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Tales academy

By kenbloodmoon




Do not copy or steal without kenbloodmoon and TheBearWhoMauls Permission.

⊰ Credits ⊱ kenbloodmoon (the author of the plot line) and TheBearWhoMauls (developer of finer detail to the storyline).

⊰ Forum ⊱ A group role play.

⊰ Time era and frequency ⊱ Modern day.

⊰ Genres categories ⊱ Main: Young adult fiction, Bildungsroman, action, and syfy (science fiction, supernatural horror, and fantasy). Sub: comedy, romance, drama, mystery, and thriller.




In an alternate universe, where fairytales are the legacies of well known families and are told throughout the lands of how they escaped their tragedies. The people involved within these stories grow old and live out their “happy ever afters”. -Creating their own families… As the ones who betrayed the heroes face their consequences; the agonists begin to pull strings of their own. Scheming together the wicked cast dark sorcery throughout the lands to erase their arch enemies from existences. As a grim fate raises on the horizon; An ambiguous cloud begins to grow slowly in the deep wilderness in secret…



The fae folk are known in this world as people from fairy tale origins.

Widely recognized across continents, the fae people enroll their children at birth for a prestigious academy that is exclusive to those of fairy tales. In hopes of resolving their influences that their children have inherited… Rather the condition of these hopes be through the use of fame and fortune, or even perhaps a physical or mentally issue that must be controlled; parents of fae offspring wait for the messenger from the head administrator Grimm.

Waiting for the day their children turn thirteen (13) of age, families gather for the acceptance letter sent by a raven. If approved, fae folk celebrate and say their goodbyes before their children's ride arrives. Sending their grandchildren off into the night on a carriage that guides them through the thicket of the forest. Clearing a passageway into another plane of existence, the transportation takes their guest (students) to a palace that would be their home, during their time studying abroad. Taking them to the prestigious academy that was well known as “Tales”. A place that only those of fairytales could enter upon to educate themselves without being a nuisance to non-fae around them...

Teaching primarily the grandchildren of fairy tales on the campus for years to come; students would practice in the use of magic as well the historical parts that came with it. Allowing those of fae to come and understand how magic worked and how it came to be. Granting students the ability to properly use their new found powers for the greater good. Despite having sessions on magic. Tales didn’t just stop there. They also engraved etiquette with everyday classes from royal to traditional schools teachings into their campus. Those of fae nature who attend were given many opportunities to prepare for their own future without being bothered or causing disruption to non-fae folks classrooms.

Spending their days deep within the peaceful valleys and mountains of the wilderness around the palace, that was the private broadening school in another world; descendants of folklore were taught and given a second chance to mend past feuds...



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Romance- keep it PG-13.

Be realistic- I ask you to be realistic with weapons, objects, strength, health, appearance, and intelligence with all characters as much as possible. In fact I encourage all role players to be realistic in this thread.

Images- anime/illustration pictures only (this means no real life photos). The image’s themselves should have no nudity, dirty, or revealing photos.

Grammar- please try to write to the best of your ability. In other words, as long as you attempt to use proper grammar; I’m perfectly fine with the billion of errors you made.

Posting order- you must wait for two others before posting again. Other than that post any time you want.



In order to be a part of this role play:

1. you must fill out the application shown below.

2. Have sent it to the owner of the thread.

3. Your application has been approved of by the owner.

Note: If you are keeping track; you are required to fill out the “Tale” category with the username, name, and age of your character that is all. You do not have to answer anything else unless you want to. We just ask you to make sure to reply to the “Tales” section while stating your character’s core information for role play purposes. If you have any trouble or questions about the role play please contact me (kenbloodmoon) through private message


⊰USERNAME⊱ (Please put the name of the anonymous user who plays the character here.)

⊰What you look like ⊱ (picture url)


⊰NAME⊱ (What is the first name of your character? You may only include first, middle, and last name in this section.)

⊰ALIAS⊱ (Alias is a second identity that your character uses. An example is superman. His real name was Clark Kent. But, he used superman as his disguise when fighting off bad guys. Alias doesn't just have to be a vigilante name. It may be the same as Cinderella who was known by the prince as the girl with the glass slipper. If you have any please write it down here.)

⊰NICKNAME⊱ (Nicknames are something that people call you by as an abbreviation of your signature or names that close friends and family gave you due to a certain reason. If your character has that you can think off the top of your head go ahead and list it here.)

⊰AGE⊱ (13 and up. If you have a ridiculous age, either just write the actual age down or put what age they appear as in human years.)

⊰GENDER⊱ (What is your biological and nonbiological gender? Male, Female, etc?)

⊰SEXUALITY⊱ (What is your character's sexual identity in relation to the gender to which the character is attracted to? Are they heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, etc?)

⊰APPEARANCE⊱ (What does your character look like?This includes birthmarks, freckles, moles, scars, tattoos, face/war paint, hair, skin, and eye color; as well weight and height, and even their wardrobe.)

⊰BIOGRAPHY⊱ (Just tell me anything about your character's life so far. However, not everyone has a tragic backstory.)

⊰PERSONALITY⊱ (Please describe your character's personality in a description or by the use of adjectives/words. Your personality should line up with the character’s background; which would be reasonable or logical through the use of the characters past.) A good example would be a character, who has been bullied as a child. This person might have become antisocial or shy when around others.


⊰FAIRYTALE⊱ (What fairytale does your character come from?)

⊰RELATIVES⊱ (Who are the parents and family members to your character?)

⊰INHERITANCES⊱ (What belongings and wealth did your family past down to you as a gift or for being a part of the family?)

⊰POWER⊱ (Your character may have inherited or been gifted with magical powers from their fairytale. Character’s power should be related to their parents/grandparents storylines. A good example of this case would be Aurora's daughter from sleeping beauty. From being the princess’s daughter; she may have inherited the gifts that her mother retained from the spells her fairy godmothers casted on her. Giving her the abilities of beauty and song. The daughter could have also perhaps gained new gifts from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Whatever the case maybe the daughter had magical powers. You may have up to two (2) abilities! Write in a description and describe/explain how each individual ability works for your character.)

⊰WEAKNESSES⊱ (Anyone one can be killed! So don’t tell me how to kill your character off. Tell me what affects your character from using their abilities. These weaknesses can be mental or physical. Ranging from conditions, illness, to restrictions as weaknesses. Such as a fairy godmother having to have her wand in order to cast any magical powers or to water stopping a witch from using her abilities in wizard of the Oz. With that said and done, write in a detailed description of how someone can manipulate your character into failing.)






kiath beast role played by kenbloodmoon.

⊰USERNAME⊱ Kenbloodmoon


⊰NAME⊱ Kiath Beast

⊰ALIAS⊱ Crash (did personality)


⊰AGE⊱ 17


⊰SEXUALITY⊱ comes across as straight or not interested in anyone

⊰APPEARANCE⊱ look at picture

⊰BIOGRAPHY⊱ to be revieled In rp

⊰PERSONALITY⊱ loner, cold, distance, perfers books over people, protective of the few people he is close to


⊰FAIRYTALE⊱ beauty and the beast

Father:prince Adam (the beast)
Mother: Belle

⊰INHERITANCES⊱ his parents left him the castle and a large library

⊰POWER⊱ can transform into wolf like beast

⊰WEAKNESSES⊱ must bleed to transform


⊰HOBBIES⊱ reading and knife fighting
⊰SECRETS⊱ closet gay has did

Tidus role played by catlover33

⊰USERNAME⊱ Catlover33

⊰What you look like ⊱


⊰NAME⊱ Tidus

⊰ALIAS⊱ The Boy With The Blue Tail


⊰AGE⊱ 17

⊰APPEARANCE⊱ Blonde hair, blue eyes, a rather fair skin tone, blue shoes, pants with uneven pant legs (the right pant leg doesn't cover his knees however the left pant leg does), a yellow and black shirt (The rest of it is in the picture and I will not describe it)

⊰BIOGRAPHY⊱ To be revealed later

⊰PERSONALITY⊱ bubbly, prone to loud outbursts, prefers to be around people


⊰FAIRYTALE⊱ The Little Mermaid

⊰RELATIVES⊱ Unknown Prince Charming, The Little Mermaid

⊰INHERITANCES⊱ He has a necklace that was given to him when he was a baby

⊰POWER⊱ He is actually a merman however the necklace that he wears makes him able to move around on land. When he removes the necklace, he would then shift into his true form which isn't different from his human form except for the tail. He is faster underwater in this form.

⊰WEAKNESSES⊱ If his necklace is removed, he will be forced to turn into a merman. He will be unable to move on land in this state. This can spell trouble if he is caught on land without any way to return to the water



Lillian role played by cleox

~Username~Cleo x
~General characteristics~
-child like
-likes to have a good time
-sees the good in everyone



Age: 17

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Long brown hair, red eyes, slim body, she typically wears simple makeup and more athletic or comfortable clothes but can dress up when needed.

Backstory: she was born and raised on neverland. She's never been around other people besides the lost boys. She's no stranger to outdoors and is more at home when she's in the woods.

Lilly likes to be around boys typically and is happiest when getting dirty. She's always cheery and will do anything to make those around her happy as well. She's also more on the athletic side, running and climbing things is her preferred way of transportation.

Fairy tale:
Peter pan

Peter pan is her father and Wendy is her mother.

She hasn't gotten anything special except an old sword that was Peter's way back when. Its all rusted and dull at this point though so it doesn't serve any purpose.

Lilly gained the ability to fly even without pixie dust. She simply just has to close her eyes and imagine flying. Even though she's never been a fan of it.


Lilly has a weakness of being alone. She is used to always having the lost boys or her parents or even pixies around. When she is alone her mind fills with darkness and she loses sense of who she is. The thought of ending alone throws her into a downward spiral.


Secrets: she is part pixie but has ignored that ever since she was a kid.

Estarossa role played by kanedgy

⊰USERNAME⊱ Kanedgy
⊰What you look like ⊱


⊰NAME⊱ Estarossa

⊰ALIAS⊱ Death's kid


⊰AGE⊱ 16


⊰SEXUALITY⊱ bisexual

⊰APPEARANCE⊱ Half red-black hair, a fair build, and expensive looking clothes that make him look like a villian. He has a weird eye that was an omen he was demon spawn

⊰PERSONALITY⊱ quiet, introverted, antisocial

⊰TALE⊱ His father was requested a message before the Grim reaper went to reap his soul. The father did not recognize the signs: Age, Illness, etc.

⊰FAIRYTALE⊱ Death's Messenger

⊰RELATIVES⊱ Mother: Unknown Father: Deceased

⊰INHERITANCES⊱ he was left a journal and all of his father's money when he died.

⊰POWER⊱ shadow manipulation: can merge into shadows and freeze them when he stretches his shadow to others'. Blood manipulation: can make a blood field and Blood Wings: has the ability to govern blood and shape it into two vast wings (together as tall as a large building). When this mode is activated, his eyes begin to bleed and glow crimson.
⊰WEAKNESSES⊱ Is too caring for others, and prefer's peace

Everdeen and Ernest Moor role played by Aslansfavorite

⊰USERNAME⊱ AslansFavorite


⊰NAME⊱ Everdeen and Ernest Moor

⊰ALIAS⊱ The Bastard Twins

⊰NICKNAME⊱ Eve and Erni

⊰AGE⊱ Both 16

⊰GENDER⊱ Eve is a cisgender female and Erni is a cisgender male

⊰SEXUALITY⊱ The twins sexuality are unknown but they are presumed straight as they always seem a little to close.

⊰APPEARANCE⊱ Both children are fair skinned with blonde hair, Erni has Green eyes while Eve has blue eyes. Erni is 183cm 60kg Eve is 178cm 50kg.
Both twins share a birthmark on their left shoulders that resemble a fetus in utero.
⊰BIOGRAPHY⊱ Eve and Erni are the twins born at the end of the... ehem 'original' story of Sleeping Beauty and are whom woke their mother up, but due to their unfortunate means of conception they were to live out their lives in the very tower their mother slept, but the only pity their mother ever gave was to give their names to the academy and so on their 13th birthday they were freed from their prison only to enter what they deemed another. The twins keep to themselves and share a room despite the academy always trying to separate them and they have no real dreams for the future figuring they will simply return to the tower once they graduate.

⊰PERSONALITY⊱ Eve: Shy and Quiet if left alone but will anger quick if her or her brother are picked on. Eve is very cold-hearted and cruel to everyone as she has accepted her fate as an illegitimate child and hates that Erni can't accept that they will never be free to truly do as they please.
Erni: Curious, Kind, and Sweet Erni wishes to spread his wings to the world, but cannot as he is held back by Eve and though he loves her very much he despises her for having such a narrow outlook on life. Erni is to scared of his sister to try and separate from her to live his own life and tends to just stay to himself or with her as not to anger her with his dreams.


⊰FAIRYTALE⊱ Original Sleeping Beauty {The Sun, the Moon, and Talia}

⊰RELATIVES⊱ Unnamed Father and Princess Aurora

⊰INHERITANCES⊱ Eve has a tiara and Erni has a sword. Both are gifts from their grandparents for waking thier mother and the kingdom.

⊰POWER⊱ Eve's tiara gives her the ability to charm anybody below her status as princess to do her bidding, though she rarely uses it knowing there's no point when she has no future as a princess.
Erni's sword has magical properties that boost his strength making him a decent swordsman.

⊰WEAKNESSES⊱ Eve: Kindness Eve is weak to anybody who is kind to her as she can fall in love very easily as she wishes deep down to marry, have her own children, and find her own happily ever after.
Erni: Hope Give Erni a view of the world outside his sister and the chance to experience it and he is putty in your hands.


⊰HOBBIES⊱ Eve: Reading, Writing, Drawing, and Sleeping
Erni: Reading, Dueling, Being away from Eve, and Studying

Eve: Longs for a life where she can be free from her Bastard Status.
Erni: Longs to be away from his sister and to live a life made up entirely of his own choices. Might also be a closeted gay.

Raiyn Faraway role played by Aslansfavorite

⊰USERNAME⊱ AslansFavorite


⊰NAME⊱ Raiyn Faraway

⊰ALIAS⊱ Furry Riding Hood


⊰AGE⊱ 13

⊰GENDER⊱ Intersex identifies as female


⊰APPEARANCE⊱ Raiyn is a blond-haired blue eyed female presenting individual who has brown wolf ears and a brown tail. Raiyn's body is very, very, very strange and unnatural as she was born with both genitalia that each have fully functioning parts {Pees out the male part, has sperm producing balls, and has a completed vag and womb with Fallopian tubes and eggs} the doctors assume she had a twin who merged with her perfectly allowing for both genitalia to be present and 'functioning'. Raiyn always wears her red riding cape that was passed down from her mom though it has been altered to fit her ears.

⊰BIOGRAPHY⊱ Raiyn is the unnatural product of a human and wolf and was raised by her mother and stepfather to be human. Raiyn's stepfather, the woodcutter, hates her and put her name into the academy in hopes it would get rid of her. Now at 13 she is being shipped off to the school and she's excited but as puberty is only just starting Raiyn is in for a whole lot of trouble.

⊰PERSONALITY⊱ Kind, Naive, and Perky Raiyn has a very optimistic look on life and like her mother once before is easy to fool.


⊰FAIRYTALE⊱ Red Riding Hood

⊰RELATIVES⊱ Red Riding Hood {Mother}, The Big Bad Wolf {Father}, The Woodcutter {Stepfather}, Grandma {Great-Grandmother}, RRH Mother {Grandma}

⊰INHERITANCES⊱ Has her mother's old Riding Hood and a Basket woven with the fur of her late father.

⊰POWER⊱ As Puberty sets in Raiyn will be able to transform into a brown wolf when in heightened states of emotion.

⊰WEAKNESSES⊱ Unstable Mind and Body: Due to her linage Rae has been severely sheltered from the world which makes her very naive and easy to trick and with puberty setting in with her newfound power and otherwise odd state of being its not that hard for one to turn this sweet child into a whimpering puppy.


⊰HOBBIES⊱ Making Friends, Picking Flowers, Going on Walks, and Chasing her tail.
⊰SECRETS⊱ Her body as she's actually quite embarrassed by it.

Qrow Reaper role played by Frostbite4395


⊰NAME⊱ Qrow Reaper

⊰ALIAS⊱ Grim Reaper

⊰NICKNAME⊱ Prowl, Q, Pep, Rey Rey

⊰AGE⊱ 17



⊰BIOGRAPHY⊱ Qrow was born in a place worse than hell, he somehow turned human at a very young age which was strange for a Reaper, it was not very common for a Grim Reaper to have a child especially after they became the Grim Reaper, although Qrow does not remember much except for his name and age, maybe a few skits from his childhood

⊰PERSONALITY⊱ introverted, friendly, kind, antisocial, trust issues


⊰FAIRYTALE⊱ Grim Reaper

⊰RELATIVES⊱ Grim Reaper (Father)

⊰INHERITANCES⊱ The scythe of the first Grim Reaper, the cloak of death, and the lantern of souls

⊰POWER⊱ teleportation (he is able to alter perception and go from one place to another), reaper magic (reaper magic is a lot like normal magic just heightened when it is a reaping moon)

⊰WEAKNESSES⊱ loud noises (Qrow is very sensitive to loud noises seeing as he doesn't normally listen to things, the voices in his head also fall under this category)

Grayson Mercier role played by Gao



⊰NAME⊱ Grayson Mercier


⊰NICKNAME⊱ Some people shorten his name to Gray, but he doesn't like that. He doesn't like any nicknames given to him.

⊰AGE⊱ 17.

⊰GENDER⊱ Cisgender Male.

⊰SEXUALITY⊱ Assumedly straight, but is a questioning raging bisexual.

Grayson tends to only ever be seen in semi-formal clothing. Dress shirts, black pants, turtlenecks or long coats. He does have a tendency to wear odd patterned/coloured socks since they cant be seen in most situations. Most of what he wears is black, gray, white and occasionally (for special occasions) a dark poisonous green. He stands at 5'10 and has a lanky slim build with impeccable posture. He carries himself with purpose and seems to have an aloof regal air about him. It is rare to see him smiling, and he is frowning more often than not. His skin is cold and pale as are his eyes, his cheekbones high and defined, and hair is inky black and choppy. He often has eyebags as his sleeping isn't great. Coming from a strict traditional household, Grayson does not modify his appearance with piercings or coloured hair.

⊰BIOGRAPHY⊱ Grayson originated from upper class and while he always succeeded in his studies, his family (Father) was never one to offer emotional depth. Because of his powers and the shame/fear it brought them, he was kept hidden and only given private tutoring for most of his life, making it difficult for the male to meet and connect with others his age. This is where his love of literature was introduced, providing an escapism for the male. His relationship with his father is very rocky, and Grayson has more of a relationship with his butlers than his actual dad. Other than that, his childhood was rather comfortable. Just lonely. At the invitation to be sent off to a school with those similar to him, he jumped at it.

⊰PERSONALITY⊱ Quiet, studious, prideful, prudent, solemn, perfectionist, emotionally and socially restrained, cat-lover, easily flustered or annoyed, workaholic, brooding, snobby and sensitive with a slight superiority complex due to his upper class upbringing.


⊰FAIRYTALE⊱ Original tale of Sleeping Beauty.

⊰RELATIVES⊱ His mother is (was) the woman now known as Maleficent in recent editions of Sleeping Beauty. His father is the nobleman that impregnated Aurora (Thalia) while she was asleep. This would make Everdeen and Ernest Moor his step siblings, not that he has ever met them.

⊰INHERITANCES⊱ He wears one ring, a family heirloom from his mother's side. Since his father was a nobleman, Grayson had a very wealthy comfortable upbringing.

⊰POWER⊱ Telekinesis - Grayson has the psychic ability to move things. However if his emotion is any type of negative (nervous/upset/angry/surprise), his ability can become erratic and spontaneous and will shift things without his intention. Depending on the extremity of how he's feeling, it can be very subtle movement, or violent and dangerous. This is why Grayson tries to control himself with a calm demeanour. Over exertion of his power can lead to weakness and fainting.

⊰WEAKNESSES⊱ Grayson is a control freak with his personality, but he does have a temper. He gets irritated easily and can make stupid mistakes when not calm and collected. Being claustrophobic, Grayson is afraid of small enclosed spaces and due to the fact his mother was burned to death, he does share a fear of fire. He's also just bad at physical fighting in general.


⊰HOBBIES⊱ Reading novels, writing, calligraphy, studying, shopping for candles, walking at night time, sorting books in libraries without permission, drinking coffee, taking on as many school subjects as he can.

⊰SECRETS⊱ All the books he reads are romance novels. While has a burning hatred for his father and blames him for the death of his mother, Grayson does not take kindly to those who talk down on his family name.

Nagaaki Yusurao role played by Dragoncita

⊰USERNAME⊱ Dragoncita


⊰NAME⊱ Nagaaki Yusurao



Appears to be in his early 20's
Actual age - 233


⊰SEXUALITY⊱ Straight

⊰APPEARANCE⊱ Human form; keeps tail, fangs, and forked tongue

⊰BIOGRAPHY⊱ Nagaaki is one of the few children that belong in the Grand Dragon Kings lines. It is not very often a mortal is chosen by the majestic and benevolent beasts. So he grew up well off compared to others.
As he came to age to take to his dragon form, Nagaaki was then to undertake the sacred journey to the great mountain where the Dragon Kings resided, to be welcomed among their ranks as a potential heir.
However, he has much to learn, despite his age. For one, he has not quite learned yet that despite his great status, he is to be humble with it.
Though, the incident with his little sister and human men left a bitter disgust towards mankind to the young male

⊰PERSONALITY⊱ A proud and independent figure, Nagaaki may seem rather aloof, seeing most beneath him
Only one he sees as his equal is his little sister, Miyako, whom he can become awfully protective of


⊰FAIRYTALE⊱ Japanese Folklore/Folktales

⊰RELATIVES⊱ Son of one of the Dragon Kings and human mother

⊰INHERITANCES⊱ Pair of war fans. Often disguised to look like the normal, traditional fans of luxury, attached to his hips.
A pipe and set of paintbrushes gifted to him by his human mother
As a son of a Dragon King, he owns a great prismatic pearl, the source of his powers

Dragon Form - Self explanatory, Nagaaki came to age to change to his dragon form
Ink Creation - Unlike the gift of rain his sister brings, Nagaaki's gift is the ability to bring his paintings to life
Say if he were to create a bird in a painting, he could breath 'life' into the creature, a replica of ink. Though this can be used to create more than 'birds', to where he could bring forth creatures of ones darkest nightmares...

Almost to completely powerless if his pearl is taken from him
His proud nature has put him in iffy situations, meaning he is more than happy to throw his weight around by the tiniest of provocations
Miyako, Nagaaki is willing to do anything and everything to keep her safe



For him to know, and others to argue about

Miyako Yusurao role played by Dragoncita

⊰USERNAME⊱ Dragoncita


⊰NAME⊱ Miyako Yusurao



Appears to be in her early 20's
Actual age - 228

⊰GENDER⊱ Female

⊰SEXUALITY⊱ Straight

⊰APPEARANCE⊱ Human form; keeps her tail, fangs, and forked tongue

⊰BIOGRAPHY⊱ As mentioned with her brother, Miyako is one of few children of the Dragon Kings of Japan. However, unlike her brother, Miyako grew up in a poorer establishment at first. Of course, this more harsh upbringing did nothing to deter her from her path.
Less of course you find yourself the envy of all the men in the village. Such, Miyako had no interest in any of them, which led to serious and fatal retaliations...
Her 'none interest' turned most men against each other, and soon turned on the young woman herself. As such, the men who wanted and demanded she come with them turned violent. Her transformation to dragon form took place, followed by a very enraged roar that didn't belong to her, but her elder brother; Nagaaki, whom had been sent by their father to intervene.
Since then, she is often shadowed by him, ready to spring to action should someone or something prove a threat to her

⊰PERSONALITY⊱ She is a soft spoken individual, seeming quiet. Miyako would rather observe the world around her, than partake in it less absolutely necessary
Naturally, she may seem suspicious of strangers, due to her past


⊰FAIRYTALE⊱ Japanese Folklore/folktales

⊰RELATIVES⊱ Daughter of one of the Dragon Kings and human mother

⊰INHERITANCES⊱ Gifted a katana by her Draconic father
A jade hairpin gifted to her by her human mother
As a daughter of a Dragon King, owns a prismatic pearl, source of her powers

Dragon Form - Self explanatory, having come to age, Miyako learned to change to her dragon form
Weather Manipulation - As was the job of the Dragon Kings, Miyako can control the weather to a certain degree. As was her father's job, she can call forth gentle rains, to torrential downpours

Almost to completely powerless if her pearl is taken from her
Strong emotions, mainly fear, will trigger her to transform to her dragon form. As such, this can prove dangerous, as the emotions at such a sudden transformation will leave her in a near feral state


~Watching her brother paint and his creations come to life

For her to know, and others to debate
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kenbloodmoonKiath   1y ago

Kiath yawned as he approached the gate of the academy. It was his final year as a student then he could return to hiding in his library. As he had before his parents sent him to the academy for the first time at the age of thirteen. He was not looking forward to dealing with people again this year as he walked through the gates and entered academy grounds.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus was behind Kiath. It was also his final year however he never wanted to leave the academy. He had so many fond memories there however he did miss the ocean that he called his home. He ran past Kiath and went up to the gate. "Hurry up slowpoke or you'll be late." He said.
KanedgyEstarossa   1y ago
Technoblade never dies

This was Estarossa's first year here. He was being transferred from a different school in Germany. Slowly walking up to the gate, he sighed. Every time he went to a new school it was a nightmare for him. Once he got through the gate, he walked slowly to the big doors of this prestigious school. Making sure his deck of cards were in his pocket, he let out a relieved sigh, he felt that that was a good way to relieve stress for him. He was always fascinated by puzzles and cards. Majong was also a game he liked.
CleoXLilly   1y ago

Lilly had a smile on her face as she walked into her classroom. She had never been around this many people so it was all exciting to her. She skipped over to an empty seat and looked around at all the unique people. Pulling her earbuds out she put them in her bag and pulled out a notebook. This was so different from school at neverland. There wasn't really school there at all, more just individual learning. She started doodling some birds on the cover of her notebook.
AslansFavorite     1y ago

The morning was barely lighting itself when Ernest opened his eyes to the sight of his sister at the window brooding. Today started a new school year and Ernest knew Eve wasn't happy she never was she smiled much less frequently these days as they continued to progress through the years. The twins were 16 and they would graduate at 18 meaning they only had two years left of what Eve called 'partial freedom'. Ernest sighed causing the girl's head to turn and look at him [#00dfa7 "Morning Eve ready for a brand new day?"] he asked and the, slightly older, girl rolled her eyes and got up from the window. [#97004d "Stop being so damn perky and go shower isn't your first class Swordsmanship?"] Eve asked and Erest perked up nodding before he got out of the double bed and skipped to the bathroom and Eve smiled lightly after him though her eyes soon grew dark. [#97004d "10th grade begins today we only have 835 days left till we're back in that damned tower..."] Eve muttered choking on a sob that made it's way up her throat as she collapsed into a ball and cried, this was a side of herself she never showed Erni the side that longed for freedom just as much as he did, that longed to be as optimistic and free-minded.
A couple hours later the two made their way out of the dorms and headed towards their first classes Erni on the field for Swordsmanship and Eve in the main building for Home Economics each their favorite subject.
Once changed into workout clothes and out on the field Erni looked around at all the other Fairy Tale Kids who were taking the class this year and wondered if maybe this year he could make a friend.
Once in the classroom Eve took her seat at the front near the teacher and got out her notebook and textbook her face already plastered in the 'Don't fucking talk to me' look hoping nobody would try and be nice to her this year.
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[pic https://e7.pngegg.com/pngimages/264/975/png-clipart-mobile-legends-bang-bang-fan-art-anime-little-red-hood-mobile-phones-anime-cg-artwork-manga-thumbnail.png]
It was a bright beautiful day that was Raiyn's 13th birthday and she got up excited ready for a great day, but unfortunately that wasn't going to happen as her Stepfather barged into her room without knocking and without even allowing her to change dragged her out of the house and threw her down in front of two men dressed in suits. [b [#7b5454 "There you are gentlemen one more freak for your academy, do me a favor and never let her return."]] the man growled before tossing a garbage bag next to the girl that contained everything she owned and Raiyn was to shocked to say anything as she was loaded into a carriage and she watched out the window her stepfather's satisfied smirk before he turned and walked back into the house, but just before the door closed she saw her mother run out in horror and scream her name but the man stopped her from bolting after the carriage and Raiyn put her hands on the window and cried as they vanished from view, not knowing where she was going or what was going to happen to her.
Several days later Raiyn stood at the entrance of the academy now knowing more than she had a few days prior, but she was still scared as she held the sleeve of one of the suited men as they lead her inside and to her first class where the girl was seated near the back now dressed in a white blouse and red skirt with her Riding Cape fastened securely around her neck and she sat quietly looking around at the other children her tail wagging in random patterns as her moods shifted from scared to curious to excited, wondering what this schooling thing was all about.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow Reaper   1y ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

Qrow woke up to another very bright day in the world "why" He mumbled as he got dressed in his normal black baggy hoodie and jeans not really caring what he looked like, "just another year at school, let's hope they don't bother me" He thought while walking to the front gate, awaiting his last year at this academy

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/wXAdpSN.jpg]]

[h3 [center :-:Nagaaki & Miyako:-:]]

[center [i 'Enough Nagaaki! You, with your sister will travel to the west. You will do as I say, for you have yet to learn to cope with others. As my son, you will learn humiliation, and if this is how it must be done, then so be it. Do not think I do this out of spite, I do it out of necessity. Mankind look towards us for guidance, to answer their prayers when others would ignore their pleas. Do not let your bitterness of the past blind you so...now gather your things, and take flight...and Nagaaki, please keep your pride in check and watch over your sister...']]

The beasts flew across sky, mountains, and oceans, traveling the great distance between their home and this land beyond. Twin serpentine bodies swirled back and forth, long whiskers elegantly twirling in the wind as they soared overhead. Beside each of the creature's heads, a glowing orb followed closely, shimmering with an unknown energy.

[b "This is absolutely ridiculous,"] the larger dragon suddenly growled under its breath. The beast's voice was deep, heavy and masculine.

Nearby, the smaller dragonelle turned her horned head slightly face him. A slight frown crossed her muzzle, shifting a bit as they continued their flight. She knew her brother was despising this venture assigned to them by their father with every fiber in his being.

[b "To think, we are to walk amongst these...supposed 'equals', what a foolish thought."]

[#4B0082 [b "Nagaaki...please, these are children like us...though most likely younger than us...they share our world, albeit in different ways...you could try and see that we are meant to keep the balance, and not upset it..."]]

The response she received from the larger dragon was but a grunt. He knew his young sister spoke true...

[center ------]

Down, down they started to descend from their place in the blue sky. A gentle breeze followed the wake of the beasts as their serpentine bodes snaked back and forth, dancing and glittering scales of dark purple and near black. Gold flickered against the black dragon's scales, symbols of an unknown origin, dancing with the purple of his sister's own.

As they lowered to the ground below, the 'pearls' seemed to flash, a soft glow enveloping the dragons forms, shifting and changing. Just as soon as the glow had appeared, did it start to die down. As it did, it soon showed two humans had taken the place of the dragons, though both seemed to have kept their tails from when they had been in their dragon forms.

A young man and woman stood in the place of the dragons, both appearing to wear traditional Japanese clothing, kimonos. The man wore what appeared to be a dark colored straw hat, the woman beside having a jade hairpin woven in her black hair. Behind each, their tails slowly swayed one way, then the other.

The man lifted his head, eyes striking. One was pure gold with a black pupil, the other eye the complete opposite, black with a gold pupil. His tail swept behind him, scales black as night, the same golden symbols adorning the sides, the end of it ending in a black tuft of silky fur, golden strands entwining with the black. His lips parted slightly, a sudden thin stream of smoke escaping and swirling around him. Hovering next to his right shoulder, the strange orb could be seen, glowing a soft hue of swirling black and gold.

Beside him, the young woman stood. Her eyes were a striking blue, hair black and long, running down her back. Unlike her brother's tail, her own was covered in dark purple scales, ending in a fan-like fin that was currently neatly folded. Hovering near her left shoulder, an orb like her brothers floated, only instead glowing a storm of soft purple and black.

Both looked towards the great building that loomed nearby. Their eyes glanced over, watching as others approached and entered through the tall gates. So, this was the 'esteemed school' that they were being forced to attend.

A huff from the young man, his voice no longer sounding as deep as it had been when in his dragon form [i "Well then, shall we get this over with? Suppose first order of business is to find someone who knows what and how this place works...stay close Miyako."]

The young woman lifted her head towards the man, giving only a slight nod to him. The sudden appearance of all these strangers left her feeling on edge. Distrust towards those who could be possible threats...though deep down, as was her draconic nature, she did want to try and be helpful where and when she could...

Despite his seemingly displeased exterior, he offered the one he called Miyako a small smile, then leading forward towards the great academy where they would be staying for the time being.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/9VivE2S.jpg]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0ZMwDYO.jpg]]
Gao|| ACADEMY ||   1y ago

He was never commonly late. But when a certain male spends all of his night reading through a new novel, it can be difficult for him to go to sleep at an appropriate time. The movement of paper sounded throughout the bedroom, and was shortly followed by the gentle thud of a book closing. A slender hand dismissed it with a wave, sending it floating back towards a shelf. It slid into it's space gently and precisely. While he was forbidden to use his Telekinesis inside the house, nothing stopped the male from doing so in the privacy of his bedroom.

Grayson was laid out across his bed, a rare scene to have his black hair tousled and unkempt. Books were scattered over the blanket, some open, some closed while some floated peacefully nearby. The smell of warm rain and wet leaves was heavy in the air, the breeze that shifted his curtains cool and calming. Grayson's eyelids closed sleepily for a long moment, silently scolding himself for staying up so late. 'Stupid..' He always promised himself just one more chapter, but that never seemed to be the case. The pale light from his candles washed over his skin, bathing him in a slight glow. His cheekbones were high and defined, contrasting equally with clear-cut collarbones. Yet to his own demise, the young boy made the accident of falling asleep.


His eyebrows pulled together in a light frown, he had a straight nose, a sharp jaw and grey eyes that flashed like silver molten. Eyes that were now open and staring at his very bright room.

Oh no.

[i Oh no no no no. ]

He shot from his bed, the lanky boy stumbling over his bed sheets and over to look out the window. A string of distasteful cursing left his lips. Grayson was never commonly late. But today, he was definitely late. Or at least late by his disgustingly strict standards, anyway.

Now here he was, standing idly at the entrance of the school. His pale gaze squinting up at the buildings as he took in the view. Not the most impressive to him coming from a lineage of wealth, but it would be suitable enough. Grayson sighed and adjusted his hold on the book he had tucked under his arm. He spared a cold fleeting glance around students in the area, adjusted his posture ever so slightly, and approached the gates.
kenbloodmoonKiath   1y ago

Kiath sighed as he watched two dragons descend from the sky landing by the gates and him. He was slightly interested in the pair for a moment when they took on human form. He pushed his interest in the dragon pair to the back of his mind as he heard the bell ringing and rushed off to his first class which was advanced swordplay.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus followed Kiath. He was going to continue following him around. He had forgotten where all of his classes were so he just followed him around like a puppy. "I don't know where my classes are..." He muttered to himself. He tapped his foot against the ground.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow Reaper   1y ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

Qrow saw the dragons land and smiled "well, well, dragons" he thought "that's a new one" a voice in Qrows head said, Qrow then put his hands on his head "shut up" he thought, as he kept walking when he caught up to Kiath he noticed him watching the dragon twins "y'know it's not polite to stare" He said
KanedgyEstarossa   1y ago
Technoblade never dies

Estarossa was already in his respective class, minding his own business, being the antisocial human he was, due to being bullied about his parents his whole life. Starting to draw while sitting on the sidelines, he watched the others fight, and had no interest in it, really. Yet he had no choice
kenbloodmoonKiath   1y ago

[+red "Tidus must you continue following me around all the time every year?"] He asked in a annoyed voice as he turned to the other male. He side taking Tidus schedule out of his pocket noticing it's the exact same as his other then marina combat training in the pool. [+red "why do they do this to me every year. Why can they never give your annoying butt a different schedule then me."] He said before walking off to find a sparing partner in the arena for class .

Erni was at the practice dummies as his classmates all came onto the field hitting it over and over again with a wooden practice sword, his own sword still on his belt as he had no reason to take it out as why would he he was just hitting a straw dummy, even if it did have regeneration magic on it Erni only ever used his own sword in duels and unless the teacher forced them Erni rarely ever dueled for fun, probably mostly due to his sister's over-protective nature and the fact he had no friends.

Eve sat in her class taking notes and subsequently working on her cross-stitching when something caught her attention outside and she visibly bristled as she stared at Grayson Mercier a male senpai that was currently late to school, a rare occurrence. Eve didn't know why but every time she saw Grayson she was always super uncomfortable was it his dark appearance? His non-bastard princely attitude? Or the fact that he always seemed to take out the books Eve wanted just before she did? Eve glared out the window at the boy, not that he would ever know being so far away, before tearing her eyes away and back to her cross-stitch figuring she'd better get to the library as soon as first period let out if she didn't want to wait a month to read the newest edition of "Fortune Lover" before he got his grubby little hands on it.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

"I don't know why they do it every year but I've grown accustomed to it now. It doesn't bother me one bit and be nice." Tidus said before he averted his eyes for a little bit. He continued to follow Kiath around like a puppy would follow it's owner. "I'm not annoying and I could spar with you if you promise to be nice." He said.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow Reaper   1y ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

Qrow pulled took a scythe from the weapons wrack and awaited a sparring partner
"why do we have to spar," he thought as he started to train on the air, building up the speed of his attacks, as he watched Tidus follow Kiath around like a dog would his master, Qrow found it quite annoying just by watching "wow that guy has to be really patient," he thought, walking to his class when he walked in he saw a girl just sitting there, waiting for class to start, he then sat down and started toying with his butterfly knife

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0ZMwDYO.jpg]]

[h3 [center :-:Nagaaki & Miyako:-:]]

He continued forward, however seeming to keep his distance from the rest of the children who were still appearing to enter through the gates. Hm, least they weren't the last to arrive. No, instead it seemed there were still a few stragglers clamoring forward and through the gateway into the school yards. Course, several sets of eyes came to land upon them, their choice of arrival.

A huff seemed to come from the male, his huff releasing a puff of smoke from his lips. He came to a pause, looking behind him. His sister had stopped, blue eyes trained ahead. Though she was trying to hide it, Nagaaki could sense Miyako was nervous, a tinge of fear. A slight tremble along her form, tail tucked between her legs submissively.

He released a soft sigh, turning to face her directly. The young man tipped the brim of his hat upwards so to see her. He reached a hand outwards, moving a few strands of loose hair away from her face and tucked behind an ear.

[i "It'll be fine Miyako, just stay close, and no harm shall befall you."]

Nagaaki then attempted to give her a reassuring smile. It was rather difficult, showing that protective, brotherly side of himself in front of so many strangers...but then again, perhaps it would get a point across. A point that despite the delicate appearance of Miyako, her brother would always be hovering nearby, ready to tear apart any unfortunate soul that dared to be a threat to his dear, little sister.

Again, he'd most likely be needing her to be more confident. Someone was going to have to step in sooner or later to remind him of their purpose and why they were sent here. Well, more so someone to keep his pride and temper under control and not become a raging, draconic figure...just as she would need to keep her own emotions of fear in check. Unlike her brother's trigger being anger, Miyako's own was fear. Such strong emotions could send either of them transforming to their dragon forms. However, Nagaaki had a better control of his nature than his young sister, whom could become completely primal if such a quick transformation were to happen...

As they approached, Nagaaki came to a pause just outside of entering into the academy's premise. His golden and black eyes swiftly scanned the area, a forked tongue slipped past his lips, testing the air. So many different scents lingered in the air. Most natural scents he easily read, however, it was the scents of all these different individuals that was starting to give him a slight headache.

He raised a hand, head tilting down, the brim of his hat covering his face. A soft growl seemed to emit from him as he lightly massaged his temples.

[i "Ugh, it will take time to get used to this place...all these people in a single area, sorting their scents is a combination of exhausting,"] he curled his lip up, fangs poking past, [i "and disgusting..."]

Miyako sighed softly at her brother's muttered line. She remained behind him, though she spoke softly, [#4B0082 [i "...c'mon Nagaaki, why don't we ask someone what we are supposed to be looking for...classes a possibility yes?"]]

The young woman lifted her head as she watched several more students slip past where they stood on the outside of the gate. One individual caught her eye, a young man whom appeared to be in a hurry at first, came to be approaching the gates. He didn't seem like much, a slim shape, well-dressed with a book tucked under an arm.

She lightly nudged her brother with an elbow, glancing towards the student approaching the gates. Miyako mumbled softly under her breath to her brother, [#4B0082 [i "Why don't you ask that young man...he seems rather formal, and may know what we are to do, or at least who to look for to tell us what we should know about this school."]]

The look she received from her brother was exactly what she expected, a look of annoyance. His head lifted, hand returning to his side as he glanced towards the man approaching the gates. Nagaaki looked back to his sister, her blue eyes a soft hue compared to the harsh gold and black of her brother's. The orb next to his shoulder was swirling, a chaotic whirl of gold and black. As for Miyako's own orb, the 'pearl' was barely moving, a calm sheen of dark purple mixed with black. Nothing like the storm of her brother's.

An annoyed 'tsk' came from Nagaaki, though he did as his sister suggested...

As the young man came closer to the gate, did Nagaaki step from his place on the side. He cleared his throat, in hopes of getting the other's attention, speaking after.

[i "Pardon me, but you wouldn't happen to know exactly how this academy is run do you? My sister and I are from the far east, so we honestly have little to no idea how everything works in this part of the world."]

Nagaaki was keeping it short, clearly displeased that he was being forced into this situation. Normally others would be looking up to him for answers, not the other way around. This was completely backwards, and he cared not for it...

Raiyn soon tired of her curiosities, not really knowing how to talk to others, and reached for her basket hanging on the chair pulling out a small log and a packet of jerky and she tore open the meat sending it flying before picking up the pieces and plopping them on her desk and one in her mouth before turning her full attention to the log using her nails to begin carving it.
Raiyn had just finished carving out the head of her mother and was starting to work on the body when a loud [i "Smack"] echoed right in front of her and Raiyn flinched looking up at the teacher, who had just smacked a wooden yardstick on Raiyn's desk. Raiyn stared at the woman who looked Raiyn over with a disgusted look on her face before shoving Raiyn's hood down with her stick which caused Raiyn to yelp slightly as it pulled on her ears. [b "Please keep all personal hobbies and... non-essential clothing in your room and you may NOT eat in my class now put that away and take out your notebook and pencil."] the woman said and Raiyn just blinked at her confused and terrified as she slunk back into her seat. This seemed to anger the woman and she hit Raiyn's desk again causing the girl to flinch again. [b "What is your name kreaten?"] the woman asked and Raiyn whimpered before opening her mouth to answer. [#ff8fe8 "R-R-R-Raiyn..."] she stuttered and the woman hissed slightly. [b "Rain What?"] the teacher demanded but Raiyn could no longer speak as there was now a lump in her throat and tears falling down her face. The teacher hissed again and grabbed Raiyn's arm yanking her out of the chair planning on making, more of, an example out of the girl for thinking her class was not important but the girl's hand suddenly slipped out of hers and she turned to yell at the child but stumbled backwards in shock as where the girl once was now sat a pile of clothes and from that pile stepped a shivering puppy with a riding cape still attached having seemingly shrunk to the girl's new size and the puppy, now looking 20x more terrified than before simply turned and bolted out the door after grabbing her basket and carving log in her mouth leaving the teacher just standing there to deal with a now gossiping classroom.
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/3d/dd/d73ddd7005b94298d591c6929fab0c81.jpg]
Raiyn's Wolf Form without the cape
KanedgyEstarossa   1y ago
Technoblade never dies

Estarossa felt bad for Raiyn, but decided to stay where he was and mind his own business. He thought that would be the best plan of action, plus he was very antisocial and had no idea how to talk to others. This was the first school he went to. His mother homeschooled him until his father died and she committed seppuku. Now he had no family to speak of except for him. Basically, he lived at the dorms. He had all of his parent's belongings and financial aids. None of these things interested him though, he wanted a relationship with another human. Didn't have to be more than friends, because even friending someone is having a relationship. Most people only think of dating about this topic. Deciding to walk up to Raiyn he said, [b"Y..you okay..?"] currently hating himself for not speaking up sooner, and for speaking up at all. He seemed invisible to the teacher, and for the most part, everyone around him. His presence was never that noticeable. He was hoping he didn't embarrass her, and before she could respond, quickly went back to his seat.

Kiath sighed as he watched the wolf pup run out of the building. He figured she had Mrs crabapple for her first class. [+red "Tidus why must you rub off on me."] He grumbled before biting his wrist bringing blood as he transformed into his beast form and took off easily catching the pup.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus tried his best to keep up with Kiath. He wasn't as fast on land as he was in the water. He still tried to keep up with Kiath, however. "Would you wait for me? I need to actually catch up with you." He said. He wouldn't be out of breath so quickly. He wanted to keep up with Kiath at all costs.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow Reaper   1y ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

Qrow watched the two animal-like creatures run down the hallway "wait is that Kiath" Qrow thought with a smile, sadly he was in history class, learning about how captain hook lost to peter pan, although it was interesting he'd rather have been in P.E. but that was his 3rd period, for now, he just listened to all of the ruckus coming from the hallway
KanedgyMeliodas nan   1y ago
Technoblade never dies

Estarossa watched her leave and sighed, "This school is full of weirdos...they can transform..?" he was wondering if he could learn such ability, and decided to follow her. He saw a big human-wolf like creature chase her, and decided otherwise. Just walked to the history class and walked in casually, and sat down in an empty seat. He really had no interest of anything in this school, he thought it quite boring.
Gao|| ACADEMY ||   1y ago

He could feel eyes on him, yet brushed it off as just general glances from other students. People got nosey, and depending if they knew who he was they would often mutter things about him as well. Not an uncommon experience when you originate from a family of villains. But Grayson wasn't a bad person, he just looked unkind. He was simply quiet, kept to himself and his books. Sometimes got a temper with those brash enough to pester him.

It was a clearing of a throat that paused his steps and dragged his steely gaze upon a male. Tall. Traditional wear. Alongside him was a female. Both had dark black hair, and both had tails which Grayson managed not to stare at. Staring was rude. Improper. Both held themselves with grace, and the male had spoken respectfully. They looked similar, assumedly siblings. It was a mere fleeting look to both of them in silent inspection, however Grayson did not recognize them.

[b "You must be new to the Academy." ] He observed, quite an obvious one at that.

Being human Grayson did occasionally have a feeling of unsettlement for those that were not. Vulnerable, is how it made him feel. Those eyes (and tails) were not human. But his stance did not shrink before them. His expression and voice remained dull, direct yet polite. [b "Well," ] Grayson lifted his sleeve to check his watch, gazing down at the time. He decided not to chastise them being late. Not this time, at least, since it's not like he was early either. Plus these two were new here and the school was rather large, understandable to get lost easily.

[b "You'll want to check into the office to get your schedules. Turn left once you enter the main building." ] He motioned towards the school with a hand, [b "The receptionist is awfully chatty so try not ask her too many questions. I'm afraid you'll be there all morning if you do so." ]

[b "But consider moving with haste,"] His gaze flickered back to them, a somewhat stern edge to his voice now, [b "Class has begun." ] He kept it brief and mostly straight to the point. Obviously not a big speaker himself. He was only glad this male had posed the question to Grayson like he was a fellow student. Often newcomers misplaced him as a teacher, which would prompt an eyebrow twitch and a defensive [i 'I'm 17..' ]

[b "If you'll excuse me," ] He nodded a goodbye, and continued on his way. He had taken on extra classes this year, his timetable was full and he could not waste time directing the lizards around, despite how polite they may be. He was on his way to the library to check out some books, look over class modules and what to focus his studies on. With extra classes it would require allocating time slots and free periods and having just arrived, he hadn't had time to sit down and go over it yet. Plus the library was soothing to the male, with the smell of paper and books and quiet peacefulness.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow Reaper   1y ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

Qrow saw Grayson walking up to the school from the classroom window "huh, that's not like him to be late," he thought shoving his butterfly knife into the table, "I wonder what's up," he thought
"Mr. Reaper," Ms. wear said
"yes ma'am," he answered
"Please pay attention," Ms. wear said
"yes ma'am," Qrow said with a smile

Raiyn ran in her new form out of the building and towards a field before stopping suddenly her ears back against her head in fright at the smell of sweaty humans and the sounds of clashing metal. A new smell hit her nose one of fur and... blood? and Raiyn turned to see a large wolf running after her and immediately Raiyn's fear vanished and she stared at the male tears coming out of her eyes as she turned back into a human, with only her riding cape to cover her showing she wasn't exactly female, and ran to the boy sobbing. [#ff8fe8 "DADDY! DADDY! YOU CAME FOR ME JUST LIKE MOMMY SAID! Daddy please get me out of this place I hate it here please Daddy take me home... I want to go home... Daddy Please!"] The young girl sobbed as though she was 5 and not a week over 13. Raiyn dug her fingers into the older male's fur not noticing the strange looks she was getting from a growing crowd or the fact that this in fact was not her birth father but just a boy not that much older than her. {Note: Raiyn knows her father is dead, but she is in a state of panic and to emotional atm to realize her father wasn't the only beast-like creature out there}{Note2: Yes her father in this case was a furry bite me :P}{Note3: For those who don't read character profiles Raiyn is Intersex but has a functioning male part and identifies as female.}
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/f2/fb/a5/f2fba5cbad5f4f6cc918f605e40f8f32.jpg]
Ernest stopped his workout when he heard screaming and walked across the field with the others to see what was going on and he couldn't help but flinch at the sight of Kiath in his beast form it had always shocked him how the older boy could just change like that. Earnest then noticed the blonde in red clinging to Kiath and tilted his head a bit confused as the child had brown wolf-like ears growing out of their head and a matching tail twitching under their red cape. Not wanting to gape like the others Ernest turned to head back to the changing rooms when he noticed a basket woven with gray-brown wolf fur on the ground it's contents spilled and he frowned walking over to it and began to gather the contents figuring it belonged to the crying child.

As soon as class ended Eve booked it to the library only to find the book already gone and she fumed before looking around and spotting Grayson at one of the tables and she stormed up to him. [#97004d "Why is it always you!"] she screamed before reaching towards his pile of books dead set on getting her way this time, she would be the first to check out that book and that was that. This of course was the first time she had ever confronted Grayson as the two were a year apart in age and tended to roam in different social circles, so to speak. Grabbing the edge of Fortune Lover Eve tugged at it not caring if it caused a mess, being halfway down Grayson's pile, she was going to get it gods be damned.
KanedgyEstarossa   1y ago
Technoblade never dies

[center Estarossa heard a scream and decided to go to the source. Thinking up a very gory outcome of the male wolf and the little pup, he sighed. The food chain really was harsh sometimes. He got up out of the class he was in, for it wasn't his to begin with. The teacher was writing on the board, and didn't notice him so he was in the clear. Once he walked outside he heard crying. Sighing, he said, "Poor kid.." while walking down the halls]


[center He was interrupted by a professor who greeted him and said, [b "Ah, you must be Estarossa, I've heard great things about you from your late mother....I was....well...an acquaintance of hers.."] To this Estarossa held back his emotions...He wasn't very sure of what the man was entailing, but he didn't want to think about it. "Why, yes I am. How do you know my mother, exactly?" he replied. The professor just chuckled and walked away. Estarossa was caught zoning out once this happened. He quickly realized what happened to the kid and walked to the courtyard to check. Letting out a sigh of relief that the kid wasn't killed, he decided to watch]
Gao|| ACADEMY ||   1y ago

He had collected a few books. And by a few he meant about 9. A small assemblage for an avid reader like him. Some were class orientated, history, economics and business, others were just books he wanted to read for his own enjoyment. Such as 'Fortune Lover'. A new edition came out each month and he liked to keep ahead of everyone. Grayson had a great relationship with the librarian, so sometimes she even put new novels on hold just for him. Though to be fair, majority of teachers liked him. He was quiet and did his work, which is what pleased most of them. He was sat near the window of the library, writing away, allotting his subjects to his time table. His handwriting was neat cursive, printed carefully and perfectly. Any mistakes and he would be prompted to crumple up the paper and start again. That would be unfortunate, due to how meticulous he was about everything he did.

[i 'Why is it always you!' ]
Grayson flinched as the screaming sounded. The jump sent his pen abruptly, a line of red ink right across the page.


He stared down at the paper, expression dull yet in silent despair.

[b "Your manners seem to reflect your upbringing, Eve." ] The pen in his hand gave a subtle flick as he pulled it away from the page, setting it down on the desk. [b "Inadequate." ] His cold gaze raised to look at his perpetrator. His step sibling. Or, one of them at least. Grayson held a deep grudge for the twin's mother, belief that if she didn't exist his family would be fine. Complete. Hatred burned in his eyes. His mother would not have been burned and his father would not have engaged in such undignified behaviour. It was an insult to see the twins, a reminder of it. Low-borns, is how he saw them. [i Mistakes.] It was offensive to Grayson knowing they were related, sharing the same blood in their veins.

He took the paper he was writing on and screwed it up in his hands with a sigh, setting it to the side to throw out later.

But he was shocked Eve then had the nerve to try snatch things from the likes of [i him], and Grayson reached out a hand to grab the book from his side as well. Equally as childish. Partially because he didn't want his stack of novels toppling to the carpet, but he also didn't want Eve to have it first. In his eyes he was the faster reader and he didn't like the idea of reading a book after her, once her bastard hands had been all through it.

[b "You are drawing [i attention.]" ] He seethed, having noticed heads in the library turning in their direction to see what was happening. He gave the book a gentle tug, incredibly wary of the books stacked on top of it yet too stubborn to relent.[b "Unhand. It." ]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0ZMwDYO.jpg]]

[h3 [center :-:Nagaaki & Miyako:-:]]

The floating orb next to Nagaaki's shoulder seemingly glittered for a moment, but remained hovering next to its owner. His golden black gaze never left the other male, though his pupils seemed to narrow even more as they were addressed. If anything, it was this other's parting words that nearly received a loud and audible growl from Nagaaki.

However, he swallowed back the growing growl in his throat. A nudge of his sister's tail also reminded him to remain in check. Instead, both siblings placed their hands on their knees, bending forward in a neat bow in unison.

[i "Thank you sir. We are grateful for your help."]

Though, as soon as Grayson disappeared, did Nagaaki release a loud hiss, forked tongue going past his lips as they curled upwards to show his fangs.

[i "The absssolute audacity of that fool,"] yes, it seemed when angered, he would indeed end up hissing some of his words, [i "Telling usss to move ssswiftly when we have only jussst landed!"]

A hand reached outwards, taking hold of his own. The male shot a glare over, to only have his gaze return to a more calmer appearance, pupils becoming rounder than the slits of earlier. Miyako had come to take hold of his reins...again...

[#4B0082 [i "Come brother, let us follow his directions and hopefully get situated."]]

A puff of smoke, though Nagaaki did give a nod. He tipped his hat down to cover his face, the orb floating near him continuing to flash a raging storm of gold and black.

As they followed the young man's directions to the office, did it seem like quite a bit of commotion was happening out in one of the yards. They passed by silently, though out of the corner of their eyes, did they take note of the world around them.

Seemed one of the younger children were being subjected to emotions of some kind. Nagaaki had kept going forward, but paused as he noticed the emptiness behind him. He glanced back to see his sister glancing over to a particular group of students. One a wolfish humanoid, the other the younger child sobbing in his arms. Around, of course others were gathering, most likely curious and unsure of what was happening.

His golden eyes shifted to his sister, [i "Miyako, leave them. There will be other opportunities for you to offer succor to the less fortunate."]

The woman stood in place for several more moments, then seemingly a silent sigh escaped her. She turned moving to join her brother's side into the halls of the school.

[hr ]

Well, that young man who was kind enough to set aside some time for them, was indeed correct about the receptionist. Though honestly both Nagaaki and Miyako felt as if they were the ones being questioned, instead of getting their own answered. Seemed not many children from the far east ever entered this school...

Even when Nagaaki bared his fangs towards the female behind the desk, the 'warning' only rewarded him with more questions about himself. Eventually Miyako was able to get them out of the situation, quickly herding her seething brother out and into the halls.

Once there, his tail was a lashing side to side in quick sweeps, clearly furious. Smoke seeped past his lips as he gnashed his fangs together as he snarled darkly under his breath.

[i "Father hasss a cruel sssensssse of jussstice...throwing usss in thisss place with a bunch of children!"]

Miyako was glancing down the paper handed to them both, blue eyes scanning the schedule. The purplish black orb hovering next to her seemed to float around her body a few times, then returned to its place above her shoulder. Unlike her brother's furious tail sweeps, her own was a slight twitch now and then.

She glanced over towards him out of the corner of his eye, [#4B0082 [i "You could try to be a bit more patient...also, I think our first class is an literature class of some sort...I'm assuming they will explain more once it begins."]]

A snort from Nagaaki was her reply. The woman stepped forward, now taking the lead instead of her brother to their first class.
KanedgyEstarossa   1y ago
Technoblade never dies

[center He decided to leave and mind his own business. It was rude to stare anyways. Walking back into the halls, he saw the two dragon people. Shivering, he walked the other way. [i How in the world-] he thought to himself. He had never seen any creature even close to them in looks. While he was walking to his next class he passed the library. Since he had a few more minutes to spare, because he skipped his first class, he decided to walk in to it and check out a book. Running his fingers along the book index to find a book he had been waiting on, he noticed Grayson, who already had it. He decided to not meddle with other people, for that would cause unwanted trouble. Once he found an alternate book he checked it out, and sat down to read it. It was quite the lengthy book, but would only keep him entertained for a short while. He was quite the excellent reader, he tended to read instead of playing in his free time in his younger years.

Reading at least 60 pages before he realized he was late for his class, he hurried to it. Checking what it was, he read 'Literature'. Pretty simple, and didn't seem [i too] boring. Once he got there half of the class stared at him, to which the teacher said, [b "You're late. One more time and you'll fail this semester."] Estarossa nodded before sitting down in an empty seat. He still had the book in hand, and a plus side- was that it was interesting. . .not many things interested him in this hell of a world, but the little things that did, he milked it. The cover read, [i 'The Lost World'] while checking who wrote it he wasn't very surprised. It was the same author of the book he wanted originally. He wrote the name down on a scrap piece of paper, very neatly in cursive, and put it in his notebook. The teacher continued with her lesson, it was about the early forms of literature. Estarossa was pretty knowledgeable on this topic, but it could never hurt for a little refresher.]
FROSTBITE4395Qrow Reaper   1y ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

Qrow booked it down the hall to literature and then ran into the class and sat in the closest empty seat, he noticed the kid he was sitting by writing something on paper, he then pulled out his butterfly knife and started to toy with it, like he always did,
"Mr. Reaper, that is a second student who is late, do you have an explanation," the Teacher said
"No ma'am, I do not," he said
"do not let it happen again, or like Mr. Estarossa here you will fail," she said writing something else on the board
Qrow then saw the book that the student sitting next to him was reading "huh, that was a good book," he thought to himself as he put his head down on the desk and stabbed the butterfly knife into the wood
AslansFavoriteEve   1y ago

The moment Grayson began belittling Eve she felt a sharp pain shoot through her body, but she did not stop her quest for the book knowing he wouldn't touch her due to her 'bastard' status, but when he grabbed the other half of the book and demanded in [i that] tone for her to unhand the book she bristled and just yanked harder. [#97004d "You disgust me why don't you just get your servants to buy you books instead of acting like a Commoner. You're a fucking prince, you have everything so why don't you either act like a proper Prince and buy your own damned books and leave the library to us 'InAdEqUaTe' folk you piece of shit? Or do your parents think you're a waste of space like the rest of us?"] Eve snapped yanking again at the book this time finally managing to topple the stack, and she smirked hoping he would finally let go to to clean up since she was already late for Literature Class and Mrs. Dunstan wasn't known to be the most gracious teacher to late kids only having a 20% pass rate for her students.

{Yeesh seems all my girls are on their periods this week lol :P }
{{Side Note: If I was writing this into a non-roleplay story Grayson would totally be Eve's first 'suitor candidate', yes they may be half-siblings, but the medieval era was weird. Yes I'm a freak good thing this is a roleplay}}

Kiath sighed and pulled the crying child off of him and looked her in the eye sternly [+red " child I'm not your father I'm only 17 and a fellow wolf I figured in your upset state of mind my wolf form would be better. After all wolves have to stick together."] He said as he set the child on the ground standing up to his full height. He motioned for Tidus to come over. [+Red " Tidus take her to the dorms to calm down I'll go speak with headmaster Grimm."] He said as he took off back to the school.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“I’m not going to just leave you here ya know! It’s not my style to leave people behind. That’s not how I roll and you know it! So that’s why you’re coming as well whether you like it or not.” Tidus said. He had a goofy grin on his face.
Gao|| ACADEMY ||   1y ago

[b "Why should I call upon servants when you are an easy substitute?"] Another little tug on the book from his side, hatred dripping in his voice.

But the mention of his parents made him freeze, falter in his spot. Surprise crossed his expression for a fleeting second. The pure nerve of this girl had rattled him, the audacity to bring his family into it. His temper was riling, rearing it's ugly head. The usually calm collectiveness of Grayson had taken a hit. A fatal one at that. His pen that was previously set down on the table shifted, sliding a few inches on it's own. A book in a nearby shelf fell out, as if someone had pushed it out from the other side. The male didn't notice.

[b "How dare you!" ] He had stood up now, bristling with anger. Grayson's cheekbones and eyebags were hollow as he glared down at the female. His hand remained firm on the other side of the book. Stubborn.

[b "I should strike you for your mere [i fucking ] impudence."] A cuss. From the likes of Grayson. Plus a threat to physically assault her. Not a good look for someone who prides himself on a pristine reputation. Of course he would never hit her, but he could definitely think about it. [b "Stupidity has made you far too bold, Eve." ]

Before he could absolutely lose it, she yanked the book. Grayson's hold slipped on it, and her pull sent the stack of his novels toppling to the floor. He stared at them in cold rage, silent.

Grayson could just pick them up with the whole Telekinesis thing but he was not comfortable using that in front of people. So instead, he crouched down to gather them back into a small stack. His teeth were gritted. It was humiliating, kneeling and lowering himself before someone like Eve.

Once he stood back up with the books in hand, he was able to glare down at the female again.

[b "You belong in that tower."] He hissed, [b "With the rats." ]

Leaving that harsh comment in the air, he brushed past and left the library. In his anger he had forgotten his pen. Taking a direct war path for Literature. He was late, the second time today. Late to school, now late to class. Not a good record so far. And it was Eve's fault. The squabble with her had delayed him.

His shoes clicked against the tiled floor as he walked, echoing loud against the walls. Nothing but fiery displeasure surrounded him.

Upon entering the class, he gave a nod of apology to the teacher.

[i "You're ALSO late." ] Mrs Dunstan paused to confront Grayson. She did not seem happy. Well she never seemed happy, but she looked angrier than usual. Uh oh. How many other students had come in just before him? His head tilted upwards, holding eye contact with the woman in preparation for what may come next.

[i "Find a seat, Mister Mercier." ]

While most would expect a harsh scolding, Mrs Dunstan was very mild with Grayson. It wasn't spoken kindly, but for a grouchy teacher like her, that was her being nice. That was the joy of being a dedicated and high graded student, he got away with a lot of things. Teachers just assumed he was busy studying or doing something important, which he usually was. But sometimes, very rarely, he was having a nap somewhere. Or arguing in the library with his step sibling.

He nodded, his jaw tensing at [i Mister Mercier. ] He didn't like that, but he didn't protest, not with Mrs Dunstan. Not with any teachers. He held them with high respect. Plus these were the people dishing out his grades, he would never dare argue with them.

He swallowed down the last of his irritation and slipped away from the door to find a seat. Grayson could not afford to let his anger get to him.

It worked, when Grayson knelt down to pick up the books Eve stood there shocked before a huge smile broke across her face she had won for once she had won. Eve didn't hear Grayson's final insult and just burst out into a flabbergasted laugh once he was gone turning everyone's attention to her and at that moment she didn't care and did a little dance before flopping into a chair Literature class all but forgotten as she stared down at the book in her hands her first book of the year and the only one she knew she would ever succeed in getting from Grayson. A drop of water suddenly landed on the book and Eve jumped raising a hand to her face feeling the tears falling down her cheeks. [i [#97004d 'Tears? Seriously Eve, tears? Over a book?']] she thought to herself but held the book to her chest sighing as she tried to calm herself.

Erni walked up to Raiyn after Kiath pushed her away and handed her her basket smiling lightly pity clear in his features as he casually reached out and pulled the child's cloak shut before hearing Kiath give orders to the blonde boy Tidus who always followed him around, and as usual the boy just joked around causing Erni to roll his eyes before leading the child back towards the dorms himself where he planned to lend the child his gym clothes from his first year, as he still had them.
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[pic http://e7.pngegg.com/pngimages/264/975/png-clipart-mobile-legends-bang-bang-fan-art-anime-little-red-hood-mobile-phones-anime-cg-artwork-manga-thumbnail.png]
Raiyn whimpered when she was separated from Kiath and she continued grasping for him not really hearing his words, but then a boy came up to her and handed her, her basket and Raiyn instantly settled upon smelling her real father's fur and this caused her face to match her cloak and she watched Kieth turn from her and start talking to another student while the boy in front of her seemed to redden a little himself as he casually tightened Raiyn's cloak so it covered her body before beginning to lead her away from the crowd that had gathered mumbling something about having spare clothes in his dorm.
KanedgyEstarossa   1y ago
Technoblade never dies

[google-font https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Courgette?query=courgette&preview.text_type=custom&sidebar.open=true&selection.family=Courgette]
[center [Courgette Estarossa sighed. He absolutely [b had] to listen to this class. Even if he already knew everything. This particular teacher was known for her strict way of teaching. Of course, of all people, [b Grayson] was her favorite. This was Estarossa's first day here, so he did not expect respect from anyone. It annoyed him that someone so.. how do I put it...? [b Stuck-up] about everything. This absolutely disgusted him. Just by Grayson's posture he knew they were pretty alike, but his senior, Grayson, was too egotistic for Estarossa's own good. Es preferred to be alone, but it wouldn't hurt to make some friends, or enemies. For entertainment purposes, of course. Once this class was over, he was one of the first to leave. Walking to the courtyard, it seemed empty now. Estarossa decided to sit under a tree and read the book he got. Just him being himself, he was almost always alone. He noticed a bit of a ruckus in the halls, which disturbed his focus. Now, if you were one of the few lucky to know him, you'd know to [i never] do that. He'd develop some type of vendetta against you. Once he was in the halls, he noticed a crying girl, and another kid around the same age as the girl. Of course, this was not the reason for they were in the library. This was none of his buisness, but he knew the librarian well. She was the one who recommended Estarossa. Matter of fact, he knew more teachers than students. He walked deeper into the hall, where he saw a group of random students fighting over a piece of paper. Now...he had his targets. Wondering what punishment he would face for..let's say..[i expiring] a few students. Estarossa never like people in particular, but this group pissed him off. Meanwhile while he was feeling these feelings and thinking those thoughts, it seemed as if he was watching. A professor walked up and broke the fight up. By the time this happened, Estarossa was back under the tree. It wasn't worth getting in trouble just because of those low lifes. He quickly read a few chapters before walking into the library. He was one of the few who got reserved books as well, but the librarian always acted like the ones who got them were the only one. This was false of course. At the time there were three people with reserved books. Estarossa picked up his reserved book, which was apparently in high demand in the normal world at this time. He examined the cover of the book, running his finger along the spine. Eventually, he put it in his bag and walked to a table.]]


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