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The Kingdoms of Aniash and Marrariux have always held an uneasy peace.

Aniash has always been seen as a great Kingdom. A Kingdom with rulers who were fair to their subjects. All their people were treated as equals, the rulers wise and willing to people's needs before their own.
Marrariux, considered to be a darker, more malevolent Kingdom compared to the bright Aniash, sought obedience from its subjects by fear and complete dominance. Those who even whispered thoughts of rebellion, were swiftly silenced.

Now the greed of the Kingdom Marrariux had been known for quite a long time. Their Overlord constantly seeking to conquer new lands from those less fortunate. Each land they took, more and more people suffered.

How they were able to swiftly spread and dominate, well, that power laid with the great and mighty Dragon Riders. These mounted forces were unopposed as they struck the unsuspecting victims from the skies above. None could stand against such an onslaught of the great beasts.


As Marrariux territory grew, the Kingdom of Aniash began to grow worried. They too had Dragon Riders, but their numbers seemed so few compared to the might of the dark Marrariux.

They knew, it would only be a matter of time before the shadow of the Overlord would stretch outwards, to claim their bright Kingdom. The rulers of Aniash seek to discourage this, but they knew it will only be a matter of time before their peace would come to an end...


War would come, where man and dragon take to the skies in bloody conflict...

The dawn of Savage Skies arises...

Other Info

Not as detailed as some of my other RP story ideas, but the idea is there

Might try a chapter style of writing this, just so the story can hopefully be kept going and interesting.

I am willing to make this either a 1x1 or group


~Fighting will be happening
~Absolutely NO godmodding
If I see any of this, I will kick you out
~Images, I prefer anime/illustrated, but you are welcome to use what you are most comfortable with
~Mature RP, meaning cursing, violence, etc.
~Multiple characters are allowed
~We'll start with waiting for at least 2 people to post before you
If it comes down to it, I may make a posting order
~Posting, take your time
I understand RL comes first, as it sometimes takes me a few days to post
~If you are going to be gone for a lengthy amount of time, please PM me
~You must PM me a skelly first before requesting access
Just request without a skelly, instantly denied
~This RP is open to ideas, have a twist you wanna add, run it by me. Always open to discussing and having everyone pitch an idea in
~Most of all...HAVE FUN!!!!!!

If you have any question or the such, feel free to message me
Thank you

Character Skeleton

*Rider Skeleton*

Race: (human, elf, etc. Would like this kept to human/humanoid races. Questions, simply ask)
Kingdom: (Aniash or Marrariux)
Weakness (At least 1):
Mount: (Your dragon)
Other Info: (Optional)

*Dragon Skeleton*

Weakness (At least 1):
Other Info (Optional):

Accepted Characters

Kingdom of Aniash

Kingdom of Marrariux


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