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I gotta get writing again.

By Straud
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It's a search. Let's talk my personal interests

First... I am seeking 0 Quick Plots (you do not have to use one of those, but it is a profile with a few ideas) and 0 "Literate" plot. For the Literate plot, I prefer we go over your RP genre interests and actively plan together.

Second... I require active communication in regards to any RP I'm in. I'm not saying idle chatter, so don't panic. Mostly, if you have ideas, or you're worried things aren't going the way you want them too, just talk to me. Shoot me a PM or add me on Discord, because I will work out planning and plotting as much as possible.

Third... You're real life has to come first. You are never obligated to apologize to me if you have to stop posting for a while because work wore you out that week, or you wanna spend that time doing something else, or whatever the reason is. You'll never offend me if you PM me saying "I worked 3 doubles this week and my boyfriend wants to watch a movie so I'm not gonna post for a couple of weeks while I recover from all of that". Like I said, I'll never harass you with idle chatter, but please just let me know when stuff comes up if possible.

Fourth... I don't care what kind of pictures are used. Just tell me what you wanna use and I'll probably roll with it.

Fifth... "Literate" is always in quotations for me because I sort of resent the word in the RP-sphere. I feel like it scares off protentional RP partners or belittles someone's writing ability to define an RPer as "illiterate, semi-literate, and literate". Can you read and write? Cool beans, you're literate. Don't do it well? To me, you're still literate. However, having spent half of my life with this hobby, I understand this is a deeply rooted short-hand in regards to the amount of detail and quality requested for a plot, so allow me to define how I personally see "Literate":

5 Paragraph Minimum with a paragraph defined as minimally four complete sentences excluding dialogue.

That's it. And even then, I am a quality over quantity writer. My samples can be found here so you can get a feel for what I am capable of writing. It's not super impressive, but I'm hoping it's informative at least.

Sixth... If you see an RP I'm currently in that you might like to try instead of a Quick Plot or an original "Literate" one, let me know. Be warned, I will only be doing this with any RP threads I have made, and not one a friend or current RP partner has made as those ideas are not fully mine. I think I have, like, four, anyway, so there's not much there.

Seventh... I will never outright shoot an idea down, but I currently do not wish to participate in horror-themed RPs as I have a couple I'm working on with a couple other people, and it takes a certain mind-frame for me to manage those plots.

Eight... I play male, female, trans, non-binary, agender, gay, straight, alien, human, mystical, whatever PC I'm excited to try. This means my RPs can sometimes be loaded with side-characters as I test the waters with sudden ideas, and this is especially true of 1x1 plots. You are not obligated to do this as well, but it's a cherry on top if you like to! I won't throw in anything past a minor supporting PC without letting you know, though, and I'll always ask if I want to pull another PC in for further development into the story.

Ninth... If you've made it this far, this is the current list of Fandoms I would love to RP:

The original Charmed - I have no watched all of the Reboot, so I'm excluding it for now. Bonus points if you like this.

Avatar the Last Airbender Universe - I haven't finished Korra either, as a warning.

The world of Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey- If you know literally any of these books, I will cry tears of joy.

The world of The Black Jewels by Anne Bishop - See "Kushiel's Legacy".

A City of Mist themed world - I like the tabletop setting, but I wanted to try it as a PbP idea first to see if I take to it.

Ouran High School Host Club AU - Fucking judge me I dare you.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Bonus points if you're willing to cross this with Charmed. Judge me harder daddy.

Firefly/Serenty - Be warned, I have not ready any of the extended media. I've just seen the show and the movie.

Tenth... Yes, I will also see your group RP, but I am less likely to join it as a warning.

That wasn't so bad! Just PM me your interests and we'll kick things off from there.
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StraudSamples   2y ago

I'm online frequently checking PMs at least, so I will do my best to reply as quickly as possible.


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