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Aileen Chambers
Sebastian was doing his duties as the Phantomhive butler and today he prepared the newspaper and the morning tea for his Lord who was Earl Phantomhive. He walked in and opened the curtains. "Morning Master, it's time to get up. Your morning Tea is ready and I have your newspaper." Sebastian said as he got the clothes for his lords day. In the Chamber Estate, sixteen year old Aileen Chmaber was being awaken by her butler Katrina Phantom. "Morning Mistress, I have your things ready and your tea." Katrina said as Aileen yawned "Anything from the Queen yet?" Aileen asked and Katrina smiled "Not yet but I'm sure that you will be receiving something new. Though your on the news paper or rather the Queen's doll solving the case is on the newspaper." Katrina said as she prepared her tea in a cup and handed it to her. "Earl Grey, nice aroma it has to it." Aileen said taking a sip and she set it aside as she got up and chose her dress for the day as she looked in the mirror. "The blue one today, Mistress?" Katrina asked and Aileen nod as she let Katrina help her get dressed. Grell was a Grim Reaper and he/she (depends on preference) was walking in the human realm disguised as a butler. Madam Red was the one Grell served but when Grell wasn't always staying in disguise and went around the Grim reaper society.


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