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hot girl bummer [K1NG0FH3LL]

By SmileBright

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Tarren lives each day as its her last; partying, trying anything at least once. She swears like a sailor and can outdrink anyone who dares challenge her. One night, while working her shift as a bartender, someone catches her eye. The two seem to hit it off well, partying well into the night after Tarren's shift ends. The two exchange numbers, and plan to see eachother again. Sound perfect, right? The only problem, his girlfriend doesn't seem to like the fact that her boyfriend is hanging out with another girl. Will the two start to sneak around to see eachother? Will they leave their partner for Tarren?
Let's find out together!

I would be playing Tarren, so I would need someone to play the boyfriend who likes Tarren.


-PLEASE BE 21+. The characters are that age and I prefer to write with someone my own age. There are mature themes and language and it is a comfort thing for me as an educator.
-Real Photos Please. Something that isn't too big, doesn’t have a watermark, and fits the personality of your character. I am more than happy to assist in finding a photo and I can edit it for you as well if need be.
-I can write anywhere from 1000 Characters to 1000 Words. I ask that you stick to AT LEAST 1000-1500 Characters a post.
-Please PM me a skeleton and I will accept before requesting access to the roleplay. Otherwise, I will refuse. Title your PM with the title of this roleplay.
-Please PM me and let me know if you have any twists or turns you want to add. I love and encourage it!
-Please post at least one a week. I’ll let you know if it will take me longer than that, and I expect the same on your end.
-PLEASE do not steal this plot. I've been working on this for a while. Please accept that and do not steal it.
-Let’s have fun!

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Tarren Mae Foxx|25|Bartender|hot girl bummer-Our Last Night & Strip That Down-Liam Payne

Muse B: Male- Taken
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The sun shone through the window, waking Tarren from her sleep. She was twisted up in her blankets, the spot next to her empty, as expected. The night before there had been someone in the bed, but they left before she even woke up, and she was somewhat grateful she didn’t have to kick someone out this morning. As the pounding from her drunken state, she sat up grabbing a bottle of water and a bottle of Advil she always left on her nightstand to dull the pain in her head. She threw an oversized t-shirt over her as she exited the bedroom to her kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. She didn’t have to work until that night, so the woman had all morning to nurse her headache before doing the whole thing over again. She knew it being a Saturday that she would most likely make a ton of tips that night, and she couldn’t wait to do her thing at work.

Tarren Mae had always been a wild kid. Started sneaking out and smoking with friends at 16, and then started going to small concerts in basements with cheap alcohol when she was 17. Now that she worked at a bar, she could indulge in all her vices in the club/bar scene every night, while getting paid for it. Since Tarren was such a smooth talker and could hook anyone into a conversation, she was able to get her fix on intimacy as often as she needed. Man or woman, it didn’t really matter to her, as long as they caught her eye. She hadn’t been turned down yet.

Tarren spent her day doing very little actually. She watched some TV, caught up on things she needed to get done so she would be able to let loose and focus on work and partying afterwards. Once it got to about 5, she knew she had to start getting ready for her night. She took a shower, cleaning the night before off of her body and then wrapped herself in a fluffy towel. She changed into a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, with a tight black t-shirt, throwing on a black and white buffalo plaid flannel on top as well. She knew the club would be hot and she would discard it, but it fit with her outfit for now. She put on her black sneakers, and even added a black choker to her outfit as well. She did a full face of makeup, adding a dark red lipstick to her lips as well. She straightened her now dry hair, giving herself a smile in the mirror.

The woman always made sure she ate something before going out, knowing the food at the bar she worked at was shitty bar food. She made a stir fry, knowing she would make enough to have some more tomorrow, and ate that while scrolling through her phone to see if anyone was planning on having a party that night. If she couldn’t find a house party, she would usually just spend her night at her own bar, knowing the place was open until the wee-hours of the morning, especially on a weekend. She brushed her teeth before grabbing her keys and phone and headed out the door to her small black Honda to drive over to work.

Tarren clocked into work, smiling as she realized she’d be working with her favorite co-workers. She knew that they wouldn’t bug her if she wanted to step outside to smoke a cigarette or if she wanted to get a little high before work. She clocked in before heading out the back door, and shared a blunt with a co-worker who she was pretty close with. She reentered, washing her hands and popping a piece of gum in her mouth before setting up the bar for the night.

The night had started, and Tarren was thrilled there seemed to be a birthday party tonight. That meant tons of tips and tons of people to flirt with, if anyone caught her eye. She was making pretty good money and handing out drinks pretty quickly before looking over and seeing someone she had never seen before. She headed over, laying on the charm as he caught her eye. [i “Hey, I’m Tarren. What can I start ya off with tonight?”] Tarren spoke, winking at the male with her words. [i “I can get you a menu if you need one.”] she spoke as she leaned over the bar slightly, sliding over the colorful laminated menu of cocktails and drafts that lined the walls of the bar.
K1NG0FH3LL     1y ago

Nate's eyes opened to the smell of bacon and other aromas filling the bedroom's air. He looked around groggily, the bed empty as it always was in the morning. He put his hand to his forehead, letting out a tired yawn before pushing his body from the warm and cozy bed. Standing up, he lifted his arms above his head, letting his entire body pop and move back into place before exiting the room and making his way through the short hall into the kitchen. "Why are you up so early?" Nate asked, looking at the girl standing at the stove. She didn't turn around or make any eye contact with him. The two had been up late fighting like they so often did now-a-days. They hardly needed a reason now. She had gotten a little too drunk the night before and decided she wanted to pick a fight over a few dishes in the sink. He had been irritated with her, which only upset her more and things ended in a screaming match.

Nate crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the door frame. "You don't want to talk to me?" he asked, leaning his head against the frame with an audible sigh. He could see her dishing up a plate for him and this was typically how she apologized for acting up. She had finally turned, a cup of coffee in her hand and a sad expression on her face.
[+r "I'm sorry, Nate. I was drunk and I was annoyed because of Emily and I brought it home."] she frowned, moving towards him with a small sigh. [+r "I didn't mean to pick a fight."] she said, handing him the cup of coffee before wrapping her arms around his torso.
Nate looked down at her and pushed himself slightly off the door frame, grabbing the cup from her before wrapping an arm around her shoulder. There wasn't much he could do about it now, the fight had passed and now she was apologizing. "It's okay. Took me off guard a bit.. but we're passed it now." he spoke, lifting his shoulders a bit with an inhale. He took a sip of the coffee, moving towards the table.
[+red "Well I also made you a big breakfast to apologize."] she smiled, walking back to the stove and dished up the large breakfast, laying it all out on the table in front of him.
Nate looked it over and rubbed his hands together. "This looks so good. I'm starving." he chuckled. "Oh, it's Luke's birthday tonight, you want to go?" Nate asked, grabbing a few things of every food on the table and started eating.
She seemed to think on it.. a little too much. She shrugged but then nodded. [+red "Uh, yeah I suppose so."] she said, seemingly a little annoyed. She always wanted to stay in. She preferred sitting on the couch unless it was a girls night out, but since she had done that the night before, she was always so hesitant.
"Okay, cool it's at 7. So just be ready for then." he told her, digging into his breakfast.

7 rolled around and Nate sat on the couch, finishing his beer and leaned his head back against the couch. "Jamie! Let's go!" he yelled, standing up to check on her.
[+red "I'm coming. I'm coming."] she groaned, moving out of the bedroom and walked with him to the door. They were late, but he ignored it, knowing she'd always take her time to do her hair and makeup. He was used to it now. They drove to the bar, walking inside to find the group of people and joined in with them. There were plenty of girls that Jamie could talk to so she didn't feel left out if the guys wanted to have a bit of a conversation. She had gone off to talk to the girls, leaving the boys to have their greetings until Tarren walked up. Nate turned his head, looking towards the girl and smiled back, standing up a little straighter. "Uh, yeah, hi." he smiled back, He looked down as she slid the menu towards him and grabbed it, looking it over slowly. "Uhh.. I'll grab a double gin and tonic and a... double rye and coke please." he smiled, grabbing his wallet from his back pocket and opened it, grabbing out a bill and held it out towards her. "And thank you."

Tarren smirked lightly. The guy in front of her was hot, totally her type. And seemed to be able to hold his liquor to order two doubles. [i “Yeah, I got ya."] she smirked, winking at him. She grabbed the bottles she would need, making both drinks he asked for quickly. [i “Starting out with two drinks already? What are you, some hot shot?”] she teased. Anyone who came to this bar on a normal basis knew Tarren, and knew that she wasn’t going to put on a sweet face for anyone. She was going to be her normal self, and working for her uncle ensured she wouldn’t get fired. Customers seemed to enjoy that she treated people like people, instead of hiding her real thoughts away. She plucked the bill from his hands, looking over at the male again. [i “You want to start a tab instead? Might be easier, not gonna stop at two, are you?”] she cooed, her voice smooth. She rested her hand in her hand, taping her slim fingers on her face.

Tarren sighed as she saw the big group of guys enter the bar, clearly a bit high from the smell they brought in. A man, a regular she wasn't a huge fan of, slammed a fifty-dollar bill on the table, [b "A round of tequila shots for us, Tarren. Damn, do you look sexy tonight."] he smirked at Tarren, licking his lips.

If looks could kill, Tarren would have killed that guy on the spot. [i "Keep my name out of your fucking mouth, Derek,"] she spoke, taking the cash and ringing them up a round of shots. Sure, he overpaid for them, but that just meant more tips Tarren would keep for herself. [i "Give me a moment,"] she spoke to Nate, sliding the tip into her shirt, before setting up the shot glasses and pouring them all a shot of Baileys, placing a wine wedge with each and a small bowl of salt for them to use. She walked over to Nate, leaning over.

[i "How pissed do you think they'll be when they notice I gave them Bailey's instead?"] Tarren said. She couldn't wait to see them assume it'd be tequila when the lime juice from the wedge would cause the Baileys to curdle in their mouths instantly.

Tarren saw Derek lock eyes with her, realizing she messed with him on a bad day. [b "You're a dead man, Tarren!"] he spoke. [i "Fuck."] she spoke, shock crossing her face as the guy came after her. She gave him the bird, before ducking under the bar as he tried to swing at her before security dragged him out of the bar, Derek throwing curses toward the bartender. [i "That was close."] she smirked, taking another look at the male as she bit on lip lightly.

[i “Well, it’s a little rude for you to not tell me your name after I already told you mine? Unless you’re trying to be some mysterious man at the bar, which is a pretty shitty cliche, if you ask me.”] Tarren teased, using any technique she could to keep this guy around.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate watched her make the drinks and exhaled deeply. He looked over at his friends, watching them making the same reactions to the bartender than he did. She was gorgeous and scary all at once. It was intimidating and exciting and Nate was already having a fantastic time and she hardly said a few words to him. "Yeah, I wish." he commented, about to let her know one was for his girlfriend until the guys walked in. He looked over, the men were larger and clearly very aggressive. He watched her pour them straight Bailey's and lime and come back over. He watched them all chuck it back and make faces. "I don't think they took it well." he commented, watching the large guy walk over to her and swing. Nate took a couple steps back, watching the whole thing unfold and shook his head. She was absolutely wild. He wasn't used to the behavior and while it caught him off guard, he was weirdly into it.

As she addressed him again, he took a sip of his drink and exhaled lightly. "Yeah, no that's not me." he laughed a little before looking back towards his friends then back at Tarren. "I'm Nathan. Or Nate. Whatever you prefer." he spoke. He could feel Jamie's eyes burrowing into the back of his head and he knew she'd be up in a second to make sure her presence was known. She was a little hot headed but she wasn't as confrontational as she liked to think she was. He felt her hand snake around his arm before reaching across him to grab the Gin and Tonic he had ordered her.
[+red "Thanks, babe."] she spoke, turning her attention off of Tarren finally and towards him. She knew what was happening and she knew she needed to keep his eyes on her tonight.

Nate looked down towards her and looked up towards Tarren again before back down at Jamie. "Yeah, no problem." he replied, clearing his throat a little. He watched her turn her head towards Tarren and watched her eyes move across Tarren, examining the threat.
[+red "Thanks for making my drink."] she commented, taking a sip from the glass before moving away from her, tugging at Nate's arm. She wanted attention now, but Nate was completely enthralled in Tarren, but had to make sure he didn't pay too much attention on her. He could look, but he had to keep himself in check. The two weren't on the best of terms lately so the attention of another girl had him slightly entranced with her ways. She was a complete opposite to Jamie.

"I'll be right there." Nate commented, looking towards Jamie. "I'm going to order another drink." he spoke, holding up the half empty drink. He needed some excuse to stay around the girl but try to keep it innocent.
Jamie looked up at him and tilted her head, starting to get pissed off. Nate looked down at her and looked at her drink. "Do you want an extra one? I can grab you one." he smiled. There was no way to change Jamie's mind but Nate wanted to make sure she knew it wasn't what she was thinking. "I'll grab a drink and I will be right back here to hang out with you, I promise." he spoke, watching her nod and walk off.

Tarren looked him up and down, biting down on her bottom lip. [i "Nathan huh. Cute name."] Tarren mumbled. She opened her mouth to say something else, before a woman walked over, snaking her arm around Nate. Her face changed to a bit of a shocked expression, before resting back to her normal face. Oh, Tarren could see. He had a girlfriend, and she already hated Tarren. This wasn't unusual for Tarren, most guys who had a girlfriend couldn't stand her. She wasn't going to hide her flirting, and would tell you straight to your face if she didn't like you. The girl in front of her clearly wanted her boyfriend away from Tarren, but Tarren couldn't help but smile as she could tell Nate didn't want to leave the bar just yet.

[i "Don't mention it."] Tarren spoke to the woman, her eyes narrowing at the woman as she walked away. She rolled her eyes, not really caring how Nate felt about it. Tarren didn't like her, but she wasn't going to let this girl ruin her night. But, Tarren enjoyed that Nate wanted to stay around the bar, even if it was for only a little while longer. [i "Another drink already? Looks like you can hold your liquor."] she smiled, making him another rye and coke. She was really interested in this guy, someone who didn't just catcall her all night. It was easy to see why he had a girlfriend. [i "Seems like the fun police wants to take you away already. Fucking shame, really."] Tarren spoke, locking her eyes with Nathan's.

Tarren almost got lost in her eyes, before sliding the new drink over to him. She shook her head, letting her eyes trail to the drink and then back to him. [i "Hate to break it to you, Nate. But I don't think you're girlfriend likes me too much."] she said, rolling her eyes playfully. She wanted to continue and tell him how if he spent more time with her, he'd probably be a lot happier. But considering this girl was already boring holes into the back of Nate's head, she left it alone. Tarren knew once her shift was over, she would be out of the floor and enjoy the rest of her night.

As he turned to go, Tarren took his wrist lightly. [i "Wait. When are you leaving? I was planning on partying here and elsewhere after my shift is over, and I think we could really fuck shit up together. I mean, the fun police can come, but she might kill the vibe a little bit."] Tarren teased. She knew he might turn her down, but she couldn't just let him walk away without asking first. She let go of his wrist, letting him take his time with his answer. [i "You can let me know later, it's whatever."] she spoke, running a hand through her to fluff it up a bit.

Tarren heard people around her start to call her for refills, knowing she couldn't give all her attention to him. She let her conversation end with Nate with a smile, before getting back to work. Tarren sighed, sliding off the flannel, exactly what she thought she'd have to do, and threw it over to the side. She adjusted her shirt to cover the thin line of her stomach that was showing due to the tightness of her shirt. She went over to the man a person over from Nate, who proceeded to talk shit about Tarren, saying she wouldn't be able to make a drink cause she was a woman. [i "Hey, asshole. If you want a drink, shut it. Otherwise, you can get outta here and you can go to some shit bar down the street and get a Mike's Hard Lemonade."] Tarren said as she slammed the shaker together to shaker the drink for the nice lady next to this asshole.

[b "You got a mouth on you for such a pretty girl."] the older man said, his facial expression showing he believed that was a compliment. [i "Ew, you're gross. Have you decided what you want this badass bartender to make you or I can get some apple juice if you're gonna act like a five-year-old."] she spoke, her words like venom coming out of her mouth.

Tarren let no one give her shit and wouldn't let anyone talk to her in a demining way. She would also protect anyone who needed it at the bar. She knew that bars were one place where people felt vulnerable and didn't want anyone to be unsafe if she could help it.

Tarren shook the shaker of the older man's drink, looking out to find Nate in the crowd of people. Man, this guy would not leave her head. Why did she had to meet this guy on a work night?
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate watched Tarren's eyes as she narrowed them at Jamie. He understood why. Jamie could be a bit aggressive when it came to girls around Nate. They didn't even necessarily flirt with Nate. They could simply be taking his order or scanning his things at a grocery store and she'd watch the female like a hawk. He usually brushed it off, though. She was protective and he had gotten used to it. He shrugged and finished off the rest of his drink to have the other he already asked for. He grabbed the full glass and looked over his shoulder as she mentioned how his girlfriend didn't like her. "Yeah, she's not really a fan of anyone, honestly." he spoke, rolling his eyes slightly at the thought of it. "She's usually not down to go out too much. Once in a while so when she does, she gets a little annoyed at everything." he commented. He didn't care if she didn't want to go out much. He liked to go out and have fun and half the time the guys wanted to go out too, but she always wanted him to stay home with her and watch movies and be boring. He usually did at that point because he didn't want to deal with the fighting afterwards.

He always had to wait for her to go for a girls night before he knew it would be a drama free night out with the guys but she sometimes came home with an attitude, asking if any girls had hit on him that night and was falling all over the place before she eventually passed out and apologized in the morning. The fights had started while they were sober too, accusing him of never spending enough time with her and so on and so fourth. It had gotten to the point where he had gotten sick of it, but he couldn't just say he wanted a break from her. He had no where to go if they were to separate and she'd bad mouth him to everyone she knew.

As Nate turned to leave, he felt the girl grab his wrist. He looked down at his wrist before looking back up towards her. He figured he'd be here for a while, but he knew Jamie wouldn't want to stay the whole night. She'd get sick of the loud music and want to head out in a bit anyway. "Uh, well I guess maybe as long as the birthday party is here, I'll be here." he smiled. "I'm not sure right now, but that sounds like a fun time. See you in a while." he smiled, making his way back to Jamie and the others.

Jamie looked up at him and gave him a look. [+red "Were you flirting with the bartender?"] she questioned, taking another sip of her drink.
Nate tilted his head and looked down at her. "Flirting?" he asked. "I don't know how to do that." he sighed, taking another sip of his drink. "I barely know when a girl is into me. I can tell you right now, I was just ordering drinks." he told her, shaking his head at her.
[+red "You drank that first one pretty quick."] she commented, looking away from him and flung her hair back over her shoulder.
"Yeah, it's a birthday, I'm going to have fun. Luke's had like 3 shots and 2 drinks downed already and they got here 10 minutes before we did. Why aren't you giving him shit? Okay, look. I'm not fighting tonight. We can talk about this when we get home but it's Luke's birthday, I'm not doing this." he groaned, putting a hand to his forehead. Jamie shook her head again and looked down at her phone, staring blankly at it now. Nate knew she'd want to fight about it later, but for now, he wanted to have a good night with his friends.

As the night went on, everyone had gotten more and more drunk throughout the night. Nate had kept a steady buzz going and his eyes seemed to find Tarren every once in a while. He had to keep himself on high alert from Jamie though. He knew he could look, but touching was strictly off limits. He had to be careful about everything. Jamie had come up to him now, wobbling around and looking up at him with drunk eyes. [+red "I want to go home."] she frowned, staring up at him and trying to hold herself up.
Nate wasn't ready to head out just yet. "Okay.. I want to stay here with everyone a bit. I can call you a cab." he commented. Her eyes narrowed at him before shrugging it off. [+red "Okay, Cali is coming for a sleepover."] she grinned, looking back at one of the other drunken girls. Nate nodded and pulled out his phone. "Okay, don't hurt yourselves." he spoke, dialing the number to he cab and ordered it to the bar.

Once the cab got there, he escorted the two girls out, getting them into the cab and telling the cab driver his address and handed him some money that would cover the cost of the ride and the tip for whatever the two girls put him through. He looked in the back at Jamie. "Get home safe, don't destroy the house and don't cook anything." he told her before pecking her on the lips. He stood up straight and watched the cab drive off before heading back inside and back to his group. He let out a sigh of relief. Now he could just enjoy his time without the risk of pissing Jamie off anymore.

Tarren could see as Nate and his girlfriend seemed to almost start to argue. Man, all she did was flirt with him a little, was that really enough to start an argument. She continued to move around the bar, making drinks as more and more people got drunker and drunker around her. This was her least favorite part of the job, watching others party and drink around her while she had to wait until her shift was over. That didn't mean she wouldn't give herself a shot or two of bourbon in her own glass of cola she kept behind the bar to keep herself moving. As Tarren was restocking some bottles in the back, her best friend and co-worker, Emily, found her.

[+pink "So, whose that guy from earlier?"] Emily said, teasing Tarren a bit. [i "He's hot right? Nathan, but his girlfriends a real piece of work."] Tarren said, trying to grab a bottle of tequila on a shelf just out of reach. Emily reached up with ease, handing it to Tarren. [+pink "Tarren, c'mon. There are hundreds of single guys here. Single. Go after them, not one of the seven taken guys here."] Emily sighed, looking at the list Tarren was holding and grabbed a couple more bottles to make sure they wouldn't have to restock more. [i "But that's so boring. He's really hot, and also doesn't seem to be put off by the way I act. And his girlfriend and him don't seem like they are on the best of terms."] Tarren smirked, to Emily's dismay. [+pink "All I'm saying, don't get yourself in too deep. I don't want to be the one digging you out of a whole again. Remember Edgar?"] Emily reminded her, and Tarren bit her lip. [i "How the hell was I supposed to know he was married?! He wasn't wearing a ring!"] Tarren replied, trying to defend herself. Emily shook her head, as the two girls went back out to the floor, the music blaring.

Tarren continued to work throughout the night, and soon saw the woman Nate was with leave with another girl, Nate walking them out. At first, she thought he was leaving too, but to her pleasant surprise, he was back again. She knew her shift was over soon, but she knew she couldn't just go over to him. All his friends knew he had a girlfriend, and she couldn't openly flirt with him around other people. She just hoped he'd need a refill soon, and was soon broken out of her staring by someone calling her over for another drink.

And as the rush finally began to die, Tarren leaned against the bar with Emily. [i "Man, that was rough. But most of that birthday party tipped pretty well."] Tarren said, taking out her tips she had slid into her back pocket. [+pink "Same, but I need a smoke after that."] Emily said, counting her tips as well. [i "Now you are speaking my language."] Tarren laughed, pushing the girl into the back room, as headed out the back door. The two pulled out cigarettes', letting the nicotine calm their nerves after that stressful night. [i "I know you said I shouldn't be dealing with that guy, but his girlfriend went home. And I just want to get to know him, please don't ruin it."] Tarren asked. Emily sighed deeply, before taking a drag of her cigarettes'. [+pink "Fine, your funeral if she finds out."] Emily laughed. The two finished up outside, and headed back to the bar.

As she washed her hands, she realized Nate had come back to the bar. This was her chance. [i "Well, well, well. I thought you were starting to forget about me. Almost like you were avoiding me."] Tarren teased, leaning over the bar to be closer, making sure he could heard her over the music. [i "So, another drink? Or are you here for me?"] she spoke, a small laugh escaping her lips. She looked the man up and down quickly, a smirk resting on her lips.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate found the group, moving towards them and put a hand to his forehead. "Great, they are going to have that house completely destroyed by the time I get home." he grumbled, looking over at his mostly full drink before taking a couple sips of it. Jordan watched him down it before laughing a little bit. [+green "Yeah. You'll probably have puke to clean up. Cali was stupid drunk and Jamie always pukes when she gets like this"] Jordan reminded Nate, giving him a grin before smacking him on the shoulder. [+green "I'm sure that'll make you feel awesome when you're hungover."] Jordan joked.
"I'm so very excited.." he sighed. He'd probably be forced into making breakfast for the both of them so they can nurse their hangovers together and spend the day sitting and watching movies until Cali asks to be driven home. It happened often, but Nate didn't mind too much. He was left to do his own thing while they had a girls day and he really liked having some time to himself at points.

Nate looked around, catching Tarren again before quickly looking back towards Jordan. [+green "What is going on with you, tonight. You've been mesmerized by that bartender."] he muttered, watching him with a tilt of his head. [+green "You know you have a girlfriend, right? You have to be a good boy."] The tall male spoke, lifting an eyebrow at him.
Nate looked up towards him and shook his head. "No, it's not like that." he lied. It was like that, but he couldn't let Jordan onto that. "She's fucking wild. She had some guy swing at her earlier. I want to see what other shit she pulls." he laughed, making it seem like he was just interested in the entertainment of it, other than actually being fascinated. "She just doesn't give a shit and doesn't sweet talk you like other bartenders. It's interesting. She probably makes good tips turning it around like that.
Jordan shook his head and looked towards Tarren before looking down at Nate. [+green "Mhm... Just don't do anything I wouldn't do.."] the male half grinned. [+green "Nothing wrong with looking, Nate, but don't take it too far. I'd really rather not bury you if you did something and Jamie found out."] he smirked, downing the rest of his drink.
"You've got nothing to worry about. I won't do anything I'll regret later." he assured him, finishing off his drink. "Okay, speaking of the devil, I'm going to get another drink. Calm down." he shook his head, making his way back to the bar.

Nate moved to the bar, setting his hands on the edge before Tarren walked up to him. He watched her move, his eyes unable to move from her before he cleared his throat and leaned in a little bit to listen to her. He chuckled a little and shook his head. "I need another drink." he spoke, trying to keep himself within the lines of conversation. He had to be careful. He knew better but she was oddly intoxicating in the way she spoke and handled herself. She was the complete opposite of what he had and he just liked being around the energy. He knew if nothing happened, he'd have nothing to feel guilty about. He didn't have to act on his thoughts, he could just think them and no one would have to know. He slid the glass towards her, keeping himself slightly leaned against the bar. He figured, from what he's seen so far, a lot of people thought of her the same way he did. It was the way she held herself and acted that made people want to be around her and he was completely there for it.

Tarren smirked, listening to him ask for another drink. She started making him another drink, as she thought this was the only way she could get him alone with her. [i "Listen, I get off work in about 30 minutes and my plan is to go to a house party nearby. Free drinks and I'll even share a blunt with you, so free drugs too. Think you'd like to join me?"] Tarren asked. Tarren knew this was a lot to ask of a person, and it seemed very much like a date. [i "Not as a date or anything, just as a friend. There is something about you and I think you feel it too."] she said, pouring his drink into a glass, sliding it into his hand. Tarren knew this was wrong, she wanted to be at a place where no one would know the situation between them. Her mindset was wrong, she hoped that they would both be drunk enough to forget about the world around them. But, when had she ever cared about what other people thought or if she was being a bad person. This was kind of her thing.

[i "No need to tell me now. You got 30 minutes, hot shot."] Tarren said, bringing her face the closest it had been to his yet. She pushed herself back behind the bar, walking over to another couple and started making drinks for them, sending a wink toward him. After making the drinks for the couple, Tarren walked over to Emily, who was giving her a condescending look. [+pink "Just getting to know him, my ass. You are digging a hole Tarr."] Emily said, pulling Tarren closer to her. [+pink "He's in a relationship."] Emily said, plain and simple. Tarren knew what she was saying was true. [i "I know I know. But there is something about him."] Tarren said, cleaning some of the glasses at the sink.

Tarren's shift had ended pretty uneventful. She double checked her friend gave her the address to the house party, and made sure she finished all of the extra work so the bar was stocked before she left. She said by to Emily and the other bartender before leaning against the door of the bar. She locked eyes with Nate, pointing at the door. If he wanted to go with her, he would have to come now. She'd leave without him, she'd find someone else to fuck around with. But she didn't want that. She barely knew him and he was enticing to her. He enjoyed how she acted, she wasn't scared off. He didn't treat her like she was 'one of the boys', as most regulars did. She was enticing to him, and he was a nice guy who kept coming back. Something special was there, but she understood if he didn't follow her.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate listened to her speak. He bit at his lower lip as she talked about this house party and what she was offering. He grabbed his drink and shrugged his shoulders. He was fighting an inner battle with himself on going or not going. He wasn't ready to go home, but he knew he would have to keep sober enough not to mess up. It was just a house party and she did say herself that it was just as friends. She had given him a time limit and he would use that to really make up his mind. He wanted to ask Jordan, but he knew the male would force him to go home physically if he did.

Nate went back to the boys, mentally weighing the options he had. He could go and have fun and actually make good choices. It was a house party and he hadn't been to a house party in a long time. He also wanted to spend more time with Tarren, especially as friends and get to know her and get a sense for what she was about. Then again, on the negative side, he could loose control and find himself in a sticky situation in his relationship and all hell would break loose. He looked down at his drink, swishing the alcohol around a little bit with a small sigh as he continued thinking on it.

Jordan moved towards him. [+green "I think everyone's sufficiently drunk and ready to head home. Luke's falling all over the place and definitely about to pass out."] he commented, rolling up his sleeves and wrapping his arm around the drunk birthday boy's waist to keep him upright. [+green "We are going to get a cab and head out. You coming?"] Jordan asked, looking towards the slightly shorter male.
Nate looked around then looked down at the alcohol he still had occupying his glass. "Uhh.. I'm going to catch a cab later I think. I'm going to grab a little more liquor from the store just down the block and head out." he lied. He had decided he wanted to enjoy a house party for a bit and just have a good rest of his night before he headed home to go to bed. "I've barely got a buzz so I want to get some drinks and get drunk at home." he lied again, giving Jordan a reassuring smile.
Jordan looked him up and down and shook his head. [+green "I hope you do choose that.."] he commented before giving him a slight laugh. [+green "Because if you do something you regret, I'm not helping you."] he laughed, messing up the shorter male's hair before helping Lucas out of the club. [+green "Text me tomorrow and let me know how hungover you are."] Jordan chuckled, moving out of the door and disappearing into the cab.

Nate looked over his shoulder, looking back as Tarren finished up her shift. Nate finished off his drink and moved towards her. "Alright, I've decided I'll come. As friends." he commented, looking towards her with a sigh. "Because we have barely spoken a few words to each other and you're already a bad influence on me." he joked, moving with her out of the club.

[i "Well, I do have that affect on people."] Tarren winked, taking hold of his shirt and pulling him out of the club with her. Now that they were on standing next to eachother, she could see how much taller Nate was than her. She could also see how fit he actually was, and how his face was lit by the streetlights and how strong his jawline was. She continued walked with him, thinking she needed to start somewhere. [i "Okay, Nathan. You said we haven't spoken many words, let's speak words. I'm Tarren, I'm 25. I live on my own, fuck roommates. I work at the bar, and my uncle's my boss, so I can kinda get away with swearing most of the night. I'm usually at a party or a bar every night, and I know I can outdrink you just by looking at you. "] Tarren spoke, and halfway through she started walking backwards so she could look at him. She then stopped, placing a hand on his chest to stop him, their bodies very close. She swallowed hard before moving back next to him.

Tarren didn't like this feeling. She was nervous, she was never nervous. Why was this guy different? Why could she meet a guy at a bar and have a one night stand with him without learning his name, but she wanted to know everything about the guy next to her now? She was supposed to be the girl who didn't care about anything. Why did she care so much? She didn't even know him, why was he drawing her in so much. Of course, he was attractive, but it was something more. There was something more, like some connection they had but she just didn't know it yet.

[i "So, hot shot, I told you about me. It looks like it's your turn. And we are almost there, so get ready for one hell of a party."] Tarren smiled, hoping the party could get her out of her head. She found the door to the house party, tapping Nate to alert him they were there. [i "Guess your introduction might have to wait."] she smiled. She opened the door, the party was wild. There were drinks flowing, a huge group of people dancing together as music blared. Tarren smiled, taking Nate's hand and pulling him toward the drinks. She grabbed whiskey, pouring about half the cup full and topped it off with some Coca-Cola. She took a few sips quickly, licking her lips lightly. [i "Hey, I'm not working anymore. You're on your own."] she teased, getting close to him so he could hear her. Seems like they'd be in close contact all night.

A girl was walking around with Jell-O shots. Tarren grabbing two, holding one out to Nate. [i "Three, two, one, c'mon don't leave me hanging."] she said, downing the shot quickly. [i "Alright, where do you want to go first? Dancing, more drinks, we could go out back and smoke if you interested?"] she asked him, making sure to whisper in his ear this time, trying to test her limits with him at this point. As she backed away from his ear, she smirked as she took a sip of her drink, downing the rest of the cup quickly.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate followed her to the party, listening to her speak with a smile on his face. "Very nice. Fair point on the roommates." he commented. He laughed a little at her out drinking comment. He figured it was true. He didn't drink as much as he would like to but he figured if he was seasoned, he could drink her under the table. She was smaller than he was but he knew it wouldn't happen and he had to make sure it didn't happen. He stuffed his hands in his sweaters pockets, watching her walk backwards as she spoke before she stopped and put her hand to his chest, making him stop dead in his tracks. He looked down towards her as their bodies lingered for a moment before she moved back to walk beside him. He cleared his throat, keeping it pretty quiet so she didn't hear how nervous he actually was. He had to keep his head on straight but it was proving hard right now.

As the two walked into the party, he looked around curiously before moving his hands through his hair to smooth out and reshape the hair he had previously went out with. He hadn't been to a house party in a long time and it was a little bit of a shock to him. There was a lot of people and the music was pretty loud but all in all, he was very excited to be there. He was sure the last house party he had been to was in high school. He watched her pour her drink before making his own, feeling a little odd just taking alcohol but there was tons of it and no one seemed to care at all. He felt like a kid in a candy shop with how excited he was to be out passed his usual time. He wasn't even tired.

Once Tarren grabbed a Jell-O shot and handed it to him, he grabbed it and moved it towards her, hitting hers lightly before downing the shot back quickly as well. "I haven't had a Jell-O shot for a while." Nate laughed a little, taking a sip of his drink. He looked around a little before shrugging. "I feel like I'm completely out of the loop of a house party. I haven't been to one in a very long time so...just lead me around. I'm down for whatever you want to do." he said, looking around with amazement. "I didn't know people still did this." he joked. "I haven't been to one in years. Since high school when I wasn't suppose to drink." he laughed. "I also haven't smoked in a long time so I don't know how I'd be with that." he said a little nervously. Jamie hated the smell of weed so she didn't allow him to smoke it. "Act like I live under a rock... because I basically do." he joked.

[i "Man, I thought you were interesting. You're just boring."] Tarren teased. [i "The trick is fine rich people, house parties with rich people are the best. The girl whose party this is, trust fund baby. She's got money to blow."] Tarren said, grabbing a beer that was on the table, popping the top off on the counter. Tarren liked this, she usually had been with guys who were party regulars, and Nate was basically a party virgin. Well, he had been to parties as a kid, but his girlfriend seemed to hold him back from having fun. [i "You need to fucking relax, let's go smoke. You don't have to, but I'm going to."] Tarren said, taking his hand in hers, bringing him outside. She pulled out a blunt, placing it between her lips and lighting the end. She took a drag, holding it in her mouth for a minute before letting the smoke slowly release from between her lips. She patted the seat next to her, handing the blunt over to him. She had no idea if he was actually going to smoke with her, but she wasn't going to hold it against him if he didn't want to.

Tarren lifted the beer to her lips, taking a sip quickly. As she waited to get the blunt back, a male approached Tarren. [+grey "Ms.Foxx, what a fucking surprise."] the male said. Tarren looked up, rolling her eyes at the male. [i "What do you want, Tanner?"] she asked, bluntly. [+grey "Oh nothing. Just checking in on your new fuck boy, hm? "] Tanner spoke smugly, his arms crossed in front of him. [i "Damn Tanner, you such a asshole. He's just a friend, so lay the fuck off. I'll punch you again if I have to, and you'll get laughed at...again."] Tarren spoke, a smirk resting on her lips. [i "Get away from me."] she scowled, as watched as the male rolled his eyes and chuckled, walking away. She stood up to follow him, and stopped herself to stay with Nate. [i "Sorry about him. Ex-boyfriend. Or Ex-hookup, I guess."] she spoke, shrugging her shoulders.

Tarren took another sip of her beer, looking over to Nathan. [i "Well, I guess it's your turn to tell me about you. I feel like you've learned a lot about me, and I know literally nothing about you. Except your drink is rye and coke, and that you're really hot."] Tarren spoke, taking a swig of her beer. She said the last part, even if it was true, was to get a reaction out of him. She wanted to see how far she could push him, and so far he didn't tell her to stop. She bit lightly on her bottom lip, as she felt the alcohol slowly take over her body.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate shrugged. It was true. He was basically a toddler in the party world and needed guidance through the steps of having fun at a party. Jamie practically refused to do any of these things and he was left doing what she wanted half the time to avoid any arguments and that basically meant drinking at home and hardly going out. It was rare that he went out now-a-days and felt like he was missing out on generally everything party related. He watched her pat the spot next to her while she lit the blunt and walked over to her. He sat down next to her and once she offered it to him, he grabbed it between his fingers and looked at it for a second. He put it in his mouth and inhaled slowly, the smoke instantly hitting his lungs and causing a reaction. He hadn't smoked in a long time so he wasn't used to the feeling of the smoke in his lungs, causing him to cough a few times before he handed it back to her. "I forgot how crazy that hits." he muttered, feeling his lungs calm down after a few minutes of intense burning.

Nate looked up as the male came out, and started talking. He looked towards Tarren before looking back up towards the male that spoke. He leaned forward a little bit, resting his elbows on his knees as he watched the two of them converse. When he left, he looked up towards Tarren with a curious look. "You two must have had an interesting relationship." Nate asked, leaning up again as she sat back down. He looked towards her as she asked about him, beginning to think on what he would say. He chuckled at the last bit, shaking his head at her forwardness. She didn't give a shit about what anyone thought and it was interesting to say the least.

"Well, thanks.. Yeah. Uh, I'm Nathan and I am 26, I used to live in Australia for a few years before coming back here. I live with my girlfriend and as thrilling as this sounds, I'm a dental hygienist." he smiled, linking his hands together between his knees. "I've clearly partied very little, I've never had a pet and I could possibly be one of the most boring people I think you will ever meet, clearly." he commented, lifting his shoulders slightly. "But, I'm always willing to dabble in this type of stuff because my girlfriend doesn't like going out or doing anything other than sitting at home and watching TV." he mentioned, rolling his eyes at the last bit. "So it's safe to say... in party standards, you and I are completely different."

Tarren laughed when he coughed, [i “Hey, at least that means you did it right. Proud of you.”] she laughed, taking it back into her own hands.

Tarren looked over at him as Tanner left, sighed. [i “You have no idea.”] she replied. She was not about to get into that story. One where she was clearly in the right for thinking the two were in a relationship for dating for about six months when she found him in bed with another girl. She may have punched the girl, but the girl came up to her first. When Tarren said she was done, Tanner could only reply with [+grey [i It’s not like we were serious or anything. Stop being so dramatic.]] Which caused her to punch him in the nose the first time.

Tarren propped her head on her hands that sat on her thighs as she listened to Nathan. [i “Oh, a big boy job. Look at you.”] she teased. Tarren always thought about using the degree she had in marketing to pursue a job that would be more stable, but with her attitude and mouth, bartending was making her plenty right now. She knew eventually she’d have to find something better, but she was still young. She also knew no one would believe she graduated with high honors from an accrediated school, she she let it go. She could wait. [i “Hate to break it to you, but your girl sounds like a stick in the mud.”] she explained, taking another drag and letting the smoke drift out of her mouth slowly as her eyes followed it up.

[i “Hey, opposites attract though, right? But Australia sounds awesome. Were you born there?”] Tarren asked. She was starting to become invested in this guy, and she did like him. He might be boring and different in every way than any man she had been with before, but that’s what she liked about him. [i “Guess I’ll have to take you out with me more. There are so many cool bars and clubs in this city. We have all of this at our fingertips, sitting and drinking in front of the TV doesn’t even compare to some of these places.”] Tarren replied, finishing off her beer before putting the bottle in the trash. She had finished her smoke, and stood up. [i “I need another drink.”] she spoke, helping Nathan up before heading back into the house. Seeing some cans of redbull, she knew that’d help her out with how late she was planning on staying out. She mixed the can with some vodka into a solo cup, taking a sip of it. She licked her lips lightly, looking over to Nathan. He looked like he was feeling out of place, and she wanted him to relax. [i “Dance with me?”] she asked, but before waiting for an answer, she put her cup down and dragged him over where there was a space on the floor for dancing.

There was very little room between people and soon the space between their bodies was nonexistent. He seemed uncomfortable, but she placed a hand on his chest. [i “It’s okay. We’re just friends, right?”] she smiled, moving her hips to the music. She felt someone’s hands on her hips, moving his body behind her. She turned around, basically shooing him away from her, luckily he didn’t give her a hard time. Now that her back was to Nate, she decided to see if he would actually dance with her. She moved her body against his, leaving no space between the two of them. She ran a hand through her hair, letting the alcohol in her body take over for a little bit. She hoped Nate would be able to relax and dance with her. At this point, she cared less about getting him into bed, and more about him as a person, something that was very new for Tarren.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nathan looked towards her as she mentioned Jamie being a stick in the mud. He couldn't agree more but for some reason he was still invested in the relationship. Maybe it was because they had been together for a bit. "She was fun once, believe it or not." The male muttered, rolling his eyes at the almost instant change she had gone through. "I don't know what happened to her." At her question of them both being in Australia, he shook his head. "We broke up before I went. Figured she didn't want to be alone but she didn't want to come with me, so she broke it off and fucked around with some Brad guy.. like the idiot I am, I got back together with her." Nathan explained. He really didn't feel as bad as he did when she told him. He was devastated when he got back but after a month of her crying on his shoulder and saying how sorry she was, he got sick of it and just agreed to get back together with her. "We are in a decent place now." He commented, trying not to sound like things were still bad.

When she stood up, he allowed her to pull him with her, feeling as though he needed a few more drinks just to loosen up a bit. He followed her to the massive haul of drinks splayed out and grabbed a can of redbull as well and some Jager and mixed in a decent amount of alcohol so he could loosen up. He tilted his head back, letting the strong liquid slide down his throat before leaning forward and shaking his head. He hadn't drank something that strong in a long time, but he figured it would help his nerves calm quite a bit. He loved alcohol for that reason and in this case, being with Tarren, he'd need all the help he could get. He downed the rest of it, letting a shiver move down his spine and before he knew it, he was being dragged off by the girl. He placed his cup down wherever he could find a space and let the girl move him to what little dancing space they could find. He was no where near a good dancer and he basically had no idea what he was doing but he could feel the alcohol start creeping in on him and felt the courage of the liquid start to set in. He looked around him, standing still for a second before moving himself along with the beat of the music. The floor was packed with bodies and there wasn't much room to do anything but he figured he'd just make the most of it. As she put her hand to his chest, he looked down at her. "Right. We're just friends." He replied, giving her a reassured smile that once the alcohol kicked in, he'd be perfectly fine.

He looked around him again, watching everyone move and have a good time and before he knew it, he could feel a body against him, moving with him to the music. He looked down to see Tarren and inhaled slowly. They were just friends, but surely just friends didn't move like this against each other. He shouldn't be,considering he had a girlfriend, but he could feel the alcohol taking over. He knew he had to behave himself even if this girl was driving him crazy, even more so now. He just wanted to grab her hips and keep her tight against him. He leaned his head back a little and bit at his lip. [i "keep it together, Nate."] The little voice echoed. The male looked down at Tarren again, watching her move herself against him, making sure to keep himself in line.

Tarren noticed how awkward Nathan had been as she began to dance on him. She wanted him to dance with him, and she wanted to show him that he could still let loose. She could tell their was a wild guy inside him, someone who would fit perfectly with her, and all she wanted was to break him out. As she back was pressed against Nathan, she reached her hand up to wrap around his neck, before slowly sliding it around his neck and down her body. Clearly he was keep his hands to himself and she knew it had to be because of his girlfriend. But she wasn't here, he was just having fun. Tarren moved herself to be fully pressed against him, rolling her hips and letting her backside rub against him. She even let herself bend over slightly, letting herself press into him even more, her hips rolling at an even faster rate.

Tarren ended up turning toward him, leaning against his ear. [i "Why are you so nervous? Just relax. We're not doing anything wrong."] she spoke. Well, in her defense, [i she] wasn't doing anything wrong. She was dating anyone, but there was something about Nathan that was different from other guys. No one interested her like he did, and he wasn't turned off by her loud and outspoken personality. Why was it always the guys who interested in always already have found someone, constantly become an accidently side chick or a hook-out while they were married.

[i "Don't worry..."] Tarren spoke, leaning up near his face. She kept distance, but not very much. [i "I won't tell anyone. And besides, you're smart. But we're just having fun and dancing, right?"] she smirked, before letting herself turn back around. She pressed her backside into him, rolling her hips. [i "I'm not can touch me."] she spoke to him, leaning her head back so he could hear her. She continued to dance, the weed and alcohol colliding in her brain. She was starting to lose herself, which was normal for her, but she knew her decisions would not be monitored or thought out. She was notorious for hooking up every time she went out, and she hoped she be able to hold herself back from her new friend, she didn't want to ruin his life, even if hooking up with him was something she would want eventually.

Why was she so worried about what he thought of her, she had never cared before...
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nathan felt her hands move across his neck and then off him. He closed his eyes slowly and felt his heart rate increase and his body grew extremely warm. He tried to keep his mind off of everything but with her touching him and moving against him, it was extremely hard to focus on anything else. He could feel her hips move faster and he couldn't help but place his hands to her hips, gripping them slightly and leaning his upper half into her a little bit. He knew it would be hard to focus and keep himself off of her. It was just dancing though. That's all he was thinking. It wasn't like they were making out or giving into each other in the bathroom, it was just dancing, though it was driving him a little crazier than he was expecting.

Nate watched her turn around and looked down at her as she spoke to him. "It's a little hard..." He commented before clearing his throat. He knew he needed to relax himself and just let tonight ride out. All they did was dance, he figured it would be fine if Jamie had gone out and done the same, maybe. He shook his head off of the thoughts before focusing his attention on Tarren again. "Sorry, I can relax.." He replied. "I'm good." He smiled, watching her face come closer to his. He let her turn around again, looking down at her once she did and learned into it a little bit, letting the alcohol take him further and placed his hands back to her hips, moving himself against her. (i "It's just dancing") he thought to himself. He could control himself so far, he should should no issues through the night.

He knew tonight was going to be hard. As soon as he agreed to come out with her tonight he knew this night would be a long one. He knew he should have gone home with Jamie instead of chasing after this girl but there was something about her he wanted to chase after. He wanted to touch her and keep her against him but knew he'd need to control himself. They were strictly friends and he had to remember to keep that in the front line. Nothing could happen besides a little dancing.

He kept his hands on her hips, leaning himself against her and closing his eyes. This moment was kind of wrong but it felt more than right. He was enjoying himself for the first time in a long time, why was that so wrong. He never had fun like this with Jamie. Tarren was on a whole different playing field and he was really excited to see what the rest of the night was going to take him.

Tarren continued to dance with Nathan, and slowly noticed he was actually relaxing, and actually getting into it. He gripped onto her hips, which she didn't, but his touch gave her stomach butterflies. What the fuck was going on, she did not do this. She didn't catch feelings and she did not get butterflies from anyone. She kept her walls high, because she refused to be hurt again, like she had in the past. She had flings that came and went, but now this boy was doing things to her that she didn't understand.

Tarren's nights always started the same. She'd either meet a cute person at the bar and continue the party elsewhere, or she'd meet someone at the party. He nights, 9 times out of 10, ended up with them hooking up, planning to hook-up, going back to her place for the night. It was rare if she didn't get one of those three when she went out, but she had a feeling, tonight was one of those nights. Nathan, even if his girlfriend was boring, seemed committed. She seemed whiny and bitchy at the bar, but he still cared about her. He was a good guy, and here she was, ruining him.

Why did she care all of a sudden? She didn't care ever, and now, all she wanted was to be able to see him again. Was she coming on too strong? But, after she told him to relax, he seemed to be enjoying himself, which she was happy about. She knew she was attractive, and almost a complete 180 from Jamie, which maybe had been her appeal to him. He seemed more wild than he let on before, and she wanted to let him live a little. He could go back to his boring life tomorrow as he nursed a hangover.

[b "Tarren!"]

Tarren looked toward the voice, seeing her friend Cailyn. She slowly moved from Nathan, running to hug her friend before taking Nathan hand out of the dance circle, and pulling him to the side with Cailyn. [i "Nathan, this is one of my best friends, Cailyn. Cailyn, this is Nathan."] she introduced the two. Cailyn looked at him, before snapping her fingers. [b "I know you! You're Jamie's boyfriend, right? Jamie and I do yoga together and I have seen you pick her up before. We've never officially met, but she talks about you all the time. Is she here? I'd like to say hi."] Cailyn said, looking around. Clearly, she didn't see the two of them dancing, which was a relief.

[i "Oh, she wasn't feeling well so she went home. I met them tonight at work."]
[b "That's cool. Nathan, Jamie makes you out to be a lot...different than someone who goes to house parties with someone like Tarren."]
[i "What the fuck is wrong with me?"] she teased.
[b "A lot. But don't ruin him too much, he has a lady at home"] Cailyn teased, before waving to a friend. [b "I'll catch you guys later on, don't let Tarren fuck you or anything."] Cailyn joked, while Tarren's face heated up. Good thing it was dark enough so you couldn't see it too let.

[i "I either need a drink or a smoke. Have a preference?"] Tarren asked. After talking to Cailyn, she felt even worse about what she was doing. Maybe Emily was right, maybe taking taken guys to house parties with her reputation wasn't the best idea. Tarren walked toward the drinks, her balance off from her drinking. She took hold of Nathan hand, stabilizing herself before continuing to walk.
K1NG0FH3LL     1y ago

Nathan had finally relaxed, the music ringing through his ears and allowing his body to move freely as the alcohol was flowing. His hands still resting on Tarren's hips as she moved against him. He hadn't felt this relaxed in a bit. His and Jamie's nights out generally consisted of drunk fighting and accusations but he felt no pressure to walk on eggshells tonight. He heard the voice breaking through the music before looking over to see who was calling for Tarren's attention. He followed behind, letting her lead him from the crowd before hearing what the girl had said. She knew Jamie? His heart basically felt like it was going to stop beating at those words. What if she had seen them dancing, she'd out him quickly. He swallowed hard, letting Tarren speak for him before rubbing at the back of his neck. Of course there would be someone there that knew Jamie. What was he doing? If anyone saw him, he'd be screwed. Sure to him it was just dancing, but to other people it could be much worse and they could twist it to seem worse than it was. He pulled out his phone, a couple texts from Jamie asking when he'd be home. He slipped it back into his pocket before watching the girl take off again, still not saying a word. If she had seen something, he was sure she'd say something, right? But if Jamie knew he was out with Tarren, he'd get an earful when he got back home.

When she mentioned a drink, he nodded his head. "God, a drink would be good." he commented, following her to the abundance of alcohol bottles splayed out across the counter. When she grabbed his hand to stabilize herself, he gripped onto her, looking down towards her to make sure she was ok. "Are you good?" he asked, making sure she could stand up straight before letting her go. "Maybe we should go outside and sit down." he chuckled a little. She could have her smoke and he could have another much needed drink.

He grabbed a bottle and poured it into his cup before pouring in his mix and taking a long sip of it. With Caylin here, he really had to watch himself. He had to make sure he wasn't doing anything that would tip her off to Jamie. The two were just friends but one wrong move and Jamie would hunt him down and drag him out by his hair. He was already pushing it being out with another girl, but as long as he kept to himself, he knew there would be nothing that would set anyone off to let Jamie know. He didn't have to worry too much. Luckily it seemed Cailyn didn't see them dancing together, which was his main worry. He checked his phone again, surely the girl would have said something by now and he'd be getting calls and texts so he figured he was fine.

Tarren looked to him as he asked if she was okay. She nodded, but she knew her brain was foggy. She nodded, pursing her lips together. Mentioning outside, she nodded. The air inside was starting to feel suffocating, so she waited for him to grab his drink before taking his wrist and finding a spot to sit outside. The outside area, which was busy before, had become empty as more people moved inside for dancing and drinks. But it was nice, and it would actually give her some time to get to know Nathan more as well. She, of course, had gotten the brief life story, but she wanted more. More details about who he was as a person, what made him tick, and, if she could get it out of him, why he decided to stay with his boring girlfriend. The problem wasn't that Tarren couldn't hold herself back from him, it was more that she didn't want to anymore.

Tarren took a cigarettes out, and held the pack. [i "I forgot, do you smoke?"] she asked, letting him take one if he wanted one, and lit hers. She remembered him taking a hit or two of weed earlier, but was unsure if he smoked in general. Maybe she was already a bad influence on him, but whatever, he needed some fun in his life. Tarren began to wonder if she'd ever see him again. Sure, this was a fun night with a bartender, but she wondered if he'd actually want to see her again. He obviously was trying to stay true to his girlfriend, but Tarren knew that he [i didn't have] to come out with her. He wanted, or even needed, something out of tonight, and Tarren was ready to learn.

[i "Okay, Nate, I have a question for you. You clearly seem nervous to be here, you aren't someone who comes out so often and have a very...comfortable relationship. So, tell me, why did you decide to come out with me?"] Tarren starting, leaning in closer to his face, holding her cigarette away from him. [i "You could have just gone home, and, I guess, nursed your girlfriend, who seemed pretty drunk as she left, out of her drunken state. But you decided to go out with the hot bartender instead."] Tarren bit her lip softly. Her drunken and high state causing her to hid her attraction to the male, leaning in close until their faces were almost touching, resting her free hand on top of his.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nathan nodded his head as he followed her out of the house and into the empty yard once again. He sat down beside her, leaning himself back against the seat and looked towards her as she offered him a smoke. He shook his head, declining the smoke as he smoked maybe one or two times in his life. "No thanks. I smoked a couple of times when I drank but I don't really have it as a hobby. " he commented, taking another sip of his drink. Everything started to feel a bit more natural so to speak as he felt a lot more comfortable than he did earlier. He was with a complete stranger at another complete strangers place so of course he had been a little awkward before but now that he had some liquor in him, he was feeling much better about everything.

As she asked her question, he shrugged. He wasn't sure what possessed him to leave the bar with a stranger, a female stranger no less, and go wherever she took him. "Uh... great question." he chuckled. He figured it was because he hadn't ever done anything like this before. He wasn't spontaneous, he never randomly went out and went somewhere he didn't know. He was pretty predictable and used to being in his house, getting drunk at home while watching movies with his girlfriend. He never met a person and left with them a couple hours later and he had never met anyone like Tarren before. "Maybe because you're different than what I usually get. You're outgoing and you have fun and you don't care what everyone else thinks about you." he commented. He figured it was because she was the exact opposite of Jamie. Jamie didn't go out and scream at the top of her lungs at people or punch people or do anything that Tarren did and he enjoyed the change of pace. "You're a complete opposite of what I am and it's interesting to see what you come up with next." he grinned.

As her face came closer to his, he looked up towards her but his body didn't pull away from it. He knew he should lean back, keep away from her but she had been so tempting all night. Her smell and the way she spoke drove him completely nuts. He looked down again as he felt her hand on his and let out a small breath. If he wasn't trying to watch himself he knew he would have lost all control by now. He could feel the adrenaline kick in now and his heart was pounding out of his chest at this point. "What are you doing?" he asked quietly, looking back up towards her.

Listening to him speak, Tarren couldn't help but smile. The way he said she was different, it wasn't in a bad way, she could tell. He [i liked] that she was different. And she seemed to like how innocent he seemed to her. She enjoyed the fact that he was trying to say true to his relationship, as she was used to most guys she'd be with cheating on her if the chance was presented to them. But, Tarren was basically giving herself up to him, and he held back. Even with a little bit of a high and drunk, he held himself back for his girlfriend. Even if him and his girlfriend were in weird spot in their relationship, he still held back.

But as much as Tarren appreciated it, her own drunken and high state was having a hard time holding back from this good person.

Nate didn't pulled away as she moved closer, and that made her smirk. She looked down to his lips as he spoke, before letting her eyes flicker back to his eyes. [i "I'm testing..."] she spoke, as she moved back from him. She had been close enough for long enough, if he was going to kiss her, he would have kissed her. She leaned back and closed her eyes, before pushing her hair from her face, letting it fall back in place. She placed the cigarette between her lips, before taking a longer drag and letting the smoke drift out of her lips slowly. She sighed deeply, before sitting back up to look over at him. [i "You're too fucking good..."] she spoke, before letting a small laugh escape her lips. The word vomit was gonna start, [i "To be honest, I was hoping you coming out with me would mean you wanted more than just to get shitfaced with me. But watching you now, you are just such a good person and I'm kind of an idiot for thinking otherwise of you."] Tarren spoke, leaning back, looking at the sky.

[i "But I am really enjoying spending time with you. And I hope me being a fucking idiot doesn't fuck that up."] she spoke, looking over at him.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate watched her pull back and let out a breath that he had held onto for far too long. He felt like his heart was going to leap out of his chest and he felt like a couple more seconds he might have given in. He was trying really hard to be faithful to his girlfriend but with the alcohol going through his system, he was finding it harder every second he was with Tarren. He was pretty proud he made it this far. He liked spending time with Tarren and if he just had to control himself to keep this new friendship, then he would try very hard to make sure not to put himself into any position that might hinder him. He liked being with Jamie sometimes but she was a lot to handle and the two spent more time fighting than actually being in a romantic relationship. This night with Tarren was making him rethink things.

He was snapped out of his mind as she started speaking. "Hmm. My thoughts would say otherwise." He admitted. "But I am trying... you are making it very hard.." He grinned back at her. "But we are friends and I'd like to keep it that way. I really don't mind. I've met a lot of naturally flirty girls.. it's fun. Ego boosting. God knows I don't get that at home." He commented, his mind going back to his relationship again.

Why was he with Jamie? She fought with him constantly. They barely could spend any time in the same room without something coming up. She always accused him of going out and hooking up with random girls when he was out with the guys. She blew up his phone constantly making sure he remembered he had a girlfriend at home. "I think my girlfriend is toxic." He spoke outlook without really meaning to. "Sorry.. the alcohol is making me think a little bit..."

Tarren's eyes returned to the sky, a smile appearing on her lips as she listened to him speak. Really? She was making it hard for him to stay true to his girlfriend, he really shouldn't have said that. Sure, Tarren enjoyed the fact that he was being good, but it didn't mean she wouldn't be bad if it meant getting what she wanted. After all, she had a reputation to hold up to. And she wouldn't do anything crazy, she wasn't going to ruin his life. Tarren rolled her eyes as he spoke about not getting any flirting at home. [i "Than what's the fucking point? Isn't your girlfriend supposed to boost your ego? You're really attractive, and I don't know why any girl who is dating you wouldn't tell you that every day."] Tarren spoke truthfully. The fact he had to get validation elsewhere was insane to her.

When Nate said she was toxic, that brought Tarren to sit up and look at him. [i "Toxic? How?"] she asked. She had dated plenty of toxic people, men and women, and she knew how emotionally draining it was. How she would have rather left the relationship, but felt she had no other option. Was that what Nate was feeling? Did he feel like she did, like he couldn't do any better than what he already had? Then, he apologized.

Tarren laughed, leaning back. [i "If I'm being honest, you could do ten times better than her. She seems to cause you a lot of stress, even just watching you guys at the bar. But what do I know, right? I'm just the bartender."] Tarren teased, a smirk resting on her lips. She finished her smoke, putting it out and throwing the butt away. She was high and drunk, and was surprised she hadn't fully made a move on him yet. [i "Can I make you forget about her for at least a little while?"] Tarren asked, looking around, the entire yard still empty. She scooted herself next to him, their legs now touching, before she took hold of his cheek and collided his lips with hers. They let her lips moved with his, getting a little lost in the kiss before pulling away. She let her hand drop from his face, [i "Did that help?"] she asked, her eyes flickering to his lips again.

Tarren relished that kiss and would continue in a heartbeat.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate put a hand to his forehead and shook his head. "I don't know why I'm still with her." he commented. "But I can't break it off with her either. I don't know why I'm so stuck." he commented. "It should be easy but for some reason it's not." he sighed a little, rolling his own eyes at the situation. He should just text her, tell her he's not coming home and let her know what he's thinking the next morning when they were both sober and face to face. She deserved that at least. "We've been together for a while. Maybe I just don't want to see her cry." he groaned, leaning himself back a little bit.

When she mentioned that he could do better, he looked down towards the ground, his mind going every which way as she spoke about everything. She didn't know about their relationship but she was an outside voice and at this point he did welcome pretty much everything. He figured she would help sway his mind away from Jamie and tapped on his chin lightly. "Outside opinions are happily considered." he spoke. "I know I have to figure the whole thing out. It's definitely helping with the drinking." Nate said, lifting the red cup in his hand before taking another drink.

Nate looked down at their legs as Tarren moved in closely. He looked up in time to feel her hand on his cheek and her lips move to his. He was taken aback a little bit but leaned into it. His mind had been racing for so long then suddenly it was a quick halt as their mouths collided. He put a hand on the back of her head, leaning more into it and let her back off before exhaling deeply. "It did.." he spoke softly before opening his eyes and looking at her. He knew he wouldn't normally do this, but in this instance, he felt like he couldn't help himself. He wanted to pick her up and take her to the nearest private area and rip her clothes off but he had to slow his thoughts down which now were completely focused on Tarren.

Tarren thought he didn't want it, until his hand moved to the back of her head. She was able to smile into their kiss, before pulling back. He didn't pull away, he leaned into her. She couldn't wipe the stupid grin off of her face, and was ready to pull him into a room at this house and spend the night screaming his name. But, something felt different. He still wasn't single, he was still dating Jamie. But, she knew, there was something between the two of them. It was clear he wanted to leave her, which he could see, but it was harder than just breaking up. The two of them had been together for a long time, and Tarren could tell she wouldn't let him go so easily. She had kept him around this long, and there had to be something keeping him connected with her.

When Tarren realized he wasn't not interested, she moved herself back close to him, letting their legs brush against each other. Being near him made her heart hammer in her chest, and she let her hand run down his shoulder, down his arm as well. [i "You work out, don't you? You're arms are huge."] Tarren teased. [i "Are you going to surprise me any more tonight. Don't tell me you're actually rocking abs underneath that shirt and you've just been hiding it to me."] Tarren smirked. She wanted to give him the flirting and the ego boost he spoke about not getting at home. Tarren didn't even mind, at this moment, if he was still dating Jamie. She wouldn't even care if he would take him some time to break up with her, if he still wanted to spend his time and energy with Tarren. She knew she was what he wanted, or she hoped that was the case.

[i "You said you want outside opinions? Well, I would say...why don't you spend your time with me? I can show you what it's like to date someone like me, and you can choose what you think is better. Fighting with the fun police, or spending you days with me."] Tarren smirked. She grabbed the front of his shirt, balling it up in her hand before pulling in toward her, letting their lips crash together again. She let her other hand trail up his shirt, pulling back a little bit, their lips brushing together. [i "You have a body like this and you're hiding it? You suck..."] she teased, before moving their lips together once more.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate watched her for a moment and shrugged. He looked down at his arm with a grin on his face. He liked the attention. He got it from other girls before but he was always around Jamie and couldn't fully lean into it without getting the dagger like stare down and an earful when they returned home. He was basking in compliments right now and he was enjoying himself a lot more than he knew he should be. He allowed the girl to continue touching him, laughing as she mentioned the abs. "hmm... I usually just work out when I'm not working. Keeps me out of the house." he commented. Jamie liked him in top shape also since Jamie worked on her own body and figured it looked better to match body types as an outside point of view. Plus, Nate liked the way his body looked and figured if he gained a bit of weight, he wouldn't feel as good.

"Date two people?" he asked her, wondering if he could even do that. He figured spending time with Tarren was basically like dating two people, considering he knew if he spent more time with her he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off of her for very long. He let her pull him in, leaning into her lips and moving with her. It felt different than Jamie. It was like a complete 180 from the other girl. The way her lips felt and the way he felt kissing her. It was always a different feeling, kissing someone for the first time. It was so euphoric. He put a hand on her waist, keeping his body close to hers as the two moved together. "I can't just whip my shirt off in the middle of a party. Only douchebags do that." he chuckled, letting her pull him in again. He couldn't get enough of her. He knew they had to be careful. There was at least one girl at the party who knew Jamie. "We should... watch out for.. your friend." he muttered in between kissing her. He pulled back slowly, looking over at her. "If I'm going to do this whole thing, we have to make sure no one else knows. If Jamie finds out, she'll kill me." he commented.

Nate leaned back again, letting himself distance a bit away from her. He didn't want to, but he knew he had to for the sake of keeping everything a secret. He felt a little bad, but he kind of like the feeling of being with Tarren, so he figured why not. It was just to decide if he liked the time he spent with Tarren or he liked being bored at home with Jamie. He figured he'd like this life but it was a bit of a test in his mind.

Date two people? I guess he could call it that. Tarren knew that she already had the ability to drive him crazy, and she was ready to get closer to him already. As she pulled him in, she felt his hands on her waist, and it made her shiver. His touch was intoxicated. She laughed as he spoke about keeping his shirt on at the party. She wanted to be able to show off her body to him, show off her fully tattooed right leg to him. As he spoke through kisses, he smirked and rolled her eyes. [i "I guess."] she replied, as he scooted away from her. If she wanted this to work, and she wanted it too, she needed to work with him.

Tarren looked around, they were still very much alone, but it would be one person seeing them close to ruin this whole arrangement. [i "I know this is pretty forward of me, hell I'm always forward. Do you want to come to my place? We can be alone, and...get to know eachother a little more...intimately."] she smirked, taking hold of his hand. She heard the back door open, and Tarren jumped a bit, letting go of Nate's hand. But groaned loudly when she saw who it was. [+grey "Oh shut up, Tarren. I don't know you won't jut answer my calls anymore. We could have more fun than you could probably have with this nerd."] Tanner spoke, motioning to Nate. [i "I will punch you, Tanner. Get out of here."] Tarren spoke, her hands balling into fists. [+grey "Oh, sure you will. Bitch."] Tanner spoke. Before Tarren could even think, she had punched Tanner straight in the face, before grabbing Nate's hand.

Tarren guided Nate through the crowd, and out the front door. She headed down the street, knowing she didn't want to stop in case Tanner decided to follow them. She didn't even say a word as she ran down the streets with Nate, making her way home. She was almost home before she slowed down. She looked to Nate, a smirk in her lips. [i "Sorry, I just couldn't stand him anymore."] she sighed. [i "We are already at my house, if you still want to come over. Maybe call the fun police when we get back, so you can pretend your at a friends house, which isn't a lie. But, you can go home if you'd like to. I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't want to."] Tarren spoke, pressing her body against his, wrapping her arms around his torso.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate chuckled at her response to them keeping it on the down low. He had never had two girlfriends and while he felt a little bad for Jamie about it, he really did like Tarren. He knew the right thing to do was to just break it off with Jamie, but he just couldn't do it right now. He looked towards her as she mentioned going back to her place to get to know each other more. He knew he should just go home and get back to his girlfriend, but he really did want to hang out with Tarren for a while longer. He wasn't even close to being tired at this point. "Hm.." he mumbled before the two were quickly interrupted by another male coming through the back doors. He felt Tarren jump away from him and watched the male emerge from the packed house and towards the two. He listened to him speak, giving a face at the nerd comment and opened his mouth to say something. He quickly shut his mouth when suddenly Tanner was dropped to the floor by the much smaller male and his hand was grabbed. He followed the girl as she dragged him through the crowd and looked over his shoulder again. "Holy shit." Nate laughed, shaking his head. It was a quick reaction on Tarren's part but he didn't mind in the slightest, he thought it was funny.

At this point, Nate had no choice as to going home. They seemed to go for a while before she finally stopped and said it was her place. He looked around for a second then felt her body against his, instinctively wrapping his arms around her shoulders and looked down towards her. Go in or go home? He had in his mind to just go home and see where another night with less liquor took him. He'd get in far more trouble with Jamie if he stayed out but if he texted her or called her to let her know he was just out with some guys, he felt like maybe she'd be a little less pissed off towards him.

He knew he wanted to spend more time with Tarren. "I'll come in for a little bit." he commented, staring down at the shorter girl with a grin on his face. "I have to text her and tell her I'm with the guys though, or she's going to kill me." he commented. It felt like this might go sideways, but if he could be on top of everything, maybe he would have a chance to see what it was like to be with Tarren and choose between the two as quick as possible.

Tarren smirked, [i "I don't think you'll regret it."]. Tarren took his hands, and brought him to the elevator. She pressed a kiss to his lips quickly before pressing the floor button so she could make her way to her place. As the walked down the hallway, Tarren opened her door before letting both of them in. [i "I'm gonna change into something more comfortable, make yourself at home."] she smiled. She left to go to her room, assuming he'd be able to figure his way. Tarren's place was simple,. but with lights to change the room color, as well as photos of Tarren with different groups of friends. There was one photo of Tarren with a young boy, with the frame looking homemade.

Tarren undressed quickly, pulling on a matching set of undergarments, just in case. She pulled on a pair of cotton short shorts, as well as a low cut crop top. She had her full leg sleeve on display, which is what Tarren wanted as well. She came back out, and leading him to the couch. [i "I dare you to call her and tell her your at the guys house, and I get to tease you while you do it."] she smirked. She pulled herself on his lap, straddling him. She smirked, letting her hands glide through his hair. She leaned down, letting her lips press kisses along his neck, finding any spot he'd make a noise or move slightly and bite down on that spot.

Tarren pulled back, giving him a look. [i "I dared you, unless you're scarred."] she teased him, letting herself slide her hands underneath his shirt, before pulling his shirt off completely. She was in awe at the state of his body. She would never expect a boring guy who was a dental hygienist by day would have the body of a God. She let her hands drag down his torso, biting down on her bottom lip. [i "You are so fucking hot, babe."] she smirked. Once he was on the phone, he began kissing her neck, finding a spot that she knew he liked, licking it softly and giving him some hard bites and sucked on it. She pulled back, seeing a small purple bruise form on his neck, and started on another spot.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate followed the girl into the building and down the hall to her place. He followed her inside and closed the door behind him, taking a look around her place before nodding at her as she left. He stuck his hands into his pockets for a moment, taking a look around her place as he walked around slowly. He looked over at her as she came back and looked her up and down, a smile appearing on his lips. "Jesus." he commented under his breath before following her to the couch. He pulled out his phone before she crawled onto his lap, his hands moving to her hips before leaning his head back against the back of the couch as she moved her lips along his neck. He inhaled deeply and groaned a little as she moved her way along both sides of his neck. He lifted his head at her dare before looking over at his phone. He was a little worried about making a noise through the call but the alcohol still in his system made him think it would be funny. He had to be extra careful though. "That's dangerous." he commented, looking back up at her. "If she hears anything, I'm fucked." he commented, looking at his phone.

Nate looked up towards her before she was on his neck again, a smile appearing on his face. He hadn't gotten anything like this from Jamie since they began dating and he was obsessed with the feeling Tarren was giving him. "This is so much more than what I get at home... holy shit." he commented, feeling a bit out of breath from her. He looked at his phone and groaned again. "I'm so worried I'm not going to be able to do this.." he commented, putting on a straight face and breathing deeply. "Okay... fine fine. If anything gets out of hand, I need to hang up because I don't think I can even handle this." he breathed before dialing Jamie's number. He panicked a little as the phone began ringing but Tarren on his neck was intoxicating. He pushed his hips up a little bit, his body becoming increasingly more warm then usual.

He could hear Jamie's voice on the other side after a few rings, Nate perked up a little bit, his one hand on Tarren's hip and the other keeping the phone as steady as possible.
[+green "What? Why did you wake me up?"] Jamie asked, annoyed already. [+green "And why are you still out? Why aren't you home yet?"] she asked, her voice was groggy yet bitchy.
"I uh.. I'm out with a few guys still. We bought some more beer and we are heading over to Daniel's place to game for a bit." Nate replied, leaning his head back again, keeping the phone as far from him as possible at this point so she didn't hear anything. "I wont be back for a bit." he commented, trying to keep his breath steady and his voice as still as possible.
[+green "With the guys still? Why do you sound out of breath?"] Jamie asked.
Nate put his hand over his mouth for a second before looking at Tarren. He put his hand back onto Tarren's hip before clearing his throat. "Daniel's place has a lot of stairs. We just got into the place.. so we just climbed up some stairs. Anyway, I'll be home in a bit... I'll see you later." he spoke, hanging up the phone and shook his head. "I am not doing that again." he commented, tossing his phone to the other side of the couch. "That could have gone badly. You can't do this to me." he groaned again.

Tarren enjoyed hearing from him what he enjoyed, and how he didn't get things like this at home. This was definitely giving her points in her favor. She wished he'd stay over with her, and she could show him that even thought she was brash and bold, she could still do things that normal girlfriends could do, like make breakfast and just have chill days. Her days just mostly consisted of partying almost every night, but she had a feeling she might have to tone that down for Nate. She could show him she could be everything he wanted her to be, but she knew, she'd really have to work at it if she was going to try and break down a relationship as long as Jamie and Nate's. But he didn't seem worried or concerned about this new 'two girlfriends' idea, so she paid it no mind.

Tarren chuckled as he spoke on the phone, letting her mouth work is magic on his neck. Letting her teeth glide against his skin, biting down and sucking on different areas. Tarren wasn't afraid to be marked up or to mark other's up, a bad habit of hers some might argue. She listened as his breath would hitch, and she could hear the bitchy tone come out of the phone that was held to her ear. She could understand being woken up, by why did she feel the need to yell at him all the time. She heard their almost argument over simply getting a drink, she could imagine what Jamie usually put him through. She would show him what stability, affection and complete trust looked like in a relationship. Tarren had enough confidence to do all of that, and never expect the worst from him, like Jamie did. She had every right too, at this moment, but it seemed like this was something they argued about commonly.

Once he finally hung up, Tarren laughed. [i "Oh, but baby, that's where you're wrong. I can do whatever I want."] she smirked, before pressing her lips to his, before taking hold of his lower lip, tugging on it softly. Tarren enjoyed feeling his hands on her hips, how he made sure to keep a hand on her, she loved that. [i "So, like what you see?"] she smirked, motioning to herself. [i "I also like to show off my leg tattoos, they are my favorite. Do you have any, I don't think I've seen any."] she spoke, letting her hands rest around his neck, letting her eyes connect with his.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate leaned himself back, enjoying every moment of their night together. He ran his hands over her body slowly, breathing deeply as his body fell into a more of a euphoric state as she moved against him. He missed the first time getting excited and kissing someone. He looked up when she asked if he liked what he saw. He couldn't describe how much he liked the aesthetic she had going on. He loved tattoos and he really liked the fact she was completely different from Jamie. Jamie was a blonde, valley girl type who mostly got drunk with her friends or went shopping. She wouldn't punch out a guy who talked shit or do anything like this with Nate as of late. She used to be a bit wild but quickly toned that down as their relationship got more in depth.

"No, no tattoos on me." he commented, taking a look down at his shirtless body. "I've wanted to get one for a long time. I've talked to Jamie about getting one, but every time I try and get one, she's always got something she needs money for." he commented, rolling his eyes at the situation. He didn't mean to make Jamie seem so toxic. She was, but she had her sweet moments too. "She doesn't mind me getting them, but I never get the chance." he commented, moving his hand to her leg, moving his fingers along her tattoos. "I've always loved the look of a tatted girl." he smiled. Jamie didn't have any tattoos too but every time Nate saw another girl with tattoos, he'd joke and say he'd like to see Jamie tatted up but she'd just get pissed off that he was looking at another girl. Nate might as well rip his eyes out so he didn't piss her off in public. She was insecure for no good reason but he just brushed it off at this point, her complaining usually just became white noise.

"I should get tattoos. Work doesn't mind tattoos." he commented, looking back down at his arms and chest. "I don't know what the hell I would get but I'd get a lot if I could right now." he grinned. He pictured himself with tattoos. He think it would suit him to get a couple here and there on his arms and maybe a couple on his back. He shrugged, looking back up at her and leaned forward a little bit. "Do you have more I can see?" he smirked, looking up at her before placing a kiss to her lips.

Tarren sighed, another reason why Tarren didn't like Jamie. Why was she in charge of his money? [i "Why is your money, her money?"] she asked, her lips pouting. Tarren loved being able to be stable on her own, financially and otherwise. If he wanted a tattoo, Tarren would not be against it at all. She'd go with him. [i "You'd look so good with some tats on you. I could hook you up with my artist, if you want."] she smiled, letting her fingers trail down his torso. He'd be even harder to keep her hands off of him if he had tattoos too. Tarren shivered as he moved his hands along her tattoos. [i "Oh really? Well, that's me. I am planning on getting more, I'd like to get the rest of my arms done. Not sure if I want to do anything with this leg or just leave it as a contrast. I go to tattoo conferences too, you could come with me if you wanted."] she smiled. She never really had someone into tattoos like her, but he seemed interested.

[i "You should! Just find something you like and start there. I started my legs with flowers and now it's like a whole story."] Tarren said, as she stretched out her leg. She had large flowers that flowed down her leg, but around them were filled in with animals, shapes, even some words in as well. It ended down at her ankle and started at the very top of her thigh. When he asked if she had more, she nodded, before taking off her crop top. She had one on her ribs (the word adventure), two on her collarbone, on either side (two sprigs of lavender) , and on her hip bone (a simple cursive 'wild'). She showed off her tattoos, proud of the art on her body. [i "And my arms, obviously."] she smiled. [i "I love expressing myself off with my tattoos, having art on my body."] she spoke, she really loved how she looked, her tattoos gave her more body confidence.

[i "I designed a bunch of mine. If you have something you'd want, I could sketch something out for you. I'm working on this bee and honey one, here."] Autumn smiled, showing him her sketches. She had lots of different sketches, and some had already been put onto her body. Tarren loved to draw, but she never wanted to do art for a career, she enjoyed keeping it for herself or for people she enjoyed. [i "Give me a few ideas, and I can get a sketch to you in a few days. Even if you hate it, it might give you an idea of something you would like."] she smiled, opening a fresh page to write his ideas.

[ Sketch]
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate looked up as she asked why Jamie had his money. "Well I stupidly told her I'd help pay for anything she needed. My job pays a decent amount so I was trying to help her out. She kind of kept it going and just assumes I'll give her money for basically anything. I mean I don't really buy a lot of stuff anyway so I mean it's not like it's not going to good use.. I think." he thought before shaking his head. He had plenty of money in a savings account that he had just in case something happened but maybe he would spend a bit of extra cash on a few tattoos for himself. Tarren liked the idea of him getting tattoos and he figured maybe Jamie would come around once he saw a few things on him. She'd have to considering it was his money and his body.

As she spoke about her tattoos, he couldn't help but smile. He liked watching her talk about her tattoos and see her light up as she spoke about it. He watched her face before seeing her leg stretch out so he could see the tattoos on her leg a little more clearly. He looked them over, smiling at each one before looking at her arms and examining those too. He felt like he could get into all this stuff with her. It seemed like it would be fun and he figured it would be a good way to spend time together. As she grabbed her shirt and ripped it off her body, he looked down at her body, looking it over and biting the inside of his cheek. He looked over her tattoos on her ribs and collarbones. "Oh, I heard ribs are really painful." he commented, moving his hands along the tattoos on her body now. He looked her over and shook his head. She was stunning, tattoos and all. Her body was near perfect and seeing all the colors and designs on her skin just made her all the more interesting.

As she showed him the sketches she had, he shook his head and let out a small sigh. "Wow, these are really good. You wouldn't want to do this for a career? You're really good at this stuff. I could draw a stick man but that's the most I could ever do." he chuckled. "I always thought I would do something with art.. ended up a dental hygienist." he laughed. He loved his job. It was weird that he loved his job considering he always hated getting his teeth done when he was younger. "But then again, you could always sketch some ideas out for me... and I could get them done and showcase what you can do." he grinned. He was already getting excited about getting tattoos with her. "I'm really down for most things. As long as it looks good, I'll get it on my body." he smiled. He wanted to be tatted up with her.

Tarren enjoyed Nathan looked over her tattoos. No one had ever taken this kind of interest in this passion of hers before. She had hookups who were covered, head to toe, but never stayed around long enough to actually speak to her about it. [i "The rib one was my first, and it was pretty painful. I was skinnier too, so it really hit the bones good. But the pain only lasted the length of the tattoo so it wasn't that bad. I got it at like 16, I have a friend of a friend who was a tattooed. I told you, I don't make good decisions, I just have fun."] she smirked. If you could use one sentence to describe Tarren, that was it. She looked at him, pressing a kiss to his lips, looking down to him. [i "Also, you seem like you're having a good time just looking at me without a shirt, huh? "] she smirked, pulling herself in closer to him.

Tarren had always been a wild child, hence her hip tattoo. Her parents weren't in the right mindset, they were on hard drugs, to take care of her. She had basically grown up under her aunt's care, who cared about being a friend more than a parent. She just grew up that way, but she felt something with Nathan that she never felt before, in her whole life. Someone who wanted to be there for her, who took an interest in her. Someone who didn't come into her life and leave when they were done with her. She just knew he'd be here for the long run, or she hoped he would be. God, she hoped she was right.

When he looked at her sketches, she smiled. [i "Oh no. I don't think I'd be good enough. I'd love to do tattoos but that involves art school and school really isn't for me. But I wouldn't mind designing you something. I actually have a sketch that I don't think I am gonna use on myself, if you want to take a look?"] she asked, turning to another page. [i "It's not really my style, but you can use it for inspiration. But, you don't have to if you hate it. What would be something you'd like?"] she asked.

[ Tattoo Idea]
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate grinned she spoke about him liking that her shirt was off. "Well I definitely don't have any complaints.." He smiled, kissing her back as her lips touched his. He held onto her, loving the moment they were in. Talking passionately about tattoos and just being around each other. He would have thought a girl like Tarren would only want to do a hookup, but being with her now it seemed like it was the last thing she wanted with him and he sure wasn't complaining. He liked the short amount of time the two have spent together and he was pretty excited to see what they would do in the future. Now, however, he wanted to focus on this.

"Yeah, If you don't like school maybe not. But you are good enough." He spoke, looking at all the sketches she showed him. When she flipped the page to a sketch she was working on, he shook his head and smiled. "I really like that." He commented. "I think that would be a sick tattoo." He grinned looking down at himself to try and picture it on him. "Yeah I really like that.. I like the darker themes." He chuckled. "Looking at me you wouldn't guess would you?" Nate chuckled.

The thought of getting some tattoos became really exciting to him. He'd never felt one before but his friends all had some and everytime he'd see them get a new one, he'd get jealous and try to get one himself. It never really worked out though but he was feeling confident that Tarren would push him to actually get one or a few, which he was excited about. "I wonder how I'd take it." He laughed.

Tarren smiled. [i "You really think so? Hmm. Maybe. I could always talk to my friend, maybe apprentice under him or something, it could finally get me out of the bar, ya know? I love that job, but the people there really piss me off. I constantly get catcalled, and I've even had guys think they can slap my ass or whatever because of my attitude and what I wear. I mean, I have a college degree, I did graduate already. Just no one ever thinks that someone liked me made it through college."] Tarren spoke. It was true, she was constantly told she was dumb or not enough due to her job, when in reality she graduated with top honors from college. Just, bartending was way more fun.

Tarren gasped slightly when he took hold of her, a smile plastered on her face. [i "Nate, why don't you just stay with me tonight. I'm not asking you to do anything with me, well not yet at least. Unless you're idea of fun is cleaning up vomit all night?"] Tarren teased, She knew her limits and what she could handle, and never drank enough to throw up. She would black out quiet often, but she usually also made it home. She never knew how, but she did.

Tarren didn't want him to think of her as clingy, especially with it being their first time together. She was able to woo him in one night, and she didn't want to drive him away. But he himself was more intoxicating by the second, and she wanted to spend her whole night wrapped in his arms, which was not what she was usually like. She sighed, adjusting herself on his lap, pulling herself closer into him. [i "I mean, you can go if you want, I just thought you'd want as much of me as you could get."] she teased, letting herself grind into him a bit. Her hips pressed against his, moving them slowly. [i "But from the sounds your making, it seems like Jamie isn't satisfying you enough, and I am just teasing you. Imagine what I can do for real"] she whispered into his ear, biting his lobe softly before pulling away.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate made a face at her comment. "Bartending is a hard job. Dealing with assholes all day, mixing those crazy drinks.. if I tried mixing a drink like that it would taste like shit and if I had to deal with half the shit you deal with, I'd be put in jail so you're doing pretty good. And the fact people think you're too stupid is just ridiculous. Bartending is great money.. not to mention all the stories you can tell. I'm sure half of the people telling you that you are dumb couldn't put up with half the shit you put up with. Memorizing those drinks can't be easy..." He smiled. He hoped she didn't feel like she was too stupid to do anything. Her confidence told him otherwise but he'd hate to think some of the comments actually made her feel like that. "People are just assholes. Plus, if you can apprentice under your tattoo friend, I feel like you'd have a lot more fun." He shrugged. It was an idea and he was glad she was thinking about it.

When she asked him to stay, he gave her a smile. He really wanted to stay, have her against him and kissing her all night. He told Jamie he'd come back but he didn't really feel like fighting that early in the morning anyway. "I'll stay. I got to have an idea of what to tell her when she looks at my neck." He joked. In all seriousness he did have to figure out something to tell Jamie to make her think it wasn't hickeys or bite marks on his neck but he figured it would be impossible to tell her otherwise and he hadn't seen his neck yet.

Nate groaned a little as she began grinding on his lap. His hands moved back to her hips, a smile on his face. "I definitely don't get this at home." He spoke softly, his breath becoming short. He leaned his head back and exhaled deeply as she whispered in his ear and bit his earlob. "Oh my God I can't wait to see what you can do." He grinned. He was generally excited. Missionary everytime was getting boring and he could only think about what she could do in the bedroom. He became extremely hot just thinking about it. "OK I'm staying the night." He chuckled, letting her continue to move against him.

Tarren smiled bright when he said he'd stay. She didn't want to hurt her chances with Nathan, but she didn't know if she could wait much longer to get into bed with him. When she took a look at his neck, she smirked. [i "You look so sexy marked up like that. Especially cause it was me who did it. You can mark me up if you want, don't worry about it. I'm kind of into it."] she smirked, letting her fingers dance over his neck. Tarren tried to think of an excuse for him to use, biting her lip as she thought. It was a habit of hers, biting her lip as she thought. [i "Oh, maybe say you guys passed out at your friends. I usually just say I burned myself, but you wouldn't be using a hair tool....fuck I might just have to cover it with makeup for you."] she winked at him.

Nathan's hands went to her hips again, and it made Tarren shiver. [i "If you wanted to know, I'm kind of a freak. I definitely have kinks, and I hope you aren't too vanilla for me."] she teased. Tarren never expected anyone to be into all her kinks, but she would ask her hookups, and they would usually want to try something with her. She wanted their hands on her, holding her down, over her neck, telling her what to do; she ate that up. [i "And I am not pressing you to do anything tonight if you aren't ready. But I am also down if you'd like to."] she winked, grinding herself harder against him. She played with his belt buckle, teasing him a little bit.

Tarren leaned down, pressing her lips to his once more. He was such a catch, and didn't know why Jamie wouldn't give him the appreciation he deserved. [i "Are you into anything, I mean the bedroom. Maybe we have some of the same things, or maybe your even more kinky than I am."] she winked, letting her hands trail down his torso. Tarren wanted to give herself to him, but didn't want him to think she was just some easy fuck. She could be if she liked you, but she could hold out if she needed to. [i "Are you stuck in missionary at home? I think I'd fall asleep...that shit sucks."] she laughed, letting her hand get lost in his hair, rubbing his head softly.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate laughed a little, shaking his head at her a little bit. "You might need to cover it tomorrow." he commented. "Before I head back... Hopefully she wont notice. I'll have to make something up on the spot." he chuckled. When she talked about kinks, he looked up at her and smiled a little. "Oh yeah?" he asked curiously. He was a little vanilla in his relationship but that's because he did basically only what Jamie did. If he asked her to get on top or something, she'd basically whine about it until he just got right back up. He just never had the chance to explore anything new or find out what he liked. Sure he saw stuff in videos he liked but he still wasn't sure if he liked doing it yet. He hoped Tarren would help him find something. He felt her grind down harder on him, a small groan exiting his mouth involuntarily. "It feels like you're pressing." he grinned. "I'm not minding though." he commented. He did want to do this tonight. He wanted to feel something good and actually get some attention tonight.

Nate kissed her back, holding her body as close to his as possible. "I'm not sure. I mean... I've watched stuff but I've never actually done it in the bedroom so I actually don't know what I like to do." he commented. "You could show me a few things that you like and maybe I'll end up liking them too." Nate smirked, looking up at her as she moved against him and trailed her hands over him. He smirked and leaned against her, placing kisses on her neck and collarbone. He moved his hands along her body, feeling her soft skin against his fingertips.

Nate laughed as she guessed his positions and shook his head. "That's all she wants to do." he mumbled. "She never is down for anything otherwise." he commented. "She's pretty boring... which is why I don't know what I like. Anytime I suggest something, she's shutting me down and she doesn't want to do anything that doesn't make her feel good." he groaned a little, rolling his eyes a little bit. "But it'll be nice to experience something different...with someone who knows what she wants.. and will accommodate me.."

Tarren smirked when he mentioned she was pressing. Okay, maybe she was. But she knew they just met, and didn't want to push this 'good boy' into anything. Of course, she was down for anything, and especially if it involved this man. He seemed extremely interested in anything she seemed to offer, so she would continue her pressing.

Tarren smirked he mentioned he hadn't done anything, so he didn't know what he liked. She assumed he'd like what she did, as most guys she hooked up with enjoyed it as soon as she explained it. Considering how he'd been trying almost everything she offered, she assumed he'd be able to conform to what she liked pretty quickly. As confident and dominate she was, she liked to be the opposite in the bedroom. She preferred to be less aggressive, but others around her to be more aggressive. She was a bit of a brat, considering her personality, but significantly less dominate.

As he kissed her, she leaned into him, leaning her head back for him to have more access to her neck and collarbone. Her body shivered as his fingers trailed her skin. She didn't know how much longer she could actually wait to get him in bed. Tarren raised an eyebrow at him. [i "But isn't the point for your both to feel good? Don't worry, because everything I'm interested in will leave us both satisfied. Is there anything you want to try? Honestly, I'll try anything once. I've tried everything, is more like it. I've done quite a lot, I don't think you'd even want to know how much I've done."] she laughed as she mentioned her prowess. She had a high tolerance for pain, as well as being up for almost anything. Of course, some things she wasn't into, but she tried them for others. Why not, right? She didn't want to scare him off, so she'd hide the details. [i "Do you want to move to the bedroom?"] she asked, standing and holding out her hand for him.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate smiled up at her, taking her hand and standing up. He did want to take it to the bedroom and was more than willing to try anything with her. He wanted to get creative in the bedroom and it seemed like Tarren was the only way he'd be able to do that. Jamie hated doing anything that involved working so he did most of the work. He always shrugged it off and got what he needed from her but he was always feeling a bit nonchalant about it when it was done. He never got to experiment or try anything new so it was mainly just a boring task at this point. However, he felt like Tarren could give him what he needed and actually have some fun with it. He was excited to say the least.

Nate followed her to the bedroom, gripping her hand as she led him through her place. He was a bit nervous because he knew he'd not be as skilled as what she was but he was willing to try anything out. He was hoping to see what she really liked and what she wanted. He wanted to see what she was like in such a vulnerable state. "Don't judge me if I'm not too... knowledgeable." Nate laughed. "I can follow direction pretty well if you want to tell me what you like..." He spoke but quickly shut up. "Oh my God I sound like a virgin.." Nate sighed, rolling his eyes. "It's just my sex life at home is pretty fucking boring so I'm a little nervous about this." He commented.

Nate moved himself to the bed as they got there. His shirt was off so that was already done. He was excited and a bit nervous to say the least but he was interested in actually doing something fun and feeling good about it. "Just tell me what your kink is and I can do it. I'm pretty sure I can do it.." He laughed nervously, clearing his throat a little as he sat there. He felt like he was young again, not knowing what was about to happen and not knowing how to handle the situation but still optimistic.

As Tarren led his to her bedroom, she laughed. [i "Oh come on, I'm not going to judge you. Why would I do that?"] she spoke, not even looking back at him. As the entered her room, she let go of his hand. She left him to himself as she listened, looking through her closet. She had a few toys she used with other people, most of the things though were simple restraints and things. She pulled out the box, but leaving it against the wall. She didn't want to scare the man away, but them to be available if he was interested. But considering how vanilla he seemed to be with his current girlfriend, she knew this might be a lot to handle all at once. But he was interested in her kinks and seemed to have some of his own, and as much as she wanted to indulge in her own kinks, she did want him be able to explore things he had thought about.

As she moved to the bed, she sat on her knees. She placed her hands on her thighs, and looked to him. [i "Well, I am pretty interested in people tell me what to do. Someone else being in charge of me, if that makes sense. I'm normally very outspoken and like to be in charge, so the power exchange is sexy to me. Held down or tied up, choking, even some name calling too."] she winked. This was the very basics of her kinks, because she knew he was pretty new at it. [i "I do have some toys and things in the box over there, you don't have to use them, but they are there, if you are interested."] Tarren spoke, bringing herself closer to Nate, running a hand through his hair. She brought her lips to his, before allowing herself to melt into him.

Tarren had been with quite a few people, but never with someone who was clearly with someone else. But, this was an arrangement the two of them discussed. It was just testing waters, even if lines were definitely being crossed. Tarren was a bit optimistic that Jamie would be dropped soon after Nate became interested in her, but she had to remember she could be the one who was dropped as well. She was going to have to fight her PDA need whenever they were in public, as to keep up the story that they were "just friends". But, she knew she'd have to be okay with sharing him with Jamie, as he lived with her. She'd keep herself at a decent distance, hopefully, from the woman, as she already didn't like her.

[i "Any more question, Williams?"] Tarren teased, [i "Or should I starting calling you Sir now?"] she smirked, tilting her head at him slightly. Her eyes softened to a more submissive look toward him, her eyes widening as well.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate listened to her speak before moving to the box and looking inside. It was a lot to take in but he was more than willing to take control. It was a bit of a mixup from who they were currently. She was more aggressive in her day to day life and he was pretty docile so changing their traits in bed was extremely exciting. He had seen things like this but he never imagined he'd get to do it. He knew it wouldn't fly with Jamie, she was the more aggressive one in bed.

Nate smiled a little at the thought of the girl being so open to everything. He was excited and a bit intimidated but he would try to take control of things. When she spoke again, calling him 'Sir' in that tone he shivered a little bit. He never felt that feeling before and it was sure interesting. He was going to love this.

Nate stood straight up, his demeanor changing completely. "Good girl." He growled a bit, moving to the bed and wrapping a hand around her neck, keeping a light hold but enough for her to feel it a bit. He sure as hell didn't want to hurt her so he made sure he didn't go too overboard. He pushed her down on her back, moving to position himself on top of her before leaning down and kissing her neck. If she wanted to be controlled he would do his best to give her what she wanted. If he went too far, he hoped she'd let him know since this was the first time he was actually doing something like this.

Tarren realized her 'Sir' comment seemed to strike something inside of Nate. He shivered, before his whole demeanor changed. It was like his eyes even changed, the look in them. The words that were growled put a pit in Tarren's stomach. Her breath hitched, and soon she was pinned down on her back. He definitely did his research, that was for sure. She moaned through her closed lips, keeping her noises soft. He leaned down and started on her neck. It was clear he knew what she liked, even if they did just meet. He was doing everything right, she would have thought he was a seasoned pro at this.

Once he started on her neck, she couldn't keep her noises as soft as she'd like. She let the soft moans and groans leave her lips. She was surprised at how fast he was able to change his demeanor, and put on this role she had asked him to do. She smirked, but knew if it stayed on her lips, he'd bring it up. But she couldn't help it. Nate was surprising her at every second. Tarren reached for his jeans, starting on the buttons of his jeans. As she began on his jeans, she could hear his phone in the other room. It was probably Jamie, as he did tell her he'd be home.

[i "I think you should answer it while you have your way with me. But you're gonna have to do something to shut me up."] she smirked, biting her lip. She loved to push the edge, especially with taboo things. She was also one hell of a brat, and he'd learn that soon enough. She'd push him, and hoped he just push her back harder.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate kept one hand on her neck and the other held him up slightly as he moved along her neck and collarbone. He listened to her sounds, knowing he was doing something right and gave a slight smirk. He could feel her moving to his jeans and unbuttoned them before his phone starting ringing. He was planning on leaving it to ring but when Tarren spoke up, he leaned up and looked down at her. "You're trying to get me in trouble aren't you?" The boy grinned, shaking his head at her before taking her up on her challenge. He felt a lot more brave than he did earlier and a hell of a lot more confident he could pull this one off. He hoped so anyway.

Nate let his hand come off her neck, pushing himself off of her and moving to the living room, finding his phone and moving back to the room as he answered. He stopped in the doorway and looked down towards Tarren, looking her over.
"Hey, what's up?" Nate asked, in a much different tone than what he just used on Tarren.
[+green "Are you planning on coming home tonight?"] Jamie asked, her tone still a bit cold. She was pissed he wasn't there.
Nate moved to the bed again, once again hovering over Tarren and moved her legs to wrap around his waist.
"No not tonight. I'm drunk and I don't want to risk driving." The male lied, looking down at the female before putting a hand to her mouth to keep her quiet.
[+green "SO you're staying out all night then? Why didn't you just text me that so I could have gone back to bed?"] She asked.[+green "you're being so sketchy tonight."] The girl whined.
"Jamie I'm not driving. You will have to deal with me staying out tonight. I'll be back in the morning. Go to bed." The male spoke again, his tone darkened again once he found himself near Tarren, his dominant self returning. "I'm not talking about this tonight, If you want to fight about this, I'll fight about it with you tomorrow."
[+green "do NOT tell me what to do. You're out all night with God knows who and you think you can tell me what to do?!"] The girl shrieked on the other side.

Nate was hardly focusing on Jamie at the moment. He had one hand on Tarrens mouth and the other gliding along her body slowly.

Tarren smirked when he spoke to her. He climbed off of her, she propped herself on her elbows as she watched him answer the phone, licking her lips softly as she stood across the room from her, on the phone. His voice changed, the bass in his voice was gone, as she started talking, the dominance in his eyes seemed to leave as well. But she could see it come back, as he approached her again. She shimmied off her shorts, leaving her in just her undergarments. She was barely listening to Jamie and Nate speak, she just wanted to his hands over her at this point. She let her legs wrap around him, and her eyes widened when he moved her mouth with his hand. She was planning on being a brat anyway, this would work out pretty great.

As he grazed his hand down her body, she let out a pretty loud moan, making it loud on purpose. It wasn't clear, as it was muffled by his hand, but it was pretty loud nonetheless. She let one of his fingers slid into her mouth, sucking on it softly as she looked up into his eyes. She moved her hands back to his pants, letting them fall as well. Tarren narrowed eyes, looking toward Nate. She was going to make the challenge even harder. She moved his hand off her mouth. She didn't want to speak it, she just would just have him read her lips. [i "Keep her on the phone as you rail won't. You're not dominant enough."] Autumn spoke, her eyes looked at him, using all of the brat energy she could. She did love pushing the envelope of things she could do, and this would take the cake.

Tarren knew what she asked of him was a lot, but she knew it'd be hot, for her anyway, if he was inside her, while telling his girlfriend he couldn't come home to her. She wasn't even sure he would do it, but if he did or didn't, she ask again for sure. Trying things like this were things that pumped the adrenaline though her, and she was always up for a challenge. She took his hand she had moved from his mouth, placing it back over. She had held back her moans she wanted to release as he still ran his hands over her, allowing herself, once his hand was back, to release them. She kept them soft, or as soft as she could.
K1NG0FH3LLNathan Williams   1y ago

Nate tried to keep his own noises down and his breathing even but when she let out the moan, he knew Jamie would question it.
[+green "what the hell was that, Nate?"] She asked.
"We are watching a movie." He lied, putting a hand to his mouth to stifle a laugh he knew would come out. It was an old lie to tell but it was something.
[+green "A movie? Why did I just hear a girl moan!?"] Jamie asked, her voice raising.
"I dont know. It's some action movie and the main characters are about to fuck." Nate grinned, looking down as Tarren put his fingers in her mouth. He bit the inside of his cheek, trying to hold back his own noises.

When Tarren mouthed to him, his body grew warm, an exhale escaping his mouth before she placed her hand back onto her mouth. Could he manage that? He knew he'd make some noises but it would be hard to keep quiet while he was with Tarren. He thought about it for a second and shrugged. It would be hard to control but if he was getting too vocal himself or found she was, he could just hang up and continue with Tarren.

He needed her so badly and if this is what she liked this is what he was going to give her. He placed the phone on the nightstand beside them, keeping it on and grabbed the rest of her clothes, basically ripping them off before removing his own. He leaned down to Tarren's ear. "Fine.." He spoke quietly, leaning back up and smirking. If that's what she wanted, that's what he was going to give to her. He wrapped a hand around her neck again while the other was around her mouth to keep her noises down while he focused on his own. He spoke to Jamie at points but basically ignored her and focused on Tarren.


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