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Looking for new people to rp with

By _birdy_

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I'm looking for new people to roleplay with. I'm open to anything but I would like at least a slow burn romance in it.
It could be gay or straight.
We both play extra characters, like friends of our characters and other NPCs and such.
Some stuff that I really want to roleplay:
-An Atlantis type of roleplay, modern vs ancient type
But again. I'm really up for anything!

Some stuff about me:
I write paragraphs.
I can post at least once a day and if I can't I will let you know
I can play any gender

If you are interested, add me on discord, which is where I would like to rp. My username is shibe#7200
Just shoot me a message and let me know you're from here!
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midnight21Moonlight   1y ago

Hi i'm new here


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