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An Ancient Wish for Freedom

By Catlover33
Backup thread
It has been centuries since one species overtook them all. Humans kept supernatural beings as "pets" and some of them saw them as inferior beings. Little did they know that there was one supernatural creature that they haven't captured yet. That creature was locked in a deep slumber in the deepest part of a mystical area. The area was treacherous however whoever slumbered there was unaware of the changes that had happened to the world. That being would be the key to freeing all of the other supernatural entities if he wasn't taken by humans with ill intent first. Anyone who had tried to forcefully take him from his resting spot met a fate that was worse than death. They disappeared and then were replaced by flowers which decorated the clearing that he slumbered in. The only way to awaken him is with someone who is pure of heart. Just a single kiss from that person will be all that it takes to awaken him. With their combined powers, they will save every creature who has been taken by the humans. Will those two save every supernatural being out there?



1. Don't godmod
2. No sexual themes
3. Drugs and Alcohol are not allowed
4. Keep this Safe for Work



Creature That Was Trapped In A Deep Slumber: Taken by me

Person Who Is Pure Of Heart:

Humans: Ornatus (Played by Vauquelin)

Supernatural Creatures: Zeiai (Vampire, Played by Vauquelin)
Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]


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