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By muta

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muta|wizard|   2y ago

[center [abel [size15
[left [pic]] The wizard woke with the sun. It was the first real day of springs. Rhydian could see the blossoms on the trees through the open glass doors to his balcony. The sweet scent of flora filled his room. A dark mass was curled up at the foot of his bed. One pale eye opened to look at the man. It lifted its head to reveal a shadowy black dog. Rhydian scratched the beast under the chin.
[b [#5c85d6 “Morning Grendel,”]] the wizard greeted, his voice still rough with sleep.

The canine leaned into the affection. [b “Good morning, Master,”] he replied. His mouth didn’t open but the words rang as clear as if he had spoken.

Rhydian tore off his covers and climbed out of bed. The hardwood floor was cool against his bare feet. Grendel followed. His silhouette was black as onyx and smoldered at the edges like he was made of smoke.
The wizard stretched and made his way towards his wardrobe. Opening it, he surveyed its contents. It was early spring, so the man planned accordingly. The mornings were often chilly but warmed midday. He retrieved a white blouse with long cuffed sleeves and a pair of midnight blue trousers. Stripping himself of the clothes he slept in the night before, it only took him a moment to dress. He grabbed a black cape just in case he decided to leave the house that morning. Once dressed, he made his way to the staircase.

Before descending the staircase, the wizard peaked into the open door across the hall from his bedroom. Sleeping soundlessly buried in a pile of pillows was a small, crimson-haired boy. A green reptile the size of a large dog was snoring in his arms. Rhydian smiled at the sight before making his way downstairs.

The day was like any other. Rhydian helped his caretaker Capella, a petite blonde fae, make breakfast for his makeshift family. The small red-head appeared in the entryway of the kitchen still groggy with tiredness. His reptile companion lay content in his arm like a toddler. He rubbed his eyes with a freehand, readjusting the pet on his hip.
[b [#80002a “G’morning,”]] the boy slurred sleepily. He took a seat on a round, ornate carpet by the woodstove. Grendel had curled up into a black ball next to the boy. The reptile sprawled across his lap, revealing itself to be baby dragon with jade colored scales.

[b [#5c85d6 “Good morning Sorren,”]] Rhydian hummed, filling a platter with eggs and bacon. Capella followed behind him with fresh baked bread. She began to set the table for four. [b [#5c85d6 “Did you sleep well?”]] The wizard asked as he took a seat at the head of the table.

Sorren crawled to his feet, careful not to drop the still slumbering dragon. He took slid into the spot next to Rhydian. [b [#80002a “Yes, but Lotus is a bit of a bed hog,”]] the boy complained, stroking the soft fur on top of the reptile’s head. Lotus stirred in his drowsiness, letting out a small chirp.

[b [#5c85d6 “I know the feeling,”]] Rhydian chuckled as he shot a look at Grendel. Where the dog had been sitting on the floor now stood a tall, dark man with wild locks of ebony hair that fell around him like a curtain. He wore a black fur coat over an inky shirt and trousers. The man took a seat on the other side of Rhydian.

The wizard eyed the man. He returned a smug look [b “What? It’s easier to eat in this form,”] he retorted.

[b [#5c85d6 “Nothing, nothing,”]] Rhydian repeated.

Capella filled their plates with food and took a seat across from Rhydian. They spent the morning enjoying their breakfast and chatting about their plans for the day.

After breakfast, Rhydian disappeared into his study. Sorren followed close behind. His master had ordered the boy to read up on conjuration for the week. Rhydian liked his apprentice to have a basic understanding before he allowed him to do spell work. Although the boy often complained, he actually enjoyed reading.
Grendel took Lotus outside to play in the afternoon sun and stay out from underfoot. Capella joined them after a few chores.

An hour into their work, there was a ringing at the door. In a horizontal row above the beautiful French doors were four elegant brass bells, each with a different pattern decorating them. The one that was ringing was a fat silver one with images of the sea wrapping around the soundbow.

Sorren was the one to get up, his master oblivious to the noise. Rhydian had a way of getting lost in his work. The apprentice padded over to the door and examined the bell. [b [#80002a “Master, it’s the Port door,”]] he called over his shoulder. A grunt from the other room indicated he was free to answer it.

Next to the doorknob was a colorful dial made of stained glass. It was currently turned to blue. Sorren turned the dial to yellow and opened the door. Instead of the usual serene landscape that was usually behind the door was now replaced with the hustle and bustle of the city. Standing on the cobblestone street was a frail old woman with a hunch. She leaned on her cane and held a house plant in her free hand.

Her wrinkle face lit up at the sight up the boy. He mirrored her expression. [b [#80002a “Lady Bernadette, good afternoon! Are you here for your salve?”]] the boy beamed.

[b [#c6538c “Good afternoon Sorren, is Master Knox home? I was wondering if he’d like to make a trade with me,”]] the woman gestured to the plant in her arm.

Sorren eyed the flower. It was a small blue blossom with intricate, almost geometric like petals. The apprentice didn’t recognize the flower in all of his studies. Furrowing his brows, he asked the woman to wait for a moment while he got his master.

[b [#80002a “Master, Lady Bernadette is here. She’d like to make a trade with you,”]] Sorren informed his master.

Rhydian didn’t look up from his cauldron. After a few moments of silence, he clicked his tongue. Untying his apron, he followed the boy to the front door. He was delighted to see the elderly woman. He had been treating the woman for her joint pains for nearly ten years. The wizard had offered to fix her hunch many times but she always laughed and said she didn’t mind growing old.

[b [#c6538c “Ah, Master Knox, you’re looking well,”]] she croaked, smiling a toothy grin.

The wizard returned the smile, [b [#5c85d6 “Bernie, we’ve known each other for yours. I really insist you call me Rhydian.”]]
Bernadette chuckled and brushed off the request. [b [#c6538c “Dear, I received this flower in the mail and I thought you might have a better use for it than me,”]] she explained.

Rhydian took the plant from the woman and looked it over. He recognized the pastel blue petals instantly. It was a rare flower known as the Middlemist Blue. The flower was native to the Faewilds and only few mortals had seen on in person. Rhydian wondered how the woman had acquired such a rare specimen.

[b [#5c85d6 “Yes, I think this will make a fine trade,”]] Rhydian answered, still looking the flower over. He made a mental note to give her a few free potions next time she came by.
Rhydian and Sorren said good bye to the woman and took the plant inside. The Grand Master found a warm spot in the abundant sunlight of his study.


The week passed by steadily. Lotus had nearly eaten the wizard and his companions out of the house. Capella had to go to the market [i twice] already. Rhydian liked to take the weekend off to do things around the house or complete commissions for the church.

Today was quiet as usual. Lotus had gotten into the garbage and was due for a bath. Rhydian and his familiar took turns trying to wrestle the reptile into the kitchen sink. They had filled the basin with warm water and soap but the beast wanted no part of it. Sorren sat at the kitchen table reading an ancient tome quietly as his master worked.
Although he was just a baby, the dragon was stronger than both men combined. He chittered in protest as they worked him into the sink. Rhydian rolled up his sleeves in attempt to keep himself semi dry. It was no used; by the time the wizard had gotten the beast in the tub, his white shirt was soaked through. The fabric clung to his toned chest. He was elbow deep in suds when he heard a ringing in the doorway.

The magic shop the wizard ran was closed on Saturdays so he wasn’t expecting anyone at the door. When he turned around, he spotted what was making the sound. A small fairy hovered in the archway. His wings caught the morning light, casting kaleidoscope patterns on ever surface in the kitchen.

Lotus took advantage of his master’s shock and tried to escape the tub. Rhydian shook his head; his ocean colored locks haloed his sharp complexion. The wizard seized the dragon by its waist and eased it back into the water. He let out a chirp of defeat.
Once the dragon was finally wrangled, Rhydian turned his attention back to the small intruder. [b [#5c85d6 "Can I help you?"]] The wizard asked in the creature's native tongue.

Rhydian: [b [#5c85d6 #5c85d6]]
Sorren: [b [#80002a #80002a]]
Grendel: [b bold]
Bernadette: [b [#c6538c #c6538c]]
LIVE   2y ago

[google-font] [center [size15 [abel When Tia’s large blue eyes opened in rhythm with the petals of his flowers he was not where he knew. No matter how he looked, wither from above, below, or standing on his hands this place he found himself in was not [i Mheg-ri]. But if not [i Mheg-ri] then where?

The little thing stretched and fluttered his stain-glass wings casting shades of blue and turquoise on the items around him. And what curious items they were! Pieces of wood so thing the trees barely spoke and yet filled with the song and sounds of speaking still and bound with the hide of many different beasts. Crystal that sparkled like water and spoke words only dwarves would know. A strange orb of glass, fire and earth and yet filled with smoke. And on a shelf, made from the bones of [i Julik] were bones of man and animal alike, some with strange, unnatural things carved into them some of the symbols were familiar but most were shapes he did not know. But more than bones were vials! Vial upon vial upon vial of strange and enticing shapes and colors that were as colorful as spring. He zipped around one, nearly knocking it over, a shade of blushing pink he’d seen on cheeks and it smelled of roses and death. How strange! But this too was abandoned when something else caught his eye. On the wood of a table made from a sweet and old maple he found a ring, so big was it to the tiny fairy he was able to fit it around his waist like a belt and not only one ring but many! All different, some felt like magic when he touched them and the other were merely cold and glittering under his hands.

Then across the room to which he flew he found flowers and herbs, upon the wall hung those who had dried and died and now were kept from decay but in pots and vases and all manner of containers were there blooming and living. Tia giggled with joy as those flowers grew and reached to meet their fairy friend whose magic fed them and made them strong. Already some had grown to twice of what they had been before just from being near the [i Ri-fil]. And among those flowers who called out to him was, of course, his bloom. His bloom which stood perfect and unmatched; his most loving flower which had given him life through his [i mir-d] magic. The Middlemist Blue.

She was away from the bush which she had grown the last decades, a single flower in a pot but Tia could feel her roots intrenched in the soil and already she made plans to make more so long as Tia continued to cast his magic for her soak in. To think that she would take root while he was sleeping, whomever was looking after must have been a kind and gentle soul to make her want to stay.

A noise drew his eyes from his flower, towards the piece of wood that enclosed this space; a door. With a mischievous grin his magic nudged the door open for the fairy to slip past. There was so much to see when the door was opened, so many things to play with but the noise held fast to the fairy’s curiosity; for the noise was voices, voices he did not know. The owners of this place? The ones to whom the strange and marvelous things belonged to? He wanted to know. To meet them. To [i play].

His wings moved as quickly as a hummingbird until he reached a place where the space opened and light flooded all places not just where flowers lived like the previous place. There were four beings there in that place; one was tiny with hair on his head like his head was on fire, a tall man whose appearance spoke of night and darkness, a creature that did not live in the Faewilds and was unknown to Tia, and the one playing with the creature to the point of being dripping with water.

Tia giggled as he watched them play, his voice a chorus of bells ringing out in joy. Oh, the fun they must have been having! But his giggling gave away his presence and the being turned to find him. Perhaps he should have hid? Then they could play hide and seek! The creature tried to get out of the water but the [i marn] wasn’t done playing and kept it there. [b [#5c85d6 “Can I help you?”]] The tall [i marn] with hair like a stormbound sky asked of the fairy.

To which the fairy giggled once more before declaring, [b [#AE4AD0 “The day is long; the day is short! So, we must play!”]] Before he shot forward with great speed. Tia flew around the [i marn] until he nearly felt dizzy before he abandoned him to examine the strange green thing in the water who the [i marn] had been playing with. He didn’t know the game but he would learn and then he would play as well!

[b [#AE4AD0 “A beast in a bath!”]] Tia fell from his flight into a handstand on the creature’s snout just between its eyes, bending playfully he could chance glances at the thing. From his magic he didn’t feel it was an animal, no it was much too powerful for that. [b [#AE4AD0 “A sight I’ve never seen!”]] He cheered, moving from a handstand until he was somersaulting up the crest of the creature’s head and down it’s scaled and smooth back. The creature wriggled with delight, twisting to cry and catch this little thing which was playing with him. Tia giggled once more filling the room with the sounds of bells.

The creature’s movements made the fairy slip and fall to the water with a splash. He sputtered when it surfaced but while it had dampened his body it had not dampened his mood. Using his wings, he propelled himself up from the bubble topped water, spinning as he rose to shake off the water and somewhat dry himself. Not bothered by the fact drying himself meant creating a fine mist which would hit the man closest to him.

[b [#AE4AD0 “I am Tia or Il-Lyhe, but Tia is short, and time much shorter so call me by that so we have more time to play!”]] Tia spoke his introduction to the tall [i marn] with stormy hair, the one with power that felt cool like a stream when the snow had melted. He hovered in front of the man, his wings beating as fast as his tiny heart in his chest as it brimmed with excitement. [b [#AE4AD0 “What do I call you [i wils-marn]?”]] Even if blind the fairy would be able to see that the man was a wizard, for who else but a wizard would have such delightful things as this one did?]]]


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