the contents dig into her stomach. She let out a small groan as she forced herself on her knees, rubbing her side. She glared up, though the kid kept going, catching up with another student. [b "How rude,"] she mumbled, reaching up to make sure her goggles hadn't moved from their spot.]