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By Kanedgy
Honestly I'm bored af.

Themes i will roleplay:

Fandoms I'm into
Tokyo Ghoul
Attack on Titan
Dragon Ball
The Promised Neverland (one of my favs)
The Rising of the Shield Hero
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
Akame Ga Kill!
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Seven Deadly Sins
One Punch Man

OPEN to ideas
Video ChatKumospace [Everyone]Gather.town [Everyone]
Catlover33     1y ago

I’m actually into Hunter x Hunter as well! My favorite character from the series is actually Kurapika and since I do like crossovers, I did end up shipping him with a Final Fantasy character. I would actually love to do a Hunter x Hunter and Final Fantasy crossover roleplay.
Kanedgy     1y ago
Technoblade never dies

Ah yes, I see, I do be seeing sure. We can do that
Catlover33     1y ago

Alright! Now the next question is who should make the thread. I also came up with the name Hunter x Fantasy for the thread as well
Kanedgy     1y ago
Technoblade never dies

neat, and can you make the thread if you don't mind? I'm getting things set up with a kill race in a game for tomorrow
Catlover33     1y ago

Catlover33     1y ago

If this doesn't work then we might have a problem. However, you can find it on the new roleplays segment since I made the thread.


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