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Black Clover a new story


Replies: 14 / 133 days ago

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1x1 RP


Sexuality: (optional)
Backstory: (optional)
Other: (optional)

Username: FROSTBITE4395

Name: Yuki, reaper, Yagi
Grimoire: 5 leaf
Age: 15
Nickname(s): Yu Yu
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Personality: kind, loyal, quiet, hard worker, and quiet
Backstory: when Yuki was a baby his father died in a war and his mom abandoned him, after that he was sent to an orphanage, all his life he's worked hard to become powerful without magic (he did have some), he's always been quiet, except for few situations, he's tried to protect friends all of his life even though he really only has one
Other: he loves hand to hand combat, he is self-trained with many bladed weapons and martial arts

Username: kenbloodmoon
Name: Astrid
Grimoire: four-leaf shadow magic
Age: 16
Nickname(s): trid
Sexuality: bi
Personality: cold, aloof, protective of Yuki
Backstory: Astrid was abandoned at the orphanage as an infant two days after his birth. He grew up showing promising magical skill. He avoid most the other kids except Yuki who he some how befriended when he was 2. He is determined to become a great wizard knight. He has remained at the orphanage a year after receiving his grimoire waiting for Yuki to come of age.
Other: won't admit his sexuality to anyone
Pic: [https://i.imgur.com/VTGHiyl.jpg]


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[+blue "hey yuki you remember that old trick I used on you last summer where you couldn't see me for our fight I'm going to use it on both of us now."] He said as shadows covered the two hiding them from sight as he began attacking everyone who came within reach of them he had to stay close to yuki to keep him cloaked.
Astrid / kenbloodmoon / 117d ago
Yuki watched as everything unraveled and looked, at everyone pulling out his katana, and giving a kind smile to everyone, as he got ready for them to attack the person they thought was the weakest
Astrid yawned as he listened to the man explain the test rules to all of the potential magic knights. The first test was a free for all battle until only 16 remained. Once they said begin he place his back to Yuki's as a shadow sword appeared in his hand and he smiled.
Astrid / kenbloodmoon / 117d ago
Yuki smiled in satisfaction, in the morning they got dressed and went to the magic knight exam
about an hour after being there one of the magic knights stood up and said "begin," he then sat down
(sorry I've been bored so i just edited this reply the last part may seem stupid I'm sorry)
He followed him into the shadow then out of the building as the shadow disappeared. He didn't say a word and just started walking to a random bar to celebrate at.
Astrid / kenbloodmoon / 132d ago
"oh, right," he said stepping into the shadow they then popped out of one in a building "oh, well a mean at least we're here," he said with a smile while stepping out of the building and walking "where should we go there are so many good looking places," He asked
[+blue "yuki have you forgotten part of my magic is shadow spatial magic?"] He asked chuckling pointing at a nearby shadow for him to step into.
Astrid / kenbloodmoon / 132d ago
"but doesn't it take about three days to get there," Yuki asked "wow, this thing is just my style, no real magic, and swords," he said in aww, he then shook it off "we better get going," he said with a smile
[+blue "from what I heard it's antimagic the swords of that grimore cancel all magic it comes in contact with. And of course we are going to celebrate, but in the capital this time."] He said smiling.
Astrid / kenbloodmoon / 132d ago
"Really, wow, what kind of magic," he asked as they continued walking, he then pulled out a pouch of cash, "shall we celebrate," he asked with a grin
He smiled when yuki walked out and looked at the strange grimore. [+blue "never thought I'd actually see it but I've read about it. It used to belong to the great wizard knight Asta."] He said handing it back to yuki.
Astrid / kenbloodmoon / 132d ago
Yuki walked out with a Grimoire unlike any other, he had a surprised facial expression as he and Trid started walking, he didn't think he would get a Grimoire he never used his magic, he then put on a smile and showed it to Trid, "It's strange I've never seen one like this" he said
Astrid yawned as he stood outside the hall he had stood in a year before when he received his grimore. He was waiting for the only person who matter to him to come out with his grimore. He wondered what grimore yuki would receive. He had two bags on his shoulder ready to head for the magic knight exam soon as yuki came out. they had been planning this for years now.
Astrid / kenbloodmoon / 132d ago