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Looking for a roleplay partner~ ♥️

By Lil-Demon

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Hi Hi! Im new here! But I would like a roleplay partner soon. Sooo I mostly only do romance RP cause there my fav.
-Any topic it could be *Has to have romance thoo*
-I play two genders, either gender fluid or Women.
-I play as animals, or creatures *Not in romance way just like pets or dragons and ect.*
Things to know:
♥️I write aleast a paragraph, or more if I like it the RP.
♥️I will probably write at least once or more a day, if im not busy or something didn't happen.

Topics I been wanting to do: ( I play the
-Criminal x Criminal
-Criminal x Kidnapped person
-Boss x employee
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Thelord     2y ago

hi uh can u join this rp
Thelord     2y ago
Lil-Demon     2y ago

Im sorry I can't that site doesn't work for me


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