7 Days to Die - The Game

By -Mirror-

This is not like any other zombie survival story. This is a game, one I will influence with generators and spinners. That’s right. I’m not playing. I will only be influencing the choices people make and what happens as people play out their own survival story.

Several survivors will spawn randomly into the map. Each person will be given 2 random starter skills, a random starter tool, a box of rations(contains 5 random cans of food, 2 nutri bars and 5 bottles of clean water), a communications unit that works only when by a radio tower or station(will be random throughout the map), a single torch for light at night and a box of 100 matches.

Every so often I will pop into the story to influence what happens. Things such as spawning zombies in various numbers around someone, drop an air drop supply crate at a certain coordinate, change the weather or simply alert when the blood moon is about to arrive. What happens will be a total surprise and completely up to me or randomly generated by a spinner. You will never know what I will do to influence the story you are playing out.

What you have to do is survive. Loot, craft, kill zombies, find each other and survive. If you can, anyway.

The Rules
- No characters under 18 years of age.
- Only human characters. There will come a time where your character will eventually die from something. Keep this in mind.
- Only original characters. That means they have to be of your creation and not from a game, anime, tv show, movie or any other source. They have to be created from your own mind.
- No real images. Images must be tasteful and not over used. They should be reasonable within the theme of the roleplay which is dystopian wasteland/zombie apocalypse. Image size must be reasonable. If it's too large, I will ask you to resize it to be smaller. However, images are not a requirement. If not using an image, give a brief description of what your character looks like which will be added to your character stats as additional info.
- Watch out for my posts! They will influence what you will do next and what you find!
- Romance is welcome but it is NOT the focus of this. Keep it in the background and keep it PG.
- This is a dystopian wasteland survival story. Therefore, there will be death, gore, blood and other mature themes involved.
- This will eventually end with everyone dying. When that happens, the story will be started up again with new spawn locations and new characters. If you rejoin, you CANNOT use the same character again till 2 others have died after. Consider it a respawn wait time.
- DO NOT post in the real time chat as I will have a copy of the map there for easy reading among other important need-to-knows. I will have a separate thread for chatting. I will put current stats for each character there.
- There is a guide! The guide holds basic information on various things such as resources, how the randomizing works and other information about various things in the world. It will be updated periodically as new things get added.
You are welcome to make suggestions for the guide if you think of something that might be useful to have on it or would like to add a new feature to the world.

- Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

This will be unlocked for now. I do not want to have to lock it but I will if I have to,

The OOC Thread
The Guide

The Map
Marked Map
Best Map

If a round is in play, please PM me first if you want to join in. That way I can make a post announcing your character's arrival along with the biome they are in and starter inventory they will have. Once all characters are dead or there is one survivor left, the game will be ended and it will enter a wait period so new people can join and existing players can pick a new character if they want to. Remember I will give you your starter skills, tools and your spawn location once you have a character selected.
Video Chat
Kumospace [Everyone]
Gather.town [Everyone]


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